AvoDerm Dog Food Recall


September 11, 2012 — Breeder’s Choice Pet Food of Irwindale, CA has announced a voluntary dog food recall involving one of its products due to possible contamination with Salmonella bacteria.

The event was reported by L. A. Biz in a news article dated September 11, 2012.

The recall includes AvoDerm Natural Lamb Meal and Brown Rice Adult Dog Formula in the 26 pound bag only manufactured with Best Before dates of August 28, 2013, August 29, 2013 and August 30, 2013.

The company claims it was able to contain the affected product at distribution centers. And it was not delivered to retail outlets.

The recall was confirmed by the US Food and Drug Administration in a news bulletin dated September 11, 2012.

What Products Are Being Recalled?

Products with the following UPC codes and Best By dates are being recalled:


An updated question and answer page was posted on September 14, 2012 and now includes the following statement:

“Until we have completed testing and have the assurance that all products are free of contamination, we will hold all AvoDerm or Breeder’s Choice products at the manufacturing facility and distribution sites”

The additional products have not been recalled. They are only being withheld pending the results of testing.

Breeder’s Choice brands include:

  • AvoDerm
  • Pinnacle
  • Active Care
  • Advanced Pet Diets

What to Do?

Salmonella is serious business — for both you and your pet. So, if you can confirm your dog’s food is one of the products being recalled, stop feeding or handling it immediately.

If you’ve discarded the packaging (something we recommend you never do) – or you’re in any way in doubt – do not take chances. Be safe. Stop feeding the product anyway.

For more information, the company suggests:

Go to the AvoDerm website at http://www.avoderm.com/ or call the AvoDerm consumer line at (866) 500-6286

You can report complaints about FDA-regulated pet food products by calling the consumer complaint coordinator in your area.

Or go to http://www.fda.gov/petfoodcomplaints.

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  • zack

    Dog food recalls for salmonella are mainly for us as pet owners, handling the food to feed and then eating something ourselves and contracting the salmonella in our bodies, not for the dogs. Im not saying dogs can’t get sick from it, but its not as likely and not even close to as serious for them as us. Their immune system has developed defenses for it that is superior to us. If we were to dig through the garbage and eat unrefridgerated 2 day old leftovers we would be sick in short time, but dogs have no problems with it.

  • Chelsea Richards

    Well said! I shared the same thoughts and experience that you had… Two thumbs up!!

  • dixiesmountains

    Don’t feel too bad. When I first got my baby, I fed her the store stuff,you know the one with the vegitables on the bag, it says it is good for your dog,haha. After reading what the dogfoodadvisor says and spending close to 4000.00 on vet bills, I have learned to trust myself and feed what I would eat. Now I mean what is good for my fur baby,she get green beans,sweet potatos,some green peas,organic chicken,carrot sticks and as a treat, a little peanut butter on the carrot sticks. I’m looking to find a food that is dry to feed her when she is better. But will I ever be choosie!

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Hi Debbie –

    Yes, in my opinion Orijen is one of the best dry foods available. It has high protein levels, great ingredients, and Champion (maker of Orijen) is a very reputable/trustworthy company. Different people are going to have different opinions, but my opinion is that the three best dry foods available are Orijen, Nature’s Variety Instinct, and The Great Life. I now feed a homemade raw diet, but when I fed kibble my dog did the best on these three foods. If I ever did go back to kibble, I’d feed a rotation of these brands. Every dog is different though, what works for one doesn’t always work for another, but I definitely think Orijen would be a wonderful food to try. A few dogs do seem to have issues with it, due to the high protein and fat content, if you find this is the case you could always try Acana – Acana is made by the same company as Orijen and has very similar ingredients, it’s just slightly lower in protein and fat. I prefer the higher protein and fat for my dogs though, I try to keep carbs at a minimum.

  •  thank u

  •  thank u , will check it 🙂    so u think its 1 of the best?  I just can’t seem to get on the wagon of raw and would like to feed mine the best of the best… if u can understand that  🙂

  • Hound Dog Mom

    You can get Orijen online – wag.com, doggiefood.com, naturalk9supplies.com, and petflow.com are carry it with free shipping.

  • I use to use T of the w until there recall and went on nutri source, samon,  He seems to like it and havn’t had any systems as of yet x….. He had skin flare ups and the little pimples and so far so good…Its grain free so it caught my attention.. I pray there are no recalls…. I hear orjin is 1 of the best but its hard to find…. thank u so much for this site..  Keeping our pets healthy seems to be a bigger chore these days, but well worth it

  • Delgada Dawn

    Ugh, I think my aunt uses this. I hope she knows. Her Shih Tzus are 15 and 14 years old. -.-

  • InkedMarie

    Yes, I’m on FB so I read it, thank you!

  • EvesHumanMom

    Sorry about that.  Disqus will neither let me edit nor delete.

  • EvesHumanMom

    Oh. Weird.  Sorry.  I just copied and pasted the address.  Better to go from the homepage address in the article above, I guess.  Or if you’re on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=tn_tnmn#!/avodermnatural
    Hope this works okay.

  • EvesHumanMom

    Oh. Weird.  I just copied and pasted the address.  Better to go from the homepage address in the article above, I guess.  Or if you’re on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=tn_tnmn#!/avodermnatural
    Hope this works okay.

  • InkedMarie

    that says “file not found” when I click the link

  • EvesHumanMom

    Update from Avoderm http://www.avodermnatural.com/About/avoderm_recall.htm:  September 20, 2012
    Breeder’s Choice has completed all quality and safety checks and has resumed shipments of all other AvoDerm products to stores. The safety of your pet and the quality of our products continue to be our highest priority. All products that were affected by the recall for the 26lb AvoDerm Natural Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Adult Dog have been removed from store shelves.
    For more information, consumers may call Breeder’s Choice at 1-866-500-6286 or email us at [email protected].

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Hi Pennscott2 –

    Check out dogaware.com, the diet section of leerburg.com, and Steve Bown’s book “Unlocking the Canine Ancestral Diet.” Dr. Becker’s book and website are good resources as well.

  • Pennscott2

    I just switched my dog to Avoderm and heard about the recall so I wanted to check it out. Wow, thanks for all the great info! Do you have a recipe for raw dog food -I have been changing dog food because of conditions in my dog’s health so much over the years and am so frustrated!

  • Gammasuna

    It is the pit not actual avocado. I be using it for two years and have never had a problem.

  • Kelly

    I have had nothing, but negative experiences with Avoderm Dog Food. A few years ago I started to feed my dog this brand and he got really sick. I found out that the main ingredient, which is avocado can be actually poisonous to dogs. I has no idea and was confused as to why it would be added to dog food. My dog was vomiting and having a bad reaction to the food and as soon as I stopped feeding it to him, he got better. I wrote to Avoderm to advise them of this and what had happened. I wanted to warn them, but they didn’t even take action to further investigate what happened, which was pretty surprising. I know some folks have fed this to their dog without any problems, but also know a lot who have had the same problem. Dog owners, please please please be careful with this brand. I can’t stress it enough.

  • Dulciesdogbowl

    Glad to hear the changes in your lab.  You are so right how a dog on kibble drinks so much water.  I also noticed that my dogs on the homemade food drink very little water.  Most people don’t realize that….


  • EvesHumanMom
  • Patty Hull

     Making you own food is great!!! If that works for you, that’s fine. As long as your dogs are happy and healthy.
     We rescued a lab recently and had patches of hair falling out, dry skin, and for the first few days would ENDLESSLY drink water. Kibble actually keeps dogs in a state of dehydration because they don’t get water from their food. After a few days of him eating raw, he  only went to the water bowl maybe 2 or 3 times a day. It is a remarkable difference, when you switch a dog from kibble to raw. His hair is shinier, not falling out and no more dry skin.
     If we notice such a remarkable difference on the outside, can you just imagine what it’s doing to their insides!!!

  • Shawna

    “This suggests that there is a window of time in which exposure to bugs teaches the immune system to work properly.

    Researcher Dr Richard Blumberg said: ‘These studies show the critical importance of proper immune conditioning by microbes during the earliest periods of life.’”

    They do go on to say

    “However, he urged parents not to deliberately let hygiene standards slip in a bid to made their children healthier.

    This is because skimping on cleanliness could let other, dangerous bugs take hold.”

    We do “clean” our house by the way :).  I use essential oils on counter tops and to spritz the air, baking soda and white vinegar on the floors etc.  We just don’t get consumed with being “sterile”.  The products I try to stick with kill the bad bacteria without completely damaging the good guys too..

  • Shawna

    Hi Dulcie 🙂

    When I read your post I actually thought you were replying to Patty Hull..  Oops 🙂

    I agree with you — for those that have concerns with raw, home or commercial cooked food (for those that have access) is an excellent option..  I think nutritionist Monica Segal recommends cooking in many if not most cases.. 

    😉  You will find, in my previous post to Patty, that I am not as hygienic as other raw feeders..  Bacterial and viral contamination just doesn’t concern me as much as others.  We strive VERY hard for the strongest immune systems possible and so far it has worked for us..  We actually want the kids to be exposed to small amounts of pathogens as that is what helps the immune system to become stronger.  I read an article a few years back that stated that kids in homes that were too clean are sicker later in life because their immune systems weren’t exposed to pathogens and didn’t develop properly. 

    My pets are exposed to lots of pathogens from all my foster dogs and I have as of yet ever required a vet visit or prescription drugs (I do use at home care though) — giardia, coccidia, kennel cough, whip worm, round worm, ring worm etc.  As far as I know, I have never in over 6 years had a food based infection in any of the dogs.

  • Shawna

    I’m so used to being able to edit that I don’t proof before I post —- last two days I haven’t been able to edit.

    I in the first paragraph should be me 🙂

    And bowel in the second paragraph should be bowl 🙂 LOL!!!

  • Shawna

    Nicely said Patty!!!!!!

    We have 8 dogs in my home — 5 eat raw and 3 eat kibble with raw topper.  My 1 and 2 year old grandkids also live with hubby, I and the dogs (as well as my daughter). 

    Phoenix (the 2 year old grand daughter) has been helping me feed the dogs for nearly a year now — she INSISTS on helping :)..  She holds the spoon (that I used to scoop the raw) while two of the dogs lick it — I did teach her to hold it away from the scoop part.  Then she puts Mimi’s bowel down (kibble w/ raw) and puts Cleo’s bowel down (raw).    Then after the dogs eat Phoenix lets them outside and she and her 1 year old brother Damon (aka Buzz) pick up all the bowels and bring them to me.

    We look at all my daughter’s friends’ kids and they have croup and colds and ear infections and and and..  Phoenix has been sick twice in her 2 years (one ear infection which cleared with garlic infused olive oil) and one cold which cleared with garlic and homeopathic coldcalm in 24 hours.  My daughter developed conjuntctivitis (HIGHLY contagious) from breast feeding two babies right in a row, lack of sleep etc.  Phoenie sleeps with my Steph and at the time Steph didn’t work so was around her 24/7.  Phoenix did NOT get conjunctivitis.  Buzz did but it cleared on its own in less then 24 hours.  FYI — both kids are 100% unvaccinated.  They have a wonderful pediatrician who supports less, and in the right conditions no, vaccinations.  My M. D. also supports this decision.

    As you so wisely stated earlier — let food by thy medicine and medicine by thy food!!!

    PS for others reading — I’m NOT suggesting that this lifestyle is for everyone and that everyone will be healthier..  It depends on individual circumstances…..

  • Dulciesdogbowl

    Thank you for your reply….I understand…I am happy to hear how well feeding raw works for your dogs and that you understand how to handle the meat.  I am very much against commercial dog food.  I just do not trust them.  So I make my own. I have 3 xolo’s.  One 20 lbs., one 25 lbs. and one 55 lbs.  Although it is cooked, I have seen huge changes in the dogs I have adopted.  One came to me with constant itching….all day long.  When I received his vet records…it talked about his itching.  They were changing his food from one commercial food to another.  Nothing seemed to work.  When I adopted him (of course) I fed him my food… and it didn’t take much more than a few days to see him itch free and happy! Fresh food is the way to go!  So if it raw or cooked….I would have to say great job!  I am happy to hear so many people concerned about feeding.  It does make a huge difference.


  • Shawna

    Ok, sorry 😉  I misunderstood!!

  • aimee


    I didn’t mean to imply that you thought that as a society we shouldn’t be monitoring the food supply I was asking where you stood on the matter.

  • Shawna

    Patty Hull said it PERFECTLY aimee…  “”Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”~Hippocrates.”

    Not sure I said there shouldn’t be monitoring of foods??  Where did you see that? 

    I am saying that “sterilizing” our food supply is NOT the answer (obviously—-since sterilized kibble is still a source of contamination)… 

    Cultures that have not been introduced to a “Western Diet” are some of the healthiest peoples on the planet.  Consider reading Weston Prices’s book “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration”.

  • Patty Hull

     It is fine to not be able to get past the gross factor. But once you do it, take sanitary precautions when handling the raw meat, just like you would when cooking for your family, you realize that the danger is far and few between. I have been doing this for almost 3 years now and have had no ill side effects, either my family or dogs. I have fed kibble and have fed raw, and the significant changes from feeding raw are well worth all the time, effort, and studying that we have put into it.
      I don’t let my dogs lick me after they eat, that is just common sense. My dogs climb in bed with us, play with the cats, play with kids, jump on the furniture…everything any dog would do, and I do not have one worry in the world that I am going to get sick.
      Bacteria is everywhere, it is impossible to avoid, which I think too many people try to do. Instead, we should worry about building up immunities, for both ourselves and our pets, so we may be able to fight off bacteria naturally.
      I am doing what is right for me and my pets, which may not be right for everyone. But I will defend my stance because I have stood on both sides of the fence and I know that feeding raw is right for my dogs.

  • Patty Hull

     I don’t trust veterinarians, just like I don’t trust most doctors.
    “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”~Hippocrates.
    They push commercial kibble, like doctors push medicine. They also push vaccines, which I don’t believe in, for humans or animals. I will be in control of what goes into my animals mouths and bodies, not a vet or a pet food company.

  • aimee

    How should we protect all of the those without strong immune systems.. the unborn, the infants, the elderly, those on immunosurpressents, chronic disease..

    Are you saying that there shouldn’t be any Salmonella survellence of foods. Pet or human? 

    There is always inherent risk in eating… some foods are at higher risk than others.   

  • Dulciesdogbowl

    Patty Hull

    Although a dog can handle the bacteria that is present in raw meats……The thing that I cannot get past is that my dogs climb in my bed….sleep on my furniture…play with my grandchildren and love to sloppy kiss…….After eating raw meat…YECK! I worry about cross contamination.
    I homecook for my dogs.  No commercial dog food or treats at all.  If you take care in making your dogs food…. you can be sure that it is a balanced diet.


  • Shawna

    I hadn’t seen the AAHA position statement..

    So, I wonder what the positions of these organizations are on kibble with all the issues that have arisen over the years and in the news right now? 

    I’m wondering if these same people (those concerned with human health aspect) would suggest that we only eat cooked spinach or sterilized alfala sprouts etc?  To mention just two of the many human foods that have been contaminated in recent history.  They’ve already got milk and almonds and working on others..  What’s next, high pressure pasteurized peaches and grapes?  At what point do we get it that bacteria etc are not harmful to those with strong immune systems?  And strong immune systems are not built on overprocessed and supplemented foods?  I’m just ranting aimee..  Not expecting you to answer my questions :).

  • Just read this short article about the FDA and newer (2011) controls they have over food production facilities. This of course includes the pet food industry. Maybe this is the reason for the high number of “voluntary” recalls in 2012 so far.

  • aimee

    AVMA does have warnings on reptiles amphibians etc but where I see a difference is that they don’t recommend that they shouldn’t be kept as pets. They instead provide guidence on preventing transmission.

    Of course AVMA has concerns that go beyond  Salmonella in regards to raw meat.

    Adding this for information purpose only. People bring up Delta’s and AVMA’s raw protein policy but I haven’t seen anyone mention  AAHA Raw Protein Diet Position Statement endorsed by the American Association of Feline Practitioners and the National Association of State Public Health Veterinarians. So now there are three…


  • Shawna

    Should have read (I can’t edit my posts?)

    We’ll likely never know, but I bet you can guess who I think it was!!! 🙂

  • Shawna

    I completely agree..

    Another case — pets like snakes, turtles and lizzards are sources of salmonella contamination. I haven’t seen (not saying there isn’t one) any warnings about those risks…?

    In the statement I linked to below, the AVMA specifically say they came out with the policy only AFTER the Delta Society questioned them…

    Susan Thixton reported that a Purina big wig is directly associated with the Delta Society—on the board or something like that. I think this is why many people think big pet food is behind it. However, the AVMA denies that.. I wonder who at the Delta Society thought to question the AVMA??? We’ll likely never know, but I guess who I think it was!!! 🙂

  • Shawna

    There’s over 1000 posts on the AVMA raw policy blog so I wasn’t able to find the exact quote within the blog again.  BUT, I did find the same data on another page (about the raw feeding policy) that they released later.

    “Q: Why
    does the policy only address raw protein diets, and not other foods?

    A: The Council on Public Health and
    Regulatory Veterinary Medicine (CPHRVM) felt that the science supported a policy
    that specifically addressed the public health risks associated with
    raw/undercooked animal-source protein that hasn’t been adequately treated to
    remove pathogens. At a future meeting, the CPHRVM will discuss the pet food
    recalls and the hazards associated with commercial pet foods to see if a policy
    is needed. If the CPHRVM or another council or committee determines that other
    policies addressing pet foods are indicated, they will be developed separately.”  https://www.avma.org/KB/Resources/FAQs/Pages/Raw-Pet-Foods-and-the-AVMA-Policy-FAQ.aspx

  • Hound Dog Mom

    I would respect their warning more if they mentioned kibble as well. It’s not that I don’t think raw food can potentially pose a risk as far as bacterial contamination is concerned it’s just that I feel they are singling out raw food and raw feeders when kibble can pose the same risks.

  • Shawna

    Actually, I read EVERY post on the AVMA blog regarding their raw policy..  One of the AVMA members stated that they will consider putting out warnings about kibble in the future too (after many people brought it up).

  • Shawna

    I’m hoping that people wouldn’t give their dogs avocado with the seed..  Not really the best thing to do for sure..

    I mentioned that reputable sites, like ASPCA, warn against avocado..  I know this to be true.  I think however it is just that — a warning not hard cold fact.  ASPCA also lists garlic but I know MANY vets and people that use garlic.  Dr. Goldstein DVM calls it a panacea in his book “The Nature of Animal Healing”. 

    Additionally, ASPCA lists raw/undercooked meat, eggs and bones.  Many of us here know that it is ridiculous to have that on the do not eat list.  As well as milk.

    By the way, my 8 dogs get avocado once in a while.  My girlfriend has an avocado tree in her back yard and her 5 get them regularly.  Dr. Jean Dodds is her vet and all the dogs are perfectly healthy per blood work etc.  All that said, I wouldn’t give my dogs excessive amounts of ANY one specific food..  Just my opinion though.

  • InkedMarie

    Do you handle raw meat for your family? If yes, this is no different. Handwashing is the single most important thing everyone can do

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Gkstein –

    This is a ridiculous comparison. Obviously a wolf in the wild that has to face extreme elements and periods of starvation in addition to receiving no medical care will not live as long as a domestic dog, also wolves are very large – the larger the breed of dog the smaller the lifespan so comparing a 100+ lb. wolf to the average dog doesn’t make sense. It’s like comparing apples to oranges.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Gkstein –

    I understand what the purpose of the AVMA warnings are. However, to warn people against raw meat is a little silly. Most people prepare raw meat on a daily basis for themselves and are well aware of how to properly handle it, if they weren’t thousands of people would be getting sick with salmonella daily. On the other hand, most people don’t associate dry food with bacteria like salmonella so they don’t follow proper sanitation procedures when handling dry dog food. As seen from the numerous recalls this year dry food commonly contains salmonella as well.

    This is a direct quote from “Human Health Implications of Salmonella-Contaminated Natural Pet Treats and Raw food”v (a study cited in the AVMA’s policy):

    To date, raw pet foods have not been associated with salmonellosis in humans;
    however, identification of Salmonella contaminated food and Salmonella
    shedding by pets that have been fed raw food diets should raise

    I think a warning against dry food and the bacteria it can and does contain would have been more appropriate or at least a warning for both dry and raw food.

  • Alexandra

    Actually this “warning” is fueled by donations from Hills and Purina. Purina states on their web site that they advise against the raw feeding. So this whole “protect the public” is how they cover up a political policy fueled by companies that have their products in clinics. They want to keep consumers in the dark about the much healthier alteenatives to corn based crap.

    Why the focus on the biologically appropriate raw foods, when infact it is kibble making dogs and people sick? Something smells here…

  • Gkstein

    What was the average life span of a dog 150 years ago?  It is much longer today because our pets are not treated like they were 150 years ago, so to use that comparison is a false equivalency.  I think we all do what we feel is best for our pets, but you need to use reputable sources and research not just the “web” or talking to the pet store sales clerk who is a sales person.  Try talking to your Veterinarian.

  • Gkstein

    AVMA’s warnings aren’t just for the dog’s sake. If you read what they are saying in it’s entirety you will see that there is a significant risk to humans from the salmonella contamination of pet foods.  This is in some commercial diets as well as raw diets as well.

  • Gkstein

    Wolves don’t wait for their food to be processed at a slaughter house, sent to a distribution center and then wait in a butcher’s refridgerator for who knows how long.  They kill and eat what they consume.  As for transit time through a dog’s digestive tract of raw food being faster is patently not factual.

  • Gkstein

    So you’re saying that raw diets can’t contain salmonella?  That’s the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard.

  • Melissaandcrew

    I agree. I have fed Avoderm before and had nothing but great luck with it for all the dogs.

  • EvesHumanMom

    I agree, Pattyvaughn.  I first heard of this through my facebook feed because I “liked” the Avoderm page.  My feeling is that there are companies out there who have done this on the quiet, as it is before it gets to consumers.  It makes me feel better that they caught the problem before it reached us  AND informed us.  I do feed this in rotation and actually gave some as a gift to someone who has been feeding their Shiba pup Pedigree and chose it because of the avocado, as Shiba’s tend to have skin issues.

  • Pattyvaughn

    I don’t feed this food but I definitely give them points for discovering the problem before the food reached consumers and putting the word out anyway instead of trying to hush it up.

  • Melissaandcrew


    Well, while you are Lol’ing at me, I would suggest you put down the booze and show me where I ever made any of the comments you claim I did
    -I will wait for my apology : ) A case study involving the review of two dogs is not what is commonly referred to when one asks to see a study-Perhaps I should be more clear and ask for a research study. Shrug.

    Where did I say any of the following???
     For example, “but I’m sure that they were given the carcasses and organs of the animals that were killed for human consumption.”

  • ohnoesaz

    Disgusting. I can’t believe I fed a dog this food a year ago! Sheesh. Bad me.

    It’s just so hard to predict who is unreliable behind the scenes.

  • skyenremy

    (not sure why, but it changed my name…this is patty)

  • skyenremy

    “Of course most of those dogs didn’t live long healthy lives either.”

    Where is your credible evidence to support this comment?

  • skyenremy

    “Of course most of those dogs didn’t live long healthy lives either.”

    And where is your credible evidence of this?

  • Wolfdogged

    A case study is a study! LOL at you.  My mistake for saying the dogs were sickened, they unfortunately died. And actually potative means commonly accepted or presumed, that’s a lot like the stuff in your posts.
    For example, “but I’m sure that they were given the carcasses and organs of the animals that were killed for human consumption.”

    Of course you were there 150 years ago to see humans give away their food source (carcasses) to the dogs. Maybe the organs and other such scrap, now that’s potatively believable. 

  • LabsRawesome

    I believe the food is being recalled for Salmonella, not Avocado. But either way, this is not a food that I would ever use anyway.  🙂

  • Brandi

     This is the best dog food we’ve ever fed our dogs.  I researched for months and months before trying it and switched over from the more expensive Pinnacle.  Our Great Pyr does so well on it and her fur is so white and soft.  There is no way she is being poisoned from eating this tiny bit of avocado, which the part used is not even toxic to dogs anyhow. 

  • Patty Hull

     I would not eat any meat raw unless I processed it myself and knew where it came from.There are too many variables contributing to the unsafe practices in CAFO’s and processing plants.

    I will eat my chicken eggs raw, we raise them ourselves. Our dogs eat raw chicken eggs everyday. I would not do it with grocery store bought eggs though.

    One of our dogs was up north w/ my boyfriend when he was hunting and ate that guts right out of the gut pile…she’s still alive. They both get wild rabbit, groundhog, fish, squirrel, raccoon, opossum and muskrat…all whole after they are frozen for a week.

  • Melissaandcrew


    Lol! I am still going to stick by my comment of ” I have never seen a study”..That is not a study you presented but rather a case study of two dogs-

    The title of the study is Putative avocado poisoning” -the definition of Putative being “supposed” : )

    Sure its likely that they got sick from ingesting massive amounts of avocado, pits and all, but that does not prove that avocado is in general, toxic to dogs : )

    Any one else having problems loading certain threads? Last two days I have been getting an error message saying “there was a problem loading disqus”

  • Beachdog2008

    Yes I do. I eat it as well. I’ve eaten raw burger meat since I was a kid (not any longer unless I grind it myself). We enjoy steak tartar and carpaccio. Pork and poultry cooked medium, with a little pink in the middle. Raw fish. Raw eggs. Not all the time, but often enough that if the risk was as high as most people assume, we should all be dead by now. Instead we’re rarely sick. Our dog is fed a raw diet.

    As someone who has spent 30 years in the restaurant industry, the publics’ fear of raw meat is generally borne of media-induced scare tactics and ignorance.

  • BK

    Heather said: 

    ” do you feed your family raw meat?”, 

    Such an odd comment. Are you saying that you think a dogs digestive track is the same as your family’s? Do you feed your kids kibble?

  • Patty Hull

    I guess I was wrong then, yes I have fed my family raw…raw tuna and salmon for sushi, and I too eat my steaks medium rare. I’ve also eaten raw oysters and uni (raw sea urchin). We’re all still alive, but I also don’t compromise my immune system by eating junk food…but I digress.

    Like I said, to each their own, but if you would like to argue, at least come armed with knowledge. 

  • Shawna

    I went out for sushi Monday for my daughter’s birthday.  One type we got had raw salmon.  I’ve also eaten raw roe in sushi as well as eel and tuna.  Steak tartar (considered a delicacy) is also raw.  And my hubby eats his prime rib so rare that it bleeds on the plate.. 

  • Patty Hull

    See response to your comment please.

  • Patty Hull

     They may not have prepared balanced raw meals, but I’m sure that they were given the carcasses and organs of the animals that were killed for human consumption.

  • Shawna

    That’s not exactly true…  I know several reputable sites say so but they have their info slightly scewed.

    This is taken from the Pet Poison Helpline

    “Avocado contains a toxin called persin, but despite the rumors, avocado is not poisonous to dogs, nor likely to cats. Only certain species are poisoned by persin. While dogs and cats don’t seem to be affected by persin, avocado poisoning can be deadly to birds and large animals (such as cattle). The bigger risk to dogs and cats is a foreign body obstruction, which can occur if the dog swallowed the whole large, round avocado seed; due to size alone, this seed can get stuck in the esophagus, stomach or intestinal tract of dogs.”  http://www.petpoisonhelpline.com/poison/avocado/

  • Wolfdogged

    Never say never

    though I’ll admit the amount of avocado in the kibble is negligible as compared to how much avocado these two dogs probably ate to become sick. 

  • Shawna

    Interesting!!  I’ve had a couple first hand experiences with this..  A retired male Boston Terrier breed dog, age 5 came to me to be fostered.  I’m sure his digestive tract was not optimal — to say the least.  In addition he would vomit if over excited (either good or bad excitement would cause him to upchuck–like every time I came home).

    I fed him all the best kibbles in rotation with toppers of canned and raw (like I do all the fosters).  He would vomit whole undigested kibble as many as 12 to 14 hours after eating.  Eventually I had it with cleaning it up and switched him over to raw (with the rescue presidents blessings).  He was with me for just over a year and once on raw he still vomitted, but it would either be chyme or water only, after anywhere from 2 to 4 hours when on raw only.  I had a second Boston, also a retired breeder but female, and she did the same thing.

    I completely agree that bacterial (or viral) infection has more to do with the health of the animals immune system then anything else.  The foods that are more nutrient dense and utilizable by the body create a stronger immune system…

  • Patty Hull

     What is wrong with feeding raw? (and obviously not to your family, I don’t either, but I am perfectly fine eating the meat that I give my dogs in cooked form. I’ve even eaten the beef heart that I feed them). If you get past the fact that they are animals and have a digestive system that is capable of handling the bacteria present in raw meat, bones and organs, then you will realize that it is one of the healthiest ways to feed your dog.

  • Heather122271

    do you feed your family raw meat?

  • Heather122271

    I personally would never feed my dog this food because it does have advacado in it.  However,  I would definately not feed my family raw meat and would not to my dog either. she eats cooked chicken with rice and carrots, hamburger with rice and cooked fresh fish with rice,scrambled egg,etc….  I do mix this with some kibble as there are benefits for over all nutrition, provided you are feeding a good quality food ( i use natures recipe).  I do however have to support this company for doing a voluntary recall as it does cause mixed reactions in consumers against their product.  Obviously safety is a concern to them and that is awesome. 

  • Wolfdogged

    “Dogs have only been eating kibble for the past 150 years…what did they do before that?????”

    The scraps of whatever humans ate. I’m not anti-raw, but before kibble was developed people didn’t prepare perfectly balanced raw meals with the right ratios of RMB, OM and recreational bones for their dogs. For the 50-100,000 years after being domesticated and before the devlopment of commercial kibble, dogs ate the unwanted scraps of whatever humans ate– both raw and cooked bones, cereal grains, meat and dairy that had gone bad, etc. Whatever small animals they could catch. Of course most of those dogs didn’t live long healthy lives either.

  • Melissaandcrew

    Panting Pooches-

     I have never found a study showing avocado to be toxic to dogs-goats etc yes, dogs no. 

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Agreed. I enjoy being in complete control of the ingredients and quality of my dogs’ meals. After seeing the difference real raw food has made on their health I will never go back to kibble unless I ever become financially unable to continue raw.

  • Panting Pooches

    Understandable, but I’m a vet tech. and unless they’re using high quantities of avocado, no ill effects will be shown.  It’s more a matter of principle.  Just like other foods use ‘animal digest’ or ‘meat by-product’ .. I don’t feed those foods based on the principle that even the company doesn’t know what’s in their own food!  Such a dilemma these days … I want to get back to raw when I have the freezer space .. hopefully soon.

  • Patty Hull

    I know one thing, I will NEVER, EVER again feed kibble to my dogs. I know the risk is lower feeding them raw. I know what I am giving my dogs and the responsibility is in my hands, not the hands of a dog food company. To me kibble is the equivalent of feeding fast food. Sure there may be more reputable fast food, but in the end, it’s still not the best.

    I’m doing what I think is right for my dogs and I spent many hours researching the Raw Prey Model, BARF, spoke to a local retailer of high end dog foods and raw foods and made the best decision based upon my research.

    Dogs have only been eating kibble for the past 150 years…what did they do before that?????

  • Jan_Mom2Cavs

    Of course, this is your choice, and while I’m disappointed in this recall announcement I just want to say that Breeder’s Choice has been in business for many, many years and Avoderm has had avocado in the food for that long.  Surely, we would have heard if dogs were getting ill from the avocado in the food.  I also don’t think Breeder’s Choice would put avocado in their food if it was poisonous to dogs.  Like I said, I’m saddened to hear about this recall.  It is the first one in their history.

  • Patty Hull


    This says that chicken and turkey are warming foods. Who knows, lol…seems to be varying opinions on this.

  • InkedMarie

    thank you, I get responses via email and they’re all jumbled up

  • InkedMarie

    thanks HDM. On various forums, you get various opinions. I’m now using Darwins and Brothers; not sure yet what I feel is “right”

  • Panting Pooches

    I refuse to ever feed Avoderm as they promote using avocados in their food, which are TOXIC to dogs! Yet their use of avocados is safe?? Not cool Avoderm.

  • Wolfdogged

    Patty Hull had that info already in her post: “It takes 15 hours for kibble to pass through a dogs system, whereas it only takes 4-6 hours for raw food.”
    I should have included it in my reply, sorry.

    I generally feed a combo of raw, canned, cooked, leftovers, and kibble during the same day if not the same meal. To maximize nutrition and health. They’re only 10 y.o., time will tell.  

  • Hound Dog Mom

    InkedMarie –

    I don’t think combining kibble and raw is an issue as long as your dog doesn’t show any signs of digestive upset, many people do it. I know many believe raw passes through the system faster and kibble slower. While I’m not sure of exact times I know back when I fed kibble I’ve had dogs throw up entirely undigested kibble 10+ hours after eating, I’ve also had a dog throw up undigested raw meaty bone pieces 10+ hours after eating.

  • InkedMarie

    Kinda sort on the topic but what about raw, how long does that take? I’m not sure how I feel about feeding kibble with raw (same meal) or at different times

  • Wolfdogged

    This bit about kibble taking 15 hours to pass through is a dog’s stomach is untrue in healthy dogs.

    Monica Segal explains this myth in her book “Your Dog’s Diet, The Truth Behind the Hype”.Dr. D. Twedt DVM, a gastroenterologist at the Colorado State University, did a study to see how long it took for food to clear the stomach. The food he used to conduct the study happened to be kibble. The study was to determine what rate of gastric emptying would classify a dog as having a gastric motility disorder.His study found that kibble took anywhere from 5 to 15 hours to empty the stomach. He found that the average emptying time was usually 5 – 8 hours andthat anything over 10 hours would deem the dog to have a gastric motility disorder.Some raw-feeding proponents grabbed at the figure that some dogs took 15 hours to empty the stomach of kibble and used this as a reason to promote the evils of kibble. They obviously did not read the whole report or they would have seen that healthy dogs, not suffering from gastric motility disorders, emptied theirstomachs of kibble within 5 – 8 hours — that’s close to the same time required as raw food.

    The Cambridge study can only be viewed through google scholar at the Tinyurl link below; then click again on the 1st study — “A review of the physiology of the canine digestive tract related to the development of in vitro systems” http://tinyurl.com/77szzwo

    The Salmonella Myth

    “Can dogs get sick from the bacteria [Salmonella]?”

    “I suppose they can. But it is rare and usually indicative of an underlying problem, especially when one stops to consider how much bacteria that dog probably comes in contact with every single day. One must ask “Why this dog? Why now? What has made this particular dog susceptible to bacterial overgrowth?” Something is not ‘right’ regarding the dog’s health—a healthy dog does not suffer from bacterial infections or bacterial septicemia. That is just common sense. A dog suffering from “salmonella poisoning” is obviously not healthy, especially when compared to a dog that ate the same food with the same salmonella load but is perfectly healthy and unaffected. The first dog has suffered a ‘breakdown’ in its health that allowed the bacteria to become a problem; if one is talking in homeopathic medicine terminology, this is simply one more symptom that shows the dog is suffering from chronic disease.” 
    The above excerpted from:


  • InkedMarie


    according to that, both chicken and turkey are cold foods

  • InkedMarie

    I thought turkey was a cool food? Will have to look.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Patty Hull –

    I’m a raw feeder and I agree with melissaandcrew. I mean, studies have shown 66% of raw poultry in grocery stores is contaminated with salmonella. I feed my dogs rmbs from the grocery store often so I’m pretty sure they’ve been exposed to salmonella – numerous times. I do, however, believe that bacteria in raw meat is not a concern for healthy dogs (obviously or I wouldn’t feed raw). What irritates me, is that the avma warns against raw because it can be contaminated with bacteria when kibble is often contaminated with bacteria as well.

  • L. Swanson

     My Keeshond had horrible skin conditions due to food allergy. I switched him to California Natural Salmon and Peas which is a limited ingredient food. His skin is beautiful now. Maybe you can give it a try.
    L. Swanson

  • Patty Hull

    What contaminations from raw meat is everyone worried about? Buy from a reputable butcher, talk to your butcher, ask questions. I would much rather trust my local butcher than a dog food company. Better yet, go out and kill your own meat for your dogs…deer, duck, rabbit, squirrel, etc. We supplement with venison and wild game and take every precaution to ensure the safety of the food.

    To each their own, but if I won’t eat it, I won’t feed it to my dogs.  

  • Patty Hull
  • Staarbuck36

    I have fed my babies, 2 german shepherd from pups and my 10 yr old lab mix Blue Buffalo kibble, but I also cook for them, baked/boiled chicken, hamburger 90/10 and rice.  I have never had a problem.  I am a little skeptical about raw kibble, too many possibilites of contamination from the butcher to them eating it.  Just sharing my thoughts. 
    I agree with everyone that we have to look out for our babies because I certainly don’t think the companies do just like human food contamination.

    Pam and her babies

  • Melissaandcrew

     Patty Hull-

    Whether or not a dog contracts salmonella was not being discussed. My comment was that there is just as much a chance for contamination in raw or frozen raw foods as there was in kibble. If we compare the amount of salmonella recalls to the amount of dry dog food recalls for salmonella, the human food chain wins hands down. And, the “raw from the butcher” fits into the human food chain category.

    So, merely based upon the fact that you feed raw, does not mean it is suddenly precluded from potential contamination. Whether one feeds kibble or raw(and I personally believe here is a HIGHER chance of contamination in raw meat products) one must use proper hygiene and hand washing.

  • Patty Hull

     Try feeding duck, rabbit or fish, which are “cooling foods”. If you are feeding turkey or chicken during this allergy time, which are “warm foods”, it adds to the problem.

  • D. Smith

    Hi Lari,
    I have discovered that my 4 year old Tibetan Terrier also has August/September allergies.  I live in MA, he eats BARF and during this time of year (for the last 2 years) he has an ‘out break’ of hot spots. Last year he had 1 spot… this year he had 2.  I haven’t a clue as to WHAT he is allergic to.  Any hints from your experience?
    D. Smith

  • Patty Hull

     Not true. Raw food does not stay in the dog’s system long enough for salmonella to become an issue. It takes 15 hours for kibble to pass through a dogs system, whereas it only takes 4-6 hours for raw food. Try telling me that a wolf is susceptible to salmonella poisoning. I’ve fed raw to my dogs for 2 years now and no issues, beautiful coats, clean teeth, no picking up of poo, no doggy breath, and limited shedding. And I know where my food comes from…straight form the butcher.

  • Butch

    Cutting this off before it got to retailers and still announcing it to the general public, shows a company with excellent follow up and taking caring and careful precaution.  Way to go!!!

    P.S.  We use the Salmon & Potato as is the only food our dog does not seem to be alergic to.

  • Cny43086

    Thanks for keeping us informed on recalls.  Usually, other sources take forever to tell you about a recall and time is the enemy where dogs/cats are concerned.  Keep up the good work.



  • Melissaandcrew


    I disagree. Raw diets are just as susceptible to contamination as kibble foods.

  • Greakathy

    no they dont as least not here in canada thee only thing we have problem with is lettuce thats shipped form the states.other then that we dont have a problem with our food as much as dog food.but i cook for my dog a lot

  • katrhy

    i would like to thank you for telling me about this re-call again when is this going to stop.before you know nit we will not be able to feed our dogs anything.i cook for mine but i do leave dog food down for her too.


  • Debra Lee

    Just a thank you to The Dog Food Advisor for helping save dogs!  Something more Dog food companies should be trying to do!  Debra Lee RAVE Retrievers.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    And the AVMA warning against raw keeps getting more and more ironic.

  • Sanman1785

    Looks like they caught it

  • huskies

    Human food has just as many recalls as pet food!

  • Kelsey

    This scares me…I feed AvoDerm Simply Nourishment Salmon and Sweet Potatoe to my three dogs.. Should I be expecting a recall of that too?! I live in Nebraska, so this didn’t affect me at all, but still…

    I think it’s time to look into new food..

  • Gm98058

    Don’t buy processed kibble of any kind. Feeding pristine raw or freeze dried raw assures you that this will not happen

  • Rosalbag

    I really like getting this information so fast. I like knowing that my Leila’s food is safe for her to eat 🙂

  • Lari

     we had to wait a few days to get to the vet over the weekend but when i switched foods they began eating again.

  • Lar

    This is what my dogs have eaten for over a year.  I bought a new bag around Aug 22 and after a few days both my dogs refused it and didn’t seem to feel well.  One dog lives for mealtime.  I stopped trying to give it to them after the 2nd refused meal and bought something else immediately. This bag was bought in Flagstaff AZ and the awesome retailer refunded my money.  I called Avoderm also but they knew of no problems but said to return it.

    The same week their seasonal allergies kicked into full gear.  Benedryl wasn’t working so I scheduled a vet appt for shots and different medications but we had to  They were pretty miserable but I’m not sure if the Avoderm was bad or if it was their allergies.  They have seasonal allergies every Aug/Sept so that’s nothing new.  I told my Vet about the food and she looked up for recalls also and found nothing at that time.

  • Hvsgames