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Mutts and Cats

Hi again Aimee. I found your No Hide thread. It was surprisingly difficult to find. I tried yesterday, while logged in, and couldn’t find it because I was unable to go to the second page of the Topics you have created. Then this morning I got on the website on my backup laptop but was not logged in and it popped up on the left side of the screen in the “Latest Replies” column. Showing that there had been replies in the last few hours. But of course when I went to that topic, the last reply was in December. So I continue to be baffled by bizarre occurrences like that on this website. Of course there is a good chance the problem is me.

Anyway – NICE WORK! Thank you for putting information like that on this website. I will certainly remember the Earth Animal company name and will never buy anything from them.

A related question for you. Would the vitamin/mineral content of turkey tendons be similar to turkey meat? My dogs are very fond of turkey tendons, as treats, and eat several per day. Beef esophagus too. The caloric contents are 4,585 kcal/kg and 3,720 kcal/kg. I have assumed that both have some nutritional value, but maybe not. I don’t know the fat content either, and that might be much higher than I assumed. I haven’t been able to find an online resource for nutritional information on things like turkey tendons. I mostly use nutritiondata.self for information on meat (and some organs).