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Patricia A

My one Chihuahua used to eat her pooh and my other dogs pooh when left to go in back yard when not walked. I always knew because when on pooh patrol there was none to be found. Also her breath smelled like pooh as well as the vomiting and diarrhea when she indulged. Habit was totally broken by being EXTREMELLY diligent in NEVER EVER letting her have the chance again to eat her or the other dogs pooh. I would stand outside and immediately sternly yell her name and pick up with pooper scooper to pail. Did the same when she would wait patiently for my Loli to pooh to eat and again a stern warning and immediately dispose of the pooh. After a few weeks she gave up trying and now I watch her out back door and she doesn’t recycle hers or lolis’ food . I still pick up after they go of course.
So now your second problem it could be he developed an intolerance to the food. I always stick with low fat foods but NOT prescription. Low fat white meat chicken, lean steak when available. I use freeze dried in the 5* which are lower in fat to top their kibble. Maybe you can introduce VERY slowly to your dogs diet. I use stella Chewy’s kibble and never had a problem with diahrreah or colitis in my dogs. introduce any new food VERY, VERY, VERY slowly.
Just for info any antibiotic takes away good bacteria and effects can happen weeks later. The most common side effect of metronidazole in dogs is vomiting, usually accompanied by diarrhea. Sometimes other veterinary medicine will be prescribed to help with the nauseous feeling.
Also I really hope your vet is up to date on NOT giving vaccinations yearly. It is NOT necessary and will have side effects. My dogs were vaccinated with booster at one year and they only get rabies every 3 years now.

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