Canidae Dog Food Recall


On May 4, 2012, Canidae announced a voluntary recall of four of its dry dog food products after being notified by Diamond Pet Foods regarding the presence of Salmonella at its facility in Gaston, South Carolina facility.

The recalled Canidae products include:

  • Canidae Platinum Dry Dog Food
  • Canidae All Life Stages Dry Dog Food
  • Canidae Lamb Meal & Rice Dry Dog Food
  • Canidae Chicken Meal & Rice Dry Dog Food

No canned products, cat food products or treats are being recalled.

How to Know If You Have a Recalled Product

Only Canidae dry dog food formulas showing production codes with both a number “3” in the 9th digit and an “X” in the 10th or 11th digit – and a best before dates of December 9, 2012, through January 31, 2013 – are being recalled.

The following diagram shows how to read the production code and best before date:

The recall affects only products distributed in the following Eastern U.S. states:

  • Florida
  • Massachusetts
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee

Consumers should be aware that further distribution through other pet food channels may have occurred.

The recall has now been confirmed in a news release posted by the Food and Drug Administration and updated on 5/7/2012.

What to Do?

Salmonella is serious business – for both you and your pet. So, if you can confirm your dog’s food is one of the products being recalled, stop feeding or handling it immediately.

If you’ve discarded the packaging (something we recommend you never do) – or you’re in any way in doubt – do not take chances. Be safe. Stop feeding or handling the product anyway.

According to Canidae:

Pet owners who are unsure if the product they purchased is included in the recall, or who would like a replacement product or a refund, may contact Canidae Pet Foods via a toll free call at (800) 398-1600, Monday through Friday, 9 am – 5 pm PST.

The company has posted a special web page containing all Canidae brand products currently under recall — along with all relevant package information.

You can report complaints about FDA-regulated pet food products by calling the consumer complaint coordinator in your area.

Or go to

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  • Julia Harbeck

    I had both dogs and my cat on this. Both dogs kept getting loose stools and vomiting. Both dogs ended up with urinary problems requiring vet care. I kept contacting the company, who kept sending me coupons and free treats but I finally switched the dogs to a new food and all the problems stopped. I kept the cat on the food since it was one of the few she would eat, now she has kidneys problems and is dropping weight rapidly. It just donned on me that it might be the food and we now have her on a special food for her kidneys, we are not sure if she will make it. I had to return several bags because they were stale and the cat wouldn’t touch them. I don’t know if it was this food but have to think it is pretty strange that all my animals did so poorly on it. won’t feed it again.

  • irene porter

    I changed to Blue grain free small adult breed chicken a two months ago. My 8 yr old dachshund has reoccurring loose bowl and upset stomach. I took him to the vet and he was given a fecal test for parasites. Came back negative was sent home with antibiotics, probiotics and pain meds. Course of antibiotics is done and he is still having the same issues. How do I get Petsmart to check the bags of dog food purchased? I’m concerned and will now go back to Canidae.

  • disqus_SBl7sCuYS7

    Hmm, just a thought. But, I wonder if the problem was in the storage. If the product was exposed to extreme temperatures (hot or cold/freezing).
    Some oils don’t hold up well.

  • Kristian Alanis

    This happened once to my moms dog food bag but she bought one of the bigger bags I usually buy the small bags and just make more frequent trips to Petco. I have noticed though that the Salmon bag does have some texture in it but it isn’t mold I believe it’s from the fish..I’ve been feeding this to my baby for years now…just recently switched though to the Meadows for seniors since my Vet told me to switch to senior and a low crude fat diet now

  • Crazy4cats

    Oh, I hope they weren’t selling it on sale because it was bad. Did you check the expiration date? I think you were smart to quite feeding it. Did you return it? So many things can go wrong after it leaves the manufacturer. It gets touched and transported a couple of times before it reaches the retailer and into your home. It could have been an isolated event.

  • trucker5

    Don’t know. Have used this Salmon before without any problems. Maybe that is why our Farm Fleet store was selling all their products for $10.00 off their regular price of $56.00.

  • Crazy4cats

    Do you think it could be mold? Have you bought this food before?

  • trucker5

    Just opened new bag of Canidae Dry Salmon and it has “white” flecks on most of the round kibbles. Have scraped most of it off, but still concerned. I think I will STOP feeding this stuff as my GUT FEELINGS are on high alert!!!

  • Crazy4cats

    Definitely a beaut! I’m so sorry. It’s definitely the hardest part. They are never with us long enough :/

  • Shawna

    She was beautiful Garry!! I’m so very sorry for your loss!!! 🙁

  • theBCnut

    Um, it may be the Blue Buffalo. There have been a lot of complaints about BB involving vomitting and diarrhea, even in dogs that had been on it a while. Being that you live in CA, you should not have been affected by this recall, since the bad food was made in SC.

  • Garry

    Here is my Cait, may she rest in peace!

  • Garry

    Chuck, I too lost my very best friend Cait from bone cancer, we feed her only Canidae no grain her whole life, she was only 5 years old when we had to put her down. My heart goes out to you. May your Barlkey and Cait RIP.

  • Garry

    OMG – I can’t believe what I’m reading…Canidae has been our
    dog food for the past five years, we raised our first Rottweiler (Cait) on this crap her whole life, she did get bone cancer at an early age 4 ½ and we had her put down after going through amputation and the 3-months of hell that followed the surgery.

    Our new Rottweiler puppy (Kona) just turned 3 months old and
    we have started her on Canidae Life Stages Duck Meal, Brown Rice & Lentils Formula for Large Breed Puppies, purchased April 18, 2014.

    We were feeding her Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula for large breed puppies. Vet recommended a slow change over, so we ended up mixing both, first 80/20 Blue/Can, a week later, 50/50 this is where things started to change.

    Kona’s started having diarrhea and popping in 3 or 4 piles, drinking a lot of water, more than normal we thought it was due to the heat spell we’ve been having here in California.

    Last time the mix was 20/80 Blue/Can and lately her stools are like thick soup and in 4 to 5 piles. We thought it was the Blue Buffalo, but after reading some of the reviews on this site and other sites we are leaning more towards the crap that Canidae is now putting out.

    STOP CANIDAE NOW! But not to throw Kona’s system into a trauma we switched the mix to 90/10 Blue/Canidae for two more feedings, then we will stop the Canidae altogether.

    Update: Okay I can honestly say the problem is the Canidae food, overnight difference, on the 90/10 mix Kona’s stools were more normal after one feeding. Not sure what to do at this point, been also reading bad reviews about Blue Buffalo…is there a dog food we out there we can trust?

    Because of this food we have racked up a vet bill over $500.00, the worst part we put our new puppy through all of this for no reason, thanks a lot Canidae. Never again!

    Here is another site to check out.

    Cait’s photo may she rest in peace!

  • Shawna

    Most of the regular posters here on DFA “rotate” the food we are feeding regularly – both protein type as well as brand. A dog with a healthy digestive tract can change foods without transitioning with no symptoms. I feed my eight dogs a new food about every three days.

  • HasABrain

    OK people, a changed formula means DIFFERENT food. Don’t you know that when you change your pets food without slowly mixing with the old it will give them gastrointestinal distress!! Shame on all of you and your vets for not catching that one, seriously! For the people that actually lost a VERY ill pet I am sorry and that may have actually been a bad food product but diarrhea/vomiting is whats expected if you just change your pets food. This happens with most domesticated animals and should not be blamed on the brand of food, just VERY unaware owners.

  • Pattyvaughn

    Last I talked to Canidae, some of their food was still made at Diamond and they had no plans to move manufacturing of those formulas. If I was going to feed Canidae, I would make sure I knew which formulas to avoid. But I’m not going to feed Canidae because I don’t believe the company cares about anything other than the bottom line since they didn’t take the opportunity to get out of the Diamond plant that is specifically known for recall after recall after recall.
    Diamond just had another one you know. It was cat foods this time.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Yes but all their food isn’t manufactured at their plant – much of it is still manufactured by Diamond, last I heard.

  • French

    They have there on plant in Brownwood Texas I think that speaks for the credibility of the company.

  • Pattyvaughn

    No, it is people hoping that the company cares enough about our dogs to move away from Diamond, a pet food manufacturer with MANY recalls. Since they haven’t moved yet, they must not care enough about our pets.

  • Annette Carricato

    My dogs also had serious problems with the changes made about 5 years ago. If I had kept my bag, I would have joined the class action law suit….was hoping the suit would bring an end to the company…

  • French

    It is a know fact it was a voluntary recall and no Canidae product was effected… Just people out there looking to harm the name of a great product.

  • DOUG


  • Wellerstanley

    Don’t you meet the folk at Diamond…..

  • Wellerstanley

    You are a very rude and uninformed individual!

  • Pattyvaughn

    People died of salmonella in this recall.  And immune compromised dogs can get salmonella, just ask your vet.

  • Tera Procunier

    I can’t believe they are trying to say it’s from salmonella. How do they know these dogs aren’t allergic to something in the bag??? It is VERY rare that a dog gets salmonella. There are millions of dogs who eat RAW chicken everyday (including mine) who have NEVER got salmonella. Dogs have a highly acidic stomach which basically kills the bacteria. A real educated veterinarian will tell you the same thing. 

  • Pattyvaughn

    Try pre/probiotic instead next time. Digestive enzymes really help with gas too.

  • hoganonthebay

    Code & date are on the back of the bag near the top section…. very small print… there will be a series of numbers & under that, you should see a date imprinted. I am worried too because my 7 year old lab has had some pretty bad “smells” for past few weeks (since new bag of food). “Supposedly” my dates & codes should be ok… but, just to rule out anything else, I gave him a round of Flagyl just in case. His stool looks fine however, not going as much & stinky toots which is not normal for him at all… ???????????

  • Susanwensley

    My Golden became very sick when Canidae changed the ingredients without warning about 6 years ago. I wrote on many forums about it. I was so upset. She was three then and is now nine so thankfully survived the ordeal. Our carpets had to be replaced. Need I say more?

  • Susanwensley

    My Golden became very sick when Canidae changed the ingredients without warning about 6 years ago. Now they are having problems again? Stay away from Canidae

  • hiwolff

    I live in CA and the same thing happened to my dogs who have been eating Canidae for 9 years. I took them off it and gave them rice and cottage cheese with probiotics for 5 days per vet instructions. I opened a new bag of Canidae and they refused to eat it. I switched to California Natural and all is well. I heard Nature’s Select is good too and will try that. I had tests run on one dog and they all came back negative. Did not run the salmonella test as it was $120. I am sending the food to Canidae and I hope they test it. I would not switch back to Canidae at this point.

  • Hound Dog Mom


    Sorry to hear your dog got sick. Like Addie, I’m not defending Canidae, but the “fermented” ingredients are probiotics (healthy bacteria, like those found in yogurt) and my assumption is that the pineapple and papaya included at the end of the ingredient list is for Bromelain and Papain, digestive enzymes found in the fruits. Both digestive enzymes and probiotics are considered beneficial additions and found in nearly all high quality foods.

  • Addie

    I’m sorry your dogs are sick on this food, and I’m in no way defending Canidae, but that formula has always included pineapple, cranberries and papaya. There’s even a picture of a pineapple on the front left corner of the bag. 

  • Koaklee

    We live in CA and have been feeding our two large dogs Canadae Chicken and Rice Formula for 6 years.  We bought two new bags and they smelled like horse manue.  However it looked the same and our dogs liked it.  Then they both got sick with diahrrea and this continued for a week.  They had no other symptoms.  We talked to our pet Supply store andthey advised us to contact Canade and bring in the used one bag and return the other.  We had no idea that they food had been recaled on the east coast until the manager told us, but said they have had no complaints at their store. The formula looked different to me and after calling Canadae they assured us it hadn’t been changed.  I don’t remember all the fermented ingredients before and I dont remember cranberries, pineapple and papaya.  Pet Supply assured us it was the same formula but I don’t think so.  After trying everything I put them on Imodium and have been hand cooking for them and they are getting better, but it has taken days.  We did get a refund, but now I am afraid to give them Canadae ever again. Pet Supply says we are the first complaintants.  I think it’s a matter of time before they start seeing more complaints and problems.

  • Aisling’s mom

    My very healthy Irish Setter who has eaten Canadae since birth,
    mixing of dry and can, became very sick, and it turns out that she had an
    overactive ,severe and swollen pancreatitis, that happens when fighting an
    infection and it lead to diabetes.  She
    had been refusing to eat dog food.  She
    is not overweight, gets a good mile+ walk every day in the woods on a leash,
    and is only 4 ½ years old.   She was very ill and had a $2000 vet
    bill.  She is feeling better now, but is
    on insulin, and we can’t figure out how she got so sick.  Maybe the infection came from this food?

  • BryanV21

    Sorry it took a while, but I wanted to check a bag at my store before responding. The expiration date should be on the back of the bag, in the upper-middle portion.

  • Klhathy53

    have canidae platinum 30# bag can not fine production code or best before date?

  • PTRP
  • Gdaddams

    Hmmm sounds like an ad for Fromms. Check the net on ANY dog food,somebody is complaining about it. Ever seen all the crap your dog eats? Hell, The oldest healthiest dog I ever had would only eat gains burgers.

  • PTRP
  • PTRP

    Chuck, I am so sorry for your loss.  For anyone with a sick animal or an animal that has died that you believe is related to the food, please be absolutely certain to report your case to the FDA because they can’t do anything to help other animals if they are not aware of what is happening.…There is a second group of cats and dogs, generally the smaller and older animals, who have died from organ failure most likely not related to salmonella.  Regardless of FDA reports, the cases as indicated by online polls span the entire US indicating that there is potentially a common ingredient problem among many brands.   It’s imperative to call the FDA in addition to leaving comments on websites.
    Read consumer complaint polls on the Diamond CostCo brand here:…
    Consumer complaints on the Natural Balance brand co-packed by Diamond here:…
    For a list of the 155 formulas and 14 brands in the recall, this site has a summary on the link at the left “Diamond Dog Food Recall Summary.”

  • Jaclyn

    Ive had my two catahoulas on Fromm four star for over 3 years – its a family owned company from wisconsin, and they have the absolute BEST customer service ever.  They even have grain free formulas – and several flavors in each line, so you can rotate flavors.  LOVE them.  My dogs gobble up their food, and they look healthy and happy 🙂

  • Natalie Larkin

    I just took care of a dog on Fromm & liked their family business. They only get 4 stars but I want to get away from Diamond products!  My greyhound’s been on Candidae for 8 years so this is a big deal.  How’s the Fromm working for you?

  • Eve’sHumanMom

    Canidae just opened their own factory: Ethos Pet Nutrition.  video spot on their facebook page.!/canidaepetfood

  • Petcrazygirl2

    That was in 2007, and it was Malamine poisoning not Salmonella….   Salmonella might make a dog sick, but it is treatable, and they do recover from the sickness, and it’s dogs that have a weak immune system that get the sickest, dogs with a strong immune may never get sick.

  • hounddogmom12

    Dyank, it’s no coincidence that suddenly when there is a recall of all these foods tons of dogs eating these foods happen to get sick/die.

  • Dyank

    I know of 2 cases on 2 different dog forums, that dogs got sick after eating food from companies that had recalls. In one case 3 Great Danes were sick and one died, of course they thought it was the food, that is what the discussion was about. But it was not.  The other case was also on a  food thread of a dog discussion because they too thought it was the food, turns out it was dog influrenza.
     Living animals, us included, get sick now and again, and with dog and cats we are not always there every time they put things into their mouths that they shouldn’t. But things make us sick, we throw up, thats the way things go. It is not always their food that makes them sick.
     Therefore we need to find out what it was if possible and not just blame food.

  • wayne wayne

    My heart goes out to every person that has lost an animal due to feeding what they thought was good food.. I too thought i was buying the right food to feed my dogs but i am so glad i switched food before i lost an animal like other people have.. I have switched to a great food it is called fromm. they have never had any problems with there food no recalls they have been around since 1904 with no major problems… when buying pet food make sure it is made in the usa and also make sure there ingredients is also made in the usa… Once you give your pet fromm i am sure they will love you for it…

  • Dyank

    I too am very sorry for those that have lost their dogs..and also for those that even went thru having a dog that was ill, we all know the worry.    That said, Except for the food that was found to have Salmonella which was Diamond Lamb and Rice, Chicken Soup and Diamonds Puppy food, ( certain bags of any of these ) Most if not all of the companies have stated that their food was tested  for salmonella with negative results.    That and the fact that for the most part even healthy humans don’t usually die from Salmonella much less dogs who many eat raw without getting sick .    That said, I hope anyone that thinks that their dog died or even gotten sick from their food, gets their dog tested,,, I believe you need a stool  sample for that.  Its only fair to yourself and to your dog, to the food company that you think did it and to the rest of us dog owners to  know for sure that it was the food that you think it was.  

  • Petcrazygirl2

    Its funny how everyone blames one dogfood for there sick dogs, Diamond was the Manufacture, there food is the food that was contaminated, but the blame is on Canidae???   Look at the list people of foods that were manufactured by Diamond, and are on VOLUNTARY recall list….   Wellness, Kirkland, Natural Balance, Taste of the Wild, Solid Gold, Apex, and Canidae……    I am feeding the Canidae Single Grain Protein Plus, its not on the recall list…   
    My heart is with those who lost a pet (family member).

  • Kaliberknl

     My heart goes out to you.  Try to remind yourself that Barkley would never ever want to see you sad and especially because of him.  Hugs!

  • chuck

    This is just a coincidence that my dog Barlkey, a choc. lab, was having stomach problems and now just this morning he passed as well.  No, not the dog food.  All the comments on this site are just a coincidence.  Right.  Canidae should be ashamed of themselves.  Barkley was an awesome dog and IN MY OPINION, DEFINITELY PASSED FROM THE FOOD.  He will be greatly missed by many people who loved his unique and loving personality.  He always brought you up whenever you were down; unconditionally, he was there for you.  Sad that you think you’re purchasing a good food and it winds up killing your pet.  My deepest feelings to all that lost a loved family member.

  • Dog products

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  • Wildriverman

    Agree that dogs may get sick for any number of reasons. However, when your dog is sick and there is a recall on the food you’re feeding him, then you remove the food and the dog quits throwing up, what do you think made him sick?

  • Dyank

    I think we all have to remember that dogs get sick for reasons other than food… we humans do.  Just a few weeks ago on two different dog forums, to people were discussing their dog and them getting sick and eating the food that was recalled….however both found that it was not the food when their dogs were taken to the vet. One had the dog influenza and the other an infection.  While we do need to keep an eagle eye on our pets and their well being, we need to keep all considerations open.

  • K9kpr Pri

    I’m switching to Fromm too. Did research and Fromm is best choice.

  • Lee

    I fed Orijen because of their high quality standards, however, one of my dogs developed an allergy so I switched two bags ago to Canidae.  I did not know Canidae farmed out their production to Diamond which they do not disclose, but I am very familiar with Diamond.  If I would have wanted Diamond produced dog food, I would have ordered Diamond.  First time around I didn’t find any Orijen recalls but now have discovered a recall because of dangerous salmon  bones and it seems the recall was not handled well by Orijen, aside from shoddy Q/C that is not acceptable.  I am done with both products–save the lectures because for what we pay manufacturers should be testing every bag as far as I’m concerned if that’s what it takes to be safe.  I do not subscribe to the thought, well accidents happen.  Once maybe, never twice.  After more extensive research, I am using Fromm, a small privately owned and operated, multi-generational company in business since the early 1900’s with NEVER  a recall located in Wisconsin.  Dog food has become outrageously expensive because people will pay it.  It a rip off for what we get and I may start making my own.  

  • Pitbull Friends
  • Pitbull Friends

    I don’t think Salmonella is that much of an issue for your dog, I would just make sure I washed my hands thoroughly after handling my pets food to ensure I don’t get it, the dog’s stomach is designed to eat raw food.  

  • Kaliberknl

    Anyone who was feeding Canidae when they”changed formulas” would never consider ever feeding it again.  

  • Petcrazygirl2

  • Petcrazygirl2

     I tried Orijen, one of my dogs was not adjusting well so I went back to Canidae….     Orijen is a very rich food, Like Blue Buffalo.

  • Petcrazygirl2

     This is true!!!!   The main culprit in the food recall started with Diamond’s own food when it tested positive, because they manufacture other company pet foods they did a voluntary recall on all the foods that where manufactured during that time at that plant in South Carolina, it’s just a precaution….  I have been feeding Canidae since 2005, The dogs look and feel great….  Canidae is opening there own plant in Texas, supposedly in May 2012, Its is called “Ethos Pet Nutrition”, and will be a state of the art facility, with constant safety testing, so hang in there everyone, Canidae is fully aware of whats going on at Diamond, and are moving forward….  🙂    

  • Tikibar

    Alabama is affected by the recall too, according to the website they set up.

  • Tikibar

    Carol, my news channels reported it the day after I heard about it on Facebook. I “liked” canidae on Facebook, but that is not who posted the recall, it was an animal daycare place who actually posted it.

  • Psarasota497

    i stopped using this product after 5 years when they changed the formula.

  • Wildriverman

     Oh, and it’s funny how since I quite feeding the Canidae two days ago my dog hasn’t thrown up since.
    Funny, there was a recall at the same time. Just too funny huh?

  • Wildriverman

     My dog has been on Canidae since 2006 and was doing fine as I stated.
    He has the stomach of a possum. He never gets sick.
    I’m sure Canidae takes what measures they can but they don’t even make their own food and they didn’t answer their phone yesterday and they haven’t returned a call concerning the message I left them.
    Oh by the way, lunch hour is almost over, time to get back to work at the Diamond plant.

  • quest

     Really Amanda? Are you afraid to eat your own human food? Because of the pesticides and the human recall on foods? Maybe you should just give your puppies cheap dog food and then for sure they will get crap food. 


     You don’t know for sure it was CANIDAE. It just may have been something your dog ate outside. Unless you had an autopsy that proved it, please don’t be quick to blame a dog food for your dogs passing. And besides there has been many recalls for different dogs food including CANIDAE in the past and we have been giving our dogs CANIDAE since 2002 and they are now 16yrs old and 10yrs and HEALTHY! on CANIDAE
    I am sorry you lost your dog though.


    Our dogs have been on CANIDAE since 2002 and has NEVER gotten sick. Maybe your a little BS! Maybe it was just a coincidence that your dog got sick. Or maybe your dog got into something else while you weren’t watching it.
    The folks at CANIDAE know what they are doing. They do take measures in providing the public with quality dog food.
    It’s funny how when there is a recall, all of a sudden dogs are getting sick. People like you just want something to b**ch and complain about.

  • Ann

    I have researched many dog foods and am a breeder of Coton de Tulears.  I have found a dry food from Canada that meets and exceeds all my standards. It’s called Orijen. It’s a bit pricey.  They never ever outsource the production of their food like the other companies.  I was feeding Solid Gold that is now involved int he recall. I contemplated feeding Canadae because of the price of Orijen but will no longer be contemplating a switch.  I suggest you give this a food a try.  You will be pleasantly surprised.  

  • maxmabi

    So sorry for the loss of your best buddy. Max & Mabi send you wet kisses and paw hugs.

  • guest

    I too fed my dog canidae, until she had intermittent vomitting sessions and then became deathly sick.  Bloody stools, fever, no appetite, all of the classic salmonella symptoms.  At this time she then refused to eat the Canidae.  After many vet trips and nursing her back to health, we changed foods and miraculously her good health returned 100%.  She also never gets ill.  I knew something was wrong with Canidae and like any business looking to show good faith, their limited recall only scratches the surface.  This happened 8 months ago and I read articles of other dog owners having the same experience at the time. The good folks at Canidae can now say, “We took preemptive measures to protect our consumers with the voluntary recall”…..  BS!!!!!!!  It was happening then and is still happening.  I also read on Canidae’s voluntary recall statements how they were not aware of any dogs becoming ill from their food.  BS on that too!!!

  • Rchoquet

    I just called the company and they assured me that expiration date is ok. I have the same bag with the same date. She also said it was a voluntary recall and that NONE of their products tested positive for the bacteria. They recalled the dated Dec. 2012 through Jan 2013 voluntarily because other companies tested positive and they just wanted to make sure their product was safe to consume.

  • Wildriverman

    My 8yr. old Golden has eaten Canidae (mostly chicken & rice) since he was a pup with excellent results.

    He’s been throwing up on and off for about a week. Yesterday he developed very loose stool. He never gets sick.
    I checked the
    internet about a possible Canidae recall and there it was! I checked his bag of food and it doesn’t
    match the recall dates or numbers but I took him to the vet today

    Slight fever, three meds and boiled ground beef and rice for three days.
    Vet thinks he’ll be OK. My bag has an expire date of 02Feb13.
    I think there may still be some bacteria in the newer batches.

    We’ll see.

  • Wildriverman

     I’m so sorry to hear about your dog. You have my sincere sympathy.

  • Mytime04

    Does any one know exactly what brands are made at Diamond? I feed Wellness Core to my Boxer/ Great Dane mix.
    The only food he doesn’t break out on nor get slimey poops.

  • I am so sorry for your loss. My Tibetan Mastiff passed at 15 five years ago and it was awful. It might not have been the food but you’ll probably never know.

  • Don’t use it!

  • pissedoff!

    My 15-year old lab just passed away on Friday, May 4th.  He had been having stomach problems for a week, and has eaten Canadae Lamb & Rice all his life.  Why am I just hearing about this 3 days after his passing?  Sure, I would love a replacement…of my dog!  This has been the worst week of my life, he truly was my best buddy.  I feel like my heart has been ripped out as I miss him so much.  I am so furious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  • Debbie Accardi1

    My dog has had stomach problems for almost a week.  When someone sent me the Canidae recall I thought that was the problem for sure.  When got home the product numbers didn’t.  Is it possible the recall should be expanded?

  • K9lifelinerescue

    Thank you for keeping on top of this recall for us.

  • Caroljby

    I am a breeder of Rottweilers and have used Diamond Brand for over 5 years I switched because they had a recall for many of their bags of food including Taste of the Wild That I was feeding I just switched to Canadae  I am really concerned about all dry dog food?????? I am not sure what food is safe anymore. I wish the News channels will announce these recalls a lot of people do not know of these news letters where u get the alerts. They have on the news recalls for food and toys so now they need to do the same for our pets. I am going to call my local news channels and tell them I hope everyone will do the same call their local news channel and ask them to report the dog food recalls

  • Amanda D.

    I bought a bag today that has an Exp. Date of April 2013.. I bought this bag for a litter of puppies that will be weaned as of tomorrow. I’m really hesitant to use it! 

  • Betty

    I have been feeding my dog dry canadae for almost 5 years. After hearing about this, I returned all the dog food to the pet store that we use for a refund. We also discarded the container that we stored the food in. We bleached all toys, as well all water and food containers, even though we are in Alabama, our pet store pulled all dry canadae off the shelves.  

  • Julie Macki

    Jeff, have you checked out Life’s Abundance? As a pet food store owner, you really should check it out.

  • Jeff Willis

    Switch to Earthborn. It has similar but better ingredients and the price point is almost exactly the same. Its made by a great midwestern U.S. family owned company with no recalls in over 80 years. Its the best selling food in my store the past three years and we personally feed their Bison to our pets and have had better results than with any other Grain Free diet. Its not only Grain Free but also Potato free for less than $50. As a Pet food store owner I can choose to feed anything, but Earthborn Holistic is definitely ahead of the curve!

  • Julie Macki

    Have fed a few different “high-quality” dog foods over the years…..every one of them has been on the recall list at one time or another! I am tired of worrying about it!! Glad I was introduced to Life’s Abundance holistic dog food a few months ago…NEVER been recalled, perfectly formulated by a vet for all life stages so no need to switch formulas based on age of your dogs, feeding less food because it’s so nutrient-dense (less $ per serving=money savings), less poo to clean up, & I am actually getting larger litters too! And if that’s not enough, it’s made fresh and delivered right to my door…not sitting on a shelf for months (average age of the dog food you are buying off the shelf is 18 months) Check it out: