Diamond Dog Food Recall Widens


April 30, 2012 — Diamond Pet Foods announced it is expanding its voluntary dog food recall to include Diamond Puppy Formula dry dog food.
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The recall has now been confirmed in a news release posted by the Food and Drug Administration.

The company is taking this precautionary measure because sampling has revealed Salmonella in the product.

According to the official press report, no dog illnesses have been reported.

What Products Are Affected?

Diamond Puppy Formula dry dog food with the following packaging descriptions are being recalled:

Distributed in Twelve States

The recalled Diamond Puppy Formula dog food was manufactured by Diamond Pet Foods in Gaston, S.C., and was distributed in the following 12 states:

  • Alabama
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Kentucky
  • Maryland
  • Michigan
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Virginia

The product may have been further distributed to additional states through pet food channels. The company is working directly with distributors and retailers that carry these products to remove them as quickly as possible from the supply chain.

What You Should Know About Salmonella

Salmonella can affect animals eating the products and there is risk to humans from handling contaminated pet foods, especially if they have not thoroughly washed their hands after having contact with the products or any surfaces exposed to these products.

People infected with Salmonella should monitor themselves for some or all of the following symptoms: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, abdominal cramping and fever.

Rarely, Salmonella can result in more serious ailments, including arterial infections, endocarditis, arthritis, muscle pain, eye irritation, and urinary tract symptoms.

Consumers exhibiting these signs after having contact with this product should contact their healthcare providers.

Pets with Salmonella infections may be lethargic and have diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, fever, and vomiting. Some pets will have only decreased appetite, fever and abdominal pain.

Infected but otherwise healthy pets can be carriers and infect other animals or humans. If your pet has consumed the recalled product and has these symptoms, please contact your veterinarian.

What to Do

Consumers who have purchased Diamond Puppy Formula dry dog food with the published production codes and best before dates should discard the product.

For more information about this recall, consumers should contact Diamond Pet Foods at 800-442-0402.

The company has set up a special website containing all Diamond Dog Food products currently under recall — along with all relevant package codes.

You can report complaints about FDA-regulated pet food products by calling the consumer complaint coordinator in your area.

Or go to http://www.fda.gov/petfoodcomplaints.

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  • Julie

     Thanks . I see it is now recalled too:(

  • Julie

     Thank you Kate. I had seen that it had been recalled too. I checked my bag and felt a tiny bit better because I had a different production number. I am wondering about our one old cat who was quite ill  a month or so ago …with vomiting, fever etc. (he only eats cat food) I use the 4health cat food too. Of course I could find no recall for cat food!!!!

  • melissa

    Just Peachy-

    Scroll down, find the diamond food recall link and red through it-it tells you how to identify the SC products

  • LabsRawesome

     Hi daisy1999, lol. No problem.  :o)

  • JustPeachy

    How can I find out the specific brands that come out of the Gaston SC facility, so I can avoid purchasing all of them? Obviously, that mill has major problems. 

  • Yes- it has been recalled now.

  • Recalls now include Canidae, Natural Balance, and Wellness too.  The Diamond recall site does not have them listed yet, but each of their websites state they are recalling products.

  • Not sure where you are located and how much 4Health costs but Natures Select is pretty reasonable (I think) and they have 50 lb bags.  Made in Texas. In my area a 50 lb bag is $55-$59.


  • Nauticalstar01

    Does anybody know good kibble around the same price as 4Health? I saw the recall and they are no longer going to feed any diamond food…..

  • Jerry

    On nj.com today, confirmed contamination in humans:

  • daisy1999

    Oops!  I think maybe I’m suffering sleep deprivation paranoia.  I’m sorry.  Well at least you will get a chuckle probably out of my thoughts.  First, I thought you were telling me to go get a job there, jokingly, but I thought it was a poke at being a “science” person.  But it gets better.  I know apparently there have been people that have made dif. accounts to appear as a dif. poster.  So, I’m thinking, does she think I did that to post the info. about the Diamond job a zillion times on here?  But, the real kicker was when I realized that then you must have thought I was actually having a conversation with my “alter ego” in the middle of the night.  Just me and “me” posting!  I thought well she really does think I’m a complete loon.  Well, this really is a LOL!!!  I do look like a loon 😉 Sorry 🙁 

  • Paula

    I am not seeing today’s 5/4/12 expansion of the Diamond recall on this site. Nor sure why. They have recalled 9 brands without regard to type [like adult/senior/ etc.] that have certain product codes.


  • Addie

    I was wondering where you made fun of her too, but thought maybe the comment got deleted. Guess not. 

  • LabsRawesome

     Hi daisy1999, I am confused. I never made fun of you. If you mean my comment about Diamond hiring a quality control tech, I was making fun of Diamond… a  little too late for that, since their having a recall.

  • Lisawhite41

    I just changed my dogs over to Diamond the adult  stage and all my dogs vomited and diarreha I thought they were going to die . No more Diamond for me.

  • Jcon101

    I don’t know where to post this, but here is a link to CDC statement regarding human salmonella investigation linked to Diamond. Reading under the heading “Investigation” it appears the first case was identified in October 2011.


    We are off to the vet this afternoon, both dogs are vomiting with bloody, loose stool. It started after I fed from a new bag of TOTW before I knew of the current issues. Yes, the code has an X, so from the SC plant.  I, and my dogs, thank  all who post here, I have learned so much.

  • Aaron

    Switch to Earthborn similar product and price without the recalls

  • melissa


    Could be kennel cough. Let us know how you do at the vet-

  • daisy1999

    And, there is a reason that I am overly upset now besides how its being handled.  I mentioned in the beginning that I had 2 that got a weird cough with it.  The 1 thing that never completely went away.  Recently my beagle is wheezing like crazy and my cocker’s cough is sounding more like a CHF cough.  She has alway’s slept pretty much on me, but can’t breathe if she tries and same if one of the others is laying on her at all putting any pressure.  So, now I have to wonder if they have endocarditis/myocarditis from whatever they had.  We go to the vets tomorrow.  I am upset and worried.  What’s caused this?  I don’t know.  But they were fine before.

  • aimee

    Fourteen reported cases of Salmonella in people linked to Diamond foods


  • daisy1999

    Ok, so I do realize I think you were making fun of me, I’m just not sure I get the connection.  But, anyway I don’t find issue with the fact that you feed Kirkland.  It certainly seems to have quality ingredients at a very reasonable price.  We don’t have a Cosco, so I really don’t know much about it.  I obviously didn’t have a problem with going out and getting a Diamond brand to substitute my own.  And, I’ve been pretty quiet about the incident-1 post each in the other recall threads and no negatives in the other Diamond brand forums.  If you were to be unfortunate enough to have not one, but all of you dogs become extremely ill, and the only thing you could possibly come up with was a new bad of food, you might feel different.  And, of course I would not wish that on you, your dogs, or anyone.  But, I know how people feel.  A week of h**l, wondering if 1 or all of them were going to die and having to see them that sick.  Not something anyone should have to go through.

  • LabsRawesome

     Hi Janesays, yeah, sometimes there are so many posts in between responses, that it does become a little hard to follow. The reason I said to post on the Blue thread is so people that use Blue will see it. I have seen that complaint a lot (dogs and cats picking out the lifesource bits) which can’t be good, because that’s where all the vitamin/minerals are. I think it’s a good idea, that the life bits are cold formed. I have never tried Blue though.  🙂

  • Jan_Mom2Cavs

    It is not involved in the recall and yes it is made by Diamond for Tractor Supply.  It’s their store brand.

  • Julie

     Does anyone know if the 4Healthpuppy food is involved the recall? I thought that Diamond made it. Thanks!

  • JaneSays

    Hi LabsRawesome, I was responding to Tracyi’s post below who was explaining that she was transitioning her dogs to Blue Buffalo but they were finicky with that food.  Apparently the reply function on this board, doesn’t place the replies directly beneath the post you are replying to.  Confusing!

  • daisy1999

    Well, I checked out the job desciption.  I never could climb a ladder-scared of heights.  But now that I have bum legs, prob not.  Lift 50 lbs-nope, on a permanent lifting restriction.  Power point makes me want to scream.  And, I think I would be dangerous in a fork lift.  But, I’m still thinkin about applying 😉

  • LabsRawesome

     Hey daisy1999, Diamond’s hiring a quality control tech… how ironic.lol  🙂

  • Prefer to remain private

    Everyone with a sick animal(s), please file a report with the FDA as instructed above.  Also the State Department of Agriculture.  Government agencies are slow as we all know, so please also go to http://www.truthaboutpetfood.com/report-a-pet-foodtreat-adverse-event.html  and file a report with Susan.  She will have feedback for us before the govt agencies.

  • Dcheplic

    Our Dobes were on the large breed Chicken Soup food for years. Our local Agway was out of it a few months ago, and I picked up the adult formula instead. Explosive diarrhea – with frantic begging to be let out several times a night the first night. Took them off the dog food, gave them probiotics and fed them boiled chicken, boiled rice, and pumpkin for the next week. Squared them away finally. We switched now to Vet’s Choice Health Extension original formula. The last bag had a funky smell, and the Boys would not touch it. Went back and traded it in, and they wolfed the new food down. They say they have never had a recall on their foods. Not sure what the issue was with that one bag. 

  • Mourningcloak05

    Diamond Dog Food Company Should Be Shut Down,I First Reported That My Dog Was Sick,Well Over A Month And A Half Ago,There Vet Called Me Back And Said,They Have Had No Complaints,I Have A Case #,I Have Talked To There Main Vet,4 Times Now,Every Time,She Tells Another Lie.I Love It,There Has Been No Reported Sickness On There Web Sight,And In The Newspaper Articles,What You Are Dealing With Here People,Is A Multi million Dollar Industry,With A Bunch of People On The Phone Lines,Vets,That Are bought And Paid For,What,Do You Ya All Think They Are Going To Tell Ya The Truth,Oh,They Will Send You Check for Your Bag Of Food,Once You Destroy the Evidence,And Send In The Lot #,These People Could Care Less,About Your Dog Or You,All They Tell You Is Lies,I Hope They All Rot In Hell,Ill See Them There,Poppa………..

  • daisy1999

    Yes, and its funny thats the ONLY job posting on their site.  A quality control tech for each plant.  Oh geez.  I guess you could interpret this in plenty of ways…

  • Prefer to remain private

    oh wait, my mistake.  they’re hiring at all three plants for three Quality Control Techs.

  • daisy1999

    Hahaha!!!  You beat me to this as I saw this a bit ago.  Guess maybe their previous one forgot one of those 151 safety checks 😉 And, yes for those with sick dogs, it would be nice to have them over for a nice big fat bowl of their “perfectly safe non-recalled kibble” that made your dog sick!

  • daisy1999

    Well its odd that there isn’t a thing on the net.  But, on Facebook the question was asked if they were terminating their relationship with diamond.  And there was a reply that Diamond is no longer making any Solid Gold products.  Funny that at the same time I was told I would “see it soon on facebook”, was the same time the question was asked on FB;)  I was expecting a big announcement, but the post is there.

  • Prefer to remain private

    Diamond is hiring a Quality Control Technician
    http://www.diamondpetfoodcareers.com/jobs/?Action=19Job Title: Quality Control TechnicianJob Number: QCT=03Department: ProductionLocation: Gaston, SCDescription: ·         Must be capable of conducting various tests for incoming ingredients, including sieve, NIR, moisture, and mycotoxin testing.·         Must have interpersonal and communication skills with plant personnel and management·         Must be capable of making critical decisions in the face of adversity·         Must have a basic understanding of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). Experience with ISO9000 and Food Safety/HACCP is also recommended.·         Work experience in manufacturing and/or chemistry lab testing is preferred.·         Must have basic computer skills and experience using Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, etc.·         Must have ability to work under pressure, maintaining a positive, professional attitude with plant personnel and management.·         Must have ability to accept temporary assignment changes to assist other areas of the plant.·         Must have knowledge of the overall operation of the plant.·         Must work in a safe, professional manner at all times.·         Must be capable of accessing all areas of the plant.·         Must be capable of climbing ladders and using stairs to access all areas of the plant.·         Must be capable of lifting bags weighing up to 50 lbs.·         Ability to operate forklifts is preferred.Special Instructions:To apply for a job at this location, please send a cover letter and resume to Diamond Pet Foods at the following:Production, Maintenance or Office Administration send to:Diamond Pet FoodsAttn: HR Manager100 Woodtrail DriveGaston, SC 29053 Or, submit a cover letter and resume via email to [email protected]

  • Prefer to remain private

    Diamond plant in SC has been shut down for production of all brands.  I do not know about CA & MO.  The online retailer I bought Taste of the Wild from confirmed this via phone.  Call your own retailer and ask.  I read this here: http://www.truthaboutpetfood.com/articles/diamond-pet-food-updates.html

     “#2  Diamond Pet Food has confirmed that production at the South Carolina plant has been stopped.  Information provided to me from Diamond originally stated they were suspending delivery – not suspending production.  It is now confirmed that production was suspended on April 8, 2012.”#3  Janine Smiley was unable to provide additional information as when the plant will be back in production.  “We do not know when the Gaston plant will resume production and delivery, but it will not do so until all quality issues are resolved. An internal investigation continues at the plant to determine the cause of the salmonella contamination.”

    Diamond needs to pull all product from retail now.  The online vendor that I bought the contaminated food from is still selling the product.  My dog is extremely sick and it is not ethical to continue selling the product when they know it is killing and harming animals.  I’d like to have the Diamond staff over for dinner and serve them the rest of the food in the bag to see how they like it.

  • melissa

    LOl.. I did google, and can’t find-but then again, I am not on facebook so can only see the public walls : )

  • ohnoesaz

    Solid Gold just commented on their facebook page that yes, Diamond Pet Foods will no longer make Solid Gold foods. Maybe just google for it and you’ll see it..

    All I can say is YAY. I have one dog who eats Sun Dancer ( was never made by Diamond) , Im already getting ideas about switching all of my dogs back to SG foods.

  • gaffagirl

    I had no idea that Diamond does solid gold!  So disappointing.

  • Theresa_church

    I have fed my Greys Diamond adult Rice and Lamb formula for as many years as I have had dogs (18 + years) and never once had any issues with the food. Maybe I have been lucky (I buy the food in NY) but I do pay attention when this sort of thing happens. I checked to food I have on hand, none of the bags are the lots #’s in the recall, and none of my dogs are ill. I have always found the Diamond brand to be a good choice cor my dogs, the food is lean and they like the taste. I should mention I feed my 10 yo male Grey a mixture of the Senior Diamond formula as well asthe rice and lamb.

  • NM123

    After reading many posts here and seeing alternative brands/foods being recommended also being manufactured by Diamond for those that are not aware here is the list of products Diamond is contracted to produce for other companies… 
    Canidae Pet FoodCostco’s Kirkland SignatureSolid Gold Health Products for PetsDick Van Patten’s Natural Balance Pet FoodsKirkland Signature Nature’s Domain (Available only at Costco)Taste of the Wild Pet FoodsChicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul4Health (Available only at Tractor Supply Company)NutraGold Super Premium Holistic Formulas

  • john_boy07

    Royal canine is junk. Sorry if you werent expecting such a straight forward response, I do apologize. It is full of fillers and doesnt provide anywhere close to what your dog needs. There are much better foods for about the same price. If I may, I would suggest a potato and grain free kibble. Although there are many quality foods, I personally feed the 23 flavors of Nutrisca (lamb, salmon, chicken) in a rotation so that my boxer can have a variety, and I also dont have to worry about her developing an intolerance to the kibble. Like I said though, there are many high quality kibbles to choose from, just simpley depends on what you can afford at the time. Hope this helps.

  • Browndog289

    Wolf King, wolf cub, hunden flocken and hunchen flocken that ships to Canada definately made by diamond pet foods and at the gaston plant. I called and confirmed it mid april when my dogs all got sick on solid gold. I had to put one of my dogs down, one was on antibiotics and the one that went on a hunger strike is fine. Can’t confirm it was for sure the food but it seems a strange coincidence otherwise. Needless to say i will no longer be feeding solid gold or any product that comes from any diamond pet food plant.

  • melissa

     Interesting! If this is accurate and true, I will reconsider Solid Gold products. I have a firm “no Diamond” policy in my home and kennel : ) Someone also forwarded an email to me, from her inquiry to Wellness that Diamond no longer makes any Wellness products. Not sure when that was effective, but that made me smile as well. Guessing it means all their lines(including egale pack and holistic select)

  • ohnoesaz

    From speaking directly to someone at Solid Gold. I figure we’ll see it on facebook soon or something.

  • daisy1999

    Where did this info come from?

  • ohnoesaz

    Just received word that as of today Solid Gold has cut all ties with Diamond…

  • LabsRawesome

     Hi Janesays, you should post your comment on the Blue Buffalo thread, so people that use Blue can read it.

  • JaneSays

    Hi.  Just wanted to mention that my dog felt the same way about Blue Buffalo.  Whatever those “life bits” are he actually was able to pick them out and spit them on the floor.  I have since read a number of comments from others whose dogs also did the same thing

  • daisy1999

    I agree.  And I wish they would word it as so in their statements. 

  • Elocdogs

    Thank you to those who posted back to me on the Earth Born…I now have 5 dogs sick.  Two are at the vets with vomiting and diarrahea.  Blood work and fecals are being run on them.  3 more are having stool issues and not feel good this AM..  My vet has said take them off of the food…ALL of them. (we have 9 dogs)
    We are now trying the Earth Born Coastal Catch.  We had issues with Taste of the Wild last year but that food was produced in Missouri.  The Gaston Company food never had an issue until now. 

  • aimee

    When Diamond states no dog illness has been reported I think what they really mean is that there haven’t been any cases of  Salmonella definitively diagnosed that have been confirmed by culture and serotyped out to match the serotype in the diet fed. 

    While thid may be technically true it is different from saying no illness has been reported.

  • daisy1999

    And, before I get bashed or questioned on things I guess I’d better cover some things.  No, this isn’t my regular brand.  There was an order mix up and it didnt come in.  So, before I get told to spend more $, my reg. food is from a small store, more expensive, an EU certified holistic brand-and I am poor.  But, I also didn’t see anything wrong with the quality of this food after reading Mikes review and it was sold right up the street.  Did I do a “proper transition”-no.  And, I have done this before.  This wasn’t a case of “being screwed up from improper transition”.  Was it related to the other “possible causes” people mention.  I don’t think so.  My vet did of course ask all of these things, but he also knew I would come with detailed list in hand regarding them.  But, in the end, do I have definite proof-no.  And, I will admit that.  We were both sure it was the food, but more concerned with a poison/toxin.  Lab work didn’t show any organ failure so it was ruled out.  It was chalked up to a “bad bag of food”.  We didn’t test the food or run more tests.  They were given Penicillin shots and Flagyl.  If it were to happen now, guess I would do it different.  Also a little peeved they are having everyone toss the food and not get it checked.

  • daisy1999

    Well, I have kept quiet on this subject since an original post regarding all 4 of my dogs becoming very ill.  I didn’t feel a need to bash Diamond as yes it is true that everyone has recalls.  As people have pointed out, salmonella isn’t usually a problem for most dogs unless they have immune system problems.  So, here is a thought.  What the heck is wrong with these foods???  Why did all 4 dogs become so seriously ill all within a range of 12-48 hrs of eating this food?  And, I’m not saying “oh, my dogs got the runs”.  Yes, it started with that and quickly progressed to just explosive bright red blood and mucous coming out that they couldnt control, vomiting, and a weird hacking cough among 2.  It was 4Health Mature Adult which is lamb that they ate.  So, what do I have a problem with?  I followed sites like a hawk after this and could clearly see people were wondering what was going on with some of these products.  I had a strong feeling, as did many people I know that follow this type of thing that something was going to happen.  And indeed it did.  And from the start, there were skeptics that said it was just the beginning. That now seems to be correct. But, the way it is playing out just is not acceptable IMHO. The just recalling one thing at a time and limited batches…ok whatever.  They are just leaving a lot of worried people out there among other things.  But to keep issuing statements saying “No dog illnesses have been reported”-now that is getting me upset. 

  • Josef1926

    My dog was on Regional Red until 3 days ago….opened 2 different bags diarrhea/ very soft stool. Changed food and normal.

  • Josef1926

    I just took both my dogs Champion food for the same reason. One was on Orijen (diarrhea) and one was on Acana (eye boogies). Both have been on those foods for months with no problems. I changed foods….dogs normal.
    You can look into Fromms…small decent company. Also annamaet is a small decent company also.

  • Dglasby

    try jbhealthypets.com

  • stella

    Kinda makes me nervous we have been feeding our dogs diamond adult and they both have had issues with diaherra got so bad I had to get meds from the vet. the one I have isnt on recall but will be changing…any suggestions I have 2 border collies?

  • We are currently Fostering to Adopt a Brittany. We were told to feed Diamond, which I have never used before. We are in the process of switching dog food as I don’t want to take any chances. I appreciate all of the comments everyone is making. 
    Has anyone heard any negative comments/reviews/news worthy stories concerning Royal Canin. I began feeding this awhile ago to my little Papillon who is such a picky eater and she has flourished with it. I am thinking of putting our little Britt on it too. So far it seems to be the food of choice in our home.

  • ohnoesaz

    Traceyi, Avoderm and Solid Gold are good choices but some Solid Gold lines are made by Diamond so buy appropriately. Also I think Nature’s Variety and Fromm are great brands.

    I agree on Blue Buffalo having issues in the past which also makes me nervous. I am currently switching all dogs off of it simply for a piece of mind. Seems like great food though!

  • Wvawelcomesyou

    looks like they keep recalling the dog food i would not give it to my dog

  • Karen

    Karen my younger dogs are on Earth born and my older dogs on Orijen.  Earth born is a small company that has their own plants.  I highly recommend it!

  • Vdboxers

    TOTW lies our feed store had several complaints about TOTW last year they denied everything! It was a good food when it first appeared on the market.We currently feed Earth Born and Origen also Natures Variety Raw…

  • Vdboxers

    I use Earth Born and love it we formally used TOTW but,dogs developed loose stools we thought they had changed the formula…

  • Corbs

    have u tried to give them wellness core its grain free little more expenisive but no recall  my dog has issue and has too be on grain free very good ingredients top of the line dog food .

  • Galinpa

    I hope you are all feeding your pups a good quality dog food! First ingredient should always be chicken, beef, or lamb. Not chicken by product. I use Purina pro plan as per my vet! I used diamond one time a few years back, and all my dogs had the runs! My vet has never recommended it. Just ask that you read your dog food bag to make sure you know what your feeding your dog. 🙂

  • Thanks for the info! Is that a brand that is easily obtainable? And has it been around awhile?

  • My Dog is SICK

    Can see the link that I’m posting?  I will post again, but in case it’s not visible, see the site “truth about pet food.com”


  • Jan_Mom2Cavs

    I’m sorry to hear your dog is sick.  However, when I called Natural Balance to inquire about their food I assure you I was not calling Diamond….I called the number for Natural Balance, which is based in California.  Yes, they do use Diamond factories to manufacture some of their food….I know that.  However, that is all.  Diamond does not own this brand.  The Alpha Trout I’m feeding atm is manufactured at CJ Foods in Kansas.  However, prior to the Alpha I was feeding their LID diets (pot. & duck, swt. pot. & fish) and had success.  No issues with Natural Balance, so far…..It is a personal decision to feed what you want, and for now this is what I’m choosing.  Btw, I’m not an employee of any dog food company.  Just a pet parent to 4 wonderful dogs and 1 cat who found a food that is helping digestive issues in a couple of my dogs.

  • Jan_Mom2Cavs

    Natural Balance Alpha, according to NB’s customer service, is manufactured at CJ Foods in Kansas.

  • Susan Werner

    Thnak you ….. I feed my dogs Orijen….and now I feel better !

  • Canidae is very good and my dogs love it. It is also an all ages/stages type so if you have multiple dogs, they can all eat the same kind. I got a puppy and originally changed to Taste Of The Wild because he had tremendous gas and I was trying to veer away from food with chicken so I got TOTW lamb. TOTW scores very high on the charts as far as dog food goes. It’s a shame that this has happened. (And right after I bought a huge bag of TOTW for my dogs and Diamond for my foster dogs.)

  • Allison

    Where did you see this information?? I have two puppies that no matter how i treat they still have loose stools and are currently eating 4 Health which is made for Tractor Supply Stores as well as my adults are on the salmon and rice for adults…could you please verify where you saw that they are removing all products that they manufacture…thanks so much

  • My Dog is SICK


    This is a must read for those of us with sick animals.  “#6  ….Diamond is picking up (removing) all product (all products they manufacture, not just Diamond brand) from distribution centers (not retail outlets…distribution centers).”

  • Puplove06

    What scary posts did you see? Everything I found was pretty positive, so I am switching to it currently

  • parkersdad

    please check out Champion Pet Foods , they make Acana and Oriejn , they have won pet food of ther year 3 years in a row , they actually use fresh meat and high end meat meal from the same ( and disclosed ) sources , spend 14 min and watch the video at championpetfoods.com to see how ingredients should be sources , not commodity markets best deal. Our dog is pretty picky but Acana Duck and Pear is its  favorite. Steel cut oats are the best carb source and only about 20% is enough to make a food not too rich for small breeds

  • Chezmassey

    Bob K- yes, I transitioned slowly from Diamond naturals lamb and rice lite to regular. The dogs were fine on the lite version. The vey said to pull their food and bring them in.

  • I did the transitional switch to Blue Buffalo in accordance to recommendations. And yes, I did consult my vet, whose guidelines I followed. My dogs eat a food that is chicken based and not lamb. I tried Blue Buffalo because Chicken Soup is now only available in 2 stores within a reasonable radius of my house. And of those 2 stores, one of them has advised me that they will in fact be discontinuing it. The other stores that carried it slowly phased it out for one reason or another (not enough interest in it, etc).
    When the Blue Buffalo was mixed with the Chicken Soup, all was good…as the mix was getting closer to 100% Blue Buffalo, my dogs decided to become finicky eaters (when they previously were not). Either they hated the food on it’s own, or they were punishing me for some injustice they felt was bestowed on them (perhaps throwing away an old ratty, dangerous toy?). My guess is that it was the food. LOL
    Of course one of the dogs is a Poodle and is at times smarter than a lot of human’s I know.

  • Max Zenji ShibaDuo

    We went back to what they were eating before  the CSFDLS Senior which was Natural Balance Alpha Dog: http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/dog-food-reviews/natural-balance-alpha-dog/

  • Karen

    I have one dog that is refusing to eat Taste of the Wild.  He is vomiting and has had projectile diarrahea.  I gave him Science Diet ID this AM and he wolfed it down.  He is a piece of kibble at a time eater.  This makes me worry.  He is at the vets presently having testing done.
    Our food vendor has suggested Earth Born Holistic Food..Coastal Catch since we feed the Pacific Stream.  Some of the other dogs have had loose stools but nothing like this dog. 


  • Bob K

     Chezmassey – You don’t just switch dog foods, you transition slowly.  Why did you change dog foods in the first place?  What were you previously feeding your dog?    Was your dog previously eating a lamb and rice based formula or something else?  What do you expect the vet to say? 

  • I would imagine that there is cross contamination and I am not willing to gamble with my dogs health. I would much rather err on the side of caution. That said, can anyone recommend a good dog food, that comes from a reputable company, with limited recall histories? I was under the impression that Blue Buffalo was a superior dog food, so I bought it…only to have my dogs refuse to eat it. Then I did some research online and read some anti-Blue Buffalo posts that scared me to death. 

  • Chezmassey

    My dogs have had horrible gas and haven’t been eating as much since I switched them to Diamond Naturals Lamb and Meal Rice Formula about 2 weeks ago.  My bag isn’t part of the recall but I have to wonder if it should be recalled.  I’m calling the vet!

  • John

    sorry, the link was truncated:


  • John

    Jan_Mom2Cavs, the brand list I posted is from wikipedia with the wiki source being stated as Diamond themselves.  
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diamond_Pet_FoodsThe point is that they are all made in the same place and there has either been cross contamination among brands or a faulty common ingredient among food if you take the time to read message boards across multiple websites.  The semantics of brands vs manufacturer are not the point, my intention is to let other consumers know that just because their brand has not been recalled does not mean they are safe.  In a perfect world where corporations had ethics, it would be ideal to make a phone call and get an honest answer.  The reason why I’m posting on this board is because I called Taste of The Wild over a week ago and was told I was the only one who had called with a concern.  Please read ALL of these posts starting with this site among the 3 different Diamond recall posts and you will understand that there is a common theme that Diamond is lying when we call.  If you call Natural Balance, Taste of the Wild, etc., you are calling Diamond.  It is all the same manufacturer.  I don’t care how nice someone is as a customer service person, they are lying and with holding information.  The pretty clearly value their bottom line above the well being of our animals and our health.  Trust me, it’s not my idea of a good time to cruise pet food sites.  The only reason why I’m here is because my dog is sick and I’m looking for answers.  Beware that there are a lot of people who seem to be employees posting trying to counteract the truth.

  • What did you end up puttin your dogs on? And how do you know what plant the Adult (regular) formula is manufactured in? Thanks for your info! I really appreciate it.

  • Max Zenji ShibaDuo

    It is not part of the recall, but all 3 of my dogs god sick from the last bag of Chicken Soup. We have been feeding the Senior formula for quite a while with no issues (actually they loved it and their coats looked great). We bought a new bag in mid-March. Within 6-12 hours of feeding from the new bag, all 3 dogs had diarrhea. We thought perhaps they might have gotten into something else, so we did a bland diet for a few days to stabilize (rice and boiled chicken breasts), and then tried the Senior formula again. Same results – more diarrhea.  We returned the rest of the 35 lb. bag to the store and got a full refund, and the store said they would contact the manufacturer. As soon as we switched them off of the Senior Formula to another brand, their stools became normal again. Just a word of caution as the Senior version is not made in the SC plant, nor are we in one of the 12 states listed as being affected by the recall, but it definitely was the cause of major diarrhea.

  • Allison

    I have my puppies on 4 Health puppy food and my adult dogs on 4 Health Salmon and Rice adult food. I have been battling symptoms with the puppies now for over 2 weeks. I at first thought it might be a case of Giardia so began treatment for that and then went over to treating for Coccidia have been treating for a week now for both and still loose stools. I had contacted Diamond and specifically asked if the recall was for the Tractor Supply brand 4 Health and was told no. Now they have expanded the recall to the Diamond puppy food and since Diamond makes the 4 Health line I would imagine that there is no way that this line of puppy food would not be included. If anyone else is experiencing this problem using the 4 Health line please either contact me directly or post ….very worried now…[email protected]

  • ohnoesaz

    No, he was suggesting people read the ingredients. That doesn’t mean make your own. I travel 35% of the year so making a raw diet for my dogs is ridiculous as it will only shock their bodies when I’m away on travel.

    I am completely assuming this but I believe he is saying check that the meats are real meat and not by products, and that there is no wheat, gluten, soy etc, and probably no grains. Depending on your beliefs you can limit potatoes/starches as well.

    Generally speaking, spending a little more $$$ on a higher end food is a safer choice compared to a lower end brand. I feel very safe in purchasing Solid Gold and Avoderm as they contain good ingredients and have not had recalls. This isn’t always the case though as some companies with great ingredients and higher price tags, like Blue Buffalo, have had major issues and recalls before.

    In the end… Just be careful.

  • Okay….so you are suggesting what, make our own?  Not everyone has that sort of time on their hands.  Suggestions for alternatives would be most welcome as opposed to the lecture – thanks.

  • Missmouse1683

    Unlike last time Momcat55? The problem isn’t that they had an issue, as you said, stuff happens. The problem is they have lied about it again and again. It is a “garbage” company in my book until they get some ethics.

  • My dogs eat “Chicken Soup For The Adult Dog Lover’s Soul”, but not the light version that was recalled. I live in PA where the recalled food was shipped. I am concerned that my food was potentially made on the same production lines and will eventually be recalled. I tried to move them over to “Blue Buffalo” (the Life Protection-small dogs) and they initially liked it, but then refused to eat it. We went back to Chicken Soup and they were thrilled. Can anyone please suggest a good dog food that has had minimal health issues? Also, could it possibly be that my dogs just hated the kibble size of Blue Buffalo? Chicken Soup is a larger kibble. Maybe a different version of Blue Buffalo?

  • JaneSays

    Also should have added that it took antibiotics to help him get over this.  I had metronidazole at home and treated him with it.  Not sure if he could have recovered without it.

  • JaneSays

    My dog got very sick on TOTW recently.  Refused to eat the product, extreme diahrea, stomach distress, vomiting.  Immediately switched him to home cooked meals and he now eats a combo of homecooked and Acana.  I have kept the bag with the kibble in it.  The product code on the bag has an X in it – which according to posters means it came from the South Carolina plant.  Not having tested the food (yet) I can’t prove it is related to the recall, but I would be very very wary of TOTW as well as the lines that were actually recalled.

  • melissa


    I completely agree -As far as I am concerned, if the issue was bad enough to shut down an entire plant, then it warranted a full and complete recall of all the foods produced. Course, for me, the safety of pets is paramount and I find anything less than the above to be damage control. But, hey, that is only my opinion as a consumer : )

  • aimee

    Melissa you may be right. But then I have to ask is the company looking out for itself vs. adequately addresing animal and human health concerns?

    All companies will have recalls and how they address the recall is one measure I use when choosing a company whose products I’ll use.

    Is the company proactive, which in this case would be calling for a recall of all the foods made in the facility or is the company reactive and only recalls after the problem is documented.

  • Jan_Mom2Cavs

    First of all, I’d call Natural Balance and speak with them about the formula you are feeding.  Diamond does not make all their food.  They have great customer service and will readily answer questions. 

  • Jan_Mom2Cavs

    I’m not sure about the reasonable price part, but California Naturals is pretty much the only Chicken and Rice food I know about.

  • Jan_Mom2Cavs

    While you are correct in stating that Diamond manufactures some of the formulas (or all) of these foods, some of them are NOT Diamond brands.  They are private brands that use Diamond as a manufacturer.  A technicality, I know, but let’s get the facts straight at least.  Solid Gold, Natural Balance (not all formulas made by Diamond), 4Health, Kirkland are all private brands.  TOTW, Chicken Soup ARE Diamond brands.  I don’t know about the others.  Thank you. 

  • Jan_Mom2Cavs

    As of yet, it is not part of the recall.  It is made by Diamond specifically for Tractor Supply (their house brand).

  • Brianhoweband

    dont give your dog anything but grain free products…..

  • Shellie

    You are exactly right Melissa. That is why I don’t use ANY Diamond product anymore. My dogs use to eat Premium Edge and 3 of my dogs had those symptoms,so I took them off it. I feed all my dogs Nutri Source. That’s all they make is all natural and they have never had a recall. And after you buy 12 bags you get the 13th free. As soon as I put them on it their symptoms cleared up, not to mention a round of Metranidazol to clear up the salamanella.

  • Deeringdk

    I feed my dogs 4health lamb and rice which is made by diamond for TSC.  They like it.  But they have always eaten diamond lamb and rice.  I just switched 2 weeks ago.  Dogs like it but it is made by Diamond.  should I be concerned.  Is it part of the recall?

  • melissa

     Perhaps recalling in the “dribble effect” is supposed to make it seem not as bad? I find it interesting as when I saw the first, I told my husband, there will be more to come and just had this conversation with a pet store employee two day ago. He feeds Diamond and wanted to point out that it was “only two foods”. I responded with-if the foods are made on the same equipment, one batch after another, than more than one brand will be effected.

  • melissa


    I would check the lot number  to verify its not one of the batch being recalled. If it is, then call your vet asap for information/instruction on switching foods-if part of the recall, I would stop immediately and switch ‘cold turkey”, but I would put her on boiled chicken/rice for a few days to lesson the transitional issues, and then add the new food in over the course of  a few days. Sometimes the chicken/rice helps avoid the stomach upset. If not recalled, then get a new food and start the transition immediately the “normal” way.

  • Skrol53

    Hi I also am a chihuahua lover,I was wondering if there was any way they could check the bag of food you have or would buy for the samonella…huh just a thought..mine is on Inifina..grain-free turkey and sweet potato.and he is doing great..also if you can use it,and not satisified they will refund all your money.  just a thought

  • To Those Discussing Pitbull Breeding:

    Please, let’s stay on the topic of dog food. Thanks.

  • Guest Granny

    This is all interesting. I recently returned a bag of TOTW because of the off smelll. Dog was not too excited about it either. It was manufactured in SC, expiration March 13.

  • John

    I agree, but we need to work together to find out what the problem ingredient is.  My dog tested negative for salmonella last week but is still very sick and not responding to the antibiotics.  Someone else said the same thing on the askavet site.  Please, if your dog is sick, have them tested for salmonella and then report the results back on these sites so we know if Diamond is lying about that part of the story too.  We have to help ourselves.  Again, report this to the FDA as stated in the link above.  We have to at least try.

  • I called Diamond several months back to express concern about the food.  Went as far as to explain that I was an excellent test case for them because of the wide geographical area my dogs were placed in.  I had dogs in four different parts of the United States that were all displaying the same symptom and the only common denominator was the food.  They were not helpful at all.  Made me feel as if I was speaking with a legal rep, rather than a food consultant.  Switched then, won’t go back.  In the process of going completely raw.  I’m done with manufactured kibble.  Enough is enough.  This may be all you hear of the problem, but this isn’t the entire problem.  It will end up being a problem with an ingredient that’s imported and distributed to all of their manufacturing facilities as a base ingredient to the majority of their products.  JMHO, Jennifer

  • I

  • John

    Do NOT discard the bag with the product code and saving the food (aka evidence) in a safe place in case the FDA agent in your area decides to pursue testing or if you go to an independent lab to have the food tested yourself.  They are asking us to toss the evidence in the event that there is going to be a class action law suit.  The vet at askavetaquestion.com is asking consumers to post our experiences on her comments so that we can independently help ourselves find the truth since Diamond is not telling us.  READ THE COMMENTS ON HER SITE- ANIMALS ARE DYING and have been for many weeks.  

    Diamond brands include:  
    Canidae Pet FoodCostco’s Kirkland SignatureSolid Gold Health Products for PetsDick Van Patten’s Natural Balance Pet FoodsKirkland Signature Nature’s Domain (Available only at Costco)Taste of the Wild Pet FoodsChicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul4Health (Available only at Tractor Supply Company)NutraGold Super Premium Holistic Formulas

  • ohnoesaz

    I was seconds away from switching my dogs to TOTW a few months ago before I read about Diamond being the manufacturer. That plan ended. This is an important learning lesson for companies trying to save $$$ by having Diamond make their foods – there won’t be any customers to buy it!

  • Bob K

     Mlapradd21 –  No I am not misinformed at all.  The sad reality is Pits are the most often euthanized and abused dog breed in our country and the shelters and dog pounds are full of them.  Breed them – Why?  Have you heard of Michael Vick, his associates and his dogs?   Please do a little research, Google can be a powerful tool. 

  • monkey

    Ah sorry, that is what i meant. Spay and neuter since there are a lot already without homes.. why add to it

  • Bob K

     monkey – Unfortunately adoption and fostering is not the answer to pet overpopulation.  The solution is Spay and Neuter.  Shhhh – no one wants to talk about all the pets that are put down each day.

  • Addie

    Bob K isn’t saying pitbulls are bad dogs… he’s saying it’s a terrible idea to breed them because there’s so many in shelters as it is already. Most pitbull breeders are total backyard breeders. They usually don’t even have homes lined up for the puppies before they breed, so they end up putting them on Craigslist where they get bounced around from house to house for years. 

  • Quickenings02

    You Know Ive typed answers on here for people and as usual NO ONE LISTENS…. Ive been doing research on dog foods for 30+ yrs and when I tell people the smartest thing to do is stay away from all of it, do your research go to consumer complaints and stay away from SUPERMARKET, COSCO, WALMART etc no one listens …….but when your dog or cat becomes violently ill you would have wished you did listen , especially when you try to save your dog/cat to the tune of 2,000 $ ,all because you all wanted to save 4  maybe 7 dollars on a bag of crap….READ YOUR INGREDIENTS, my God do you people not love your pets(family members) are they not worth a few dollars more?

  • monkey

    True, maybe they are but there are a lot of pitbulls without homes (for a number of reasons) so instead of adding to the problem maybe a solution would be to adopt or foster the ones that do need help.

  • aimee

    IMOHO I would think if Salmonella is in a plant all foods from that plant are at risk. Therefore it is interesting to me that while Diamond has suspended shipments from the plant they have chosen to not to issue a recall of all the foods produced there. Instead we are seeing different foods recalled every few weeks.

  • D N

    My dogs eat Canidae Single Grain now, recently switched from TOTW Prairie Stream because my 75 pound boxer kept losing weight on it. 

    If Diamond isn’t trustworthy, what foods should I switch to?

  • Mlapradd21

    Maybe your dumbass should get some real education about pit bulls they are great family dogs and every one i had has been a great dog and great with kids. You ever think your a ass whole and u are missinformed with wrong info.

  • noGarbageForMyPets

    like the poster says

  • noGarbageForMyPets

      just what this poster says….

  • Katzenwoofers PetRescue

    Well carp.  

  • noGarbageForMyPets

    I don’t believe that these dogs should be stereotyped. One of my friends have a PB and it is the ‘biggest lap-dog suck’ I truly believe it is all about their upbringing & what they are being trained & bred for.
    Just my feelings on the matter.

  • Bob K

    Momcat55 – “garbage” company.  Since this problem seems to be ongoing for a month, what other name would you have that is more appropriate?  Oh – Its not the company it’s just one of their three plants – sorry that’s not a very good excuse either.  

    On their website Diamond like to brag about their 151 quality checks.  It sounds like 151 quality checks are not enough.  Perhaps they need to raise their prices 10% to do a better job sourcing ingredients and running their plant with better QC and GMP processes that are repeatable and provide a better safer product.  

  • Bob K

     Ashleys3315 – You have a pregnant pitbull?  Why?  Have you heard of Spay and neuter?  Perhaps you should visit your local shelter or animal control for a little education on the ugly realities of Pitbulls. 

  • RLCA

    Also, contact your vet right away on what and how to give your dog a different food. Changing foods abruptly is hard on a dog’s stomach (usually you would do a bit of the old, bit of the new) but the recalled food stop right away! Your vet will instruct you as it’s a hard situation for you especially as your dog is pregnant. Have to worry about the puppies health as well.

  • RLCA


  • noGarbageForMyPets

    like I said earlier – if Diamond had ANYTHING to do with my food, I would quit immediately before it costs me money at the vet or worse still, the life of my pet

  • Ashleys3315

    I’ve been feeding my pitbull (Pregnant) Diamond puppy and its on recall, but I’ve had it a month now. Should I throw it out?

  • noGarbageForMyPets

    they’ve been known to put Melomine in their product in the past. And furthermore, Salmonella to me means: poor housekeeping, poor hygeine, poor quality ingredients, the list goes on & on.

  • LoveMyPets

    I totally agree with you – if Diamond had ANYTHING to do with my food, I would quit immediately before it costs me money at the vet or worse still, the life of my pet

  • Momcat55

    Everything I’ve read said it’s about the PLANT in South Carolina — they’ve shut it down b/c of the outbreak. Don’t buy any food made at that plant.

  • Momcat55

    This is NOT a “garbage” company — it’s a Salmonella outbreak…it can happen anywhere and everywhere!  It’s NOT about something sleazy they actually PUT in the food!

  • Catodd517

    We switched our dogs from Science Diet to Fromm last year. Unbelievable increase in their general health and energy level. Allergies in 2 of our 4 dogs disappeared after the switch

  • Brneyzbrat

    I use the natural balance….so now what shall i get? 🙁

  • Cookie_346

    If it is made by Diamond I would not feed any more of it and return the unused portion where you bought it.

  • Cookie_346

    I have been using TOTW for about two years now. Recently my dogs refused to eat it. I switched to Bil Jack. They seem to like it and are doing well on it. I also thought that something smelled different with the food. I used the Siera Mountain Lamb and Rice. They were sick with bloody diharria in march, it went through all four of my dogs and continued for about 3 weeks. I will never use that trash again.

  • Kjclay

    Thanks everyone for all of your comments  and warnings about harmful food

  • Lafkat77

    I contacted them on April 16th about my pup being sick. He had the large breed lamb and rice naturals. I told them the food smelled “off” and he had diarhea, they assured me it was not the food and actually suggested I throw it away and buy another bag. I’m NOT happy right now!

  • LoveMyPets

    They have already got caught putting Melamine in their foods (and lied about it) and now lying about no illnesses reported. How many more lies that we aren’t even aware of.

  • Hi ChloeMarie,

    Yes, it’s true. TOTW is manufactured by Diamond.

  • TMDC

     Yes….  Diamond Manufacturers Taste of the Wild.   Thankfully I switched my pup to FROMM a month or so ago.  I want Nothing to do with Diamond.

  • sick pups WERE reported.

    this is such bull. I called Diamond over 3 weeks ago- to let them know both our puppies (plus another 6 more all at different homes, same dog food) were sick. hives, swollen eyes- only common thread was the puppy food- Lamb& Rice Puppy. this was on April 6th! why are they saying “no illness reported?” i reported 2 cases, myself- and at that time- the recall wasnt expanded to the Puppy Food.
    UnReal. I will NEVER go back to them. and every chance i get, i will speak out to others to not use this food. they should have done this recall over 4 weeks ago.

  • sherbink

     They also manufacture under contract, for other companies, at least
    some of the pet foods sold under these brands or business names.

    Canidae Pet FoodCostco’s Kirkland SignatureSolid Gold Health Products for PetsDick Van Patten’s Natural Balance Pet FoodsKirkland Signature Nature’s Domain (Available only at Costco)Taste of the Wild Pet FoodsChicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul4Health (Available only at Tractor Supply Company)NutraGold Super Premium Holistic Formulas

  • Pssscs

    I wonder if Costco’s Kirkland dog food, made by Diamond, will be eventually added to the recall – kind of stressful waiting…………..

  • ChloeMarie

    I’ve seen posted in a thread somewhere on this website that Diamond manufacturs Taste of The Wild dog food.   Is this true?

  • LoveMyPets

    Here we go again!!!! First it was Melamine (that was “never in their food”) and now it was “just one bag”  and yet this recall just keeps getting expanded ‘more & more’
    this isn’t even the plant that was closed down – Like I say “Garbage In – Garbage Out”