Nature’s Deli Chicken Jerky Dog Treats Recall


October 3, 2012 — Kasel Associated Industries of Denver, CO has announced a voluntary dog treats recall involving some of its products due to possible contamination with Salmonella bacteria.
Photo Image of Nature's Deli Chicken Jerky Dog Treats

The event was reported by the FDA in a news release dated October 3, 2012 and updated on October 5, 2012.

Salmonella can affect both humans and non-human animals and are the result of ingesting contaminated food.

No illnesses have been reported to date in animals or humans in connection with this product.

The company has ceased distribution of any lots that may have possible contamination with the bacteria.

What Products Are Being Recalled?

The product comes in a clear plastic bag with the Nature’s Deli logo containing 2.5 lbs chicken jerky dog treats and marked with UPC bar code 647263800208.

The company is recalling products with a lot number of BEST BY 091913 DEN because the batch has tested positive for Salmonella through analysis by the FDA.

Where Were the Recalled Products Sold?

The affected products were distributed by 57 Sam’s Club locations in the following states:

  • Colorado
  • Iowa
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
  • Kansas
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • Nebraska
  • Oklahoma
  • South Dakota
  • Utah
  • Wyoming

What to Do?

Salmonella is serious business — for both you and your pet. So, if you can confirm your dog’s food is one of the products being recalled, stop feeding or handling it immediately.

If you’ve discarded the packaging (something we recommend you never do) – or you’re in any way in doubt – do not take chances. Be safe. Stop feeding the product anyway.

As far as what to do with your recalled product, the company suggests:

Consumers who have purchased the 2.5 lbs packages of Chicken Jerky Dog Treats are urged to return it to the place of purchase for a full refund. Consumers with questions may contact Kasel Associated Industries at (800) 218-4417 Monday thru Friday from 7am to 5pm MDT.

You can report complaints about FDA-regulated pet food products by calling the consumer complaint coordinator in your area.

Or go to

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  • Homerv1

    Our dog has been eating these for a few weeks and recently became very ill however we did not know about the recalll until now. I took her to the vet yesterday to have her rechecked since the first visit and I was told her liver pancreas levels were found to be off the charts. We started trying to recall any diet changes or something she may have come in contact with but could not think of anything other than this last batch of new style chicken strips. I am thankful this was on the internet!

  • Cay Shuping

    I just bought a new package of Waggin Train! Thank goodness I found you before I opened it.

  • Maxmabi777

    Correction: 1 Voluntary Recall – Oct 3, 2012
    Kasel Associated Industries Recalls Nature’s Deli Chicken Jerky Dog Treats
    Because of Possible Salmonella Health Risk

  • Maxmabi777

    To my knowledge there has been no “recall”, voluntary or otherwise of any brands of jerky. The problem lies in the “evidence”. I spent over $2000 in vet bills trying to determine the cause of my dog’s illness. All it did was rule out what was NOT the problem. Since he started having problems in February and it was around March before the concerns were voiced, it was not something on the radar for the vet to check. Plus, I had thrown away all of the treats and food.

    Regarding WalMart, the Asst Mgr told me that they follow two rules:1. Policy
    2. Keep the customer happy.

    I am sure that in my case policy (and profit) overrides my request. But since I live in Arkansas, and WM is Arkansas based, I plan to continue to make my request known, via Facebook and any other media that I can. There was a local TV station wanting to interview me today about it, but I had a conflict of schedule.

    I have contacted several of the companies (Nestle Purina is not one of them) whose food I bought and have receipts for. Most have been quick to respond and tell me where their ingredients are “sourced”. One even went so far as to point out what I already knew….”Where possible our suppliers are instructed to source their ingredients from the US. Where the ingredients are not readily available in the US, such as many vitamins, minerals and nutriceuticals, they work only with reputable foreign suppliers, and subject all ingredients to rigorous quality testing. All of our ingredients are USDA approved and inspected.”
    “Where possible our suppliers are instructed to source their ingredients from the US. Where the ingredients are not readily available in the US, such as many vitamins, minerals and nutriceuticals, they work only with reputable foreign suppliers, and subject all ingredients to rigorous quality testing. All of our ingredients are USDA approved and inspected.”

  • GiddyUpScoot

    A company like WalMart will not remove a product if it has not directly been recalled.  Has the Waggin Train Chicken Jerky specifically been recalled (all batches)??  Just because one brand of Chicken Jerky has been recalled, it doesn’t mean that all Chicken Jerky has been… and having worked for a larger company like WalMart in the past, I know that they will not remove a product from their shelves that has no direct ties to a recalled product (however they will often pull a product if it is manufactured in the same plant as a recalled product…).

  • Maxmabi777

    Two hours later, I went back and they had NOT removed the
    jerky! I asked to “see” the manager. I got the Asst. Manager. I took
    him to the aisle and showed him the Waggin Train chicken jerky. I explained
    that over 1000 dogs had been harmed by it and that I didn’t want to see another
    pet sickened. I told him I would keep coming back and asking that they be
    removed. He was calling his manager as he walked away from me. I won’t stop
    pestering them until they remove them!!!

    Please join me in this protest. They will do nothing if no one complains!

  • Maxmabi777

    I just went to our local WalMart and threw a fit in the aisle and asked that they remove their Waggin Train jerky. The floor supervisor didn’t want to do it and I insisted that she call the manager. Supposedly they are going to remove them. I will be going back to check and make sure they did. They will probably get another case next week and stock the shelves again. But if we don’t stand up for the dogs, who will?

  • Pattyvaughn

    I actually have 4 rescue cats, but only one is my trick cat.

  • Pattyvaughn

    The cat will jump up to any surface, fetch, sit, down, beg, let go(with claws), and take it.

  • Nkacerhonu1

    How do I get to respond here?

  • Toxed2loss

    Patty, What’s the cat trained to do?

    We went out with the guys bird hunting this morning. Rosie’s first time. I looked down to find she was wearing a teasle behind both ears. GFETE

  • Pattyvaughn

    I’ve got both. For one dog a scratch on the head is the best reward, for the others I use kitchen shears to cut homemade dog jerky into pieces smaller than my pinky fingernail and treat away. We like to do training, even the cats get in on it.

  • Toxed2loss

    That’s great! Rosie’s highest value reward is if I run around, leaping in the air, cheering and clapping and then wrestle her. She’s not big on food either. 😉

  • Toxed2loss

    Hee, hee, hee! It’s great! The husband starts giving me crap… Rosie retrieves the remote! LOLLLLLLLLLLL! >:-)

  • Maxmabi777

    This is awesome to know!”Dogs count, they don’t compare size. Multiple rewards mean they’ve hit the jackpot!!”

    Since Max has been gone this week, I have been spending extra time with Mabi. She would never “play” before because Max would take the toy away from her and she would let him. We have had great fun with the ball this week. She has never been able to “follow through” with the “fetch, bring, release”, but she is doing wonderful. She is such a finicky eater that food treats are not her “turn on”, she just loves being rubbed and praised. How lucky can that be.

  • Mike P

    Hi Betsy I reread your post and failed to see anything rude.I think you are a person with a funny side to you which I love in your post.

  • Pattyvaughn

    The remote…Hmm, I’m getting ideas here.

  • Pattyvaughn

    That’s exactly how I start a dog that is not a natural retriever. Make the ball a high value item and suddenly fetch becomes their idea. Now Gideon is learning to follow my directions to go get something. It’s really fun! And I love seeing how proud of himself he is when he gets it.

  • Toxed2loss

    In Sam’s case, I would think the next step after going to the object is to get him to take it in his mouth. There’s 2 things I would do. Now I don’t know how old you are, how physically active or how dignified… GFETE. I’m old, disabled and undignified, so there isn’t much I won’t try when motivating kids or dogs. The thing you need to do is get him to “want it.” I’d jump and run around (as best you can) with the ball, making out like its the most fun ever. I’d show it to him and tease him a little. Then right before I threw it just a short distance away, I’d stick some peanut butter or fat on it. Then when he mouths or licks it, praise, praise, praise! Just before he walks away say, “drop it.” And then praise for that. That’s laying a foundation for later. Eventually, he’s gonna want to take it from your hand, when you’re jumping around. Let him have it and you chase him for a little bit. Making a fun game out of it. Then call him to you. Praise everything you want to reinforce. Have some small treats to reward him for when he gets big steps. It’s better to give him 5 single pieces of Brother’s kibble, one right after another, not together, than one larger whole liver treat. Dogs count, they don’t compare size. Multiple rewards mean they’ve hit the jackpot!! If you want to, see if those things work. Then let me know and we’ll figure out the ext step.

  • Toxed2loss

    LOL, Patty, that’s great!!! I do the same thing with Rosie. I trained her to retrieve and take the remote to named people. So now, if I want to end the constant channel flipping during commercials, heh, heh, I just send Rosie to retrieve the remote.

    Rosie’s also being trained to find my cell phone. I have to say “being trained” because we’re not quite there yet. Some times she loos at me as if to say, “you lost it, you find it!!” GFETE

  • Toxed2loss

    It’s o.k. for your expectations of your furballs to be what ever you want! 🙂 I like training dogs, so I do it. Getting and training my own service dog is a natural extension of my skills and interests. I used to be a teacher, with post grad work in behavioral psych. I’ve trained dogs all my life, horses, llamas, sheep and cattle. Even my rams are halter broke and obedience trained. I once had a flock of sheep I trained to come in from a pasture a 1/4 mile away, when I called. They actually had to walk away from me to get to the gate and then back to the paddock. I even had cattle that were trained to come when I called. They never could get the “go back to the gate thing.” They just make a bee line. If they were in that pasture, they’d all stand at the fence bellowing, “We’re trying! We’re trying! But we can’t! Come save us!”

    If you want your dog to do more, It boils down to motivation, perseverence and bite size learning tasks. Though for the longest time Sonia insisted she was untrainable. She has been brain damaged since birth so I didn’t push her very hard. But, she improved so much when I switched her to Brother’s I started asking for more, and she has been making very good progress. 😉

  • Pattyvaughn

    Once you get him retrieving,you will be on your way to training an amazing number of behaviors.  Anything that involves taking something in his mouth becomes possible.  We give everything a name and tell Gideon to go get it.  He,ll take it where we tell him to, whether it’s another person, a basket, bed, whatever.  I can use him to distract the cats if they aren’t behaving, same with the puppy, by telling him to go get them.  He’s a very useful dog.

  • This has bugged me since last night.  

    I apologize if my replies to your post last night were offensive.  I hate when people spoil an apology with an excuse, but here goes, it sincerely wasn’t my intention to be rude.  

  • Ah ha!  I wasn’t thinking of that Toxed!  

    So, it’s alright if my hopes for my two fur balls aren’t quite that high after all.  ; )  I’m just hoping that one day Sam does more than run to the ball and sniff it when I throw it with the intention of it being retrieved.  He is, after all, a Retriever.  ; )

  • Storm’s Mom

    Mine herds his all toys together (he IS a herder afterall haha), but I haven’t tried to actually get him to put them anywhere specific.. but I’m now thinking maybe I could/should?! 🙂

  • Oh my gosh!  Yours put their own toys away?!  Seriously?  What am I doing wrong!?  

    OK, you guys are messin’ with me aren’t you?

  • Toxed2loss

    We love you guys too Mikey!!! <3

  • Toxed2loss

    Hi Betsy. No not kidding. GFETE The one we’re having trouble with is fetching the new roll. She gets a little drooly with a fresh roll. By the time I get it its a bit mangled and soggy. She does undies, scrunchies, picks up dropped items, helps make beds, pulls off socks, leggings, coats etc. She’s my service dog. 🙂

  • Mike P

    Thanks Melissaandcrew.I just had to learn to ignore the sad eye look when I eat.I stayed true to not giving her food from my plate and now she just lays down when we eat.We now have a almost 2 year old child that we baby sit for and caught him slipping Jubilee a few bites so I now watch that.She was working the baby lol…

  • Mike P

    See how much you helped Toxi !!!

  • Mike P

    I treated my last best friend Roxy to being 20lbs over weight.She lived to be 12 1/2 years old.That’s not bad for a Boxer.We had 3 fatty tumors removed.I did it because I loved her so much.So happy I found you,Shawna,DFA,and others here to help me understand nutrition for my Jubilee.We thank you all so very much.Love you all…

  • Pattyvaughn

    Don’t all dogs do that sort of thing? There’s no difference between putting their own toys in a basket and putting socks in a drawer except location. OK I’ve had some that chew too much while carrying to be trusted with my socks.

  • OK, you’re kidding about the TP roll and the socks, right?  

    If not, I’ve been using my training treats in vain!

  • Toxed2loss

    I use kibble as training treats. Also liver or broken pieces of brother’s dog biscuits, for high value rewards, when she gets something big, like when she actually put the empty TP roll IN the basket by the woodstove, or the socks IN the drawer.

  • Toxed2loss

    I’m so sorry to hear that! 🙁 its so good of you to do what you can to save other pets.

  • Toxed2loss

    Jubles looks Fantatic!! 🙂

  • Melissaandcrew

     Mike P-

    Just saw this-Great photos!!!! We give treats here, but not on a regular basis. They have their raw hides to chew whenever they wish, but food treats are given once in a while, and I tend to give them last thing at night-or first thing in the AM.

  • Heidi

    I have the same best by date package but I live in Texas. Texas is not on the list of states affected by the recall. I bought this product because it was made here in the USA , instead of a similar product that was made in China. I will now be making my own jerky treats for my dogs, just like I make their food from scratch.

  • SGR

    Look at the first 3 #’s in the bar code. Anything 690-695 is made in China.

  • Pattyvaughn

    I was mixing up a batch of raw food and had some ground turkey left over so I threw it in the dehydrator. Then I decided while I was messing around with raw meat I might as well make beef jerky for the humans too. So now the dehydrator has one level filled with turkey jerky and the rest… Can you smell it yet? I can!

  • Pattyvaughn

    I’ve got one that thinks ice cubes are the. Best. Treat. Ever. And he plays hockey all over the house with his favorite treat.

  • Dave’s Hounds

    My dogs get treats once a day after their last time out for the night. They are all healthy and some homemade. As long as you are considering total food intake – it is fun to give them treats and they love getting them.

  • Betsy Greer

    And, yes, it’s important to factor treat calories into the daily caloric intake.

  • Betsy Greer

    Food = Love; Love = Food. ; )

  • Betsy Greer

    Hey Mike, How ’bout I throw you an ice cube for a little snackie and we’ll see how you like it. ; )

    Just kidding! For the most part, I agree with you. My 4 month old pup is going to puppy school now and I’ve been using training treats regularly with him. Otherwise, it’s a crate treat, usually because I feel bad because I’m leaving and ditching them again.

  • Mike P

    I just don’t understand why people need to feed dogs treats.If for training I get it.I only give a treat when I leave for work to calm her down.I used to buy wellness bites for that purpose but now I make my own liver and chicken treats.I boil the liver and chicken and have 3 day’s of treats in the fridge.I am looking in to a dehydrator to make treats for when I leave for work.I believe if you feed your dog well and treat them with lots of love that is all that is needed.I do give a marrow bone once a week from our local butcher so I guess that’s a treat.One treat I give is a ice cube and she loves it.I know we try to show our love with goodies but most are not needed.A good belly rub goes a long way with my dog.Don’t let your dog get fat with calories they don’t need.Anyone agree??

  • Betsy Greer

    I just picked up a package of Merrick’s tripe & liver patties that were in the basement treat stash and right there on the package, in addition to made in the USA, it said sourced in the USA. Hopefully that means 100 percent sourced in the USA!

  • EvesHumanMom

    I am lazy, so I stick a couple, whole, in the rice cooker, wrapped in cooking paper (parchment.)  They are usually done when the rice is done.  Then slice about one centimeter thick, spread them out in a single layer, space between each piece on parchment paper, and bake, turning once halfway.

  • InkedMarie

    Do you use any spray or anything on them or just slice, steam and bake?

  • Maxmabi777

    Thanks, Melissandcrew. They both got better after the e-coli, but his immune system was compromised, then he got sick again, AFTER I bought some new treats in May at PetsMart. We did lots of tests and prednisone and antibiotics. Had two good weeks and then a hard lump appeared on his belly. The vet said it was “not good” and he was only going to get worse. His sister is fine, but she had refused the treats when I got them.

    I am filing a report with the FDA, not that it will help Max, but maybe they can help another pet.

  • EvesHumanMom

    I steam the sweet potatoes before putting them in the oven.  I blanch liver slices before putting them in the oven, but the chicken breast, I just slice and put them in.

  • Dulciesdogbowl

    OOPS  Sorry again……
    Maxmab1777 so sorry to hear of your loss of Max

  • Dulciesdogbowl


    Beware….some products may say manufactured in the USA…..but look deeper and you may find that the ingredients may come from China.  In large lettering you may see manufactured in the USA…but look harder and you may see (in small letters) made in China…I have seen it many times.
    I once asked someone who was trying to sell me some nice looking chicken stuffed treats……Why are they made in China?  We know they are not good.  The answer was…it cost too much money to make them in the USA.  The profit is huge when made in China.
     Sorry to hear about the loss of Max………….


  • InkedMarie

    I’m so very sorry for your loss. 

  • InkedMarie

    If their biscuits are anything like their food, it’s inferior. There are many USA made treats out there, you just need to *want* to feed your dog something better and take the time to look

  • InkedMarie

    Are you talking about sweet potatoes? Do you blanch them first or just put them in the oven?

  • Dog treats and dog food are made for pets to enjoy them. They are also made of nutritious food so that it could nourish the body of the pet.

  • Becky077

    Have these always said made in the USA?

  • Clondon04

    I’ve just started making my own freeze dried treats pugs love I save money plus it’s fun! Styrofoam cooler dry ice and baggies!!

  • Melissaandcrew


    I am so sorry for your loss. I remember you posting here a few months ago about your furkids. I thought they had recovered and it was traced to a bird bath in your yard.

  • I would email Ol’ Roy and ask them where they source the ingredients to make the biscuits to be on the safe side.  They can be “made in the USA” with imported ingredients.

  • Alexandra

    So sorry for your loss.

  • Trina

     The chicken jerky made  in China is killing dogs, not something I’d be feeding my dog, not taking any chances!

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Was it a cooked bone or a raw bone?

  • Maxmabi777

    Our Max crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. I cannot prove the cause of his 8 month illness that affected his immune sysem and took his life. But I do know that he and his sister got e-coli from something, and I am trying to trace back the foods and treats that I was giving them at the time. I am now cooking dog food and have been for two months. Unfortunately, it was too late for Max.

  • Rblvnv

     Bones can cause death, my dog coughed up a piece of bone it was like how did you swallow that and thank God you coughed it up. before it was a 8000.00 dollar vet bill that is what a friend paid to remove one no thanks….

  • Rblvnv

     O’ Roy dog biscuits, multi flavor the only thing I have found that was MADE IN THE USA and my dog loves them……

  • Rblvnv

    to me it seems everything with chicken has gone bad, beef pork ok so far… I feed my dog IAMS a 3 star dog food to give him fiber. I feed my dog lots of steak and raw hamburger is his favorite, dogs are dogs feed them like the animals that they are… they don’t like chicken…  

  • Maybe it’s just that I’m outside of Chicago, but butchers are easy to find around here.  I have one close by that carries lots of different kinds of bones.  Try the yellow pages for your area.  Hopefully you’re pleasantly surprised!

    Oh wait, I just remembered… I think HDM posted this a while back:  She orders bones from the site, Blackwing Meats.  

    And, you can also order bones from Darwin’s (who also happens to carry a fantastic raw product ; )):

    Have fun!

  • Manfred

     We have a similar product available here through COSTCO : marketed as “Chewmasters” Chicken Strips, 2 1/2 pounds, Natural Chews… They’re imported into Canada by Celebrity Products, but no country of origin is given on the label.

    However, some years ago, the same product was labelled on the bag  “Made in China”.

    The bag design was changed, country of origin info removed : th product is exactly the same. It’s likely just been repackaged in the US, so they can label it US Made.

    ..and my dog is hooked on the stuff…

  • Oh, do I agree about the bones.  I gave Bella a couple of large cross cuts of a long marrow bone and she was a greasy mess by the time she was finished.  I had to give her a bath afterward.  She absolutely loved them.  

  • EvesHumanMom

    Bones are good, but messy.  Best to give them outside. 

  • EvesHumanMom

    You don’t need to get a dehydrator.  They can be done in an oven on low (180 degrees Fahreneit or lower for 90 minutes to a couple of hours.)  Small batches can even be done by microwaving.

  • bobby1122

    Were these treats manufactured at? Made in USA or Imported??

  • Walc2111

     Where in the world do you find a butcher shop?  And beef bones – forget – I’ve been trying to find some for beef broth soup.

  • Dulciesdogbowl


    Try cooking the sweet potatoes before dehydrating them….Uncooked sweet potatoes will be crunchy when dehydrated…… cooked sweet potato will be a chewy texture.  They seem to be more tasty when they are cooked first.  Uncooked seem to be dry and untasty…..As for chicken and beef (lean meat).cut them in strips and make sure that they are dehydrated long enough that they are pretty dry thru.  They will last longer that way.  Also…. you will get different texture depending on if you cut with the grain or against the grain.  You can also freeze them if you decide to make them in bulk. 


  • Dan when you see these products on the shelves ..Do what I do..Ask the manager to remove them from the shelves..If they say no..Throw a fit like I did.. anyone that was in the pet food isle stopped and listened to me..I also carried a copy from Snoops on ALL recalls..and showed it to them..a few minutes later two box boys removed the products..YEA.I thanked the manager and left the store and I was very happy..This also works at Wal-Mart.

  • becky

    why has treats made in China, not been recalled, they are killikg dogs…

  • Brndoneal

    Their chicken strips are excellent. A little pricey, but good.  My 3 cockers love them.

  • Sue Kendi

    I use organic sweet potatoes and cut them into 3/4″ slices. Then I blanch them in boiling water for 5-6 minutes and then into a dehydrator for 12 hours. My dog loves them.

  • Kathy

     We have a dehydrator just for that purpose cause my dogs loved the sweet potato treats sold in a well-known vets’ catalogue. Expensive to buy for 2 large dogs plus found out they were made in China. Do you have recipes for jerky & sweet potatoes?  My dog refused to eat the sweet potatoes we made!

  • Dulciesdogbowl

    I agree…..make your own.  Dehydrators are the way to go!  Chicken, beef, sweet potato even carrots dehydrate great!  Safe and very tasty treat for your pups…..Why would some still buy these  comercial chicken treats????  I’m sorry…….. but I just don’t get it!


  • Tom D

    Kona’s Chips make a great chicken jerky for dog in the USA! They have been doing it for 6 years now.

  • C Zelenka

    I don’t think Sam’s club cares. They carry all the recalled jerky treats including Waggin Train jerky treats.

  • Jackowski_slj

    Just go to the local butcher and get some butcher bones. $20 worth will last a long time! I have 4 large German Shepherds and it keeps them busy for a few hrs.

  • Just this morning I received an e-mail blast from Sam’s Club with the following title: “Tail wagging savings for your four-legged friend”. Natures Deli Chicken Jerky Dog Treats was one of the items marketed in this mailing. Obviously Sam’s club is either not up to date on the recall or does not care.

  • Moonfeatheroganicfarm

    Make your own, I do, just slice the chicken breast, after
    rinsing it, thin and bake on parchment paper in toaster
    oven or regular oven at 180 degrees for 3-4 hours.
    store in fridge or freeze, can do the same with beef. I make all of my 4 dogs food and treats, I do not trust
    the dog food companies. Recipes are readily available
    on the internet. Give it a try. Good luck

  • Jarmir1

    Getting very scary all these recalls….and they are made in the USA

  • Shawna

    Awesome !! 😉

    My pup (the one pictured in my gravatar) has had kidney disease from birth.  Symptoms of excessive drinking and urinating were noticed as early as 6 weeks of age (she was the runt but drank and urinated the most out of all 6 pups).

    Anyhoo, she has been on a high protein, raw diet since weaning and is now 6 and 1/2 years old and in excellent health despite her kidneys..  No meds, never sees the vet etc..

    PS—you have to be a bit careful when feeding grains in a home made diet.  Grains have an anti-nutrient called phytic acid.  Phytic acid binds with minerals and prevents their absorption.  Dogs being fed rice (or other grains) can become deficient in these minerals (like zinc and magnesium).  If you are following a recipe, the phytates should likely be accounted for.  They add extra zinc (as an example) to kibbles that are grain inclusive to compensate for what the phytates bind to.

    I know a lot of people that have been able to change their pups health status by switching to raw :).. So glad it worked for your little one!!!

  • George

    Thanks Shawna,
    That is what I have been reading. No their diet is more than hamburger it’s the meat part, as opposed to chicken. They get rice, hard boiled eggs, some omega 3 & 6, and other vitamins and digestive enzymes. We have three little ones.
    Our Jack Russell expirienced an enlarged liver and the vet sort of blamed the food (kibble) we were giving them. Once we changed her diet she improved.
    There is a lot of conflicting info out here and so I do a lot of reading, looking for commonalities and success stories.

  • Shawna

    Hi George ~~ “Healthy” dogs are better able to deal with a mild bacterial contamination..  Dogs are often carriers of salmonella (both kibble and raw fed dogs) without being sick..

    But, even a healthy dog can get sick when the immune system is challened beyond its own abilities.  For this reason, I wouldn’t purposefully feed my dog a meat that was known to be contaminated.  However, MOST meats we feed our pups should not be contaminated.  Muscle meat is technically sterile.  It only becomes contaminated through processing by humans that are contaminated or equiment that is.

    I will say however, if you are only feeding hamburger — then your diet is VERY unbalanced and eventually you will see the results of the imbalance as ill health..  A raw diet is the best diet available but only if it is balanced.  You can “balance over time” but you still have to balance.

  • Pattyvaughn

    Heathy dogs don’t get salmonella, their owners do. Raw feeders don’t get salmonella, because they already practice safe handling methods and are aware that any dog/cat food/treat can have salmonella in it, so they practice safe handling methods.

  • George

    I am a bit confused. I was under the impression that dogs were not susceptable to salmonella because of strong stomach acids. That’s, supposedly, why they can eat a raw food diet that could include raw chicken? Could someone clarify. I have my dogs on a raw diet (hamburger) and they are thriving.

  • Pattyvaughn

    Walmart sells dehydrators pretty cheaply. Buy one and then get boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Put them in the freezer for 1/2-1 hour, just long enough for them to start to firm up or frost, not long enough to freeze. Slice thin, about 1/4 inch thick, across the grain of the muscle and place in dehydrator. Do not allow pieces to touch. Turn on dehydrator and check chicken every few hours. Flip pieces over when you check. They are done when they are dry enough to break, no soft areas. Since I don’t use salt or preservatives of any kind, I divide them into zip locks and store in the freezer.

  • Jackie B

     Try True Chews from PetSmart. USA ingredients and USA made. You can even get a printable coupon on their Facebook page. also sells a chicken jerky made in the US but I’m not sure where the meat is from. Or you can get a dehydrator and make your own, it is very simple.

  • Betty Haynes

    Where or is there any company in the US that makes chicken jerky that is safe for dogs. My dogs loved it but I am afraid to treat them with it?