Anyone notice a difference in Primal?

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    Heidi P

    After a tumultuous year of family/pet deaths, moving, etc and wanting to change dog food. He’d been on Orijen for his entire life, but his poops became copious and rancid. It was time for a change. So my 10 yr old Boston Terrier finally settled with Primal chicken. The experience was my original worry, but he loved the food, his poops were the best they’d ever been, and did I mention…he loved the food. So now, after feeding him Primal for 3 mnths now…his poops have been worse, and now he’s turning up his nose 2 days now. Everything else is the same. So….i wanted to see if anyone else had noticed a change in Primal, if not I’m going to assume something is up with Moose. He has a vet appt next week, his monthly visit for hyperthyroidism. But wanted to check in with other Primal users first.
    Thank you for any assistance my fellow dog parents can offer.

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    pill S

    @basketball stars You should take him to the vet to get the best advice.

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