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Edith M

My dog is getting better. It turned out that his lip licking, gulping, and vomiting foamy saliva was caused by constricture of his esophagus. When food get stucked in his esophagus, he would start the symptoms, until he successfully regurgitated the the food that was stucked in his esophagus. We now feex him with soft food(pre-soaked dry food) and use a slow feeding dog bowl. He is on OMEPRAZOLE to control stomach acid that can cause irritation of his esophagus which causes scarring and constriction of the esophagus. SUCRALFATE to protect the lining of his esophagus for further irritation. METOCLOPRAMIDE, for motility of his digestive system, to help movement of foods. He was misdiagnosed for megaesophagus buy some vets, and instructed me to feed him soft dog food made into small meatball that can easily passed through his esophagus, which end up filing up in his esophagus each day and unable to regurgitate. For one week he was suffering from nausea and vomiting, heaving , and swallowing air(causing dilation of stomach that pushed his other internal organ)that his small intestine position was moved from normal position (by the abdominal wall), into the abnormal position(against his back). The xray of his digestive system showed foods(meatballs, liquid, and air are stucked in the esophagus going down to his stomach. The abnormal position of his GI, slowed down the motility. He had to have a surgery to reposition his digestive system back to it’s normal position. He is doing well now 1 month post surgery. I continue to give him his meds and closely watch him eating g and feed him soft foods. When I see signs that he is having difficulty swallowing I immediately give water through a syringe and keep his head up. I would then start seeing him getting relief, then he would go back and finish his food.