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Jo Ingram

Hi Everyone,
I really appreciate your input with Rain, all opinions welcome.

– he doesn’t just “go off” when he sees other dogs, he “goes off” alot when he’s over-stimulated. Traffic, people, bikes, big trucks, loud noises…..anything new or different. He adores swimming and is absolutely comical to watch in the water.
When I first adopted him I thought he was a car chaser but I quickly came to realize that he was trying to herd them, not chase them. I saw on the BC site that BC’s herd anything so that made alot of sense to me.
I think I’ll be spending some time on the BC site as Patty suggested. He is an honest, good dog and I don’t like people thinking that he’s a brat or I just don’t care enough to train him properly. It’s not his fault that he has to learn everything at once instead of being introduced to new things as he grew.
Thanks again everyone for your input, feel free to send more if something occurs to you.