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New Forums Area Lets You Ask Questions and Create Your Own Topics

Mike Sagman  Andrew Dickens


Mike Sagman
Mike Sagman

Mike Sagman


Dr Mike Sagman is the creator of the Dog Food Advisor. He founded the website in 2008, after his unquestioning trust in commercial dog food led to the tragic death of his dog Penny.

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Andrew Dickens
Andrew Dickens

Andrew Dickens


Andrew Dickens is an award-winning writer, editor and broadcaster with 20 years in journalism. He’s created compelling content on film and television, travel, food and drink, physical and mental health, business, sport, technology and politics. And, of course, dog food.

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Updated: May 1, 2024

Got questions about feeding your dog? Ever wished you could start your own discussion about a food-related topic not already covered by our blog?

Good news! Help is finally on the way.

The Dog Food Advisor is pleased to announce the roll-out of its brand new forums area.

Thanks to the introduction of this new community feature, you’ll no longer be limited to discussions about specific dog food brands. Now, you’ll be able to:

  • Discuss raw and homemade diets
  • Ask questions and get answers
  • Solve food-related health problems
  • Start your own discussions
  • Learn about supplements
  • Create new topics
  • And much more

How to Get Started

You can visit the Forums area anytime. Simply click on the Forums link located in the red navigation bar at the top of every page on The Dog Food Advisor website.

But first, you’ll need to register. Your membership in the Dog Food Advisor Forums is independent of our Disqus commenting system.

Your registration helps eliminate spammers and provides a safer environment for anyone who wants to participate.

Final Word

If you’re one of the first to visit the new area, the Forums may look a little empty.

Yet don’t despair. The community will build quickly.

So, please feel free to ask your most pressing questions or create your own topics. We’re all looking forward to welcoming you to our new and growing family.

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