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Hound Dog Mom

As far as prepping meals efficiently – I make two batches per week. I mix up breakfast for Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday on Sunday night (take the meat out of the freezer Saturday night) and divide it into 9 tupperware containers (3 per dog) and I make up breakfast for Thursday/Friday/Saturday on Wednesday night (I take the meat out of the freezer on Tuesday night) and do the same. For dinner they basically just get RMB’s and gizzards/hearts/etc. or Pork Necks so I don’t have to do much for that, I just have to remember to take their RMBs out of the freezer the night before. The only time consuming part of the prep process for me is meat delivery day – UGH I’m cringing just thinking about it because I’m going to have to place an order in a few weeks. I get most of my meat from a wholesale distributor for extremely cheap, but in exchange for the cheap prices I have to buy in bulk (minimum 300 lbs. per order) and all the meat comes in 40 lb. cases. So I have to separate it all into smaller portions on delivery day – I use freezer bags for the ground meat/organ meat and wrap the RMBs in freezer wrap. It’s an all day process and I usually enlist the whole family. Luckily I order enough to last about 4 months so I only have to do this a few times a year! The longer you feed raw the more efficient you’ll get. It only takes me about 20 min. to mix up a three day batch of food.