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Proportions Dog Food (Blend)


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Due of the variability of the meat content of this product in its final mixed state, we cannot furnish a reliable rating for Proportions Dog Food.

Proportions isn’t really a dog food — at least not in the usual way you think of a dog food.

There’s no “fixed” ingredients list. No protein, fat or fiber numbers printed on a package. Come to think of it, there’s not even a typical dog food “package”, in the first place.

That’s because there are actually three packages you blend together to make a complete meal.

Proportions Dog Food is a customized blend you prepare yourself at home from a recipe designed by the company1 specifically for your dog.

Here’s how the program works…

First, you provide specific information about your dog — size, age, weight, body condition — even whether (or not) your dog has been neutered.

The company then uses this data to design a calorie-optimized feeding program.

Each meal in the system consists of three “courses” combined together in the dog’s feeding bowl…

Proportions Stew is a high-quality canned-style product sealed in a foil pouch.

Proportions Harvest Mix supplies the system’s dried plant-based ingredients

  • Carrots
  • Broccoli
  • Spinach
  • Peas
  • Apples
  • Blueberries
  • Bananas

These Harvest Mix ingredients provide a variety of healthy vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber.

We also note this component includes some of the “good” bacteria lost during the cooking process. These special probiotics are used to enhance the dog’s digestive and immune functions.

Harvest Mix also contains pancrelipase, an enzyme most likely used here to provide additional digestive support.

Crunchy Blend supplies the kibble portion of each Proportions meal. To fulfill this part of the recipe, the customer is asked to choose one of the following kibbles…

The company then measures out a single, meal-size portion of this kibble (matched to your dog) and seals it in its own foil bag.

Proportions Dog Food
The Bottom Line

Proportions Dog Food is a pre-measured customized product — three specific courses you mix together to create a complete and wholesome meal.

All the kibbles offered in the plan are rated at least three stars — in most cases, four or five.

What’s more, the 75% meat-based protein content of the Stew (plus the natural anti-oxidants of the Harvest Mix) add a notable nutritional bonus to the already superior kibbles.

All in all, Proportions is a first-rate, well-designed dog food that will probably appeal to all but the most hardened raw diet aficionados.

The program is intended for adults only, dogs one year of age or older.

For overweight pets, Proportions might just be the Jenny Craig of dog foods.

Although the company makes no brassy claims about weight loss, we would imagine the structured meal plan offered here would be ideal for such a purpose.

Proportions offers a free starter kit to help you transition your pet to the new food.

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Notes and Updates

05/01/2010 Original review

  1. Proportions Dog Food website, 4/30/2010
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