Wysong Dog Food Recall October 2009 Update

caution-dog-food-recall-signOn October 27, 2009, the Wysong Corporation of Midland, Michigan issued an updated dog food recall notice following its previous announcement made just a few weeks ago.

The recall has been widened due to finding mold contamination in a few more batches of some of its dry kibble.

I’ve taken the liberty to reproduce only the highlights of that notice here…

Mold has been found in some bags of Wysong dry extruded dog foods manufactured in June, July and August of 2009. No problems have been found or reported in any other Wysong food product.

No products from the following batches should be sold or fed. The affected products are:

Wysong Maintenance™: lot #: 090617
Wysong Maintenance™: lot #: 090624
Wysong Maintenance™: lot #: 090706
Wysong Maintenance™: lot #: 090720
Wysong Maintenance™: lot #: 090817
Wysong Senior™: lot #: 090623
Wysong Senior™: lot #: 090811
Wysong Synorgon™: lot #: 090629

Please contact the point of purchase for an exchange or refund.

Mold spores are in all natural foods. When there is heat, oxygen, and sufficient moisture the spores can bloom into mold. Everyone has experienced this with foods at home.

From what can be determined, the problem with the Wysong foods stems from unusually high heat and humidity on those summer dates. This combined with a malfunctioning moisture checking device is believed to be the cause of the higher moisture and this isolated problem.

All Wysong foods have been tested for mycotoxins and are negative. That is the primary danger in consuming moldy foods. If your pet has consumed the product, the most that could be expected would be loose stool, and this should clear upon changing from these lot numbers.

The important thing to notice in the message is the company’s findings that the affected products appear to be free of deadly mycotoxins.  Good news, indeed.

lf you haven’t already done so, be sure to read my previous article about the very real dangers of molds and mycotoxins in contaminated dog food.

By the way, it would be wrong for me to close this post without making an important observation.

Wysong must be commended here for the improved way in which it handled this more recent update.

You see, unlike last month’s “cloaked” delivery of its recall bulletin, this notice was announced in full view for all to see… with a link to the recall notice itself located right there on the main page of the company’s website.

This made accessing important recall information much easier for the public to follow.

Thank-you, Wysong.

Visit our Dog Food Recalls summary page for an index of links to all the Advisor’s most recent product recall reports.

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