Stella and Chewy’s Dog Food Recall of July 2015


July 4, 2015 — Stella & Chewy’s of Oak Creek, Wisconsin, today announced it is voluntarily recalling a number of both frozen and freeze-dried products due to possible exposure to other foods contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes bacteria.

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What’s Being Recalled?

Freeze-Dried Chewy’s Chicken Dinner for Dogs /15oz/UPC: 186011000045/Lot: 111-15 and Use By Date: 4/23/2016

Freeze-Dried Chewy’s Chicken Dinner for Dogs /15oz/UPC: 186011000045/Lot: 111-15 and Use By Date: 4/26/2016

Freeze-Dried Chick, Chick, Chicken Dinner for Cats/12oz/UPC: 186011000434/Lot: 111-15 and Use By Date: 4/29/2016

Freeze-Dried Chick, Chick, Chicken Dinner for Cats/12oz/UPC: 186011000434/Lot: 111-15 and Use By Date: 5/3/2016

Carnivore Crunch – Turkey Recipe/3.25oz/UPC: 186011001103/Lot: 111-15 and Use By Date: 5/3/2016 and 5/4/2016

Frozen Duck Duck Goose Dinner Morsels for Dogs/4lb/UPC: 186011001394/Lot: 111-15 and Use By Date: 4/21/2016

Frozen Chewy’s Chicken Dinner Morsels for Dogs/4lb/UPC: 186011001387/Lot: 111-15 and Use By Date: 4/21/2016

Frozen Surf ‘N Turf Dinner Patties for Dogs/6lb/UPC: 186011000533/Lot: 111-15 and Use By Date: 4/21/2016

Frozen Chewy’s Chicken Dinner Patties for Dogs/6lb/UPC: 186011000120/Lot: 111-15 and Use By Date: 4/21/2016

Frozen Chewy’s Chicken Dinner Patties for Dogs/3lb/UPC: 186011000038/Lot: 111-15 and Use By Date: 4/21/2016

Freeze-Dried Chick, Chick, Chicken Dinner for Cats/12oz/UPC: 186011000434/Lot: 104-15 and Use By Date: 4/23/2016

Freeze-Dried Chick, Chick, Chicken Dinner for Cats/12oz/UPC: 186011000434/Lot: 109-15 and Use By Date: 4/29/2016

Freeze-Dried Tantalizing Turkey Meal Mixers/18oz/UPC: 186011000229/Lot: 105-15 and Use By Date: 5/3/2016

Freeze-Dried Tantalizing Turkey Meal Mixers/18oz/UPC: 186011000229/Lot: 113-15 and Use By Date: 5/3/2016

Freeze-Dried Tantalizing Turkey Meal Mixers/9oz/UPC: 186011000205/Lot: 105-15 and Use By Date: 5/3/2016

Carnivore Crunch – Chicken Recipe/3.25oz/UPC: 186011001080/Lot: 110-15 and Use By Date: 5/3/2016

Freeze-Dried Chewy’s Chicken Dinners for Dogs/15oz/UPC: 186011000045/Lot: 114-15 and Use By Date: 4/26/2016

Freeze-Dried Tummy Ticklin’ Turkey Dinner for Cats/12oz/UPC: 186011000663/Lot: 114-15 and Use By Date: 5/4/2016

Freeze-Dried Tummy Ticklin’ Turkey Dinner for Cats/12oz/UPC: 186011000663/Lot: 115-15 and Use By Date: 5/4/2016

Freeze-Dried Salmon & Chicken Dinner for Cats/12 oz/UPC: 186011000403/Lot: 107-15 and Use By Date: 4/23/2016

Where Was It Sold?

The affected items were sold throughout the U.S. to wholesale distributors and retail stores for resale to consumers.

They were not made available in Canada.

How to Identify
the Affected Product?

To identify the recalled, it is necessary to compare the product description and bag size located on the front of the bag, and the UPC #, the lot code, and use by date located on the back of the bag with the list above.

Why Was It Recalled?

On July 2, Stella and Chewy’s was notified by the Maryland Department of Agriculture that it had issued a stop sale order on a single lot of Chewy’s Chicken Freeze-Dried Dinner Patties for Dogs.

And according to the company, there have been “no reported pet or human illnesses associated with this recall”.

However, as a precautionary measure, the Stella and Chewy’s has decided to voluntarily recall all products from Lot # 111-15 (listed above).

And even though they have not tested positive for Listeria, the company is also recalling a number of products that may have been exposed to the affected lot.

What to Do?

Consumers who have purchased these products are advised to dispose of the food or return it to the place of purchase for a full refund.

For additional questions, customers may contact the company at [email protected] or by calling 888-477-8977.

U.S. citizens can report complaints about FDA-regulated pet food products by calling the consumer complaint coordinator in your area.

Or go to

Canadians can report any health or safety incidents related to the use of this product by filling out the Consumer Product Incident Report Form.

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  • Moo C

    you also need to ask where their ingredients were sourced.

  • Alison

    Have a look at pulsar or food by horizon. There are lots of cost effective options other then Purina just have a look at your local pet food store not grocery store and see what the best option they have is.
    This is a thread on this site about low cost food options

  • Crazy4dogs

    That’s good to know! Thanks Christine! 🙂

  • Dori

    Christine, Primal Raw has been in rotation of commercial frozen raw diets that I feed my three dogs for the past 4 years. All three have done exceptionally well on this food, in fact, it’s my favorite of all I keep in rotation. Good luck.

  • Crazy4dogs

    Let me know how it goes! 🙂

  • Crazy4dogs

    I’ve used Primal and haven’t had issues. I do rotate. 🙂

  • aquariangt

    Before you for sure take this suggestion, you have to keep in mind Diamond’s history. It looks good on paper, but it is not without serious risk

  • I have a small retail pet supply store & carry Diamond Naturals foods for customers who have a number of large dogs to feed, so more price sensitive :). It is a great food for the price, you can find it at many small pet supply stores & a much, much better food than anything Purina makes.

  • Pitlove

    I would really like to state for that record that under no curcumstances do you need to feel guilty or judged that you can not afford to feed a 50$+ food. Your dog is lucky to have an owner that at least understands that feeding a higher quality food would be ideal, perhaps for when your finicial situation has changed.

    I came from a poor family of just me and my mom and she was often down to her last dollar, yet we still had our cats and still made it work to have them. If anyone were to dare ever tell me I shouldnt have had my cats if I couldn’t afford to feed them a 5 star food…well lets not go into that.

    Your pup is adorable and you should feel good that you are doing what you can for him. Best of luck to you and your pup with finding a food that you can both be happy with.

  • Penny

    Dori, Thanks! Good to know! Will check them out….

  • Pitlove

    Both great suggestions and I agree with both.

  • Crazy4dogs

    Some other inexpensive ones that are rated well are Victor, Propac Ultimates and Fromm Gold. I think Pure Balance dog food is at Walmart. It’s about $1/lb. You generally feed less of all of these foods, so their not as expensive as you might think. Your pup is cute and will do much better with a better food! 🙂

  • mrai

    I wonder how much of this is nestle flexing its financial muscle? just a thought. I havent heard of any incidents yet.

  • LabsRawesome

    Great post. The only thing I would like to add is if you’re buying 4health canned, get the original stews or Pate style because the new Grain Free cans are way too high in fat. The fat in them is equal to the protein.Fat % should be right around half of what the protein is.

  • Jennifer Hoffman

    Look at 4Health food from Tractor Supply. It’s a bit more expensive than Purina, but not near so much as Blue Buffalo (which isn’t a very good brand, anyways). The 4Health canned food is also affordable as well. The cost also works out a bit as you feed less of a good quality food than of a poor quality food. Kirklands from Costco is also a good option, as is Victor dog food if you can get it locally.

  • Cole C

    I love my 4 month old Boxador named Jango. I can’t afford to buy him blue buffalo etc. I want to. Right now I have him some Purina puppy chow. And pedigree puppy can food. I got the most expensive one I could afford. Reading the indigents suckz. Meat byproducts corn and grain. Someone recommend me a holistic brand that’s lower on the price side plz. And plz don’t tell me to give him up because I can’t give him 50 dollar bag of food that only weighs 26 lbs. I see 50lbs of old yeller food for 20 dollars that’s insanely cheap and very unhealthy. Any suggestions plz

  • Donna Neumeister

    Hmmm…I wonder if that was what I picked out of one of my dogs teeth a week or so ago. Pretty sure it was the frozen turkey dinner morsels, but it could have been the frozen rabbit patties.. I still have the pieces I removed, will have to take them to the vet with me next week.

  • Dori

    Penny, both Primal and Vital Essential make freeze dried formulas that are great for road trips. Excellent companies. I use their frozen raw formulas in rotation and I use their as freeze dried versions as high value treats for when I call them in from outside. I don’t feed any processed foods or treats.

  • cheryl

    Yes, unfortunately it is plastic with sharp jagged edges both large pieces up to a inch.
    The store I bought from also had other bags of the same lot with plastic. Stella was one of the companies I trusted but to date they
    have still not warned people of the plastic in the Duck Duck Goose. They have been sent pictures & do have the reports.
    They could have easily added to this recall.

  • Penny

    As a raw food advocate for almost 20 years, I was happy to find S&C products. Great for road trips until I also found white plastic chips and part of a rubber glove. That was the end for me….too bad since I thought they had a decent product.

  • lori

    cheryl. stellas uses finely crushed bone in there food for calcium. are you certain it was plastic and not crushed bone? plastic that’s disturbing if that’s what it was.

  • Ron Gaskin DVM

    Call your wholesale distributor and ask to return the product to them. It is part of their job. I am frustrated by their lack of product too.Good Luck.

  • Ron Gaskin DVM

    S&C uses a high pressure process (HPP) to kill the bacteria in their raw food at very low temperatures. S&C believes the contamination happened after the HPP. The contamination of a cooked food could have just as easily have happened and if does happen it is after cooking. The other lot numbers are being recalled out of caution. Only one lot number was found infected. BTW Primal, Natures Variety, and S&C use HPP..

  • Christine Daley

    Hey crazy!! How are you and the pups?? Hopefully great. It was just something I noticed. Always seems to be the chicken!! I like the HPP!! Certainly helps!! But I guess nothing is 100%. Just have to be on the alert for these recalls and hope our pups don’t get a bad batch!! No problems yet with natures variety but that doesn’t mean cannot happen. How the company handles the recall is of the utmost importance.

  • Dog_Obsessed

    Ah, okay. Thanks!

  • Crazy4dogs

    Hi Christine! I agree in part, but the frozen raw poultry I buy is HPP processed and I haven’t had any problems in many years.

  • Stacy E Ferguson

    No, because the stop-sale order was specific to one variety and the “precautionary measure” was to voluntarily recall other products manufactured at the same time, but were not included in Maryland’s stop-sale order.

  • Christine Daley

    Natures variety uses HPP. FYI.

  • Christine Daley

    I would return it anyway. Why take a chance!!

  • Christine Daley

    I have been feeding my pups orijen freeze dried and nature’s variety raw medallions in addition to their orijen kibble!! No problems yet!!

  • menchaca

    I’m stressed about this as a retailer. Lots of red difficult flags lately. Big problems getting orders filled. Always shortages. Was told it’s due to problems with lack of freeze dryers and delays in new plant being built. I had a product that I just couldn’t sell but spent a fortune on, asked a week and a half ago if I could return it for credit and was told no. Several skus on the recall are those items. The rep gave me no heads up this was coming at all. I’ve gotten no notice or communication from the company at all since. We’ve been given no instruction, no procedure, no reassurance. We will refund our customers but after last week I have little confidence that the company will make it right with us. I have already told my distributor to come get it all, we will stick with Primal instead. These kinds of things are so hurtful to a small mom and pop store!!!

  • eric

    After going to the company website – and as I used to be in a profession that had to have certain preparedness – it is obvious that they had at the ready a damage control program with advisors already – at the ready – the pdf provider system, the lot search – all was due to due diligence on their part – unlike other companies – as to the mandatory recall as someone mentioned – the other product lots were not on the mandatory stop list – they were voluntary. I actually feel more comfortable using their products knowing of the vertically integrated preparedness they have shown

  • Dog_Obsessed

    Yes, rotating is the way to go. 🙂

  • luddite1959

    Hmmm. I don’t know how the S&C Lot system works. I do have a bag with the Lot #113-15 but it is a different use by date and it is lamb patties. Lamb is not listed. The Lot #113-15 that IS listed is freeze-dried Tantalizing Turkey Meal Mixers. I think I’ll set this bag aside in case the recall is expanded.

  • luddite1959

    Stella and Chewy’s has been having a supply issue in recent months. I had been having increasing difficulty finding the larger bags of S&C freeze-dried products online. I asked a S&C rep about this and they said that the increasing popularity of the product and the company’s expansion into the Canadian market seemed to be the leading contributors to the shortage of product. I can’t help but wonder if manufacturing got a little sloppy trying to get the product out the door as quickly as it could. The culprit could just as likely be the Department of Agriculture if it wasn’t completely careful in its own testing.

    I stand behind S&C and will continue to feed it to our dog. I don’t really have much choice as he has never taken to kibble of any sort. I know there are other raw products out in the market but I don’t know if they use the HPP technology that makes the product a little more safe to handle.

    In S&C’s statement, they said that contamination may have happened after the HPP process. I, apparently, have always been making the mistaken assumption that HPP took place once the product was in the bag and sealed. Kind of like autoclaving.

    If the product is handled after HPP then I guess there is yet room for contamination despite their own testing for bacteria. As another comment said it’s bound to happen to any dog food company. When you are producing a food product in mass quantities no company, over time, will likely be free of ever having a recalled product. Being a smaller company, I would expect S&C to have more oversight on their product than the larger conglomerates and hope more care is put into their product.

  • cheryl

    I contacted Stella & Chewy the beginning of June regarding large & small pieces of sharp edged white plastic pieces in the frozen patties of Duck Duck Goose.
    These pieces were not visible until you crumbled up the patties.
    I found the pieces in all patties of bags with the same lot #.
    I was hoping Stella would place a warning to people on their web
    site but they didn’t. I only started finding the pieces after wondering why egg shell was in the patties only to start breaking it up & discovering the “egg shell” was plastic. I was feeding to 2 dogs one that just had surgery for a broken tooth the week before now I wonder if the plastic was the cause.
    So pleased be warned please smash the patties between your fingers before feeding! These patties are also not in the recall.

  • Kathy Niskala

    Yes..I do too….it can happen to any of the raw foods we use..rotating the raws is a safer way to go,I use NorthWest Naturals.mostly.they do use HPP maybe that is a good thing

  • Mary McCulley

    I am so upset over this. I thought this was a trustworthy product. People have to be able to trust the manufacturing process for raw products.

  • a French Chef

    The company is over reacting – I understand why. The government does what well or correctly?

  • Lorrie McClain

    I call B.S. on the FDA. This is an example of the FDA being in bed with crap dog food companies like Purina. I question their testing and their motives. Don’t drink the Koolaide!

  • Dog_Obsessed

    Here’s what I found on the company’s website about the recall:

  • Dog_Obsessed

    I personally think that it depends on the nature of the recall, and how the company handles it. Recalls are inevitable and can happen to any brand, but I think the way a company handles recalls says a lot about them. As I said below, this recall seems to have some fishy details to it, so depending on the progression of it and how the company responds to customers who inquire about it I might agree with you that the brand should be removed from editor’s choice. However, I don’t think that it applies as a blanket rule for all recalls.

  • Weezerweeks

    I sure think they should come off the editors choice. I personally think that any food that has been recalled shouldn’t be on the list.

  • Dog_Obsessed

    Does anyone else find it a bit strange that Stella and Chewy’s is calling it a “precautionary measure” when there’s already been a stop-sale order?