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Mutts and Cats

Aimee and crazy4cats – I’m glad you guys have problems with the forum website too, so I don’t feel it is just my ineptness.

On the AAFCO Chapter 6 – I was able to download it from the link Aimee provided. They just asked for my email address and why I was interested and I checked “pet owner” and then was taken to the document. I haven’t QUITE finished reading the entire chapter yet though. 🙂

And thanks for the WSAVA link crazy4cats. Patricia A had called my attention to WSAVA earlier and I’m glad she did. The link you provided is a nice summary and I just downloaded it.

On food allergies – I did start another topic under Diet and Health. I know now how Aimee feels, but if you guys want to weigh in more over there that would be great.

Recent Replies