Video… the Infamous Pet Food Recall of 2007


By now, just about everyone’s heard about the infamous pet food recall of 2007.

But what’s probably not as well-known is the cause… the astonishing tale of profit and greed that directly lead to the deaths of so many innocent cats and dogs.

Think it’s not possible for a commercial pet food company to put profit above the health and safety of your pet?

Well, watch this short video featuring New York University professor of nutrition, Dr. Marion Nestle1… and decide for yourself.

  1. Author, Pet Food Politics: The Chihuahua in the Coal Mine, 2008, University of California Press
  • Anyone wanting more info on the 2007 recalls should read Nestle’s books. In fact, anyone who loves animals should read her books. She puts in plain language, the melamine debacle, what’s really in dog food and the lengths big dogfood companies will go for profit.

    I lost my dog to the 2007 recalled food, also. I homecook now and have healthy, happy dogs. I graze feed kibble listed on your 5 star rating and alternate between brands and flavors. I am also proud to say that I am a “dogfood geek.”

  • Hi TerrierFan… many thanks for updating me (and my readers) to this continuing and important story.

  • TerrierFan

    If you are interested, the ChemNutra sentencing is finally scheduled for Feb 3. There is some information here about how the Park doctrine relates to the case, and why bringing that tool back to life is necessary to deter corporations from distributing adulterated foods and drugs.