Wellness Dog Food Recall May 2012


On May 4, 2012, WellPet LLC announced a voluntary recall of one recipe of Wellness dry dog food after being notified by Diamond Pet Foods regarding the presence of Salmonella in Diamond Pet Foods’ Gaston, South Carolina facility.

The products involved in this voluntary recall include:

Wellness Complete Health Super5Mix Large Breed Puppy, 15 lb. and 30 lb. bags and 5 oz. sample bags with best by dates of January 9, 2013 through January 11, 2013.

Best by dates can be found on the back of the bag in the bottom right-hand corner.

The company states that “no other WellPet recipes, sizes or brands of food are impacted by this voluntary recall.”

The company also claims it “no longer purchases any products from Diamond Pet Foods”.

The recall has now been confirmed in a news release posted by the Food and Drug Administration and updated on 5/7/2012.

What to Do?

Salmonella is serious business – for both you and your pet. So, if you can confirm your dog’s food is one of the products being recalled, stop feeding or handling it immediately.

If you’ve discarded the packaging (something we recommend you never do) – or you’re in any way in doubt – do not take chances. Be safe. Stop feeding or handling the product anyway.

According to WellPet:

Pet owners who are unsure if the product they purchased is included in the recall, would like replacement product or have additional questions, may call us at (877) 227-9587 (Monday ‚Äď Friday, 8:00 AM through 6:00 PM Eastern time and Saturday and Sunday, 9:00 AM through 5:00 PM Eastern time).

The company has posted a special web page containing all Wellness brand products currently under recall — along with all relevant package information.

You can report complaints about FDA-regulated pet food products by calling the consumer complaint coordinator in your area.

Or go to http://www.fda.gov/petfoodcomplaints.

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  • Bobby dog

    I can’t remember I only fed them when they first came out because…they were offering lots of coupons and BOGO’s on them! Otherwise they aren’t a good buy for Bobby’s size. If I ever find another good buy on them I wouldn’t hesitate to get some more.

  • Crazy4dogs

    I think you’re absolutely right BD. I researched this further after I posted and Wellness Petite Entrees appear to be made in Thailand now.

  • Bobby dog

    Hi C4d:
    Not positive, but the tubs might be manufactured in Thailand. Some companies I have contacted wrote back that special equipment is needed for this type of packaging and there are several companies there that have it. The cans of Signature Selects cat food are labeled “Product of Thailand.”

    The other Wellness cans I have on hand of cat or dog foods are the Complete Health which either have “made in U.S.A.” or “product of Canada” on the label and the Core dog food has “made in the U.S.A” on the label. The Holistic Select cans of dog and cat foods have “made in U.S.A.” on the label.

    At this time I don’t have any concerns with any Old Mother Hubbard products or any product from the countries I listed.

  • Crazy4dogs

    Wellness dry pet food is manufactured in it’s own facility in Mishiwaka, Indiana since 2013. Please get your facts correct:


    I can’t find the link right now, but I believe Wellness is still canned in the USA. If you check out Petco, Chewy, etc, they all list Wellness canned food as made in the USA.

    In regard to Thailand, Pitlove is correct. Thailand has state of the art facilities and is not connected to China.

  • Pitlove

    Hi- Thailand has nothing to do with China. Thailand in fact has very strict quality control and packaging laws. Foods like Weruva are manufactured in Thailand in factories that also manufacture human food. So to say that Thailand is similar to China would be very wrong.

  • FenceResident

    You should consider that Wellness is no longer a U.S.-produced pet food company. They’ve outsourced their manufacturing to Thailand, which means some, if not all, the meat source is comprised of Chinese or Thai beef, chicken, etc. Basically, third world countries whose food and safety regulations are still far behind in standards.

  • Pitlove

    Hi- you might take note of the fact that you are reading the comments on the Wellness recall. I would assume that most of those would be negative. Also DFA has no control over people opinions of a certain brand of food, or how it effected their dog.

    Glad you are having good luck with Wellness. A lot of people on the actual reviews of Wellness have a lot of good things to say about it. I think it’s a good brand as well.

  • joloco

    This site appears to only show negative comments about Wellness dog food. I have three small breed dogs and two cats. I have fed the dogs Wellness canned food and the cats Wellness dry food for over 13 years and have never had a problem. Further I contribute the overall wonderful health of my pets to my choice to feed them Wellness. These comments here seem to be anecdotal and I would not take too much stock in their overall claims about Wellness. Wellness will continue to be my pet food of choice.

  • Shawna

    Hi lori,

    So sorry your girl has kd. I can definitely give you some ideas but it would be irresponsible of me to do so without knowing more information. Such as — what stage of the disease does she have, is she on medications and if so what for, what are her symptoms etc.

    Can you give me more info about her?

    What I can say without knowing anything more is to get her on a wet food if not already. KD comes in canned if you are giving the kibble. Kibbled diets are very hard on already damaged kidneys.

  • lori

    Can you give me any advise on a good dog food to give a dog with kidney issues…My vet put her on KD and she absolutely will not eat it..Thanks

  • kevin

    My chocolate lab has loss of appitite the past few days and blood in his stool this morning. adult, large breed complete in a large bag. he experienced similar symptoms last year, we switced to getting the food thru amazon, and placed the cause on one of the holding facilities. 2 bags had issues(different sizes). while same bags from petsmart were ok. after a round of antibiotices we bought solely from petsmart. unfortunately now, i suspect it’s the food in general. just fed him plain eggs this morning, he ate them ravenously, but didn’t touch the wellness food. i didnt want to bore this post with all the troubleshooting techniques.. but those familiar, i did use them. i hope this passes as i believe wellness is a good company. unfortunately i need to move to another porduct.

  • 2 of 3 bags of Wellness Large Breed Puppy purchased in the last month resulted in a very sick black lab. This time she’s being watched by a friend over Christmas and she got sick on the new back Christmas eve. Our friend stayed up with her all night. We’ll be saving this food and taking it to a lab for analysis. Something is very wrong with Welness manufacturing.

  • InkedMarie

    . Tibbies? Be still my heart!

  • Show Breeder

    We bought a large bag of Wellness Just For Puppy Supermix for our Tibetan spaniel litter and they all came down with serious diarrhea and one is still sick with some intestinal bleeding five weeks later (plus over $2,000 in vet bills/testing, ect. I have contacted the company and KIM who is one of their Customer Consumer Specialists just stated to me over the phone that they have NEVER had ANY problem with ANY of their food. I kept the food and plan to have it tested. BEWARE of WELLNESS ! ! !

  • Pattyvaughn

    Dogs with kidney issues need to be on wet food. Look into Wellness canned. Good luck with your baby.

  • Jodi Schwarzl

    Good news is the 10lb Morkie is fine but sadly we found out the our 7lb Yorkie is seriously ill and we keep each day with her as a blessing. Apparently she was born with only 1 kidney and it is enlarged with a growth on it. All of our online research and vet info doesn’t indicate that there is any issue with Wellness so we have kept the food. Thank you all for your info.

  • Mollysmom

    Same here Mollydog. Just had to admit my Bernese (named Molly)to Icu with severe diarrhea 5 days after transitioning her to Wellness Core original formula . This was after years of being on Purina smart one. Is any one aware of a recall on this food?

  • Shawna

    Hi Mollydog,

    I agree with HDM.. High protein foods do not cause kidney disease. In fact, protein actually protects against the disease. There are recent studies that show diets higher than 50% protein had NO adverse affect on dogs WITH kidney disease let alone healthy dogs. Phosphorus, as HDM mentions, is harmful ONCE the kidneys are already damaged and needs to be monitored.

    As HDM mentioned, CRF is a slow progressing disease. Symptoms (including high BUN and creatinine) are not seen until over 65 to 70% of the kidneys are damaged. SO, a food you recently started could not have caused that 70% damage in that short of a time.

    KIBBLED foods however are believed to be hard on the kidneys due to the low grade dehydration they can cause. Once the kidneys are failing it is unwise to continue a kibbled diet. Either feed canned or another wet food like raw, home cooked etc.

    PS — my dog, pictured in my avatar, was born with kidney disease and just turned 7 years old last month. She has been on a HIGH protein raw diet since weaning and is still healthy. She is unmedicated (except vitamins and nutraceuticals) and has never even required sub-q fluid therapy…

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Yes – if the the dog did have underlying kidney disease the higher protein content of the food (and thus higher phosphorus content) could have worsened the symptoms. Increased levels of protein/phosphorus wouldn’t cause CRF – but in the later stages of the disease it can worsen the symptoms if the condition is preexisting.

  • Mollydog

    Thank you for your helpful comments. No, this dog did not have a blood panel done this winter when we saw another vet. I will ask when we go for sub Q fluids this am at our local vet if they have one from anytime before. The Dr. at the critical care hospital did make a comment that the food could have been too rich which concerned me. I have read about food protein and CRF but don’t really understand which way to go. Maybe I should go here to more specific CRF questions. Thank you.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    By CRF do you mean chronic renal failure? If yes, I doubt it is related to the food. Your dog is older so my guess is this could very well have been an underlying issue and the symptoms are now showing. Chronic renal failure develops slowly and commonly affects older dogs – it can be hereditary, in some cases a dog is born with chronic renal failure, it can be caused by an underlying illness or – frequently with older dogs – caused by poor dental health. I would be more apt to assume it was the food if it were acute, but even then it could be due to many other things. You could certainly talk to your vet about having the food tested though, just to be sure. There’s another poster here that has a dog with chronic renal failure and she knows quite a bit about it, she may be able to give you more insight. Had you had a blood panel done on your dog yearly up until the switch in food?

  • Mollydog

    I came here looking for information on Wellness. About one month after starting my two 13 year old, 17lb. dogs on Wellness canned Turkey/Potato one ended up in ICU and now a month after that is still not out of the woods and they are calling it CRF. Could it be the food?

  • kflood23

    I use Acana, switched from Wellness a couple years ago. It’s made by Champion. They don’t outsource their food, ever. It’s top rated for that reason and the quality of the food. They’ve never had a recall.

  • josie

    I have a blue brindle as well with the same exact problem! What did u do??

  • I think I’d switch their food just to see if that made a difference. NutriSource is a good food that generally seems well tolerated in a cold turkey switch (assuming they’ve been eating the same food for a while) and is readily available. Since they’re accustomed to eating grain you could try the Adult Chicken & Rice formula.

    Something that just occurred to me is aflatoxin: http://www.whole-dog-journal.com/issues/15_11/features/Corn-Food-Aflotoxin-Risk_20639-1.html You’re feeding Wellness in the pink bag, right? I know your food doesn’t contain corn, but it is grain inclusive and your dogs are so tiny, I wouldn’t think it would take much to cause a problem. So maybe switch them to grain free instead, try the Wellness Core small breed grain free. If they’re not used to switching abruptly, mix a spoonful of plain canned pumpkin in with their food.

  • Or even a new toy made in China. I picked up a couple of chew toys for my guys the other day, flipped over the package and saw they were made in China. Needless to say, they went right back on the hook at the store.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    It could be the food, although I haven’t heard any complaints with Wellness lately. Have your dogs recently eaten any new treats…particularly any treats produced in China? A treat could just as easily be the culprit as the food. If you truly do think it’s the food save the food and the bag and talk to your vet about having a sample sent to a lab to be tested.

  • I am so worried. Two weeks ago my 7 lb yorkie began drinking and urinating excessively. After 100’s of dollars in tests she doesn’t have diabetes or other things they can identify so we’re discussiing other tests. Now my 10lb Morkie has been vomiting after his meals but still has energy and solid bowel movements. It never dawned on me that it could be their food. What do you think?

  • LabsRawesome BS Detector

    You’re Welcome! ūüôā

  • Well, I never would’ve found it on my own, so thank you for sharing it!

  • LabsRawesome BS Detector

    HaHa. I just wanted to make sure people knew I didn’t create that document. I don’t want to take credit for something I didn’t do. ūüôā

  • Pattyvaughn

    No family history of split personality, no AKA, no missing periods of time? Must not be you then!!

  • LabsRawesome BS Detector

    Yes, it does, and that’s not me. ūüôā

  • Pattyvaughn

    The document has the author listed in the notes.

  • LabsRawesome BS Detector

    Hi Betsy, I didn’t make up that document. I found that list on a site, and I bookmarked it. I also think it’s a great reference, to give an estimate of what foods will cost.

  • LabsRawesome BS Detector

    Like it? HaHa.

  • InkedMarie

    new name? LOL

  • Every time I see your list, I’m shocked at that there are really quite a few very good quality foods that are cheaper than some of the really poor quality one star foods…always an eye-opener. That’s really quite a wonderful service you’ve shared.

  • LabsRawesome BS Detector

    Here is a list of dog foods, with prices. It will give you a rough estimate of what you will pay. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AmNw5KB82-n_dGtyOEpVVXhPQ2tfeU1FUGdEdjVnTkE&hl=en#gid=0

  • Maria

    I am taking my dog off the Wellness.I have been giving him the Wellness healthy weight formula for years with no problems however twice in the last two months he has gotten diarrhea and vomiting
    from the food.

  • Shawna

    Bullies are my fave breed group.. I grew up with a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.. LOVE THEM!! ūüôā Would love to see a picture of your baby if you get a chance.

    I foster Boston Terriers and Papillons. What Patty is saying is correct. Every dog that comes in gets changed to a 5 star food that I am feeding my own (along with raw and canned). And almost every dog goes through a period of flatulance and diarrhea (over 30 different dogs).

    Like Patty said, I start them on canned pumpkin with enzymes and a high quality probiotic. Usually within about a week or two they are back to firm stools and their coats etc are better. Boston’s are short coated like Pitts. You can actually run your hand against the grain of the fur and feel how incredibly soft it is on the better foods.
    Alpo is HORRIBLE ūüôĀ

  • Pattyvaughn

    When your dog has been on a food for a while it can affect the bacteria in the gut, they get used to what nutrition is coming in and their population makeup changes accordingly. You have substantially improved your dogs diet and it may take a few weeks for the gut bacteria to rebalance. Try giving your dog a heaping spoonful of pure canned pumpkin and a digestive supplement containing probiotics and digestive enzymes with every meal. The human digestive supplements are OK for dogs if you can find that faster.

  • GoblinMadness

    I have recently started my pure bred blue bridle pitbull on the Wellness super5mix Complete Health, best by:13oct2013, three days ago and has constant flatulence and diarrhea. I switched from purina alpo which he has had no problems with. Anybody have the same problems recently?

  • I totally understand how annoying it can be to find a good dog food, as I see people like that all the time. Everywhere you turn there are opinions on what’s good and what’s bad, a lot of them contradict each other, and just when you think you have a good idea you see a recall on what is supposed to be a good food.

  • Kfbabrahamson

    Thank you so very much for your help. I did put them on the Wellness Core, thanks again for your reply on the recalls, wonder where I had my head that day?Just another day, that makes you go HUMMMM.Thanks.

  • Pattyvaughn

    4Health was recalled this past summer when The SC diamond plant had all the recalls.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    California Naturals isn’t made by Diamond. It’s made by Natura in their own plant (Natura is owned by Proctor & Gamble).

  • Kkudia

    ooophs just re-read…meant “could be wrong”….

  • Kkudia

    I have adult dogs and feed kibble ¬†Earthborn (USA made) and California Naturals (Diamond but as far as I know no recalls but I good be wrong)…they all seem to do well on…I also using 4Health from Tractor Supply (another Diamond) again no major issues and recalls…as far as I know. I try to vary and mix them….also get a morning raw chicken thigh which they love; keeps teeth clean etc….

  • You’re going to find recalls on everything, everywhere. Even in Canada, where dog food regulations are stricter than in the US, Menu Foods had a huge recall in 2007.

    Wellness is a good food, particularly the Core (it’s grain-free line), so you can’t look down upon the company for this mistake. It happens.

    And for the record, Merrick is also an excellent dog food.

    Whether it’s dog food, human food, cars, electronics, etc, there are going to be recalls.

  • Kfbabrahamson

    So after all this, is there any safe dry dog food , made in the U. S. A. that you can feed? I have 5 little dogs, feed wellness grain free, mixed in with wellness small breed, and merric grain free.(chicken) You would think in america , with all the money we spend to feed our pets, some one could get it right. Now what ?

  • Jan_Mom2Cavs

    As far as I know, there is no recall on the Wellness Just For Puppy.

  • Boss Hogg

    Is there a recall on wellness just for puppy

  • Ktschiller

    I stopped feeding it to them as soon as I ruled out other causes and wondered if it could be a recall. My pet store said there wasn’t one on my mix and maybe it was just a bad bag, so I got another bag but stopped as soon as I found this post and tossed the second bag. They’ve been on the diarrhea chicken/rice diet this week and doing much better. Just looking for confirmation from others that the senior mix needs recalled too. I’ve moved on to finding a different brand.

  • InkedMarie

    They’ve had diarrhea for over two weeks and you’re still wondering if you should feed it (as you post to a Wellness dog food recall thread here on DFA??).¬†

  • Ktschiller

    I think something is wrong with the Super5Mix Senior.¬† Both my dogs have had diahrea for over 2 weeks and I’ve ruled out all other potential causes.¬† They just finished the bag and I bought a new one, but I’m now wondering if this mix is also bad.¬† Anyone having problems with this one?¬†

  • Ktschiller

    I’m wondering if this is what is causing my dogs to have diarrhea too.¬† They have had it pretty bad for 2 weeks and I’ve ruled out everything I can.¬† I don’t see a recall on the Senior mix though…¬† they just finished the old bag and I started a new one.¬†

  • Robin

    I had the same experience when I purchased a bag of Canidae for my senior doxie in 2009. He was violently sick within 24 hours and required an emergency vet visit.

  • Robin

    I just opened a new bag of the same product for my 14 year old doxie and he became sick the morning after. He has been eating The same Wellness formula for several years. He has quite an intestinal upset now after 3 days of this bag of food. Will be calling the Wellness people tomorrow, as well as scheduling a vet visit. Glad I read your post.

  • Dianben

    Isn’t it time we start prosecuting those who sell $2.50/can dog food, and poison it? ¬†I’m sick of this and want them to be out of business if they “knowingly” substitute sub par ingredients for our dogs. ¬†I don’t have time to play around.

  • Debgeorge

    Mine stuck her nose up at it, and walked away.¬† Stupid me, I left it there, thinking she was just being picky. She came back during the day and only ate what she had to, and the illness started.¬†I feel bad that I forced her to eat it that day. I switched to her old Innova, and she’s back to normal. I have no recourse but to throw out the other food, since I didn’t save the bag for a refund.

  • Apple

    ‚Äé3 of my dogs ate the Wellness Super5mix senior formula last month and they had diarrhea everyday. Right after finishing the bag, I immediately switch to another brand and they stools are back to normal.

  • most commercial dog food is poison and there are barely any regulations on it!!! i recommend making dogfood from scratch. My cat and dog both became ill from eating merrick dry food. My cat is at the vet now and she may die.¬†I have been busy and decided to take the easy route. Lesson learned.

  • puppysgotatummyache

    My dog eats the same food and has been really sick (vomit and diaherra) the past two days. I took her to the vet today and will have her test results back tomorrow.

  • LA

    I had tried wellness with my dogs and all threw up and had the runs,  took them off right away  Рthey are now on raw and doing great.  Sorry but there have been too many problems with wellness and previous recalls.

  • BryanV21

    Sorry if this scares you, but I feel I have to say it…

    Lethargy and weakness are a couple of things not to take lightly. I can’t help but think that if you’ve been feeding this food, and those two¬†symptoms¬†suddenly showed up, that something fairly serious is happening.

    Either something other than the food caused the sickness, or that particular food wasn’t best to start with and small problems built up over time. Either way I’d take your dog to a vet to get checked out. Better to be safe, you know?

  • Pqmunoz

    I just reported to Wellness that my dog became lethargic and weak when I started a new bag of the Adult Small Breed dry food. When I changed to another brand, she started improving almost immediately. I have been feeding my dog this particular dog food for years without incident.

  • writerink

     My dog has been ill for a couple of weeks and also eats Wellness canned food Рshe has diarrhea, vomiting and lack of appetite РI changed her dry food but now will try changing the wet food too. Thanks for the warning. Going to the vet today.

  • Cariocafila

    I switched to Acana Wild Prairie about 2 months ago and am very very pleased the the results

  • Dedehmsw

    I believe that Wellness canned food “lamb & Beef Stew” has caused my dog to become sick.¬† He was bleeding rectally and after some tests the vet believes it was from the dog food.¬† I had no idea there was a recall for the dry .¬† Just want others to be aware of this.¬† I will call the FDA tomorrow.¬† My dog is older (12) but not old.

  • Denise

    ¬†Thanks so much for keeping the reviews so updated, Mike.¬† I found this website several years ago when I started researching dog food.¬† I started feeding my Lab Orijen Sr.¬† I switched her to Acana Wild Prairie when I found out she had a tumor in her spleen. She stayed with me for 14 years until last month she was in pain and I had to have her put to sleep.¬† I now have a new lab puppy (11 weeks old) & am slowly switching her from the shelter food (Science Diet puppy) to Acana Wild Prairie.¬† I’m excited to see a holistic pup.¬† So far she’s doing well!

  • Kaliberknl

     Mollie Morrissette of Poisoned Pets is collecting info and would love to hear from people particularly on how Diamond has reacted to their claims.  She also seems to have insight as to which claims the FDA gives priority to in this recall.  Thanks for spreading the word PTRP!

  • Stitch4k9

    Canidae was NOT sold.  The formula was changed 4 years ago.  That was not a secret and a complete explanation was given at the time.

  • ¬†It was just the Wellness LARGE BREED PUPPY that was a part of their recall.¬† Were you feeding your chihuahua that?¬†¬† If it wasn’t that particular puppy food then it might be something else.¬†

    “The majority of Wellness natural products for pets are produced in
    WellPet’s own modern state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in
    Mishawaka, Indiana.”

    They also state this.
    “All Wellness products are tested for Salmonella and all lots
    tested negative prior to shipping to customers. The company is
    voluntarily recalling the select products below. This voluntary recall
    is being done out of an abundance of caution as these products were
    produced at the facility that has been linked to recent recalls of
    Diamond brand foods due to the threat of Salmonella.”

  • Kaliberknl

    ¬†This was 3 or 4 years ago…whenever Canidae was bought out and changed formulas.¬† I will never trust the company again.¬† Hope your little one is better soon!

  • Terrylisk

    how long ago did your dog get bloody stools? i have a 4lb chihuahua that is doing the same, went to vet, have to send stool off to check it, just found out about recall today, maybe related?

  • Kaliberknl

    Mine are still using up the Core w/o any problems but are transitioning to Orijen/Acana b/c Wellness was deceptive about where their product was made and b/c they use taurine and vitamin C from China.  I hope your boy is well soon! (Mine were on Canidae when they abruptly changed formulas and gave mine horrid bloody diarrhea, too!)

  • Mjs_lls

    I’m new here. Anyone: can I really trust that Wellness doesn’t deal with Diamond except for the dry food specified in the recall? My dog just went to emergency room yesterday with acute vomiting. He is a senior for sure, so maybe I should stick with bland. He’s getting a mix of Acana Grasslands, with a can of either Nature’s Variety Homestyle turkey/duck, or Wellness — either Turkey Stew or Turkey / sweet potato. Only other time this happened was Canidae formula change in 2008, at which time I changed the formula too! I love this website and service, grateful for it.

  • Pattu Fraser

    Buy organic and make the food yourselves.

  • Kaliberknl

    ¬†None of mine have been ill…2 just didn’t want to eat the Core dry.¬† I haven’t fed any canned pet food of any kind since the 2007 Menu recall.¬† If¬† I decide to top I use human foods.¬† Hope yours are well soon!

  • Jeezz

    Kaliberknl, when did you notice your dogs acting funny with the Wellness Core? I just bought 2 cans the other day for the first time in months. 2 dogs. Separate cans. Both dogs have gas and it’s the same exact smell and the Core is the only thing new they both ate. They never had any problems with this particular brand. Either way, will never buy again.

  • Kaliberknl

    ¬†My dogs were on Wellness Core but are now on Orijen/Acana.¬† (One hog dog completely refused Core and another dog selectively picked out the Orijen to eat.¬† Two dogs eat anything offered.¬† I don’t trust Wellness so switched.)¬† I’ve never fed Fromm but like what I read about the company.¬† My setters LOVE Champion products and transitioned well.¬† Both Champion and Fromm own their own plants and claim to use no ingredients from China.¬† I hope your Golden is well soon!

  • daisy1999

    I’ve used this also.¬† I know some people have to order online, but its readily available and popular in my area.¬† I have NEVER heard anyone have a problem with it.¬† My one dog who has a very sensitive stomach and multiple allergies can usually not do foods with the extra fruits, veggies on the list and even he did great.¬† I have 4 that all had no issues, did great, loved the taste (I used whitefish/potato) and the price is reasonable.¬† I think actually better than Wellness.

  • LabsRawesome

     Bell, Fromm is a very good food.Family owned since 1904. Made at their plant in Wisconsin, I believe. I used to buy it for my dog, she did excellent on it. Check out their website.                       http://frommfamily.com/products/four-star/dog/dry

  • Bell

    As mentioned, we have a golden who was on Wellness and suddenly developed runny stools, quit eating and lost 10 lbs.  We heard about the Wellness recall and our dog displayed all the horrible symptoms.  Needless to say, we are upset, heard about the Fromm dog foods.  Can you please explain why you like this so much and how are your pets doing on it?  Thank you.

  • Bell

    Wayne,  We had our golden on Wellness and suddenly he experienced very runny stools, literally quit eating and lost 10 lbs.  Let me know how you like Fromm and explain as much as you can about this product.  This was recently recommended to us.  Thought we had a great product with Wellness, but no longer feel that way and are looking to switch immediately.  Thank you.

  • hounddogmom12


    If he has pancreatitis and food allergies I would recommend looking to The Honest Kitchen. They have a wondeful 5-star formula called Zeal which is fish-based, grain-free, and only 8.5% fat. It’s a little pricey but it’s a wonderful food for dogs with food sensitivities and pancreatitis.

  • thanks for this post ūüôā

  • Deee47

    Our Toy Poodle had chronic pancreatitis. And sencitive stomach.  After trying many brands we tried Welness Simple.. Duck and Rice. He HATES it!!! But eats it cause hes hungry. We dont give him people food at all  due to his problems. Is there another food that is gentle but tastes good.. he cant have venison or buffalo beef or chicken. He also has food allergies. So Sorry for him. Any ideas?

  • Kaliberknl

    ¬†Fromm’s claims made in USA from only USA sourced ingredients, including vitamins…

  • wayne wayne

    Plain and simple i would steer away from these company’s… I found out the hard way and have since started feeding the best dog and cat food out there. Its called fromm they have been around since 1904 and have never had any recalls or problems with there food… They were the first company to devolp the canine distemper shot.. if you want to feed your animals great food go with fromm plain and simple…

  • Kaliberknl

    ¬†Yes, Wellness claims that the “must” buy vitamin C and taurine from China.¬† A friend is a rep and another friend just received an email confirming.¬†

  • Michmcculley

     Does Wellness use Chinese ingredients? I thought it was all made in USA. Do you know where I can get more info on this, as I feed it to my Yorkie.

  • LabsRawesome

    Hi Lisa MN, FFR is not worth the money for the ingredients that you are getting. I would recommend a grain free food, topped with a grain free canned.

  • Paul1208

    I am likely to start home cooking again and/or buy the raw diet for my puppy-mini poodle, mixing same with quality kibble as I did for my last dogs who were german shepherds.  Their skin issues/allergies cleared up within days eating this way.  I was hoping the dog foods improved for ease of feeding.  Unfortunately, based on everything I have been reading, I doubt it.  Thanks again.

  • Paul1208

    Thank you Mike & Labs for this important information about updating reviews.  It is appreciated.  Will post fruits if any of research.

  • LisaMN

    Does anyone have feedback on Flint River Ranch products?  I just started using them for my dogs. They are out of Georgia.

  • LabsRawesome

    ¬†Hi Mike, You’re welcome. Your reply was much more informative.¬† ūüôā

  • Thanks, Labs.

    Sorry, our comments must have “crossed” at about the same time. I didn’t see you’d already responded to Paul’s comment.

  • Hi Paul1208,

    Since manufacturers frequently change their recipes and with some 650+ reviews representing over 2,500 formulations, it’s quite a challenge to keep them all current.

    Unlike the other website you mentioned, we’re currently in the process of updating ALL the products reviewed on The Dog Food Advisor website – right now.

    If you’ll click the link to the left entitled “Recently Updated“, you can see the reviews re-visited within the last 60 days alone.

    By December 31 of this year, the average review on this website will be about 6 months old with none over 12 months in age.

    Thanks to Sandy’s assistance, we’re on target to meet that goal.

    Hope you find this reassuring.

  • LabsRawesome

    ¬†Hi Paul1208, the reviews on this site ( dog food advisor) are continually updated, if the foods ingredients change. At the bottom of each review you will see “news and updates” it tells the date of the original review, and also gives the date for any updates, and reason and reason for update.

  • Paul1208

    Thanks for comments. ¬†I find the reviews on dogfoodanalysis.com and possibly here may be old and outdated, which complicates the task. ¬†Aside from the scratching more, considering the amount of Blue Buffalo he eats, he sure poops a large amount, indicating to me that he’s not absorbing nutrients if so much goes through him.

    I did not see soy in the Castor & Pollux (C&P) lines. ¬†However, C&P has apparently been taken over by Merrick. ¬†I don’t know if this is good or not so good. ¬†I also don’t know whether or how important it is for food to be manufactured in the company’s own facilities (hence the Diamond Foods and American Nation food recalls for multiple brands from the same production facilities). ¬†Fromm’s and Natura (Innova) produce in their own facilities and my german shepherd was eating Fromms through the ’90’s.

  • doglover

    yes, grain free is better, (gives my dog gas, though..)

    and another topping option is use meat scraps, rinsed of all spices.

  • LabsRawesome

    Hi Paul1208, I would suggest grain free dog food. My dog did well on Before grain (Merrick)  and Back to Basics. But any grain free dry, topped with a grain free canned, will give your dog a great meal. :O) http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/best-dog-foods/best-grain-free-dog-foods/best-grain-free-dog-foods-dry/

  • doglover

    the reviews of those dog foods on this site might be helpful.

    of the 3 you listed, i liked Castor and Pollack the least, as it includes soy, and your dog is already itching.
    but, other lines of C&p don’t have soy.Blue has also had recalls, too, btw. ¬† Most dog foods, like many human foods, also have recalls.This is great, that you DO notice your dog scratching, as that IS (or can be) a sign, he is eating something he is allergic to. ¬†Lots of ppl don’t know to investigate that, so good on you.I think Wellness and Orijen are great dog foods, too. ¬†I can’t afford either one, though,so i feed my dog Chicken soup for the dog lover’s soul.Yes, it’s had a recall of one it’s lines, but, that was for salmonella, and i feed my dog raw eggs now and then anyway, as my dog, like most healthy dogs, IS healthy enough to not succumb to salmonella.And i wash my hands after handling raw eggs, rw meat, or dog food.
    Another top brand, but outrageously expensive, imo, is HOnest Kitchen, if you have no limits to your budget.

    I can not afford raw feeding, either, but, i can offer it now and then.  I also make batches of homemade dog food, (simple mix of meats and veggie, and usually a bit of rice or oats to make it go further cuz of my budget) freeze it all in meal-sized freezer-bags,and use that a few times a week, too.and i embellish each bowl of kibble with real meat.i guess we do the best we can, with the budgets we have to work with.GOOD LUCK on your search.

  • doggonefedup

    ¬†purina or more correctly Ralston Purina is a cereal factory (chex cereals). why would you want to feed your dog cereal? That would be like feeding the dog bread & water with maybe a cheap chinese vitamin just for luck……

  • Paul1208

    I bought Blue Buffalo chicken & rice puppy food for my new miniature poodle 5 month old.  We switched him from Puppy Chow, what the rescue was feeding.  He is not crazy about Blue Buffalo and seems to be scratching more.  Vet says he has great coat, no dry skin.

    I’m researching Castor & Pollux and Merrick, Fromm’s, and others. ¬†Any knowledgeable input is appreciated.

  • Kaliberknl

    ¬†Thanks for commenting.¬† I think we are all here to better arm ourselves with knowledge.¬† I know about the fish shards and am glad to know real fish are in Orijen.¬† No animals were harmed.¬† The production problem was found and fixed.¬† The same will never be said for Diamond.¬† Knowing Wellness is so cavalier about using Chinese ingredients unnerves me.¬† If we are having a repeat of the last recall, it is best to find out sooner rather than later.¬† I for one am hoping Surebarksalot is not a victim but we won’t know if we don’t share information quickly.¬†

  • doglover

    Switching from Wellness,

    to PURINA, makes no sense at all to me.  Even without recalls, Purina is a terrible dog food, and besides being a bag full of crapola your dog does not need, some lines use carcinogenic preservatives.

    and Purina ALSO has had recalls, and IS chockful of chinese ingredients, as well, making your switch downwards even more confusing to me.

    and even human food gets recalled.  All the time.

    Also, worth bearing in mind, many pet owners give their dogs a “Sunday Raw Egg”
    which is same risk of salmonella as this recall is discussing. ¬†Most healthy dogs do not succumb to salmonella. ¬†Most healthy dogs’ digestive and immune systems are pretty good to just pass salmonella through, without ever becoming sick.I just wash my hands after giving my dogs raw eggs, or raw meat, (and now, i am more vigilant to also wash my hands after touching dog food, too)

  • doglover

    Do google “fish bones in Orijen” or “fish shards in Orijen”. ¬† For real, google that. ¬†Lots of ppl have this complaint.

    ¬†Orijen does NOT do recalls for that, either. ¬†I think i’d rather rish exposing my dog to salmonella, (he eats raw eggs anyway)than cooked fish bones.I think i’d rather deal with a company that WILL do voluntary recalls, than one who won’t.I think Wellness IS a good dog food, and Orijen, too, but no dog food is flawless,
    except possibly raw.

    and even if you use meat for human consumption, for the raw,
    there can still be recalls of THAT, too!!

  • Kaliberknl

    ¬†Mine WERE on Core.¬† I switched to Orijen when I found out they use Diamond but still have lots of Core.¬† A friend is a rep and swears Core was never made at Diamond but 2 of my 4 dogs will not finish the remaining Core.¬† Please report…we aren’t hearing the whole story.¬† I hope all are soon well at your house!

  • Surebarksalot

    We have been feeding Wellness Super5Mix Senior& last week our Cairn Terrier was hospitalized with sudden bloody diarrhea/vomiting -got better after a couple of days with meds. Then, I got sick- stomach symptoms, etc. Now, our 2 mini schnauzers are exhibiting same signs just last night and this morning. Heading to vet now. Still have food bag and will get it tested too. Anyone else?Now I’m scared…no more Wellness for us.

  • Tleep1987

    Thank you for letting us know of this recall.  Please keep us posted.

  • Pear

    Has anyone have problems with Wellness Super5mix Just for Senior formula?

  • Myshiloh

    Same thing for me. Wellness Core is manufactured where Eagle Pack is manufactured, I believe. The companies merged a few years ago and the Eagle Plant folks (assuming they are still there) are very particular. I’m sure it’s not quite as good as it once was but since Core is manufactured there, I trust that unless we hear otherwise, we have zero concern about this widespread recall.

  • melissa

     Unfortunately we have to wait for the Holter results-probably Mon, and that will determine if she gets meds or not. Her condition is known as premature ventricular contraction(complex) or ventricular premature contraction(complex)-PVC or VPC(they are the same thing) No idea WHAT is causing it, which is very stressing as depending on the cause, it can result in sudden death.

  • daisy1999

    You are very correct.¬† I just check the CDC, but its constant recall case.¬† And the amount of salmonella & ecoli cases that the CDC has estimated annually is very large.¬† I just tend to “overworry” for my dogs.¬†

  • daisy1999

    I think we like the same dogs-lol!¬† I’ve had 3 shihtzus-all gone now ūüôĀ¬† I hope she is ok.¬† Maybe, just like people often have idiopathic heartbeats thats what she has.¬† I didn’t even know dogs got holter monitors-oh my.¬† Maybe newer.¬† I had a heart dog and we did cardiologist every few months and echos and such, but never that.¬† I know how much I paid for echos 10 yrs ago, so when the vet said if the girls don’t clear up the hacking they need them, not happy.

  • Amy P.

    Just remember that the chicken and veggies you buy at the store can also end up being recalled. ¬†I follow foodsafey.gov on Twitter and I don’t think a day goes by when some product or another isn’t recalled.

  • Amy P.

    My dog has been on Wellness Core and I plan to keep her on it unless it is specifically recalled. ¬†Or if out of nowhere is starts making her sick. ¬†Wellness Core was not produced in the same plant where the salmonella was found. ¬†So as far as this specific recall is concerned, I’m not worried about it.

  • Amy P.

    Just an FYI РHuman food has recalls all the time too.  Things happen.  At least it was caught.

  • Kaliberknl

     Lots of people have been complaining about Purina, too.  Please google.

  • Toy Fox Terrier

    I just took the unopened bag of Wellness Toy dog formula¬†back to the pet store yesterday, even though it was not on the recall list.¬† I just don’t want to take any chances, since I don’t know who really makes the dog food.¬†

    I’m going to feed her Purina Pro Plan Select for a while, since at least I know that it is made in their own factory and not outsourced.¬†

    I read the labels and researched everything over the years and I cannot believe these companies did not learn from the recall several years ago.¬† The food they sell is not cheap and human food costs a lot less in many cases.¬† What is their problem.¬† I would rather have a few less desirable ingredients in my pet’s food, than feed her something that says all the right things and advertises a¬†great blend of ingredients, which could give her salmonella.¬† It’s just amazing that you just can’t get anything good now.¬†

  • melissa


    I know what you mean about things happening. I am sitting here watching a 1 yr shihtzu to be sure she does not chew off her holter monitor. She went to the vet Fri for a small scratch on her eye, and the vet found “an irregular heartbeat”. Off to the cardiologist yesterday- EKG showed an irregular ventricular beat, echo showed normal heart structure,bood test to check for heart infection was normal(nothing infectious) So, basically she has an irregular ventricular beat every once in a while, but we have no answers as to why. She has to wear the monitor for 24hrs, go back tonight and that will determine whether or not she needs treatment. argh!

  • daisy1999

    I know!¬† If it can be had, we will get it.¬† The story is great.¬† She had what looked like a small sore on her belly.¬† She went to the groomer.¬† Next thing I know she has a big lump-I think its an absess-and a hole.¬† Its right at her nipple area and I thought the groomer had cut her nipple off!¬† When the vet informed me it was a “breathing hole I about fell over.¬† They brought it to me when they removed it and the vet said she never heard of one that size-HUGE.¬† And, then told me it would have came out when it matured-I was just thinking of it in my bed ūüėȬ† And weird life cont. as I type-need people awake cuz I need help!

  • Rmarino121

    This is a copy of the Letter that Earthborn prepared for Pet Owners that were contacting them, partially as a result of the recent Recalls.
    I contacted them by eMail and they responded within a few hours, offering assistance and hope, in a most responsive and professional manner and approach.
    This letter, in their own words, will answer most of the concerns & questions that you may have, or you can contact them via eMail, Phone or their website.
    Hope this helps .
    Earthborn’s¬† Letter:
    Why YOU Should Choose Earthborn Holistic for Your Pet
    by Earthborn Holistic Natural Food For Pets on Monday,
    May 7, 2012 at 11:14am ·

    Thank you for your interest in Earthborn Holistic¬ģ Natural Food for Pets. Earthborn Holistic¬ģ dry pet food is manufactured in our company owned manufacturing facility in Monmouth, Illinois, USA. Midwestern Pet Foods was founded in 1926. A family owned business, now in it‚Äôs 4th generation, Midwestern Pet Foods owns and operates three state-of-the-art pet food production facilities in the Midwest.

    All ingredients for Earthborn Holistic dry pet food are sourced from the US except for flaxseed, which comes from Canada, and lamb meal, which comes from Australia or New Zealand. All vitamins are now produced overseas (yes, even your one-a-day vitamins). Although we purchase from a US company, they are now produced overseas in a human grade facility and go through 5 testing points before being used in our pet food. We source all ingredients from the US if they are available in the US. Our food is also ethoxyquin-free.

    You can be sure your pet is safe with Earthborn Holistic. Our ingredients are tested when they are delivered. We test for toxins (vomitoxin, aflatoxin, fumitoxin). We check peroxide value and for free fatty acids in the fat. We also test for salmonella. We check for water activity to prevent mold. Samples are sent to an independent lab if there are any questions on a test result. Our suppliers also run a multitude of tests depending on the ingredient including testing for melatonine. So ingredients are tested by the manufacturer; ingredients are tested by us upon delivery; our pet food is tested before being packaged and shipped.

    Our facilities are inspected multiple times per year by USDA APHIS. The facility where Earthborn Holistic¬ģ is manufactured is approved for sales to the European Union, Russia, Israel, Australia, and many more all of which have strict regulations. We are HAACA approved and FDA inspected.
    We have never had a recall.


    Midwestern Pet Foods, Inc.

  • Rmarino121

    ¬†Here’s the website for the Earthborn Holistic Pet Food:¬† http://www.earthbornholisticpetfood.com/us/ I sent them a letter, describing my 2 dogs, and they responded the same day.¬† Because 1 of my dogs has a serious liver issue, they forwarded my eMail & info. to their nutritionist for evaluations and suggestions.¬† ALSO,¬† they have been in business for 86 Years, without ANY recalls.¬† Just wanted to give another option to consider, and hopefully it will help.¬† Ruth, Bubbie & Loki

  • Djswartwood

    I went to buy dog food at Pet Smart in Petoskey and the person there gave me wrong information. I purchase Wellness for Lg Dog not puppy.¬†I was looking for Call of the wild for my other dog¬†, the person said it was on recall ??? Someone needs to pass the right information to this store the Lg¬†Breed puppy dog food was on the shelf…… ¬†

  • Kaliberknl

    ¬†I’m sorry but I don’t know about Halo as I’ve never been interested.¬† So far, I’ve heard Champion (Acana/Orijen),Honest Kitchen and Verus use no Chinese ingredients.¬† Wellness and Earthborn use Chinese vitamins.¬† A friend tried Halo for her dog but wasn’t happy.

  • Kaliberknl

    ¬†Unfortunately, recalls are tardy at best…too late for anyone to be proactive.

  • proudtexan51

     Thanks Mike, I appreciate your input. The reasoning on the video was that there are plenty of very good dog food companies who over the course of many yrs have never had a recall. That seemed to make sense to me. I am going back and forth on the Wellness Core, like I mentioned in my prior post, my dogs have done well on it. I am going into a local pet food store that popped up on your site and talk to the owner about my concerns and see if we can come up with a good alternative for my pups.

  • Hi ProudTexan51,

    Regarding that video you referenced, I would be inclined to not agree with a sweeping statement like that.

    That’s because like with our own human food, dog food recalls are inevitable and unpredictable.

    There are hundreds of pet food brands that have never had a recall. However, it’s only a matter of time before many of them do.

    Can you (or anyone) predict which ones they will be?

    Trying to rate a human or pet food based upon the likelihood of it becoming involved in a recall event is a fool’s game.

    Your best and only scientifically based defense is to styay informed. And when a recall does occur, simply become aware of it – and act – as quickly soon as possible.

    Hope this helps.

  • Kaliberknl

    ¬†My first champion had one when a young puppy.¬† He was supposed to be sold but the buyer refused him when she saw the healing wound…my good fortune ūüôā

  • melissa


    There are lots of great foods out there, just make a list of what you personally like or don’t like and narrow it down from there. I typically buy china free, but don’t have a problem adding in foods with asian sourced vitamins provided that the company has NEVER had a recall.

  • proudtexan51

     Me too! I have my dogs on Wellness Core, I did a lot of research before switching to Wellness, but I am concerned and disappointed. I just watched a video that said you should not feed your dog any food from any company who has been on a recall list. Ever. So I am going to find another food for my pups. They were doing so well on the Core too.

  • melissa


    YUck, yuck and double yuck. Cuerebras are usually found in animals like rabbits that live outdoors and I have also seen them in cats. I can’t recall ever seeing one in a dog.

  • melissa


    I agree. When someone says “proprietary” I hear “Chinese and we are embarrassed about it”…

  • melissa

    Just poke  with Nutrisource yesterday-they buy their vitamins/minerals, chondrotin/glucosamine for different countries-including china-all other ingrediants are US/Canada, except lamb from New Zealand

  • daisy1999

    I honestly can’t help you there.¬† I lost my last kitty in 2009 so I haven’t ever looked at the cat food.¬† The dry dog is prob. a little carby for some but with what I would say “good ones” if you aren’t going grain free.¬† I’m looking for a grain free.¬† But this food matches up with what many are looking for in terms of no recalls, US ingredients (except lamb), free of all the “scary” ingredients.¬† Just lookin for a low fat grain free to rotate.¬†


  • daisy1999, I question verus use of corn gluten in the dry cat food and rice flour in the canned and all the canned contains fish. ¬†Personally I like grain free too but that is me. ¬†

  • I should have said didn’t need those foods but was still thinking about them.

  • ūüôĀ ¬†I had a dog with lyme (and got it myself once).

  • Sorry to hear about your autoimmune diseases. ¬†I have two myself. ¬†Yes, salmonella is a very big deal for those of us. ¬†Generally I avoid spinach, sprouts, peanut butter. ¬†Anything that seems to be a problem. An old friend’s neighbor’s daughter had her legs amputated from e coli from spinach back in that recall. ¬†Ever since then I lost my appetite for it….

  • yeah, labs right. ¬†I keep mine in the kitchen (used to be by the stove which is also a no no). ¬†¬†

  • Thank you. ¬†I stopped using them last year. ¬†One of my cats all of a sudden refused their can and I looked up online for a recall and was surprised to find one. ¬†I didn’t realize Diamond still makes their food either. ¬†Happy to not use them, but disappointed. ¬†

  • I asked about Authority canned food the other day (some are low phosphorus) and was told by Petsmart employee the company refuses to tell them no matter how much they ask if the cat food is made in the USA. ¬†I also noticed some brands that said made in Thailand right on them. ¬†Not sure what to think of that. ¬†One being petsmart’s other, newer holistic cat food and another is a more natural brand as well. ¬†One of my cats didn’t end up needing low protein/phosphorus foods but due to all the organs affected when she was recently sick I was thinking I would try to find one that is made in the USA and pretty decent in ingredients. ¬†More looking for low phosphorus because her kidneys are functioning almost normal now. ¬†My current brand is Halo. ¬†I know nothing about Flint River Ranch (except made in USA) and my cats loved a sample I got! ¬†I don’t want to over do the dry though….

  • I have kitties but was wondering if you know about Halo? ¬†They told me canned and dry made in USA, but I forgot to ask about sourced ingredients.

  • daisy1999

    I’m sorry about your dog.¬† What was it?¬† We have lots of Lymes.¬†

  • Kaliberknl

    ¬†No apology needed!¬† Sounds like we’re kindred spirits:-)¬† We have no control over sources of medicines but I try to be careful with food.¬† I lost a dog last month to tick born diseases so am equally nervous.

  • daisy1999

    I will be the 1st to admit, nurse’s NEVER do things right ūüėČ Some are in the kitchen-does that count-lol.¬† Really though, what is a good place?¬† I have them in the med cabinet, but never really thought about it.

  • weimgirl

    Well now I have a few more brands to look at. Thank you so much everyone. It can get a little overwhelming when there are 20 different kinds to a brand and 500 brands. Different ingredients, protein levels to be concerned with, and possible outsourcing with toxic results that may or may not be admitted.

  • daisy1999

    And, I really was making fun of MYSELF.¬† As an RN with multiple health issues including 2 autoimmume disorders, one would think that I would pay a little more attention to my own things also.¬† I just posted last night on another thread where someone told a pregnant woman not to worry unless “she ate the kibble”.¬† I set it straight as to how very dangerous these things are to a certain group of people-you certainly are in that group.¬† Please accept my apology as I did not mean offense to you.¬† I had 4 VERY ill dogs after feeding 4health as a substitute then a sick me also.¬† Im taking this seriously also, like I said, just had to look at myself.¬†

  • Kaliberknl

    ¬†Thanks daisy1999…didn’t know Verus uses US vitamins!

  • daisy1999

    I wasn’t making light, please believe me.¬† What I currently feed, as I had stated below before i thought I might switch is Verus.¬† If you go to their website you will see they have their vit/min mix from the us. And, prob alot of what you are looking for.¬† Gets a 3 on here, I think for lower protein/fat-but I have to go with that.¬† The cans are prob. higher and they have a new grain free canned.¬† No red flagged ingredients and a decent price for holistic at $55-$65 for 40lb.¬†

  • Kaliberknl

     Sorry, Wellness.  A friend is a company rep.  The company never responded to my written queries.

  • Marie

    Blue Buffalo does outsource manufacturing, but only for a little while longer. It’s expensive to buy a factory (tens of millions of dollars) so many new pet food companies contract out their production. This isn’t¬†necessarily¬†a BAD thing – it can either be like *renting* the factory and having their own employees run the equipment, or just telling a company like Diamond to do something like “Hey, use these ingredients and this formula and we’ll ship you the bags to put it in”. By the way, Blue now has enough capital (so I’ve heard, anyway) to buy their own plant.

  • Rmarino121

    ¬†Who admits it,¬† ….¬† Earthborn or Wellness?

  • weimgirl

    Nutrisource and Nature’s Logic (maybe even blue buffalo?) Do they outsource anything? Or maybe use toxic preservatives? Weims are larger breeds and I want something that agrees with them and I know is safe (not good for now and recalled later). Thank you to everyone helping me sort this out. I have limited knowledge, and sometime when I feel like I have something figured out, I find out I was wrong about the company.

  • Kaliberknl

     Thanks for the info!

  • LabsRawesome

    ¬†Nature’s Logic doesn’t add vitamins/minerals to their foods. Check them out.

  • Kaliberknl

    ¬†I am a kidney transplant patient so am especially leery of Chinese nephrotoxins in both my and my pets’ foods.¬† We should be demanding info on country of origin for both our food and our pet foods!

  • LabsRawesome

    ¬†Hey daisy1999, you shouldn’t keep your meds in the bathroom. Too much humidity from taking showers. Meds should be kept in a cool dry place.

  • Kaliberknl

     Some have called Champion who advised to add yogurt and all was well.

  • daisy1999

    Okay, I did just have to laugh at myself though.¬† Spend all this time worrying about my dogs and where their food comes from.¬† Now, as an RN, I suddenly realize, I really don’t know where all those vit/min supp. and prescriptions in MY bathroom are from.¬† Check the bottles-nope.¬† Actually had to check the internet and realize that just about all of it is prob from China or India.¬† Maybe its good I forget to take it half the time….

  • Quickenings02

    NUTRI SOURCE¬†¬† go to their website they have a grain free for lg breeds at a 23% protein….thats great if you folks didn’t know that. All this high protein foods are not good for most med to large breeds, neither are te fruits added.Alot of dogs have issues from it like dirty ears or ear, chewing feet pink skin and red runny eyes.¬†This brand has much to choose from and its SAFE!

  • daisy1999

    I’ve heard others say they are too “rich” for their dogs, I’m assuming protein/fat.¬† All depends on the dog.¬† But many people like the products.¬† If they are much higher than fat/protein than your dog is used to, then you would prob. need to do a really slow transition.

  • weimgirl

    Did they not agree with them because of the high protein? I’m just not sure what to do. I’ve read that sometimes they don’t agree with dogs, but I just feel that it is a very sound and secure product and others worry me so much. I thought wellness core would be great, then I find out they outsource too. For everything companies hide, I’m afraid I won’t find out about a company until it’s too late.

  • Daves Hounds

    Weimgirl I have fed my dogs both Orijen and  Acana. I think they are excellent foods. For some reason they did not agree with my dogs РI rarely feed kibble anymore but I also liked Natures Logic and Epigen 90.

  • daisy1999

    Exactly, so that doesn’t leave us a whole lot of options.¬† Especially, you have to take into account health probs, allergies, and price limits so you might not be left with much.

  • Marie

    Acana is an excellent brand, you can’t go wrong.¬†

  • daisy1999

    I did mean Earthborn.¬† I guess nobody would have known what the heck I was talking about if I started calling around.¬† I thought I saw posts that looked like it was reasonable priced, but haven’t done any diligent checking.¬† But, where has that gotten me lately anyway-lol

  • daisy1999

    Melissa- Yuck is right!¬† My dad would get them for fishing and “forget” and leave them in various places till they “transformed”.¬† I think he almost got killed a few times.¬† But, that bag is gross!¬† And, it just reminded me of worms and anoother¬†reason I am paranoid about my dogs.¬† I take in the sick ones, but then the weirdest things happen to them.¬† I’m the only person I know who’s dog ever had a Cuterebra worm-now that’s gross!

  • weimgirl

    I am going with Acana by champion foods. Does anyone have an opinion or information I should know. I was going to use wellness core, but not now. I just can’t stand the thought of losing my dog… info. would be appreciated! Thank you

  • LabsRawesome

     So do 95% of all dog foods.

  • Kaliberknl

    For those who  want to know, Wellness sources their vitamin mixes from China.

  • Marie

    Also, I never meant to insinuate that one shouldn’t be concerned about¬†ingredients. I, personally, am pretty neutral on where the vitamin packs originate. And I know most people aren’t.

  • Marie


    I completely agree with your statement. I don’t like it when a company hides behind “proprietary” either, but it’s sort of like taking the Fifth – if they won’t tell you, then it’s Chinese. Champion Pet Foods, for instance, proclaims VERY prominently about how THEIR foods are 100% NOT CHINESE. And that’s great. It’s a GREAT marketing tool, and it’s desirable. Most companies not making that fact so obvious are likely not getting *all* of their ingredients from non-Chinese sources.

  • melissa


    I am ALWAYS concerned about where the ingredients in food I elect to feed is sourced. The vitamins may not be a deal breaker, but I still want to know. And, I respect a company that publically answers the question, rather than one that says “Proprietary information”

  • Marie

    I guess we’ll have to see how it unfolds in the meanwhile. If it IS Chinese vitamins, then we should start seeing other non-Diamond brands being affected in the next few weeks.

  • Kaliberknl

    ¬†The “big” recall started with “just Salmonella”…how long did it take before we found out the truth and how many pets died?¬† Emotionally, I can’t tolerate losing a dog and can’t risk anything from China.

  • Marie

    Of course we are here out of concern for our pets – and the concern appears to be, at present time, salmonella, not Chinese vitamins.

    Agree 100% that it’s a choice we all can make – and I make the choice to not worry about the country the vitamins come from. ūüôā (So, you can see how I don’t view it as an excuse, that’s all I’m really trying to say.)

  • Kaliberknl

    ¬†From whom they buy is a choice.¬† I choose not to buy anything which includes any ingredient from China and thought others of like mind would like to know.¬† Most of us are only here out of concern for our furkids…not to argue amongst ourselves ūüôā

  • Marie

    How is that an excuse? When someone has the VAST majority of the market on a commodity that you need (a monopoly), where else do you go? The other 5% that jack up their prices? It’s a reality within the industry – yes, there are companies that don’t use Chinese vitamins, but those companies are also significantly more expensive.

  • Kaliberknl

    Yes.  They have a note on the Facebook page.  Their excuse is that 95% of vitamins come from China.

  • melissa

     Please clarify-Do you mean Earthborn? And if so, does anyone know if any of their other ingredients come from China?

  • melissa


    Oh YUCK!! It looks to me like a type of mealworm web. Not exactly sure of the variety, but they can often be found in bags of parakeet seed etc that have not been properly packaged-and, if you had not noticed, they turn into these darn little white months that are near impossible to get rid of!

  • daisy1999

    Thank you so much for this info!¬†It looks like Earthbound is a popular¬†recommendation.¬† I will have¬†to see if it is sold near me, then check prices and see if I can find one that all 4 can actually have.¬† I¬†am quite happy with Verus, but Wellness more convienent to get.¬† I also have a “no chicken dog” and I am wanting to go grain-free.¬† I wanted to try the new Wellness Simple Solutions, but new formula not out yet.¬† Verus just came out with a grain free, but only in cans-which usually give the one that really needs grain free the sqirts and all too high fat I think for the pancreatitis one.¬† Oh-what do you do!¬† Substituted¬†4Health when my Verus didn’t get ordered-bout killed my dogs, so paranoid-yes.¬† But, thank you so much for your time and info on this subject.¬†

  • The only affected brand of Wellness is the large breed puppy, and those have been pulled from the shelves.

  • TanyaAnn72

    Is this brand affected?  I feed my dog this one and she had diahhrea for days now.  I unfortunately am away in Europe but my brother says it is bad!

  • Marie

    95% of all vitamins are made in China….it’s very common for pet food to have vitamins from China in them.

  • Disgusted

    My wife and I have been huge fans of the Wellness brand for our yellow lab – UNTIL 1 WEEK AGO. I opened a bag of Wellness Complete Health Super5Mix Large Breed to find a clump of what appeared to be a spider web, and several dead (and some NOT dead) bugs. There wasnt a hole in the bag, which lead me to believe this happened during the packaging. We returned the bag to Pet Smart, and they replaced it with another bag of the same product. I brought that bag home, only to find more web and bugs, again, no other holes in the bag. I took several pictures of this (see below), and have since switched to Blue Buffalo. Never again will I buy Wellness…

  • Kaliberknl

     Lie to me once, shame on you.  Lie to me twice, shame on me.

  • Kaliberknl

     They admit their vitamin mix is imported from China.

  • Holly Wadas

    This is always scary, I only feed canned food and have chosen Wellness. 

  • Rmarino121

    Earthbound’s Website:¬† http://www.earthbornholisticpetfood.com/us/
    Be sure to check-out their website.  Look through all of the different sections, they are very thorough, and have our animals health & wellness, as well as our planets welfare, in mind.
    Especially,¬† read through their ‘world-wide’ testimonials.
    They have local, as well as on-line retailers.
    This would be good, back-up information to have handy.
    Ruth, Bubbie & Loki

  • Rmarino121

    FYI:  I am posting this separately, to save some time for those that are looking to switch foods/brands.
    Another poster here indicated they had switched from one
    of the Recalled Brands, only to find out that the New Brand contained a
    Detrimental Agent,
    but they did not identify the Agent.

    During my
    extensive research, to try and determine what was the Best Food to
    Feed,  I repeatedly ran across an Ingredient that was Red-Flagged, here
    in a Review, and on other websites, The Dog Food Project was 1 of the
    sites, as well as numerous others.

    The Ingredient:
    MENADIONE (Vitamin K3) .
    went back to Pet Smart, and checked the Labels on Every Dry Dog Food
    that they carried, and was shocked to see that ALMOST ALL contained
    this ingredient.
    That was one of the reasons I selected the Wellness
    Brand,  and the 2nd reason was in how they handled their response to a
    Vitamin Issue that they had through their aggressive action, and a
    Personal Letter from their CEO.

    I hope this information helps.

  • Rmarino121

    Thank you, Daisy for your condolences, we are all in this, together.
    From what the Customer Service Representative, Danielle told me,  Wellness was in the process of expanding their Facilities, at the time all of this came up, and now have that process completed, therefore, they WILL NOT be outsourcing any of the Wellness Recipes.
    Because of the Recall Histories, I believe that all of us should diligently monitor this, by frequently checking-back with Wellness, to insure that it is happening.
    My dogs issues are somewhat unique, in that, through trial & error, my Vet & I determined that they did best, when Chicken & Grain was eliminated.
    I expressed this to Wellness & told them that I preferred to use their Welliness Super 5 Mix for Large Breed, Senior,  because it includes the Gluclosomine & Chrondroitin.
    Danielle said that she was sending a Contact Notice to the Upper Mgmnt., as a Customer Recommendation for a New Formula, and asking that they contact me.¬† Let’s see what happens with that, and we will know, really how well they are listening to us.
    If we all can keep in touch, here, and work together, we can have an impact on the outcomes.
    Meanwhile, I am taking one of our other member’s suggestion, and I am researching the Earthbound Holistic brands, Just-In-Case I have to change.
    Another poster here indicated they had switched from one of the Recalled Brands, only to find out that the New Brand contained a Detrimental Agent, but they did not identify the Agent.
    During my extensive research, to try and determine what was the Best Food to Feed,  I repeatedly ran across an Ingredient that was Red-Flagged, here in a Review, and on other websites, The Dog Food Project was 1 of the sites, as well as numerous others:
    MENADIONE (Vitamin K3) was the Ingredient.
    I went back to Pet Smart, and checked the Labels on Every Dry Dog Food that they carried,  and was shocked to see that ALMOST ALL contained this ingredient.
    That was one of the reasons I selected the Wellness Brand,  and the 2nd reason was in how they handled their response to a Vitamin Issue that they had through their aggressive action, and a Personal Letter from their CEO.
    I think for now, we have to take a deep breath, while being vigilant in being sure to follow up & keep in touch.
    Best Regards,  Ruth, Bubbie & Loki

  • dee

    Try Innova small bites or Health Extension little bites…best foods for our little dogs.

  • dee

    for my little Yorkie= mix of Innova small bites and Health Extension little bites= perfect mix and not on the recall list.

  • daisy1999

    Thank you Ruth for your post.¬† So, am I understanding this correct?¬† They were in the process of ending their relationship with Diamond when those bags were manufactured, but now the process is complete and they are making all their products at their own plant?¬† I had just started the Oceanfish/Sweet Potato last week and was really upset after already gone through a 4Health disaster.¬† I’m very sorry about the loss of your dog.¬†

  • Rmarino121

    ¬†If you get a chance, look at the long— post that I just left.¬† I just talked to them.¬† I, too was frustrated at all of the hours of research, and was going to change.
    But after talking with Wellness, I feel more assured that I am going to continue with the Wellness Super 5 Mix, for now.
    Thanks for the response about the dogs, it was one of the most horrific things I have had to deal with.¬† The worst was that the dog was at the Vets on Saturday, and Monday @ 8 AM, she was dying in my arms, at home and I couldn’t help her.¬† I explained all of this to them, and they are well aware that some of their customers are seriously upset with this being a ‘continuing drama.’
    Take Care & Blessings to You & Yours,
    Ruth, Bubbie & Loki

  • Ruth Marino

    UpDate on the Wellness Super 5 Mix Complete Health, Whitefish & Sweet Potato Recipe:
    I just got off the phone with Danielle, CSR @a9f014f03f72815c3b0405399341b167:disqus  the Wellness Hot Line # (877) 227 Р9587, and she assured me that this particular recipe is SAFE to USE.    
    She stated that, ‘Wellness had been in the process of expanding their facilities, so that they could do the entire process/ing of their foods recipies,¬† at¬† their location,’ and not have to out-source their product-lines.
    That is why the statement in the Alert referencing to the fact that, ‘Wellness is no longer dealing with Diamond,’ was made.
    My conversation with her lasted 60 – 70 minutes and I conveyed to her that customers were:¬† extremely concerned, tired, frustrated, and worried,¬† about, their pet’s health and well-being; as well as disturbed at the fact, that the companies that pet parents had relied-on to supply nutritious, healthy, and safe foods & products for their pets, were at the least, disturbed & disappointed with this latest of Recalls.
    I also let her know that many of the Wellness Customers had been under the impression that,  ALL of the Wellness Recipes, were being made & processed at the Wellness facility-location.  That, a portion of the shock with this latest Recall was in the fact that we became aware that, in deed, this was NOT the fact.
    She was extremely empathetic, patient, and understanding, and emphasized the fact that they are staying on-top of this issue, and all new developments will be passed-on, as soon as they are known.
    One thing she did share with me is that, the Lots/Bags of the Wellness Super 5 Mix, LARGE BREED, PUPPY food, that are in question are being tested and that, so far, NONE have TESTED POSITIVE.
    So I hope that these Notes will bring some reassurances to those of you re the Wellness products.  I feel somewhat better after talking with her, and hope this helps.
    Ruth (rmarino121)

  • proudtexan51

    ¬†Honestly, I don’t know. I did so much research before switching my dogs to Wellness Core. It is very pricey but my dogs are worth it. I am beginning to think that I should look into making their dog food myself, chicken breasts, veggies etc. I am going to call Wellness and talk to them but right now there is a trust issue here. I was going to buy another bag, they are low on the old bag, but now I don’t think so. Problem is I have to make the change gradually and there is not time to do that. I am so sorry to hear about your dogs!

  • Rmarino121

    ¬†Just FYI …¬† Go back to the 2007, 2008 & 2009 Recalls:¬† DIAMOND —¬† all the issues were with out sourcing.¬†

  • Rmarino121

    ¬†Same with me!¬† As it advertises its contents, I was led to believe that they manufactured their products within their own facilities, on-site.¬† Also along with the prices, the ratings & reviews … I thought it was ‘safe & pure.’
    This is almost an overload for us, since we’ve already been through the ‘Pedigree,’ and ‘Taste of the Wild’ Recalls!¬† The results were that 1 of my dogs died, and I have 1 with Serious Liver Disease!
    Where do we go from here?

  • proudtexan51

    I just found out about this recall and I am upset and confused. I have had my dogs on Wellness Core for several months and they have liked it and been doing well. Now I am afraid that this recall will expand to their other food. I did not realize that Wellness was a Diamond dog food. 

  • Maryssuperpets

    What?  So you can feed the same thing again?

  • Maryssuperpets

    f my dog food company had a recall on just one formula or one size of their 6, 8, 10, maybe even more formulas they sold i definetely would not feed any of the other formulas.

    if you can’t trust them with one formula or one size bag why would you take a chance and feed them another formula.¬† don’t they get all the ingredients from the same source that they use to make all formulas????????????

  • Slvrshears

    all this recall business makes me sick to my stomach. ¬†i agree with others that have commented about the different companies..i feel duped by big money hungry CEO’s that only want to take your money and leave your pet for dead. makes me angry. you try to do a good thing and feed your animals the best food you can only to be let down by the company telling you that they have the best food in the world. ¬†i’m not naive, i understand they all are out to make money, but when they put my pets health at risk while stating they are doing the opposite, that is when i get a tad bent out of shape. ¬†why can’t these companies just stop outsourcing EVERYTHING. and that does not only apply to dog food companies, it applies to all of them. i’m so sick and tired of recalls and warnings, and lead tainting this or that, and salmonella outbreaks….i understand accidents happen, but after how many times does it change from ‘accident’ to ‘poor quality control and sanitary methods’???

  • Domernick

    Now we know why “they” say to never force your dog or cat to eat something they don’t want to eat. Some foods can contain a toxic mold which some animals can smell. Best to get rid of the bag of food in question.¬†
    Good for you!

  • Hfhartley

    Thank you so much for this forum and the valuable info it provides

  • Hfhartley

    I feed Wellness¬†Small Breed Super 5 Adult: From where do they get their feed? I’ve always understood it was a Diamond manufactured food. Why is the Large Breed Puppy the only one affected?

  • Kflood

    ¬†Hopefully they will realize the demand.¬† It was a little hard at first to get it, but we never have a problem now.¬† We just have to make sure they don’t outsource.¬† That’s what Wellness did.

  • Kaliberknl

    ¬†Thanks!¬† I’m hoping we don’t have a shortage now!!!

  • Crazy4dogs

    I¬†subscribe to Whole Dog Journal & Wellness (Wellpet) products are made at many different locations.¬† Diamond SC plant is listed as one of them.¬† I just checked this morning.¬† WDJ will not accept a food if they don’t reveal their sources, so I beleive them.
    FYI, I was at a pet store this morning & a notice of the recall was in front of the Wellness, Natural Balance, Diamond, TOTW & Chicken Soup Products.

  • Kflood

     So glad I switched my dog from Welness to Orijen & Acana about 1-1/2 years ago.  Good choice Kaliberknl.

  • Kaliberknl

    Several sources say Wellness Core has never been made at Diamond.¬† Knowing any product was made there for them broke my trust.¬† My dogs are transitioning now from Wellness Core to Orijen…never to go back. ¬†

  • LriMar

    I have to add that my Maltese did not like the Wellness dry food.I had been trying to get him to eat it for about a month but he refused it,preferring Organix dry instead.¬†He does eat the canned puppy food under a lot of coaxing because I thought it was the best.Just yesterday I threw it away.Little did I know Wellness would recall their lg breed puppy.I’m so glad he never ate it and I’m so glad I threw it away yesterday.God was with my little pup this time.IMO¬†

  • LriMar

    I am so dissapointed in the Wellness Company.I will stop feeding my Maltese pup Wellness immediately and I will not go back.I was under the impression all their products were made in their own company in the USA.I recently lost my 16 old corgi that had eaten Wellness for yrs and so I started my new pup on Wellness puppy.This company blatenly lied to their costumers.
    Thank you Dog food Advisor for keeping us imformed.

  • Toy Fox Terrier

    Unbelievable.¬† I feel I have been mislead and the safety of my dog is at issue.¬†¬† I bought their dog food because I thought it was a quality and safe dog food.¬† They list all these great¬†ingredients, say all the right things and everything, but it means nothing if it is not safe for the¬†dog.¬† I bought their small dog formula and want my money back, because what else don’t we know. ¬† I want to find a real company that makes their own dog food and does not just market and promote dog food that is made by someone else.¬† ¬†

  • Cphilbrick5

    This company seems sketchy to me.

  • Myshiloh

    Currently, the other products by Wellness are made at what used to be solely the Eagle Pack plant – also very reliable. From what I’ve read thus far, only the recalled Wellness is made at a Diamond plant. Now, I don’t exactly trust¬†Wellness completely at this point, but I feed their Core and it is made in Mishawaka IN (Eagle Pack plant) and is not related to the Diamond plant, therefore it isn’t related to salmonella issues. I always trusted Eagle but admited when they merged, it was upsetting because that meant what had always been reliable (Eagle Pack) might not be anymore.¬† My dogs didn’t do well eating Earthborn but I may try it again since I lost my Shiloh Shepherd recently due to complex, multiple health issues.

  • DJ

    I’ve stopped feeding Wellness after this alert. ¬†It’s just a matter of time before it comes out that the other products might be involved. ¬†Play it safe, what’s more important, a bag of food or your pet!

  • Mydogs5

    This is very upsetting news.¬† I don’t feed that particular one, but,¬†I feed 3 other Wellness varieties……….Do I need to stop with Wellness…Is it a matter of time before the varieties i use will be on the list?¬† I have always had such confidence in Wellness, bragged to all my friends who use other brands.¬† I am very upset by this news!

  • Jeff Willis

    Switch to Earthborn. It has similar but better ingredients and the price point is almost exactly the same. Its made by a great midwestern U.S. family owned company with no recalls in over 80 years. Its the best selling food in my store the past three years and we personally feed their Bison to our pets and have had better results than with any other Grain Free diet. Its not only Grain Free but also Potato free for less than $50. As a Pet food store owner I can choose to feed anything, but Earthborn Holistic is definitely ahead of the curve!

  • Julie Macki

    Have fed a few different “high-quality” dog foods over the years…..every one of them has been on the recall list at one time or another! I am tired of worrying about it!! Glad I was introduced to Life’s Abundance holistic dog food a few months ago…NEVER been recalled, perfectly formulated by a vet for all life stages so no need to switch formulas based on age of your dogs, feeding less food because it’s so nutrient-dense (less $ per serving=money savings), less poo to clean up, & I am actually getting larger litters too! And if that’s not enough, it’s made fresh and delivered right to my door…not sitting on a shelf for months (average age of the dog food you are buying off the shelf is 18 months) Check it out: http://www.lifesabundance.com/ilovemypet