Natura Pet Widens Recall of California Natural, Innova, EVO and More


April 19, 2013 – Natura Pet Products has announced it is voluntarily expanding its March 29, 2013 recall of dry pet foods because they may be contaminated with Salmonella.

The expanded recall now includes all dry pet food products and treats with expiration dates prior to and including March 24, 2014.

Natura Pet Products Dog Food RecallProducts affected by the recall include:

  • Innova
California Natural

Only the following treat products are included in this event:

  • Innova Cat Treats
  • Wild Cravings Turkey & Chicken Formula Cat Treats
  • Wild Cravings Herring & Salmon Formula Cat Treats
  • Wild Cravings Weight Management Cat Treats

No other Natura Pet canned wet food, biscuits, bars or treats are included.

About Salmonella

Salmonella can affect animals eating the products and there is risk to humans from handling contaminated pet products, especially if they have not thoroughly washed their hands after having contact with the products or any surfaces exposed to these products.

Healthy people infected with Salmonella should monitor themselves for some or all of the following symptoms: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, abdominal cramping and fever.

Rarely, Salmonella can result in more serious ailments, including arterial infections, endocarditis, arthritis, muscle pain, eye irritation, and urinary tract symptoms.

Consumers exhibiting these signs after having contact with this product should contact their healthcare providers.

Pets with Salmonella infections may be lethargic and have diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, fever, and vomiting. Some pets will have only decreased appetite, fever and abdominal pain.

Infected but otherwise healthy pets can be carriers and infect other animals or humans. If your pet has consumed the recalled product and has these symptoms, please contact your veterinarian.

Sampling conducted by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and the Georgia Department of Agriculture confirmed the presence of Salmonella in additional dry pet food and a cat pet treat.

Where Were the Products Sold?

The affected products are sold through veterinary clinics and select pet specialty retailers nationwide and in Canada. They were also sold in Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, and Costa Rica as well as online.

What to Do?

Consumers who have purchased these foods should discard them.

For more information, consumers may visit

For a product replacement or refund call Natura at 800-224-6123 Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM CST.

You can report complaints about FDA-regulated pet food products by calling the consumer complaint coordinator in your area.

Or go to

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  • Pattyvaughn

    The recall is from April of last year. If gas is the only problem you are seeing, you can just add probiotics and digestive enzymes to the food for a while and see if the problem rights its self.

  • Ashley

    I have my Sheltie on Evo Herring and Salmon now. She is 3/4ths of the way through the bag and has had terrible gas every evening and morning after eating her food. Did not know there was a recall until I read this post. Should I discard the rest of the food and buy her a bag of something else?

  • Wendy Reyn

    The Worst thing to ever happen to that food was P&G


    My dog’s first food was Spot’s Stew and second one was Merrick. She was even fine with Beneful which is known as not good. However, she had diarrhea and vomiting after feeding Inova. What I want to say is it is really depends on your dogs.

  • Steve79817

    I had a bag of the Innova from the last recall. I saved the UPC and product code for the rebate, but can no longer find the form. I’ve contacted Natura for it and waiting for a reply. In the meantime, wanted to see if anyone here may know where I can still get one. Thanks.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    I just got some EVO treats through Chewy so I think their products are coming back to stores.

  • PamperedKristina

    It’s suppose to coming in over the next 2 weeks and those are there top selling brands, the rest should arrive over the next month or so. At least that’s what I was told.

  • Luvtoteach

    Agreed, Swissymom. I think most are buying into the hype. I too have tried many foods..Canidae, Blue Buffalo…none come close. Remember, this was a VOLUNTARY recall. I am so frustrated that Innova has not been available for quite sometime! Does anyone have any idea when it will be back on the shelves?

  • Swissymom

    OK, I’m sick at heart to see that Innova has been recalled yet again. But I continued feeding my Irish Wolfhound and my two Swissy’s Innova large bites during the last recall. Luckily I keep many bags on hand. I have fed this kibble for many years. Never had a problem. I will not stop now. Dogs have salmonella in their GI tract to start with. I do not believe its the food that is harming your dogs. This is a great food. I’ve tried all the other name brand expensive foods, and they all ended up being racoon food 🙁 Hopefully Natura will put my brand back on the shelves soon.

  • Gandofe

    We too have lost a pet we think was do to eating naturapet food. Currently get test done. Is there anyone doing a class action suit???

  • Pattyvaughn

    Try reporting to the FDA.

  • Furmomma

    I belong to a site that intentionally selling this recalled dog food after it has been reported it has been recalled. Wha can I do

  • Pearl Wolf

    My Heeler/Border Collie got sick a few weeks after switching her to Innova Grain Free in March. She was sick for over a month with IMHA/ITP (low platlet count, low RBC, bloody diarrehea, etc). We went through tests to look for what they called the ‘usual suspects’ (pesticide poisoning, fertilizer poisoning, tick caused diseases, etc,) but all came up negative. We had to use heavy duty immuno suppressants and steriods, as well as blood transfusions to try and keep her alive long enough to fight it off. Unfortunately, she didn’t make it because she got a massive blood clot cutting off her spleen after being on treatment for over a month. A week after she died, I got a letter in the mail from Petsmart that the Innova Grain Free was recalled due to Salmonella. I was frustrated because I thought that was just one more thing that complicated her illness and if we had known sooner, we might have been able to save her. It wasn’t until after doing research that I learned it very well could have been the cause of it all, especially since the meds were working to bring up her platelet count & RBC, but the bloody diarrehea kept them low regardless. I’ve contacted the FDA and given then all the info I have. They’ll contact her vet and her specialist to get all the details also. I just hope they get enough info to save future pets. This was most likely a totally preventable death of my beloved pet because these manufacturers can’t be bothered to put safeguards and adequate testing in place.

  • InkedMarie

    I’m sorry to both of you. I’m a sheltie person, have our fourth sheltie with us now.

  • Kobster

    Angus’s mom, I too lost my sheltie to these “symptoms” just 2 weeks ago. I am very upset with this company. I sent them an email and they replied, I am calling today to talk with them about these recalls. Please do the same! If this is linked to our dogs passing, they should pay….

  • Angus’s mom

    This makes me sick because I recently had to put down my 12-year old sheltie who had been otherwise extremely healthy but started suffering the symptoms associated with what I am reading on here and the vet bills totaled nearly $1000 and he still had to be put down. We used Evo’s weight control formula. The vet couldn’t understand why my little angel went down so fast. It had to be this!!! I’ve had 3 shelties over the past 25 years and all lived to be nearly 16 so this was especially hard to understand… I hope to NEVER see this food back on the shelf!!! Too late to do anything about it now and my heart still hurts 🙁

  • Sissy

    Just got home from the pet store and all these brands have been recalled again!

  • Victoria

    I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for posting this, you may have saved another dog or cat from illness or death. I will no longer buy EVO for my dog (after 5 years of buying it for him.)

  • Catana

    Soo sorry…..truly am

  • Debra-anne Piciotto DiMezza

    hi..yes the company claims it was only in some of their dry dog food bags..that were recalled my puppy has been eating innova all yr..(puppy-canned) however its now time to get him off puppy slowing switching him over too wellness core (dry) w/canned toppers..fingers crossed xxxxx..we are in so. fla..

  • Marcia Fox

    My Bengal cat ate the EVO Turkey and Chicken dried food and for the last two and a half months we both suffered such a horrible life and finally he died after have two seizures.I feel like dying myself, I can’t stop crying and feeling guilty. EVO NATURA refuses to take responsibility and has threatened and lied to me and won’t pay his vet bills of over $4000. They finally offered to pay the first one of $572 if I sign away all future claims. I am beside myself with grief, I cry all the time, in the store, on the street, at home, I don’t know what to do I am so upset. He went down to just over 5 pounds, half his body weight. He was in so much pain and so scared. Two months of hell! I hate P&G!

  • Viv&Lola

    I live in Costa Rica and was planning to change my miniature schnauzer from science diet to innova…but I’m scare now. Does anyone know if the “new” food is clean? We have very few options to get good dog food here…please advise.

  • John – WMass


    Our lab got very sick in March this year. Bloody diarrhea every two hours, vomiting, fever. She was strictly an EVO fish food eater. After $1k in emergency vet bills and days of lost sleep she got back to her old self. We switched her to Orijen fish after a recommendation from a petfood store employee and doing research. He said several folks complained to him about their sick pets who were eating EVO. I thought EVO ran all sorts of tests on their food ( but somehow mistakes were made. Humans are getting sick from food contamination all the time. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised when animal food gets contaminated.

  • tjsmn

    Not that they couldn’t afford to. And I should have researched my dog’s food better. Didn’t know it was P&G until the recall. I’ve done much better research this time. Am I 100% safe? No. But I feel much better about his new food.

  • Pattyvaughn

    Of course they don’t want to pay off the however many hundred people who have had problems with their food. And no one can prove their dog got salmonella from the food because dogs can get salmonella anywhere and carry it in their system all the time. They keep high priced lawyers on retainer to make sure they don’t have to give back any money. That’s their job. Don’t buy pet food from huge conglomerates. They aren’t in it for the health of your pets.

  • tjsmn

    No correlation is not causation, But, it’s very coincidental that a dog gets sick, gets treated by something that treats salmonella and the scenario gets repeated several times over until the food gets changed. And it’s convenient for Natura that it’s too late to prove salmonella. The worst part is the way the recall has been handled. I called upon learning of the first recall from my online retailer. I was assured with “100% certainty” that his food was not contaminated (yes, their quote), although they couldn’t tell me how they could be 100% certain, nor what their testing procedures are. I was assured multiple times that his food was not affected and that this was only a precaution. 20 days later they recall the food he’s been eating for the last year (but they forgot to mention it when I spent hours hunting them down on the phone…I was again notified by my online retailer). They acted like they cared at first, and I spent a lot of time getting copies of records, then receipts (not sure why they made me hunt down receipts), only for them to say his illness “isn’t consistent with salmonella”. Although it was, according to their own press release. And he’s done a 100% turn around since being taken off their food. 100% proof? No. Pretty suspicious though and you think they would be willing to at least reimburse me for all the now-recalled food I purchased.

  • Nancy

    My dog ate the innova can food. She is a 6

  • wang

    i use to feed my dog evo but waaay back before p.g bought the company. funny thing is i wrote a letter to them and asked them that their are concerns that the product quality could go down because of this. they replied you can assure that it is the best quality and that is the reason why we bought this company. im like ok we will see. after that, i just switched to ORIJEN. the top dog food on the market. but i have only fed my dog dry for about 3 yrs with raw meat. but now i feed strictly raw. its the best. raw chicken and beef scraps. or i go to the discount super markets like extra, fine fare, or city and buy chicken thighs at .50 lb which comes out to like $25 a case. i chop it all up bone and all, put them in the chinese take out soup containers and store them and he kills it. he actually leaned down and his stools are almost always hard

  • StacyM

    Once it was recalled I will not purchase again. I was not aware it was bought by P&G over a year ago, had I known I would have made the switch then. My suggestion would be to switch to a 4 to 5 star rated food and just stay away from Innova if your pet is having issues with the food. Why chance your pets health?

  • Linda Greenwald

    Is anyone’s dog getting sick agaain on the new Innova.? My dog is starting to get sick again.

  • My dog eats CN salmon meal and peas and got spontaneously very ill. Almost 10k in vet bills ill. I see many people have had the same issues and then made the connection due to the recall. I have to warn against immediately blaming the food companies, particularly when a root cause cannot be determined. I think it’s easy for us to want to figure out what the cause is and then make leaps when they find out about a recall. Although I’ve decided to cease purchasing dog foods under Natura (because of the acquisition by P&G and other quality control concerns), I am not one to go blaming the food companies right away. Only one brand of food under Natura tested positive for Salmonella, and it was a cat food. The recall was a precautionary measure. Dogs get sick and we often never know why. I understand the anger…trust me. I had no intentions of spending almost $10,000.00 on a sick animal this year nor could I afford it. I had to take a second job just to cover it.

    Just because your dogs have “never been sick before” doesn’t mean the food did it to them.

    For the person below whose dog has pseudomonas aeruginosa – it likely was not caused by your dog food. Yes, your dog could have gotten it from a dead animal, but this bacteria also lives in water, flora, etc. It could have come from anywhere.

    Plenty of the foods we eat are recalled every day. Reputable dog food manufacturers are also often recalled. There have been no confirmed cases of salmonella infection from this particular recall.

    We all love our pets and don’t want to see them ill. Correlation does not equal causation and I think it’s best to not blind ourselves with the instant assumption that it was the dry kibble that we fed our animals. I think we should take a step back and critically analyze our livestyles with our pets to see if there are potential contaminates that could be making our pets (and us) sick besides the food. Environmental toxins? Xylitol? Are we not monitoring our dogs well enough when we let them run outside? Are they swimming in waters with a high bacterial load? If it was the California Natural that did make our dogs sick, the critical analysis doesn’t do us any harm anyway. I’m not saying that the food didn’t do it. What I am saying is that we should rule out *everything*, and by leaping to conclusions, we could potentially be continually harming our beloved pets.

  • Hi Betsy,

    I’ve never found any reliable technique that can predictably forecast a recall. And I’ve never found any evidence a large size pet food company automatically means a dog food is inferior.

    However, what I was attempting to say in that interview was that Natura at least makes an effort to share with the public from where it gets its ingredients.

    Without knowing more, it’s impossible to make any valid assessment as to whether this is just smart marketing or a genuine effort to inform consumers.

    Hope this helps.

  • Betsy Petroski Smith

    hi dr. sagman – i have been a fan of your dog food advisor site and recommend it to customers, friends and family. i just finished reading in the April 2013 issue of Pet Business – their cover story on “restoring confidence” in the pet food industry and was surprised to see your glowing report about Natura Pet Product’s website and your comments about it’s through listing of of ingredients and where they are sourced…
    I guess that kind of information doesn’t mean a thing if they are not continuously and consistently testing these ingredients before and during manufacturing. what’s your take on this extensive recall and are they just talking the talk instead of walking the walk?! I tell everyone that it’s best to stay away from dog food brands manufactured by large corporations.
    betsy petroski smith @ dogOdog Organics

  • Gin sej

    Was there a group started for this, as of yet?
    I’d love to join

  • cathy

    So sorry to hear about your Bubba. What does the vet say? Is it salmonella? Do you feed the dry dog food or canned?

  • Gill

    My dog, Bubba, has been eating this dog food (Innova) since day one and he has had 2 months of hell…..cramping, pancreatitis, fever (106 degrees) and over $800.00 worth of vet bills. My poor boy is still under the weather.

    Gill Enos
    Taunton, Ma

  • Cathy

    As im reading these post about ill dogs from eating the Innova and animals that have passed away from the food (VERY PAINFUL TO HEAR), WHY is there ZERO reports on the consumer affairs site and the FDA. You can voice your opinion here but until you voice this with a higher power, Nothing is going to change. I have a beautiful Cocker Spaniel that I adore immensely and if ever anything happened to her I would loose my mind! I do feed her the Innova now after the recall but I would like to include that any pet food is a risk for salmonella . Is it really the food? Let your voice be heard. Why are there no reports of this on the FDA or Consumer affairs?

  • thank you!! I will be calling them soon. I’ve been so busy with doctor visits and disinfecting everything. It is confirmed. She has salmonella. they are testing myself and my youngest son as we had symptoms as well. (she had diarrhea in the house twice) It’s been a crazy week. Once I get everything done here they WILL be hearing from me!!

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Where did you buy the food? Ask the website or store you bought it from if they will issue a refund. I had just ordered three bags of the EVO biscuits when they were recalled and I didn’t want the voucher EVO was offering me either so I contacted the website I ordered the product from and they issued me a refund. They may not do it but it’d be worth a shot.

  • foodle

    My dog had surgery on April 9 and on April 12 I bought a bag of Evo which came in after the first recall and was assured it was clean. For two weeks she had liquid stools and I had worry and agony and vet bills of $158 and found out about the second recall when my vet had me call the pet store for another type of probiotic. We could not understand why she had this problem. The surgery had nothing to do with the digestive system and she was eating what she’s eaten for years. I thought when they had just had a recall and then sent out new product, it would be the safest thing in the dogfood world. A company which will not acknowledge their mistake and reimburse people should not be in business. Boycott! I don’t want a voucher, I want a refund.

  • tjsmn

    Only way to get someone to respond is to hound them repeatedly. You have to call and call again. It’s quite frustrating. Please let me know what they say…they seem to find a loophole for everything.

  • Shawna

    Dr. Jeannie Thomason and Dr. Kim Bloomer are two Veterinary Naturopaths that I like. 🙂

  • mmm616

    Obviously, contrary to the vet advise not to feed human grade food, it is best to make your pet food with guidance of a professional naturopath. You can avoid all of these painful situations: constant poor health, vet bills and mental anguish. You will have many more productive years with your cherished pets by taking a few minutes out of your week to prepare fresh food for them, it’s easy. I have been doing it for years after discussion with an experienced pet authority (naturopathic doctor) with wonderful results. It also made me more conscious of my own/family dietary habits. WIN/WIN !

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Have you tried leaving a message? I couldn’t get anyone to pick up the phone when I called but I left a message and they called me back.

  • how did you get them to respond? I have a confirmed diagnosis but can’t get the company to respond.

  • tjsmn

    My dog has been sick since I started feeding him the now-recalled food in April of 2012 (all food involved in the recall). The problem is that his symptoms were vague, but we could find no other source for his illnesses and they don’t routinely check for salmonella because, as you stated, salmonella is commonly carried in dogs. He received antibiotics that are known to treat salmonella and improved, only to get sick again. Until this recall, we were all baffled. My dog was immunocompromised and at risk. He got sick repeatedly and more and more severely. He was taken off of California Naturals and has not had any further illness. He has gained 9 pounds and is healthier than ever. Apparently this is all coincidental.
    It’s also how they handle the recall. I was told when the first recall came that they could say with “100% certainty that his food I was feeding him prior to the first recall was not contaminated, yet they couldn’t tell me how they could be so certain. And now that same 100%-not-contaminated food is included in the recall. They made me call repeatedly, give them vet records, even had me fax receipts (not sure why on that) only to state that it was “not consistent with salmonella”. But it was.
    Thankfully my dog is now better. And I’m no longer anxious and fearful that my dog has an underlying problem (I was sure he had some form of cancer contributing to his illness). If you could see the difference you would not be protecting a company that clearly doesn’t care.

  • Droooo

    I’ve been feeding my dog the wild varmint and asparagus medley. He has really bad gas. Is there any way to get some money back because I spent around 8 bucks for a 50 lb bag…of which, he’s only eaten half! I really don’t give two poops about the dog, I’m just ruined by how much this stuff cost me! HELP! there’s power in numbers!!

  • Bill C

    First let me say I don’t feed commercial food so I don’t really have a dog in this fight.

    I am constantly amazed how dog/cat owners rush to blame food for every phyiscal problem when food is almost never the cause. I even noticed some posts here where these people had been feeding one of these foods for months or years and when they get sick, the food is automatically blamed.

    Also, people don’t figure out that when you take your sick pet to the vet, they will run a salmonella test and if there is salmonella, it is blamed without further investigation. The fact is most all dogs have salmonella in their GI tract. Dog’s bodies were designed to handle salmonella and most other bacteria and it doesn’t cause problems. It’s real easy for the vet to say, “Your dog has salmonella”, give some antibiotics and move on to the next patient.

  • Karen L

    My dog was on Evo and sick too. When the vet did the fecal culture it came back with no salmonella, but a heavy growth of pseudomonas aeruginosa. When I asked the vet how she got it (she is almost 15 and was very active until recently) he said a dead animal. We live in the city & our yard is fenced so I don’t understand how she got this? Anyone know or was it the dog food?? I have spent lots of money too and if Evo is responsible, I want them to reimburse me.

  • Lisa

    What human food do you now feed? I have a diabetic dog I made food for and switched to this but now… Thanks, Lisa

  • Teresa

    Let me know if you start one. I lost my beloved dog, he could not fight it. Innova is giving me the run around too.

  • Teresa

    My eleven year old very healthy sheltie just died from Innova. He could not fight the salmonella poisoning. He was a DSR therapy dog and very active in the community. The month before he was doing shows for four of our elementary schools for Dr Suess’ birthday. Innova keeps telling me the same thing. They are investigating. I am furious. Not only have I lost a beloved friend, but the community has lost a wonderful therapy dog. If you start a page, please let me know. There is power in numbers.

  • tjsmn

    Please let me know if you start a page. I’ve also spent thousands only to be told it’s not their food. My dog is doing so much better since being taken off their tainted food (and gained 9 pounds in 3 weeks…which is a good thing), but again, it’s just coincidental.

  • Laura

    The group sounds good to me! I am sooo mad about this. I have been feeding my 2 year old puppy california natural since we got him. I wish I would have known sooner about the recall. I just stopped giving it to him today! Thank God we had a vet check up last night and tgey tild me about the recall. Just ridiculous! I also just signed up for the email for recalls. This food is too expensive to be recalled!!!

  • BN

    I have spent thousands as well, and am getting nowhere with the company. They say they’re investigating. I’m furious.

  • I feed Acana too. I bought Innove Prime grain free food as a supplement. Basically I used it as treats, training etc. She has had 3 mysterious illnesses that are digestive related. The last time was 2 weeks ago. She had lots of bloody diarrhea. I almost lost her. She had to be in the ER overnight. I’m sure she would have died if Innova had been my primary food!

  • I would love to be part of your group. I’ve spent over $1,000!


    Just spent $269.00 at the vets for our Poodle, who lives Evo dry and canned food. He has been sick, then we find out about the recal. I think we need to be reimbursed for our money. Also my husband fed our cats the evo in march. It has been recalled sense March 18th, and this is the first Ive heard of it. Now there saying the seminilla poisoning is so bad it can be spread to other animals and to humans……

  • Wrigley’s Mom

    2 years ago our dog got sick with pancreatitis. We spent around $1500 in vet bills to get him healthy again. At that time he was on Science Diet. Than we found out it had been recalled. So we put him on a bland human diet for 6 months. He did better and after doing some research we switched him to Innova because it was better for him and for a while he seemed to be doing better. Now he has pancreatitis again and this time the bills were $600. These foods are not cheap and neither are the vet bills. These companies should be made to answer and be responsible for these issues. He’s back on bland people food and to tell you the truth I don’t trust any dog food right now.

  • laura

    Both my dogs have been sick since November. I called Innova and told them in early march. They gave me assurance their food was not to blame. Then I get an email alert. I have spent thousands. I would love to start a Facebook group of those looking for reimbursement. There are power in numbers. Anyone interested in banding together. I am furious that my dogs were so ill and that I spent over $2000!!!

  • BN

    My dog got sick as a result of eating the Kangaroo and Lentil Dog food formula. I have yet to receive what I would deem a timely or appropriate response from the company. Has anyone else had similar trouble with the Kangaroo formulation? And if you’ve contacted the company what sort of response have you gotten? I’ve spent thousands trying to get my furry kid better and I think they should have to cover any veterinary costs associated with this recall.

  • Alberto Martinez

    I am so disappointed. I thought my silky terrier just had a tender tummy. I have always fed my dogs California Natural. My lab could have been excellent advertising for them. Her hair actually fell out after eating Pedigree Senior food, and returned shortly after switching to CA Nat about 4 years ago. But now my silky will not eat rather than eat this food. When she finally did eat it was back to the vet, vomiting listlessness…poor baby…poisoned by the company I have endorsed to everyone I know. Now what?
    Who can you trust?

  • Agreed… Orijen and Acana are really great brands and small companies.

  • I use Orijen too… Orijen and Acana… better brands and ingredients.

  • Get a refund from the company. They have a number to file for a refund.

  • Lynn

    Update- We have switched food brands for the terrier. Her gurgling stomach, loose stool and vomiting have gone away. She is not exhibiting malaise anymore. I was reluctant to change the Beagle’s food (lamb,rice California Nat) because she was fine. We did, but she is still searcing for her regular chow. I will continue to monitor California Natural products, but I am inclined to try some other brands that have been referred to on this Website. We will choose carefully.

  • tjsmn

    Funny, my dog is so far healthy and without his every 2 weeks round of antibiotics for his mystery bacterial infection. Despite Natura’s insistence that this was all coincidental he has not looked this good in a year and has gained 8 pounds. Thank you so much Natura for caring and understanding….oh wait, never mind. I forgot it wasn’t anything to do with his food.

  • Jude

    I’ve boycotted P&G for over 20 years…not easy to do. Evil company, messing with our pets’ lives, among other things!

  • rob

    Speaking of which, Innova should have recalled everything before March 24th in the last recall. If they had, we wouldn’t be discussing another one now.

  • rob

    Same here. I also stopped using it and switched to Fromms. Originally, I planned to switch back after a while, but now I’m think of sticking with Fromms, because I don’t trust P&G. I laughed to myself when they tried to push their food as safe, other then those deemed contaminated with salmonella, because I knew they didn’t really know. If they did know, then that would probably mean they knew they were selling contaminated food in the first recall.

    I use the Natural Balance food rolls for treats, but I’m not sure how much I trust Natural Balance to use their kibble. Also, I used to cook my own dog food, but the end result was less tasteful to my dogs and lacked important supplements found in packaged dog food. While I could make my own, I find that it’s a much more difficult process then many believe and I’d rather leave that to professionals, but professionals I trust.

  • Rob

    How long ago was that? Canidae sold out to someone (Diamond?) several years ago and hasn’t been the same since. It used to be a great kibble, but went downhill immediately after some larger corporation took it over. Similar to what we’re seeing here with Innova, I believe Canidae had a recall shortly after it changed hands and that’s when I switched to Innova.

  • tjsmn

    My dog has had 5 mysterious bacterial illnesses since August. We could find no source. Natura has completed their investigation and concluded that his infection was “not consistent with salmonella infection”. This despite no other source found, dog had fever, lethargy, loss of appetite and that he improved with antibiotics that are known to treat salmonella. Horrible customer service (always have to call repeatedly, long hold times, given conflicting information). Of course we didn’t have the foresight to obtain a stool culture, which is the perfect loophole for Natura to continue to say there are “no confirmed illnesses”. Nice.

  • lilo’smom

    Orijen just came out with their own Freeze-Dried treats. And they should be coming out with freeze-dried food here very soon :]

  • k

    Feeding Acana…very good…no recall,,,made in Canada

  • MAYBE they need a 21 point QA program!!

  • tjsmn

    My dog too was sick several times…I just got word (after 2 weeks of phone calls, faxing vet records and invoices) that they are “so sorry”, but it’s “not consistent with salmonella infection”. They really don’t seem to give a rat’s a**.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Last I heard only some of Canidae’s foods were produced in their own plant. They don’t have the capacity to produce all their food so some is still manufactured by Diamond.

  • Eleanor

    Try Wysong. They’re pretty safe. The freeze-dried raw is amazing stuff.

  • Francois

    Canidae is a natural pet food that is made in a family-owned plant with the highest quality ingredients.. I got to meet the owner Scott whipple and he actually hand chooses the vendors that the get thier ingredients from

  • lee

    I feed my dog Freshpet its a little more costly bit my pup seems to love it they have never had a recall either ……

  • Shawna

    Good morning Or Dane 🙂

    I don’t think you stepped or stumbled on any toes.. As a group when we see data that we believe to be inaccurate we simply like to state our opinion.. No big deal 🙂

    Protein gets such a bad rap and it is so very very vital to optimal health that I am one to always defend protein. As HDM stated, protein and carbohydrates have the very exact same calories 4.5 grams per ounce but protein is actually needed/required macronutrient in the diet.

    Welcome!!!! 🙂

  • aimee

    Hi Or Dane,

    I think you said it well yourself when you said “Over feeding a Dane puppy on too rich of a diet can be deastating (sic).”

    I don’t think the growth abnormalities are from the protein or fat level per say but are from feeding too many calories, which is a relative thing.

    IMOHO I think a Dane will happily put the calories into growth rate and can remain lean but growing faster than ideal for ideal ortho development. So I think they are a bit trickier than other large breeds regarding feeding during growth.

    When feeding a calorically dense diet the volume fed to control growth may be small and unsatisfying to both owner and dog. By using a diet less calorically dense diet the pup and owner may feel better about the amount fed making it easier to limit calories and promote slow even growth. More margin for error in the feeding program. JMO

  • OR Dane

    HDM, clearly you are better educated on diets than me:) But will forward the articles you posted to others I know as I do seriously have concerns that other first time Dane owners not as educated as you may jump off and not feed as prudently as they might. Truly it is for the love of dogs I ask!
    As previously discussed I know of truly stellar breeders who have avoided certain foods they love and respect because puppies have developed swollen joints etc. They have no hidden agenda but just a love of the breed!!
    Calorie dense? Biy have had a lot of input on this topic. Take a look at Orijen and how much you feed and say the food itself doesn’t matter? Of course it does and why the Dane Breeders I know and honestly they really are the very best, don’t use a high calorie dense food for Dane puppies.
    When I wrote earlier even how Danes are fed have changed it has. 30 years ago any responsible owner used a raised platform for feeding. Now many feed in crate in a lying down format. Many who believed feeding and allowing exercise after was taboo now say no adverse consequences. It is so different and changes each year!
    Honestly again, I don’t belong here. I was just concerned about new and young Dane owners and where they might go for feed. My very first girl, 30 years ago, did great on Eukanuba, and I knew nothing about all this stuff. But so much has changed and just wanted the young owners to have some idea what the issues were.

  • I had to take my puppy to the vet March 24th for vomiting and diarrhea. Wednesday, April 17 we were in the ER for LOTS of bloody diarrhea. She was so sick. She had to be kept overnight she was so sick. We did not get a cuture and sensitivity test. Food poisoning wasn’t even discussed. We go to the regular vet tomorrow. I’m thinking a culture is too late to get!

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Protein supplies the same kcal. per gram as carbohydrates – so reducing protein levels and increasing carbohydrate levels isn’t going to alter the caloric density of a food. The only way to reduce the caloric density is to replace fat with protein and/or carbohydrates (fat has about twice as many kcal. per gram as protein and carbohydrates). As long as the energy density of the food is compensated for by reducing portion sizes accordingly the dog won’t be consuming excess calories. I weaned my latest pup onto a raw diet – protein levels in the 45% – 55% range, fat levels in the 30% – 40% range and carbohydrate levels in the 10% – 20% range. I feed all of my dogs based on calories (not volume or weight). So my pup got the appropriate number of calories to maintain optimal body condition. On days when the meals were lower in fat (less energy dense) she got a larger volume of food and on days when the meals were higher in fat (more energy dense) she got a smaller volume of food. She’s now 10 months old, in optimal body condition and had slow sustained growth with no developmental orthopedic disease. I had similar results with my last pup who ate grain free dehydrated foods (~30% – 35% protein, ~15% – 20% fat) mixed with grain-free canned foods (~40% – 50% protein, ~25% – 35% fat) until 8 months of age and was then weaned onto a grain-free raw diet. My dogs aren’t Danes – but they are definitely large (ranging in size from about 70 – 110 lbs.).

  • Or Dane

    Shawna: Hello! So very glad to hear from you!!:) No am not even close to a resident go to person on giant breeds. Just a very long time Dane lover:)!
    Will read through your article too. As previously discussed an older article doesn’t mean it is bad just newer info may be out on this topic. And newer doesn’t mean it is more reliable.
    My concern was simply new Dane owners might go down the path of high protein/ calorie dense foods without good guidance. I could only share what I knew from direct observations. Nothing more.
    The issues on Dane health frequently knock me over. When I said there had been significant changes in even how to feed a Dane there has been just in the past 5 years. I have had severe scolds when looking at health issues and thinking what applied to a Dobie would apply to a Dane! So I am accustomed to being embarassed and apologizing:)
    Shawna, yes I was actually out in front of the rice issue. As a retired attorney on rare occassions I can see a problem and say this doesn’t look good. That time I think I was right. I think the FDA did too and my Vet and specialist.
    I am just concerned some first time Dane puppy owners may not be as cautious as they should be for feeding the first year. Protein is obviously important for puppies who gain 3 to 5 lbs a week but… limited calorie intake?? And the reality is if the calorie intake is coming almost exclusively form meat and crude fat?? Anyway, will read the article. May make comments. Glad to meet you after stumbling over others toes unitentionally!:)

  • Shawna

    PS — I’m not sure if Rotties are considered “large breed” or not but Lew Olson, PhD Natural Nutrition, author and Rottie breeder feeds her Rottie puppies a HIGH protein, grain free, raw diet from my understanding.

    This Ridgeback breeder feeds a raw, high protein, grain free diet

    I remembered reading about a Scottish Deerhound breeder on Whole Dog Journal. A quick google search pulled up her page. She too doesn’t feed grains, or high carb diets, to her definitely large breed Scottish Deerhounds. “We have been Nature Rearing our dogs since 1986. Nature Rearing is a practice developed by legendary Afghan Hound breeder Juliette de Bairacli-Levi half a century ago. It involves feeding a diet based on nature, using raw organic meats, herbs, fresh raw vegetables, and a lifestyle as close to nature as possible.”

    Full disclosure, Levy did use grains in her raw diets but she “properly” prepared them by long soaking in an acidulated medium before feeding. This deactivates many of the issues in granis.

    This Newfoundland breeder (who is also a human and pet chiropractor) raises his puppies on high protein, grain free, raw diets. One of his females lived to age 17. He doesn’t actually say they are grain free but Dr. Becker is an anti-grain vet and she keeps mentioning he is a “species appropriate” feeder – which for her means grain free, low carb.

  • Shawna

    Hi OR Dane,

    HDM, and aimee, are the resident go to people on large breed feeding but I found an article written by a vet at a teaching school that I’ve been quoting for quite some time now. It appears that they really never did ever truly identify protein as the culprit, in skeletal issues at least. Unfortunately, the article is not dated but she sites a reference from 2002 so it had to have been written within the last 11 years. Here’s the data

    ” Optimal feeding of large breed puppies

    Jennifer Larsen DVM, MS
    Resident, Small Animal Clinical Nutrition
    Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital
    School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California, Davis

    The experimental diets varied in protein, energy density, and minerals, and it was unclear which factor or combination thereof contributed to the developmental bone diseases observed in the initial studies (Hedhammar, et. al. 1974). The same group went on to investigate the individual dietary components and demonstrated that dietary protein level had no effect on the development of osteochondrosis (Nap, et. al, 1991). For some reason, dietary protein level continues to be incriminated by some owners, breeders, and veterinarians, despite the lack of supportive evidence.”

    Protein is SO important to the development of the very cells of the body I just can’t fathom how protein would be detrimental to any dog..?

  • Pattyvaughn

    No offense at all!!! And I would absolutely 100% agree, overfeeding large and giant breeds is devastating, personally I feel overfeeding any breed is a huge mistake, it’s just magnified 100 fold in a large breed. But I wouldn’t agree about not going grain free, as I have had too many dogs with issues that were grain related.

  • OR Dane

    Oh dear, this is not going well! As I said in my post I may have used the wrong terms in saying high protein and not specifically saying calorie dense. I have no idea how many Danes you have owned? I have only owned 4. I know people who have more expereince with one litter than I have had in 30 years and was only trying to help. But truly Patti I had info out on arsenic in rice for dogs and speaking with people with the FDA before it was out on this site so am not a total dope! Just a sometimes dope. And was simply trying to help. I will not agree this is a myth. Over feeding a Dane puppy on too rich of a diet can be deastating. My opinion and others. I don’t know a single reputable breeder who uses a grain free for their puppies. It is just too hot and rich for them!
    Because info is old doesn’t make it bad! Tried to make that clear when I spoke of changes in feeding protocol. But things do change. When I owned my first Dane it was believed the best thing you could do was feed on an elevated platform. That has changed. I am old enough to remember the notion that margarine was better than butter and now the focus is on saturated fats…things change and hopefully we are all wise enough to go with the flow. Sorry if you were offended. Certainly wasn’t my intent. As I said to HDM she contributes good things to this site. That was a compliment.

  • Pattyvaughn

    Old article say that, because of poor, faulty, old research. Any reseach in the last 10-15 years has shown that to be myth. The research into using high protein is not new. They have known for over 10 years that protein was not the problem, too much calcium and too many calories are problems, protein is not.

  • Stargazerlily17

    Went from new balance to fromms with great results! Small family operated and owned business, been around for a number of years.

  • OR Dane

    Hi HDM, Saw your post. Thank you. Have scimmed through the articles but as I am not a Vet, Nutrisionist or Breeder but just a retired Dane owner of 30 years now I need to take some time to read more carefully and will. I think what you must contribute here is awesome.
    My intial reaction was good articles– but both are old. The first article drew from published papers that dated back to the 50’s through the 80’s. The second was in the 90’s. That doesn’t mean it is bad info simply things change so fast! I know in feeding Danes not only what you feed a Dane has changed in the past 5 Years but HOW you feed to reduce risks of bloat and torsion. It can be hard to keep up and am sure it will all change again soon.
    I would not call this a MYTH, just me I guess. I belong to a small private site of 80 Dane breeders and exhibitors who probably take better care of their dogs than most people do of their children!:) Even my Vet is knocked over by the depth of their knowledge as we have had a few health issues he has never heard of and after feedback will check his VIN site and goes” WOW, I never heard of this but here it is!” These are people who constantly read and study and I rarely think I can contribute anything worthwhile.
    I may be out of line when I focus on protein levels?? Maybe I should have said “calorie dense?” Just when you are dealing with Orijen RR which is almost all protein and crude fats and lacks many empty calorie fillers. The experience I have learned of from people I truly am in awe of suggests a really high diet of protein and crude fats is not going to benefit a Dane puppy. Based on observation if nothing else. These are people who may use a grain free for their adult dogs but just wouldn’t go to a grain free high protein for a puppy! Just too hot. These are NOT people who deal in MYTHS but hard facts and studies. They attend classes annually. Also what they have observed with litters. I think there is a big difference in advising someone to go with a premium food and going with a premium food that may be detrimental to a Dane puppy’s health.
    But again will read thoroughly what you posted and see if anyone I know also wants to comment. I sincerely do applaud your dedication to this site and helping others. This is not my home:) But simply just not sure this is a MYTH when even the oldest article states protein is a variable in over-feeding Dane puppies.

  • InkedMarie

    How can you watch what’s going into dog food? Do you work at th plant that makes Earthborn?

  • WatcherintheRye

    a company 10 minutes away from your house, so you can watch (24/7, inside the plant and trucks…) to make sure no dead animals are put into your little mitsy’s food……..
    Really? wow, that makes a valid and solid case for this dog food. I think I’ve maybe never EVER read anything so completely stupid and ridiculous on a board in my life.

  • InkedMarie

    I’m in NH but I’ve been to the Pet Quarters in Newington before them closed. Same goes for the one in Conway. I thought they had all closed!

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Hi OR Dane –

    Great Danes (and other large/giant breed) puppies do not need low protein foods – this is a myth. Based on current research it is known that excess calcium and excess energy (calories) are the dietary causes of developmental orthopedic disease (not excess protein).

    This is an exceprt from a study done on how protein affects growth in Great Dane puppies that was published in the Journal of Nutrition:

    “It is concluded in this study the difference in protein intake per se did not affect the occurrence of distrubed skeletal development in young Great Danes, and that an etiologic role for dietary protein in the development of osteochondrosis in dogs is unlikely.”


    This is an excerpt from “Nutritional Risks to Large Breed Dogs: From Weaning to Geriatric Years” by Susan D. Lauten, PhD:

    “Currently no evidence exists to suggest that high protein intake contributes to the development of orthopedic disease in growing large breed puppies. Previous studies suggesting a risk for high protein and DOD were confounded by higher energy intake in the high protein foods.”


    I would never recommend feeding a puppy (or an adult or senior, for that matter), a food with less than 30% protein. My most recent bloodhound pup (large breed) was weaned onto a high protein (45% – 55%) raw diet with controlled calcium levels at 8 weeks of age and had slow, sustained growth with no incidence of developmental orthopedic disease.

  • Angus

    PS, guys, I would like to add some thoughts re switching to other high end holistic dog foods:

    talked to an extremely caring family specialty breeder,
    who had put all their family dogs and their litter of puppies on
    Orijen’s dry foods. All of the adult dogs and all the puppies developed
    Off Orijen’s they all went. I had a similar problem with my three
    adult dogs a number of years ago, when I switched them over to Evo
    at that time was still Innova family owed and made in the family’s plant
    in Southern Calif.). I did this in order to avoid the many Diamond
    contaminated products at that time; dogs were dying. Well, all three of
    my dogs ended up with significant
    diarrhea problems for a very long time. Evo is too rich for some dogs,
    the Innova rep said. I sure as heck wish I had just stuck with
    the dog food I had been using for quite some time with no problems at
    all. Changing dog foods is not as simple as 1-2-3 for some of our 4
    legged fur people. Yes, even when very slowly and carefully transitioned to new food.

    Like the rest of you I am not happy (putting
    it mildly) about the salmonella problems with Natura’s products. At the
    same time I have also considered the fact (as others have noted) that Natura has
    voluntarily pulled the involved products and has made the problem
    publicly known. If Natura had not done so, who knows when we would have
    found out. Or, even if we would have ever found out. And, yes, I am aware that salmonella is in Natura’s plant. Salmonella appears to be just about everywhere, unfortunately.

    P.S., My puppy did get diarrhea and so did I. I had
    him tested for Salmonella bacteria. None was present. My puppy
    constantly gets into everything. So who really knows why he got the
    diarrhea. Maybe I had the flu, and maybe my puppy caught it from
    me. We are both getting better, happily.
    PS2, My older dog (who
    has a very very sensitive stomach) eats the same adult Innova dog food as the
    puppy, and my older dog has been absolutely fine. Sure wish there was an
    easy solution. There is not.

    Keep posting you all. I am listening.

  • Rotties Mom

    I have had it with Natura on the recalls. My dogs WERE getting the Wild Cravings treats. Even though they are not on the recall list, I feel the comment “if the problem is in the manufacturing plant, maybe batches affected are not limited to just that.” I believe there is merit in that statement. My dogs get Orijen Grain free dog food made by Champion Petfoods out of Canada. They have been voted the best dog food for several years now. The Evo I just used for treats and that is going to change. My dog’s safety is not negotiable.

  • Angus

    Mike, thanks so much for your alerts! I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am for your timely updates. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

  • joy

    Does the expanded recall also include the HealthWise cat food?? We just recently switched our finnicky waters over to this and they really like it. Never fails!!!

  • ron

    I posted a response I got from P & G but it is missing now. Where could it be? Only about 5-6 hours ago.

  • I feed my dog Acana and haven’t had any problems with it.

  • OR Dane

    Lynsie: I wanted to write back to you and then will stop. I never respond on this site and am not sure why I did today:) Maybe just discouraged by Natura and their feedback regarding what was safe and where I went. Who knows?
    Lynsie, I have had one Dane out of 4 with food allergies. It was severe enough that even beef flavored meds could cause her a problem. I am not aware, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen, of an allergy to food correcting itself. If your Vet isn’t up on this don’t feel badly about finding a good allergist. I know of people who have switched around to trout/salmon sweet potato only to discover the sugar in sweet potato makes their Danes react! I know of others who have Danes allergic to flax oil an additive for omegas. It really can depend on the Dane. And depending on how good of records your breeder keeps so you know what might be in the line that will cause problems??? So if they have narrowed down a grain allergy? Do you know which grain? Was it wheat, corn etc? Why I say speak with your vet, the breeder and go from there. When I spoke about the canned pumpkin it is just a home remedy I have recommended to other new Dane puppy owners who didn’t have a solid breeder helping out. It is normally a safe way of adding fiber and helps with loose stools. But again, your Vet will have an opinion. That opinion is worth more than mine
    I haven’t a clue what the protein level is of Blue Buffalo. You will pick up quickly if it is too high for your puppy by watching joints and licking of legs and paws. Many years ago everyone thought a good puppy food was best for Dane puppies and then realized oops no not good for them at all:)
    Truly I hope this helps to point you in the right direction. I love this breed and understand how hard it can be to own your first one without an experienced breeder to help you through the bumps! Now I need to go away and be quiet again:)
    Best OR Dane

  • OR Dane

    Lucia: Are you sure it was Orijen? I checked the recall page here that goes back a few years and nothing is down for Orijen? Just asking. Also I subscribe to the FDA alerts and have never seen anything negative for them. But very sorry for the loss of your friends dog.
    Lynsie: I am not competent to give advice on Dane puppies. I have owned 4 now over 30 years and have had some great advice from people who do know. Your Vet will tell you if you can add canned pumpkin, NOT pumpkin pie mix with seasonings maybe a 1/2 tsp per feeding to help. Always ask him first:)!I assume it is on 3 feedings per day spaced roughly 8 hours apart? If the baby had worms the meds were probably complicating things. Take a look at the protein level of Blue Buffalo. If it is over 27 or 28% it is too high for a Dane puppy! I looked at this brand once but their recall history made me nervous. But in spite of all the comments on recalls there are a lot of good foods out there. It has simply been a rough two years for recalls!

  • Pattyvaughn

    Not that I think they have pets in their food, but you would never know it if they did. It would come in boxes in a truck looking like any other block of rendered meat product. That’s one of the problems, no one can tell so they can get away with whatever they want. That’s why it’s important to be able to trust the company you buy dog food from.

  • orijen did have a recall last december, my friends ChiChi died from it. Plastic parts and string found in bag too. You might want to think it over.

  • I use Earthborn organics.. Used to use innova because up till this year they had NO recalls. But a company less then ten miles from my house, and one I can watch to make sure pound pets don’t end up in the food chain.. I trust that no matter what brand it is. So earthborn organics is mitsy’s food

  • Pattyvaughn

    THK had a recall due to contaminated parsley in some formulas.

  • OR Dane

    lilo’s mom, wasn’t sure if the comment was for me about switching dog foods? There are dogs out there you can switch weekly and never have a problem. I know that. But others will have runny stools in the extreme:) The bigger the dog the bigger the problem:) And why you normally will do a slow change over taking 4 to 6 weeks, which even Orijen recommends, and I just have a few things on hand that work like a miracle:) We just couldn’t risk not suddenly changing this time. These things I mentioned are just things I have picked up from really experienced Dane owners over the past 30 years:) Regional Red pricey? Goodness yes!! Took my breath away! Simply didn’t have the luxury of time and looked for the best food and closest to what she had been eating. Shedding? Too soon to tell. She is finishing off her first 28.6 lb bag. But she loves it and her stools have never been better. Never in a million years would I feed this to a Dane puppy..protein level way too high and way too hot. Joint problems in the making but for an adult Dane looks wonderful!

  • Izzie

    Go! Is a great brand. I’ve seen almost no recalls. It’s equal in price. Horizon, is also a food food. But yes if you can. Your better off feeding your dog a vegan or vegetarian kibble like natural balance has. And some whole protein like a lamb chop every few days from your local grocer. It will save you in the long run and raw is great for dogs. Great for teeth. And dogs don’t need nearly as much protein as ere feeding them these days. In the wild to be eating this much protein they’d be killing ALOT of things everyday. Wich simply wouldn’t be the case. They’d eat a lot f grains, Berrys, hell dogs go to town on grass like cows. They’re true omnivores. We you sure they can onto tolerate lamb? Fish is the greatest protein and in my mind a fairly cheap one to buy at the grocer. Leaner protein. Dck, greasy, chicken, not much to it, lamb, greasy, beef super high protein.

  • lilo’smom

    I think you Made the right choice :] Pricey, but good. If i could afford the Regional Red I would, But Adult isn’t too bad either. Have you noticed less shedding on Orijen?

  • OR Dane

    Ginny, I know zero about cats. But believe me suddenly changing food with a giant breed can be a real adventure:) Why I had the pumpkin and coconut oil on hand. We just got lucky. If I were in your shoes I would call my Vet and ask if there is something you can mix into the new food or if there is a pet store you frequent ask them what they are advising. Again, no zero about cats, just feel badly for you.

  • Shar Tay

    so sorry about your loss.

  • Shar Tay

    so did mine…thankful that they did.

  • OR Dane

    I swtiched to EVO based on recommendations from people I respect.I was concerned enough to put her on grain free after the concerns about arsenic in rice where a dog is eating 3 meals a day, 7 days a week so pretty hard to moderate their rice intake. With the first recall I took the time to call Natura and specifically ask about the small bites that weren’t listed and was assured they were fine. Ordered several bags, had some soft stools and then within a week they were on recall too. At that point I went to Orijen Regional Red. I had canned pumpkin on hand and coconut oil as we didn’t have the luxury of a slow transition. It went well. Orijen’s safety protocol they emailed me looks excellent. I think the only problem they have had is in Australia where it is mandatory any food imports are irradiated. I think they had a small issue with some salmon bones not as finely chopped as normal. But right now I think I made the right decision and will keep my fingers crossed.

  • lilo’smom

    Only in Australia due to the cat food having radiation poisoning while it was being imported. NOT Champions fault.

  • Oh contraire. Champion has had recalls.

  • Lynn

    Very good post. I actually stayed home with the terrier this week because she was sick. I did consider ALL things that might have contributed to her ongoing, sudden illness, but did not consider her food until my partner called from the intown retail store this am as he was about to purchase more dog food for the other dog. She is normally a happy-go-lucky dog, but the past week and a half (I began feeding her the latest bag last week) she has been under the weather, but trying to be perky, if you know what I mean. I know that pet food companies are trying to please their customers, but these days, quality is losing out to trying to stay afloat…. Thanks again for your very thoughtful post!

  • ginger

    A few thoughts for those of you who’s pets are ill. Get a culture and sensitivity test before administering antibiotics! Your vet may not be able to do that in house, but that test will confirm what if any bacteria is present and which antibiotic will most effectively eliminates that particular strain of bacteria. You will save money on ineffective treatments, and you will know the bacteria responsible. Be informed and in charge of your pets health.
    A vet will not and should not say that it is a result of the food unless it is proven. He is not going to do that unless you request it. And you pay for it. But most folks don’t know about cultures and then would balk at the $100 or so to run it. I actually had a vet try and talk me out of it once, it was just a simple UTI, Baytril will take care of it. When the results were back three days later, sure enough her particular bacteria would not be eliminated by that antibiotic.

    According to our vet next door, usually a simple round of Metro takes care of most gastro issues. And is usually effective against salmonella and the other bacteria that cause the same symptoms. He does not recall any incidence of a confirmed case of Salmonella in his years of practice.

    A few thoughts on salmonella in general. It is everywhere! Within the last month there are 23 confirmed cases from hedgehogs & 371 confirmed cases from baby turtles. There also salmonella issues with baby chicks, bird seed, African dwarf water frogs, and hamburger. Last year it was cantaloupe and chicken.

    It is also common in the feces of rabbits, squirrels and birds. Can’t tell you how many times folks have told me their dog eats rabbit poop!

    In general humans are much more likely to have a problem with salmonella than your pet. Older, younger or immune compromised humans are at the greatest risk, same with your pets. Wash your hands after handling pet food. And bird food, meat, fruits, vegetables, aquarium water, hedgehogs and reptiles and amphibians!

    Finally, this is a precautionary, voluntary recall. There have been no confirmed cases of illness. The recall was expanded yesterday because of the initial confusion on dates and codes and they wanted to be sure there was none of the initially recalled products on store shelves. They did not have to do that. While none of us was initially thrilled about P&G acquiring Natura, I do not believe they have done anything to hurt the food. Purely from a financial point of view why would they? They are in business to make money, if you don’t buy their product they do not make money. Why would they do anything that would make you not want to buy their product? That does not make sense! I respect P&G for initiating this expanded recall just to be sure there was no recalled products missed by retailers.

  • Pet flow gave me a full refund on recalled foods.

  • Me too. I buy small bags and until I swtiched to Orijen jumped around from brand to brand just in case. But I hear all canned food comes form one of two plants in US. Except Weruva out of the far east. So if the plant gets contaminated all brands are possibly. Btw not too long ago I had several brands delivered form Pet Flow and I wrote them and got a full refund.

  • Orijen or Acana. Same manufacturer out of Canada. Highly rated and my dog loves it. Never had a recall.

  • Orijen is the best and never gets recalled.

  • Sherrell Cole

    Is Honest Kitchen in the recall?

  • MotherDogGrrr

    We recently switched to Fromm’s dog food. I’d never heard of it until I read a review about something, can’t remember what, but the reviewer mentioned he feeds his dogs Fromms and feels good about it. When I looked it up I noticed they say they are a family owned, fourth generation dog food company. They are in Wisconsin and even put cheese into their food. Maybe that is questionable for some, but, so far, our pack is fine with it. Another point: For the first time I’m able to afford buying our dog food on line. The shipping used to be prohibitive, but now it’s free if I buy over $50.00 worth. There seem to be more and more of these on line companies. I’m using PetBest. I feel bad about our pet store, I’m sure we were one of their best customers, if not their best customer, but we saved close to $100.00 on the first shipment. I do pet rescue, so we have many mouths to feed at any given time, and I don’t want to feed cheap, by-producty food.

  • Lynn

    A pet owners nightmare. I am sorry for the loss of your pet.

  • motherslittlehelper

    I’ve heard nothing about a recall of NaturalBalance (NB); they did have a recall last year:

    In addition to fresh fruits & veggies, I feed my dogs NB vegan kibbles now, which this site warns against dogs being vegan, but I’ve had nothing but amazingly good results over a year now, although the cross-contamination with animal products at the facility always leaves open the possibility of salmonella getting into the non-animal ingredients. Sad world we live in, with slaughterhouses and the resulting array of serious problems including antibiotic abuse which directly threatens all our lives, but people gotta have their bacon-cheeseburgers. I expect to be attacked in here for what I said. So be it. Truth is unpopular.

  • Diane

    I had a beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback die of contaminated food. I always wonder how many dogs die before we read about the recall.

  • Pattyvaughn

    You can sign up on this site to get emails about the latest recalls. Dr Mike gets them out really fast.

  • WatcherintheRye

    yes, and for what it’s worth, Diamond has had more recalls than just about anybody in the industry. Also some very serious issues – much worse than this salmonella concern now.

  • GrandpaPuppy

    My dog also has ‘mysterious’ gastrointestinal issues since eating the california natural (senior) kibble. I add (the kibble) to homemade food and never had issues until I switched to CN. I slowly introduced him as recommended but thought that he couldn’t handle the transition and that’s why the symptoms were present. He stopped wanting to eat the food so I took out the kibble and gave him the home made food only which improved the symptoms a little bit and he continued eating. After about 5 days, the GI issues worsened and that is when I took him to the vet. She informed me of the recent recalls and when I looked up his food it wasn’t there but is now—-Ugh. He’s been on antibiotics which seemed to improve the GI issues of gas, diarrhea, gagging, dyspepsia and excessive panting. His appetite seems to be increasing as well. I still haven’t received a definitive diagnosis as to whether or not it’s salmonella but, it sure seems synchronistic that he became ill since ingesting the CN. This has been going on 4 wks now. Today seems to be the best day yet since he first presented symptoms and it seems the panting is the only lingering issue but it’s improved. I’ve spent a few hundred dollars in visits and meds and I’m taking him into a different vet for a second opinion and will mention the extended recall. Poor dog! If I can get a definitive diagnosis of salmonella maybe my dog could get to feeling better more quickly? I, like others, LOVE their pets and only want to give them the best so, to have a risk of poisoning my dog by feeding him commercially prepared food ISN’T WORTH IT!!! I’m sticking with homemade food and treats. I understand that ALL dog food companies and even those who use meat for themselves or their pet at home run the risk of food poisoning but this just sucks. The time lag between the discovery of contamination and the and incomplete information dissemination to owners and vets, the animal world is doomed to suffer and maybe even die as a result. Again, I’m going back to what I can control making my own food for my pet!

  • Trixie & Bijou

    We switched to Halo and we are very satisfied – never going back to Innova.

  • RobC

    I hope she’s doing better…go back to Champion Pet Food…(Acana/Orijen)…it’s always been good for my pets. Good luck in your quest to get reimbursement for your bills..that’s a lot of money!

  • Rob C

    I’ve fed my dogs and cats Fromm in the past and I always felt it was great stuff from a great company. I feed them Orijen now…another great food and company. Personally I think the smaller pet food manufacturers have a tendency to put out a better product.

  • Lynn

    I will be changing retailers, as well. The bag of California Natural for the terrier was recently purchased from a business which is on the way home from work. The in-town retailer had a notice about the recall on all of the pet food shelves, however, it seems this recall has been known about for a few weeks. Luckily, I had only fed her a few times from the contaminated bag. I knew she was ill, but thought it was from springtime foraging on her part from our daily hike. The recall info could have been posted at my vets., as well, since I had just dropped in for heartworm pills… I can’t believe I had been poisoning our beloved shelter-adopted pet for the last few days, because that’s what it sure appears to be!

  • I’m sorry, but I don’t trust ANY dog or cat food. there has been WAY TO MANY recalls, even on brands that are supposed to be high quality. I have not bought dog/cat food for over 2 years. I now make their food, and they have been much healthier than they used to be. I have learned that even though a kibble has not had a recall yet, give it time, and they probably will. I have lost all trust in the pet food industry.

  • Hey I agree with you. It never fails when I switch to a better brand this will happen to me.

  • aspromised

    Our local pet store stopped selling Innova after it was purchased by P&G (known for lower standards)

  • Lynn

    Wasn’t there just a recall on Natural Balance, I can’t remember. Part of the diamond recall?

  • Eric

    Agreed!!! You are truly helping so many pets.

  • Eric

    I would rather be safe then sorry. Reading through these other comments here it’s scary, wouldn’t want to put your pet through that.

  • Eric

    This is terrible, I hope Clover is better. These huge companies should help you out with your bills.

    I’ve fed Acana too but it’s always so hard to get. I’ve had better luck getting Satori pet food lately from my local retailer in BC

  • Eric

    ***Are NOT hurt by this, that was embarrassing!

  • Eric

    My local retailer warned me about the P&G purchase of Natura… it’s very sad that this has happened and I pray pet’s are hurt by this. Thankfully I switched to Satori Chicken Recipe prior and it’s been working great.

  • anne

    I went through this before the vets will not say it ws from dog food, They say they cant be 100% sure . so you are out the money

  • Lynn,

    Our small terrier has been having all of the symptoms except her stool wasn’t bloody. We had been using the dry venison California natural brand. The date on bag is included on recall. Our other dog, who eats the regualr lamb and rice, her food bag was dated for “okay” and she has been not exhibiting signs of illness after eating her dry food. We may be switching brands after this.

  • I spent over $1,000 in vet bills! I hope they pay for them!

  • I bought a bag of Innova Prime grain free food to try. Clover usually eats Acana Wild Prairie and has had no problems. I’ve been using the Innova for treats, training and a little in her food. A month ago we went to the vet for vomiting and diarrhea. 3 nights ago we had to go to the ER because she was was shaking uncontrollably & had LOTS of bloody diarrhea. It was very scary. Her vet visits have been over $1,000. I hope Innova helps pay for them!

  • After the last expanded recall, I did some research and switched to Fromm Family food. They actually test their products before its bagged and sent out and. It’s great quality holistic food and a great price.

  • damitajo1

    My dog ate this for 5years. on to a new brand

  • LabMixMom

    Very similar issues here. My now four month old pup and my four year old dog both have had issues. I’ve had weekly visits to the vet and had a panic one day before leaving on a previously planned vacation and had to switch last minute drop the previously “OK” bag of Innova and add in the vets crummy prescription food so my dogs wouldn’t have the runs from quick switch while away. I’m so disgusted as I’ve been a long time user of and had so much confidence in Innova. To date, my pets combined have had seizures, diarrhea, projectile vomiting, food avoidance, stress mange, and of course urinary infections. All of this doesn’t include the hives and and eczema reactions I’ve experienced because I’m also allergic to my pets medications! Give me a break already!! My pup is now fully off Innova and was already 50% Merrick and I’ve started introducing Instinct Raw and the adult dog who I couldn’t completely drop Innova is on 2:2:1 vet junk, Innova and Instinct Raw for kibble and one gets Merrick canned and the other Wellness canned for gravy and balance. My pup is large breed and Merrick doesn’t make a formula for him. I have read many comments and not decided what to round out my new kibble choice with. Not really wanting to go to Blue and not familiar with Fromm, etc. Will keep reading, but receipts are gathered and I kept only the most recent ID label from the open bags as I put into air tight containers. Beyond annoyed, but more concerned with best choices moving forward. Both animals are lab mixes so dog at 62 pounds and pup is 40 pounds at 4 months. Good advice/opinions are very welcome!

  • eks

    When the first recall came out on Innova, even though it didn’t include my dog’s codes, I stopped using it. Sure enough, 3 of his last 6 bags are now recalled. Once there is notice out that salmonella is in a ‘limited’ batch, don’t believe it. If it’s in the manufacturing plant, it’s in more than just that batch.

    P&G ruined what was a really good dog food in 2010 when Natura sold out to them. I’m done with P&G and am now cooking for my dog and using Natural Balance as an alternative kibble.

    In a nutshell, stay away from greedy, corner-cutting large crap food manufacturers.

  • To anyone living in southern Maine I’m a manager at pet quarters in north windham we carry plenty of food to help your dog please contact us at the store 894-7250 we r happy to help you switch your food if that’s what you want to do

  • jlt

    I fed this to my dogs for four year until just recently. The company was sold to a mega Corp and I was not comfortable. Getting harder and hard to find a safe commercial dog food.

  • Charlotte

    i have EVO Wild Cravings Herring & Salmon Formula cat treats Expiration date 8/30/13 – Can I bring it back to Pet Supermarket and get my money back or another product?

  • I just got a package of them in the Petflow Spoiled Rotten box that I forgot to cancel. It’s only until you go to the Natura website where you read what they’ve clairified what they meant by treats that you see it’s only the cat treats. You’d think they’d want to get their own press release right the first time.

  • Not My Dogs!

    Sorry this is so long! These recalls are getting to be ridiculous. Just about every week I get a new announcement of yet another sallmonella contamination. Why is this happening so often? Why isn’t more being done to protect our pets in a proactive way, not a reactive, too late, too many pets are sick, too many medical expenses way! I’ve started buying 2 bags of dry food at a time–small bags–and if I know for sure the food is safe (as of that week) I start my dogs on it. Then by the time that bag is finished and I haven’t heard of a recall on that brand, I start the second bag and repeat that hoping I’m keeping my dogs safe. Another idea I’ve learned to use: make my own chicken broth and defat it (you can do the same with any broth from whatever meat you dog likes), and soaking the dry food in it while it’s still hot. Of course, remove the fat from the broth by pouring it through a strainer with ice cubes in it. That removes most of the fat because it sticks to the ice, then reheat the broth before adding the dry food. I know it defeats giving them dry food, but at least I’m hoping I’ve killed any sallmonella. My dogs love it that way if it’s not to mushy. I give them other chews for cleaning their teeth, or of course brush their teeth.Dogs do not have to have dry food and that’s where the contamination is so common.Other option–give them canned food where it’s been processed and bacterial killed. I used to cook for mine but it became too time consuming and I wasn’t sure they were getting the vitamins they need.Plus it’s really hard to get them onto dog food again when they’re spoiled to home cooked. As for treats, that’s like walking on egg shells, but I use Dogswell duck Breathies or Blue Buffalo biscuits, as so far so good. Good luck with all the uncertainty out there. Like many of you, I’ll do anything to protect my dogs from the obviously unsanitary environments causing all this contamination.

  • Submit bills and claim to mfg

  • Beverley Ahn

    Switched to Merrick, but not in time. Already have call in to Vet (VCA at 5:30 AM!)

  • Beverley Ahn

    See if manufacturer will help. They hate bad press. Hope you have receipts. Ask your Vet to write a note that illness likely related and no positive cultures because no one thought of diagnosis.

  • Beverley Ahn

    Does explain the sudden change in appetite, nausea, loose stools. One of my two big affected dogs has seizures and his demeanor change relieved by pain medication is now understandable.

  • Linda

    So long Innova going with another brand!

  • Jen

    I have switched to Fromm. Dogs seem
    Happier and so is their stool.

  • Jen

    My dog can only tolerate lamb and rice foods…what now?? I used to feed her Nutro but switched a couple years ago after they had a recall…now I feed her more expensive Cal. Nat…….GREAT!!!! I couldn’t feed her this morning her food reading this….off to pet store today!

  • What do we do about a dogs bills. My dog was crazy sick. But st the time the recall did not include her codes. Now it does. We spent $900 on her medical bills.

  • Mikahmom

    Thanks for all the updates. I really appreciate how quickly you provide the information.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    NVM – I guess it’s just the cat treats that were included.

  • TM

    This is so Scary! I have friends who feed California Naturals… I feed Grain Free Canine Caviar and would highly recommend it!!

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Darn. I had two bags of Wild Cravings in the dogs’ treat stash that are included in the recall.

  • Jen

    This is just horrible!! I thought I was doing a good thing for my dog feeding her a “premium” brand!

  • seriously, they just shipped me a new bag because the others I ordered were recalled. Now I’ve been feeding this to my dogs! I’m going with another manufacturer