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Beverly S

I was feeding Victor professionals , with Blood meal in it . I breed 2 different breeds and have been breeding these breeds 18 years and 10 years the other breed. I have had 5 dogs from different litters and different breeds with same congenital defect with kidneys not formed correctly and small . I have had breeding’s from same sire and Dam and no problem with previous breeding when Dam’s were fed another dog food . I am convinced that the dog food has caused this problem . The sires and dams did not have a problem or any of there litter mates . Not all pups were effected , but 2 in one litter out of 10 pups and another litter 1 pup from a litter of 8 . and another litter different breed there were 2 pups had same issue from a litter of 7 pups . The problem showed up at around 12 months of age on all dogs and they all had to be put to sleep. Is there other breeders had similar problems ? I was also feeding pups Victor professional . I will never feed it again to any of my dogs !!