Evanger’s Dog Food Recall of February 2017


February 3, 2017 — Evanger’s Dog and Cat Food Company, Inc. of Wheeling, Illinois, is voluntarily recalling specific lots of its Hunk of Beef product due to potential contamination with the deadly drug, pentobarbital.

Pentobarbital can affect animals that ingest it, and possibly cause side effects such as drowsiness, dizziness, excitement, loss of balance or nausea — or in extreme cases, death.

What’s Being Recalled?

Although pentobarbital was detected in a single lot, the company is recalling all related Hunk of Beef products manufactured the week of June 6 through June 13, 2016.

The affected lots numbers that start with 1816E03HB, 1816E04HB, 1816E06HB, 1816E07HB, and 1816E13HB, and have an expiration date of June 2020.

The second half of the barcode reads 20109, which can be found on the back of the product label.

Where Was the Product Sold?

The affected products were sold both online and also distributed to retail locations only in the following states:

  • California
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina
  • Washington
  • Wisconsin

About the Recall

The recall affects 5 lots of food that were produced from its supplier’s lot of beef, which is specifically used for the Hunk of Beef product and no other products.

To date, five dogs reportedly became ill. And one of the five dogs died after consuming the product with lot number 1816E06HB13.

Evanger’s is proactively issuing a recall so as not to risk potential exposure to pentobarbital in the product.

According to Evanger’s, all suppliers of meat products are USDA approved.

The insists the beef supplier provides the company with beef chunks from cows that are slaughtered in a USDA facility.

Evanger’s continues to investigate how the contaminant entered its raw material supply.

Because it sources its meat products from suppliers that are USDA approved and since no other products have reported any problems, the company is not extending the recall to other supplier lots.

According to Evanger’s, this is the first recall event for the company in its 82 years of manufacturing.

What to Do?

Although it has been verified that little or no product remains on store shelves, consumers are asked to return recalled product to the place of purchase for a full refund.

Consumers with questions may contact the company at 847-537-0102 between 10 AM and 5 PM Central Time,
Monday through Friday.

U.S. citizens can report complaints about FDA-regulated pet food products by calling the consumer complaint coordinator in your area.

Or go to http://www.fda.gov/petfoodcomplaints.

Canadians can report any health or safety incidents related to the use of this product by filling out the Consumer Product Incident Report Form.

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  • kkh

    You are wrong.

  • Francie Colby

    It is a sad world where we are sucked into shelf stable dog food. RAW MEAT HOPEFULLY ORGANIC IS IT, JUST NOT IN THE MAINSTREAM OF OUR LIFE YET. WITH EGGS, VERY LITTLE VEGGIE AND FRUIT, CALCEIUM sp, supplements AND NO CARBS, MAYBE LITTLE POTATO,ALL ORGANIC. Please excuse caps! My 2 yo Havenese is so much better since I cut out the dry food. And I had used the bests dry I could find.

  • Francie Colby

    So sorry to here such sadness! Having dogs all my life and in the show world for about 10 years. I have at this late date with my Havenese 2 yo old boy stopped the search for dry, good, dog food. And I am able to just use raw organic meat and eggs, a very small amount of veggie cooked and chopped small, some cheese, supplements all organic. I know I am not in the main stream, but I see that Fuji has much more pep and life off the dry food, that was only hurting him.

  • Tim Moran

    I have two Cairn Terriers that just gotten very sick after eating their Beef/bacon canned food. Can not be specific until I have their product tested, but am certain that their contamination is much more wide spread than advertised. I just hope that my babies survive. and assure you that I will have their case of food tested.

  • Pam

    For a long while people have had issues with Evanger’s.
    Cesar, Goodlife Recipe, Nutro, Whiskas, Royal Canin all had recalls late in 2016, and I don’t recall it causing such a stir.

  • Hrnsly

    This is the strangest and most digressive discussion I have ever seen. The bottom line is that it killed people’s fur babies. If it were jars of Gerber baby food, do you really think that it would be more serious? Most people who spend exorbitant amounts of money on their dogs consider them ‘family’. There is no amount of money that could replace my children or my dogs.

  • Joe’s mom

    Ann, I have your book, “Food Pets Die For” and have recommended it to my vets and others. May I commend you on your thorough research. I don’t trust any pet food therefore I cook for my German Shepherd.

  • Rachel M
  • Rachel M

    the facts: They put euthanized HORSE meat in a can. that reads “Hunks of BEEF”. Nowhere did it list “horse” meat. FDA still has that 2011 warning letter available online regarding previous mislabeling issues.

    And sure, its not a big deal, until you are the one watching your dog die.


  • Rachel M

    Here are the facts: They put euthanized HORSE meat in a can that reads “Hunks of BEEF”. Nowhere did it list “horse” meat. And this is not the first time they have been caught mislabeling. FDA still has that 2011 warning letter available online.


  • Rue Pls

    If you’ve ever looked at Orijen or Acana’s website you’d see that there is nothing but transparency. It has the farms listed, where they catch their fish as well as if things have antibiotics and hormones. Another thing I appreciate is that on Orijen’s site they have a Library of studies to back up their goal of providing a biologically appropriate food.

    If you love local so much you’d appreciate how everything is locally sourced with Orijen and Acana in Kentucky now. The only line that differs and is still made in canada is Tundra, because they didn’t find a farm that met their standers for a few of the game meat proteins. Also very nice of them to have standards.

    The difference between the new and old formulas are the sourcing and increased amount of protein. It used to be 75-80 and is now up to 85% meat content. For Orijen, that is.

    I wouldn’t say Dr.Tims is a bad food- and I don’t even feed kibble so I can’t even bring myself to feed Orijen myself (If my dog was tiny I would love to feed it the freeze dired, but allas she is not). But I’m not a grain fan and not a fan of potato or any excessive carbs. You’re claiming the brand to be doing things you dislike, when it’s in fact quite the opposite. Instead of assuming things just check the website or contact them! Much easier!

  • Marlene Lowe

    I don’t think a good company would lie like evanger did and say that their suppliers are usda approved when the fda proved that to be false.

  • Christine Daley

    That I didn’t care about your loss is what I was referring to. As far as champion pet foods the only 2 brands they make are their own. Orijen and Acana. Acana is their less expensive brand with less protein but same quality ingredients. All I know is I trust the brand and my pups are very healthy!! LOL!!!

  • What is very far from the truth? Which part of what I said?My reading of your comment is that you are advocating Champion. So now you are telling me that Champion has expanded into Kentucky? By their own admission the recipe is different for the US and Canada. Do you want to explain why?I have the impression now that Champion is a large corporation with many other brands under its deterritorialized umbrella. I prefer local. I have informed my health food store of this recall and have told them I am very disappointed in them that they did not research Evangers before they sold their product in their stores. I know them personally so I know they will investigate. I sent them links to make sure. You can bet the farm that they will do so. You need to explore linguistic modes so as to avoid branding yourself as a PR person. That is, if you want to remain anonymous.Maybe you don’t.

  • Reyna Austria

    I am very sorry about your sweet HoneyBee. I am praying for you. Hugs❤❤❤

  • Christine Daley

    Sorry you feel that way. Very far from the truth!!! And champion pet foods had not been bought out. They just built a new state of the art manufacturing plant in Kentucky to supply the USA market!! They only make and manufacture their own foods with the highest standards. LOL!!

  • Exactly. My ex health store needs to know all this.

  • aimee your link is a deadly indictment against Evangers. No wonder they have had only ONE recall in 82 years. They had the money to fight the accusations in court and win. Just as Philip Morris did over their cigarettes all those years. And the way the auto companies did when they stole the patent on the windshield wipers motor to that it would be continuous and not subject to your foot on the gas pedal to keep moving. I remember the old way. Believe this and I’ve ggot a great bridge to sell you. Cheap too.

  • I am not a bean counter. One recall in 82 years means nothing to me. Except that people walk with their feet. I never bought any IAMS again after that Chinese Melamine poisoning of pets.They are forever on my s*&^ list.Damn these censoring of words is so silly. Where am I? The middle ages with the Church watching my mouth and using soap to clean it.

  • I have just switched to drtims and I can get that from chewy. drtims is local where I am staying in MI on a little vacay. It is local, provides renewing donations of food to the no kill shelter evry 2 years, supplying it with food for the rescues awaiting adoption. Everything in it is natural, organic I hope. In the local grocery stores there are brown bags of different food products from drtims that you can put in your cart for checkout that will go to the shelter. drtims puts its money where its mouth is so I will support them. Local is the way to check up. I had no idea that Origen in Canada advertising daily delivery of grass fed meat was now in Kentucky making a separate formula for US customers and Canadian customers. I mean I have been buying it for a few years, so I don’t keep reading the labels when I feel I can trust a brand. I am thinking NOW has been bought out. I am sure Burt’s Bees has been and Ben&Jerry’s doesn’t taste the same at all now that they sold out.

  • “sorry about all this” is just one of those cliched murmurs of sympathy from someone who is really indifferent but pretending to be oh so concerned. Can’t you hear yourself! Then to base it all on the cost of a can. My mistake was in trusting my health food store who carried it #MamaJeans in #SpringfieldMO and then continuing to order it from chewy when I moved away.Health food stores took a long time to catch onto GMO products.

  • Oh Reyna I don’t know how to test it or how much it would cost. Can you find out? I just know by HoneyBee’s symptoms she was being tranquilized.She didn’t have enough energy left to fight the meds the vet gave her that I don’t think she needed. Her death was a mixture of mistake after mistake all of them with good intentions. Now I am crying again. I can’t talk about it without hurting. I want to die myself.

  • Reyna Austria

    I probably will not use my cans of Buffalo and Rabbit. Please let me know how your test comes out for the canned food.

  • Storm’s Mom

    I never said that Evangers purposely put pentobarbital into their food. I said that Evangers chose to include pentobarbital in their food, which is evidenced by this recall. If they hadn’t chosen to accept the meat they did, this wouldn’t have happened. No one forced them to include meat with pento in their food. They chose to by accepting it and processing it. Therefore, it’s the failure of Evangers supply chain quality control that this happened. And they didn’t get away with it, thankfully (well, they did in the sense that it’s too late for 1 poor dog). I wouldn’t be surprised if this same company supplies other companies..and another company’s food ends up being recalled, then it’s that company’s quality control processes that are at fault, too.

  • Many things are done “accidentally on purpose” didn’t you ever hear of that comment?

  • “Optimal Regulations?” Now what would that be for phentobarbital? FDA allows all sorts of contaminants in by putting limits of the %. I don’t want any! I want ZERO. Just found a distributor in MI who has all natural, supplies the no-kill rescue with food for free, so I am going to order from there. drtims dot com

  • You have no idea how caring, compassionate and honest I can sound when I want to lie.

  • IDK. I used lamb and rice and my HoneyBee was so listless but I thought it was where we were and her age. I don’t have those cans and I wonder if chewy has the numbers. But no way to test what was in it now. I do have cans of the gravy one that I can test tho.

  • Sheryl

    Do you have anything to back this up? Because there is no reason I believe that any manufacturer who is regulated by the USDA and FDA and certified organic and Kosher could ever get away with purposely putting pentobarbital into pet food. Evanger’s puts a label on the meat – have you ever suspected that it is the supplier who is at fault? Or that this supplier may supply to more than just Evanger’s and other companies use this meat too? Have you tried testing anything on the market, because I can guarantee that every dry food on the shelf contains pentobarbital Storm’s mom.

  • Storm’s Mom

    Evangers is “making sure” there are “optimal regulations on Pentobarbital”??? “Optimal” is that is isn’t used in pet food, ever. In other words, banned. That Evangers is, essentially, saying that they are ok with it (and, therefore, euthanized animals) being used within some “regulations” is incredibly disturbing.

  • aimee

    Hi Corry,

    The ingredient list does look good…. but as pitlove pointed out a label tells you nothing of quality or processing of that ingredient. Besides the stealing of public utilities when the city investigated the company due to the numerous odor complaints they found deplorable conditions. Yuck! http://www.illinoiscourts.gov/R23_Orders/AppellateCourt/2012/1stDistrict/1113100_R23.pdf

    I have some sympathy for the company that someone in the supply chain sold them a carcass tainted with pentobarbital. But I think they handled the issue poorly. They waited over a month before recalling the product thus exposing other beloved pets.

  • Sheryl

    What makes you say that? Have you talked to them? They were honest and very caring on the phone. I even talked to the owners and they were willing to help me in any way possible

  • Pitlove

    Hi Corry-

    “Beef” standing alone does look like a great ingredient and I’m sure for many companies that does mean exactly what it says. The problem with the ingredient list is that it does not tell you the quality of the raw material used to make the food.

    As for Evangers as a company, they may produce foods with pretty ingredients but I don’t know that I would call a company who’s owners siphoned gas and electricity from their commonwealth and often times refused to pay their employees, an ethical or even good company.

  • Corry

    To those saying there is junk in the can please note the ingredients for this product is 100% beef in its own juices. It runs about $3 a can. Evangers is a great brand with only one recall in their 82 years of business. Honestly, I do not currently use this brand but it is a great company. This mistake sucks and they are doing everything they can to rectify the issue, including this voluntary recall.

  • HappyTails

    IMO price has nothing to do with it,there are high quality,good foods out there that don’t charge an arm and a leg,you’re looking at the ingredients and the reputability of the company,not the sticker price in the end.

  • Someone planning to sue would NEVER reply. That would have to come out in the disclosure part of the legalities.

  • How would you know if that were true or not.

  • bohicasis

    I simply watch

  • Sheryl

    After talking to the customer service people at Evangers, they ensured me that they are going above and beyond any other company in lieu of this voluntary recall, because the FDA does not have optimal regulations on Pentobarbital. So, they are making sure they do.

    They assured me that they’re making their foods the safest out there by testing far beyond what anybody else is testing. It’s a shame that Evangers has to lead this campaign to begin checking for this drug, but atleast somebody is looking out for my doggies! Ive been using their product for over 5 years, and I’m not going to stop

  • Reyna Austria

    Is the Evanger’s grain-free Rabbit and Buffalo in the 6 oz cans safe?

  • Reyna Austria

    What aboit the grain-free Evanger’s Rabbit and Buffalo? In the 6 oz cans?

  • bohicasis

    research is key. some said he was a paid troll or worked for the company. thought i would check.

  • bohicasis

    Sorry to hear it <3 RIP

  • My health food store didn’t have Ziiwi on the shelf. I never heard of it until just this minute. And $ is not always the criterion. I thought I was giving HoneyBee really good food. I feel desolate and guilty all the time.

  • Christine Daley

    Abby use Orijen for dogs and cats. Ziwi peak canned. You won’t have any more worries!!

  • Champion is a big corporate brand name. I don’t trust any of them. It may be good but I don’t trust.I don’t like two tiered food, one for Canadians, one for US. In the US people have 2 tiered food: organic and GMO for uneducated and lower class. That is sick IMO and produces people who have chronic illnesses, etc.

  • I did look at the ingredients on Evangers. How could I know there was pheno in it?I used the lamb only with just one order of mixed small cans that probably had 2 cans of the beef. But if pheno was in one beef batch I would bet it was distributed in all of the flavors. No wonder she didn’t like it too much, but she did eat it. She preferred the dry many times. I can’;t go on as I feel so sick writing about this.

  • PLease tell me how you knew it was crap food? I am seriously asking what clued you in. Thanks for the link. The Pet Cemeteries in places I lived were never very close to where I was living. Do I bury my beloved someplace far away where I won’t visit. My HoneyBee got buried on an Amish farm where a family I love lives. I know that land is not going to be sold for a profit and turned into a housing development. Right under a blooming apple tree by a fence where the plow will never go. They were so sweet to me while we were doing it and it was a sacred time for me. Even when I move away I know she will be safe there and the children will from time to time think that there’s where Janet’s dog is buried, under that apple tree, when they remember me. My pet cemetery in Seymour MO in my back yard was so pretty with the trees I planted there and flowers. I did that so they wouldn’t let the weeds come back when I left that horrible place with their horrible people who are so hateful in this world.Of course what I did was illegal. So fuggin what.

  • Angela

    LOL, so my very reputable veterinarian lied to me and their other customers? And I knew Evangers was crap food. http://www.everlifememorials.com/v/pet-loss/pet-cemetery-directory.htm

  • Angela
  • XX

    Thank goodness! Friendly was not your approach.

  • Pitlove

    Hi XX-

    Best of luck to you and your pets. It is unfortunate that you were unable to have a friendly back and forth discussion about nutrition on a dog food forum. This will be my last comment to you for that reason. Take care!

  • Christine Daley

    Folks stop looking at your wallet and start looking at the ingredients on the dog food bag or can!! Most of these companies are disgusting with the crap in their foods!! Do some research if you luv your pets as we all do. They are worth it!!

  • Christine Daley

    Obviously not. Disgusting. Don’t feed it but if I did I would no longer!!

  • Christine Daley

    Don’t buy any of it!! Stay away!!

  • amy kaufman

    Look at the sell by date on bottom of can if it’s curved there’s a possibility it’s made by evangers…someone posted a pic of it on the discussion..better safe than sorry! Hope this helps

  • XX

    Google it yourself. It’s obvious that you will deem any links I provide as being to websites that are not credible and less knowledgeable than yourself. Also, unlike you, I have a life and interests away from this board. .

    Arguing with someone whose close mindedness makes them believe that they know everything, including what other people’s animals should eat, is tiresome and has become a bore. However, I will pass along to whomever reads this, this small pearl of wisdom that I unfortunately learned the hard way via the suffering of my own beloved cats: READ the ingredient labels on your dog’/cats’ food OFTEN. Companies do make changes in their formulas now and then, and unless it’s something they think will boost sales (“First Ingredient is Now Chicken! With Added Vitamin XYZ for Shinier Coat/Smarter Dog/Longer Life!”) they won’t mention it. Don’t believe attractive packaging or heartwarming commercials. They have only ONE agenda–making money! So if you see anything in those ingredients that you are uncomfortable with (just saw a bag of food yesterday that has yeast extract as the 8th ingredient–NOPE, not for my cats!), question if you should be feeding it to your animals, or just don’t know what the hell it is, research it. Find out it’s purpose for being in the food, and whether it’s affect on the health of your loved ones will be beneficial or otherwise. Visit more than 1 website to verify you’re getting the correct info. Don’t trust the pet food companies to tell you the truth (just TRY to get Natural Balance to divulge what their “natural flavors” are. They’ll tell you it’s “proprietary”, meaning they’re not gonna tell you!), and likewise don’t trust websites or people on comment boards that seem to be advocates for any certain brands. Do your own research for the health and well-being of your family members. If you stay on top of it, you will never have to second guess or feel guilty about what you’ve been feeding them, and they’ll reap the benefits.

  • Pitlove

    Hi XX-

    I don’t remember mentioning any particular food I feed to my dogs and cat? Could you tell me what that was?

    Also could you please post sources to creditable sources to back up your claims? I’ve yet to see any. If you go either to PubMed, Google Scholar or do an advanced search in google with .edu as the domain, you will find much better sources of info. Thanks!

  • Pitlove

    Hi abbeysbooks-

    Last I had checked when I looked into two different doctoral degrees the requirements to obtain one had not been changed or dumbed down. They still required roughly 12 years of schooling, a masters thesis and then a doctoral dissertation. I would not say, if you are familiar with what those two things require from the student, Ph.Ds are being “handed out like candy”. As for a board certification, that requires another 3 years usually of schooling and more independant research after the Ph.D. At least that was the case when I was interested in earning a Ph.D and board certification in forensic anthropology.

  • XX
  • XX

    It sounds like you cared very much for your HoneyBee and did the best you could for her. You obviously made an effort to feed her well, so don’t believe for a second that anything was all your fault. The companies who produce the products that cause harm to our animals are the ones to blame.

  • XX

    The food you’re touting as good quality has a very high quantity (judging by it’s placement way up near the top of the ingredient list) of powdered cellulose. Did you even bother to check into what exactly that is or are you content feeding your cats what is pretty much akin to sawdust? Here’s an excerpt from Natural News.com: “dried cellulose (1 stars) found in 1% of pet food products analyzed. Very harsh on digestive tract, suspected to include cardboard or peanut hulls.”

    Here’s from Vetinfo.com: “Fillers are the worst ingredient in organic cat food. Fillers are simply carbohydrates that save companies money. By adding inexpensive fillers to their cat food products, they use less protein. When checking labels for a cat food comparison, avoid these ingredients:
    Corn or wheat gluten
    Ground wheat
    Brewer’s rice
    Fillers offer no nutritional value. They simply make a cat feel fuller for longer.”

    Notice the cellulose on the list? Google it yourself. You’ll find many, many other sites with similar information. I’m not paranoid, I just love my animals enough to feed them food that isn’t detrimental to their health, and it’s not about my opinion either, it’s about diligence and common sense.

    I still find it strange that you would so vehemently argue in defense of a company that puts more importance on profit margin than the quality of their products if you aren’t being paid to do so. If your motive for being here is , as you say, “education of proper nutrition and nutritional principles”, then you should look for something else to “educate” about because you’re way off the mark on this subject, and steering people in the wrong direction can do harm.

  • bohicasis

    My thought is that the dogs guarding issues are more prevalent with a prized food. No mention was made on how or in what instances dog became more “aggressive’ Raw food does NOT bring make canine more aggressive. There is an underlying issues with the canine or behaviors not addressed prior to feeding “raw”.

  • Evangers is now in Kentucky?

  • U R OK

  • What is your proof that it doesn’t?

  • I agree.

  • I just know this was why my HoneyBee was going downhill since June I would say. It was very slow. And she didn’t like to eat. Towards the end I was giving her a bone every day and she loved that.

  • Some of it is going to be bogus. Not all. But now the lawyers are in on the game.

  • I’m sure they are. Getting paid that is.

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if what you saw was dolphin meat.

  • From thinking carefully.

  • Good thinking.

  • Do you have that link?

  • Calcium is easy. Organic eggs save the shells. Boil shells for any bacteria, dry and grind up into powder and you have a perfectly balanced calcium for you and your pet.

  • You are a rare parent. Most are not this good.

  • That’s what I thought. MOre energy can be read as aggressive.

  • Organic from a local source or farmer if you can. If not then search for human organic grass fed beef.

  • Not commercial non-organic I hope because they are not either.

  • You’re joking yes? You think you are going to get honest test results. The worst that will happen is that #Evangers will get fined and the #FDA will have increased their bottomn line, will look good for doing what they are supposed to be doing. AFTER MY HoneyBee is dead.

  • Well who pays the veterinarian. And if it is yours and a small one they are not going to go up against a big long term corporation just to be honorable and right. It would break them financially. They can’t.

  • Well that’s a good strategy. For them. What about my dog HoneyBee? What about my cat Orange? Are they going to sue me for what I have said on this thread?

  • They can’t apologize. That’s tantamount to admitting guilt. Their lawyers are running the show now.

  • You may be OK then but I don’t trust.

  • Here’s what I just found about Arana. “Beginning in early 2016, Acana dog food is now available in two product lines. One group of recipes is produced for USA consumers and the other for Canadians.” One group of recipes is for US and another group of recipes for Canadians. You know wht that means don’t you.

  • Well Origen is packaged with the same bag design as Arcana which comes from Canada and says fresh grass fed beef delivered every day. Now because of this thread I looked at the bag and someone had said Origen was now in Kentucky. Sure enough it is manufactured in the US by KENTUCKYKITCHENS. I never caught that. When I check a new brand I don’t keep checking. So when it moved to US I didn’t pick up on it. Is there someone on this thread-never mind I just looked it up. There is a US version of it and a Canadian version since early 2016. Aha. Origen is now in Kentucky.

    “Beginning in early 2016, Acana dog food is now available in two product lines. One group of recipes is produced for USA consumers and the other for Canadians.” So here we have it. One version for Canadians and another for US buyers. We know what that means eh. Different everything. The melamine scare had a recall on Hills which is vet prescription only so that’s no help.

  • I had a German Shepherd once with a brain tumor. She had constant seizures. The vet at U of Penn vet school gave me scrips for pheno for her. To calm her. Probably the % was low but every day my Honeybee would get a dose so she was getting listless and I thought she was getting ready to die. Then she did but not in a natural way.

  • Attorneys too high paid to do this. Just a shill.

  • People are desperate for jobs. Just a paid troll. The politicos do the same.

  • Aha. Suspicious eh.

  • Maybe no recalls mean that the inspector had a good relationship going there. And ……..

  • It all depends on the method of slaughter. Organic animals raised organically do not go into huge commercial slaughter houses.They do not live terrified lives and go to horror hellholes to be killed.It is the difference between a war where both sides kill each other and an assembly line manufacturing of death like Auschwitz.

  • I won’t give my animals anything MADE IN CHINA. If it omits country of origin (Purina does) I ASSUME it is China and they don’t want me to know so I don’t buy.At #TaijiCove where they slaughter the dolphins, kidnap the pretty ones into slavery at #SeaWorld and kill the rest for meat but the Japanese don’t eat dolphin/whale meat anymore. I have thought for a few years now that they freeze it and send it to China for pet food. Agree with me so far? And ALL dolphin whale meat is radioactive so that is a meat by-product that is going into pet food. Insanity everywhere you turn. No end to it.

  • I know mine are the same.Tonight my Fluff at the lamb scraps I gave to him. And he liked them a lot. So no more canned for any of them.

  • You are talking about me. My Orange cat has been getting sick with diarrhea. He is old, has diabetes. So I wasn’t thinking of food poisoning and it really started around the summer. My darling HoneyBee who is dead now was listless and she had a bad puppy mill history and she was almost 17 so why would I think it was her food. How many others. It was the same with me about Celiac as I am 83. I know other old women in my apt complex who have it and are on tons of meds fro the side effects. Now that seniors have med insurance the clinics practically celebrate when you walk in the door. I had one physician’s assistant tell me he wanted to put me on oxygen as I was having trouble breathing. I was arthritic, had inflammation, and was 25 pounds heavier than I am now from that with skin break outs. All that went away when I changed the way I ate and I thought I was eating well. But they would have had me on a list of meds every month.

  • I thought that was what Evangers was as I got it from a well known good health food store #MamaJeans in #SpringfieldMO

  • I was giving my cats tuna fish but they stopped wanting to eat that. Of course it has Mercury in it. I think the only thing is to buy fresh meat from a local person then have it butchered and put it in the freezer at home.Maybe groups could get together to do this.

  • Well Tyson is known for taking sick damaged chickens and cutting them up selling the thighs, wings, etc in a package so you don’t know what the rest of the chicken looked like! Too sick to use it intact as a roast.

  • Obviously. She may be a paid troll.

  • Tightly regulated bah humbug. For a greasing of the palms yeh. This is why ill shelters won’;t allow the dogs/cats to be shipped elsewhere for adoption. I keep saying on the boards THEY ARE GETTING MONEY FOR THE DEAD ONES and that’s what we should be looking into! So this is why the huge kills. They sell the bodies for meat. But oh they will give you such good reasons why they can’t let you ship the dog for adoption.The kill shelter in #MountainGroveMO wouldn’t give me the dogs for rescue until my director faxed her legal paperwork to them. They will kill them but won’t let them go! It was an awful place and the young sheriff was nice but he couldn’t change the rules.

  • Sydney

    Do you know what other brands are packed here?

  • Sydney

    THat’s what I am trying to figure out. Evanger’s co packs so many other different brands it is extremely concerning that this information isn’t being communicated.

  • If you believe that about a mass grave in a pet cemetery you are as bad as I am about believing Evangers was a good brand.

  • I illegally buried mine in my back yard. What do you mean contaminate the soil. RoundUP contaminates the soil and all the GD sprays of poison contaminate the soil, so WTF are these laws telling me I can’t bury my pet in my back yard.

  • Sydney

    Does any one know what other companies co-pack here?? I know avengers makes a ton of other canned diets but I’m not sure which brands to stay away from!

  • People nowadays are different from what they used to be. Put the dog down and walk out and it’s done with. My mom did it to her dog when she was old and had to go in a nursing home.I didn’t find out what she did until it was too late. Many people do this.If you aren’t there for the put down you don’t even know how they did it. You used to trust your vet. I can’t anymore now that I have been the victim of some mistakes.

  • I know a vet who deliberately killed a neighbor’s dog who took him in for an operation. In the waiting room the dog was given a sedative shot first and died right then and there. My neighbor was a ding bat and the vet picked up on this. I bet he sold that dog for rendering to make a buck. Same thing happened to someone I know online She took her dog in for a simple procedure and the dog died, she had it autopsied, and she has posted for months to take his license away. I bet he sold her dog for meat. A big pit bull so it was heavy, poundage for sale.This is big folks and vets are doing this all over the place. They have student loans to pay off.This needs investigation for real.

  • How do you know they are not being managed by someone other than the founder now. The children? Someone with them a long time? Someone buying a share? You can’t know that. If Origen is now KENTUCKYKITCHENS it is not in Canada getting fresh meat delivery from grass fed beef anymore. This is about MONEY!

  • And people cheat. Polluters cheat. Nosey the elephant has been abused for decades and all the protests have not helped her at all. 200 violations from her owner and still counting. BUT violations have punishments and the agency USDA in this case gets huge amounts of money in PAYOFFS like traffic tickets.

  • IDK. One of my vets also worked fro the county. She got dogs dropped off as strays. I adopted a few and got them adopted with the non-profit I rescued for. But if they were not adopted she had to put them down. She was a sensitive woman and she may have relaxed them with pheno first, if only to make her feel better. She wasn’t a brute. Then the dog was probably rendered and she didn’t think about that. Everyone is so overcooked they can’t anticipate all that could go wrong or ask themselves questions. And I bet the people who get the rendered dogs don’t OFFER that info to them.

  • And the govt doesn’t lie and lie and lie to us? So why would you believe them at all. The FDA sucks. Bigtime!

  • Credible evidence is great. But that isn’t what kills. It is that bad poisoned batch that shows how careless they are, probably have been, and are sliding downhill.Like rental properties. Landlords stop fixing things to keep more profit. And that is the first sign. We need to read the signs. OMG I thought Origen was still coming out of Canada with fresh delivery daily. Can someone read the fine print on an Arcana bag and see if that’s in Kentucky now?

  • Go get the lot. You will need the proof. Find the sales slip or a signed statement from your grocery that you always buy it there. Make the fuggers pay.I am sure this is why my HoneyBee died.

  • Nestle is as corrupt as you get. I won’t buy anything but they are just an umbrella now and the corporation under their name like this KENTUCKYKITCHENS that now has Origen who used to be in Canada I don’t trust at all.

  • Vets who are paid by the corporations they vet. Same as Big Pharma has the doctors in their pockets prescribing. Ph D’s are handed out now like M&M candies. Certifications too. And with huge student loan debt to pay off they will say and do anything. They are indentured servants now.

  • IN situations like these they send out paid trolls to limit the PR damage. This is done is all corporations and in politics. I fed Origen and Evangers because my health food store #MamaJeans in #SpringfieldMO sold them. I read the ingredients and they were good.If it doesn’t say “parts” then it is not supposed to have rendered animals in it. But this drug was in her food I just know it. I am going to give my cats organic grass fed beef that I got for myself and see what the change will be. I think we need to sue. But it will be class action and that means the only ones who will get anything are the lawyers. I was just getting ready to order more.

  • Purina and Nestle’s also who take water from people, leaving them in Flint MI with poisoned water then sell them bottled water from Lake Superior that they used to get in their tap.Nestle’s also makes Fancy Feast Cat Food and that recent one that is a knock off and a few cents cheaper. I am sick.

  • Absolutely. You are correct. I don’t mind this administration is taking down that stuff from their agency sites since it was never true anyway.

  • It’s an exception then. Look what happened to Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream after they sold out. They were supposed to keep it the same and they did for awhile but it’s ruined now. I am so dumb!

  • That happens with every GD brand all the time. Burt’s Bees is another. Lever Bros bought out Isaly’s Ice Cream just to get the brand KLONDIKE bar from them. Cosmetics the same.Any successful small company gets bought out just like digital start ups. So Origen was bought out?Arcana I thought was Canadian with their meat delivered daily. Origen has the same design on the bag so I stupidly didn’t look. Just did and it’s KENTUCKYKITCHENS. I don’;t trust Made in USA cause I know how bad the USDA agaency is.Oh my HoneyBee was eating that too for senior dogs. I stop reading labels once I do it on a brand I feel good about. Oh this is all my careless fault. I just thought she was getting old and she was a puppy mill dog to begin with, terribly damaged. Oh no no no.

  • Sometimes it just takes awhile for them to slow down and it’s so slow you don’t notice. If they are older – mine are – and one is diabetic you just think it’s old age. This happens to humans with Celiac. You are old and feel that that’s just what happens when you get old. I had no idea until I read a tweet linking celiac and Crones in one tweet and started researching. Today I am well with energy. Really I didn’t know and I didn’t know about my Orange or my HoneyBee as I could explain it from other reasons. She was just so listless.

  • I think Arcana and Origen is owned by the same corporation. Packaging is very similar in design.

  • Look if it’s not certified organic don’t use it.Find a local source. I am going to.In WI I only trust venison really.

  • We need to just go organic for them as well as ourselves. I trust no agency to regulate anything anymore.

  • Which brand. I have been feeding Origen dry to my HoneyBee and my cats. I gave Fluff some lamb tonight and he loved it. Unusual for him.

  • If we eat organic our pets should also. That means they are not going to eat meat slaughtered in USDA slaughterhouse facilities.

  • Thank you. I am desolate now.

  • Yes they do and are already doing it. I read about the company just yesterday. The employees are quite happy to feel protected.

  • Already companies are chipping employees who ARE HAPPY TO GET CHIPPED for their safety!

  • Oh Amy I wish I had known. I think I am so smart about this stuff and now this happens.I am dying.

  • Don’t believe in those regulations for even one minute. Just watch the youtube videos.

  • I was just so sure it was a reputable brand. I am so sick. My HoneyBee is dead and my Orange cat is sick.

  • Go on youtube and see the hidden cameras of these USDA slaughterhouses.These animals are raised in torturous conditions, dairy cows are hauled off to them, and the terror they die in is not to be believed until you see it. USDA is a fake agency for what it is supposed to be doing.

  • If we can ban it, then kill shelters will stop killing as they won’t be able to get paid for the rendered meat.I just knew they were killing for money.

  • We have always been on our own but now we have been made aware of it. Is that a bad thing.These govt agencies are fraudulent.DEFUND all of them.

  • FDA, USDA, EPA are all agencies that MASK goodness to conceal the emptiness of what they really do. I know I have made my Orange sick on Evangers.

  • Corporations have bought all govt officials that could oversee them.

  • My Orange has been so sick for so many months. He is now on dry and better but still diarhhea. He has diabetes and is 12 years old.I thought that was the problem.

  • The capitalistic machine has no integrity. It is a machine. No more integrity than your car. People have jobs and won’t risk them.

  • OMG I have been killing Orange and I thought it was because he is old and diabetic. He is on a different brand now and it is dry and organic. My 3 cats don’t like Evangers anymore and won’t eat it.

  • You know they are killing the dogs and cats in the kill shelters cause they can sell them for rendered meat. Much easier than going to adoptions, filling out paperwork, talking to prospective adopters and showing them the animals. I JUST KNEW THEY PUT THEM DOWN TO GET MONEY!

  • No. My Honeybee died.And this is the brand I fed her. She was not liking it the past few months.Listless.I am sick with my grief and now am worse.

  • Local and organic is the way to go.

  • If it is slaughtered in a USDA approved slaughterhouse that animal is raised in torturous conditions and slaughtered in terror. Don’t eat anything USDA approved. Get organic from local suppliers.

  • Yes you do. If it’s USDA approved slaughter houses that means those awful places where the animal has no life,is tortured all its life and slaughtered in absolute terror.Find a local supplier who raises organic meat.

  • Oh no. That’s all I fed mine for a number of years. My HoneyBee didn’t like the lamb for the last few months. What about it? She died.I didn’t think they were using USDA beef.That means those awful slaughter houses. I am sick.

  • Pitlove

    Hi XX-

    My stake is not in any specific company, but in education of proper nutrition and nutritional principles. Your opinion of what “inferior” is is based on opinions you’ve gathered likely from blogs and others on the internet who voice the same opinion. On the other hand my information I shared with you is based in evidence based science and the findings of those in the field of veterinary medicine who hold a Ph.D and board certification in nutrition. We’re taught in college to use credible sources and I agree with the importance of this especially when these sorts of topics are being discussed.

    Ive posted on this site for over 2 years because I enjoy discussing nutrition with folks on here. No malicious intent, no payments made to post. On the other hand it seems you’ve only joined us to post about this recall and will likely leave when the hysteria dies down. Not everyone who disagrees with you is a shill and not everyone who agrees with you is correct. It is your own paranoia that lets you feel that way. Clearly you feel you’ve learned all you can in this lifetime about the nutritional needs of your pet and continuing this conversation will go nowhere.

  • XX

    They can tell you whatever they want, and you can believe whatever you want. It’s not my job to convince you otherwise. Likewise all your rhetoric about ingredients raw materials, sourcing, etc, means nothing to me. I have the common sense not to feed my animals what I DO see listed on their packaging, and bad as it is, I can only imagine how awful what they don’t list is.

    I question the motives of such staunch defenders of companies they have no stake in (or maybe you do). What is your motive? Why would you want to encourage people to feed inferior food to their loved ones? If you are OK with giving it to your cats, isn’t that enough? No-one is telling you not to. Unless you’re paid for your posts, don’t you have better things to do with your time?

  • aimee

    It is a topic people like to “debate” but yes the dog is classified as an omnivore.

  • Carol Duffert

    I have a German Shepherd and a German Shorthair which both were eating the Hunk of Beef around the time this put in the food. I had to take a trip UCSF for a Medical problem with my lungs, we had a dog and cat sitter come into the house to watch the dogs and cats for a couple of days. When we returned the dogs were fine, however my German Shepherd woke us up about 3:00 A.M. in the morning, she had the runs so bad, couldn’t get them stopped and the Vet within a month time had to give her 5 different medications before she stopped having the runs, our German Shorthair had a cough, (didn’t think this had anything to do with the food until I read below what happened to another dog) he was treated for Kennal Cough, which didn’t go away and had to have another antibotic. My German Shepherd was the worse, she finally got to the point she didn’t want to eat the food, she was smarter than me. How I found out about 5 dogs getting sick and one died, was a email from Chewys, where I had purchased the food. So, I decided to go to my local Pet Store where a great friend worked, told her about the situation, my German Shepherd was on Wellness and I trusted them, however when we lost our 10.5 year old German Shorthair, she would not eat for 5 weeks, so I had to change the food, get rid of everything that would remind her of him. She finally started to eat, well since it has been almost 2 years he has been gone and we have a 1.5 new German Shorthair I went back to Wellness, she is eating and loving it, in fact I haven’t seen her so playful in a long time. Therefore, I will not be going back to Evangers for their Beef wet food nor will go there for any wet food, this was enough scare for me.

  • Pitlove

    Hi XX-

    Both reps from Merrick and Purina confirmed to me that Purinas acquision of Merrick was simply an investment in the company. Merrick remains manufactured in the same Merrick plant it always has been and Purina does not control formulation and/or sourcing of Merrick products.

    As for your opinion on Purinas ingredients, I think this Evangers recall is a perfect example of why veterinary nutritionists do not use an ingredient list to evaluate the “quality” of a food. The list of ingredients tells you absolutely nothing about the quality of the raw materials, how the raw materials are sourced, stored, processed, what quality control protocols are in place and who is formulating the diet. The ingredients are merely a vessel for the more important nutrients and it is possible to have a nice looking ingredient that is an inferior source of the needed nutrients.

    Clearly no one who purchased this Evangers food could have known it contained Pentobarbital based solely on reading the label and yet we attempt to use the ingredient panel on a daily basis to make important decisions about what to feed our pets without asking further questions.

  • Melanie Frye

    So I know they said this is just the chunk of beef but what about their beef bacon canned food? Do I need to be worried about the beef in there??

  • XX

    Wrong! I fed my cats that food for years, and the only reason I (unhappily) stopped was a negative change in the ingredients. In fact, I didn’t realize it at the time, but one of my cats broke out in a terrible rash that covered his ears and face and had to be put on steroid injections. It had to have been something in the new formula that he was allergic to because when I did switch to another brand, he stopped having the flare ups. This was after he’d been eating that food for several years with no problem.

    Purina has NO problem feeding crap to our dogs and cats–they’ve been doing it for decades. I’m pretty sure they didn’t buy the Merrick company for the health benefits the food may offer it’s consumers, rather than the profits that can be generated by the sales of high-priced premium food. Though they may not have bought the company specifically to “change it” as you suggest I was inferring, I’ve no doubt they’re capable of giving the recipe a few little nips and tucks to cut down on production cost, which will in turn raise their profits. Take a look at the ingredients of their other foods. Inferior products with a lot of cheap fillers. No animal should be consuming that!

  • Leonard Ledoux

    No, I do not remember seeing a “plant” where food is made. I had a good friend who was a veterinarian, poultry expert, for Purina. He would go around the world monitoring huge poultry operations to assure the health of the flocks using Purina products. His information was very informative. I am well aware that Dog Chow leaves a messy stool and that is why I don’t use it. The Purina One Lamb and Rice dramatically improved what I had to clean up. I now live in South America and use a locally produced product that seems to work well. I have five dogs.

  • Sandy Robins

    I have been feeding Merrick to my cats for several years now – both before and after the Purina acquisition and I DO read labels. There have been no changes to the recipes – and my cats have never looked better. When Purina bought Merrick it was a business decision – to get a premium brand under their umbrella and leave it running the way it’s always been run. These types of acquisitions happen all the time. It’s wrong to assume that companies buy companies to change them. This is certainly not the case with the Purina acquisition of Merrick. I am currently raising a kitten on their kitten food and she is growing into a sleek beautiful cat with lots of energy.