ANF Dog Food (Dry)


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07/16/2013 Last Update

  1. As of 8/4/2016
  • Hi Cricket,

    Texas Farm Products makes ANF for Kodo Pets for sale in the European market — and currently for limited distribution by a grocery store chain within the state of Texas only.

    At this time, we’re unable to locate the USA website for ANF. So, we are still unable to review this brand at this time.

    Hope this helps.

  • Cricket Bell

    Hi Mike,
    We purchased this very product in New Braunfels, Texas last night. Any possibility for a re-review?

  • Patsy Gamble

    why is it no longer available at HEB in the Houston/Galveston area
    ,where can I find it, its the only dog food that my large black lab can eat that keeps him from itching so badly, severe allergies.

  • SadiesMom

    The food is available all over Texas. So whatever is being published that says it is n’t available in the U.S. is out of date.

  • Ana L

    This dog food is rated on the dog food analysis website. It is rated 3 stars. I bought it at my local HEB and love the size of the kibble. I thought it had decent ingredients. Unfortunately, I learned it has synthetic vitamin K which is a bad ingredient. And, the amount of grains out weighs the amount of meat. For these reasons, I guess this dog food is not for my dogs. I could buy it if I’m in a pinch but it won’t be my regular dog food. I’m bummed as it is very reasonably priced and convenient. I guess I’ll stick with Brothers for the moment.

  • Karma_Grant

    I’ve since had the time to delve into the ingredients list and unfortunately for us, my boy can’t have it. It has chicken in it. He’s allergic to chicken. That allergy is a blessing and a curse. It keeps him from ever eating “garbage” i.e. beneful and iams but it also keeps him from eating some of the top brands because they too use chicken as filler.

  • Erika K Moureau

    I fed ANF maybe 20 years ago, was a totally different product then, didn’t stay with it. When I found it being stocked at HEB in Magnolia, I bought it. Dogs love it, they’ve been eating it for 5-6 months now and are doing well on it. I have an almost 13 year old Doberman girl with coat and skin issues and she is actually starting to grow some hair!

  • Glenda Goss Boddie

    I live in Stephenville, Texas and I buy this at our HEB….Because my Miniature Schnauzer would eat the whole bag at one sitting, I include some canned no salt green beans, which tends to fill her up. My vet recommended that idea and he was right!

  • Kristal Towne

    I just bought this recently when i saw it available at HEB, sometimes the pet stores close too early for our schedules so it comes in very handy! Once I put in the bowl my cockerspaniel couldn’t stop munching, she loved it! hAhA This was even after a tasty dish of pureed doggy food 🙂 It has a strong flavor i believe bc I can smell the meaty part of it instead of the cheap grain lol…it’s a great choice! But i would recommend to mix in with another great brand to make more and have a variety of kibbles. I got the duck and sweet potato one, it also has blueberries in it 🙂

  • Karma_Grant

    Thanks for your take on the food, Jody. Any opinions are welcome since the official rating isn’t up.

  • Jody Shaw

    I have used this food in my rotation for over a year. It is one of the best dog foods you can buy at a grocery store. Compare the ingredients, and analysis, calculate the dry matter ( use ANF’s) website for %. It is really a decent food if your feeding grain inclusive food already. My bottom line; I’d rather my new puppy owner buy this than 98% of the other options found in the grocery. For the BEST foods you really have to go to a pet supply store

  • Karma_Grant

    I live between San Antonio and Dallas and have spotted this food. Please re-review it.

  • Karma_Grant

    This food is now being stocked at HEB in Copperas Cove, TX. Please re-review or re-instate the old review.

  • Karma_Grant

    I just saw some at that very store so came to find the review. Never heard of it before. Wish the review was still up or at the very least, the rating it received.

  • Jill C.

    This is also available at HEB in Burleson, TX, just outside of the DFW!

  • Crazy4cats

    Yes, it is beautiful. Welcome to DFA!

  • Gabi

    Yes all my dogs,but unfortunately all 4 in the pic have gone to the rainbow
    bridge now 🙁

    That pic was made of 4 individuals pics I had of them. I love that

  • Crazy4cats

    Are those your dogs in the portrait? That is an awesome picture.

  • Gabi

    bought some last week at HEB in Copperas Cove, tx

  • Christy

    I just looked for it too, it is available in New Braunfels, TX – Please let us see the review.

  • According to the manufacturer today, Texas Farm Products, ANF is still only available outside the USA except for 6 stores in the San Antonio area. So, we have no plans to update our review at this time.

  • Betsy Greer

    The review was last updated on 07/16/2013.

  • mariap1919

    I just bought it in the US at the vet??? your review is 3 years old… what’s up???

  • mariap1919

    I rate it a 9 for sure…. Chico loves it, his poop is the best ever BUT it’s not cheap….that’s why i gave it the 9 otherwise he loves it..

  • mariap1919

    We used Vet recommended Science Diet for years but Chico has a sensitive stomach and he LOVES this ANF!! it’s great.

  • mariap1919

    I just picked this up at my Vet since Chico has a sensitive tummy… HE LOVES IT and his poop has been the best in years!! hope it’s still available.

  • DJPooleATX

    Our dogs (one of them is 21 years old) eat it and love it. I get it at HEB in Austin, Texas as well, but availability is sketchy at best. Don’t know if that’s because it is hard to get or if so many people are buying. Either way, it would be nice to have the review back up, so you could see how it compares.

  • Michelle Stright

    We’ve actually been giving him carrots (he loves carrots and lettuce) since he was a puppy for treats. We grow a lot of our own food (people food isn’t much better either these days :/). I never bought treats, we give him garden stuff which he loves anyway. It’s safe and we know where it came from or buy organic only. We also have our own chickens and that means our own eggs. And yes, selected meat too. He’s not overweight, in very good health according to our vet so we know we’re doing the right thing. He’s a lucky fuzzy bud all around :).

  • Cyndi

    That’s an awesome idea! That’s exactly what I did. It’s been 4 months since I starting feeding my dog raw, and she’s never been healthier. I’ve even started making my own treats.

  • Michelle Stright

    Actually, as bad as all commercial dog food has gotten lately, we are thinking of doing what many others are now doing – make our own.

  • Cyndi

    You might want to spend a bit more time on this site and find your dog a better food than Science Diet.

  • Michelle Stright

    Our dog refused it. That was enough for us.

  • Michelle Stright

    It is available at HEB in Sugar Land, Tx. Our dog refused to eat the food. Took back and went elsewhere to get Science diet.

  • kathymoore55

    I just bought this at HEB in Boerne,TX, so maybe it is being reintroduced.

  • shawnploe

    Can this review please be put back up? I would really like to know how it rates. I had been getting it for my dogs from HEB in San Antonio for a while, and my dogs really liked it. Please reconsider replacing this review!!!
    Thank you!

  • me too, today!

  • Doug

    I live in Thailand and the product is sold here. Unfortunately there is not a great selection of quality dog food here so this is what I have been feeding my dog.

    Can anyone give me their thoughts on the product? Cheers

  • Just bought some at HEB in Austin Texas.

  • This Dog Food is Available at HEB in Austin Texas. Please update this. Thanks!!

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  • Judy

    I have a dog with itchy ears and they are MUCH better after only 2 big bags of the ANF. We have 3 and they go through a 15 lb bag every week and few days.

  • Budi_Lationo

    ANF Dog Food is my Dobe Favourite !

  • Type3

     ANF dog food is now available in the United States. I have found it in HEB food stores in Texas. It comes packaged like coffee does, the bag is shrunk wrapped to keep air out of it until opened. It’s billed as a holistic type of food. So far no FDA recalls on it. The ingredients contain no corn or wheat.

  • Luisxcs

    It is made in the USA, Texas, its safe don´t worry about it, premiun quality!

  • Bouncyballone

    I’m confused also…just bought some @ the store this week

  • Bouncyballone

    Don’t know if this will get to you but apparently they are selling it in the USA b/c I just bought some @ the grocery store…so is this product safe? Is it made in Japan, China or USA?

  • Arlene

    Confused.  I just saw their holistic formula in the grocery store.  Good…bad or indifferent??  Is it safe?  Not on any recall list.  It’s very reasonably priced if it’s a good product.

  • Karen

    Hi there,

  • Ania

    Hi Mark! Is there any possibility of seeing at least the old review? I want to compare to other food i am using currenlty. Tank you !

  • Patricia

    This food is sold in Puerto Rico, which is U.S. territory. Maybe you should check again if it is not being sold in the US. I would like to see the reviews for their new formulas here.

  • Hi Mark… ANF is owned by Kodo Pets and is not for sale in the United States or Canada. For this reason, we will no longer be following this brand.

  • Hi Mark… This is very confusing. The old website is still listed and contains the older recipes. I will attempt to contact the new owner and find out the details on this signifiicant change. Thanks for the tip.

  • Jen

    Thanks MIKE! 😉
    I think these no-wheat-no-corn are new formulas, we have only these “better” foods available in our country. I’ve read ANF is made both in USA and UK, if that could be a reason… Or they just haven’t update their website…

  • Hi Jen… This review may seem like an “old review”, but it is actually quite current (last updated 5/8/2010). I checked the official company website today (our info source for this review) and the information published for all 14 products matches our database perfectly. Either you are using an older product or the company has changed its formula and not updated its public website. Unfortunately, since we don’t have access to all the thousands of dog food products in North America we must assume the information we get from each manufacturer’s websites is accurate. Sorry I can’t be more help.

  • Jen

    Hi Mark!

    Are there different kinds of ANF foods in the market, or is this “old review”? I’ve seen i.e. ANF adult chicken & rice food, which contains chicken meal (29%), ground brown rice, chicken fat, ground oats etc. No wheat, no corn… much better ingredients than these in your review. It would be interesting to see reviews of these “better” ANF-foods.

    We have used ANF lamb & rice and it has been an excellent food for our dog with sensitive stomach and he also likes it very much!