Advanced Animal Nutrition Recalls Dog Food


Caution Tape

According to the Associated Press, Advanced Animal Nutrition of Thayer, Missouri has today announced a voluntary dog food recall involving three of its products due to contamination with aflatoxin.

The event was initially announced by the FDA on December 8, 2011 and later updated by a second news bulletin dated December 13, 2011 (republished February 2, 2012).

The recall includes the 50-pound bags of the following products:

  • Dog Power Hunters Formula 27-14
  • Dog Power Adult Maintenance Formula 21-12
  • Dog Power Hi-Pro Performance Formula 26-18

The contaminated products were apparently distributed in Missouri, Arkansas and Louisiana.

Aflatoxin is a toxin produced by a certain species of mold commonly found in cereal grains.

The affected products originally included Lot Codes K0004 through K1322. However, the updated bulletin now includes Lot Codes 4K1004 through 4K1322.

What to Watch For

According to the above FDA news release…

“Pets that have consumed any of the above recalled products and exhibit symptoms of illness including sluggishness or lethargy combined with a reluctance to eat, vomiting, yellowish tint to the eyes or gums, or diarrhea should be seen by a veterinarian.”

What to Do

You can report complaints about FDA-regulated pet food products by calling the consumer complaint coordinator in your area.

Or go to

Advanced Animal Nutrition has suggested consumers return the recalled dog food to the store where it was bought for a full refund.

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Notes and Updates

12/09/2011 Original article
02/02/2012 Article updated

  • Anonymous

    I just want to say “Thank You” to The Dog Food Advisor for staying on top of the recall information you provide.  We need to get your website out to more people and protect more pets from harmful products.  Thanks again!

  • Balletiowa

    first time responding, but read a lot of posts.  Can I ask what chicken treat from China you are referring to?  I picked one up by mistake a few weeks ago.  Usually I only buy ones made in the USA. 

  • Tsalagi

    I can’t thank the Dog Food Advisor enough. I check now  almost every day for warnings & recalls. My American Staffie became very ill and we nor our vet could figure out what was wrong.  She had the symptoms of Pancreatis along with other problems. It wasn’t until I found Dog Advisors warning about chicken treats from China that we were able to pinpoint the problem. I stopped giving them to her as a treat and changed her food from Natural Balance to Orgainix and she’s been fine ever since.

  • Pia R Florenzano

    First of all, i have 2 Aussies,i feed them only Natural Ultra Mix,by Castor&Pollux,also by same Company Organ ix,that is the best and trustworthy kibbles for our beloved dogs,plus i cook some times, tunes of recipe’s on youtube ,and Iams, is the worst food ever,go on youtube it will make you sick,iams under cover,also hills sucks.Hope it helped. good Luck.

  • Lauren

    We are doing the same now — boiled chicken, lean beef, beans — changing proteins weekly, in addition to steamed frozen veggies (no onions!).  One of our dogs has mast cell tumor, grade III, tumor removed twice.  I’m convinced the second one did not come back as quickly as we were feeding her a premium dog food (Nutrisca at the time) and steamed veggies.  Now we’re feeding her Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health with all HUMAN grade ingredients.  Shouldn’t all dog food by “human” grade?!?   The junk that goes into dog food, even the “trusted” brands, just can’t be trusted.  We all know that profit trumps doing what’s right.  I highly recommend getting The Dog Cancer Survival Guide by Demian Dressler, DVM and Susan Ettinger, DVM/Board Cert. Oncologist.  They talk about all the junk in dog foods and how to boost your dogs immune system in conjunction with traditional veterinary care and alternative veterinary treatments.     If you google his name, he has a free newsletter and will give you free of charge a 76 page dog cancer “book” online for signing up…very good info and easy to read.  Got my book on Amazon — cheapest price. 

  • Lauren

    God has everything to do with everything, but this is a dog food topic…

  • Lauren

    We fed our dogs Iams for years thinking it was a “top quality dog food” — ha.  Plus, Iams does unnecessary animal testing on dogs, cats, etc.!  See the actual video’s on PETA’s website.  If you buy Iams or Eukanuba you are indirectly supporting animal cruelty! 

  • Lauren

    Thanks for the video — very disturbing, but pet owners and the public at large, especially investors in these companies who make “dog food” should work to shut down these “rendering plants.”  I learned of this just two years ago and couldn’t believe it.  Most people think it’s “animal rights wacko’s” making this stuff up!  It’s all true.  As an animal advocate, I believe our pets deserve better than to be turned into cannibals, eating other DEAD, DISEASED dogs and cats.  And, just as important, it’s incredibly disrespectful to that dead animal to be grinded up into dog food!  Where are the pet owners in all this?!?  Aren’t they tracking where their pet’s BODIES are going for cremation or burial?!?  Sad! 

  • Troopertrudybear

    Karin – even organic does not mean sufficient quality ingredients.  PetGuard, a formerly fine food for both dogs and cats, now has an organic formula but the inclusion of certain grains has depreciated the value of this food.  Slapping the organic label on a can or bag is just not sufficient anymore.  Read the label and learn the meaning of the ingredients.  And also don’t believe that a food now sufficient in nutrients will remain so.  Far too many companies are cutting costs by lowering previously high standards.  You must keep on reading the labels to protect your pets.

  • Rroanranch

    Watch this..this is what your dogs food is made of people

  • Pinkfeatherquilt

    I’ve seen dogs with DIC due to overheating/heatstroke and snakebites.  I’ve not heard of it with food – can you provide more details?  I understand if you can’t…

  • Carolxives

    thank you for the information    i live in upstate new york and have never heard of thid dog food   thank God     my sincere sorrow goes out to all that did use it and their dogs became ill

  • Karin

    The garbage that is in dog food is unbelievable. The slaughter houses put the 3 D cows in the pet food secton 3 D stands for DEAD DYING DISEASED. Also in the meat are steroids hormones and antibiotics. To be sure your dog is safe buy organic.

  • Spiritofhislove

    Does anyone know about a very recent Iam’s dog food (not puppy food) recall? I had to have my dog, Roxas, put to sleep the other day because of 
    Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC), and the vet kept saying something about the dog food. I had never heard of DIC before that day, and I pray none of you and your pets ever have to experience it. It was a living nightmare. Anyway, I had recently switched my Roxas’s food from Beneful to Iam’s and if it’s the dog food, I really would like to know why this dog food was available for sale if it was supposed to be part of a recall. There are, of course, many other reasons poor Roxas could have developed the hideous disorder D.I.C. (it is a secondary symptom and mold is one of the primary causes), but I would like to know for sure whether or not it was his food. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • Marie

    Religion is religion – be it in a church or a dogfood website. Faith seems to be a component of both.

  • To all involved in this dispute: Please confine your remarks to the topic of dog food. Further discussions not devoted to our core topics will be deleted. Thanks.

  • LabsRawesome

    Gordon, if you don’t believe in God,why is his name in every other comment that you make? Are you bored, and just trying to get a rise out of someone? While everyone is entitled to their own opinions/ beliefs, You come off as thinking that your opinions are God like,or perfect and everyone else’s are just garbage.Why don’t you just leave God out of it, and stick to dog food. Also, Gordon, It’s by faith…not by sight.

  • Anonymous

    Fmelissa812 – So you’ve seen God? And which God? God, Ala, or Budha?God is the financial economy we serve. That’s the God that we actually serve and unwittingly worship. Actually, if you’d like to debate this, then we should do it elsewhere. I’m happy to if you want?

  • Gordon

    Addie – Don’t worry. Every body else knew what you meant!

    Of course there is a major difference between those mega rich international corporations (Which is what I understood you were referring to), and firms or corporations that are not as wealthy, famous or infamous.

  • melissa

    Hey Jonathan-

    I don’t know that interesting is the word I would use-I was thinking more like “revealing”…For me, its revealing to sit and watch which companies are affected, and then compare the foods ratings and size of companies.  It’s interesting to see what  “caliber” the companies are that are purchasing from the same suppliers!

  • Addie

    You’re right, I was thinking moreso corporations who reach fortune 500 status, like P&G. There’s a huge difference even between a s corp and a c corp. I should have been more specific, sorry.

  • Anonymous

    It’s interesting how many recalls are happening all at once.  obviously, there are very few suppliers providing ingredients.  Kinda scary folks. 

  • melissa

    I am unsure about Canada, but in the US, one chooses their business status when they file their paperwork, lol. There is no “achieving”. You choose based on partners, how much personal liability you wish to be exposed to etc etc. There is a lot to consider when  youc hoose, but you still choose.

  • Fmelissa812


  • Gordon

    You’re probably right, Addie. Champion Foods are unlikely the status of a corporation. If they ever reach such status, I hope to God (I don’t actually believe in God, but you know the cliche), that they don’t become like Purina, P&G and the like! The latter are definitely of corporation status through a lack of integrity in my opinion.

  • sandy


    Hope you’re including a vit/mineral supplement with that home cooked food. Whether it’s something like Missing Link or Natures Logic Whole Food Supplement or other.  An “unbalanced” home cooked diet can actually be harmful. Since you’re cooking the food, I’m guessing you’re not including bones so right there, it’s lacking in calcium/phosphorus.

    I also have the cookbook from mercola.  It gives recipes for cooked and raw homemade diets along with vit supplements.

  • Addie

    Remember there’s a big difference between a business and a corporation. They’re both still profit driven, but corporations have a lot different rules to adhere by. 
    I’m not sure Champion has reached corporation status. 

  • Gordon

    I’m not suggesting that they wanted to kill pets in Australia. Rather that they chanced the fact that their  irradiated product would be OK and therefore there was no need to have the bags labelled. And their would be more money to be made. Sure, Australia is not a big market (Others would disagree with you when it comes to pets). However more profit is better than maintained profit, and Champion Foods is a business after all and not a charity nor a conservationist. So of course, money was their number objective.

    It is their responsibility to ensure the bags were labelled with the warnings and not my governments. Our governments make suggestions to businesses and its up to the businesses to adhere to the advice. It isn’t the governments responsibility to pay for extra warning labels on a business’s product. However, since then my government at least did the right thing and introduced legislation that forces a business who exports pet food to Australia that is subjected to irradiation to label their bags as “Not to be fed to cats”, as mandatory. This is testimony to entities that are wiling to make improvements after lessons learnt.

    Now I’m sure that Champion Foods also learned their lesson albeit they’re in denial, just as all corporations would be, and would have continued to export their foods to Australia, had it not been for the upgraded Australian legislation that such pet foods must now be subject to heat treatment or proof of extrusion temperature of at least 100 degrees C. Unfortunately for Champion Foods, they still miss out due to their extrusion temperature of 90 degrees C, which falls 10 degrees short of the required 100. And their foods would still be required to be irradiated, hence they don’t export to Australia anymore.

    Sure there is politics involved, but my pint is this……..If I was a pet food manufacturer and I wanted to expand my market to a new country, I would make damn sure that I understood the all the importation requirements so that I could weigh up all my options and risks, and know that having my foods irradiated to that intensity, could pose a risk and bring such a problem of dead pets and cause such a back lash. And from that I would know better than to risk going ahead with the exportation. But that’s just me.

  • Smokey

    I agree with you 100%, I have discontinued using Commercial pet food.  I home cook all of my dogs meals now.  Back when I was a kid we didn’t have a vet on almost every corner, cause back than people fed their dogs home cooked food.  We have become a busy society where people rely to heavly on commercial dog food to provide a healthy diet for our pets unfortunately the industy has not been honest with us at all, its called greed!

  • Smokey

    Medi Cal is also an excellent vet food too!  I wish that I was back home so I could buy the Vet food that I used to before moving to the States.

  • Marie

    Actually, no. If the food had been properly irradiated, then there should have been no need. The irradiation itself isn’t the issue- Champion didn’t do it themselves – the fact that a third party inapropriately applied the treatment is the real issue. It is the government’s responsibilty to label what THEY did to the product.

  • Gordon

    I completely disagree. I think it is their fault not to have their approved Australian handlers clearly advise consumers that the product was gamma irradiated. They simply thought of the financial gain and disregarded any potential health hazard to the animals.

    It is negligence not to have disclosed such information irrespective of my government’s harsh importation legislation.

  • Marie

    I have no idea about any of that. I don’t know how Champion handled their PR. Perhaps they didn’t know exactly how MUCH radiation was being used at the time, I don’t know. But the fact of the matter is that the incident really isn’t their fault. Ridiculous, unnecessarily strict, and abrasive regulations were the culprit in this matter. 

  • Gordon

    Yeah Marie, however, Champion Foods pretended that they weren’t aware of the fact that their product was being irradiated before hitting the shelves here back in 08. That was irresponsible on their part, irrespective of the unfortunate requirement to have the food irradiated.

  • Marie
  • Gordon

    How do you know this? Did you Google it? I am not aware of what intensity of irradiation was used. I do know that my government make me sick with their overkill in many rulings. Just too strict on too many things.

  • Marie

    My understanding is that absolutely *insane* amounts of ionizing radiation used by the Australian government to irradiate the Orijen destroyed 75% of the Vitamin A in the cat food, causing a severe deficiency that killed the cats. They used 61kGy to irradiate the food (the standard practice is to use 3kGy-10kGy on human foods, with 30kGy on certain spices) at that level of radiation, even vitamins were destroyed. It DID NOT have to happen – I don’t understand why NORMAL irradiation practices were not used.

  • Gordon

    David Fisher – I’m confused. Where did I state that gamma irradiation increases bacteria count? Firstly, gamma irradiation eradicates all bacteria and then some….to a point where it would even most likely destroy vital nutrients. They use this treatment to sterilise medical bandage material. Imagine what it does to food.

    Perhaps you thought I implied that such a treatment killed the cats because of an increase in bacteria? The actual cause why gamma irradiated Orijen killed those cats is unknown. What was isolated is that it did kill those cats.

  • melissa

    Sad but true, another recall. I am hoping its limited this time, but I am betting we see more.

  • why would the gamma radiation increase the bacteria count?  Gamma will kill living organisms. 
    feel free to post on my FB … 

  • peggy

    Some company’s put anything and everything in their products.  I just found a piece of plastic molded to a rawhide chewy, the rawhide is light in color and the plastic piece was BLUE. I feel one reason there is so much garbage in commercial pet foods and treat is that pets can’t talk.  Oh and “the money that fills their pockets”  I just get sick of the dog food roulette game.

  • Gordon

    barksnrec – Orijen actually has been subject to a recall. That was in 2008 when it was recalled in Australia due to it having killed a number of pet cats. Thanks to its importation gamma irradiation treatment, which is believed to be the culprit in killing those cats. Otherwise, it looks like a good food, as long as it doesn’t get gamma irradiated.

  • barksnrec

    Not all commercial pet foods are bad. There are quite a few small companies that make quality food. No sketchy junk from overseas, good quality meat, safe for pets and more accurate for their dietary needs. These foods have never been involved in a recall. Acana and Orijen are made in Alberta, Canada and I highly recommend these foods. 

  • Gervarod

    i only buy pet mince and boil it plus throw in frozen bags of veg and rice or pasta to it for my dog’s…. 

  • Marie

    No, the problem is not with commercial pet foods, it’s with the food distribution system in this country in general. Only a few places to get ingredients and those (such as this corn) get distributed widely and subsequently affects multiple products because of the nature of our system.

  • Bev Nanni

    I agree with Holly. Its as though pet are not important. ENOUGH ALREADY.

  • It’s time to boycott all commercial pet foods and make our own food for our pets. If the 2008 recall , class action suit and subsequent settlement of suit didn’t wake up the FDA enough to improve standards inpet food, nothing ever will. 100’s of pets died as a result of FDA oversight of toxins in our pets food, 1000’s of manufacturers of food were sued. I alone received over $3000 in settlement funds.