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Ashlyn C

I know this post is old but hoping to get some feedback. In October we adopted a Australian shepard mix that was about 10 months old the first week of December she had her first seizure very severe and very traumatic for me being woke up from sleep too and while being very disoriented from the first one a few minutes later had a second. She went until New year’s day and had another one in the middle of the night but only one this time. Her last one was January 19 so she is having them ever 19-20 days apart and the first and last had two in a row. Wondering if the food we are giving her is what is causing them. Unfortunately idk what food she was getting at the shelter. We have been feeding her the authority everyday health chicken and rice formula. It seems like after we settled on this food is when it started. Has anyone else experienced this? We don’t want to start meds because we don’t want her to lose her personality but they are several enough to where she loses control of her bladder and bowel. We got recommended to try to use cbd oil has any one gone that route and what was the outcome?