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Edith M

My dog has started having the same symptoms for a week now, and nothing seemed to help. Vet did full Xray of his upper and lower torso(esophagus, heart, lungs, intestine, pancrea, kidney, etc.)with barium, fasting overnight. Did blood test and urinalysis. Everything came back normal, except his stomach and pancrea as per Vet appeared to be moderately inflamed. His symptoms only starts after eating his meal. He was not bloated the morning of barium xray, and not gulping, because he fasted overnight. He is prescribed sucralfate, and pepcid ac, which doesn’t seemed to help. I gave his Vet a call but she is not in today, and other Vet from the clinic will return my call anytime today. I read that gulp disorder can be a precursor to bloat, so I decided to give him Gas X today and he seemed to be comfortable now, passing gas on both ends. No return phone call yet from Vet. I will start him on probiotics, and digestive enzyme supplement tommorrow. I will update.