Jerky Treats Death Toll Rises


Pets continue to die after eating jerky treats according to a new report published this week by the FDA. At least 360 dogs have died of 2,200 that have fallen ill after consuming these products.

Although the majority of complaints involve dogs, cats have also been affected.

The bulk of the issues are associated with chicken jerky treats, tenders and strips.

Yet other products include “duck, sweet potato and treats where chicken or duck jerky is wrapped around dried fruits, sweet potatoes, or yams”.

The most common problems related to jerky treats include:

  • Diarrhea and vomiting
  • Fanconi syndrome
  • Kidney failure
  • Death

Fanconi syndrome is a disorder of the kidneys in which certain substances normally absorbed into the bloodstream are released into the urine instead.

The Runaway Growth
of Chinese Pet Food Imports

In the past ten years, there has been a dramatic increase in the import of pet food from China into the United States.

That’s because human consumption of poultry in China consists mostly of dark meat. And this leaves a massive amount of light meat poultry products available for export.

From 2003, when China first approached the USDA about poultry exports, to 2011, the volume of pet food exports to the United States from China has grown 85-fold.

It’s estimated that nearly 86 million pounds of pet food came from China in 2011 alone. What’s more, pet treats, including jerky, are now the fastest growing segment of the pet food market.

Corruption Found at One Facility

After inspecting five Chinese manufacturing plants chosen for their significant amount of jerky product exported to the US, the FDA identified one firm that had falsified documents regarding their use of glycerin.

Glycerin is an ingredient found in most jerky pet treats and also implicated as a possible cause of the problem.

FDA Investigating Irradiation
As Possible Cause

The FDA has announced it will begin testing the affected products to determine if irradiation may have contributed to some of the treat related issues.

That’s because companies like Nestle Purina PetCare have confirmed they are using irradiation to sterilize the affected treats.

In a related story published in 2009, the Australian government is reported to have banned the use of this process following reports of paralysis and death in cats after consuming irradiated cat food.

Popular Jerky Treats Brands

Although the following list is incomplete, many of the products are sold in the US by Nestle Purina and Del Monte including:

  • Waggin’ Train
  • Canyon Ranch
  • Milo’s Kitchen

What You Can Do Right Now

Jerky treats are not a necessary part of a balanced canine diet. So, why keep feeding these risky products to your dog?

Since the FDA cannot legally order a recall based upon complaints alone, we believe the pet food industry should act responsibly on its own and voluntarily stop selling these controversial treats.

If you agree with us that these Chinese-made jerky treats should be immediately recalled, please help us send this urgent message to the pet food industry — and sign this petition now.

  • sk4

    So very sorry to that you had to experience this loss.

  • Emma Lea

    Instead of “watching” your animals die an agonizing death maybe you all need to get them to a vet immediately if nothing more than providing pain relief. I don’t understand people. And if you say you can’t afford a vet, then you shouldn’t have pets

  • albert dehaan

    Practical post . I was enlightened by the insight , Does anyone know if my company might be able to find a blank USDA PA PN 290 version to fill in ?

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  • Glenda Chamberlain

    So sorry to hear about your cat. My Grandchildrens dog died a very painful death after eating a Busy Bone. There have been numerous deaths and many illness from Purinas Busy Bone. Purina did pay for the vet bill but the kids are still heart broken, happened a few days before Christtmas 2015

  • John

    We had given our dog one of the treats a few days ago and he didn’t eat it so we left it in case he’d come back and our 6yr old cat died today after puking and hacking for hours and then just getting to the point where he would just lay there and breath and once in awhile cry out in pain. This was very painful for me to watch given I was un informed on the product. I couldn’t do anything but lay there and hold him for the last couple of hrs before he gasped for his last breaths…
    I wish I could have done more given the time of day everthing was closed…

  • onichan

    THANK YOU!!!!!

  • Dori

    Made in USA does not mean that all ingredients in the food are sourced in the USA.

  • alexander

    hi, i didnt try sweet tater but my dogs have had diarrhea with sweet potatoes prior. The Made in USA chicken breast from costco has been good thus far, they like it, no diarrhea, and got their blood works yesterday and they are very healthy. But that can mean that i have a good chicken batch.

  • Sarah Keyser

    We bought a bag of Chicken Breast and Sweet Tater Fillets from Costco that say “Made in the USA” but our puppy Pearl has terrible diarrhea for the first time today after eating on yesterday. I don’t know if it is the culprit, but won’t risk the chance! We will be returning our bag for a refund!

  • Hater & Molly’s Mom

    It looks like Bob is back to copying and pasting the same old thing!

  • Bobby dog

    I think the CDC should seek compensation from Bob for how much he quotes their statistics.

  • aquariangt

    At some point I’d like to point out to bob how little food borne illness has to do with food supply, but I can’t imagine he’d read my post

  • theBCnut

    How many deaths a year do they have in China? Without this number, we have no way of knowing how it compares to food safety in the US, except that we do know that the Chinese government does not care about their people and doesn’t have a good safety record. So of course, most people feel it is safe to assume that our food safety, while not perfect, is better than China’s, way better.

  • DogFoodie

    Where in his post did he say anything whatsoever about the US food supply, Bob? Did you read his post?

  • Bob K

    I am all for safer foods, lets pay more taxes and product fees to inspect all goods from China and have China do the same to us for the cigarettes we ship them.

  • Bob K

    China is the worlds largest vitamin mfg and exporter. If you believe that the US food supply is something safe and special how come we have over 3000 deaths a year in the US from food borne illness?

  • theBCnut

    The FDA has spent thousands testing the stuff and can’t figure out what is causing the problem, and alas, our laws say that if they can’t prove anything then they can’t do anything. So 1 and 2 are out. That leaves 3 as the only option, so companies have figured out every way possible to hide the source of their products from the consumers. Then there is the fact that so many people don’t even care as long as their food is cheap and the death didn’t hit too close to home or happen too graphically.

  • Michael

    The FDA and APHIS are primarily responsible for enforcing it but in order to lab test every imported shipment a tariff (tax on imports) or import user fee must be charged to the importer.

    This means that ultimately you pay for in the form of higher prices. But since quality will be inferior to US products people will opt for the US product.

    The only way the Chinese know how to compete is on price.

    They are dogmatically business minded and have only a vague concept of quality and establishing perceived value.

    Everything is about price. The rest is “lipstick” – which is something we in International Trade careers call “face” (slang). Because that’s what China is all about: “face”. In any case it would take too long to explain but needless to say Chinese “face” has got to go.

  • DogFoodie

    Sounds great. Two questions. Who enforces it? Who pays for it?

  • Michael

    I have 18 years of experience in International Trade and would advice you not to buy any pet treats unless you can confirm they were grown, manufactured, and packaged in the USA. In that order. Many “US Made” Pet Treats are imported in bulk then “cut to shape” in a US factory which legally gives them the right to sell than as “US made”. Very misleading. Then they export the products and they are added to the ITC export statistics in the trade balance. You can import an item, cut it to shape, or some other flimsy process which makes it barely meet the legal requirement and it’s counted as a USA product on the export statistics/trade balance. It’s such a joke.
    Made in China kitty treats killed my kitty kat and my Grandmas healthy kitty kat which was one year from matching the world record for oldest kitty kat. Both kats died an agonizing slow painful death.
    These greedy corporations just want money and don’t care. This BS about Petco pulling the made in China treats is just damage control and when this blows over they will go right back to sourcing from China.
    It’s important to confirm the bulk source volume product was grown/processed in the U.S. or Canada.

  • Michael

    I have 18 years experience in International Trade with China. There are three ways to solve this problem:
    1) Trade Sanctions (import ban) against all made in China pet food products.
    2) Automatic FDA mandatory lab testing from all made in China pet food products plus high tariff against made in China pet foods to compensate for the public sector cost.
    Pulling it from the shelves is a temporary damage by Petco. As soon as it blows over they will go right back to profits over pets lives. China and pet food importers will continue to do this.
    They killed my cat (kidney failure and excruciating death) and my Grandma’s cat (illness, then kidney failure and excruciating death). My Grandma’s cat was about to break the world record for longest living kitty cat of all time. She was 23(?) years old in stunningly perfect health. A thick shiny coat of fur. In perfect health. The cat looked 10 years old. Grandma bought made in China kitty treats and the cat died in 3 days.
    The Chinese complete exclusively on three things: PRICE. PRICE. and PRICE. They have no business or marketing creativity skills, or the fortitude needed to produce quality products at the expense of short term “gains”.

    I’ve always found the Chinese to do business in a “polite” “quiet” and “smile to your face” kind way while wearing a velvet glove and stabbing you in the back with a dagger while pretending “they don’t know” or are “confused” or “misunderstood”. Negotiations are an excruciatingly huge time wasting process we call “the dance”. It’s this ritual you have to go through just to get anywhere.
    They are the diametric opposite of doing business with German or Russian exporters. Those in International Trade will know EXACTLY what I’m talking about (unless your Chinese and thus biased or feigning ignorance at my words).
    The Chinese have a very dogmatic and “race to the bottom” mindset in business. These are people who pride themselves in quietly working long hours for table scraps to cut corners to compete on pennies. It’s cultural conditioning and it’s insane. They drive down wages to corner a particular market on price to “make it up in volume” and everyone loses in the long run. Everyone is dragged down to the same level. Then they wonder why their profit margins are razor thin and everyone is working long hours for a paupers wages.
    Product honestly, quality, and socially perceived product value, are vague concepts to the Chinese at best. It’s no surprise they would use the cheapest materials possible to cut corners, save pennies, to kill peoples pets. I have no idea how much “Americanization” would have to take place to rid them of this business mindset.
    From a current Chinese cultural point of view, you are the idiot for buying this because the importer you “should have known” the price on your pet food was too good to be true.
    Make sense?

  • Tina Vestal

    Claudia, I wondered how your baby is doing. I had no idea this was going on and bot 3 oz of this stuff – giving to my Boxer. I will stop as I just learned. But how is your Yorkie?

  • Nathan

    Awesome info. Thanks everybody! I’m going to look into a Dehydrator. I figure it will be worth while due to convenience.

  • Dog_Obsessed

    Okay, thanks.

  • theBCnut

    Heat does destroy some of the vitamins in any veggie, but IMO still worth it.

  • Dog_Obsessed

    I was thinking about doing this with sweet potato, but would dehydrating the sweet potato take away the nutrients?

  • theBCnut

    It’s really easy. Take any kind of meat, slice or press it into strips that are about 1/4 inch thick, place in a dehydrator or on a cookie sheet in the oven, set the temp at about 145 degrees or the lowest that your oven will go, turn over after a couple hours, continue drying until the are dry enough. If you let them get really dry, and don’t make a huge batch, they will be fine stored on the counter top in a ziplock bag. I make huge batches, so I store them in several bags in the freezer.

  • Nathan

    Does anyone have any information on how to make your own jerky? And what relatively inexpensive treats would everyone feed? Again these go to client dogs but can’t afford to keep buying Orijen. Thanks!

  • Dori

    JMO also C4C. With all the jerky recalls that have occurred I think anyone feeding jerky that they have not made themselves is basically gambling with the health and life of their dog.

  • Crazy4cats

    I for one am not willing to buy any type of jerky treat no matter where it is made or sourced. You sound concerned as well. You won’t forgive yourself if you go ahead and buy it and then later regret it. JMO!

  • Nathan

    Does anyone have any input on these? Supposedly sold by costco and had one voluntary recall for biscuits in 2007. I know of a professional trainer who uses them and I’m looking to do the same due to volume and cost. Says Made in USA. I emailed the company asking about their products and they gave me this email:

    “Sunshine Mills, Inc. products are manufactured in U. S. Facilities using domestically sourced ingredients and packaging. In addition our manufacturing plants are ceritified under SQF 7.1 Edition certification which also certifies many human food plants. The main focus on this certification is food safety and quality guidelines the plants operate under.

    Sunshine Mills, Inc. issued a voluntary recall in 2007 on dog biscuits. There was not anything wrong, our company just wanted to make sure.”


  • theBCnut

    I think it’s just too risky, and homemade jerky is too easy to make yourself.

  • “Real American chicken” can unfortunately be sent overseas for processing and sent back! There was an article at bloomberg dot com last September about this issue in regards to human edible foods so who knows what kind of loopholes the pet food industry can use and what labels can be left off the package.

  • DogFoodie


  • Crazy4cats

    Hi Alexander-
    I don’t think that I will ever buy any type of jerky again until they actually figure out what the problem is regardless of where it is made or sourced. JMO 🙂

  • alexander

    Costco has a chicken jerky product that states “Real American Chicken” and “Made in USA”. Is this new ? Is this safe ?

  • Laurie Simmons

    Thank you! I am personally not going to ever stop sharing this information

  • theBCnut

    How sad! This recall took far too long to come about and didn’t go far enough. And the FDA never was able to figure out what it was that was killing all these pets. Even so, signing up for recall notices is a good idea. Look along the righthand margin and under “Subscribe” you will find a place to sign up for email alerts for future recalls. Share this with all your dog loving friends.

  • Laurie Simmons

    My dear friend is going to lose his adorable, smart chihuahua puppy due to chicken jerky MADE IN CHINA sold at Walmart. Being a dog lover myself I didn’t have any knowledge of this problem. How can we get the word out to all beloved dog owners?
    I agree Claudia, NO jerky treats are safe!
    Did your little Nicky make it?

  • Amy Krajec

    Mine were not the Dingo treats but the ones from Costco that say Jerky treats on the front. They are the pressed strips. I too spent a ton of money $10,000 to save my dog but she was bleeding so bad we couldn’t stop it. I had to put her to sleep since there was no way she would have survived exploratory surgery. I have not heard back from the FDA after I told them it definitely was the treats since I had a foster dog at the same time and they ate the same food and everything else. It was just that my dog tore open the container of jerky treats and ate half of it. The foster dog was given the beef ones, half at a time so she probably was not affected due to getting the small amount. The whole thing is crap! The FDA should be doing more.

  • Claudia Austin

    You are lucky! My Yorkie is very sick and I am not sure she will make it. Please see my comment.

  • Claudia Austin

    Amy please read my comment. I also reported to the FDA and they are not doing much. Basically, companies are poisoning our pets and it is okay!

  • Claudia Austin

    The FDA is investigating my case since both dogs and cat got sick from eating the Dingo jerky treat. My Yorkie is still hanging in there but she extremely thin and requires supportive care. I hate the fact that they are still selling this poison. It should be considered animal cruelty.

  • Claudia Austin

    Stay away from any jerky treat even the ones made in the US. See my comment.

  • Claudia Austin

    WARNING DOG LOVERS! It is not just the Jerky made in China. My dog Nicky developed kidney failure (Fanconi syndrome) after eating Dingo market cut jerky made in the US. She is still not out of the woods after I spent over 7,000 on vets. Please be careful with dog treats. Nicky is part of our family and we are devastated. Please check FDA investigations on chicken Jerky treats since there are many different brands but basically the treat is the same and has the same affect on dogs.

    I cannot afford what I have already spent and the Dingo company is not helping me in any way. I have contacted their company many times and there has been no decision from their part. They say that they are still reviewing her vet bills. I hope she does not die waiting for an answers if they will support her.

  • Amy Krajec

    I reported to the FDA myself but they haven’t done anything. I filed a complaint with Big Heart Pet Products, the manufacturer, and they are trying to say my dog just had a hypersensitivity to the pressed strips, but they are offering me a good will check for $100 which then releases them from any further liability. My dog was bleeding due to something in those treats eating away a 10x10cm area f her stomach lining. The vets have never seen this before and there was no rat poison etc in her system. I will be talking to Costco next. I’m tired of them saying the products Made in America are safe. That’s why I chose those treats. Obviously they are not safe. I sent some of the treats to the manufacturer who are claiming there is nothing wrong with them. I saved some in case the FDA will eventually test them.

  • Amy Krajec

    Thank you. Big Heart Pet Products also owns the Milo’s Kitchen brand, Milk Bone, Snausages, just to name a few. I know the Milo’s Kitchen jerky strips were recalled so who knows if any of their other treats are poisonous too.

  • Crazy4cats

    That’s awful! I’m very sorry for your loss. I didn’t realize that DelMonte is now called Big Heart Pet Prods. I thought that the lamb jerky was safer than chicken or duck, but apparently not. I’m throwing ours away right now! May your pup rest in peace.

  • 4FootedFoodie

    I’m so sorry for your loss, Amy.

    Did you and your vet make reports to the FDA? Do you happen to have the container or any of the product left? Did you talk to Costco as well as the manufacturer of the product?

  • Amy Krajec

    My dog got so sick from the Jerky Treat lamb pressed sticks from Costco I had to euthanize her. $10,0000 later and the manufacturer, Big Heart Pet Products, won’t claim responsibility. most of the lawsuits involve the real jerky not pressed sticks. I’m actually pissed because they just sent me a letter saying they haven’t had any complaints but I found one person on another blog whose dog got sick. I would like to sue since they don’t seem to care.

  • Amy Krajec

    Does anyone know of problems with the pressed jerky treats from Costco? My dog got into the container when I wasn’t home ate about half the container and got extremely sick. She eventually bleed out so bad I had to euthanize her. I know the treats caused it, even the vet agreed but Big Heart Pet products, the manufacturer says it’s not their fault and tried to give me a goodwill check for $100 to release further liability. I’m looking for more cases so maybe the manufacturer and the FDA will take it seriously.

  • Tracey South

    i just read elsewhere on here something about the first number of a UPC code that if it is not a zero it is not all from USA. I want to check on this more.

  • barbeeyorkielover

    Costco sells Waggin Train and it has had a recall. I used to feed these to my Yorkies. They would throw up some time but I took it that they were eating to fast. Finally I just threw it out. I make my own jerky and I know it’s safe.

  • Tara Busch

    Watch it is all about this topic, they send the treats to a lab to test them

  • Tara Busch

    in Canada a show called Marketplace did an episode on dyeing pets that ate pet treats, so they bought tons of those treats from Costco and Walmart and pet stores and did there own lab testing and what they found out is there is an KNOWN chemical in the glycerin that they (the chemist) never heard of, that is what they are pretty sure is what is poisoning the pets. You can watch it yourself it is.

  • qonc1

    Milo’s chicken jerky treats killed my dog. 14 months ago: Kidney issues. I feel guilty for not knowing about this brand. I was a sucker for the commercials. I’ll carry that guilt with me for the rest of my life.

  • TomPained

    We buy nothing that’s consumed or put into any orifice for any reason that comes from China. Toy’s included. Until we stand up and say ENOUGH with our wallets because the Government is never going to do squat and our bought and paid for congress will never allow the regulatory agencies to grow teeth again, MONEY is the only weapon we have . Boycott as many China products as you can. Stay out of Dollar Stores. Avoid Walmart, SAM’S club, look at how many of the recalls are related to brands sold at Walmart.

  • TomPained

    They don’t care about humans either. The regulatory agencies have been gutted, filled with industry shills. Babies were poisoned with formula, salmonella has been found in Foster Farms chicken in OR, CA, WA and ID, and recalls can not be ordered. They are voluntary because mandated are bad for business.

  • TomPained

    There is a lawsuit you might want to join.

    I believe anyone with any problem related to faulty oversight needs to start suing these companies because the regulatory agencies have been so gutted and filled with industry shills the courts are our last resort. Congress and FDA will never hold these companies accountable.

  • jamesss

    we just lost a pup to a chines duck jerky. kidney failure .very rapid onset. wwhat do we do?Is there a class action

  • jamesss

    Our Puppy just passed and the vet suspects kidney failure due to jerky treat…We had Wag-n-tails which is chinese brand. Is there any recorse or testing we shoild do. we are devasted. She was dancing on her hid legs 2 weeks ago and now she is gone.

  • Pattyvaughn

    The bad germs can handle freezing just fine, but hopefully fruit cut in your own kitchen won’t be a worry.

  • Brigette

    Thanks, Brenda. I’ll try those. As of now i have been dehydrating sweet potato strips, carrots and long green beans in my oven and my dogs like those. I also froze some tiny portions of canned pumpkin in a little ice cube tray and they like those too.

  • Brenda Walker

    Hi Brigette,

    Please see my current comment, regarding frozen bananas and apples. My dog just loves them.

  • Brenda Walker

    I just don’t feel I can take the chance with any store bought treats anymore. Have been told that pets can eat bananas and apples. So, I sliced them up, put them on a cookie sheet and put them in the freezer. Then after they were frozen I put them in a bag that I keep in the freezer. My Abby, just absolutely loves them, even though they are frozen! Feel certain that kills a lot of the germs.

  • Albionmoonshadowsmother

    My 75 lb. Border Collie, who has never been sick or even passed gas in his long life, was given one of these “treats” and was violently ill all night with vomiting of extremely stinky, sour, foamy vomit until he emptied and then had the dry heaves. He drank water in huge quantities and then vomited that.The last time I had a dog do the water drinking thing, she had to be rushed to the vet and he ran a blood analysis on her that showed she was nearly poisoned from have gotten into the garbage at a resort we were staying at. He said that it was bacteria, nothing like De Con, and that dogs are every bit as susceptible to rotten things as humans, and that their suposed immunity is only a wive’s tale. So I presume that this is the case with these “treats”. I thought he was going to die. I still have them in my refrigerator, they are Nature’s Domain Bison Jerky Treats. I would love to sue them. SO the ingredient listing you have printed here does not list the Salmonella, I guess. He never even has belched or ever has any irregularity of any kind for the last 12 years!

  • Tony Booth

    The situation in the UK is even worse, in my opinion, because the government and health officials, pet food industry and pet food manufacturers, aren’t even asking questions about Chinese imported jerky – and consequently have no statistics or data on the subject. I have researched this fully and have a piece on it worthy of reading

  • Betsy Greer

    Hi Randy,

    Thanks for chiming in!

    I actually was looking at the Copper River website the other day and was checking out their very delicious looking fresh fish. Yum! Now that you let me in on your secret, I’ll definitely be checking back in the spring! I may have to try it out before then though. I love salmon!

    I like doing business with and feel good about suggesting that others consider the same with a socially responsible company like Copper River.

  • Randy

    If it came from Copper River you are not only buying from a very reputable company, you are buying a product that the salmon is being caught in the rivers of Alaska. Copper River salmon is, in my opinion the best quality salmon you can buy. The company likely uses a more common fish, like sockeye, but at least the fish is fresh from the region where it is located. I can’t wait until spring when the fresh Copper River salmon hits the stores. It is our favorite time of the year for salmon. The highest levels of Omega 3 in salmon, it has the nuttiest, buttery flavor from the level of fats in Copper River salmon. 1st week is usually $30 a pound and is only around for about 3 weeks.

  • Dr J

    Our guys like everything fishy…..must be the Malamute in them. I like these treats for exactly this reason, they are not sourced from overseas. On the other hand the duck jerky at Costco’s is from China, but they apparently have now US sourced Chicken jerky, since I have seen it yesterday in the store.
    We are actually doing several of the treats ourselves, baked liver and potato. I think one of the best treats are soup bones, our old guys have still excellent teeth because they comp down on bones and clean their teeth.
    Slightly of point is that I like Costco generally because it seems to be run by a guy who has a great business sense but is also prepared to pay suitable wages compared to his closest competitor. I would not expect anything else from them but to go and check-out the production facilities.

  • Betsy Greer

    Hi Dr. J.,

    I’ve been buying Wild Sky salmon jerky treats from Costco for over a year now.

    Still not completely convinced they were safe (since anything with the word jerky in the name of the product currently seems suspect), I emailed the company who manufacturers the products, Copper River Seafoods in Anchorage, Alaska [] and asked them how I knew for certain their treats were safe. I received a near immediate response from Michael Gilbert, the Assistant Director of Compliance for the company and this is what he said:

    “Let me assure you that we incorporated the highest quality control standards in the industry. China does not even remotely follow the requirements that we are held to. The FDA governs the minimum control standards that we need to have in place.

    On the other hand, Costco has far higher standards of food safety than the FDA that we need to adhere to in order to have them as one of our vendors.

    In addition, our Anchorage facility is a GSFI certified processing facility. You may Google that if you like…it will explain how in-depth our food safety programs need to be.

    Our facilities are inspected by the FDA, Alaska Dept of Environmental Conservation, United States Department of Commerce (& NOAA) and numerous vendors, such as Costco, that have their own outsourced auditing company come in and dig into every area of our business.”

    My dogs love these treats and every time I open a bag I’m tempted to eat a couple myself. They’re big, firm pieces of meaty salmon and they smell amazingly fresh.

    I’m curious as to what your opinion of these treats would be also.

  • Dr J

    I checked out some chicken treat strips in an “upscale” pet store. One packed declared proudly with the star spangled banner that the treats were tested in an American laboratory…..really, that reassures me very much, especially since nobody knows what they are looking for.

  • Bob

    depends…we lost (SHE DIED!)one of a litter at 4 years of age this year and we are now losing another, both renal failures. The other four litter mates are not showing symptoms…yet. Run a blood panel for the kidney values before it’s too late. The FDA and vets don’t know what’s causing it but the CHINESE treats are killers.

  • Dogladydi

    Cannot find any info on Jerky Treats tender strips made with lamb, made in USA bought from Costco. They ae distributed by Del Monte Pet Products.

  • Jack Latson

    Thanks. Good idea. I am making some right now.

  • IrateDogowner

    Can someone out there in digital land U.S.A. please “expose” a list of cos. known to use Chinese ingredients (even if assembled in the U.S.)???

  • Catrina56

    I bought Dogswell Happy Hips Chicken Breast jerky for my dog about two months ago. A month ago I took her to the vet for vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, and ‘the shakes.’ Today I found out that Dogswell is on the recall list! Could these symptoms be caused by the treats?!? I still have the unused treats and think I’ll take them back to Target ASAP!

  • John Schmidt

    These gooks are poisoning our pets, everything they make is crap.

  • Brigette

    Thanks, Sindy.

  • Sindy Zisserman Wohl

    I make my own chicken jerky treats. Cut the chicken strips up bake on 300 for at least an hour where they are dried out but not to much and let them cool.


  • Brigette

    Ok.. and we know that those are safe. I do have some of those on hand. I could slice some up and keep in the fridge for a few days. I used to make chicken treats in the oven too.. i may start that again. It just takes a while. Using only chicken breast. Would like to see what other raw things i could use for treats. Someone mentioned apple in a post i read the other day. This has been weighing on my mind for a while and it’s time to just do it. Throw out the branded bags of treats and do it myself.

  • linle

    my dog loves cut up raw sweet potatoes. I didn’t buy it for my dog but for me and as I was cutting them up, he begged so I gave him one. He kept coming back for them. Must of ate half a sweet potatoe.

  • Brigette

    Okay.. i try my best to avoid treats made in China and sometimes I just don’t know because it will say Made in the USA.. but then i’m just not 100% sure. I haven’t fed jerky treats in years but i see that i have some treats with Glycerin or Propylene Glycol in them. What the heck? WHY is that in there?? So… My question to anyone knowledgeable on this, what can i give as treats instead of buying treats made for dogs? I’ve seen a few mention carrots or frozen green beans.. what else can we give as treats as far as fruit/veggies from our freezers/refrigerators? Thanks!

  • MommaD

    How long does it take for a dog to get sick if they have ate chicken from China?

  • Barbara Sanders

    How much longer is the united States going to put up with this crap???My dogs are my babies and I don’t buy hardly any thing for treats for them. I give them veggies and they are just as happy and I am not afraid to give them what I eat..BUt how much longer is this going to go on before it is stopped!!! I did find some alligator treats , they love them and it is usa. costs a lot but my babies are worth it. I hoope this gives some of the people out there ideas for safe treats.

  • InkedMarie

    Oh, I like you more now lol

  • losul

    Rather than trashing them, why not take them back to your favorite store and request a refund, while being sure they know exactly why you are returning them. Get the message across.

    If they wont take them back, they shouldn’t be your favorite store, and in that case, I would open all the packages and empty them into their trash can right before their very eyes.

  • Chavive702

    K, my favorite pet store in Las Vegas sold me on this treat for my dog. Pack -n- Pride makers of Nutrinosh Chicken with Banana & Delichomps along with several other products.
    I hope Mr. Sagman sees this and does some investigative reporting and can give us all some feedback on this.

    Appeared to be good, then I read the see the smaller print on the label, Made in China, inspected in USA. What’s wrong with this picture? Their website claims AAFCO acceptance. I am not convinced.

    Wait one more sad note. What is this meaning “Irradiated for food safety”. Scary stuff folks!! I am trashing the treats despite the great deal of 2 for 1.

  • Nicole

    My puppy loved the duck/chicken sweet pototo snacks as well. I have given them to my other dog with no problem. They are yorkies. In the past two weeks, she has become very ill with kidney and liver issues. We are taking her to a specialist. She is being treated with antibiotics and supplements to protect her liver. She seems to be a little better. I am soooo afraid this treat has done it to her and will not cause lasting damage. She is just tiny. If you have any suggestions or information, it would be greatly appreciated.

  • Ysabella

    Kirklands Signature Nature’s Domain Grain Free Jerky Treats? Has anyone tried these or had any problems with them? I always read the only jerky treats to be concerned about were the chicken jerky treats made in China. The ones by Nature’s Domain are grain free, and made in the USA. Whenever we go to my parents house, my dad always has a bag of treats for my 65 pound Golden Retriever. He knows I am VERY picky about what I give her and that she gets fed only grain free and that it must be made in the USA. He bought a few of these bags and sent me home with one. My pup loves them but I still am a little concerned about giving her any type of jerky. Am I being too paranoid?

    Taken from their website:


    Bison, Beef, Pea Flour, Glycerine, Bison Liver, Salt, Sorbic Acid, Natural Smoke Flavor, Potassium Sorbate, Natural Tocopherols, Caramel.

    Crude Protein 18% Minimum Crude Fat13%MinimumCrude Fiber3%MaximumMoisture40%Maximum


    3,924.5 kcals/kg (118 calories per treat)

    Calculated Metabolized Energy


    For small dogs between 15 and 25 pounds, we suggest feeding 1/2 of a treat once or twice daily. For medium dogs between 26 and 50 pounds, we suggest feeding 1/2 to 1 treat once or twice daily. For large dogs, 1 to 2 treats per day.

  • Pattyvaughn

    They had another recall on one of the brands that got chicken from China last month. They didn’t get caught when all the others did. It was Dogswell.

  • Kevin

    Has the dangerous product all been removed now? The FDA report was published September 14, 2012 (according to your link) … so it’s been about 11 months … hopefully everyone is still being cautious — ever since the melamine in dog food a few years back (we lost our very Dear Emily) … ever since the ONLY treats we give are from OUR own safe food (piece of whole wheat bread as a treat; oatmeal as a snack, etc.), Kevin

  • Scott

    Is this only jerky made with Chinese ingredients? I bought a bag of treats that they claim are sourced from and made in Louisianna from all natural ingredients.
    Are ALL jerky treats bad?

  • Deb

    Back in March, on a Thurs. and Fri. I gave my dog duck wrapped sweet potato treats from Walmart, (at $20 a bag not cheap $1 store stuff – but cheap just the same), on Sat. he became quite ill, vomiting and went off food and water, on Sunday I got quite worried and called our Vet. He said to bring him in on Mon. and he was hospitalized that morning for 6 days on intravenous fluids and was extremely ill with liver failure. The bill hit over 1,200 and we had to take him out hospital, as we ran out of money. It is now Aug. and we are fortunate to still have him with us, but I have NO doubt it is due to the treats. He is dying, but we still see our old fella on good days. I’m getting really worn out, but it is worth it as he is a doll. I have him on milk thistle as this works for dogs as well as humans to help the liver. He also has kidney problems as well and now a heart murmur. I am SO careful with what I feed him and will never buy those crap Chinese treats again. If we all stop purchasing them, they will stop stocking the shelves with them. Those companies should be paying our huge vet bills, close to 3 grand now. They are so devious with hiding the source of manufacture and here in Canada don’t even have to disclose it. So sick about this and very angry.

  • Toonzmuse

    My sweet dogs now have acquired Fanconi’s syndrome due to these awful treats sold at a reputable store. The label reads in large print “all natural, no preservatives, no additives” chicken breasts. I had no idea how deadly these treats were until a new vet I took my dogs to for a possible urinary tract infection , also, discovered that the sugar count in their urine was a 3 plus. This is cause their kidneys had been compromised and was releasing sugar into the urine which then allowed the UTI to ensue because bacteria thrived on sugar. That’s when the tests started and when we checked every label carefully on their food tiny print it said Made in China , although in big print it said U S A company. It has cost my dogs their health let alone the thousands of dollars spent in trying to save their kidneys from further destruction. STOP the sale of these poisonous treats! With the help of our new vet, I filed a complaint with the FDA and submitted the half-eaten jar of treats for their analysis so they can shut these horrible factories down or stop the imports. We requested the store to stop carrying the treats but they refused,,,but I’ve noticed these horrible treats under different manufacturers are in EVERY pet store..lee should be outraged! I thought I was feeding my dogs a good product “all natural, no additives, no preservatives,” but it was a HUGE scam to kill our pets and for them to make huge profits.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Hmm…I know they used to have chicken jerky. This happened to me probably over a year ago with the sweet potato treats (it was when Gertie was a puppy) so maybe they’ve started making them in the US since then. I don’t see the exact ones I got though on their website, they could have been discontinued.

  • LabsRawesome

    If you go on their site and type in chicken jerky in their search engine all that comes up is a question/answer from Nov 2011. No pic of a package with info like their other treats. So I’m not sure if they still make them.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Yeah that is nice that they do that. I had used their bully sticks and pig ears which aren’t from China and so I just assumed the treats I got weren’t either. I don’t even see them listed on their website, I wonder if they still make them.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    I did the same thing with their sweet potato treats. I assumed (stupid me) that they’d be made in the US and ordered them and when I got them was shocked to see they were made in China, I know sweet potato treats are now involved in the big Chinese jerky fiasco so they went right in the trash.

  • VHS

    I’ve never fed my dogs commercial jerky treats but find this disconcerting all the same. Honestly, I’d rather invest the money I’d potentially have spent for this crap on quality lean meats and just use a dehydrator or oven to dry it out myself instead.

    It’s sad that these companies do anything to cut corners and seem to completely lack ethics.

  • Samoyed Breeder

    yes, I saw them at a show in Georgia – one of their vendor’s had them on display – sure enough “made in china”

  • LabsRawesome

    I was not aware that Red Barn even sold a Chicken jerky treat. I have not seen it in the store or on their website. I do not feed my dogs any “jerky” treats.

  • Samoyed Breeder

    I’ve read the studies, and no, there is no correlation on the amount that is fed. One piece or the whole bag. you have to read the label. even if the ingredients are “American” if they are manufactured in China it will say that somewhere on the label.

  • Catherine Ibold

    read the label on Red Barn Chicken Jerky – made in China – I was shocked – won’t feed that to my dogs.

  • 4mydogs

    I don’t even buy toys made in China for my dogs or grandchildren It’s hard to find non Chinese. Planet Dog is one, some of the Kong’s are made here you need to really look and read. I’m tired of Co’s misleading the public and taking advantage of people’s love of their pets, and making food, toys and treats that are poor quality and sometimes have ingredients in them that make our pets sick and dye, just to make money. There are too many Co’s out there now.

  • Pattyvaughn

    They are required by law to tell the truth, but they have ways to get around that like putting someone on the phone that doesn’t know anything, or saying they will have someone return your call but never do, or answering something other than what you actually asked. For example if you ask BB if they source anything from China, they will tell you that their meat is not sourced from China.

  • Betsy Greer

    You trust yourself. Let your gut instinct be your guide. If you’re questioning the integrity of a product, there’s probably a reason why. : )

  • ConcernedPetOwner

    The dog treats I got were not high end brands. I got the Purina Tbonz, beggin strips, etc. If I call these companies to see if they use human-grade glycerin, what company provides the glycerin to them, and what country the glycerin comes from, should I trust their answers? Are companies entitled by law to tell the truth? If so, where do I go from there?

  • InkedMarie

    I can’t answer if they’re all bad or not but I personally wouldn’t take a chance. There are too many good treats out there to choose from. They aren’t among the cheap treats but sometimes, you do get what you pay for.

  • Pattyvaughn

    I would never trust this company to have a safe product. Their jerky was killing pets for years before NYSDAM figured out what the problem was and they were fine with that as long as enough peole were still buying their junk. Do not trust them to care a fig about what is best for your dog.

  • Betsy Greer

    Personally, I wouldn’t feed Milo’s products to my dogs.

    Although they say that the products are made in the USA, they don’t identify the source of all of the ingredients of their products; they say, “Our products are made with nutritious, quality ingredients that meet the applicable standards and specifications of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) and the Food & Drug Administration (FDA).”

    Even if they were made in the USA of USA sourced ingredients, I would have to question their quality control because frankly, their handling of the Milo’s Chicken Jerky recall was horrible.

  • ConcernedPetOwner

    Today I went on a shopping spree & splurged on treats for my one year old Jack Russel. I bought like 5 bags of treats but among them was a bag of Milo’s Kitchen beef sausage dog treats. My question, which I’m sure is a rather stupid one but I’ll ask it anyway just in case there’s a sliver of hope that I didn’t blow 20+ dollars on garbage; anyway, if the Milo jerky is bad then are all the treats Milo sells bad too? Are pretty much all commercial dog treats bad or is it just the jerky? I just HATE the fact that all these brands boast that they use all natural healthy ingredients yet the list of ingredients takes up the all the room on back of the bag.

  • Blue Bird Vision

    If you give your dog American treats, how much of the risk of sickness or death is reduced? Usually, if a box has an American flag and it says “Proudly made in the US,” I’m pretty trusting of it. Yet, I hear that some companies can put that on the box when the TREAT itself is partially processed here, but the beginning processes are done in China.

    They’re so desperate to find these convoluted ways to trick the public when they could so easily make the stuff HERE.

  • tomimia07

    need to do something about the chineinse made dog treat. dogs are dying. People shouldn’t buy that chinese creep to save some bug.

    Dogs dying from Chinese Dog treats

  • Betsy Greer

    Hi David,

    How heartbreaking! DO NOT “hate yourself” for what happened to your dog! It’s abundantly clear from what you’ve shared that you loved your dog a lot and did everything possible to provide the best possible care for Charlie. Charlie was lucky to have you. Whatever you feel toward the vets is probably justified.

    Hang in there. On 03/03/2003, I had to make the decision to euthanize my dog. It took years before I could bring myself to get another. All these years later I still get teary when I recall being there with Hannah when she took her last breath, but it does get a little easier to bear with time.


  • Hound Dog Mom

    Hi David –

    I’m so so sorry to hear about your dog. The same thing happened to my dog last Thursday – it wasn’t diet related though. He was healthy and ate high quality food (homemade raw). I woke up one morning last week and he was unresponsive. When I took him to the vet they told me he was suffering acute kidney failure – his BUN, phosphorus and white blood cell count were off the charts. Two weeks prior to that he had a full blood panel and urinalysis and everything was normal. They kept him two days and ultimately I had to have him euthanized. I feel your pain, it’s heartbreaking. Especially when a healthy dog just goes down so fast and unexpectedly. 🙁

  • David – for my friend Charlie

    I took my dog to the vet for a month of treatment, IV, medicine, tests, 6000$ later we had to put him down because one day he just crashed completely. All the symptoms, kidney failure, he was only 3. Vet had no idea, I even showed them the food and exact treats (that brand) and they said it was fine to feed him that just watch out for excess protein.

    My dog is dead now, Im stilling crying over it after a month. He was a best friend and I cant beleive the vet never considered jerky treats as the cause when all 3 DOCTORS who treated him for a month (he stayed a whole week on iv) never considered diet.

    I hate myself for this, but how should I feel towards the vet?

  • diana

    Please do not feed your pets Purina Busy dog treats. Some dogs have died from eating these things. Thank God mine didn’t. I only gave him two in a matter of a month and he’s ok but I read that some dogs have died from eating these so I threw the pack in the trash. There is a website that speaks about Purina busy bone treats being hazardous.

  • diana

    I’m not Chinese but let’s be careful about how we talk about a group of people especially when you categorize a group, It’s the government that sucks, talk about them not about the actual people please. I his wouldn’t want someone of Chinese descent to take offense to this site.Thanks

  • diana

    Does anyone know of a better choice for my dog to eat as a snack? I give him science diet ideal balance fruity snacks and bil jac lil jac chicken liver treats. Is this bad or does anyone recommend a better quality safer snack for my dog?
    he’s 7 lbs maltese/westie.


  • Mel

    My beloved dog became sick last year all of a sudden. We had to put her to sleep. She used to eat milo treats all the time. Then she stopped liking them. Then she became deathly sick. No more china dog treats! And you have to be careful, some say made in USA, then in tiny print below says from china. Be careful.

  • madonna

    No its not that. I have a 6.5 lb chihuhuha and I only give her one duck strip every couple of days. She started having bloody stools and then just blood. I am hoping she makes it because I don’t know what I would do without her. I will never give her none of that crap again. From now on, no more treats. Its not worth it.

  • This is really sad. Last year my parents put down their 10 year old lab because of some sort of kidney failure. A week or 2 later they brought over some left-over stuff for my dogs – chicken jerky was one of the items. I believe the brand was Waggin Train. I threw it away – saw it was made in China, but mostly because I could only imagine the digestive issues it would have caused in my dogs and the mess I would have come home to!

    I’m tempted to forward this info to them, but can only imagine how much hurt it would bring to them, or the resentment it would cause if only one of them insisted on buying the treats.

  • my dog died 6 hours after eating “smokehouse” duck and sweet potato treats.

  • Marie

    That is unfortunate, because those are considered some of the best pet foods on the market today.

  • FYI, there’s a lot of crap made and sold in the United States that’s just as questionable… if not more-so… than in Asian countries. And Canada has the same restrictions as the US. I don’t know of any made in Mexico, so I guess you can add North America to your list of continents that you won’t buy dog food from.

  • RuthKenn


    In a message dated 3/10/2013 10:43:20 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, [email protected] writes:


    Marie wrote, in response to RuthKenn:
    I guess that mean Wervua and Tikidog are out of your dogs’ diet then.
    _Link to comment_ ( iHOBORKLol032eiFpc&impression=6ea82dd0-89f5-11e2-8a01-003048df93b0&type=noti

  • Marie

    I guess that means Wervua and Tikidog are out of your dogs’ diet then.

  • Jan Marcinko

    It’s up to us to protect our dogs and cats. The only reason China makes so much of our dog food and treats is because WE keep buying it because it’s cheaper. Buy only products made in the United States or maybe Canada. The only problem then is well-known & trusted companies sneaking in China products without telling us in order to rake in a higher percentage of profits. The only thing I think we can do, is call the companies and ask them point-blank, “Does your company use ingredients from China?”
    I personally stopped using ‘made in China’ dog treats over a year ago. (In fact you may have seen me in a store exclaiming to myself, “Made in China. Made in China. What garbage!”)

  • Pattyvaughn

    About 3 months ago.  People started posting to it the day it was written.

  • Lydia Norman

    I don’t see a date on this article (although I am viewing on a mobile device).l

    Please include the dates on all articles posted to this site.

  • Rken407532

    Stop buying that shit…you think the managers of the supermarkets would remove from shelves already…damn

  • Shawba

    This really is dogs  eat chicken jerky treats quite often.  Is there any data on how much of the treats were ingested when the dogs affected got sick?  I’m wondering if it COULD be about the massive amounts of preservatives and sodium hitting their liver/kidneys when they ate a whole bag at once?

  • Good ideas, I agree with you. Just to let u know, it is a physiological trait of all cats that they ONLY derive nutrition from meat. Like beef, fish, chicken, etc…Now I don’t know about feeding them rice, perhaps it eases digestion or something to that affect but I do know all cats are strict carnivores. Good luck with your kitty:-)

  • James Bailey

    I just signed the petition, keep up the good work Mike S!

    I read all the reports I can on the ongoing Chinese jerky fiasco and I do see a little progress, this is probably due to the rising death toll (sigh). I don’t know what the final verdict will be on what is causing the deaths and sickness of dogs who eat these treats. Whatever it is I hope they find out what it is very soon.  Every minute that goes by without an answer is another trajegy in the making.   

    At this point in the investigation I wonder why the FDA has not determined ALL of the ingredients in the tested samples.  I am still reading that the samples were tested for this and that but isn’t it time instead of testing for specific contaminants that may or may not be the cause of these dog’s illnesses these treats were analyzed and EVERY ingredient they contained was determined?

    I started making my own jerky treats in response to this fiasco and now I have expanded my production and I sell 100% Chicken or Whitefish jerky treats.  My treats come from boneless skinless chicken breasts and whitefish fillets purchased at Costco.  This is the same food that you feed your families. My treats contain three ingredients:  Chicken or Whitefish and a slight sprinkling of salt and garlic.

    I am working on an online store but for now please contact me at james at freeplay dot org if you would like any further information on my treats!

  • Lynne

    I agree!  I’ve looked over my cat treat bags, and the chicken by-products don’t say where the chicken comes from!  I saw that my Pounce cat treats is made by Del Monte, which I won’t buy anymore, and Whisker Lickins is made by Nestles Co., both the cheapest treats on the shelf, so they sell.  I won’t buy them anymore for the cat.  He seems to love his treats, but throws them up if too many people in the house feed him some. I try to only feed him a few a day, but everyone loves the cat and gives him some too once in awhile.  I will look up recipies to make treats for him, even though dog treat biscut making is so much easier!  the cat treats will have to be cut up small, which will make them harder to make, but I’ll do it for the little creature.  He loves his treats.  I’ll check his catfood too, Friskies, and see what products it lists etc.  Maybe he shouldn’t eat that either!  I know a man who makes rice and chicken for his cat because the cat has health issues. I may try that too.  If he eats what I make, I’ll make that too.  These innocent animals don’t deserve to die from what they eat!  It’s cruel!!  I don’t buy people products by these companies either!  I don’t buy Burella pasta that Nestle makes, or their other products, or Del Monte products either.  THIS IS THE BEST WAY TO LET THEM KNOW WE ARE UNHAPPY ABOUT HOW THEY TREAT OUR ANIMALS IS NOT TO BUY ANY PRODUCTS THEY MAKE IN PROTEST!!!  Please protest by not buying ANY of these companies products, and let them know you and your family and friends are doing this–hit them where it hurts, by way of profit…it’s the only way they know!

  • Progress? At least someone is working on it:

  • RuthKenn

    GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!!

  • RuthKenn

    Im sorry did not know that..ive been only hearing this now for about that long..I have a Rottie..and I WONT FEED ANYTHING TO HIM THAT COMES FROM AN ASIAN COUNTRY..i have seen what they put in there mouths and how they kill whales and dolphins..i dont trust a thing they make to put in my dogs mouth

  • ValerieNoyes

    🙂  If a stranger came into the house while it was running and made a move toward it, they’d probably lose an arm!

  • Shawna

    “Pray to this magical dehydrator god” —- That is ToOOOOO funny!!

  • ValerieNoyes

    It’s been going on a heck of a lot longer than 3 months.  It’s been YEARS.  Susan Thixton, is working on organizing a nationwide Black Friday For Pets protest at Walmarts across the country.

    I’ve been having a lively email exhange with Safeway regarding Chinese treats, particularly jerky treats.  They stopped carrying Milo’s but not for safety reasons apparently.  They are now sick of hearing from me.  If you’re fed up with this as I am, contact every major retailer you can think of, repeatedly.  They need to be pushed hard, very hard, by large numbers of people.

    I’ve given up buying any treats.  I’ve been making jerky treats at home and it couldn’t be easier.  Slice, put in dehydrator, then refridgerate.  The dogs are mesmerized while I’m slicing meat and now pray to this magical dehydrator god!

  • DogFoodSeller

    I work at a vets office that also does retail, and we carry the dogswell products and have paperwork straight from the company telling us blah blah blah… i still refuse to sell these products. its a shame that they are still being sold!

  • RuthK

    I was just shopping today..and they are STILL on the shelves..this has been going on for 3 months now..When are they going to take them off the shelves?????????

  • Pattyvaughn

    Have you signed the above petition?

  • I almost lost my dog! I have spent over 2000.00 in 10 days in vet bills. After reading this,thanks to mike for all the information and Gwen at a local pet store in Guntersville,Ala. I’am throwing out happy hips and vitality after reading what I just read. Gwen showed me the back of the bag where it says in tiny print ‘made in china’ I pride myself of being a label reader for my pet and look what happened. She will only be fed food I would eat,organic chicken,peas,green beans,sweet potatos and I will not allow anyone tell me all dog food is the same and you need to listen to your vet on what she needs to eat. I love my vet, he is great but he sells a product and makes money on it.

  • Rita DeSollar

    Susan Thixton

    Said this on 8-15-2012 At 09:19 pm

    “I just received a message from a pet owner
    that shared Safeway is no longer purchasing Milo’s Kitchen because they
    signed a contract with Dogswell.  Ugh.”

  • Rita DeSollar

    Please join our campaign requesting retailers to Restore Our Trust!  And Take Dangerous Dog Treats Off Their Shelves. We are already 67,000+ strong.  They WILL hear us!

  • Rita DeSollar

    Unfortunately, this isn’t the good news we hoped it would be.  Safeway may have made a business decision to no longer market Milo’s brand, but it’s been confirmed that they continue to carry other brands of jerky treats made in China.  

  • A friend of mine makes the most amazing beef jerky.  He and his wife have created quite a nice business of it for themselves in Chicago.

    I recently asked (begged) Dustin to consider making pet jerky treats and even if he’d just consider whipping up a batch just for me.  Fortunately, he said it was something they were already considering.    

  • ValerieNoyes

    Apparently the Safeway grocery store chain has made the decision to no longer carry Milo’s Chicken Jerky treats (imported from China of course).  Finally, a major retailer taking a stand.
    I’ve emailed them to say thank you and to continue to review and discontinue carrying any other dog products from China.

  • Melissaandcrew

     Zorica D-

    What kind of antibiotics? It sounds like your vet is treating him for IBS/IBD and therefore I would assume they are giving him metronidazole(to stop the diarrhea)

    If it were my dog, I would request a full blood chem to be sure there is not kidney issues occurring due to the “excessive urination” you are describing. And of course stop the treats.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Hi Zorica D –

    I located this website for Wanpy:

    These treats are made in China – discontinue use immediately. Diarrhea is one of the most common symptoms caused by Chinese jerky treats, so the treats could very well be the cause. Also, you say he’s been on antibiotics, antibiotics often cause diarrhea. Since antibiotics kill all bacteria (both good and bad) if he’s on antibiotics you should supplement with a high quality multi-strain probiotic (good bacteria) supplement. For now I’d cut out the jerky treats and try probiotics and see if that clears anything up. If things don’t clear up after a week or two I would get him into the vet to have his kidneys tested. Vomiting, diarrhea, and gastrointestinal bleeding can all be symptoms of kidney failure and these jerky treats have caused kidney failure in dogs. Is he drinking or urinating more than normal?

  • Zorica D

    Hi everyone
    My cocker spaniel puppy has been ill with diarrhoea for about 6 weeks now and the vet has not yet found a cause and tests have shown no worms/parasites etc. He has been given 2 different types of antibiotics so far but the problem always comes back. They have also had him eating a variety of Gastro specific foods like Hills i/d, Hills w/d and Eukanuba Gastro because they thing it may be an intolerance to Evo, but he is still having problems on the gastro foods as soon as the tablets stop and we havent seen a completely solid stool since the problem began.
    We have been feeding hin Wanpy Chicken and Duck jerky since we have had him (approx 3 months) and reading this article made me think that this could be the cause.
    His symptons alternate between loose stool and bloody diarrahoea, he has also vomited but only a few times. He pees a lot and we still havent managed to toilet train him for this reason.
    Does anyone think this sounds like it could be due to the Wanpy Jerky? And if so, is there any treatment we shoudl seek so that his condition doesnt deteriorate?
    I will not be feeding him the jerky any more, of course!
    Thanks in advance!

  • T. Daniels

    We started looking at all products for our Shepherd, even if it is a toy. No China products for him.

  • Susan B.

     You are feeding your dog very inferior dog food.  You may want to consider looking into a better quality food.  The benefits outweigh the cost associated with higher quality.  

  • Sign the DFA Speak Up For Dogs petition if you hate that Chinese jerky treats are still on the shelves!

  • ValerieNoyes

    Fabulous!! Thank you. I agree 100%

  • Karenpuot

    Just sent them my e-mail. I want American pets to be a priority. More regulations for better products for our loyal pets.

  • Southernutahlady

    I just rescued a Miniature Eskie from the shelter and have been feeding her the Milo & Waggin Train treats.  I feel so badly that I may have been damaging her kidneys.  I bought Milo and Waggin Train because they didnt have nitrates & other chemicals in them and thought I was giving her something more healthy.  You can’t trust anything.  At least I have been feeding her real meat & veggies and not 4D/grain stuff.

  • Amanda Wilson

    I would not eat anything made in China.  Why would I want to feed an animal the same food.  That is cruelty to animals.
    The Chinese don’t care about their own people.  All they care about is making themselves rich!

  • ValerieNoyes

    I found a company that from all I can tell, produce absolutely every product here in the US.  Even the bags!  It’s Diggin Your Dog,  I emailed them to be sure and this is the reply I got:

    “Yes, we promise, it’s all true! All of our products are grown, raised, harvested, and made in the USA. Even our bags… which are BPA free :). We take a lot of pride in how our treats and supplements are produced and we are glad that you do too. We are located in Reno, so thanks for the neighborly love! ”

    Since I’ve been trashing companies importing from China, I wanted to pass along one I found that does not.  I think it’s really great they’re even careful with the bags they pack in.

  • Ldtrebe

    I would like to make a flyer and put it on the shelves at stores that are still selling these. 

  • InkedMarie

    I just got that in an email today! 

  • Bitten By Rabid Corporations

    I saw the show and nearly went ballistic. These aren’t sketchy, fly-by-night, corporations doing this. (Or maybe they are?) A company like Nestle is one of the biggest, most profitable and “credible” corporations in the world. We should expect FAR better than this. Then again, if they think they can make a few bucks more by moving factories to China at the expense of product safety, what else can we expect?

     How can this still be allowed to happen, especially after that big killer-dogfood recall a few years back? The lesson here is: don’t buy anything made in China, especially if you plan on putting it in your mouth or the mouths of those you care about.  

  • Kitkat23

    what about cat treats? Do Vets have notices in their offices about these China dog treats?

  • Mileva

    We have been giving our Yorkie and Yorkie-Maltese cross, Waggin Train chicken and duck strips but after tonight’s episode of marketplace and reading articles on here, we will no longer be doing it. I have wondered why their intense thirst and frequent trips to urinate:, now I know it is a sign of kidney damage due to glycerine.thanks for the info.

  • ValerieNoyes

    A note to anyone using Red Barn dog treat products.  While their website proudly proclaims “Made in the USA” with all sorts of statements about integrity and committment to quality, caring for your pets, etc., when you get down to their chicken jerky, lo and behold, it is imported from China.  I hope you’ll join me in emailing their customer service and letting them know you’ll be boycotting all of their products until they stop importing anything from China. 

  • Marilyn

    My dog peed itself while lying down in my bed, and again on the floor.  That was very disturbing, and he was drinking water like crazy.  He was also dripping a little pee while he was resting.  Took him to the vet – but he was recovering.  Over the previous few days he had eaten chicken jerky treats, freezed dried liver treats, and his regular dog food (Kirkland Nature’s Domain & a bit of Beneful wet).  He only had one jerky treat and a handful of liver treats – so not sure what made him so sick.

  • Karen


    I just wanted to give any of my fellow Canadians a heads up that CBC’s Marketplace TV show that airs tonight (September 28) at 8pm EST, will be having a feature about these chinese chicken jerky treats.  It’s called “Fighting For Fido”  I’m curious to see what it’s going to say about these treats and if they will have anyone in the petfood industry defending them.  So if you get a chance, be sure to tune in.  Perhaps there will be an online link after it airs.  I’ll post it if I can locate one.

  • Gsully62

    Thank you Valerie.  You made a great suggestion about slamming their websites.  I will do just that and tell others to do the same! May God bless you for your sincere concern for the animals in the world that rely solely on their family to take care of them. We need to stay proactive and help any way we can.

  • Pattyvaughn

    This is NOT the company that makes this garbage! This is the blog that warns you about this garbage.

  • Bdsbullmastiff10032

    Look this is bull. I need to talk to your company understand. I  need a number to reach a spokes person. I have questions.

  • ValerieNoyes

    I found their website:

    An excerpt from their main page:  “Smokehouse makes the vast majority of our treats at our plant in Sun Valley, Ca.
    but we do import some of our chicken treats from China. All imported chicken
    treats are extensively tested here in the United States by an independent
    laboratory. No product is shipped out until all lab test are back. In the many
    years we have been importing and testing these products nothing has ever been
    found that could be harmful to our pets.”

    I’d be suspicious.  “making” the treats in the US does not necessarily mean the ingredients are sourced here.  And they openly admit to importing from China.

  • LabsRawesome

     Yeah, make sure there’s no glycerin. Or Chinese ingredients. You might have to contact the manufacturer.

  • I couldn’t find a website for them but other sites say that it is made with USA chicken.  Look at the ingredient list and see if it is just chicken and nothing else.

  • Kaw5885

    Do these count as jerky? Those are the ones I buy, and my dog hasn’t gotten sick.  I couldn’t find any thing about any dogs getting sick off of those ones. Thoughts?  Should I not give them to my dog anymore?  

  • Katrina1231

    We owe so much money to China, that the FDA turns a blind eye to these very dangerous products, while pretending to look into the matter. That is why more and more brands of dog food are made in China; in fact nearly 95% of all brands are made there. That’s why I cook for my dogs.

  • Mamahound1

    Why does the US continue to purchase pet foods/treats that are dangerous/deadly to our pets? If it has been proven that the source of deadly food products are coming from China or other countries, then STOP buying! Most people are not aware of the recalls or where the food comes from. Stop buying abroad. I had rather pay more than risk my pet’s health. At least in the US we can stay on top of the manufacturers and do random spot checks. Wake up America!

  • Pattyvaughn

    Hi Shelley,

    Welcome to DFA. I don’t think things have changed. The FDA sent people to the Chinese companies that made this jerky to see if they could figure out what is killing pets. If the company said they could not inspect, that was that. FDA can’t even refuse to let their product into the U.S. That is so wrong. There ought to be a law.

  • Kaw5885

    Is this about ALL jerky type treats, or just those brands?  I give my dog jerky treats (often chicken) all the time, and he’s never had an issue, I don’t really understand what this is about and what is wrong exactly.  Are ones made in the USA okay, because that’s generally what I buy.  

  • Valerie Noyes

    Gsully62, my deepest sympathies on the loss of your precious Charlotte.  It’s difficult enough to lose a family member, but when that loss was completely preventable; caused only by a corporation’s greed, it must be unbearable. 

    I often go to these companies websites, click the “contact us” link and tell them in no uncertain terms why they need to pull these products off the market and stop importing dog treats from China.  Maybe everyone should slam them with emails, over and over.  Might not help but should annoy them like crazy!  Who knows, maybe they’ll finally realize we’re serious about getting this trash off the market.

  • Gsully62

    Our dog charlotte died on september 19 2012 from Renal Failure.  She was 6 years old and very healthly.  I had just given her Milos Chicken Jerky Treats for the first time.  She suffered terribly and it was devastating for our family to watch.  The FDA was sent the bag with the leftover treats in it.  I pray they can find something conclusive and get the product off the shelves.  Our family has been to China.  We have an adopted daughter from there and we have witness the food for ourselves.  I had no idea that Milo’s treats were made there.  The printing on the bag is too small.  Considering the fact the the FDA has an on-going investigation into the safety of these products I do not understand if they can put the warning on the internet why can’t they put a warning in the stores at the site of the products.  Many people do not have internet service.  I do not look on line each week before I go to the grocery store to purchase my groceries to see which products are under investigation so that I do not potentially poison my family. We miss our Charlotte!

  • Nancy

    My little Morkie, Sally, was tested for kidney failure last month because I had been giving her Milo’s Kitchen Chicken Jerky.  She’s my first dog ever, so I had no idea about these horrible treats from China.  She was only 8 months old, just a baby!  Thank goodness the test results came back negative, but it was the longest 24 hours of my life waiting for the results.  NEVER will I buy any food or treats from China for her, EVER!!  I order bully sticks from in CA..all USA made.  Her food is Rachel Ray’s and also made in the USA.  

  • Shelley

    First post for me here, have only read reviews & comments so far but want to tell of my experience when I visited China in 1994. Sorry for the length of this post.  I was with a multi-national food industry delegation sponsored by the Eisenhower People to People organization that included food scientists & other food industry people.  At our first meeting, before we ever met any Chinese industry people or educators, were told to be very careful in what we said, we were never to question any of the Chinese as it was impolite to do so, the saving face thing.  That’s a pretty tall order for a bunch of food scientists, at least in 1994 it was as free & open discussion, maybe even some arguing was normal with such a group.  At a couple of meetings we had to hold back a few of the more earnest folks in our group when a Chinese spoke of scientific things as facts that were in no way facts.  I could give more details but let’s just say there was LOTS of of holding back by our group after some meetings, then ranting & raving later about how ridiculous it was that we could not speak honestly with the Chinese scientists, we just had to nod our heads or whatever when were heard lies or distortions.  One man with a large US food company, a Quality Assurance manager, was beginning a search for a Chinese co-packer for his company’s products.  In his first meeting with a potential manufacturer the very first subject discussed was the amount of the bribes to be paid to the Chinese. The trip convinced me to avoid all Chinese food products, human or pet. I don’t know if things are different now but I’m not taking the chance.

  • They are still being sold because there hasn’t been a recall on them.  That I know of.  If there was a recall it would be posted here on the forum and a LOT of cheering going on!  

    So far there are just warnings on them and sadly most consumers aren’t seeing those warnings until it’s too late!  Who would think to look up a product before buying it after all.  But then many (but not all) of those that are still buying them are the ones buying 1-2 star dog foods.

    Hopefully soon they will be on recall and they will be off the store shelves and out of the mouths of pets!   Until then all we can do is to try to spread the word and go to various sites that sell them that allow customers to write reviews and write a review and hopefully someone will see the warnings by that low rated review.  I know when I am looking to buy something and I look at reviews I not only look at the positive comments but the negative ones have more of an impact on if I decide to buy it or not.  Maybe someone is going to leave a positive comment and will read the negative ones and stop buying them.  It’s just a thought…..  

  • Airedailelover

    How do we get these off the retail shelves?

  • That is the same thing I was told about the Dogswell product…they had to be told by “Corporate” how about photos of my dogs bleeding out and the $1200 vet bill.  I’m so thankful I only gave them a couple of the treats and that they survived.

  • I fed my dachshunds Dogswells Vitality after looking over the packaging and seeing how cage-free natural blah blah blah it was, both of my dogs almost died, they were bleeding from all orifices – it was the most horrible thing I’ve ever been through.  Dogswell was smug and rude with their responses saying their “quality control” department has determined that my dogs illness had nothing to do with their product…considering that it was the ONLY change to their diet in years, and they only had three “treats” each over a period of three days…I beg to differ.  I’ve reported them to the FDA but I doubt anything will come of it.  I plan to post everywhere possible warning people of Dogswell. The real clincher is this – their motto/tagline is “Because Dogs Are Family Too” Would you like to see your “family” bleeding from their nose, mouth and rectum?
    The packaging is extremely deceptive.  Be careful folks.

  • I fed my dachshunds Dogswells Vitality after looking over the packaging and seeing how cage-free natural blah blah blah it was, both of my dogs almost died, they were bleeding from all orifices – it was the most horrible thing I’ve ever been through.  Dogswell was smug and rude with their responses saying their “quality control” department has determined that my dogs illness had nothing to do with their product…considering that it was the ONLY change to their diet in years, and they only had three “treats” each over a period of three days…I beg to differ.  I’ve reported them to the FDA but I doubt anything will come of it.  I plan to post everywhere possible warning people of Dogswell. The real clincher is this – their motto/tagline is “Because Dogs Are Family Too” Would you like to see your “family” bleeding from their nose, mouth and rectum?
    The packaging is extremely deceptive.  Be careful folks.

  • Lisa

    Yes you are so right ! Dogswell does this, their package’s of Jerky have the American Flag displayed, says Made in USA and on the back it say’s a PRODUCT OF CHINA

  • Lmoss8

    Christina Please don’t use these Sweet Potato Treats. They too are from China and are listed in the Warning

  • HHP

    We lost a wonderful lab mix due to kidney failure…it was horrid – and out of 6 rescue dogs, he was the only one that didn’t like kong balls with peanut butter, so we’d give him chicken jerky treats. Our hearts are still sad and now NOTHING from China gets near our pets…in fact, only treats are frozen natural peanut butter or real cheese.

  • Dimes105

    isnt china where bird flu started?

  • Dimes105

    i went to publix the other day and they still had the milo treats on the shelves i told them about the recall and they said that they did not get the notice about it , still not buying them anyway

  • Sbledsoe73

    That’s because Walmart is still selling this stuff. I saw it on the shelf when I was there recently. It makes me so angry that there is a recall and they don’t pull the products like they should.

  • InkedMarie

    First of all, please stop yelling. Second, no, all canned food is not bad. You need to do some research before you talk about dog food, especially here.

  • Amberdoo32


  • Valerie Noyes

    Since I discovered the “China’ disaster with dog treats I’ve been spending a fortune for high quality safe treats for my pack of large dogs.  I’ve finally said ‘enough’ and have ordered a dehydrator to make my own various jerkys and treats for them.  I figure it will pay for itself within a couple months and I’ll no longer have to be worried that I missed something on the labeling (or the label lied/mislead).  I feel more at ease already!

  • Nancy

     I called one of our local pet stores to make them aware. They carry the Waggin’ Train Chicken treats. They thanked me but said they had to wait for corporate to notify them. Uh, one could always take them off the shelf, advise corporate themselves and if customers request the treats tell them they are currently out of stock.

  • Barbaraad

    After checking my closet I found many bags of jerky treats that were made in China.  I had the Dingo brand Grill House, dental treats, and munchie sticks.  I called the company and they said there have never been any problems with their jerky treats and that they test for several compounds in the raw material and in the finished product…but they would not tell me specific protocols for testing or quality control measures.  I also have Nylabone rawhide treats – both for joint health and breath – and they say they are made in the US with 60% US materials.  I will look for US made treats from now on.

  • Missjacqui

    My dogs got sick from Waggin Train Treats…the bag was thrown out…these products made in China need to be recalled and banned from sale!!! How many more dogs need to die or get sick before something is done?!

  • My older dog Snickers developed what we thought was kidney disease and was treated for the disease.  After a strict kidney diet and no more Jerkey treats, she is ok, but the vet said she was real close to kidney failure!!  So glad I decided to take her in for her senior check up!  She had no signs of kidney problems!  The vet said that when the signs show up, it is too late to do anything!  Please sign the petition!! 🙁

  • LabsRawesome

     Just because a package states Made in USA, it can still contain Chinese ingredients. You have to contact the manufacturer and ask if any of their ingredients come from China.  🙁

  • Brea_z

    I think most pet owners do not know of about this. A  Warning with the facts should be posted by these products. I never buy food products made or from China. USA only!

  • Melissaandcrew


    I was looking at raw foods the other day(I normally fed the NV) and one  brand of them actually had the American flag on the front, and underneath, in small print it stated “packaged in the US”-I threw it back into the freezer simply because I felt it was misleading-how many people see the flag and think “product of the US” or “American ingredients etc”

  • Melissaandcrew

    I signed as well. What stuns me is that people are still buying and feeding these things. I would rather stop a product and err on the side of caution than continue to feed and “hope for the best”. It really bothers me that the FDA allowed China to strong arm them(by refusing them samples to test in the US) and the FDA couldn’t or wouldn’t say No sample, no sale-

    At the end of the day, its up to the pet parents/owners to safeguard the health and well being of their beloved friends and family members, to the best of their ability-and its getting harder every day.

  • LabsRawesome

    The FDA has been “looking into” this for 5 years?! Seriously! And they can’t find the cause. Makes me feel real safe, knowing that they are “policing” all the human products as well. Oh, and I signed the petition too. 

  • KarenS

    Made in the USA
    or “A Product of the USA”
    does not mean that ingredients were sourced from the USA.  It simply means it was
    manufactured in and distributed from the USA.  This applies to the
    vitamins and mineral pre-mix used in kibble and treats as well. 


    The AFSS Team (Animal Feed Safety System) is producing two
    videos aimed at consumer audiences, one being the regulations that apply to pet
    food.  The video about regulation of pet food explains that FDA, working
    with its state partners has the responsibility of enforcing the rules
    concerning safety of pet food and pet treats.  The rules require manufacturers
    to use ingredients that are known to be safe, to list all ingredients on the
    label that were used in the manufacture of that product, to properly identify
    the product on the labels, and to make sure the labels provide a net quantity
    statement, and to include the manufacturer’s name and address on the
    label.  Sure sounds good, but its still not in place and if it does come
    to fruition, it will be up to each state to implement.  Currently, the United States
    has no recognized national standards for animal food programs.   It’s amazing to me that 5
    years after the 2007 pet food recall we still don’t have a recognized national
    standard.   And I won’t hold my breath.   


    I would never buy market sold treats or pet food.

  • Shawna
  • Afscellmer

    I signed I’m 961. My Blue Healer has epilepsy now and it is very hard when he has seizures. I want to help him for I know he is scared but his eyes don’t even focus. I gave him several different kinds of these treats. We have a younger Border Collie and heard about all this and stopped the treats right away, hopefully we stopped in time.

  • TommyMercury

     It’s called capitalism and free trade.  As ridiculous as it it sounds, water is also shipped here from other continents for the same reasons.

  • Nancy

     Velma I am so sorry your dog suffers from pancreatitus. I had a dog that suffered with that and it is very difficult on the dog and owner!  I currently own a dog with epilepsy.  I really can’t imagine a dog with both diseases.  God bless you and your pup.

  • Nancy

    I only buy treats made in America. If I can’t find what I want to give my dogs I make them myself. Four of my dogs became seriously ill with vomiting and diarrhea because of peanut butter flavored milk bones sold under the name Happy Tails.  They were made in China.

  • Velma T

    I signed.  I have a dog with seizures and pancreatitis problems all tied to Waggin’ Train chicken jerkey treats.  We learned of the danger of these treats 2 1/2 years ago after her first seizure and threw out all we had.  She is on  medicatin and still has seizures at least once a month. 

  • doggonefedup

     I signed earlier today also my number was 845. It seems to be climbing fast! :o]

  • I signed the petition tonight asking that retailers voluntarily stop selling these dangerous “treats.”  Thanks Dr Mike!

  • Fnpyorkies

    I don’t understand why we have to buy anything from another country, we should be 100% self controled. Gas,oil and whatever. If my memory serves me right, the United States was the most powerful country in the world, so why are we going down the totum pole now. Let’s stop the import of goods, let’s make our own. Like the old days.

  • Jpm0688

    If anyone is looking for a safe homemade alternetive I am making Chicken, Turkey, and Beef jerky along with my other treats, it’s just straight meat, nothing else. It’s dehydrated and nothing else so it’s completely safe. Let me know if anyone wants any.

  • Vicki4347

    do not buy anything from nestle purina or del monte. they don’t care about your animals only their profits. dog food advisor rates many companys’. choose one from their lists. boycott the bad company’s then they will change. but then how can you ever trust them. i would not

  • Reaganman

    Stop this crap from china they tried to kill our babies with formula our dogs and cats and don’t buy any fish from china as their water is infected with waste

  • Timberwaters

    I agree with Judy  plus its fun to make your own.  I am still seeking a safe and healthy dog food.  Blue Buffalo is bad and the next day after switching my dogs stools normalized.  It was amazing how quick it was. 

  • Judy Adams

    With the price of dog treats, it’s cheaper and healthier to make your own! i give my dogs baby carrots straight from the package and they love them! Also, boiled, boneless chicken breast or thigh, chopped to bite size are a great training treat! Either one is good for dogs with grain allergies too!



  • Hound Dog Mom

  • Christina

    My mother-in-law bought her chihuahua some waggin train sweet potato strips. THey are the sweet potato by itself. No chicken or other meat is included. I hope these are ok.She shows no signs of sickness

  • Vdoak

    Thank you for all the information.
    We need to STOP buying these products once and for all.
    We can give our dogs other treats, we don’t need these.
    This has been going on much to long.

  • Mike – thank you so much for your continued updates on this issue. I love the new “community action” idea – my dog, Cubby, and I will definitely sign the petition and keep spreading awareness!!

  • JanR37

    Thank God for sharing of information like this that can save your pet’s life!!!

  • doggonefedup

    Unfortunately money talks and………Big business is trying to totally become the government. We can’t let that happen.
    If you want safe American made treats try HDP brand dog treats at
    their HDP brand chicken jerky is made in USA from only human grade chicken breast meat with nothing added except the heat from cooking.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    HanoverBoxer –

    I believe Puperoni is made in the US however all it takes is a quick glance at the ingredients list to see treats like this aren’t good to be feeding dog.

    According to their website:

    Beef, Meat by-products, Soy Grits, Sugar, Liver, Salt, Propylene
    Glycol, Garlic Powder, Caramel Color, Natural Smoke Flavor, Potassium
    Sorbate (used as a preservative), Sodium Nitrite (for color retention),
    Red 40, BHA (used as a preservative), Onion Extract

    I would never feed that yo my dogs, even as a treat. Soy, by-products, propylene glycol, artificial colors, BHA, YUCK! They may not kill your dog right off like chinese chicken jerky, but stuff like this is not healthy in the long run.

    My dogs like Plato’s Farmer’s Market jerky strips, Bixbi jerky treats, and Salmon Paws. All made in the US with healthy ingredients. Look for stuff make in the US with just meat or meat and fruits/veggies.

  • HanoverBoxer

    If our government really cared about “protecting us” from dangers as they always claim is their highest priority, they wouldn’t allow 90% of the Chinese made garbage flooding into this country.

  • HanoverBoxer

    Is beef jerky safe? Because I like giving that to my dog (such as Puperoni).

  • Cwestwoman

    Why won’t they take this crap off the market and refuse to sell it in the US?

  • Fluffella Dixie

    Awful!! BAN those Chinese Food Products for good!! They even poisoned baby milk!!!