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Jamienico, I hear and feel every word you are saying. My son came with me to look at things I will need for her burial. dress, favorite toy,ball,necklase with diamond stone with her name. I love her and I felt I could splurge on her to show others just how much i love her but she never knew any difference only she loved being next to me and me talking to her at night before we both fell asleep. how do we make these people or companies pay for what they have done to us and to our pets? nothing ever will replace your babies nor mine. I dont know what to do,maybe Mike would know where to get started. If 1 woman came up against a water company in Tx for causing cancer, why cant we come up against these companies putting stuff in dog food that claim feed them what you would eat. I got to one point 2 years ago of not liking what i was seeing on bags and started feeding Dixie organic human food but knew i couldnt match the vitamins she would need. So again I switched her to the best foods. I bought her some treats thats on the front said Vitality,pure chicken. I check out every word EXCEPT in the very bottom in tini words it said’made in china!’ I got sick and ran to her vet and he said she probably wasnt on it long enough to do any harm. i bought maybe 3 or 4 bags over the summer as yard treats when i would mow the yard,Dixie would sit and watch,when I got to close that she might get dust on her I took her in to sit on her window seat to watch me mow. She did everything with me and went everywhere with me. I hear every word you said. I know the feelings. I will never ever have another pet. My heart is shattered over Dixie