Dingo Dog Chew Treats Recall September 2015


September 23, 2015 — The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has announced the recall of Dingo Chip Twists “Chicken in the Middle” dog treats because it has the potential to be contaminated with amantadine.

Amantadine is an antiviral human drug that’s not approved for use in animal food.

The FDA has labeled this event a Class III recall. So, whether or not to issue a press release is left to the discretion of the company.

Dingo Twisted Dog Chew Treats

The above image was copied in good faith from the company website.

However, because we’ve been unable to reach the company by phone, we cannot verify the photo is an accurate representation of the affected product.

What’s Being Recalled?

The affected product is called Dingo chip Twists “Chicken in the Middle” Dog Chew Treats and appears to include 2 different package sizes.

  • 6-pack Best by Date 5/16/2017
  • 16-pack: Best by Date 12/27/2015 and 5/16/2017

The responsible name on the label is United Pet Group, Inc. Cincinnati, OH.

The recalled product was made in China.

Where Was It Distributed?

The recalled product was distributed in the following states:

  • California
  • Iowa
  • Illinois
  • Minnesota
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Pennsylvania
  • Texas
  • Virginia
  • Washington
  • Wisconsin

What to Do?

U.S. citizens can report complaints about FDA-regulated pet food products by calling the consumer complaint coordinator in your area.

Or go to http://www.fda.gov/petfoodcomplaints.

Canadians can report any health or safety incidents related to the use of this product by filling out the Consumer Product Incident Report Form.

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  • Al Tavers

    I never said that the meats he is fed is ALL he gets to eat – far from it. I’m well-aware of a dog’s dietary needs. He gets them all, and also gets a top shelf supplement which was recommended by his EXCELLENT veterinarian. Before you try to make someone look ignorant and uncaring, maybe you ought to learn how to read. Just like so many others on the internet, you’re quick to ASSUME and JUDGE – and, OF COURSE, three others are quick to jump on your bandwagon, by “liking” your RUDE comment.

    Just FYI, I began working in racing greyhound kennels when I was 7. I’m 58. I have ALWAYS been around dogs – so, I certainly don’t need anyone to tell me that I’m not taking the best care possible of my dog – nor trying to make me look like a fool, making ASSUMPTIONS that I am unaware of what constitutes a balanced diet for a dog.

    Before you – or anyone else – have/ has a comment about racing dogs, I was among those who voted it out, here in Massachusetts, several years ago. I’ve been against it for a lot longer than when it finally came up on the ballot. I was between 7 through 14 or so, when I worked in that capacity. Times were different then. As a teen, I began to have a conscience about some of the things which were going on. I began to hear about dogs dropping dead at the track, from heart attacks, about dogs being “destroyed,” when they were no longer a money-making winning runner. I rapidly turned against the whole “business” of it, and I QUIT.

    BTW – my current dog, of the past 9 years, is a Service Dog. I really lucked out in obtaining him. I don’t think in the terms which I know that a lot of people do, but why don’t you try “pricing” one of them – and then “suggest” that ANY disabled person who has one doesn’t take proper care of them.

    Frankly, I care more about him than I do about most humans. The assumptions in your public post illustrate a reason why that is.

  • M H

    I bought some of the Dingo rawhide chews with chicken last week, and the first one eaten by my dog resulted in diarrhea within a few hours. It took 5 days and a 2 day diet of rice with chicken, and pumpkin, to get her to feeling better. I returned them to the store for a refund, and advised them of the problem. These are made in Cambodia, per the label.

  • theBCnut

    It’s great that you are concerned with feeding your dog the best you can, but this is not a balanced diet. There is plenty of info on the internet to help you formulate a better diet for you dog. Those bones you are taking out of your dog’s diet are a very important source of calcium and other minerals.

  • Al Tavers

    Since the pet food scare back in the 2000s, NO “FOOD PRODUCTS” from CHINA come into this house. I’m a vegetarian, and my dog gets boneless/ skinless chicken breasts, extra lean ground beef, and boneless lean pork chops. Know what? It’s no more expensive than “dog food,” and it’s sure as hell a LOT safer than pet “food” imported from a place that should have no business, whatsoever, of selling filthy crap to animal loving pet owners, in THIS country. Those stone age scumbags EAT dogs. Need more be said?

  • Amateria

    Probably won’t remember anyways but thanks haha, I’ve been having severe brain fog lately, all my tests are normal so no idea what’s causing it.

  • Azul

    Their-belonging to.
    There- a place.
    They’re – they are.

  • Amateria

    Yeah maybe that would sound less crazy that way 😛
    I guess just keep checking back here to see if anyone else has any problems with it as I wouldn’t know.

  • Pat Caldwell

    I’m assuming the guy’s dog had eaten them previously and won’t eat only this batch number.
    I am searching for a better teeth chew
    substitute, but would like to know if that batch has salmonella, e Coli or what so a recall gets started immediately

  • Amateria

    That I can use their kibble to brush my teeth? Hehe

  • Amateria

    I know I can’t, my friend keeps fixing my writing every time I write something to him with those words included.

  • Amateria

    So wait someone called to tell them that their dog wouldn’t eat the chews? That is like the weirdest thing I’ve heard someone do in awhile.

  • Pat Caldwell

    anyone have problems with Get Naked Super Antioxident Dental Chews, made by NPIC? I recently gave my Cavalier one stick Thurs. night and next morning had diarrhea which became severe by midnight with vomiting. Company was closed Sat. AM but was able to take her to the Vet and they put her on antibiotics and bland diet. She is now fine, but extremely disappointed in the company.

    I called on Monday to find out if they had problems with lot 18JUL17 L008 and the rep was extremely nice and said she would write a complaint, send me an email and a return label to return remaining product for testing. She said they’d keep me apraised thru entire process. I should have been suspicious when she never gave me a claim/case number and never asked the spelling of my name. She did say someone else had called in that their dog refused to eat the chews (wish mine had).

    I did not receive an email or return label and have left 3 voice messages and they won’t return my calls.

    If anyone has had same with this lot number, please let me know.

  • Hi Kevin

    One of mine ONLY eats the chicken jerky I make, he opens his mouth and if I slip a piece of turkey jerky in, he spits it out 😉

  • StaryStaryNight

    Good idea!!! I have to try that

  • Kelly Hall

    Again Sophie, thank you for all the good information. Everyone needs to be aware of where our chicken comes from now which is why I have limited my own intake of chicken (unless organic) and that of my dogs. Find some good used books on dog nutrition also – I just finished reading Ian Billingsley “Give your dogs a bone” and he really breaks down the meat profile for dogs. Very interesting!

  • Kevin

    its simple, I buy raw turkey lobes ($15 for 9lbs) or boneless skinless chicken breasts when they are on sale (about $2.50lb) slice very thin ( I use a meat slicer) trim to size and dehydrate them. Never had a dog not like them and the dogs who have gotten them from day 1 still love them as much as ever.

  • Kelly Hall

    You are awesome Laurie. Once you get the hang of it (shopping and chopping), you can prepare several dishes at one time. I always look for the weekly meat specials and mix in rotational veggies. AND don’t forget the organ meats and raw meaty bones!

  • Kelly Hall

    My dogs LOVE Beanitos with sea salt chips as a treat. And I love to hear them crunchy them.

  • Kelly Hall

    Love it! Now you need to share your recipes Kevin.

  • Tracey South

    I give the same fruit pretty much as Crazy4dogs listed. Except I will say I only have given very tiny bit of broccoli at one time same with bananas (otherwise stool is too soft). 2 more comments I will add: oddly enough he got intestinal bleeding once after I gave sweet potato (just a little but a few days in a row) It was cooked. And– I always share this tip: pumpkin , pureed, no sugar, no spice, is a home remedy for tummy problems. Diarrhea or constipation.

  • Crazy4dogs

    I feed my dogs fruits and vegetables all the time. I feed bananas, apples, cantaloupe, watermelon on a regular basis. For veggies they get carrots, green beans. celery, spinach, peas, broccoli, squash, pumpkin and sweet potatoes. My dogs generally only like the vegetables when they’re cooked. I’m surprised your vet disapproves of fresh fruit but likes vanilla wafers.

    Here’s a link:


  • StaryStaryNight

    Inever used fruit. Vet told me not too so I never tried it. What fruit do you give them? Broccoli made my pooches sick but they do love the others you listed. I use “Nilla” wafters as a treat too. They love them. Vet said those are great for them. I do this since all these crazy things made in china are horrible for them.

  • Tracey South

    my dog loves green beans, peas, carrots, broccoli, apples, bananas, watermelon, cucumbers etc. * though after the recent people sickened by cucumbers this year , I am afraid to eat them myself let alone give to dog. 🙁 the top 3 I listed are the main ones I use as treats. when I give fruit I do it with small amount. I give small amounts of any of these though.

  • Tracey South

    It probably is good for them.If someone
    has to replace Mother’s milk for a puppy I would definitely check that out. But the way I understand the comment , it would not be needed for her puppy since goat’s milk is not a treat type of thing to give and I would hope Melissa would get a puppy that is already weened.

  • Tracey South

    my dog LOVES peas ! I got the idea from my sister or I would not have thought of it. He loves them and many other veggies and fruit as much as treats from petstore. Like children , if you give them the good tasting healthy treats to begin with they won’t know what they are missing with the junk food ! Just make sure to read up on what types of veggies are safe for dogs. And , they do not need a lot of it at one time. Start out slowly. Most dogs with no exposure to junk treats will appreciate at least some veggies. Oh and , raw and no additions like salt, butter etc ! one person I know does give green beans but she gives to dog, cooked with butter etc. Which misses the whole point.

  • K9Jeeper

    If you only knew what By-Products REALLY are. You’d be sick to your stomach. And I agree, there should be regulatory commissions delegated to making pet food and treats safer. Maybe all 50 states need to change the laws making pets BEINGS instead of mere property.

  • K9Jeeper

    Try giving any puppy some goat milk. Goat milk comes the closest to the DNA make-up of a dog’s mother’s milk and is very good for puppies and kittens. It’s found at places like Sprouts, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and local dairies.

  • K9Jeeper

    Never understood why people can’t navigate the murky waters of their / there / they’re.

  • Sophie

    Hill’s Science Diet Pet Foods is a subsidiary of COLGATE PALMOLIVE. what does THAT tell you???

  • Sophie

    Are you serious? I’m sorry to report to you that ALL chicken products sold in the United States for HUMAN consumption are now SHIPPED TO CHINA for processing and then shipped BACK to the US for sale. Reason? MONEY. The meat cutters here top out at $13 per hour; Chinese workers are paid $1 per hour. Even with shipping costs, the corporate farms are making a greater profit. And of course more US workers will be out of work. This is a fact, reported on at great length in the past several months in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, etc. Strangely enough though, (sarcasm here) you never heard it on Fox News, CNBC, etc. And now for the worst part – the FDA has NO presence in China and NO inspection of these processing plants, workers, the chicken itself, handling procedures, clesnliness/contamination will ever be done. And since they’re “American” products, they are exempt from the usual inspection upon arrival back here for distribution and sale. Now, that said: does anyone see why they don’t do anything about this? Our ONLY recourse is to advocate for ourselves and our pets, vote with our feet – buy only local organic meat and vegetables and make your own food! If we refuse to buy their poison they can’t sell it. The only language these big corporations understand is MONEY. So let’s start “speaking” their language and hurt them in the only – but BEST – way we can. Once they understand that we WILL NOT buy ANYTHING that’s been in China, for ourselves or our animals, they’ll be forced to stop these practices. If you’re a careful shopper, plan, and join a cooperative, you won’t spend any more money once you get rolling than you do now and may even find you’re actually SAVING money like I did! One warning: work with a veterinary nutritionist or at least a veterinarian who understands the proper nutritional needs of your pet to develop a recipe that contains ALL the vital nutrients s/he needs, especially calcium. You will have to add supplements, but I just take my portion before adding my dog’s supplements so it’s no big deal. I cook a batch once a week or every 2 weeks and freeze in meal sized contsiners. I put one in the fridge to thaw every night. Since I’m eating a lot of the same things as my dog and I joined a local cooperative for $40 a year, I’m getting all organic meats, vegetables, fruits, eggs, and dairy yet paying LESS for food than I was before. I started because of my dog’s allergies then when I q

  • Sophie

    Unfortunately, a LOT of pet food/treats that say “made in America/USA” are MADE here, but the ingredients come from China. There is no law or regulation mandating that they have to state the SOURCE of ingredients, only list them – and believe me, you can’t trust the ingredient lists so much, either. They can list something that’s made from something else and you’ll never know the difference. This is in order to increase the percentage of protein in the food. I wish I had the link to post to the article written recently by a veterinarian who teaches animal nutrition at a veterinary medical school nearby but I’m on my phone and that information is, alas, at home. Suffice it to say that numerous pet food companies/brands were caught up in the 2008 melamine tragedy that killed literally thousands of companion animals in the US, even many of the so-called “premium” or upscale brands, because they’d bought ingredients from China that had DELIBERATELY been laced with melamine in order to boost both the protein numbers and the seller’s profits. Agree 200% with the first poster. WHY would ANYONE buy cheap – or any – dog treats, which are unhealthy anyway, and waaay too risky to take a chance on when they could give just about anything they have at home that’s healthy and far safer for their dog anyway? I always felt put upon because I was forced from the start to make my dog’s food myself due to her PROFOUND allergies to nearly everything including food (I did work with veterinary nutritionists at the veterinary school teaching hospital I mentioned earlier so I know it’s healthy for her). Now I thank Dog every time I see something like this that I never have to worry about recalls, poisoning, and where anything came from.

  • Melissa Vazquez Carrera

    I never thought of peas. Thank you. We’re getting a puppy soon so these advice help

  • Crazy4cats

    Thanks for the news flash reminder!

  • LParrish

    Never understood why people don’t give there pets healthy treats, I give my Yorkies fresh carrot sticks, apple slices & frozen Peas and they LOVE them. There not expensive and last a long time in the frig. You never see recalls on them. so why do we think a dog treat/snack has to be purchased in the Pet department? News Flash, they don’t!

  • mahoraner niall

    i once got my dog dingo dental treats, and she threw them up, after that one time, never bought them again

  • Christina Naugle

    no one should buy any treats or anything that is made in china,so please stop buying them.

  • StaryStaryNight

    I love the green beans idea. Will try that. Love the Happy Yappy Hr

  • mary

    What about the same makers Chickwn in the middle twist chews? Seems they would be the same thing. I bought these becauae they saud Made in America. I see they are not once home.

  • Kevin

    I started making my own 100% meat treats for my dogs about 4 years ago, after hearing of the chinese treats killing healthy dogs. I’d probably even have saved money if i wasn’t such a sucker for brown eyes and wagging tails.

  • Hammockbear

    So glad to have this website notify us about the bad stuff in our pets food and treats. Having lost 2 older dogs to the poison in the food from China, this website is a life saver. Lots of good ideas from pet owners too.. Just saying Thanks.

  • Hammockbear

    Nilla wafers sound good. My dog gets frozen cut green beans at Happy Yappy Hr. Homemade biscuits also.

  • Pitlove

    If you go to the Q&A on each product on their website, many people are asking if the treats are made in China. Their answers have been that “they have always been made in China, but are also made in Cambodia or Thailand”

  • Deb

    I bought the “bone” style (small size) two weeks ago at Petco. Before that I’d never heard of Dingos, and I didn’t realize they were imported from China. Seriously, Parkinson’s medication in dog food? Sheesh.

  • Pitlove

    They are claiming on their website that the “anti-viral” is safe…i’m so sure..

  • GastroDoc997

    No surprise, again. The Dingo brands I’ve come across are all made in China. I no longer trust the quality and safety of dog food, treats and toys that are manufactured in China. American companies are not doing enough to ensure the safety and well being of our pets. Their action is always too late. The lack of assurance provided by these large companies is quite disturbing.

  • Shirley

    Okay…now it makes sense. They give the chickens over dose of amantadine and then make the treats and sell to usa and pet owners purchase and wa-llla dog get drug with their treat…. gezzzz It has to stop, people have to stop purchasing this stuff. And don’t tell me people do not know about China made treats for pets, it has been around for years. They just don’t care imo, sorry about that.

  • StaryStaryNight

    I stopped buying treats long ago. My dogs loved dingos but no more. The get Nilla Wafers. They also get no salt saltines with a dab of peanut butter They also get carrots. Great treats that they love. We also make homemade dog biscuits

  • Laurie Rodick

    I had a dog get very ill and die from dog food. We switched the dogs to a homemade dog food and treats. I am on a limited income, some times they eat better than I do. We have 2 smaller dogs in our home now so it is a tad bit more affordable but I still did it for the one who got ill. The others look so much healthier now.

  • S Regan

    This is SO ridiculous, I agree with these comments. This is why regulations are important! Popular to rail against regulation but they are meant to protect health and safety and we need them to apply to our pet food/treats as well!

  • mary

    I have tried to reach them regsrding the lie about being Made in America—– they do nit respond a d if you keave anything thsy consider negative on their site they will NOT publish it. They are very sneaky and deceitful.

  • mary

    This is ridiculous. And when I questioned the fact that they say “made in America” on another site I am ridiculed and mocked. I already lost a young healthy dog to tainted dig food ingredients from China. It should ALL be banned!!!!!

  • Christine Daley

    Yep!! The flu and Parkinson’s!! Unbelievable found in dog treats!! Not for my pups!!

  • Christine Daley

    People need to start paying attention and stop buying this crap!!

  • losul

    It seems amatadine used to have a dual use as an anti-viral. I think herein lies your answer:

    Veterinary misuse

    In 2005, Chinese poultry farmers were reported to have used amantadine to protect birds against avian influenza.[23] In Western countries and according to international livestock regulations, amantadine is approved only for use in humans. Chickens in China have received an estimated 2.6 billion doses of amantadine.[23] Avian flu (H5N1) strains in China and southeast Asia are now resistant to amantadine, although strains circulating elsewhere still seem to be sensitive. If amantadine-resistant strains of the virus spread, the drugs of choice in an avian flu outbreak will probably be restricted to the scarcer and costlier oseltamivir and zanamivir, which work by a different mechanism and are less likely to trigger resistance.


  • Shirley

    Deirdre…. I so agree with you. What needs to happen is high safety standards for our 4 legged friends.
    The FDA has labeled this event a Class III recall. So, whether or not to issue a press release is left to the discretion of the company. Well that is just frigin great if you ask me. What a hohum attitude… as if to say, oh just drugs in those treats no problem.
    WHAT ELSE IS in them is my question, gezzzz

  • Shirley

    I feel the same way even though I do not feed my girls any types of treats in the pet stores or else where.
    That is unbelievable and totally un-called for to say the least.
    Seems as though they put it in there on purpose because “amatadine” is way off base from doggie treats if you ask me.
    This China stuff NEEDS TO BE STOPPED but pet owners keep buying this crap and it’s costing them dearly in my opinion.

  • Deirdre Barr

    why the hell don’t the US ban these and other products like them from China, there are little or NO safety standards followed there……:(

  • Christine Daley

    How would amatadine used to treat Parkinson’s disease get into doggie treats!! Kill me!!