Nature’s Recipe Dog Treats Recall


October 13, 2012 — Nature’s Recipe has announced a voluntary recall involving one of its dog treats products due to possible contamination with Salmonella bacteria.

The event was reported by the FDA in a news release dated October 13, 2012.

The recall includes Nature’s Recipe Oven Baked Biscuits with Real Chicken made at one of the company’s US production facilities.

Salmonella can affect both humans and non-human animals and are the result of ingesting contaminated food.

What Products Are Being Recalled?

Nature’s Recipe Oven Baked Biscuits with Real Chicken is sold in 19-ounce resealable pouches. The affected products include lot codes 2199TP and 2200TP with a “Best If Used By” date of either October 11, 2013 or October 12, 2013.

Product and product lots that do not appear on the list above are not subject to this recall.

Where Were the Recalled Products Sold?

The potentially affected lots of Nature’s Recipe Oven Baked Biscuits with Real Chicken were distributed nationally, primarily through pet specialty retailers.

What to Do?

Salmonella is serious business — for both you and your pet. So, if you can confirm your package of treats is one of the products being recalled, stop feeding or handling it immediately.

If you’ve already discarded the packaging – or you’re in any way in doubt – do not take chances. Be safe. Stop feeding the product anyway.

In its bulletin, the company suggests:

Consumers who have purchased the above lots of Nature’s Recipe Oven Baked Biscuits with Real Chicken should stop feeding the product and discard immediately.

For further information about the recall and for instructions on obtaining replacement product, consumers can use the Contact Us form at or call the Consumer Hotline, 24 hours a day, at 800-237-3856.

You can report complaints about FDA-regulated pet food products by calling the consumer complaint coordinator in your area.

Or go to

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  • Tonya

    Red #40 is an added dye for coloring. I am trying to steer clear of ANYTHING human or pet ingested with any type of dye/coloring in it…they are linking horrible diseases to the ingestion of such things. Europe bans all dyes in food and I think we in the U.S. should do the same.

  • Betsy Greer

    Any other symptoms? Like vomiting or straining to go and / or loose stools? What does it look like when she goes? Have you seen evidence of her passing much of that styrofoam plate?

  • Cschaff

    Not yet. I’m trying to rule out a few things. She ate a styrofoam paper plate also. She’s eating natures recipe dry dog food.

  • Betsy Greer

    I would think it could definitely be diet related. What are you feeding her? Has she seen the vet to rule out any possible medical conditions?

  • Cschaff

    My shorkie has been super bloated. So I haven’t fed her today and she’s not bloated and whining. Could it be her food making her bloat??

  • Pattyvaughn

    What is the fat level on them?

  • Sue G

    Our mini schnauzer recently had pancreatitis. Are Nature’s Recipe Over Baked Biscuit Minis (Lot #2139TP) ok to give him?

  • Pattyvaughn

    Bones should NOT be cooked if an animal is going to eat them.  Cooking changes the bones and makes them more brittle, which makes them more likely to produce sharpedges that can perforate the intestines.

  • Hanimegid

    Hi, during my vacation my golden retriever care taker used to feed him boiled chicken with its bones as well as some rise and bread, I was chocked of what was given to him, but they told me that he did like it. Is that good for him? I have stopped feeding him that, but is there any harm of that type of food besides his dry food? Appreciate your help.

  • Melissaandcrew

    You have been giving him metronidazole for over 3 yrs???

  • Tealwoodlabs

     What is “Red#40”???

    If both dogs are itching, I’d think it unlikely that both have allergies.  It could be mites, or a skin dermatitis that your puppy brought in?  Or, something in your environment, a cleaning product, carpet cleaner, etc.

    OFA 3 & 6 fatty acids are a great supplement for healthy skin and coat … and have helped a lot of dogs with true allergies tremendoously.  Just need to find a product that balances the 3 to the 6 (that’s important), and offers a fairly high dosage.  Fish oil is messy and smelly. offers a really good liver-flavored chewable fatty acid tablet, can’t remember the name right now … “Special Care” maybe?

    I still suspect your dogs have some type of skin infection, staph, fungal, mites, etc.  Good luck.

  • Tealwoodlabs

     Your comment made me remember the Olewo dehydrated carrot pellets that I’ve used for firming up a dog’s stool, and it’s excellent additive to puppy food!  It also is supposed to inprove pigment and is healthy and good for coats.

  • Oursafebusiness

    My springer spaniel loves raw carrots, too, but we do not feed because they cannot digest properly – and it will cause upset tummy somewhere down the line.  Maybe steam the veggies for your best friends.  

  • Deborah Dawley

    Hello, I have to black lab’s one is 8 yrs old and our pup is 19 weeks, they both itching all the time, Vet say the Red#40 might cause it, so now we are buying nothing with  Red in it, itching is still there, fleas none…someone suggest Fish Oil in food, no results.
    Any suggestion?

  • BryanV21

    They have a duck formula with legumes, too. If it helps, the Duck & Potato bag is white and yellow, while the Duck & Legume bag is white and purple.

  • Jan_Mom2Cavs

    2BlackLabs, I hope I don’t come off sounding rude here…but do you mean Natural Balance LID Pot. & Duck (not sweet potato)?  I just wanted to clarify for other readers that might not be familiar with the NB LID line of foods.  Thanks! 

  • 2BlackLabs

    I have a 6+ year old lab diagnosed with “Inflammatory Bowel Disease” in 2009. Since then he has been eating Natural Balance LID sweet potato & duck. I feed him 1/2 his food in the morning and 1/2 in the early evening. He takes 1 metronidazole pill (generic flagyl) after the morning feeding (started out with 1 pill twice a day). This regimen has kept his vomiting issues in check since then. I am luck that both my labs love raw carrots, lettuce, zucchini, squash, etc.

  • Rekha Leo

    Very useful post I must say, but it is always our responsibility to note all nutritive values and quality of packed or dried food before to feed our pets

  • Since i have switched over from kibble and now feeding raw dehydrated food my chubby weims have become lean mean sprinting machine. I am also happy to see their teeth getting better. I feed them kibbles since they were 8 weeks old. By their 1stteeth bday their teeth started looking like adult dogs.
    we spend 2x a week brushing their teeth.

    When i came upon MYPETSANA food i was hooked. It not kibble, its not outsourced to a multibrand facility and i get it delivered to my house.

    When its dinner time their mouth is drooling, the sit and wait, and the lick the bowl, spoon, floor and carpet clean.

  • Tealwoodlabs

     Thanks.  I’ve been breeding and showing Labradors for over 20 years, … and responsible breeders all over the country share a lot of knowledge with each other.  Many times, we know better than a lot of the vets!  (And, that’s unfortunate.)  I always tell my puppy buyers to contact me if they run into any issues, have questions, etc.  I still recall a buyer from years ago who finally called me after spending over $2000 on all kinds of vet tests because his young dog was frequently vomiting.  Turns out it was usually shortly after he had eaten.  I asked him if the dog ate fast … yes, “he almost inhales his food”.  I asked, did your vet suggest putting some water on his dry food to slow him down?  “No”.  Well, the man tried this, and the problem was solved!  Duh, rich vet got richer!

  • Tealwoodlabs

     I’m very interested in what you or anyone else knows about TURMERIC as an alternative to prednisone.  It really is a dangerous drug, and prescribed much too often for even minor allergies, inflammation, etc.

    Please post whatever you find out.  Thanks!

  • Hi Chris, If you’re committed to raw and / or making your own dog food. I suggest you connect with Shawna and Hound Dog Mom (and several other raw feeders here) if you haven’t already. They can offer you a lot of advice and even recommend some things you should read, including recipe books! : )

  • Maxmabi777

    Sorry for your loss, Chris.

  • MCBroderick

    I understand. Reading the comments here, I’m inspired to try making my own now, too. I’ve been pleased with the premium food that we switched to when I found this site and learned about what I had been feeding our pets. *shivers* This thread is the start of my education in homemade dog food and treats, I prefer to do a bit more reading and learning but then I’m going to take the plunge. I really appreciate your insight and that of some others here as well. Thanks so much!

    Best wishes,

  • MCBroderick

    I said this to Georgia as well – My deepest sympathy to you and yours. We lost one of our beloved dogs a short time ago also. It is so heart breaking, so painful to lose a loved one. I’m so very, very sorry for your loss.

  • Maxmabi777

    McBroderick, unfortunately, my locally owned shop (which I love the people) does NOT take returns even unopened packages and with the receipt. I was shocked when they told me that. However, PetsMart does. But the small store carries the high-end high-quality products that PetsMart does not carry.

    I donated 7 cases of Merrick food to our local shelter, because my dogs had stopped eating it. The food was fine, but they just refused it, and the store wouldn’t take it back.

    Now that I am cooking for my girl, I don’t have to worry about refunds or returns.

  • MCBroderick

    My deepest sympathy to you and your family. We lost one of our beloved dogs a short time ago also. It is so heart breaking, so painful to lose a loved one. I’m so very sorry for your loss.

  • Maxmabi777

    Thanks, Tealwoodlabs! I am constantly looking for recipes that are easy and something my girl will eat. I discovered last night that she likes “human” canned Salmon. She would not touch it in dog food, but loved it for her dinner, along with some mac and cheese! 🙂 Yes, she is spoiled.

  • MCBroderick

    Lord, how I wish you could tell us the name of the company!!!

  • MCBroderick


     Thank you for this info. I’ll google turmeric and educate myself about it as an alternative to prednisone. I know it(pred.) is a miracle drug in some cases but my dog was recently undiagnosed with diabetes and the high dose of prednisone our former vet put him on and subsequently would not listen to my concerns regarding his severe reaction to it, is likely what killed him, we learned from the new vet – too late though. Bit of a long story with a few twists and turns so no one can say for sure but after that experience, I prefer to avoid prednisone for my other dogs whenever possible and with the allergies of one of them, it is a difficult thing. Thank you again!

    Best regards,

  • MCBroderick

    I buy all of our pet products at a locally owned shop, not sure if that makes a difference with what I’m about to tell you. They have a 30 day money back no questions asked policy as long as the receipt is brought in with the return. This goes for food, treats, toys, every thing they sell. I can’t tell you how helpful this has been, especially when trying new things, like premium foods and treats! Before you throw away any more products that you have purchased with your hard earned money, you may wish to check your store’s return policy. I keep the receipts for our pet product purchases in a particular place so that if I have any trouble at all with an item, I have the receipt at my fingertips to return it. My local store has a loyal customer in me, for life, with this policy! Well, there are other things about the store that I love, too, like their ‘furminator'(self service dog wash with ALL the amenities, etc.) 


  • MCBroderick

    I really appreciate your posts(some others here, too). Thanks for sharing your tips and recipes!

  • Tealwoodlabs

    Tuna Treats Recipe:


    Secret Tuna Treats


    1 – 6oz Can of Tuna in Water – do not drain

    1T. garlic powder

    1 cup parmesan cheese

    2 eggs

    2 cups flour


    Mix all together, pat into a floured jelly roll pan.  Bake @ 275 for 20-25


    Secret Tuna Treats


    1 – 6oz Can of Tuna in Water – do not drain

    1T. garlic powder

    1 cup parmesan cheese

    2 eggs

    2 cups flour


    Mix all together, pat into a floured jelly roll pan.  Bake @ 275 for 20-25


  • Alonzo Dodson

    Its not this administration, its the 113th Congress…

  • Melissaandcrew

    And, they have a buy 12 get one free program. You keep a little card, have the store fill it out when you buy each bag, and then number 13 is free on the spot : )

  • Dulciesdogbowl


    I agree……dogs don’t need junky treats that are on the maket!  They are made for the human eye to look at and say….. Wow those look tasty and fun for my dog!!!  You can get creative and find healthier alternatives for your pup.  Cut carrots up in thin stix and soak them in chicken broth and leave them in the fridge.  I am sure even if your dog doesn’t care for raw carrots….the chicken broth will change his mind.  Beef liver is cheap.  If you bake it until it becomes crunchy… have just made your own crunchy jerky treat and your dog will go bonkers over it.  My dogs probably eat more treats than the average dog… but…..they only get healthy snacks and they are in great body weight and are very healthy.  I don’t give them anything else but my own homemade.


  • kielie698

    You’ve got to be kidding me. Its like every other week there is a recall on some animal food. What is happening in this country? Where is the checks and balances? Who is in charge of this and where is the quality control. Maybe we ought to hire animal lovers for these jobs both in the processing of it, and in the wharehouses. Our animals are being poisoned more frequently and where is our goverment in all of this. I have never in my lifetime seen it so out of control. Who is minding the store? We, (all animals lovers and owners,) ought to get together and protest this to our goverment. They are suppose to be in control of all of this. What is being done? And yes, I will bring politic’s into it, as its on this administrations watch that its happening more often that not. All the money being given to arab countries, and here at home, we are being given what? Nothing.
    We should be paying for the safety of our food in this country. Not only our pets either. Its happening with all of our food. Everyday you hear about it. Just recently, Peanut butter, and a lot more. This is our life and the life of our pets we are talking about. Seems to me that this administration is more concerned about giving money to other things, and letting (what is more important) go on with not enough accountability. Now we import everything and it not safe. We should blame our goverment, after all its the tax dollars that are suppose to keep the food chain safe. Call your senators, and congressmen and women and complain now. Thanks,  and maybe we can get a partition going.

  • Ksboening

    Our 2 dogs have been vomiting from the same food also..( grain free w/sweet potato and pumpkin). Makes me think I should return it.

  • Tealwoodlabs

     Yes, a typo.  I AM feeding NutriSource.  Used their C&R puppy formula for the first time on a litter and I’ve never seen such wonderful puppy stools ever!!!  Of course, could be due to partucularly good digestive systems, no coccidia, etc., but it was amazing … all the way up to 8 weeks and beyond.

    I will find that tuna recipe tomorrow … too late tonight.

  • When Sam was just a couple of months old, he got sick. I went to the pet store where I buy some of our foods and happened to run into a Nutrisource rep. She was awesome – a huge help. She recommended adult chicken & rice. He tolerated it very well. She even gave me a buy one get one free coupon. I donated the other bag to the shelter because I decided to switch to Brothers by the end of that bag. I’d actually like to use it in my rotation. I like the company, the ingredients and the Calcium levels in the grain free are fine for large breed pups, too. I also just recommended it to a couple of quality and very price conscious friends at work.

  • Melissaandcrew

     Hi Betsy-

     Not Tealwoodlabs, but I feed the Nutrisource Chicken/rice, Nutrisource Lamb/Rice and the Performance in my boarding kennel at this time. I like the ingredients, the price point, the the variety in “types”-ie small breed, performance, puppy etc etc. I have also found that there are no transition issues with it-it seems to be a great “middle of the road food” for this purpose-ie-those eating lower quality and higher quality can both eat w/out problem.  I did get a bag of lamb/rice last week that smelled “off” to me-just like the NV Prairie beef did that time I bought it right before the recall, lol. Since I have not had this problem with other bags, I tend to think it was just that bag with an issue.

  • Tealwoodlabs

     Whoops, a typo.  I am “now” feeding NutriSource C&R.

  • Hi Tealwoodlabs,

    I just wanted to clarify (I think it may have just been a typo) did you mean that you are NOW feeding Nutrisource or that you’re NOT feeding Nutrisource (which is what you wrote).  I like Nutrisource as well and wondered what you liked about the analysis that prompted you to choose it… assuming you did.  

    Also, would you care to share your tuna treat recipe!?

  • Some thoughts …

    If you have diarrhea with mucous, you may very well have something other than food issues, may be coccidia or giardia.  Need to get several fecals (not just one, since all parasites cycle and you may not find them the first test). 

    On-going diarrhea, more than a day or two, needs to be checked out by a vet.  Could be more serious than you can treat with changes in food, additives, etc.
    For soft stools, with a likely cause (i.e., stress, water change, food change, etc.), you can use the appropriate dose of a pure KaoPectate, and/or add some canned pumpkin, or baby rice cereal to their food.  Or, switch to a canned prescription I/D food for a couple days until under control, then gradually transition back to their regular food.

    For healthy treats, TRAIN your dogs to like pieces of carrot, celery, romaine stems, etc.  Mine LOVE romaine, I always save the thick stems that we usually discard for my dogs.  I have a recipe for wonderful treats made with tuna also.  Or, buy inexpensive raw liver, bake it with a sprinkle of garlic powder … easy, cheap and healthy.

    Lastly, I got caught in the last Diamond recall.  Having fed their Premium Edge for many years, I decided they had too many recalls, started researching new foods.  I’m not feeding NutriSource (and VERY pleased), but Merrick Whole Earth Farms C&R and Healthwise C&R were also top of my list.  Criteria was a top quality food based on detailed analysis, and a relatively moderate price point.  There are other good foods, but some cost a lot more.

  • Mnsmaire

     What Temp. setting did you use?

  • Dragonfly76053

    Both of my dogs got sick last week after eating Nature’s Recipe dog food (grain free with sweet potatoes and pumpkin). They both got better when I switched them to another brand of food.

  • Maxmabi777

    Abrown6597, I have thrown away several bags of food and treats this year, either because my dogs refused to eat them or because I was not comfortable with the company. I have learned a lot on this website since January. One thing I am slowly learning is that dogs do not require TREATS. It is us humans who want to “treat” them, and the dog food industry wants us to buy them. You may not be ready to prepare all of the food for your pets, it is a FULL-TIME commitment. However, you may want to cosider some alternative treats. There are SOME fruits and vegetables that dogs love and are good for them. Unfortunately, mine will not eat them. But I do buy fresh turkey burgers and fix a few and then cut them into bites as a treat. They are low in calories and good protein.

    If you are not comfortable feeding your pets the ones you just bought, take them back. Once you tell them you are uncomfortable because of the recall, they should give you a refund or a store credit.

  • again someone asked  From a google search To  WEBMD a trusted site…. To me anyway….

  • Salmonella is a bacteria it  shows up when  for example  people  got to the bathroom and dont wash they’re hands  with soap and water , It contaminates Foods like lettice and  fresh  vegitable  farms, Produce when  Contaminated  water is used  in the growing wash process  (contaminated by  what?  sewage, human  urine and  feces  and other stuff  of similar Base..  educate  yourself  it might  save your life..

    Googled  “salmonella”… WEBMD  should be a reliable site,    you  can  as well  OR BING search if you prefer  >>  EDUCATE   yourself 

  • Pattyvaughn

    When you’re ready to bite the bullet, google homemade dog food.  It is better for them and you can make big batches when you have time and freeze it for when you don’t.

  • Abrown6597

    well just great!!! I just bought the beef flavored ones of these yesterday and now I just really do not want to give them to her b/c if they chicken are contaminated then the beef could be too!!! I mean aren’t they made at the same plant? It’s getting to the point I am stressed about buying anything for my dog. I would rather feed her human food at least I know it won’t kill her. 

  • I wonder if turmeric would be an alternative to prednisone for your little guy.  Glad you found a food that you’ve had so much success with.  : )

  • Doxie Girl

    I have a dachshund who always had problems with diarrhea. I fed him a premium quality, high protein, grain free food. After almost losing him when his stomach just stopped working I put him on a Limited Ingredient food diet at the recommendation of my vet. I chose Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Chicken after some research. The difference is night and day. I made the switch about a year and a half ago and he feels great now. He also is on a very low dose of prednisone now to keep inflammation at bay but I really think it was the switch in food that did it. There was nothing wrong with his other food, it was very highly rated and my other dachshund did great on it. My one little guy just couldn’t handle it. Try an L.I.D., as it is called, food. I wish I would have known to try that years ago. There are several good brands out there now. Good luck!

  • hskylv14

    My husband works for a dog food distributor.  The company that used to manufacture the dog food also made human grade chili and canned meats.  On the same line, same ingredients.  My dogs loved it. The dog food co. got into an argument with that manufacturer and switched to someone else.  Now they get cans that have maggots on them (which turn into flies), cans that burst and the food in the can has been downgraded significantly.  They have also had to return product for mislabeling, and misdating product.  My dogs won’t eat it anymore… So the SAME food in the SAME can by the same company can come from different places with different qualities.  And yes, Maxmabi777…  multiple dog food companies use the same manufacturer and a LOT of these manufacturers also make people food on the SAME lines as the dog food.  How scary is that when there is contamination on the line??

  • Maxmabi777

    I learned something, yesterday, that makes all of these recalls even more scary. Multiple dog food companies may use the SAME processing site and equipment, which may already be contaminated. The equipment may not be cleaned, and another company will come in and run their batch and their product is contaminated.

    Think of it as your local butcher having a contaminated blade and cutting beef, chicken and pork without properly cleaning the blade. The consumers get sick, but they won’t know if it was the beef, chicken or pork, when in fact the product may have been OK, it was the blade that was contaminated.

    The same logic applies to the processing of dog food. Assuming the ingredients are “pure”, the contaminated equipment passes on the problem to multiple companies. It is a gamble for us as consumers and a potential death threat to our pets.

  • Maxmabi777

    PROFIT! Pure and simple!

  • Maxmabi777

    Thank you, femar6. Yes, I tried pumpkin. I had finally gotten a recipe that they would eat, which was part of my problem. They refused most vegetables, raw or cooked, but I was able to shred sweet potatoes and add fresh green peas to their ground beef and they would eat that. We had a progression of things going on with Max and about $2000 in tests, but I feel that somewhere along the way his body was poisoned by commercial food/treats, and we were unable to find the cause in time.

  • Maxmabi777

    Sorry for the loss of your baby.

  • Cathie Newey

     What temperature do you use for cooking and drying the chicken breast?

  • dog_lover

     I also make all of my dog treats in my own kitchen…No ingredients imported from China, no unsanitary conditions, and,,,, my dogs stand there watching me make the treats in great [email protected]:disqus !!! 

  • Pattyvaughn

    I’ve got to wonder if these places are hot as well as filthy.  Then they would be optimal breeding ground for bacteria.  Would these places spend the money on keeping everything the right temp if it could save $$.  Some how I don’t think so.

  • Marymcdavid

    I am feeding your dog food also I just pull it,,,, is there anything wrong with it ????

  • Jackie B

     I love the Sojos premix and so does my poodle!

  • Doglover

    Pumpkin works great for diarrhea and I mix with cooked boneless, skinless chicken breast and Blue Buffalo basic kibble.  Both my dogs are very healthy.

  • Dulciesdogbowl


    Great question…..I also wonder why so many recalls!  Salmonella bacteria is a constant recall.  I can only imagine the process and handeling that goes on in these dog food/treat plants.  Do they think because they are dogs that the process does not to be sanitary???  I picture them to be far from a healthy enviroment for food consumption….YES even for dogs!!!
    I make all food and treats for my dogs in my owm kitchen…Don’t trust commercial.


  • Benstoy

    I can’t tell you how valuable this service is.  I post each recall on Facebook immediately.  Thank you!!

  • Clifford

    Does anyone know WHY all the samonella recalls? While back my dobermen got really sick. It was after he recovered that I heard about the recall of the dog food I fed him… Solid Gold Wolf King. He almost died! That is when I heard about this site and notifications..a GREAT service! I am wondering WHY are there so many samonella recalls?

  • Fremar6

    have you tried adding PUMPKIN to their food? Not the pie pumpkin with added spices but the regular pumpkin in a can, this has always worked for me a good heaping tablespoon mixed with the dog food. Sorry for the loss of your dog it’s really hard to be without them. I feed no grain to mine right now she is on blackwood which has never been recalled.  Good luck

  • Georgiaabert

    I am so sorry for the loss of your dog. We have been feeding natures recipe grain free to our dogs. They do have a lot of diarrhea. We lost our 12 yr old briard this Thursday to possible pancreatitis or meningitis. He was at Uc Davis and had a heart attack before they could do tests. I came home and threw out food. Hope it was not that as my other 3 dogs were eating it too. I have new bag but I will switch to new food immediately.

  • Mybelgianboys

    That was 1/2 hr. on each side for the chicken!

  • Mybelgianboys

    If you want to stop the diarrhea and mucous once and for all, stop feeding kibble. Even Orijen and  Instinct, both high quality and grain free ,caused these problems in my six Belgians. Try Sojos pre mix to which you add your own meat plus water.  All fresh food, no preservatives, no “fake” food. For treats buy frozen skinned chicken breast. Stick in oven frozen 12 hr on each side. When cool cut into cubes. These are the best, healthiest, tastiest treats ever. Best prices for Sojos are and

  • Jennifer

    Is the Nature’s Recipe Venision recipe safe?  I give that as a special treat after a bath and after flea medicine is applied.

  • Maxmabi777

    Bobthedog Nali, I have been dealing with diarrhea and runny poop since January. I finally lost one of my dogs last week. I had to start cooking their food about 3 months ago, unfortunately, it was too late for Max.

    Good luck with your 5.

  • This is the treat we had been feeding our dogs~~we just switched after changing dog food twice did not stop the diarrhea and mucous poop in all 5 of our dogs~~I am so pissed this keeps happening~~