Blue Buffalo Dog Food Recall


October 8, 2010. The Blue Buffalo Company of Wilton, Connecticut has announced a dog food recall of certain batches of some of its popular products due to potentially toxic levels of vitamin D.

Blue Buffalo Company Logo

The FDA bulletin announcing this dog food recall was posted on the agency’s website Friday.

In a letter posted by the company on October 8, 2010, Blue Buffalo CEO, Bill Bishop writes…

“…we are voluntarily recalling specific production runs of our Wilderness Chicken-Dog, Basics Salmon-Dog and Large Breed Adult Dog products, as we have reason to believe that the products from these runs may contain a higher level of Vitamin D than is called for in our product specifications.”

The announcement goes on to explain…

“While the potential of increased Vitamin D presents no serious health risk, and any negative reaction to these products has been confined to a very small segment of the canine population who appear to be sensitive to higher levels of Vitamin D, we have a zero tolerance for any product that does not meet our specifications.”

Which Dog Food Products
Are Being Recalled?

The company bulletin advises the following packages are the only dog foods involved in the recall…

BLUE Wilderness Chicken
Package Sizes: 4.5 lb., 11 lb., 24lb.
Best Use By Dates: JUL 12 11B, JUL 13 11B, JUL 26 11Z, JUL 27 11Z, JUL 28 11Z

BLUE Basics Salmon
Package Sizes: 11 lb., 24 lb.
Best Use By Dates: AUG 21 11B, AUG 22 11B

BLUE Life Protection Large Breed Adult Chicken
Package Sizes: 30 lb.
Best Use By Dates: SEP 22 11 P, SEP 23 11 P, OCT 26 11 P

Obviously, if you have any of these products, you should stop using them immediately. And contact the company.

How the Mystery Was Solved

The problem was first reported to us by one of our readers on September 26. But we were unable to confirm the story until now.

In an article published earlier today (October 8, 2010) researchers at Michigan State University reported they had…

“…discovered a group of illnesses reported in dogs across the country is linked to a specific brand of dog food from the Blue Buffalo Co.

“Veterinarians from across the country recently began sending samples from dogs with elevated levels of calcium in their blood to MSU’s Diagnostic Center for Population and Animal Health, director Carole Bolin said. The sick dogs had increased thirst and urination, and some of them also suffered weight loss, loss of appetite and signs of kidney damage.

“Endocrinologists with the Diagnostic Center, a service unit of the College of Veterinary Medicine, soon noticed the pattern and found a common factor: All 16 dogs whose samples were tested had very high levels of vitamin D in their blood and were fed a diet of Blue Buffalo’s Wilderness Chicken Recipe.”

The article continues…

“The affected dogs ranged in age from 8 months to 8 years. There were three mixed-breed dogs and 13 purebred dogs. The samples originated from eight states: Michigan, Texas, Colorado, Wisconsin, California, Illinois, North Dakota and Utah. In addition to the testing, there was either a brief written history and/or communication with the referring veterinarian to discuss the possible sources of excess vitamin D.

“Dogs seem to recover when the diet is changed, Bolin said, and there have not been any reported deaths related to the diet.”

What’s Being Done?

Blue Buffalo has assured consumers it is taking immediate action to remove all affected products from the shelves of retailers. And the company recommends…

“If your dog has shown any adverse reaction to the recalled products, have him checked by your veterinarian. Typical symptoms might include excessive water intake and/or excessive urination, and in some cases vomiting. Blue Buffalo will reimburse any veterinary or testing expenses related to illness caused by these products.”

The Bottom Line

If you already have one of these products in your possession, you may contact Blue Buffalo at 877-523-9114 to arrange for return of the product and reimbursement.

In addition…

You can report complaints about FDA-regulated pet food products by calling the consumer complaint coordinator in your area.

Dog food recalls and FDA health alerts are serious matters. So, be sure to tell everyone you know who has a pet they care about.

Visit our Dog Food Recalls summary page for a list of links to all the Advisor’s most recent recall reports.

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  • Judi Baier Rathbun

    Did you guys see this article? The Blue Buffalo as well, has lead…. read it.

  • Tracy

    My little Maltese had started vomiting and couldn’t hold anything down, except the Blue Diamond Bones with sweet potato. I took her to our Vet and they ran all kinds of test ($$$). They couldn’t find anything. Then it dawned on me, stop giving her the bones and see if she eats the food instead and doesn’t vomit. It took one night to see her regain her strength and she has been fine all week. It’s the Blue Diamond Bones that were making her sick!!

  • Jonathan

    My vet suggested that I add a canned food to my dogs diet. Immediately after my visit, I went to the local store and purchased two cans of Blue Buffalo. I added a spoonful to his regular food to introduce the food to his system. About 3 days later my dog starts vomiting, has terrible diarrhea, can’t eat, even throwing up plain water. I took him to the vet where they noticed signs of jaundice, and immediately tested his blood. Basically his liver was not functioning. After one night in the hospital, four days of treatments including liquids and medications, and going to be on medications for about two more weeks, he is finally returning to normal. The vet is not able to identify the problem, can only guess he ate something bad. I know there have been recalls with Blue Buffalo lately, but I am wondering if anyone else has had an experience like this after Blue Buffalo.

  • LabsRawesome

    I definitely would not put my dogs on Blue. For less than the cost of Blue you can get much better food.

  • theBCnut

    Hi Blazeaglory
    There is no way to know if BB caused these problems or not, and neither of these posters has been back since Jan. 2013.

  • blazeaglory

    Could you at least update this comment instead of trying to make BB look bad? Im sorry for your loss but it could have been many things that caused the problems.

    I would like to know because I am switching my dog to BB. My dog has been eating food with Brewers Yeast, which I think BB contains (dried yeast) and that can sometimes lead to bloating (so Ive heard) but it depends on if your dog is allergic to it or not. That is something to think about as well. Sorry for your loss

  • blazeaglory

    Was it the BB dog food? I think everyone would like to know.

  • aimee

    I just saw this reply. The basis of that statement was that arthritis in dogs is very uncommonly anything but osteoarthritis whereas the other forms are more common in people.

    The quote you posted came from a section about rheumatoid arthritis. The TCM Dr. thought potato may play a role in rheumatoid or other immune based arthritis but not osteo.

    Did you see this? “Recent studies, however, found that nightshade vegetables may actually
    help keep symptoms in check. According to the Arthritis Foundation’s
    publication, Arthritis Today, a study found that yellow and purple
    potatoes may reduce inflammation in men. Another study found that
    people who consumed high amounts of lutein, a compound in tomatoes, were 70 percent less likely to have osteoarthritis.”

    I don’t think there is enough data to say one way or the other

  • Shawna

    If it’s not too much effort on your part with your injury etc, rotation is a great feeding practice. This bag Wellness Core, next bag Fromm, next Merrick etc. Not only does it allow for more and differing nutrients but if any one food does have an issue, you already have other foods that you know your dog does well on and can start. Plus it lowers your risk of getting a bad bag of food if you are only buying from one manufacturer every 3rd or 4th bag.

    My Pom had pretty bad luxating patella in both back legs.. My vet did prolotherapy injections (saline solution with herbs and or homeopathics). Cured one leg and GREATLY improved the other.. Surgery no longer recommended.. woot woot 🙂 Alternatives certainly have their place in medicine!!!

    I hope you find what works for her diet wise and what works for you as well…

  • Must Love Dogs

    Thanks for the added info Shauna. As far as my health issues the fibro I had before the fall in 2006 that cause a c-4 – c-7 cervical laminoplasty, so 4 titanium plates with about an 8 in. scar. Sick of medications but neuro. wants me to remain on 2 for the stabbing pains and muscle spasms. Actually having another nerve ambulation tomorrow, the last they do in a set of three. Not fun. You can get a new liver, kidneys, even a heart, but you can’t get a new spinal cord where the damage was. If my spelling is off sorry giving my eyes a break/no contacts in. So, am hoping that my dog will do well on the Fromm, if not then back to Merrick, I and Love and you or Wellness core. It is just a shame that we have to worry about what we feed our pets these days. The recalls are terrible and the animals are who suffer. Bosweilla really works well for me with inflamation, as I can’t open a gatorade bottle without a rubber jar opener, or attatch the hose without getting soaked. My dog with her having had Lymes when I got her gets Herbsmith soothe the joint formula and had five laser treatments to a fixed luxating patella and runs around like crazy. No more limping in winter. Now all that’s left is a good food resolution.

  • Anita

    We have a three year old shiloh shepherd and he was on BB for quite awhile. He would have sporadic episodes of vomitting and horrid diarrhea and we were really at a loss as to what it could be. BB is sold locally so it’s the brand we went with. Finally, we switched and all the problems disappeared. He is actually on Kirkland from Costco and is doing fantastic. We mix the grain free turkey with the lamb and rice and all issues are gone. The only issue now is having to travel to get it 🙂

  • Shawna

    I really like most of those ingredients too but I think their use in a kibble is deceiving to a degree.. So many of the nutrients that we value in those foods are damaged during the extrusion or baking process. My foster dogs eat kibble (required by rescue) but I don’t rely on the kibble to supply the nutrients those foods, when unprocessed, can provide.

    Turmeric is fabulous but unless organic is likely irradiated before even purchased by the pet food manufacturer. There is no way the omega 3 ALA in flaxseed can survive the cooking process. Flax does provide fiber but the damaged/rancid fat negates the positives of fiber in my opinion. Chicory root supplies inulin and FOS but burdock root is a better source and garlic is a decent source while supplying many other benefits if added fresh. Dandelion greens and roots are pretty darn cheap if you harvest your own. Just don’t buy the greens at Whole Foods — cost more than high end lettuce… 🙂 A raw egg is an excellent liver detoxifier as it has the precursors for glutathione (the master antioxidant of the body and used by the liver for both phase I and II detoxification). The egg must not be damaged in any way though (no cooking, whipping etc). I recently read that garlic helps with glutathione too..

    I don’t think you will be disappointed if you make your own..

    I’m sorry about your own health issues!!! 🙁 Food intolerances or allergies to dairy, gluten and others are known fibro triggers. As is MSG.. I’m guessing you are aware of these but just in case… 🙂 I hope you are able to find and eliminate the cause!!!

  • Sugar

    I usually add Milk Thistle to the dog
    food. It supports and protects the liver. I also add spirulina, chlorella (Clean Chlorella), Flaxseeds, Chia, Bee pollen, Wheat germ, Lecithin, sage, different teas etc.

  • Must Love Dogs

    Warming and cooling treats are freeze dried and amazingly all natural by Herbsmith. 3 ingriedients, plus her supplements are amazing as well.

  • Must Love Dogs

    I did hear alot of good things about Earthborn of late. I like whay is in instinct if only alot of the ingredients down the list were closer to the top. I want the flaxseed, Chicory Root, Yucca Sangria, Tumeric, Pumpkin, Bananna, Cranberries, Dandelion, a liver detoxifier, in the food.I am about ready to make my own, as all I have done is learn about herbs and holistic things since I have had the fall and fibro, and daily pain. I have never seen so many recalls and plant issues on pet food in my life as I have of late. It needs to be better regulated for sure.

  • Sugar

    Wasn’t there an incident with BB where the FDA noticed the calcium was too high or was it another supplement?
    You know many people have issues with BB food. I would use a food that has not been recalled.
    I would use a better brand.
    I would go with brands like Merrick, Halo, Victors, Fromm, Health extension or Annaemat, for instance.

  • Pattyvaughn

    Report it to FDA and have your vet report too. Call BB customer service and let them know. Then tell us what they say.

  • Chris

    I have a 2 year old german shepard. We brought him to the vet a couple weeks ago because he had lost a lot of weight, was eating and drinking a lot, and was urinating frequently. Urine was trested and fine. Xrays were clear. Stool was fine. Then blood work revealed a very high calcium level. Additional tests were done try to find the reason(s) – eg parathyroid hormone – but turned up negative/normal. Finally our vet asked us what the dog eats. We told him Blue Buffalo dry food. He said to change it immediately and lets see what happens. After ONE WEEK with Royal Canin, the dogs calcium levels returned to normal. He told us that Blue Buffalo doesn’t have the scientific research or history that other brands have – so no one knows if their formulas are really any good for dogs. So my wife started doing research on the internet and found out about the 2010 Blue Buffalo recall – for this exact reason! We were SHOCKED! And now we are wondering if it could possibly be happening again with Blue Buffalo!! Any advice?

  • Shawna

    I’m not sure I could rely on someone that feels that “arthritis in dogs differs from people” as their reasoning for lectins not being problematic. Unless, of course, that was specific to the individual client and the arthritis was due to injury etc and glucosamine was not a viable treatment option – or something like that.

  • aimee

    Umm no they were very aware of lectins because they specifically mentioned them. Clinically in their patients they saw a benefit to feeding potato to their arthritic patients.

  • Shawna

    Really? This doesn’t specify the lectins involved but does demonstrate that lectins are a cause of, or contributing factor to, arthritis in dogs.

    “Finally, lectin affinity selection for glycopeptides was applied to a
    canine model of arthritis to quantify changes in glycoproteins in sera
    that are potentially disease-associated.”

    My guess is that the TCMs using potato either were/are not aware of lectins or, hopefully, confirmed the patient was not reactive to nightshade lectins before recommending.

  • aimee

    Interestingly enough I’ve come across TCM vets who have specifically recommended potato/tomato for arthritic dogs based on the warming/cooling food treatments.

    The reasoning was that because the type of arthritis in dogs differs from people that tomatoes and potatoes do not contribute to arthritis in this species.

  • Shawna

    Here’s some info on potato and arthritis if interested.

    ” Nightshade vegetables like potatoes and tomatoes are very high in lectins and are known to trigger the symptoms of arthritis.”

    Of course legumes and lentils have their own issues, as you’ve experienced with your dogs. But potato has inundated the grain free market.. This gives those with potato related illnesses another high quality option.

  • Shawna

    A significant number of dogs have issues with potato. Potato, as just one example, is one cause of arthritis and also, if not the cause, contributes to the inflammation and disability of arthritis. A LOT of dogs develop arthritis. I’m certain Orijen took that into account when they made their change. Of course the new ingredients will affect some other dogs but I REALLY like having another high quality option that is grain and potato free. Too bad they weren’t able to add the new line while keeping the old line as well… 🙁

    They really did give a lot of notice too. Many of the posters here on DFA discussed it, for what seemed like several months, before the food was actually available for purchase.

    Since legumes seem to be a problem for your pups, have you looked at Nature’s Variety Instinct or Earthborn Primitive Naturals? Both quality foods that are legume free.

  • Must Love Dogs

    Origen changed the bags a few times as they went from 4.5lbs, to the even 5lbs. I talk to the store manager all the time and I don’t believe even he knew of this last switch and he is up on it all nutrition wise as a person in his business can try to be. I do rotate with wellness core she tollerates well, but i should have known she was not as interested in her meals with this batch. This bag was the same, what was inside was not. Fromm is our next choice and I liked what Sugar told me about Health Extension Grain Free. Now that is what I like to hear and see in a food.I am well aware there is no one perfect food and that dogs need variety to stay healthy. This was just really upsetting, and no reason why a company can’t inform a store to put up notices of such changes. The right thing to do when the bag is the same. So we are with that, now going to get sleep.

  • Betsy Greer

    My dogs once did very well on Orijen as well. When the ingredients changed, Champion completely changed the packaging for the new product. There was no mistaking a bag of the previous formula with a bag of the new. The new Orijen doesn’t work well for my dogs who don’t tolerate chickpeas and lentils well. I still think it’s a fantastic product and would love to be able to use it. I rotate anyway so my dogs switch foods frequently and I would never feed them any one food from any one manufacturer long term; it’s just not healthy, not even with Orijen.

  • Must Love Dogs

    Origen DID work for my dog for years, and I knew they had an ingredient change once after the ovens were down, but NOT AGAIN. You do not keep a good name by charging more and taking away less good ingredients, and yes I do do my own grocery shopping from a wheelchair thank you so I am very aware of prices. But I am not happy when my dog gets sick with no notice of this “AGAIN” change, and reading this new vs old ingredient list right there to compare on “Chewy” back to back, it’s terrible and makes me wonder where the quality is in the lable? All that free range natural stuff fresh caught. No matter I am having to working her back to health. With my spinal cord injury she has become a therapy dog, so not all people that post on here are luck enough, to shop.

  • Must Love Dogs

    THANK YOU SO MUCH Sugar for believing I have seen the same quality changes with Origen. I got my 11 yr. old eskimo/pom ? mix as a throw away, who wasn’t wanted, flown back to WI. I got her at 4 mo and she has had her issues. She had lymes comming from Florida, an umbiblical hernia found when I noticed a “belly button”, a luxating patella surgery on a hind leg, and a vet who said they needed more blood to test from a paw, caused a collapsing trachea effect by nicking her larnyx. I thought was wrong as she had a honking post the blood draw, then they almost killed her by doing a GA dental…she was never getting OXYGEN and turned blue. I should have sued. So I do my best to keep her health, scale her teeth that get any tartar (dental assistant), and after so much READING and LEARNING about ingredients, I was told NOTHING about Origens change but the first one when their ovens broke. Now, as you PLENTY has been removed. But when you cut back you don’t hike the price on what is lost in value to the food!!!!! So I am tired of seeing our beloved animals PAY the price, not me. THEY get sick and we have to wonder if it is age or another problem, or the FOOD??? It really makes me mad. My dog is so sweet and been through ENOUGH. I think we are going to go with the fromm surf and turf, at least it is made right here where I live.Good luck to you Sugar, and thank you again for thinking what I have thought. Reading ingredients on Origen now is really poor if you ask me and all the words missing before an ingredient scares me too. So, their loss in the end, the quality is not there. If only my dog could talk!

  • InkedMarie

    Thank you for spelling Orijen and Fromm correctly. One of my pet peeves is Origen and FrommS. There’s no S at the end and it drives me nuts when people say Fromms. We don’t say AcanaS, Natural BalanceS, Blue BuffaloS, right?

  • losul

    Must Love Dogs,

    I don’t think anyone removed your post, I believe this is what you are looking for;

    Origen, or any other food is not exempt from honest/legitimate complaints on this site.

    However, what do you find dishonest about Origen/Champion? I’m under the impression that they are one of the most open, honest, reputable companies out there. In fact, i’m very impressed with them. Maybe I’m mistaken, but i was also under the impression that they made it very well known ahead of time that they were changing the formula.

    As to the price hike, don’t you do your own grocery shopping? Food inflation has been on a rapid trajectory for recent years, eventually those costs MUST be passed on to the consumer, in one way or another, whether it’s cutting size, reducing quality, or increasing price. While Origen might seem high priced for a kibble, frankly I’m very surprised they can still put so much good into it for the price they sell it.

    Sorry Origen didn’t work for you. I hope you soon find something that suits both you and your dog better.

  • Sugar

    I have fed Orijen on and off for probably ten years. It USED to be great food! Then the dad gave the company to his sons and they have been fighting over ingredients and hired an investment group to cut costs. Since then the dog food causes digestive issues and the company has changed the formula I don’t know how many times. End result for me is that I don’t like what the company is doing somewhat and have had mixed feelings; I finally made the decision not to feed the dog food anymore. I prefer the Addiction lamb over this food as it is grain free now and ash content is lower too. Also digestion is excellent. Addiction is a very good company from NZ and the ingredients in their lamb is pure. I don’t recommend the Venison dry food as it is made in the US by pioneer (ex-piper) and has quality issues, but all others are made in NZ or AU and are of excellent quality. Other foods I find awesome are Health Extension grain free (similar taste); my dogs actually prefer this food over the Orijen taste wise, as it has strong taste and the Fromm I highly recommend as well (all as a comparison taste wise and they are of high quality without the digestive issues).

  • Must Love Dogs

    I left a message about the change in Origens ingredients that made my dog as sick as the same persons I answered. Runny stools, gas, and bad breath, and BOTH of our comments are NOT there when others still are about dogs getting sick with the food brand named. Origen should be no different and our mail should stay posted to help others.Is that not what this site does help animals that can’t tell us what we figgure out when companies aren’t honest, or is Origen just excluded from a bad rap for a price hike and huge ingredient change????? Will be watching my post.

  • Sugar

    You are right about Natural Balance. I remember many years ago when there were only a few brands out there, and Natural Balance was this very good brand. It was great for digestive issues,and I know when they used free range chicken. I heard before they went to sell the brand at Petco it was not good anymore and adv. they have sold it (and sold out). This is what happens when they make food in large batches. There are however, a couple of brands at Petco I find decent, some of the Merrick canned food and the Halo.

  • Maritimer1

    What were you switching from? As touchy as my GSD’s tummy is, he never had an issue with the BB. I only switched to the Orijen Senior because it was lower in calories and the old boy needed to drop some weight.

  • Maritimer1

    Use caution with the NB. It is no longer made by the same manufacturer and there have been a lot of reports of dogs getting diarrhea, vomiting and some type of toxicity from it.

    I have found Orijen Senior works well for my older GSD who has a long history of pancreatitis and allergic reactions to other foods. He also (on his vet’s recommendation) gets a can of Blue Stew and he’s been doing just fine (and believe me, he has one very touchy stomach). His energy is great (he will be 9 on 26 Dec) and he keeps up with my younger son’s 4 mo. old American Bulldog and my older son’s 2 year old Lab. Orijen is expensive. But my sweet boy is worth every penny.

  • Storm’s Mom

    I think you may have missed Shawna’s point. Giving digestive enzymes and probiotics will help fix the gut, which is the underlying issue of the symptom you are smelling. That way, you will be able to feed a lot of different foods without these issues. Going back to the same food is not actually helping the underlying problem, it’s simply masking it, as it’s the lack of variety in the food you’re feeding that allows unhealthy bacteria, etc to build up in the gut, which is released by the gas at the 1st signs of digestive stress.

  • Niki Tastet-Beckemeyer

    We were integrating it slowly. I was not even up to getting rid of the previous food or even adding half blue buffalo to their diet when the problems started. I believe it was too rich for them. We are back on a previous diet, but chicken now rather than lamb and they are both loving their food and very happy. I guess trying something new does not always work.

  • Niki Tastet Beckemeyer

    I was more concerned with the diarrhea and vomiting than the gas. Yes, the gas was smelly, but I went back to another diet that I used before and we are having no problems with digestive issues including gas. My dogs are also very happy with their food now and eat it up. Thank you for your recommendations.

  • Shawna

    Gas is caused by undigested foods being eaten by anaerobic bacteria in the gut. If the gas is smelly, the protein in the food is not being efficiently digested. If the gas is non-smelly the carbs in the diet are not being properly digested. There may be some of both but I think we may notice the smelly more often :)..

    The amount of protein, in and of itself, is not actually the problem but rather the inability to properly digest it and, of course, the inappropriate gut bacteria. By giving digestive enzymes (which help digest the food) and repopulating the gut with beneficial bacteria you can effectively feed HIGH protein diets without smelly consequences. I have eight dogs and I foster Boston Terriers (a breed known for it’s gas issues). I have yet to have one with gas issues that isn’t resolved with enzymes and probiotics. I feed raw and kibbles like Orijen — quite high in protein. 🙂

  • Monica Lynn Rivera

    I agree with you Jan_Mom2Cavs. People will believe anything they read on the internet, just like that commercial with the girl dating the french model she met on the internet, hahaha! By the way, Blue will soon be manufacturing and bagging their own food very shortly, They build a brand new facility in Joplin, Missouri that should be up and running in early 2015. I have 4 dogs and 2 cats all spanning the ages of 1-13 years old and they are doing great on the food. But some dogs tummies just can’t handle it so they need something a bit less rich.

  • Monica Lynn Rivera

    The wilderness food is a very rich food in protein, I gave it to my two Aussies and they had the same issue with the gas. They are just protein farts like people get when they drink protein shakes for workouts. As far as the diarrhea, did you switch slowly? It usually takes two weeks of slowly adding little amounts of the food in with the old food.

  • Bec

    Wilderness is a very high protein food 34 to 36%. This could be the problem. Try regular Blue Buffalo which are all 20+ % protein. My Sheltie/Collie mix gets severe gas from high protein foods and table scraps. It I keep her on Blue Buffalo only she is fine. We go between the fish and the chicken formulas with no problems.

  • T Alexandra

    Once she’s gone?

  • LabsRawesome

    That is crazy. My cousin used to feed BB, but it made her dog drink water like crazy. As soon as the brand was changed the dog went back to normal.

  • North of Detroit

    We have been loyal Blue Buffalo customers for the last 18 months. Unfortunately, yesterday we found plastic in several pieces of Blue Buffalo Wilderness (Salmon). We called support and was told that it was an anomaly. They want us to ship the food back, so they can figure out what the issue is. She then explained that we should take the left over food (1/2 a bag) back to the store for replacement. Went to the store where another customer was replacing for the same reasons.

    Here are the pictures of the food:

    Time to switch for us. One of our goldens got pretty sick, not willing to risk it again.

  • Niki Tastet Beckemeyer

    You know, I did not get on here to get into a debate with anyone on what I have researched. I am trying to find out what is going on with the BB food and the reason it has caused such a problem with my babies. I understand that some of you choose holistic foods, and I was a firm believer in them for a while as well, but from my experience with them, I will say they are not good for my dogs. I love my animals, my cat included and I want them to be healthy an suffer with stomach issues because of food or allergies. My cat has never had a problem with her food, just my dogs. To each his own with their opinion. And I am fully aware of the brands that currently have recalls and NEVER cHose either brand for my babies. In my opinion, those two are over priced pedigree blends, not the best for our babies.

  • Pattyvaughn

    It’s kind of funny that you say “many holistic foods have had salmonella problems” The biggest recalls have been from non holistic food makers like Diamond. There have been a couple very small recalls by holistic food makers. The current huge recall is for Iams/Eukanuba, not holistic.

  • Storm’s Mom

    Ok, well, personally, I would steer your dogs clear of corn, grains, potato and chicken …the inclusion of menadione in the Fosters formulae is an automatic “no-go” for me, too… but it’s your call *shrug* Good luck!

  • Niki Tastet Beckemeyer

    No. I used it about 5 years ago. After that I used Purina One because it was more easily accessible and my boxer did not have allergy problems then. About a year and a half ago, the vet told me no more corn due to the ear problems she was having. That is when I switched her to Natural Balance. I tried all of there formulas except the vegetarian formula and she continued to have problems with weight loss (I was beginning to see her ribs). Then my lab was on Purina one puppy with no problems. After making the switch to adult food I began to notice excessive hair loss around the eyes and ears, back of legs, and excessive itching. Went to the vet thinking it was mange, vet once again said no corn for my lab. So we decided to try Blue Buffalo for both of them since my boxer was having problems with the Natural Balance. Don’t get me wrong, she loves it, but the weight loss concerns me too much. So a gradual switch in food resulted in horrible gas and really bad smelling stool. Then last night they both began with excessive thirst, and horrible diarrhea today. I have been doing a lot of research and have found that many holistic foods have had salmonella problems. I think I am going to steer away from those foods and stick with a trusted name even if it means I have to order the food 10 days in advance of needing it.

  • Storm’s Mom

    Was that what were you feeding before the Natural Balance? (if not, what was?)

  • Niki Tastet Beckemeyer

    I noticed that. I think I’m just going to go back to what I used years ago, Dr. Foster’s and Smith. I have never gone wrong with their products before and the food does not contain corn, which is our biggest problem. I have noticed a lot of the Holistic foods have complaints about them.

  • Pattyvaughn

    A lot of people are reporting having problems with BB lately. You may be one more.

  • Storm’s Mom

    Alright, well in any case, I would second Pattyvaughn’s suggestion of Nutrisource Grain Free. Great food at a great price. Earthborn Holistic Grain Free is another one you might want to look into availability of in your area. Nature’s Logic is awesome! ..Nature’s Variety Instinct… Merrick GF.
    Hope that helps!!

  • Niki Tastet Beckemeyer

    I could be wrong, don’t have the bag in front of me, but regardless, we have never had problems with any chicken formula before. Corn is there only issue.

  • Storm’s Mom

    Um, chicken meal is the 1st ingredient after “Deboned Duck”

  • Niki Tastet Beckemeyer

    Duck, the green bag. Ingredients do not show chicken and we tried Natural Balance chicken diet before with no problems for my boxer, she just had too much weight lose on that and the rabbit formula, that is the reason for trying something different.

  • Storm’s Mom

    Which formula? All the BB Wilderness formulae have chicken, as far as I know.

  • Niki Tastet Beckemeyer

    We switched gradually. We have never had this problem before with a food change. My boxer is 8 and developed the corn allergy about 1-1/2 years ago, before that she was fine. My lab just turned 1 and we changed him from puppy formula to adult formula. I am guessing the puppy formula did not have as high a content of corn, therefore it wasn’t noticed before, but after the adult food, he started loosing his hair really bad to the point of having bald spots. So I was attempting Blue for both of them. That is the strange part, we have never had this problem with food before.

  • Niki Tastet Beckemeyer

    No, there is no chicken in this formula.

  • Storm’s Mom

    Could be a sensitivity/allergy to chicken?

  • Pattyvaughn

    How did you switch from one food to the other? Maybe they needed more time to get used to the new food? You might want to look for NutriSource. It is pretty easy for dogs to transition to, comes from a good company, and has a good reputation.

  • Niki Tastet Beckemeyer

    My dogs (a chocolate lab and a boxer) were just recently switched to Blue Buffalo Wilderness, this past week, because they both have severe allergies to corn. I was feeding my boxer Natural Balance Rabbit and Potato, but she was loosing too much weight and she is up in age, so I want to make her comfortable. Figured a more fatty food would help with the weight lose. Almost immediately after introducing the food (blue buffalo wilderness green bag) they both had horrible gas! It was to the point that they would look back to see what that noise was and where that smell was coming from. Today they both had diarrhea throughout the house. I worm regularly because we have a lot of stray cats in the neighborhood. I have always had a problem with my boxer eating cat poop, but my lab turns his nose up to poop, so I know it is not worms. It has to be the food. What waste of money! This stuff is not inexpensive either, but I cannot feed them anything with Corn. Guess I will be changing my boxer back to Natural Balance. Not sure what to feed my lab since he is only a year old now and I do not believe Natural Balance will sustain his activity level. I may be wrong though, but I need something that comes in a bigger bag. 25lbs only lasts a week.

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  • Lwp

    Some dogs can tolerate switching, some can not. If you are switching between quality brands with same levels of proteins and ingredients (i.e. no corn), that makes the transition easier. If you are upping or dropping the level of protein and/or quality of ingredients, your dogs may get the runs. The best is to slowly transition your dog over a ten day period.

  • lovemyoldeenglishbulldogges

    I have two olde English bulldogges I originally tried Innova which is a high quality dog food and my female had a reaction to it she would break out in hives and scratch all day long. Then I switched to royal canin bulldog and the same results I then took her to the vets office and had blood work done and turns out she was allergic to the grain in the food. I switched both my dogs to BB wilderness turkey and the problems went away within a day or two. My vet then said the protein level was to high so I went to blue buffalo basics turkey and potato and have never had an issue my dogs are extremely healthy and active as I give them plenty of exercise. Dog are like people in some ways what works for some may not work for others. Invest the time and do the reach it is also crucial to have a good vet to help guide you. Speak with the breeder you got your dog or dogs from.

  • Captain Gabriel Morales

    I have two labs one is 13 and the other is 8 years old. Both are currently dying from cancer and are both terminal. We have been paying out the wazoo to treat our beloved pets, when one loves them as much as we love our children it’s hard to just say (oh 1/4 humans die of cancer and the odds of our beloved dogs is greater, I was told by our vet.but in my 40 years of owning dogs I’ve never had one die from cancer but now two diagnosed within 2 months of each other. I’ve called the FDA and and talked to one of the endocrinologists that did the research on Blue Buffalo. But like everyone else they say its bad luck or they were bound to get cancer eventually, well if you ask me no they were not especially 2 different dogs from different blood lines but both were fed the same food because the owners were told it was as good if not better than Eukanuba. Which is what they were on previously and never got sick or went to vet. one time other then for regular check ups. Sorry spelling may be off just trying to let other know about this before they loose there loved ones Gabriel Morlaes Corpus Christi Texas 78418 (361-720-3474)

  • Dougkotah

    Look at the FDA website for pet food recalls….. Almost EVERY brand is or has been recalled at one time or another.

  • Jan_Mom2Cavs

    I’m sorry, but I just can’t let this go by without something being said.  Now, first let me say that I don’t feed Blue Buffalo atm, but I have in the past.  I don’t think Blue Buffalo is the most fantastic food in the world, but a lot of people sure do use it, and most with good results.  You say that, “as many as 200 deaths of dog”…..but you won’t give us where you found this information.  In fact, you allude to the fact that it’s hard to find!  Where did you find it?  And if you really wanted to help, you would let us all know.  Yes, it is a fact that Blue does use a co-packer, but a lot of other very good, high quality foods do.  I do believe I read that some company(s) were tested and found to have the incorrect ingredients in them, but I don’t remember Blue being one of those companies (of course, I could be wrong).  And finally, it looks like you’re promoting SD, RC, and Eukanuba….really now lol…I guess I see the real intent here now.  I’m sure you believe you are helping people by posting this, but if you say things like “200 deaths, etc.” then please put references to the reports!  Imho, this isn’t a help because it seems more like scare tactics!  

  • SomeOneWhoCares

    BB, on its initial release, caused the death to as many as 200 dogs. Have fun finding this info, but im here to let anyone who reads this know. This comapny does zero researsh on its food and pays other companies, that also make other brands, to make it, bag it, ship it. Research is out there that pulled random bags off shelves and they ALL had ingrediants they claim they dont have in them. Science Diet, Royal Canin, and a few others, Purina, Eukanuba that have high end versions, all put millions in research in before any food is released. Goodluck and i hope this helps everyone.

  • InkedMarie

    I’m sorry for the loss of Dakota. 

  • Pattyvaughn

    A few people have reported problems recently, unrelated to this recall, but this is where they found to post.

  • Lizburda

    My Akita Dakota passed away after a bowel perforation, we had the Vet perform a bowel resection etc… we wanted to save our boy soooo much.   We received the biopsy results (from his bowel resection) this morning and I was shocked to hear it was a fungal infection that erroded the small bowel (I had assumed it was caussed by some type of mass).  I had switched Dakota to Blue Wilderness back in August or September believing it was the best nutrition available .  I also plan on having he last bag of food tested I will post the actual biopsy findings.  I realize that I can not definitively state that BB was the source of the fungus but I will persue the labs results as I do not want any other dog to suffer.  I will ask my vet for assistance in having his food tested for the fungus.  If BB is responsible for my dogs death I want to persue all legal remedies, possile class action  (vet bills exceeded $7000.00 , I just wanted my boy to survive)

  • Lizburda

    HI Joe,
    My Akita Dakota passed away after a bowel perforation, we had the Vet perform a bowel resection etc… we wanted to save our boy soooo much.   We received the biopsy results (from his bowel resection) this morning and I was shocked to hear it was a fungal infection that erroded the small bowel (I had assumed it was caussed by some type of mass).  I had switched Dakota to Blue Wilderness back in August or September believing it was the best nutrition available .  I also plan on having he last bag of food tested, please post your results and I will post the actual biopsy findings.  I realize that I can not definitively state that BB was the source of the fungus but I will persue the labs results as I do not want any other dog to suffer.  I will ask my vet for assistance in having his food tested for the fungus.  If BB is responsible for my dogs death I want to persue all legal remedies, possile class action  (vet bills exceeded $7000.00 , I just wanted my boy to survive)

  • glbyrne

    This recall was from 3 years ago…

  • Lizburda

    My beloved Akita just passed away after a bowel perforation.  The biopsy results showed a fungal infection of small bowel also encompassing illeo-cecal valve which perforated.  We did everything possible to save Dakota, bowel resection etc… but my beautiful boy was too weakened.   I had been feeding him Blue wilderness salmon pruchased in Tampa Bay area.  I will be retrieving the left over bag that I gave to a freiend yesterday (never even thought his issues could have been food related, told my friend not to feed the food to his dogs).  I plan on having this food tested and if the BB is the source of the fungus I would very much like to file a class action suit againt this company, so any other affected dog parents can jointly file .  I feel so guilty that I may have fed my dog BB, I truely believed this was high end nutrition.  I am sickened that there seems to be a lot of sick dogs due to this “high quality” food.

  • Pattyvaughn

    What are you freaking out about?  The recall was Oct. 2010.

  • chyla

    OMG! I just saw a tv commercial, just now! How can this be?
    Los Angeles/5:30 p.m.

  • Pattyvaughn

    That’s exactly how I got many of my cats over the years.  I almost missed out on my husband because I thought he was a **cat person** yuck!  All 4 of my current cats are rescues too.  And you are feeding them raw, well, they’re feeding themselves…  I’m only planning on giving mine about an ice cube worth each day.  I thought Hare Today made it too easy with whole ground this and that.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Lucky cats. 🙂

    As bad as it sounds – I’m just not willing to put the time or money into feeding my cats raw. I’m not a cat person at all, but ya know working at an animal shelter I always get suckered in to dragging one..or two…or three home – lol. Raw or canned or anything like that wouldn’t work out for my cats anyways. They’re indoor/outdoor so I never know when they’re going to be around, who’s eaten and who hasn’t, etc. They won’t eat at set meal times so I just have to have something I can leave out, so when they decide to come around they can eat. They get plenty of mice, birds and rabbits anyways, evidence on my porch every morning grrr.

  • Pattyvaughn

    I’m starting my cats on raw in a couple weeks.  I figured if I upgraded the horses’ food and the dogs’ food, now that I’m used to the changes, it’s time to upgrade the cats and the ferret.  I must be a glutton for punishment.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    I tried one of the Earthborn formulas – can’t remember which, but it didn’t work. The problem with my cats is, one my cats (the female) is EXTREMELY sensitive (the males could eat anything). In all these years I’ve never been able to figure out what her issue is. She pukes up most foods I’ve tried. I’ve tried everything from 1 star grocery store brands to 5 star brands, prescription foods, grain-free, novel protein, sensitive stomach, etc. etc. I can’t pinpoint exactly what the issue is – there doesn’t seem to be any correlation between protein sources or grain-inclusive vs. grain-free. So frustrating. Blue was the first brand other than Purina One and the Hill’s prescription food that didn’t make her puke all the time so I just stuck with it. After the issues I had with it, I knew it would be a chore to find another brand that worked. I tried several 4 and 5 star foods to find a new option and after trying about 10, Nature’s Logic seemed to settle well with her. She’s only puked once or twice in the 5 or so months she’s been on it. Once she’s gone I’ll actually be able to go into rotational feeding with my cats and get a little adventurous. 🙂

  • LabsRawesome

    Hey HDM, Have you ever tried Earthborn for your cats? My 3 love the primitive. None of them would touch the fish formula though.  🙂

  • Hound Dog Mom

    My dogs eat raw now, my two younger dogs have never eaten kibble, but when my oldest was on dry I fed him mostly Orijen and he did wonderful. I rotated him between the 6 Fish, Regional Red and Puppy formulas. Excellent choice of food – imo.

  • roaminglion

    Yeah, that’s certainly understandable.  I actually don’t use Blue Buffalo either, I was just saying ‘your mileage may vary’ to a certain extent.  LOL

    We are currently switching over to Orijen 6 fish for both our girls.  (Lab/Shep & Puggle)  One seems to have a slight allergy of some sort which may be causing her frequent ear infections.  Currently on a Chicken and rice formula, said we should switch to Limited diet with salmon and potato.  Thought might as well go to grain free and the 6 fish formula, which seems to have wonderful feedback from almost everyone.  Also, might as well switch both to a better kibble anyway.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    You’re certainly entitled to feed what you want but I’m no longer using/or recommending Blue. My cats ate it for years with no issues, but they’re now doing wonderful on Nature’s Logic. The mold, the bugs, my friend’s dog getting sick, the complaints on consumer affairs, the complains here – too much “coincidence” for me. 🙂

  • roaminglion

    Don’t worry, every dog food has people posting things about it negatively.  Many are due to an isolated incident or something probably out of the product’s control like an allergy.

    Sometimes it’s good to look at how popular the food is, an then look at the PERCENTAGE of complaints.  If something is widely sold it will have a lot more complaints than other local or regional foods because many more people are using it.  It might have the same incidence of complaints though.  

    1 million people using something, 1% complain and that’s 10,000 complaints.  10,000 people use it, and 1% is only 100 complaints.  Still really the same, but many would take a quick look ar product A and think it must have so many issues and product B is ‘much better’.  Not really the case though!

  • roaminglion

    This sounds like a bogus post, really.  Mold, bugs, etc?

  • Joe

    I was feeding my 4 year old minpin Blue brand dog food and he was constantly having bloody diarrhea daily. After many expensive test and vet visits, changing his food was the answer. Now I’m trying to figure out what it was in the food that made him sick. Both of my 2 female minding were ok eating it, but would not eat the dark pieces no matter what. That’s what made me realize it was probably his food making him sick. I will post the lab results here when I receive them.

  • Marfoe7

    Had 2 dogs get sick this past week ,was feeding Blue.This is the 2nd time this has happened.Will never buy Blue again!

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Jeanne –

    I would get your dogs off Blue and on to another food. I had a very bad experience with their products this past summer. I don’t feed their food to my dogs but my cats ate Blue (only because it’s the only food I could find that my female with a sensitive stomach didn’t throw up) and I would occasionally buy their treats for my dogs. I ordered some of their grain-free Wilderness biscuits online and when I got them and opened them there were bugs in the bag (they weren’t expired and I couldn’t find a hole anywhere in the bag). A few weeks later I bought a bag of their cat food at my local feed store and when I opened it it was covered with mold (also not expired). I never returned the treats because they weren’t that expensive and ordered them online and didn’t want to deal with it but when I returned the food to my feed store the worker there told me a few other people had returned moldy products and they had to send back a whole delivery of treats that were moldy. After my incidents a friend of mine got a golden puppy and started her on Blue Life Protection Large Breed Puppy – she got very sick (diarrhea, vomiting, lethargic). After 4 weeks on the Blue and no improvement my friend switched her to Wellness and things cleared up almost overnight. And this was a few months after my incidents and she got the food from an entirely different store (not where I got either of my contaminated products). Check out consumer affairs, many others are complaining as well:

    If I were you I’d check out some of the 4 and 5 star foods on this site. Blue isn’t that great and it’s overpriced for what it is, you can get much better foods for the same price or cheaper. 🙂

  • Jeanne

    Ok for the past week at least my dogs began to have loose stools  and now one has loose stools and gas that really smells. My 2 small dogs only eat Blue for small dogs (pink bag)  & the beef or chicken stew. I stopped the chicken stew but it is still continuing for one dog on the beef stew. I reduced the amount I mix in the dry but I’m thinking it could be the dry. This is their same food for the past 2 years & I wonder if the quality is suddenly bad/contaminated? Anyone else??? Thank you

  • KellyLight

    Hi Isabella,

    I’m so sorry to hear about your pup. It’s very frustrating to think you are feeding your dog good quality food, only to have them become very sick. I did not have that happen, however I was feeding mine prescription diets from Royal Canin that I got from the vet, when I stumbled across this site and realized how bad the ingredients were for the amount of money I was paying. Check out the Brothers Complete review under 5 star dry foods – they are a family owned company that has never had a recall. It is pricey and you have to order online directly from them, but it is totally worth it IMO. I have been feeding my dogs this for the past few months, and I have greatly reduced the amount of food I feed them overall because it is more nutritionally dense. They also love it, and the treats as well! 

  • Isabella can be very misleading. They also allow advertising  on their site from these companies. Some comments actually try to tell us that complaints about commercially prepared pet food is unfounded and thus are safe. Hmmm…..

  • Isabella

    Not again?… 2012

  • Isabella

    Sorry, error… the date should be August 11, 1012

  • Isabella

    I too have discontinued all Blue products. I almost lost my dog to what may have been caused by contamination. We will never know for certain. He started vomiting within an hour after breakfast (August 11, 2010)…Hunter’s Stew. He has been on Blue products…both the canned and the dry food for a good year and loved them. He continued vomiting through the day and when it became constant I rushed him to ER about 5 PM. They merely put on a band-aide giving him a shot to stop the vomiting and a shot to put him to sleep. He awoke at midnight starting all over again. At 7 AM Sunday morning, I called his vet who met me at his clinic to which he was now low pulse and low BP with shallow breathing. He was put on IV’s immediately. Five days later a new set of X-rays showed bacterial pneumonia from asphixiation (vomiting). So, after over $3,000.00 in vet bills and meds and almost loosing him…I returned the unused cans of Blue to PetSmart telling the manager the reason why and then threw out the dry kibble. I will never purchase Blue products again. I don’t know what to feed him anymore…I don’t trust commercial prepared dog food. Currently, he’s on Prescription id which one can only get from a vet…but, I need to find something else and soon. 

  • windbourne

    I will never use Blue Buffalo. The reason is that I had contacted them before and asked if they did use items from China. As they said, our meat is not from China. Then I asked if they did NOT use any ingredients from China, to which they said that they DO use other ingredients from China. 

    And that is why if you look at what they say, they are VERY careful on how they phrase things.
    Yes, blue buffalo does have items from China. They are simply lying about things. 

  • my dogs were eating the food also had the same reaction I have 3 and discontinuing this product. I am very upest and concerned now…

  • Csteenburgen

    Thank you so much for the info hound dog mom.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Csteenburgen –

    Blue Buffalo is having a lot of quality issues and has gone way down hill recently. I don’t feed the food to my dogs, but I ordered a bag of treats online a few months back and there were bugs in the bag. I did feed my cats Blue for awhile, then a couple months back I picked up a bag of food at my local feed store and got it home and it was covered with mold (the expiration date wasn’t for another 10 months). When I brought the food back the worker at the store told me they had many people returning Blue products complaining about mold, bugs, and their dogs getting sick. Around the same time my friend got a new golden puppy she started her on Blue because her last dog at Blue, the puppy had horrible diarrhea and vomiting. She thought it was a combination of being in a new home, switching foods, and going through puppy vaccines so she kept her on the Blue for about a month – the symptoms only got worse. She eventually switched her to Wellness and the diarrhea/vomiting stopped within a day. Check out – there are a lot of people complaining about Blue. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a recall in the near future. I was a loyal Blue customer for years but I will never buy another product from them again.

  • Csteenburgen

    My dog recently got direahea and bad gas from something. We got all the tests done at the vet, everything came back clean. My dog has been on BB for over a year and does not get table scraps or anything. We recently purchased a brand new bag of BB chicken for adults and we think that may be the cause. Anyone heard of certain batches of this food causing this?

  • Jan_Mom2Cavs

    Sorry, I don’t know where you got this info., but Blue Buffalo is not owned by P&G. 

  • Aflokofourown

    Oh my God I am so sorry for your loss. I am on this website to find a better dog food for my furry kid and I came across your post, I am so Sorry this touches my heart a great deal as I dearly love my dog and to have as dog food do this and I just read above that it hasn’t had any deaths due to this food, apparently nobody paid attention to your post which not only infuriated me but broke my heart all in the same moment. Reading further down I see an elderly woman too that had suffered a loss. How can this company do this to people? It’s horrifying. They have a responsibility to care for our pets not kill them. I hope you went to the top with this. I am so sorry for your loss please know my thoughts are with you.

  • Aflokofourown

    Apparently it’s owned by proctor and gamble who religiously test products on animals

  • Aflokofourown

    Proctor and gamble have always tested products on animals, I was considering switching my dog to Bb but there is no way I will now endorse this product Thanks for the info.

  • Cub627

    I have 3 German Shepherds and they have been on BB for 3 years now and no problems.  Life Protection Formula, orange bag

  • melissa

     Same thing going the other way. If I  try to go from Acana to Nutrisource or Earthborn, they get horrible soft stool.

  • BryanV21

    Like Labs was saying, all dogs are different, and will react differently. Even if you go from Fromm to Acana (two very good foods), you may find your dog with loose stool due to the change. But you’re right that going from cheaper food to “good” food can cause issues as well.

  • LabsRawesome

     That’s not always true. I have two dogs, and I rotate foods. So each time I buy food it is from different manufacturers like Merrick, Fromm ect. I do not ever need to mix the new foods in. I would not recommend doing this if you know your dog has sensitivities, but mine are fine with it.

  • Lmm722

    Wasn’t the recall in 2010? And they fixed the problem. My puppy is on BB and has been since he’s been able to eat hard food and I have had no problems with it.
    If you change your dog from a cheaper brand to BB that is why they have runny stool, if you change there diet suddenly it takes them a whole to adjust to it.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Apparently you haven’t read the black gold review?

  • Stephen

    Try Black Gold lamb and rice dog food.

  • Jan

    I contacted Blue Buffalo a few months ago and they said they use 10 different manufacturers to make their food, so it is no longer just 5 (even that was a lot).  How in the world can they have any quality control if 10 different companies are making their food?!

  • hounddogmom12


    Natura (Innova, California Naturals, EVO, Karma) was purchased by Proctor & Gamble, not Blue Buffalo.

  • Lbrienza99

    Hi, Blue recently was purchased by Proctor/Gamble.  They have always been a very reliable food source but I’ve heard rumors that P&G might be changing it up some to make it more affordable in regular grocery stores. I hope that doesn’t happen….

  • SnoAngel

    stool may be runny if you didn’t do the change gradually combining both the old and the new. give it a few days if you just up and changed it and he/she should be fine. as far as the backround of the brand i don’t really know but it’s a good brand. 🙂 hope the pup gets better quick! no on likes messy poopies… 

  • Noff

    Recently switched to Blue Buffalo. My dog’s stool is runny. Who is Blue Buffalo owned by . Are they the real deal or a corporate spin off. Anyone know about the company behind their product?

  • Jan_Mom2Cavs

    Dihayes1, I don’t know if you realized it but this is not Blue Buffalo’s own site.  One question is what were you feeding her before the BB?  It may be an allergy or an anal gland issue (which is sometimes caused by allergies).  I would speak to someone from Blue’s site or ask your vet about the sores.

  • Dihayes1

    can u help me I haave put my 7 year  old labador on bb with fish and sweet potato, i seem to be having knawing problems in the rear area leading to sores. I live in the south and use flea protection every three weeeks.. I give her your recommended dose and he weighs 72lbs,  please help

  • melissa


    Understandable, but I can say I recently put Blue into our rotation and have had good luck so far(perhaps not with the Wilderness)

  • Elsiehurt

    After reading all these comments; I am not sure if I want to switch my dog over to any of the Blue dog foods.  I got a sample bag of the Life Protection Formula and he seems to really like it.  Now I am a little leary about buying it for him.

  • Nb2dogs

    Has anyone had an issue with Wellness wet foods.  Two times (one several years ago and one just recently) where I have found pieces of heavy plastic wrap (the type you find on a frozen turkey) approximately 1/2″x1/2″ in their food.  I originally contacted the company about this issue and was assured it would not happen again.  My dogs really like this food.  I have stopped feeding it to them after the second incident.  It didn’t make me feel better that after I left the can sku and dates on the co’s voice mail, they called back several days later to inquire about what numbers were on the can ??

  • Lynnepaulcmk

    Have determined that my dog has Giarhardia(Sp) and no other parasites or blood issues. We are treating that and hopefully it will clear up. He has gone a couple of days without the ‘runs’ . Thank you all for your comments and suggestions.

  • Bob K

     Lynnepaulcmk – From reading your postings it appears your dog does ok on Chicken and Rice based foods.  There are dozens of 4 and 5 star chicken and rice based dog foods you can slowly transition him too.  Since its winter I would cut out the monthly flea and tick preventative along with the Monthly parasite pill unless he is into dead animals and eating wildlife poop.  Forget the rawhide – Its often nasty overprocessed, chemically treated only god knows from where it really comes from.  I like safe elk antlers as chews and take it away if he eats too much at once.  Also perhaps a raw meat beef bone from the butcher with a little fat and beef on it as a treat.    Good luck at the vet, make sure the fecal includes Crypto and Giardia.  1.5 years of puke and poop are too much for me to handle.  There are many food options for you but you need to make sure there are no parasite or other issues going on.  I have seen people spend hundreds of dollars on expensive dog food guessing and searching for the right formula when there are other issues and problems that need to be looked at first.  good luck 

  • Lynnepaulcmk

    Oops. Thanks. I guess I was kind of in a panic because I came home to a house of vomit and poop. 🙁 Poor doggy

  • Lynnepaulcmk

    Thank you so much. I am loving this site.

  • Jan_Mom2Cavs

    Hi….I think the vet visit is a good idea, to get a base blood test reading if nothing else.  I also think, if I were you, I’d stop feeding the Meaty Bones.  I’ve not read the ingredients, but I believe they might not be the greatest.  It could even be the rawhide that is the culprit, so I’d stop that, too, for now.  Blue Buffalo is a fine food, but it just may not be the right one for your guy.  I would research this site and pick a few out to try with him that have 4-5 stars.  Some 3 starts aren’t bad, but I prefer to stay with 4-5.  As for treats, there are treats that are just dehydrated meat that might be better, or you could use some fresh foods, too, like fruits and veggies.  Also, whatever food you pick, I’d give him a probiotic/enzyme supplement with his food.  It might help with the diarrhea and vomiting.  I’m no expert, and these are just some suggestions that I hope might help point you in another direction.  Good luck!  

  • Lynnepaulcmk

    Thanks for your reply. He has been on the same food for a year now. The bouts are off and on usually for a couple days, I resort to the chicken and rice, it resolves itself and then I reintroduce the food. He does get one rawhide a day and two Meaty Bones biscuits. He has been scratching quite a lot with no fleas present. He had his last flea treatment in Nov. HIs activity level is the same,high, and he is walked five miles a day. All lake water by us is now frozen. We have always had difficulty getting any weight on him but he is very active.
    I will be taking him to the vet this week for some blood work and fecal testing.

  • Bill

    Lynnepaulcmk this recall was in Oct of 2010.

  • Bob K

    Lynnepaulcmk – How long has this been going on for?  Is he always on the same dog food?  Is it the same bag you are having problems with?  What else is your dog eating?  Treats?  People food? Grass?  Dirt?  Other Animal Feces?  Lake, River or Swamp Water?  Any pesticides, insecticides or Herbicides?  Are you sure?  Do you use a Parasite and Heartworm preventative, Flea and Tick preventative? Mouse poisons?  Its a poison.  Has your dog have a complete fecal and blood test including: testing for Parvo, Giardia, Crypto?  How is the dogs skin, coat, eyes, ears?  Any scratching or biting?    How often do you bathe him?  With What? 

  • Lynnepaulcmk

    My 18 month old Golden Retriever has had periodic bouts of diarhea and vomiting and I thought maybe it was just him getting into something. This may be the reason why, though. We feed him only Blue Buffalo for Large breeds. Not even sure what kind of food to go to after this. I am going back to the chicken and rice diet for several days, again.

  • Marie

    CJ, it really sounds as though this was an existing medical issue with your dog. But I am so sorry you lost him, how terrible. 🙁 As Melissa noted, this recall was over a year ago and the affected food was pulled, and all affected food would have expired by now.

  • melissa


     While I am sorry for your loss, this recall was over a year ago-What makes you believe that it was the food and not a medical issue otherwise with your dog?

  • Anonymous

    Two days ago, Christmas Eve we had to euthanize our beloved
    6 year-old German shepherd due to lethal levels of vitamin D in Blue Buffalo’s
    Chicken/brown rice large breed dog food. 
    Our dog was a powerful healthy dog highly active with a sweet warm
    personality.  About four weeks ago he
    abruptly stopped eating that product and started drinking large amounts of
    water and producing large amounts of dilute urine.  His apatite would improve then disappear
    eventually he completely refused to eat. 
    Our vet had little answers and eventually ran blood work finding he was
    in the initial stages of renal failure.  They
    also found elevated blood calcium and urine analysis found calcium phosphate
    crystals.   X-rays could not find any bladder or kidney
    stones.  Out of desperation he was
    eventually hospitalized, IV fluids were forced in an attempt to clear his
    kidneys however after 24 hours (Christmas Eve) we had to have our beloved dog

    Our dog was an indoor dog never wondered outside our fenced
    yard was walked regularly on the leash and was always in close contact with us
    and could not have ingested a poison or toxin. 
    Our second dog a 16 year-old Malamute was not fed a Blue Buffalo product
    and did not suffer any of these symptoms. 
    I have little doubt that the Blue Buffalo product contained lethal
    levels of vitamin D producing hypercalcemia and eventually inducing renal
    failure killing our dog.

    We trusted our wonderful dog with this expensive premium dog
    food.  It is tremendously unfortunate
    that this company continues to irresponsibly produce dog food products with
    little quality control.   My wife and I are trying to move ahead after this
    difficult loss while having to deal with the frustration and disgust for this
    companies lack of responsibility.  We
    urge any dog owner to avoid all Blue Buffalo products and strongly recommend
    monitoring all FDA recalls had we done this I’m convinced our dog with be with
    us today.


  • Lois, we are all sorry for your loss, but this in not Blue Buffalo’s website. This is a dog food reviewing website. You can email Blue Buffalo on their website…

    Also, I’d like to note that renal failure may not have had anything to do with the food. How old was the dog?

  • Lois Bishop

    My Dear Westie died September 6 of renal failure. She was in good
    health until 3 weeks before her long painful death. My heart is still broken. I am 83 years old, not well, and do not have the funds to
    buy another friend and companion. She ate Blue dog food for several
    months prior to her death. I am requesting you make it possible for me to replace my invaluable pet, whom I raised from birth. Please make this known to your CEO,Bill Bishop. Sincerely, Lois Bishop

    me to replace my dearest friend, or I, too, may die of loneliness. Please
    bring this to the attention of Bill Bishop. Note my name, too, is Bishop.

  • SueW

    And yes, I too would be much more comfortable feeding my animals food that was manufactured in a company owned and operated facility. I now feed Earthborn to all of my pets, dog and cats which is produced in their own facility in Indiana.

  • SueW

    Melissa, the 2007 BB recall was for their dry kitten food, canned dog foods and dog treats, the HealthBars, I believe. At the time of this incident, BB was using American Nutrition to produce their products. Apparently, this manufacturer changes the recipe on these recalled items by adding cheaper ingredients like “rice protein concentrate” without BB permission. BB was furious and ended their contract with them. This was the explanation given on their website at the time this occurred. I remember because BB was the food I switched my pets to after the big recall. I eventually switched to a grain free to avoid the grain issue altogether. What amazes me is that they didn’t just contract with a new manufacturer, they contracted with 5! That has to be close to impossible to control product quality and consistancy. As we can see by the more recent recalls with BB products.

  • melissa

    Yes, I believe the “mother company” is KLN Enterprises or something of that sort-which produces Kenny’s Candy and “Barrel O” snacks. it sounds like they produce some nice higher quality kibbles through their plant. I was under(for some obviously mistaken reason) that BB was an independent, producing their own foods, and hence was one of the reasons for lack of advertising etc, and now I see that they subcontract out the production of the food. I also did not recall that Blue has had two recalls until Cathy mentioned it-the 2007 one did not register in memory-what was that for?

    For me and my dogs, I think I will try to stick with smaller companies who produce their own products, not those that use mega size “outsource solutions” I think when too many products are being produced at one facility it just opens the door to too many errors simply by virtue of size. When I opened the 4health products and had the wrong food in the bags, the Diamond rep told me it was probably because the food I bought was at “the beginning of the run” and “someone switched the bags out too soon”…

  • SueW

    I happen to have the Tuffy’s info due to research I did on them last fall when switching cat foods. I only feed the Natural Planet Organics line of canned cat food. It is very soft, smooth pudding-like wet food. My oldest cat is missing many teeth so this is to his liking. No chewing nescessary.

  • SueW

    Melissa, I don’t know what other foods are produced by Triple T but Tuffy’s makes several of their own brands of pet foods. Tuffy’s is a family owned business that back in the 70’s was sold to Star-Kist foods. Which was then sold to Heinz Pet Products. In the 90’s it was sold to Windy Hill Pet Foods & then merged with Doane Pet Care. In 2001 they were going to close the plant and stop making pet food. Then, Kenny Nelson, son of the original owner of Tuffy’s, bought back the company and his son is now VP of the company and they have resumed pet food production. Their “flagship” brand is Tuffy’s dry dog & cat foods.
    The other pet food lines they produce are:
    Nutrisource Super Premium (2003)
    Natural Planet Organics (2007 dog-2008 cat)
    Pure Vita Pure & Natural Holistic dog food (2008)
    Per their website, “The plant in Perham, MN is their ONLY facility & is the ONLY plant that manufactures their brands.

  • melissa

    I am surprised that there are so many manufacturers of Blue and they seem to be of varying quality. I see that CJ Foods and Chenango Valley are known for organic, holistic quality products, but what about Dad’s, Tuffy’s and Triple T? I don’t know how comfortable I would be in quality of ingrediants when the company is producing lower star rated foods as the “norm”…

  • Mary Lou

    SueW ~ the Mercola site.

  • OK Sue – I found a link to the Feb 2011 WDJ and I see the exact details you listed, including the 5 manufacturers for BB:

    That WDJ ‘preview’ link, that I previously referenced, says 2011 but it obviously isn’t 2011!

  • ShamelessRawFoodie

    Ok Thanks Sue – That is quite strange that the information from your Feb 2011 WDJ doesn’t match the detail on this 2011 WDJ link:

  • SueW

    ShamelessRawFoodie, My list of BB manufacturers is directly from the Feb. 2011 issue of WDJ and Triple T & Tuffy’s is on the list. My issue states in the Misc. Info. box: “Company launched a “limited ingredient” line (Blue Basics) and discontinued production of its organic food.”

  • Weird – the WDJ page has this sentence at the top of the page: – The following is Whole Dog Journal’s “approved dry foods” list of 2011 –
    But the BB food used as the highlighted representative is Blue Organics, which was discontinued more than one year ago!

    REPRESENTATIVE VARIETY — Blue Organics contain: Organic deboned chicken, organic brown rice, organic oatmeal, chicken meal, organic barley, organic millet, salmon meal, chicken fat…

  • Below, I’ve copied the BB info from the WDJ webpage for their 2011 approved list of dry dog foods –

    BLUE BUFFALO COMPANY — Wilton, CT; (800) 919-2833;
    MADE BYChenango Valley Pet Foods, Sherburne, NY; CJ Foods, Bern, KS; Dad’s Pet Care, Meadville, PA; Triple T Foods, Frontenac, KS.

    REPRESENTATIVE VARIETY — Blue Organics contain: Organic deboned chicken, organic brown rice, organic oatmeal, chicken meal, organic barley, organic millet, salmon meal, chicken fat…

    MISC INFO — 24 varieties made (including puppy, adult, weight control, senior, large and small breeds, limited ingredient, grain-free).

  • Thanks Sue – That is very interesting that Blue Buffalo has 5 manufacturers to keep track of. I only knew of 3 – Chenango, CJ and Dad’s. I didn’t know about Triple T or Tuffy’s.

    I found this preview link of Whole Dog Journal’s “approved dry foods” list of 2011 – but it doesn’t show Tuffy’s Pet Foods as one of the BB manufacturers. Is this the same WDJ list that you are looking at?

  • SueW

    Thanks Mary Lou. Did you order it from her Vet Clinic site? or the Mercola site?

  • SueW

    Oops! No, I’m sorry I didn’t see the question. The 5 manufacturers of Blue Buffalo are:
    Chenango Valley Pet Foods, Sherburne, NY
    CJ Foods, Bern, KS
    Dad’s Pet Care, Meadville, PA
    Triple T Foods, Frontenac, KS
    Tuffy’s Pet Foods, Perham, MN

  • melissa


    Did you see Cathy’s question? Who are the 5 listed places/companies that manufactor BB??


  • Mary Lou

    Shameless ~ my husband was born at MacDill ~ maybe you were nursery mates! We use to live on base, but he is now retired, and we are calling Tampa home. I am going to have to come meet you in the parking lot some day! You are quite an interesting person! I am always up for new adventures, and learning something new. Obviously, or Dupree wouldn’t be gnawing on a bone.

    I take Dupree to Bayshore Animal Clinic on S. MacDill. Dr. Rosenburg is who we usually see. We don’t always agree on everything, but we have a good relationship. I thought perhaps you had some great holistic vet. : )

    SueW ~ I had pre-ordered Dr. Karen Becker’s book from Amazon, and they sent me a message last week that it was going to be delayed for about a month. I went to Dr. Becker’s site and ordered it there. I received it two days later.

  • SueW

    Mary Lou; I too subscribe to WDJ and I save all the issues in a ringbinder so I can go back and reference them when needed.
    To anyone who can help; I am having trouble finding where I can buy Dr. Karen Becker’s new 3rd edition book. Is it only available on her vet clinic’s website or can it be purchased elsewhere? has the first edition listed but is noted to be out of print. Thanks.

  • Shameless
    You are very funny. My dental bills have been through the roof the last few years – don’t know why I didn’t think of chewing on some raw meaty bones. If I could substitute baby back ribs with extra BB sauce I’d be in good shape. Mike S you’re missing out on a fortune by not living close enough to me to be my dentist – which you surely would be.

    My mother raised 11 of us (I’m the oldest) on raw milk, oatmeal each morning, and a spoon of Cod liver oil (euch!) each day and we’re all still healthy and slim. Nutrition is the best kept secret for health in America for people and dogs it seems. They’ve actually got most people thinking that drugs instead of healthy food will fix them up. Heaven help those who depend on the AMA to keep them healthy.

    I was fortunate enough to find a Dr of Chinese medicine years ago and we became good friends. She is able to fix almost anything with diet and herbs. I’ve hired her as a consultant for Brothers Complete to see if she can use herbs to make our food more nutritious and to resolve or prevent some some of the common conditions that dogs are suffering from.

    Thanks for the inside track on Blue Buffalo. They made a mistake letting you go but their loss is DogFoodAdvisors gain.

  • ShamelessRawFoodie

    Hey Mary Lou – OK – you’re definitely not the country mouse! I was born at MacDill. I’m now across the bay and my meat pickup location is a Fitness Gym parking lot in Clearwater. It’s the sign of the times. You’ve got to go ‘underground’ to get clean food (aka avoiding poison food). I coordinate a raw dairy co-op and the dairy farmers deliver raw milk, cream, and butter to my garage. The products get transferred immediately from the refrigerated truck into refrigerators in my garage. Then the co-op members come by and pick up their dairy and pay for their next order.
    The marrow bones you get at MacDill – well, MacDill gets their food delivered in a big parking lot!
    I only use a vet for the rabies vaccination, which I haven’t yet figured out how to avoid. For that, I use a nearby vet, name not worth mentioning, although he does have a side business of selling wonderful honey from his own bee hives! In all of my interactions with pet parents, it was rare to find anyone pleased with their vet in this large metropolitan area. Who is your vet?
    Thankfully, I don’t ‘need’ a vet. Just like I don’t have a doctor because I don’t ‘need’ a doctor. OK, Mike – I do need a dentist because I don’t gnaw on Raw Meaty Bones! And I get regular dental cleanings as I do eat some carbs and sugar – but not much.

  • Mary Lou

    Now, Cathy, you must remember I am new to this bone feeding. I am not a connoisseur. I got Dupree’s marrow bones at the commissary at MacDill. They had fresh three packs that were vacuum sealed; so I thought why not. Reading your posts, you remind so much of my sister in your thinking. She is not a dog person ~ cats and horses ~ and lives in WA. So I will tell you, people always say we are the country mouse and the city mouse. I’ll let you guess which one I am ~ ha. That being said, I’m not sure I’m quite ready to buy something from the parking lot. LOL! Give me time!

    That’s great you are in Tampa, too! I am so curious to know who you use for a vet?!

  • ShamelessRawFoodie

    Gordon – We are on west coast. Shuttle launch is on east coast. We sure got alot of rain this week, but today is sunny. When skies are clear, shuttle launch is visible.

    Mary Lou – I’m in Tampa area, too. Bone day success – what fun! Where do you get your bones? FYI – I have started getting my dog’s beef bones from Rosas Farm in central FL, grass-fed, pasture-raised animals.
    I get other beef products and also eggs. They make deliveries around the state. They deliver twice per month to Tampa, I-275/Dale Mabry in the Rooms To Go parking lot.

  • Mary Lou

    Shameless ~ I won’t intrude on Sue W, but for future reference ~ I subscribe to WDJ and save them all. Today was bone day ~ huge success!

    Gordon ~ you are a funny guy. : ) And, yes, I do believe you are probably a charmer! We are in Tampa which is on the other coast. We usually can see the shuttle streaking through the sky, but it poured here all day yesterday. Sunny and gorgeous today!

  • ShamelessRawFoodie

    Sue W – An another DFA thread today, you state that on the WDJ list of reccommended foods, you were “surprised by how many manufacturers are listed for Blue Buffalo. . . 5 are listed.”

    What are the names of the 5 BB manufacturers?

  • Gordon

    So Shameless, did “you” and Mary “Lou”, fair well Atlantis’s last launching?

    Am I a charmer, or a rhymer? Sorry, couldn’t help myself. There I go again. BTW, before I get ridiculed, I’m not charmer, but I am a rhymer!

    I couldn’t include Richard in that question (All coming from Florida), because if would have ruined the rhyme. 😉

  • ShamelessRawFoodie

    SueW – There aren’t many jobs without the usual job problems. Much of what I experienced was similar to experiences of other pet food product reps – Nutro, BilJac, Eukanuba, Science Diet, etc.

    For instance, a few months ago, the Blue cat food stock was so depleted that shelves were near empty for about one month, in addition to a few dog food products that were out-of-stock for several weeks. Customers asked me where is the food, and many questioned if there is a problem with the food. We, the reps, weren’t provided with any alert about this problem. The store managers said Blue isn’t sending the product that is ordered, and that other stores also have depleted stock. I sent an email to my manager to let him know the problem (as if he shouldn’t have already been aware of this very significant problem!) and ask him what he would like me to say to customers. After much delay, I was told to refer the customers to store management. Store management then told customers that the problem is with Blue and that they don’t know the status of the products. So the customer is dumbfounded, disappointed, angry, etc. Ultimately, the product reps, who don’t get combat pay LOL, are stuck responding to irate customers without having a sensible explanation.

  • SueW

    WOW! Has Blue Buffalo always operated this way? Or is this more recent since they’ve become more of a household name?
    A few months ago, I applied for a job with them for a rep position. They called me and were ‘very interested’ in me but did not have any openings in my area. I’ve always been a little bit worried about the fact that they did not own and operate their own manufacturing facility, especially after the 2007 recall of their cans and kitten foods. Which turned out to be a quality control issue. I have since fed pet food brands that state on their website(s) that the food is produced in their own facilities. When I started to see BB comercials showing up on prime time television I started to get suspicious. ie: You never saw commercials for Innova brands before P&G bought them out, now you do.

  • ShamelessRawFoodie

    Brothers Complete owner Richard Darlington has more candidly and quickly responded to my questions during the past one month than Blue Buffalo did during my entire five years employed by them.

  • ShamelessRawFoodie

    About the October 2010 recall discrepancies between the FDA website and the Blue Buffalo website – – What I sensed was that an executive decision was made to not correct the discrepancies, so as to not bring more attention to the fact that BB management provided inaccurate information on one of their lists. They knew most people wouldn’t even notice.
    One of the lists is wrong. Which list is accurate? The FDA website or the Blue Buffalo website?
    Per the FDA website, recalled products included Blue Basics Salmon 24# Best By SEP2311P & Best By OCT2611P. But those product dates aren’t included in the list of recalled products on the Blue Buffalo website.

  • ShamelessRawFoodie

    During Blue Buffalo’s October 2010 dog food recall – – There was a discrepancy that I noticed when comparing the FDA website and the Blue Buffalo website, which I brought to the attention of my regional manager. This discrepancy was never resolved and the discrepancy still exists nine months later, according to documents on the FDA and BB websites:

    The FDA Recall website lists 2 additional recalled product dates that the Blue Buffalo News website doesn’t list:
    Blue Basics Salmon 24# Best By SEP2311P & Best By OCT2611P
    BLUE Basics Salmon (Dog) 11 lb., 24 lb. AUG2111B, AUG2211B
    Blue Basics Limited Ingredient Formula Salmon and Potato Recipe dry dog food 11 lb “Best If Used By AUG2111B” &
    “Best If Used By AUG2211B”
    Blue Basics Limited Ingredient Formula Salmon and Potato Recipe dry dog food 24 lb “Best If Used By AUG2111B”
    “Best If Used By SEP2311P” &
    “Best If Used By OCT2611P”

  • ShamelessRawFoodie

    Here is a ‘public’ example of what I find disturbing about Blue Buffalo’s Quality Assurance. Within a few weeks after the October 2010 recall, the following job advertisement appeared on the internet. I’ve provided the link, although the job posting has expired, so the link doesn’t show the detail that I kept a copy of. There are no less than 10 (TEN) obvious mistakes! Happy hunting! If Blue Buffalo’s product QA is anywhere near as error-ridden as their job advertisement for the position of Director of Quality Assurance……. well, I’d say there are huge problems!

    Job ID: 7341072
    Position Title: Director of Quality Assurance
    Company Name: Blue Buffalo Co Ltd
    Industry: Other
    Job Function: Quality Assurance
    Entry Level: No
    Location(s): Wilton, Connecticut, 06897
    Posted: November 1, 2010
    Job Type: Full-Time
    Job Duration: Indefinite
    Min Education: BA/BS/Undergraduate
    Min Experience: 7-10 Years
    Required Travel: 25-50%
    Salary: commensurate with exp.

    Contact Person: Dilek Reinhardt
    Email Address: [email protected]
    Phone: No phone calls please!

    Job Description
    This position will be responsible for all aspects of our quality assurance program, including, but limited to annual plans, program enhancements, product testing, reporting and tracking, budgets, and personnel hiring, training and management.

    Quality Assurance:

    Review and evelaute curremt QA Program
    Develop and present Annual QA Plan with KPI’s, Budgets and Timing
    Continue to enhance product quality, safety and performance
    Comtinue to refine BBC’s Produvt Qualotyand Safety manual and enforce compliance with all co-maunfacturers
    Work with the Product Supply team in conducting regular inspections of co-packer production facilities, monitor production runs, and laboratory analysis to assure label guarantees are met
    Provide support to project management and R&D in overseeing commisioning of products with manufacturing & subsequent hand-off of products to Product Supply
    Understand and assist in meeting company goals for product concept, packaging, financial, processing anf marketing objectives
    Work with Product Supply in proving assistance in the selection of new co-manufactureres
    Maintain Gold Standards for all products. Maintain an actionable standard for the ideal product (image, analytical and performance).

    Job Requirements
    Requires minimum 10 years Quality Assurance exp. as well as Product Supply exp.
    Must have the ability to lead cross-finctional teams
    R&D experience a plus

    BA in business or related technical field
    Microsoft Office
    Pet food or Food industry experice a MUST!

  • ShamelessRawFoodie

    Ditto Jonathan –

    I worked for 5 years as a Blue Buffalo product representative. I enjoyed most aspects of the job and achieved the highest status in sales goals. I quit last month, primarily because I disagreed with the most recent in-store sales tactic changes. I almost quit last year after the 2010 recall, and I almost quit after the 2007 recall. I almost quit numerous times when I didn’t receive direct answers to questions. I almost quit when criticized by my manager for following specific guidelines in our employee policy (that he didn’t want me to follow)! And I almost quit when a sobbing customer (wife of a vet) handed me her bag of moldy dog food and hysterically screamed that her puppy is very ill because of the moldy food.

    For the most part, it was a ‘fun’ job and the positives outweighed those negatives. But much of what I experienced whittled away my confidence in the entire commercial pet food industry.

    Similar to Jonathan, I saw the benefit of getting someone to buy a ‘better’ food. Each PetSmart store where I worked had weekly sales of Blue that exceeded $5,000. Complaints about the food were very rare. Praise about the food was common. That being said, I often wondered about the QA / QC process, especially since Blue contracts with an outside manufacturer that produces many brands of foods. WHO can be trusted?

    Most consumers are guided by emotion, rather than truth and substance. Pet food companies with smart marketing strategies will not only survive, they will thrive, even if your dog doesn’t!

  • Jonathan

    Guys, my store sells over $1500 a week of Blue Buffalo. I have never had any of the hundreds of regulars that buy Blue for their dog have a problem. Every so often, if I meet an itchy dog that’s on Blue, I will get the customer to try NB LID or EB Great Plains. But otherwise, my Blue customers have healthy, happy dogs. I am in no way saying that Blue is my favorite dog food. Not at all. But what I’m saying is that, when dealing with relatively “cheap” dog food, mistakes can be made and batch contamination is a possibility, just like it is with mass-produced people food. Individual bags can become contaminated due to storage/handling. I do not doubt that, if taking all the manufacturing processes into consideration and ingredient sources and using a 10 star scale, the Blue line would probably only merit 4 1/2-5 stars. But that’s still hugely better than Purina or any other grocery store food.

  • I haven’t been on this thread before but can attest to the fact that just adding vitamins, minerals or anything in excess, or even lack of as it relates to its symbiotic mineral twin (calcium must be balanced to phosphorous for example) can cause huge distress in a dogs system. Changing a single ingredient in a food can throw off these balances in man made foods. Raw is safer and more nutritious because nature provides nutrients in balance. For decades dog food manufacturers have simply thrown a bunch of vitamins and minerals in dog food without regard to their relationship to one another. In nature, as in so much of life, balance is usually the healthiest way.

    I know from first hand experience because when we directed our Ph.D. animal nutritionist to create the healthiest dry dog food possible he talked to me for hours about the most overlooked facet of dog food manufacturing – balancing all nutrients in the formula to each other – change an ingredient or the amount of it and the rest of the formula needs to be rebalanced. At one point I changed the amount of protein to a higher percentage and didn’t hear from him for a couple of weeks. When I called he told me he’d been readjusting all the nutrients and other ingredients to achieve a healthy balance – and that takes time. He related a story that often when a large company buys up a smaller one the first thing they do is adjust the formula to make it more profitable and despite his telling every Mfg he ever worked for that the nutrients needed to be balanced – not one ever paid to have it done. They just wanted cheaper food – period.

    I mention this because in the case of Blue Buffalo it is easier than you might think to cause problems due to the imbalance of one or more vitamins or minerals and there is no guideline for BALANCE only minimums and extremes, and the AMOUNT of a mineral is not nearly as important as its relationship to its symbiotic twin (calcium and magnesium is another).

    Steve – your post in Jan was right on. We have all 16 K-9 units on Brothers here in Fort Lauderdale because these guys love their dogs. A few of them initially paid for the extra cost themselves (they were on Iams then TOW). Once they saw such a big improvement in the health of the first few dogs that were on Brothers (Vet visits nearly eliminated, more stamina, thick shiny coats, no paw gnawing, scratching, or ear problems) they put all the dogs on it and now the department pays for it.

    We have recommended raw to them but they don’t want to bother with it. However, we have talked some of the individual handlers into getting raw, meaty bones to feed their dogs at home. Between buying and training these dogs they invest on average $47,000 per dog. When a new handler is hired a few of the police officers will bring him to the store and “tell him” that he WILL be buying Brothers for his dog.

  • melissa

    Ralph Gallo MD-

    Please update us on your vet’s findings when you know. Its always important for reader’s to have a clear understanding when health issues are mentioned as to whether it was a particular dogs reaction or if there was in fact something more serious at play. Either way, given the fact that you have 6 dogs and only the ones affected were those eating this food(I recently had this happen with a different brand-all problems resolved when the food was taken out of the equation) I too would lean towards something with the food-pls update us!


  • Ralph Gallo M.D.

    I just did a search for blue buffalo recalls. There was not much updated info. It listed the bad batches ad best if used by certain 2011 dates but nothing about 2012. I think it is more widespread than the few given

  • SueW

    Ralph Gallo M.D.;
    Where did you find the info on the most recent Blue Buffalo recalls? Was it on their website? I used to feed BB to my 3 cats who seem to do fine on it. However, when I tried to switch my Lab over to it, (the large breed dry), he had very loose and gasseous diarrhea that seemed to come on very quickly. This was some time last year. Right now I am feeding everyone Earthborn Holistic Grain Free dry kibble. My lab is doing quite well on it so far. It has been 3 weeks and no sign of diarrhea or loose stools. In fact, his stool size has actually decreased as well. And no offensive odor, which is a first. My lab is a BIG BOY and unfortunately is also notorious for clearing a room with his passing gas. Since he started on the Earthborn Holistic, the gas issue is gone. No more SBD’s while watching a movie in the dark!

  • Ralph Gallo M.D.

    Beware of other Blue Buffalo dog foods, that were not in recall…Large breed chicken and rice best used by MAY1,2012.
    I have 6 dogs…3 shelties and 3 Goldens. the shelties are fine and not on Blue Buffalo Large breed. I changed from Blue limited ingredients to large breed chicken because Cutters Mill where I bought it didn’t have the limited and they told me regular large breed was very similar. The glens have been on large breed Bluee Buffalo for 2 weeks..They all haw significant vomiting and diarrhea. And the shelties don’t. they are going to the vet tomorrow for exam and testing. after searching on line for recalls today I found out about other Blue Buffalo products being recalled. I stopped feeding blue buffalo today. I never got notice of the recall and obviously there are more batches of bad product out there. I would never use any Blue Buffalo products again and I hope these dogs recover. They have never been sick like this.

  • Wyndi W

    I personally believe Blue Buffalo, the product and the company, is dangerous.

    I’ve owned German Shepherd dogs for over forty years and have experience NOTHING like what has just happened with ONE bag of Blue Buffalo.

    I transitioned slowly, over a month’s time. No other factor in usual routine differed except for using Blue Buffalo.

    I had to have my 3 yr. old male treated for severe diarrhea; my female experienced the same. I took them off of it for four days. When I put a single handfull of BB in their rice, etc. mix, he had diarrhea again.

    On this July 4, my 8 year old female, in an hour and a half emptied all the contents of her stomach. Each hour following she threw up at least twice per hour. Around 12 midnight she seemed to settle down a little so I decided to get a little sleep. At 2 am she woke me up with the sounds of trying to throw up with nothing in her stomach; she couldn’t ever retain water. She became increasingly weak, so I spent the remainder of the morning outside sitting with her and finally was able, between 3 and 6 am to get her to retain about 3 liters of water. I left at 7 to take her to my most trusted vet. The technician called and asked him to come in early, which he did. Her blood test was horrible: electrolytes in the severe catagory, severe to critical dehydration, but no parasites, etc..

    I left her with my vet, who immediately started iv drips. I went back to sit with her from 3 to 5 pm. She was listless, trying to hold her head up but nodding off, then jerking awake. My vet could give no firm opinion on her chances of survival at that moment, despite doing everything he knew to do. He called that evening with an update that was basically the same. The next morning’s call amounted to the fact that she had not thrown up again, but was no better, no worse.

    She began to respond somewhat later that afternoon and when I went to sit with her around, she was more alert, acting more like herself. I’m hoping she will be well enough and that it will be safe for me to bring her home today. When my vet called last night, he said she was more lively.

    I believe she was able to rally due to basic good health prior to the Blue Buffalo, but in those twelve hours, I came very close to losing her. Further, I have no assurance that other damage did not occur.

    I believe the Blue Buffalo company is jumping on the bandwagon with PROFIT as its primary concern. It seems from other complaints I’ve read on multiple sites that they are dangerously lacking in research and development, quality control, honesty, integrity, responsibility, and concern.

    I believe their claims which amount to being all things to all dogs are outrageous. I believe that their methods, along with the reasons stated above, leave their product vulnerable to toxic results. I believe they are remiss in the handling of their product. I am suspicious that many of the positive raves of product satisfaction are SEEDED (people being paid to write positive comments). I believe their advertising is without justification or scientific reliability.

    I believe their product is dangerous and the company has no valid internal controls aimed at preventing harm.

  • Sue

    My three dogs are just finishing off their first & last 24# bag of Blue Wilderness Chicken, exp date May 24 12 B 11 1032. My two girls both senior fox terriers eat the BW with no problems. My male, a five year old terrier mix has had issues with the food. I opened the bag on April 30th and all three seemed to like it. Within the first week my male started eating grass during our walks. I chalked it up to it just being spring and there is finally grass to eat. By the second week he vomited a white foam a couple times and is still eating grass. By the third week he seems a little constipated and resists eating his special bowl of it. Once or twice a day I mix ¼ cup of the BW food with hot water & let it sit for a few minutes before adding a half a scoop of GNC Ultra Mega Superfood Complex Plus Joint Health. The girls eagerly eat it, the first couple weeks my boy would too. For the past week my boy will hesitantly eat some of it or go hide when I am serving it. When I have tried taking the food into the room he retreats to he almost cowers as if he is afraid when I put the bowl down. He acts like I am trying to poison him. When I was doing this with Taste of the Wild he always ate it. Although I have had my boy for 2 ½ years, he is a former pound puppy and can be a little flakey sometimes. He had to learn from the girls about toys, treats and chewies. I originally thought his behavior was a pound puppy flashback but now after reading about a recall I have to wonder if there isn’t something wrong with the food.

  • Hi Carol… Most of our 4 and 5-star kibbles are average to above-average in protein content and average to below-average in carb content. Hope this helps.

  • Carol

    Currently my 9 year old Malamute is on a home cooked diet that I adapted from a “mush mix” recipe for sled dog breeds. Pretty similar, but leaner(true mush mix call for back fat or suet) since she doesn’t work. Mix is 30% protein from chicken or fish, raw/frozen vegies, brown rice, sprinkle of dry whole rolled oats, and some antioxidant enhancing herbs (rosemary, oregano etc.) She does well on this mix – but this doesn’t travel easily when we hit the road. Is there really a good quality, safe dry food that will still provide her high protein needs as well as carbs and antioxidants?

  • ed campbell

    please be very careful … I just lost 2 dogs to Blue Buffalo
    and almost lost the 3rd…I had the same issues as Ryan did but it killed 2 of them…The 3rd is recovering well but will greatly
    missed the other two…and I was feeding the same stuff to my 3…

  • Ryan

    Hello All,

    Just a heads up to anyone feeding their dog(s) Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken recipe. Our 15 mth old yellow lab mix became very sick (vomitting, lethragy, sore neck/back, lack of appetite, physical discomfort so much that he could not stand up by himself, etc.). This happened about 30 days after we switched him from Blue Buffalo Adult food to the Blue Buffalo Wilderness brand. The best by dates were: Jan 29 12 B11 0618.

    Since he was a pup, Blue Buffalo food has been great but we are now hesitant due to this issues we’ve had which included two trips to the emergency room for x-rays, blood work, etc. A friends lab is experiencing similar issues, more related to kidney, but was using the Blue Buffalo Longetivity brand.

    We are investigating further with Blue Buffalo and are not certain if there is any connection between the food and our dogs illness, but please just be aware.

  • Hi Dale… This article is dated October 8, 2010 (nearly 6 months ago). It’s a news story which was reported and quoted from materials and facts that were considered accurate at the time of publication. Unfortunately, we cannot edit this story’s details based upon what others “have heard” since the time it was posted.

  • Dale

    I just bought Blue wilderness Salmon grain free changed from Natures Recipe salmon grain free Please update on the curent recall of Blue as I have heard people say dogs have died Thank you

  • Hi Carlos… Unfortunately, I cannot provide customized reviews and product recommendations for each reader. However, you may find help in my article on “Best Puppy Foods” Be sure to read every word of this article. Then access the suggested lists of puppy foods at the bottom of the article Hope this helps.

  • Carlos

    I have a 6 mo old Morkie who is on Eukanuba. THinking of swithing him to Blue Buffalo Wilderness dry dog food. I assume the recall is done with and do you recommend Blue Buffalo for puppies? great website…….thank you

  • Larry

    Thank you for working on this website and conducting reviews. I don’t know where Bill is getting his information from, but recalls (for pet or human products) are important information to get out…this one being put out by the manufacturer…for a reason. Toxic vitamin or mineral levels do occur and if they kill only 1 dog or person, guess what…it is still a toxic level. I would suggest that it is the frequency of such rare occurrences that influence companies and governments to set guidelines in the first place. If a recall goes out, everyone should be concerned due to the “potential consequences.”

  • Bill… I’m sorry you disagree with my labeling of the excess vitamin levels in Blue Buffalo as “potentially toxic”. However, as a practicing medical professional, I can assure you this phrase is a scientifically accurate description of the recall’s issue and hardly anything that could “create mass hysteria”.

    According to the official FDA bulletin dated October 8, these products were being recalled because the excess amounts of Vitamin D contained in these Blue Buffalo products could negatively impact the health of affected dogs.

    Wherever did you get the erroneous and silly idea that “no one gets sick or dies (pets included) from higher than company specs” when they exceed some nutrient profile? For that statement is completely untrue… and a total fabrication.

    In medicine, anything excessive enough (bacteria, chemicals, nutrients, etc.) to induce disease or dysfunction in an animal can be considered “potentially toxic”.

    And vitamin D is no exception.

    Excessive amounts of vitamin D can lead to a toxic medical condition known as hypervitaminosis D.

    The US National Library of Medicine (Pub Med) of the National Institutes of Health describes vitamin D toxicity in this way…

    “Hypervitaminosis D is a condition that occurs after taking excessive doses of vitamin D. An excess of vitamin D causes abnormally high levels of calcium in the blood, which can eventually severely damage the bones, soft tissues, and kidneys.”

    Had this recall not been instituted in a timely manner, many more than the 36 affected animals reported in the FDA bulletin could have suffered the dangerous effects of long term vitamin D toxicity.

    Dog food recalls are always urgent matters that should be taken seriously… even when they seem to be something as innocuous as excessive levels of vitamin D.

    When announcing a dog food recall to my readers, I always remain completely unbiased and report the facts exactly as I know them.

    What’s more, I make no attempt to excuse any manufacturer (including Blue Buffalo or Kroger) for these unfortunate and potentially dangerous events.

  • Bill

    I disagree with your labeling of the Blue Buffalo recall because of “potentially toxic” vitamin levels. Last time I checked no one gets sick or dies (pets included) from “higher than company specs” & “still well below AFCO guidelines” except for extreme rare sensitivities. You were kinder to the Kroger people with a deadly aflatoxin in theirs. I think the actual vet on your panel needs to step in & set you straight so you people stop creating mass hysteria among pet parents.

  • Jerie

    Puleese, you people who keep commenting on websites that ‘in the wild the dogs would be eating the whole animal so why are by-products considered to be bad’ need to remember that that is also Nature’s way to control the population. Hypothetically, one female canine who had only 2 litters in her life with 6 females in each litter each of which reproduced like their mom, would have over 53 MILLION (53,000,000) decendants by the time she was 10 years old, unless most of them died from eating rotton corpses and “by-products”. Actually, that female would continue to have 2 litters a year for her whole life. Natural ain’t necessarily better, kiddo. Most of you have dogs that would choose to eat from the kitty litter box rather than clean healthy food, its Natures way. They cannot be trusted to choose their own food and we have to be smart in how we choose it for them. Plus, do you really want to spend your hard earned money on processing plant garbage???? Even the by-products that specify that it is just organ meat are not required to be clean or fresh. The regulations are more lax for by-products than for human-grade food products….I understand what you say, I used to be just as confused. For real enlightenment, you can tour a chicken processing plant. I dare you….

  • Jonathan

    Heather, the recall was for slightly elevated vitamin D levels that very few dogs are even sensitive to, and it wasn’t even outside of what is allowable by AAFCO. It was a voluntary recall that cost Blue a lot of money.

    Your puppy maybe just didn’t tolerate an ingredient in Blue. It happens. Not every food will work for every dog. So let’s just understand that before we start making assumptions about a good product. My friend is lactose intolerant, so while he would get sick from eating yogurt, I can still eat it and be fine. See? My friend getting sick doesn’t make yogurt a bad product.

  • Heather

    I also had a bad experience with Blue Buffalo. I was feeding the Large Breed Puppy recipe to my new puppy last fall. She was drinking lots of water and we were having a terrible time housetraining because the frequency of urination….sometimes twice an hour or more! A few weeks into eating the food, she also developed extremely loose stools. I changed foods and within 2 days, her stools and urination was normal. I know they didn’t mention Lg Breed Puppy in the Blue Buffalo recall, but I do believe this food was also affected based on my recent experience.

  • Jonathan


  • Bobbi

    We are thinking of putting our 1 year old, 8 pound Morkie on one of the grain free -5 star kibble (Blue-Wilderness perhaps?) foods. Does it matter that there is not a ‘small dog formula’ available for many of the 5 star brands?

  • Steve

    Mike, Thanks for what you do. That Annon. poster does not have his facts straight. I am not a vet, but a Police K9 Handler who has worked 3 dogs (Im on my 3rd) and fed the previous 2 the vet recommended foods. Both of those dogs were retired or dead by 9 years old. My current dog, who has been fed a combination of dehydrated food, frozen raw and grain free 5 star kibble is 10 years old and still going strong. I am a true believer and appreciate the effort you have put into what you do on this web sight.

  • Jim H

    I have to say I’ve had the same result as Michael above where emails and Blue Buffalo are concerned. I’ve sent several emails to them in the past few weeks asking a simple question about the lack of availability of one of their formulas (beef) in Canada and also if they’ll be increasing distributors. No response at all. Having just switched to this food, I’m now wondering if they’ll support me if I have a more serious problem. How they respond to customers says a lot about the company in my opinion.

  • Hi Kevin… Since each dog responds to a particular food in its own unique way, it would be impossible for me to compare two or more dog foods and predict which one would be the better choice for your dog. Since both of the Blue Buffalo products you mention here have been awarded favorable ratings, I don’t see how you could go wrong with either one.

  • Jonathan

    Personally, I think the life protection line is a bit better. But it’s like splitting hairs, really. Rotation is always a good idea, though.

  • kevin

    I am thinking of switching from Blue Longevity to Blue Life Protection formula because this has a varity of either chicken or lamb. Both are 4 stars on your site. Do you think either one is so much different, but I was looking at price per pound for each and Longevity is higher in price. My question is even thou I am thinking of switching just for varity, is Life Protection inferrior dog food compared to Longevity (price is higer).
    Thanks, just wondering and hoping not to make a wrong move.

  • Jonathan

    Madonna, it is unfortunate that your dog had these troubles. But working in a pet retailer, I sell tons of Blue every week and have over 400 customers on frequent buyer cards for Blue. I have had ONE (1) person’s dog experience a problem with Blue and need to change foods.

    Some dogs will react badly to a product for what ever reason… or you may have gotten a bad bag that could have had a problem from storage, transport, or mishandling.

    In any case, most dogs (like 99%) do GREAT on Blue, so there is no reason to bash a good company because your dog reacted badly to it.

  • Hi Michael… Sorry to hear about your experience. Unfortunately, dog (and human) food recalls are inevitable (and unpredictable). Neither of the two manufacturers you mention here appears to have had a recurrent history of product recalls. What’s more, I’ve never been able to find any scientific evidence that proves a company that has had a food recalled is likely to have another one with any degree of certainty.

    Our ratings are strictly based upon the only information we feel we can reliably trust… government regulated pet food labels. To see why we intentionally ignore nearly everything else, please be sure to read my article, “The Problem with Dog Food Reviews“.

    In any case, you may want to contact Blue Buffalo again. Hopefully, this time you’ll have better luck getting a response.

  • Michael

    I think they should be down graded from a recommended food. I was a very loyal user until this most recent recall and my dog ended up at the Vet with a $100+ bill for too much Vit D in his food. I contacted Blue and never got a reply or even and email. Companies that are going to charge a lot, yet not protect our pet’s health, should be down graded. I also had a pet impacted by the recent New Balance recall. When are these companies going to learn and when are we as consumers going to start hurting them where it counts by not purchasing their products any more.

  • madonna

    CAUTION! PURCHASING BLUE BUFFALO DOG FOOD MAY RESULT IN SERIOUS HEALTH ISSUES FOR YOUR DOG. I purchased a medium size bag of BLUE BUFFALO LIFE PROTECTION SENIOR FORMULA dog food on 10/20/10 and my dog had extreme bloody diarrhea by 10/27/10. Previous to this episode my dog had finished her first small bag of the weight control chicken & brown rice formula without incident. My vet in Irvine, CA reported seeing several dogs with similar symptoms that had recently purchased a new bag of blue buffalo dog food. Apparently my dog had the most severe reaction, with diarrhea lasting 2 weeks and an intestinal tract infection, resulting in vet bills totaling $478.13. PetsMart took the product back for a full refund (without the bag) and took a full report of the incident and copies of my vet bills to file a report with their corporate office.

  • Hi Kim… Great Life dry dog food looks like a very good kibble. But unfortunately, the manufacturer uses a very unusual way to list the food’s ingredients. This makes reviewing the brand (almost) impossible for us.

    Tapioca is a natural extract made from the root of the cassava plant. It is a starchy carbohydrate that is not only grain-free… but also gluten-free. Many consider tapioca notably hypoallergenic. The ingredient is frequently used as a binder to hold all the other ingredients together during the cooking process.

    By the way, I’m not nearly as impressed (as others) with kibbles that don’t use meat meals. Meat meals are almost always found exclusively in kibbles. And kibbles (to be frank) are nothing more (or less) than meat-flavored bakery goods… pretty far from the natural quality of whole meats (once a kibble is processed).

    Most forget that dog foods are only the third leading cause of canine allergies. You may wish to read my recent article, “Suggested Hypoallergenic Dog Foods”. Hope this helps.

  • Kim

    Thank you for providing this website! It has been the most helpful one so far. My two 1.5 year old pug & smooth fox terrier mixes have been eating the Blue Basics Salmon for nearly a year now and the regular Salmon & Sweet Potatoes recipe before that. We feel that the food has been great but this recall really concerns me. Even though I don’t think my bags were affected, looking back, it did seem my dogs were more thirsty and urinating more in the past few months. I love that the first few ingredients are not meal but am not sure if I can trust them anymore.

    I am considering switching to Great Life grain-free Wild Salmon but I am concerned about the lack of disclosure of ingredients/processing plant (I read the customer service email from other post on this website about reverse engineering which is kind of a joke). Although I like that the ingredients are from the US & made in the US & the first few ingredients are not “meal”, I am unsure about tapioca being the 2nd ingredient. I read in another posting that you said you loved Great Life. Could you please expand on that & also provide your opinion on tapioca? Or could you recommend a few foods I could look at that are for dogs with sensitivities (stomach & some skin) that have whole meat or veggie ingredients in the first 2-4 ingredients? Thank you so much!

  • Edisson

    I have feed my dogs Blue Buffalo because I found it to be closely related to Solid Gold in terms of the quality of the Food. However the last 2 bags I’ve bought have made my dogs sick, more specifically my Golden Retriever. He began to bleed from his anus and it was not a couple of drops, it was a stream and he had no energy. I stop feeding him the food (chicken and brown rice) and began to cook him chicken, potato, rice and the chicken stock. He began to recuperate his energy and started to defecate properly. I changed the recipe with the last food that I bought (healthy weight) and he started to bleed again. I began to do some research and found that other people have complained about the same symptoms (similar to parvo) and that there is a recall. I am now researching new foods and am thinking of trying Organix or By Nature. I will stop using this food and request a refund from the pet store I bought it. Folks, be careful! Blue buffalo cs claims that the issue they have is with their wilderness recipe, but this is a lie because I do not use that specific recipe and I am going through some tough times!!!! I have also noticed that they changed their recipe at the beginning of this year. I don’t know what that means but I find it ironic that the ingredients seem to not be of the same quality as before, they have become more commercial this year (I never saw a TV commercial from them until this year) and that they started to have this issues. There has to be a connection

  • Hi Jeannie… I can certainly understand your concern here. But as far as I can tell (from the “official” recall statement), it looks like the salmon product is the only Blue Basics product involved. However, if you have any doubts or questions, I’d suggest you contact the company’s customer service telephone number posted in our Blue Buffalo dog food recall article. Hope you find out everything is OK.

  • Jeannie

    My Maltese eats Blue Basics Turkey and Potato. I don’t see where this was recalled, but he was just at the vet last week with symptoms of increased urination and he has been drinking more than usual. He is 1-1/2 years old. He was treated for a UTI, although first urine showed higher pH, but second vet at same location same day with second catch urine thought it was normal. Now I’m wondering if this could be the problem.

  • Hi Camille… Since I’m not a veterinarian, it would be misleading for me to assure you the signs and symptoms you are describing are (or are not) related to the potential vitamin D recall problems of this product. In any case, I do not recommend consumers ever discard the packaging from any food product. It would be better to place the bag inside of a sealed container so you’ll always be able to check the lot numbers and freshness dates of the dog food. Please discuss this with you vet.

  • Camille

    Have two Bernese mt dogs. Started feeding them blue buffalo after our 6 yr old male stopped eating nutria. We mix the wild chicken or duck with the large breed weight control. Our 7 yr old female developed diarrhea sev day’s ago about the same time as the recall. We mix the food together and put it in a sealed container. Not sure about the dates, question is we feed them both a bland diet of hamburger and rice. Problem resolved. Now two day’s back on the dry food and now both are having diarrhea, is this also related to possible high vit. D.

  • AnnieA

    This is such a great service that you provide, keeping the pet owning public aware of current and past recalls. The pet shops are not going to be able to call everyone.

    Has anyone seen the movie Food, Inc.(it’s on Netflix instant view) Our food isn’t safe. Monsanto has a genetically engineered corn that causes cancers in lab rats. It has been designed to be able to not die from the pesticides Monsanto makes. They have a field of their experimental corn a few miles from where we live. I never thought about it being used in pet food, but they make it into high fructose corn syrup. Kids in South America died from antifreeze in toothpaste made in China, why did these countries add Chinese ingredients to dog food? I remember being a little shocked at the brand names that were recalled. (We just adopted our boy 4 months ago) Now corporations are people? It’s way off the subject, but because of the unbridled greed of these corporations, people need to be able to learn the truth about what is really happening in the world. Sad, but True,

  • Suzanne

    OOPS!!! Wrote before I checked into it more…. I was disappointed thinking you weren’t aware of the Blue RECALL.. Sorry bout that!! If I may make a suggestion — you may want to make the recall notice more visible on your website? As I said in my previous email on the Blue page — I respect your ratings, but saw the Blue was still showing a 3 1/2 rating? Not that this page is for recommending anything – but my dogs LOVE Earthborn Holistic Primitive grain free dry. Wonderful food!! Thanks for all the great work you do!

  • Adele Simons

    RIGHT ON DR SAGMAN !!!!! WE NEED YOU OUT THERE PROTECTING OUR PETS!! I am glad that you took the time to respond to “Anonymous.” Isn’t it coincidental that the reader who is arguing the most about your findings does not want to sign their name? I got the same arguments from my vet when I tried to discuss changing my dog’s diet from his “urgent recommendation” that I feed my dog Purina Pro Plan to my choice of Blue Wilderness AFTER her coat got three times thicker, her heretofore hairless belly became fuzzy and furry and she demonstrated visible signs of more energy and hasn’t had diarrhea once since the new diet. Oh, and by the way, my boyfriend’s sister is in her second year of Veterinary School at Mississippi State and GUESS which pet food company gives the vet students a FREE supply of dog food all through their four years of study? PURINA. Any student who has a dog gets a free bag of food every month. Do you think maybe Purina might be trying to buy off some students for future rewards when they are in practice? I DO. My vet seems weirdly “pro Purina” and even mentioned to me once that they paid for him to “visit” their facility and they use “real” chicken. Hmmmmmm.

  • Come on “Anonymous”… Are you still trying to prove every veterinarian-designed dog food automatically deserves five stars?

    One visit to any “human” hospital or nursing home at meal time speaks volumes about professionally-designed diets. What makes your industry’s veterinarians any more talented (or noble) when it comes to designing meals for dogs?

    You warn our readers “don’t be fooled by marketing”. Yet you still recommend we “call and ask” (and trust) the marketing-motivated messages provided by those same pet food companies?

    By the way, we don’t dislike by-products just because they’re by-products. In the wild, a dog would eat the whole chicken. But everyone knows whole chickens aren’t the same thing as chicken by-products.

    Whole chickens contain both muscle meat and by-products.

    Yet by-products are only by-products… the leftovers of slaughter remaining after the best cuts have been removed and sold for human consumption.

    What’s more, the average kibble in our database of hundreds of commercial dog foods contains about 50% carbohydrates (dry matter, of course). What omnivorous dog in the wild would prefer carbs as its primary dietary choice?

    How could you possibly claim a dog’s “natural diet in the wild would not be primarily meat”? Are you kidding?

    It makes no difference how you answer the questions…. Are dogs carnivores (with omnivorous abilities)? Or are they omnivores (with carnivorous preferences)?

    In either case, no matter how you choose to look at it, dogs have a natural carnivorous bias. If you doubt this, you may wish to do some of your own creative research. Try placing a bowl of corn and another bowl of fresh meat in front of your family pet.

    That should end the debate.

    In closing… it’s true. Many good dog foods have been designed by some very talented (and conscientious) veterinary professionals. And for that, we can be thankful.

    But the pet food marketplace is full of living proof that not every veterinarian-designed product is automatically free of at least a few of its own warts and blemishes.

  • Anonymous

    So why are those dog foods formulated by veterinarians rated so poorly anyhow?

    Are dogs really carnivores requiring meat at the #1 ingredient? No, they are omnivores, and their “natural” diet in the “wild” would not be primarily meat.

    What is so horrible about by-products? What are by-products anyway? They are strictly regulated. By-products are simply the parts of the animal that most humans don’t typically eat. Liver, kidney, heart, etc – all of which contain natural sources of essential nutrients. There are never beaks, feathers, hooves, etc.

    As with everything, don’t be fooled by marketing. Do your research and be informed about each criterion your are judging. Look at research each company does on their products too. Call and ask them for what type of research they are conducting and the results.

  • Dear Anonymous… Do you honestly believe the ratings on this website (or any other website, for that matter) need to be “evaluated by a veterinary nutritionist” to have merit?

    In reality, many of the lowest rated and lowest quality dog foods reviewed here have been designed and formulated by “veterinary professionals” (the very veterinary professionals you glorify in your comment).

    Yet many of these veterinarian-designed products marketed to trusting consumers are still made with nothing more than slaughterhouse waste, agricultural by-products and synthetic additives.

    What’s worse, many of these mediocre products are sold at inflated prices (by veterinary professionals).

    Contrary to your accusations, I’d be willing to bet the largest majority of commercial dog foods are actually designed by veterinarians and veterinary nutritionists… in the first place. Yet once money enters the design process, the quality of the finished dog foods (in many cases) ultimately takes a back seat to corporate profits.

    While we freely admit our reviews aren’t perfect, neither are the foods we attempt to analyze. As consumer advocates, we don’t formulate dog foods. We don’t test them. And we don’t taste dog food either. We simply claim to help our visitors read and interpret pet food labels. Nothing more.

    Of course, consumers are always free to get further information from the companies of their choosing.

    In any case, we non-veterinarian “lay people” have intentionally provided a public blog that allows even cloaked commentators (like you) to freely participate in our open discussion.

  • Anonymous

    Remember that the ratings on this website are not evaluated by a veterinary nutritionist. Feeding a food that is formulated by a lay person (and NOT a veterinarian) is probably not the best choice – even though the ingredients list may look ideal. Do not soley judge a food based on the ingredients. Contact the company and be sure they have a full-time veterinary nutritionist. Ask for their name and follow up. Many of these “organic” companies and all-natural foods are not properly formulated. Although AAFCO feeding trials are a great thing to look for on a food label, they are not a guarantee that the food is tested often for quality assurance.

  • Hi Maryanne… Not sure where to find the expiration date on that product. You may want to contact Blue Buffalo at 877-523-9114 for help.

  • maryanne

    I feed my diabetic dog Blue Wilderness chicken, but I cannot find the expiration date on the 24 pound bag. Where is it located?

  • Adele Simons

    Dear Mike,
    I just wanted to express my sincere thanks for your email alert on the Blue Wilderness Chicken, etc. It just so happens that is the exact dry kibble (4.5 lb bag) I feed my Pomeranian, Daisy, topped with another Blue Wilderness canned product. Naturally, I became immediately concerned and “rushed” to check the “best if used by” date on the bag. Thankfully, it was not among the recalled items. This issue was of great concern to me because I am putting so much energy into making sure that I am protecting my pet by feeding her a healthy, highly rated dog food. For now, I intend to keep things status quo since she eats every drop of food at every meal and is extremely healthy and energetic. I don’t think that Blue Buffalo did anything wrong as it takes awhile to isolate problems, do testing and the like. It seems they started to investigate immediately upon the initial contact about the problem. No company can make every ingredient from scratch and, therefore, there is always a significant number of variables that could be out of their control. The exact same thing happens with people food relating to recalls. At least Blue Buffalo didn’t have to be forced into submission by the FDA as is the case when some product consumed by humans is found to be dangerous. They were up front and fair and I think (hope) this may make them even more diligent in the future. Blue Buffalo seems to be a reputable and well run company. Life’s lessons learned through experience are usually the ones that stick! Thanks for all you do for those of us who love our pets and also for the enormous amount of time that you put into this effort with NO MONETARY COMPENSATION WHATSOEVER!