Petcurean Dog Food (Summary)


The Petcurean Dog Food brand includes the following canine product lines:

Notes and Updates

05/19/2016 Last Update

  • Crazy4cats

    Here is a link that I found interesting and relevant to a discussion going on another thread. It is written by Dr. Jennifer Adolphe, a nutritionist at Petcurean that has a PhD in Pet Nutrition. It is on the relevancy of the glycemic index in pet food.

  • Sam Walker

    Thanks for letting me know, Michele. My boy loves Gather Free Acres, which I have continued to give him since I first discovered it, mixed with All Gold supplement and a variety of veg, and so am really pleased to see it has a five star rating. I will spread the word! 🙂

  • Michele Dixon

    Hi Mary

    The Gather is now up and rated 🙂

  • Michele Dixon

    Hi Sam

    Did you see the Gather rating?

  • Sam Walker

    I too am looking forward to a report on Gather. I did my research and it looks great. But would still like an analysis. Thanks, I find this site invaluable.

  • Sharon Burris-Brown

    I don’t see grain free for large dogs and large breed puppies here. that is what we give our Bernese Mt. Dog puppy. The ingredients look great!

  • Mary L.

    Looking forward to ratings for the new “Gather” line. The Now Fresh has their pea ingredient too high in the list in my opinion, but OK otherwise.

  • Amateria

    Haven’t looked at all their foods ingredients lists just yet, but omgoodness their gather and now fresh formulas look amazing and I’m not even hungry!

    It’s no wonder Lexee likes it, she knows good food when she eats it haha

  • sharron

    just tried the new Petcurean Gather organic dog food, so far lexee likes it

  • dennisandconniegomez

    kibble and/or raw for Diabetes; vet has Polly on Science Diet w/d which I abhor!!

  • Betsy Greer

    It’s been reviewed already. Click here and scroll down: For some reason, I’ve always had trouble pulling up Go! In the search bar.

  • Stephanie Sanchez

    Please consider reviewing for petcurean’s go! Chicken stew for growth and maintenance when you have time. Please and thank you.

  • lbt

    Kelly, because my Bichons had crystals in their urine on a couple of occasions, I switched to a combination of canned food and dry as well as distilled water. I even make them ice with the distilled water using the trays for small 1 inch cubes. The more water intake, the less likely to have the crystals. You can also add fat free chicken broth to the water to encourage your pet to drink. Following this regimen my girls have not had any other issues. Hope your dog has no more issues.

  • Hi Kelly… The information you got from your vet appears to be too general to be of much help. Ash content for the majority of dog foods averages about 8% dry matter. And most companies don’t even provide ash content on their labels.

    What’s more, urinary stones can come from other dietary components. Not just minerals.

    There’s an excellent article about urinary stones that discusses this problem and makes some practical suggestions for controlling the problem.

    In any case, since I’m not a vet and due to the biological uniqueness of each pet, I cannot provide customized product recommendations for each reader.

    For more help, you may need to go to the individual websites or contact the manufacturers for that data. Or check back for a possible response from one of our other readers. Wish I could be more help.

  • Kelly

    I was told by the vet that my dog has crystals in her bladder caused by minerals and that I needed to keep her away from things like calcium and magnesium. She said I should be good with any dog food that has an Ash content of less than 12%. Recommendations that won’t break my bank?!

  • Cathy

    You might want to feed your dog REAL FOOD, which packs more nutrient density than highly processed dry dog food kibble or canned.
    Raw organic dog food is more likely to result in better long-term good health of a dog. Just like us humans, we are generally healthier consuming REAL FOOD and avoiding processed foods, most of which contain toxic chemicals. You can make your own dog food recipe from REAL FOOD, or here is Mike’s link that lists some of the raw foods available ready-made:

  • Hi Julius… Pancreatic insufficiency is a disease where the pancreas begins to gradually lose its cells which specialize in the manufacture of critical digestive enzymes. Some say this type of disease is best treated with enzyme supplements and extracts. In any case, you’ll be dealing with a problem best managed by a knowledgeable veterinarian. Wish I could be more help.

  • Julius Asboth

    Which dog food is best for pancreatic defficiency?