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Tracey G

Walter’s problems are ongoing. After stone surgery, he began showing symptoms of an autoimmune neurological disease. He was eating food to avoid stones, and the vet put him on prednisone. Guess what. Pancreas flareup again that had him in the doggie hospital for two days. Before he was released, they did a sonogram and found pancreatic cancer and confirmed the neurological disease which causes the esophagus to collapse. He was also put back on the Hills lowfat food because of the pancreatitis. I’m waiting to hear he has another stone. We live in Mexico, and a doctor in Guadalajara has created a cancer treatment for certain kinds of cancer. He has been on this for two weeks. Another sonogram in a few days will tell us if the tumor is shrinking or not. No one seems to have any ideas how to treat dogs with both pancreas and kidney stone issues.
Walter is shockingly in decent health with all he has wrong. The vet is shocked. With where we are located, I doubt I can find a dog nutritionalist to create a proper diet- if such a thing exists.