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My GSD has been on the Nutrish Turkey, brown rice, and venison dry for a year now and doesn’t itch or inflame at all. During the pandemic, this variety became unavailable for some reason, so for the last few months I switched him to beef variety with some chicken variety in it. He itches more than I’d like but less than on any food w/fish oil or omegas. Once the turkey returns to the shelves, I will get him back on that. FYI: I first became aware of his allergy when vet suggested I put him on Omega 3 for his greasy fur and itching. The next morning, his whole stomach was inflamed and he was itching worse than ever. This is when I contacted all the manufacturers, and the only one I found that used neither was Nutrish Turkey formula. I mix some of his food w/wet once a day so he gulps it up. I did not want to put him on any meds and this food has worked well to keep him from having to do that. I hope this helps.