Blue Buffalo Dog Food Recall of May 2016


May 31, 2016 — Blue Buffalo Company of Wilton, Connecticut, has confirmed that it is voluntarily recalling a limited batch of its Life Protection Formula Dog Food product due to the presence of excessive moisture and mold.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Fish and Sweet Potato Recall

What’s Being Recalled?

The company is voluntarily recalling a single batch of its Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Fish and Sweet Potato Recipe for Dogs with the following batch information:

  • Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Fish and Sweet Potato Recipe
  • 30 pound bag
  • Best by date: April 11, 2017
  • Batch data: AH 2A 12:08-14:00

What Caused the Recall?

According to a company representative, the voluntary recall was initiated due the discovery of excessive moisture and mold.

The recall is limited to a single batch that was manufactured during one 2 hour period.

What to Do?

Customers are invited to return affected product to the place of purchase for a full refund.

Those with questions may call Blue Buffalo Customer Service at 855-201-4331 between 8 am and 5 pm ET, Monday through Friday.

U.S. citizens can report complaints about FDA-regulated pet food products by calling the consumer complaint coordinator in your area.

Or go to

Canadians can report any health or safety incidents related to the use of this product by filling out the Consumer Product Incident Report Form.

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  • Maria Rizzolino

    love your commercial about your dog blue. i’m hooked. ❤️

  • Nikki Dekker

    I had the same issue with the chicken and rice large breed puppy formula

  • ithalia

    Thanks for rescuing, Jim! You are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ithalia

    Hi Suzanne, I feed my dogs Blue Buffalo Basics. I am a little concerned after reading this. what do you feed your pups?

  • Can you please let me know which brand dog food you use? Thank you.

  • Suzanne Nowak Olsen

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Before continuing to feed your animals this toxic food, do a little bit of research on the company. I just found this on their website:

    “We are the fastest growing major pet food company
    in the United States, selling dog and cat food made with whole meats,
    fruits and vegetables, and other high-quality, natural ingredients. BLUE
    is a billion dollar brand based on sales at retail and is the #1 brand
    in the Wholesome Natural market segment. We currently have approximately
    6% share of the overall pet food industry and feed only 2-3% of the 164
    million pets in the United States. With a proven new user acquisition
    strategy, we are committed to converting more pet parents into True Blue Believers and continuing to increase our share of the attractive $27 billion U.S. pet food market.”

    Their “proven new user acquisition strategy” (code word for “get people to buy our products”) includes hiring people to go to the big box pet food stores and hang out in the aisles trying to convince people to buy their brand and tell them how “wonderful” their ingredients are.

    The company also went public on July 22, 2015 according to their website. When a company goes public, their focus ALWAYS shifts from the quality of their product to pleasing the investors by increasing profitability. Stay away from dog food companies that have gone public. Look for the ones that invest in quality ingredients (they will cost a bit more, but well worth it for the health–and lack of expensive veterinary visits–of your beloved pets.

    The company is being controlled by Invus ( which is a huge investment firm with offices in the United States, France, and China…yes, China! On their website ( they boldly proclaim on their homepage “Empowering owner-managers to transform their industries” as their mission statement. Wow! Just who I want to be deciding what goes into my pet’s food! (Snark)

    Blue Buffalo had 196,515,280 shares of common stock outstanding as of November 2016. The “owner” of the company holds less than 5% of that stock so therefore has no controlling rights in the company.

    Do some investigating people. Don’t just take what you hear on the internet as fact. Look to the company’s own website and the websites of the players on their board of directors to see who is controlling what is going into your pet’s food!!!

  • Suzanne Nowak Olsen

    Their company has been bought out. It used to be a very good product, but they have recently begun to have problems because of cheap and often toxic fillers.

  • Suzanne Nowak Olsen

    I use a food dehydrator so I can make all my own dog treats. I use mashed sweet potato and ground lamb to make dog biscuits and treats. I also dehydrate organic beef liver into bite sized pieces, though I highly suggest this is done outside unless you want your entire house smelling like liver for days! Another thing I do is slightly freeze and then thinly slice organic chicken and dehydrate those for treats or to add to their food. I don’t trust much of anything sold in pet stores these days!

  • Suzanne Nowak Olsen

    There are many other batches that have problems; not just this one batch. Blue Buffalo is just a toxic brand that nobody should feed the animals they care about.

  • Suzanne Nowak Olsen

    We had the same exact problem with one of our
    dogs and all three of the others were scratching uncontrollably. We eliminated all other possible things that
    could have caused this and got down to the dog food. After a $200 vet bill for the dog that had open
    sores on her from scratching, she is slowly clearing up and now we have to take
    the other three for the same thing (bacterial and fungal infections). Right now I am making food for the two that
    are the worst (we raise sheep and have lamb and sweet potatoes as the base for
    their food) and the other two I have switched brands. After learning some of the sneaky practices
    of the Blue Buffalo company, I will not be purchasing food ever again from them
    and will tell all my herding clients to stay away from BB.

  • Suzanne Nowak Olsen

    We had the same exact problem with one of our dogs and all three of the
    others were scratching uncontrollably. We eliminated all other possible
    things that could have caused this and got down to the dog food. After
    a $200 vet bill for the dog that had open sores on her from scratching,
    she is slowly clearing up and now we have to take the other three for
    the same thing (bacteria and fungal infections). Right now I am making
    food for the two that are the worst (we raise sheep and have lamb and
    sweet potatoes as the base for their food) and the other two I have
    switched brands. After learning some of the sneaky practices of the
    Blue Buffalo company, I will not be purchasing food ever again from them
    and will tell all my herding clients to stay away from BB.

  • Kevin Russell

    That’s funny … I ran into a ‘Blue Buffalo’ representative in Petsmart one time while shopping foods. I think they secretly (or probably not too secretly) hire independents to hang around the dog food aisles of the major Pet Stores (Petco/Petsmart) to try to swing people towards this horrible food. My Boxers had been on Purina Pro Plan but had some issues that turned out to be Coccidia. Long story short, in the time they were on Blue Buffalo, they had the worst gas you’ve ever smelled (this is when they were clear from the Coccidia) … And runs galore. And yes, we gradual transitioned and even light fed with boiled chicken and rice, which they did fine on when they ate. Finally got tired of the inconsistent valves and the mustard gas from Blue Buffalo and switched them back this time to Purina Pro Plan Beef and Rice .. Which they’ve been fine on ever since. Blue Buffalo had been sued when people ran tests and found out they weren’t putting the full amount of meats (especially chicken) in their food. Also hear a lot of people that have literally said their dogs had cancer and died – and had been fed Blue Buffalo … And their vets had noticed a link between the two. Wish they would pull this horrible toxic brand from the market.

  • Agatha

    Agreed. I have two rescues and I really started to research how some of these fillers in their foods are poison. I was raised with both purebred as well as mixed breed doggies all my life, and I am amazed at the difference in quality some dog food brands have after they have been bought out by say, Proctor and Gamble, or Diamond. I am switching my boys to Acana or Orijen, since they seem to love Orijens freeze dried treats. To save money on treats I am also looking to bake my own grain free biscuits as well. I have spent thousands on one of my dogs alone because of gastroenterology problems and it makes me so upset that their food may have had something to do with it.

  • Agatha

    I tried Blue Grain-Free Turkey and Potato dry food because I was traveling and my large mixed breed dogs were going to run out of their usual Canidae Pure food and the local pet shop did not carry Canidae. At first the transition was okay, my dogs seemed to like it and it is cheaper, so I kept them on it. Two months later my concerns arose when one of my dogs started to obsessively lick and chew his paws, whiich he had never, ever done that in his 2 years of life. I researched the ingredients and fillers like tapioca and other starches are cheap ways to provide fiber but are a common cause of allergies. I am currently transitioning them back to a better brand of dog food…now that I started to research, there are better brands out there than Canidae as well. I was so sorry I was indirectly poisoning my best friends…

  • Deborah Melton Mays

    Thanks so much you for the info

  • JeanneB

    Hey, check out Tractor Supply. They have their own brand called 4Health. Mine have eaten it about 4 years and love it. Duck and Potato, Grain Free is a favorite. It’s much cheaper. Money was a factor but I still wanted healthy food without corn. Try Tractor Supply online and read all about 4Health. The canned is .99. Large bag is 37.99, 18 lbs is about 21.00.

  • Deborah Melton Mays

    Yeah I hear ya. I have gotta figure something else out. It is very expensive and I just can’t afford it right now

  • Brea

    I have a golden retriever who was on Blue Buffalo Wilderness Salmon this summer. She started getting really dry skin this summer and has been fighting round-shaped, dry patchy scabs on her skin. She has eaten one bag since this summer and I believe this dog food is also contaminated. This type of dog food could have used some of the same ingredients. I believe she is fighting a bacteria infection due to mold in the dog food. She has switched dog foods recently and her skin is getting better. Wish I would have read this information earlier.

  • Web Watchers

    One big puppy! Let us know how big Mr. Bettis is when he matures… 3-4 yrs old.

  • Juliana Jordan-Huber

    I have been feeding my 2 senior dogs Blue Buffalo Fish and Brown Rice for the last two years with no problem. Now they both have had constant diarrhea for the last two weeks with this new bag of dog food. I believe the food is contaminated. Returning and switching to something else immediately.

  • Steve Ottman

    I have a 97 pound black lab. His name is Sam. He has been on the Life Protection Formula Fish and Brown Rice for the last three years. With his last 30 lb bag he had the runs constantly. We decided to feed him the cats food for a couple of days. Imagine that. Everything went back to normal. The batch we had was best used by Oct 24 2017. AH 1B 2320. Has anyone else experienced any similar problems with this batch.

  • disqus_D3wUbmvQyX

    “Save A Life Campaign” We need Dog fod to be FDA controlled.
    Feeding our Dogs / Family Members the right brand of dog food.

    Is Blue Buffalo Dog Food is Killing your Dog?
    My two girls ate Blue Buffalo Dry Food and they died.


    I’m writing this to help others not to be in the painful position I’m in now. Without these two family members, one of which was my service dog, who knows where I would be today.

    I know there are many of you who can relate, yet some of you might not be able to understand the depth of my pain. These two girls were my family and my life.

    My heart hurts beyond imagination. Minnie was my lifeline to the outside world. She was my soul, she was my service dog!

    It started years ago when I suffered a massive head injury from a home robbery. Since I was home bound and bed ridden for years, I purchase a little girl, that I named April.

    April, was one of the smartest dogs
    I have ever met and owned. I had trained dogs for over a couple decades, and I found April willing and quick to learn.

    April had been in a student film, on TV, and April & I also, gave back going to senior citizen homes and schools performing to help others. She had well over 20 different interactions; she sneezed, bowed, and so much more.

    Four years after Aprils birth she had a daughter, and she was called Minnie Mouse! Minnie was a very gifted girl as well.

    Since I was dealing with not wanting to go anywhere and having a horrible time dealing with the public (in fear that I would be brutally attacked and left for dead again)
    I started teaching Minnie how to help me deal with the public and get back out in the world.

    Most friends where not aware of my Service Dog, I tried to keep her out of the public life, for I was fearful of people making rude comments. After a couple years I got over that….

    I know this doesn’t make sense to people, yet when you have had a massive head injury, you just don’t think like a normal person does.

    In August 2016, I fed both my girls their normal breakfast of BLUE BUFFALO dry food with a cooked egg! Within two hours both the girls started throwing up, shaking, and both suffered liver issues.
    April, she didn’t pull through and suffered major liver failure, and went through a lot of pain, and so did I.

    Minnie recovered and was on a special diet for a couple weeks, and I threw out the food, for it had sat for weeks.
    Not knowing that this was the killer in the house.
    (the dry Blue Buffalo food.)

    Minnie and I had worked through a lot of pain and Minnie was so stressed after losing her mom she would pee where he mom last was. It took over a month to get her to calmed down.

    Minnie and I missed April greatly, and that’s an understatement.

    On Nov 2, 206.. I did my normal routine and fixed
    Minnie Dry Blue Buffalo dog food, with a table spoon of canned Blue Buffalo.

    Same exact thing happen! Whats the odds on that!

    Minnie had major seizures, she was crying and shaking uncontrollably, and my heart broke in two that day.

    I just knew by looking at here she was going to die. I had taken her to the vet twice that day, and the third time..she never made it there. Minnie died in my arms on the way to the doctors.

    Minnie suffered so bad, One cant even imagine what pain she suffered. I can’t even share the details right now….

    I feel so lonely! My best friend died in my arms and there wasn’t a thing I could do! My life healer and connection to the outside world has left me.

    Minnie was more than a (service) dog, she was life to me. She was my daughter and my best buddy!
    Minnie was that friend. We did everything together. We would go for walks and just enjoy our time together, we even went to church together….

    I was up all night and thinking of my day… over and over what happen. It clicked they both had eaten the dry food, and the vet did mention something about there being mold with the dry food. I thought at first it might have been the can Blue food, but April never had canned food!

    So I did an internet search and I found that not just that their liver fails, but they have issues with excess of drinking of a lot of water, and diarrhea, seizers, shaking, and so much more.

    What kills me, is I killed my dog! I was feeding her food that was killing her. I just had taken Minnie in and did test to see why she was drinking a lot of water. I also had mentioned and asked about the loose stool. No clue that it was the dog food causing her systems to have problems. No clue she was suffering. Looking back I can now see the signs and it just kills me, that my girls were in so much pain because for the Blue Buffalo food.

    No, clue each and everyday.. I was feeding my girls poison.

    I have purchased Blue Buffalo over many years, and never did the company notify me of the potential mold poisoning issue. It was all about a dollar for them, and getting richer at the cost of our emotional stress and the safety and well fair of our love ones ~ Our furry babies!

    My girls weren’t just dogs to me, they were my kids, my children, my life line…MY SERVICE DOG!

    What would the Blue Buffalo Company owners feel if I fed their children, or grandchildren rat poison, or wait… MOLDY Food… Which makes their brains go into seizers and their liver fail.

    If the Blue Company doesn’t feel bad or feel like this is an issue then, please, come over for dinner, sit down and eat some of this dog food. Better yet, let your children / grandchildren play in it and lick their fingers after doing so.

    Oh wait… I have a lot of respect for others that I wont allow your love ones to experience something that could be life threatening.. But you didn’t show that concern for my furry daughter Minnie or April, or others…. for you didn’t change the way things were handled at your plant, you just pay people off to shut up.

    Blue Buffalo has been aware of this on going issue at least since 2007 and they still has an issue on it. It is unconscionable to me that they just pay off the customer to be silent so they can still move forward with no changes for safety. We all know changing something costs a lot of money; way more than people paying someone to being silent!!!

    (Oh, by the way I have saved some food for you)

    So where do I go from here?
    I honestly can say, my husband just had cancer surgery; But most of all,
    I lost my girls.. my life line to the outside world, my best friends, my children, My Service dog!!….

    The kicker of all this, I’m the one who will remember the horror on my girls faces, as they looked to me for to help them to comfort them. The one who paid the doctor bills for my girls being poisoned by Blue Buffalo Dog Food, The one who experience their pain…. will never leave my memory.

    My heart hurts with the lack of blindness of seeing Blue Buffalo poisonous Mold issue in their food.

    Yet, that’s not even the issue. I would give everything I have to have a few more years with my girls. Rightly so, I should have many years left with my girls. I should be spending the holidays with my girls. (Which Im not having) I shouldn’t be crying day and night, I shouldn’t feel lost, they shouldn’t have endured the suffering and pain they went through to line someones pocket full of cash.

    This just burns me up when we the people buy a product trusting it to take care of our pet’s and the company doesn’t even take care of them.

    This should be considered a crime, for it is criminal action of neglect as well as what my girls had to endure as well as myself.

    Please, if you have friends or family that use Blue Buffalo… Please share my story and get the word out of these horrific possibly unforeseen consequences of feeding Blue Buffalo to your loved pets. The death of your dog / love one eating Blue Buffalo Dog food, could result in death. Dont just take my word, google : How Blue Buffalo Dog food killed my dog.

    United together can make a difference.

    Even if it only saves one life or 1000 lives, the pain the critters go through is horrible. No one should have to endure this pain just by eating a meal that is supposed to be good for you and fill your tummy! No One!!!

    Please in Minnie & Aprils honor … please share this story.
    How if we all just band together we can save another life….

    “Save A Life Campaign” We need Dog fod to be FDA controlled. Our kids could injest
    or play with toxic Dog food, and be harmed or die from it. Something to think about!

    Don’t not let Blue Buffalo pay for your vet bill or you can never sue them!

  • Shawn Davis

    My dog is a German Shepherd/Lab mix. Started him on Puppy Chow at 6 weeks old. He would scratch frequently, developed shabby looking fur and very dry skin, Vet recommended grain free food. At 6 months old, started giving him Blue Buffalo Wilderness (chicken). Scratching stopped within 10 days. In a month, His coat became soft as a teddy bear. He’s 3 now and has continued to do GREAT thanks to Blue Buffalo dog food. Wouldn’t give him anything else.

  • TheBigPicture

    Have there been any issues with the small breed puppy chicken and oatmeal? My 15 week old puppy was raised on it, we kept her on it, bought the first bag from amazon, she was fine-no issues at all. Then bought the second bag from jet(something?) and bam, she has had intermittent diarrhea ever since. Could comepletey be something else, but just wanetd to check in.

  • Maria Kidd

    Check your bag’s batch number and expiration date. If it is batch AH 2A 12:08-14:00 and has an expiration date of April 11, 2017 you should return it. If not you should be fine.

  • Mary Wood Moore

    As I was in Petco in Humble Tx. Buying Blue life protection formula for my 17 yr old yorkie, last Saturday, a customer came to me and said “I wouldn’t buy that! It has mold.. The sales lady who was waiting on me spoke up an said “I’m a representative from the Blue dog food company and I would have heard if this were true. I bought the dog food and left the store. I am now having second thoughts… Please send an email assuring me that there is no mold in blue dog food? I love my yorkie. She is family. Thank you so much, Mary Moore

  • “Your dog will be dead soon…”

    WOW, nice. You win the friendly internet award.

  • Jim Sherlock

    We have one female Rottie that is now 10 yrs old. We rescued her when she was two. She has been fed BB almost her entire life with us, with zero problems. Everyone comments on how beautiful and energetic she is. Now, we also supplement the dry food with fresh fruit, vegetables, tuna, salmon, eggs, meat, chicken, etc.. We also have a 20 month old Rottie male that I rescued in January, off the euthanasia schedule. He didn’t know how to eat dry food when we got him. On BB Healthy Weight formula, he has become much trimmer than he was at adoption. He was downright ugly when we got him. Tick and flea infested. Coat was all wiry, sticky, rough, and dull. Now he shines beautifully and his weight is more appropriate.

    I’m sure problems happen when you are making dog food in a mostly automated process. Inspections are probably limited to statistical process controls, which allows a larger amount of bad product to pass through, before its caught. Saw it a lot in SPC controlled industries when I was a quality auditor.

  • Mike Stahulak

    Any issues on small breed can BB grain free foods? I have a 13lb rescue dachshund and he like the wet but after reading all these reviews on the dry I hesitate to start the dry BB too.

  • Kerri Zajicek

    I am so glad I found this our ( my roommates dog) 60lb Lab Staffy mix has been scratching himself raw and just miserable, a few weeks ago we changed him over to the Blue Buffalo Chicken and Rice Life Stages, I suspected it could be it and started doing some research. thank you all for your posts and thank you dog food advisor for running such an excellent site. Luckily for us Brody is a big tough dog. I cannot imagine how sick he would be if he wasnt such a tough boy. I hope we can get refunds with this recall since it obviously is more than just this one flavor in this brand that needs to be recalled. I dont know much about Blue Buffalo before I believe Diamond food brands bought them out, but I heard that they were all the rave a few years back. I tell you one thing I work in rescue and health for animals daily and this entire line is crap. I am putting our boy on simply nourish sweet potato n salmon, its the only food I can give my cats as well (Simply nourish chicken and oatmeal). Instinct is one of the only other foods they can eat or will eat too. I dont give them anything with cheap pea protein in it either…. we really need to work together as pet parents to get this and other s**t companies shut down for good! I am so mad I could spit nails and fire! NEVER AGAIN! Bastards!

  • Rocky_Lady

    I’ve been feeding various Blue Buffalo varieties for 15 years to my dogs. No one ever believes how old my dogs are, as they look and act like they are much younger.

  • Stacie

    Oh My Gosh, our Lab/Dane mix has been very sick. We opened a new bag of dog food and after a couple days started having diarrhea and then vomiting. Had to take her to the vet hospital. Over night stay, iv meds… $1500 later.

  • Margaret Zolecki-Grimes

    OMG!!! My 12 month old pit mix has been so sick and after a $2,000 vet bill with the exact same symptoms as your dog, I am now realizing it is the Blue Buffalo dog food!!!! After the initial emergency visit and 2 days in the hospital we slowly put her back on her BB food and back to the ER again this week and back on meds. This is TERRIBLE!!!

  • Pam Sundquist

    I am going thru this with my lab/boxer mix. She has been on the same BB chicken & brown rice for years. We bought a new bag 8/1/16 and she has had diarrhea everyday since. The vet put her Metronidazol to help with the diarrhea. I will try a different one. Thanks for the info.

  • Crazy4dogs

    You’re welcome. I switch out every bag. I generally stay between a few good brands, but I rotate the proteins within the brands as well, unless I have a dog that can’t eat a certain protein. It actually becomes very easy once the dogs are used to switching.

    The nice thing about rotating the food is there are usually no problems when formulas change, the dogs develop a healthier gut and it lets you take advantage of sales. 😉

  • Donna Cummins

    Thanks so much, I thought that was the case. Man that is a lot of work, how often do you all switch foods?
    Sent via the Samsung Galaxy S7, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone
    ——– Original message ——–From: Disqus Date: 8/2/16 1:13 PM (GMT-06:00) To: [email protected] Subject: Re: Comment on Blue Buffalo Dog Food Recall of May 2016
    “When you’re first transitioning to a new food, the best thing to do for the first time is to pick a brand similar to what you are feeding. I usually use the same protein (unless there is an issue, like intolerance) with similar protein and fat percentages. That way, it’s not a completely new adjustment. The general rule of thumb is: 25% new food/75% old food 3/5 days
    50% new food/50% old food 3/5 days
    75% new food/25% old food 3/5 days

    Some dogs switch out easily and some take a longer time, maybe even a month to complete the transition. If you see any loose stools or tummy issues when going to the next step, move back to the percentage that was working and stay at that level for a few extra days.
    My dogs are so used to it, I can switch from 1 bag to the next. But I’ve been doing this for a long time.
    Here’s the DFA link discussing it:


    A new comment was posted on Dog Food Advisor


    When you’re first transitioning to a new food, the best thing to do for the first time is to pick a brand similar to what you are feeding. I usually use the same protein (unless there is an issue, like intolerance) with similar protein and fat percentages. That way, it’s not a completely new adjustment. The general rule of thumb is: 25% new food/75% old food 3/5 days
    50% new food/50% old food 3/5 days
    75% new food/25% old food 3/5 daysSome dogs switch out easily and some take a longer time, maybe even a month to complete the transition. If you see any loose stools or tummy issues when going to the next step, move back to the percentage that was working and stay at that level for a few extra days.My dogs are so used to it, I can switch from 1 bag to the next. But I’ve been doing this for a long time.Here’s the DFA link discussing it:

    2:13 p.m., Tuesday Aug. 2


    Other comments by Crazy4dogs


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    Donna Cummins:

    So how do you all switch in & out the food? Slowly ovet a few days or just switch at a feeding? Read more

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  • theBCnut

    I start out doing slow transitions and watching my dog’s stool. As my dog adjust to a new food faster, I speed up my transition time until I can just switch cold turkey without any change in stool.

  • Crazy4dogs

    When you’re first transitioning to a new food, the best thing to do for the first time is to pick a brand similar to what you are feeding. I usually use the same protein (unless there is an issue, like intolerance) with similar protein and fat percentages. That way, it’s not a completely new adjustment. The general rule of thumb is:
    25% new food/75% old food 3/5 days
    50% new food/50% old food 3/5 days
    75% new food/25% old food 3/5 days

    Some dogs switch out easily and some take a longer time, maybe even a month to complete the transition. If you see any loose stools or tummy issues when going to the next step, move back to the percentage that was working and stay at that level for a few extra days.

    My dogs are so used to it, I can switch from 1 bag to the next. But I’ve been doing this for a long time. Some dogs need a few days to transition, even when they are rotated on a regular basis. It just depends on the dog.

    Here’s the DFA link discussing it:

  • Donna Cummins

    So how do you all switch in & out the food? Slowly ovet a few days or just switch at a feeding?

  • Crazy4dogs

    Awe, they’re cute! and Mr. Bettis is BIG! LOL! Giving them fresh, healthy people food is a great addition and what a lot of us do. If they are both young enough, you could consider adding in another brand or two, to give them a bit more of a rotation.

  • Donna Cummins

    So C4D’s, we have switched around their food within the BBQ brand. We lost a lab/shep mix to cancer at 12, not bad, but she ate a lot of chicken, people healthy food, we eat pretty clean, she loved apples, bananas, etc. BUT, our full lab, my sister bred in Tennessee passed at 5 of auto immune, we fed just standard foods and less table scraps because she was a beggerat dinner time.
    When I got Sani, I decided to investigate and found all the naturalness of BB….SOLD!!
    BUT…I got a freebie coupon for that roll….I’m telling you it was a DISASTER!! They are getting chicken, rice and yogurt for the rest of today. If no “D” then tomorrow, back on BBC slowly….poor babies.

  • Donna Cummins

    Our Fur Babies are Sani ( her the month we came back from Sanibel, FL for my 50th) & Mr Bettis (Hubby is from Pittsburgh and this boy is 90lbs/28″ @shoulder & a year old)
    We have kept w BBQ due to health issues with our previous cancer and auto immune disorder in the 2 dogs we had when our kids were young. These are our “empty nest” babies?!?

  • Donna Cummins


  • Crazy4dogs

    Hi Donna,

    The BB rolls are not a raw food, they are probably more similar to a semi moist food. I haven’t actually tried these, but since the moisture level is 49%, I think they would be considered semi moist. If that is the only thing that’s changed in your dog’s routine and feeding schedule, I would assume that’s what caused the problem. If you stop using the rolls and the diarrhea stops, then you can be pretty sure it is the problem.

    There could be an issue with the roll, but if you are only feeding the same formula of BB consistently, and have been doing this for a long time, you would probably have to transition them more slowly when adding any new food. That’s why so many of us believe in feeding a rotational diet. I hope your pups are feeling better!

  • Vanessa Faber

    I’ve been feeding my terrier mix the Blue Buffalo Life Protection Plus chicken and brown rice formula, a few weeks ago he began vomiting and having bloody diarrhea. Brought him to the vets and started him on meds and chicken with rice, he lost 2lbs as well during this time. Took about three weeks for him to start getting better. Didn’t even suspect the food since I’ve had him on it for so long, but as soon as I reintroduced it to him two days ago he has had diarrhea twice.

  • Donna Cummins

    We have a Lab/Aust Shepherd and a Lab/Grt Pyr…have fed both BB since we got them. However just before we left last week on a week long vacation, our girl L/S came down with 3 bouts of diarrhea…had another while we were gone. Now that we are home, she and her brother have had more. We just realized last night, the only change has been that we had picked up some of the roll of raw food and given them a few chunks on top of their BB chicken and rice. When we got home last night we gave them a bit more as a treat… they have had more diarrhea while we were at church this morning…hmmm!?!?!

  • Bruce Catlin

    Have fed our Labrador BB chicken and rice for three years, always been more than happy with the results until the last bag 8 days ago. Same symptoms many are describing, vomiting, bloody diarrhea, refusing to eat Two vet visits, hundreds already spent, not out of the woods yet, but he is finally starting to keep small portions of bland food down on day 8 we are hopeful he may be improving. Many things can make a dog sick, and I think the easiest thing to do is to blame the dog food and I would hesitate to do so If I have not seen dozens of comments with this exact food, recent time frame, same horror stories.

  • Jimmy John

    The BB not the Wilderness brand has Barley in it which is a wheat product, my choc. lab started with that product to find out later from the vet ,he’s allergic to wheat, and was licking his paws raw, which is a sign that dogs are allergic to wheat. Changed him to the Wilderness product which is wheat and gluten free and he’s fine, coats healthy and his stool is perfect…hope this helps,,,

  • Heather

    I have used BB for years, and one of my dogs did the same thing, he began tone skittish and confused. It was horrible! My vet told me it was dementia, but try switching the food.. I did change brands and now he is back to normal! There has to be something neurotoxic in their food.

  • Heather

    I have fed my dogs Blue Buffalo for YEARS….. About a year ago, one of my dogs began to have bloody diarrhea, and my other dog actually began to act scared, confused, just completely out of his character. I brought my dogs to the vet, and she had said that it could be dementia, but because of the other dog’s stomach issues, to try switching the foods. I changed them to Simply Nourish, a brand by PetSmart. My one dog’s diarrhea stopped, and my other dog became mentally stable again!!! He now is 100% back to himself. I believe there is something terribly wrong in the Blue Buffalo causing many problems. If anyone has any way to report this, please let me know! I want to help others prevent this from harming their pets. Thank you! [email protected]

  • Jim P

    I feed over 20 dogs a day and to be totally honest, Over the years I have fed everything from grocery brands to home made and tried several different Premium foods. I have some dogs that eat Retriever, a brand I get from my local TSC. I also feed some Taste Of the Wild, I feed some Beneful Original and some a basically unknown premium brand that I just learned of, Petwants. I still haven’t found one that is perfect for all of the dogs I care for but, giving them variety and by changing their diets about every 6 months or less they all seem to be doing fine. Don’t get me wrong , I love all animals and feel they deserve the best, That’s the reason I don’t feed the food recommended by my vets, I don’t go by the fancy TV commercials and as much as I appreciate sessions such as this one, I take the recommendations here, and then I make my own observations and decisions. So keep telling us your experiences but, don’t try to force your choices on everyone else. The bottom line is we have to make the best choice for our pets and give them the best our budget allows.

  • Bonnie VanLaningham

    I’ve been feeding my dog BB Basics Limited Ingredient Turkey and Potato for over a year with no problems, she loves it. I recently purchased a new bag and ever since I began feeding from the new bag she has had very bad diarrhea. Bag says best by July 21, 2017, L112 22:20. Anyone else having issues with this food.

  • Joe Stoneking

    I have 2 four year old dachshunds both started having seizures we fed them purina dog chow a friend ours dog was doing the same thing they changed to taste of the wild dog food and seizures stopped so we tried it and both my dogs stopped having seizures if your dog’s having issues try changing to grain free

  • Danielle Cornwell

    I have 2 doxies and a terrier I have been feeding blue buffalo to for about 4 years. I believe it is too rich for them and I have decided to make their food myself supplements and all. There are plenty of sites with recipes and such most are free. You just have to find one that works for your puppy.

  • Amanda Davis

    This recall is flavor specific. It says so in the information.

  • Amanda Davis

    They’re recalling their food. How are they ignoring their problems?

  • Amanda Davis

    Well, it’s just this flavor that has the recall so far…

    Hope your dog is okay though. Maybe switch formulas or switch brands completely. Pits are known for skin issues, so a grain free diet may be the best one for him.

  • Amanda Davis

    Really? Natural Balance cat food almost killed my cat so…

    And there has been recalls. In 2007 for melamine and 2010 and 2012 for salmonella.

  • Liz Chesney

    [email protected]
    BEST prayers to all the sick pooches out there,,, tried this food on my 3 poodles, they flat out refused to eat it, I was frustrated of course, now I know it was a blessing in disguise

  • bojangles

    It’s been 5 weeks since this recall and Blue Buffalo has still not put it on their website!

  • Jes Castillo

    OMG My 16month pitbull has been having diarrhea, skin rash all over his body, his paws are peeling off, he’s been depressed and confused. He won’t even follow me around the house like he usually does. I showed him his leash and he won’t move. This has all been within the past cpl weeks and I noticed today it’s gotten much worst. I’m taking him to the ER and I hope this goes away with antibiotics. But if doesn’t I swear on my life I will FUCKIN RAISE HELL WITH BLUE BUFFALO!!!

  • Chris Cahoe

    This is interesting to hear. I have a three year old black Lab that has been eating BB Wilderness Chicken his entire life. As of about two months ago, he started getting diarrhea pretty bad. Took him to the vet and they said to gradually reintroduce the food and give him a couple meds. It got better and then came right back. Switched him to Purina Pro Plan – Stomach and Skin, and all issues went away. Fast forward a couple weeks,I had left a few BB Wilderness kibbles at the bottom of the food container and mixed them in with the purina. Now he has diarrhea again after eating just a few BB Wilderness kibbles. Something is seriously wrong with this stuff. Excuse me while I go shampoo my living room carpet.

  • Henry Lin

    Blue Buffalo is not recognizing their problems!!!

    If the company continues to ignore their problems, they will wind up like “United Airlines breaks guitars!”

  • Henry Lin

    Apparently, lots of owners are having this problem now. I recommend you look at BBB’s ratings of the company, “F,” submit a complaint to your local BBB, & submit a request for refund & repayment of vet fees, & submit a complaint to the company. Their lack of responsiveness is so wrong!!! My dog has been suffering for a week before we figure it out & threw away her dog food with resolution!

  • Bille Wickre

    I, too, have sick dogs who are eating BB, Wilderness formula, Evolutionary diet, Chicken. Have been feeding it for 3 years, but have just started having problems in the last 3 weeks. Vomiting, diarrhea, refusing to eat. Is this the same as others have been feeding or is this a company wide problem? My 3 dogs are all on a prescription food, as others have reported.

  • Henry Lin

    Thanks for the info!!!

  • Henry Lin

    What about the time & cost spent cleaning all the rugs? Shouldn’t we get reimbursed for those other costs???

  • Henry Lin

    I’m having the same problem with the Chicken & Rice. The company needs to recall this lot too. When I get back from out of town, I will post my lot #.

  • Lanie Malvit

    Purina doesnt own royal canin, Royal canin is an independently owned company and the first (high quality) ingredient is still brewers (healthy) rice

  • John Hahn

    I have a Rott & Pit both 6 yrs old, who love to eat, I can barely set the bowls down fast enuf. Decided to try Blue Buffalo Chicken & Brown rice and for the 1st 2 bags mixed it with their usual food in decreasing amounts, in an effort to acclimate them to the change. On the 3rd bag of Blue that was the only food, they refused to eat it, sat 3 days & they wouldn’t touch it. Beneful it is & they’re happy again

  • Pitlove

    Hi KartofflMuter-

    The employee at the pet store was incorrect. Royal Canin is owned by Mars, not Purina.

  • KartofflMuter

    And cannibals. But, how many cannibals do you know that are not serving a life sentence? In India, Bengalis love eating fish heads. So do many Chinese. They also eat dogs. Does that make it a good idea? Then happy Yulin to you-I guess. My real vet wanted to know what I fed our dog.I feed her Blue Buffalo for Seniors. She weighs 7 pounds. She’s 12 1/2 years old. She acts like a puppy, running and jumping and playing with the cat and her toys.She’s half chi and half dachshund. You would expect urinary problems,barking, joint trouble, but she has none of that. Everyone who sees her thinks she’s a much younger dog except for her coat which is increasingly white. She’s our first dog. We have taken in as many cats as have shown up at the door. I expect her to live to be 20. I am a REAL animal lover so my quest for dog health doesn’t stop because a vet is on board. Haven’t you ever gone to a doctor who wasn’t very good? Try second stage thinking.

  • KartofflMuter

    We used to mix mini chi and mini dachs Royal Canin food for our dachschihuahua till 5 or 6 years ago when we were in a pet store buying supplies for our new feral cat and the young man informed us Purina had just bought the company .Sure enough,Chicken meal was now the first ingredient. Don’t buy it.

  • Alicia Baird

    I gave my dogs the Blue Buffalo Home Style and had to take my dog to the vet. After some lab tests the vet told us that she has a fungal infection and never ever give that food to her…

  • Kim Harms

    Hi there. If you decide to contact bb they will guide you through the claim process.

  • Amber Jay

    Oh wow. I have $239 in vet bills due to this food. How did you get reimbursement? Through the bbb?

  • Amber Jay

    I switched to the chicken and rice immediately after I heard about the recall and my baby seems to be dog a little better, but still a little runny.
    I have heard good reviews about fromm. I’m going to try that brand on her. I just don’t know if I can trust blue now.

  • Shawna

    Yeah, I give up!!!!

  • Lanie Malvit

    Dogs have domesticated, do you research!
    If your dog was like the dogs 1000’s of years ago, fist of all they would have eaten you by now, and second of all, you wouldn’t be keeping him in your house

  • Shawna

    I hold out hope way too long but I fear you are correct.

  • Crazy4dogs

    Shawna give up. It’s not worth it.

  • Shawna

    What did dogs eat for thousands of years before the creation of kibble? Oh yeah, foods created by mother nature — REAL food. Just sayin.

  • Lanie Malvit

    my vet, along with MANY other vets, know that royal canin is the highest quality dog food and the healthiest dog food you could feed a dog
    Royal canin TESTS hundreds of ingredients, and has spent over 55 years developing and testing over 100 dog formulas to ensure they go up to the highest standards and include the highest quality nutrition and the exact balance of all nutrients

    While all of the raw food companies have been in business, for what, 2 years?
    and they have tested their food how many times? hmm, i think it was once?

  • Antoinette Rodrigues

    Wow! a dog that lives to 26 years old, now I really wonder where your “research” comes from! Royal Canin is not a good food, you must be listening to the Vets who recommend the diet, that would be your first mistake, not doing your own research. Keep feeding it, maybe you can get your dog to “26”! Have a great day!

  • Azul

    Every single post she has ever written is ridiculous.
    Just a bunch of total nonsense.

  • Kim Harms

    Hi Karen, that is what my dog was eating and we have been battling the diarrhea for a month now. Been to the vet a few times and are now on Rx food. I called bb to report. Please do the same so they can get a recall out on this recipe. They are very understanding. Sent us a claim for for vet bill reimbursement after the investigati

  • Karen Duke

    Thank you for response, We stopped feed her the food on Tuesday because we had read to not feed for 24 hours to help stop the diarrhea. I just discovered the recall when I Googled it yesterday. We gave her rice and chicken broth but she has not eaten anything since yesterday morning, she doesn’t even want her treats….. 🙁

  • Crazy4dogs

    I’m so glad you’re taking her to the vet to check it out. Personally I would stop feeding the food and have the food checked out, JIC. If you have the original bag, hang on to it in case there is a recall. Good luck!

  • Karen Duke

    I know this says it was just the fish and sweet potato but I bought a bag of the life protection chicken and rice on Friday, opened it and fed it on Saturday and Sunday she started having diarrhea. It’s horrible!!! Today I let her out to poo and she was having difficulty even though her poo is water and she had some still on her bottom. When I took her inside to clean her bottom I discovered it was not poo, but blood. We are going to the vet today. Has anyone else had an issue with he chicken and rice food? I have a hard time believing this was not caused by the food, even though it is not listed as recalled.

  • Azul

    Because that person IS a ridiculous troll.

  • Shawna

    A vet who taught nutrition for 30 years described as a “net vet”. Do you have any idea how ridiculous your posts sound?

  • Crazy4dogs

    Lanie could you please provide a link to your claims. I can’t find anything on them anywhere on the internet.

  • Lanie Malvit

    Actually i have heard hundreds of stories of dogs who have lived from 23 to 26 years on royal canin
    something you will never be able to say about your raw foods

  • Lanie Malvit

    i feel sorry for your dogs, and that they will never experience the royal canin difference

  • Lanie Malvit

    Royal canin specifically wrote to me and told me their chicken by product meal does not contain anything but chicken heads, organs, and carcasses,

    And i know they dont make it (no dog food companies make the ingredients), But they assured me that it doesn’t contain anything but the organs, heads and carcasses . And so i really dont care who they got it from, as long as they make sure that it is up to those standards.

    Also i know they always go up to those standards since it is run by vets, and vets would never want to make any animal ill

  • Lanie Malvit

    because my vet knows MY dog, and is much smarter than a net vet

  • Lanie Malvit

    royal canin is the highest quality dog food ever, Also its the healthiest dog food ever.
    And just because something doesn’t sound healthy, or tasty, But that doesn’t mean its not high quality or healthy.

    Royal canin is the highest quality dog food on earth, End of discussion.

  • theBCnut

    Also, carcass is the bones and meat that are left over after the good cuts are removed, i.e. frame.

  • Antoinette Rodrigues

    Hmmm, that’s a very interesting statement about raw foods. Just wondering where your research comes from? I had a Labrador retriever live to be 15 years old fed only the raw diet, AFFCO approved, bought in a local healthy pet food store. Guess that was just luck?

  • Jean

    chicken heads, organs, and carcasses. Not my dogs.. No way..

  • Shawna

    Chicken byproduct meal can not legally contain feathers. As for bones, I’m curious if you can tell me how they include the “head” without including the skull – which is bone?

    As far as feathers go, Royal Canin is the only company that has stooped to use such a low quality source of protein. They hydrolyze the feathers and use them in their allergy diet. (feathers and apparently “worm meal”.

    Thing is, if done right, ANY hydrolyzed protein can be hypoallergenic so using feathers and worm meal seems to be more about cost versus nutrition. They are using a food that they admit will “otherwise end up in a landfill”. Sounds SUPER nutritious.

    Royal Canin gets it’s chicken byproduct meal from an outside source (they don’t produce it). Tyson is one supplier of chicken meal and chicken byproduct meal. Can you tell me where exactly Royal Canin gets their chicken byproduct meal from and why others in the industry can’t use that same supplier?

  • Shawna

    Veterinary NUTRITIONIST Dr. Susan Wynn feeds raw to her own animals “I like complete/balanced dehydrated diets like Honest Kitchen and complete/balanced and pressure-pasteurized raw diets like Nature’s Variety and Stella and Chewy’s.”

    I’ve already sited material from Dr. Meg Smart who technically, from my understanding, is not a veterinary nutritionist but taught veterinary nutrition in vet school (for over 30 years), also feeds and recommends raw.

    Can you please explain to me why your VET is better equipped to give nutritional advice over these two actual nutrition experts?

  • Cannoli

    I would not go that far and say chicken heads are a high quality ingredient although delicious as they may taste. A high quality ingredient would be grass fed hormone free beef or meat which I feed my dog on a regular basis. Chicken heads are more of a treat for my dog since it’s mostly fat and cartilage.

  • Lanie Malvit

    You should try Royal canin, Its not crappy like hills and raw foods, and its a MUCH higher quality than hills and raw food

    Raw foods will kill your dogs in a few years, And they are made by un educated (well, at the most 4th grade educated) people, While royal canin is developed, tested, and approved by vets, And to legally be a vet, a person must have a high school diploma and college degree in veterinary school

  • Lanie Malvit

    may sound gross, but its a high quality ingredient that i know is good for my dog, and i have no plans to stop feeding the highest quality food on the market just because the ingredients may “sound” gross

  • Lanie Malvit

    may sound gross, but its a high quality ingredient

  • Cannoli

    heads of animals are a delicacy in many cultures. especially Chinese. basically all bone and fat. the fat makes them tasty and dogs can get calcium from the bone. i grill them and feed it to my dog and myself

  • sharron

    sorry but i just can’t get enthused about eating chicken heads – are you talking about the actual head of a chicken? the thought is still gross to me

  • Cannoli

    I actually love chicken heads. grew up eating them in stews or grilled.

    nothing wrong with chicken heads

  • sharron

    chicken heads?……how gross

  • Lanie Malvit

    Here is how royal canin’s chicken byprodut meal is high quality and others is not,
    royal canin only uses chicken heads, organs, and carcasses. And it does not contain any bones, feathers, or expired meat.
    Source: email from royal canin stating : “Our chicken byproduct meal is a high quality ingredient that is high in protein and energy, The chicken byproduct meal we use in all of our dog formulas do not contain bones or feathers, Our chicken byproduct meal only consists of chicken organs, heads, hearts, and carcass”

  • Kim Harms

    Wish we had seen this sooner. My dog has been sick for a month. Vet bills, on meds, plus the chicken and rice diet costs. Then to try and get her back on the food just to start again.

  • Sharon Jones

    Hi. Thanks for the information. I also agree with Katelyn. The dog might have just needed treatment. I have two little puppies. I always give them healthy food which will be better for their health. I am very serious about their feeding and health. I ordered many health product from Posh Puppy Boutique which is a very good online dog store. Our dog health also very important for us. I don’t compromise anything regarding their health.

  • Azul

    LMAO. 🙂

  • Jean

    So you think they are using BETTER CRAP in this food. Lanie, you can’t polish a turd and make it edible. Read this site they know what they are talking about.

  • Dawn

    I have been using the large breed chicken as well and my dog has been sick for 3 days now! Wake up to diarrhea all over and she has never once pooped in the house for 2 and a half years! Is your dog ok? Did u go to the vet?

  • Lanie Malvit

    Ugh, when will you guys understand that just because one company uses a low quality type of ingredient (eg, the chicken by product meal in purina one) DOESNT mean that all companies chicken by product meal is bad)

    Royal canin has scientific research to back up why all of their food is the best food a dog can be on.
    If you really have a concern just email them, they will be happy to answer!

  • Deborah Melton Mays

    He is absolutely precious. What a sweet little face.

  • Lanie Malvit

    How is it getting out of control? im just trying to explain to you guys that royal canin is a HIGH quality food, and deserves AT LEAST 4 stars

  • Lanie Malvit

    Dogs are supposed to eat grain, END OF STORY,
    you guys need to stop going against dogs nature and just feed royal canin already! you wont regret it

  • Patty

    Thank you, much appreciated!

  • Kathy Wright Bignell

    Thank you, I did not know that.

  • Crazy4dogs

    OMG!!! Are we in kindergarten??? Please stop this. Feed RC to your dogs, we don’t care. But this is really getting out of control.


    As I stated a child


    Yes Jean is a very good food agree

  • Jean

    Reposting here, this link is very helpful. Lanie, Well I’m 60 years old and I have studied hard for nearly 20 years. Actually until I found THIS SITE. This amazing site does all the work for us. One of these days you will grow up and realize you don’t know everything and don’t always make the best choices in where you get your information. That said, your dog will do ok on Royal Canin. Heck dogs have lived for years on plain old Purina, Kibbles and Bits, Ol’Roy and the like. Before I would feed that to my dog though I would feed Chicken from here at the house. Here is a list with facts, years of study, compiled by the page we are on. You should not be referring people to a 2 star food here on their page. that’s just wrong. I can’t believe they have let you get by with it. LINK:

  • Lanie Malvit

    wow, your definitely glue, since glue is VERY ignorant

  • Jean

    YES! I have never fed it but Orijen is one of the very best.


    It’s very clear I am dealing with a child your comment speaks for itself

  • Lanie Malvit

    What is a vet?

    A vet is someone who goes to AT LEAST 4 years of vet school and while they are there they study animal health, how to perform different surgeries, how to treat different illnesses, and NUTRITION in a variety of animals

    So which food do you think would be better?

    one that could have been made by anyone old enough to press buttons at the dog food factory?

    Or a food made by vets who ALL went to AT LEAST 4 hard years of vet school, got a job at royal canin, tests hundreds of ingredients to find the best ones for the food, Mix all the ingredients together just right to make the food balanced, And have EACH BATCH of the food tested before they ship it to stores

    i think the answer is pretty obvious

  • Lanie Malvit

    im rubber your glue everything bounces off of me and sticks on you

    in other words
    YOUR the one feeding garbage food

  • Lanie Malvit

    Actually i just called my vet and asked my vet today when i went to go get his rabies vaccine, i asked if she studied nutrition and she said yes.

    also, my vet doesn’t even sell the royal canin i feed! they only sell the royal canin prescription food and the hills prescription food. But my vet said that royal canin is much better than hills, But she likes to offer a variety

  • Jean

    I have found a food that I can afford that don’t have the garbage in it. It’s at Tractor Supply and it’s 4Health. I buy the Grain Free Salmon and they love it. 18 lbs is 21.00 and 30 lbs is 37.00 4Health is also listed here.

  • Jean

    I learned a long time ago, vets are wonderful for a sick dog. That’s what they do. Just like a Medical Dr. If we have a nutrition problem our MD sends us to a Nutritionist. Well dogs don’t have one. It is up to us to study and learn about foods. I started studying in 1999. So the answer is NO, I would never trust a vet to tell me about food. Over the last 20 years I’ve been to several vets and they told me that they have very little training in Nutrition. I would never feed BY-PRODUCTS. My dogs have been on Grain – free for a long time now. The vets that tell you Royal Canin, they are doing it because a representative came out and talked it up and that’s what you’re hearing from the vet. Vets get Promotions, like trips etc by how much of this preferred food they sell. The best thing you can do is go here, I have used it for years. I buy 4-5 star foods, sometimes 3 1/2 but never lower.


    Use that garbage dog food if your happy and think it’s good for your dog.


    Yes that Vets approve it but that does not make it a good food

  • Storm’s Mom

    You prefer chicken heads and carcasses to chicken meat in your chicken byproduct meal because….?!

  • Lanie Malvit

    proof that vets really do recommend royal canin:

  • Lanie Malvit

    ugh, Like i said. Royal canin has REAL vets develop, and test all of their formulas before being sent to stores.
    Also their ingredients are different

    example, other companies chicken by product meal can contain anything from chicken meat to feathers. But royal canin only allows chicken organs, heads, and carcasses in their chicken by product meal.


    Vets get a kick back for pushing ones product does not mean anything it is simply garbage food with brown rice and chicken by products no different than a doctor pushing certain drugs on people Does not mean their good for you.


    Garbage dog food sorry you really need to check out this food no more than a store bought food nothing in this food is good


    First ingredient in royal is Brewers rice ,Brewers rice is a cereal grain by product consisting of the small fragments left over after milling whole rice.second brown rice modest nutritional value to dogs third ingredient chicken by product meal a dry rendered product of slaughtered waste it is left overs of a slaughtered chicken after all prime cuts have been removed. Chicken by products an inexpensive lower quality ingre


    Sorry to say but it’s no better than a store bought food.A lot of their food has a 2.5 star rating.Their is a good five star dog food and that would be ORIJEN


    Corn has been linked to many dogs ailments such as allergies joint swelling bloat and some cases of aflatoxin contamination associated with corn in dog food.Corn that is used in dog food sometimes contaminated with mycotoxins which is toxins from mold and fungi It also inhibits serotonin in the brain Serotonin is an important chemical that reduces stress and anxiety.


    Royal canin had recalls in 2012.some of their dog food got 2.5 stars.Not a good dog food about the same as store bought dog food.

  • Laura Harris

    Yes it is Kate! My pooch just loves the Fowl kind and the Lamb kind too plus it is good for her!


    Your very welcome and good luck

  • Katelyn LeBlanc

    Agree…everyone should use what’s best for their dog but a quality food!

  • Katelyn LeBlanc

    Thanks for the heads up. I know several dogs on it for years now and so far nothing. Thank you for info though 🙂

  • Cannoli

    Hi katelynn. Glad your dog is doing good on Fromm but mine did not do as great. A bit too high on carbs and my pup does better on higher protein diets. He just never felt full and after eating it wanted more food. When I solely feed him protein he eats less. So not all dogs do great on Fromm


    I never used this but I herd a dog got sick from this food and he had it tested and their was clostridium bacteria and once he got his dog treated at vets and changed food his dog was fine. I would just check it out.

  • Katelyn LeBlanc

    Taste of the wild is great!

  • Katelyn LeBlanc

    I hope you have switched to a better quality dog food by now. Fromm is amazing!!!! Just an idea to help keep your fur baby healthy

  • Katelyn LeBlanc

    Kick backs for the vets and only food they were taught in school.