Multiple Diamond Dog Foods Now Linked to Salmonella Outbreak in Humans


It now appears multiple Diamond Dog Food products have been linked to Salmonella infections in the human population.

Logo for Diamond Pet FoodsIn a bulletin dated May 3, 2012, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has announced the agency is collaborating with public health officials in multiple states along with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to investigate an ongoing multistate outbreak of human Salmonella Infantis infections.

According to the report…

Public health investigators used DNA “fingerprints” of Salmonella bacteria obtained through diagnostic testing with pulsed-field gel electrophoresis, or PFGE, to identify cases of illness that may be part of this outbreak. They used data from PulseNet, the national subtyping network made up of state and local public health laboratories and federal food regulatory laboratories that performs molecular surveillance of foodborne infections. The outbreak strain is rare and typically 0-3 isolates are reported per month.

Multiple brands of dry pet food produced by Diamond Pet Foods at a single manufacturing facility in South Carolina have been linked to some of the human Salmonella infections. People who think they might have become ill after contact with dry pet food or with an animal that has eaten dry pet food should consult their health care providers.

So far, among the 14 individuals reported having the infection, five were hospitalized — and no deaths have been reported.

Public health investigations are ongoing to determine if other brands of dry dog food produced at the South Carolina facility are also contaminated with Salmonella – and possibly linked to human illnesses.

The Bottom Line

What’s especially troubling about this story is that the illnesses date back to October 8, 2011 – almost 7 months ago.

This fact alone makes the health complaints reported by many of our readers under some of the Diamond product reviews on this website more noteworthy.

For this reason, we’re now becoming increasingly suspicious of the actual extent of Diamond’s Salmonella contamination issue.

And so, we must recommend special caution if you’re feeding any product manufactured by Diamond at its South Carolina plant.

Unfortunately, it’s still unclear which products are produced at that location.

So, without more information from Diamond Pet Foods or the FDA, it’s impossible for anyone to reliably predict if – or when – another recall may materialize.

What to Do

I can’t stress enough how important it is to check the Diamond Pet Foods Recall website for exact products, images and production codes associated with the recall.

You can also report complaints about FDA-regulated pet foods by calling the consumer complaint coordinator in your area.

Or go to

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  • Angie Hendrickson

    I am doing my best to investigate this issue a year later (August of 2013), because I am feeding my precious border collie puppy wolf cub food. What are the updates? Does any one know if they got control of it?

  • Joe

    Feed Nutro Natural Choice they make all their food in their own facility and do over 600 safety checks a day

  • Moe

    It’s what ever food P&G makes. Not only them brands. Put some real dog food in your store. NO CHINA INGREDIENTS!!!! Canned dog food and kibble are crap(cancer causing,diabetes, and the list goes on for diseases)… I’ve learned after 2 dogs getting diabetes…

  • Moe

    Look at the CHINA INGREIDENTS. There has been a recall on merrick not to lomg ago…

  • Moe

    Kirkland brand dog food is made with CHINA Ingredients. I think… Stay clear of China ingredients including, their vitamins and pobiotics…

  • Moe

    Diamond has had 5 RECALLS!!! Cape Dog Bakery in Cape Coral, Fl. will not sell anymore products that diamond makes.

  • InkedMarie

    For me personally, I wouldn’t buy a Diamond product. Too many problems, IMO. If you are searching for a more wallet friendly food, look at Fromm Gold or Classic, Earthborn, Nutrisource, Annamaet….they make grainfree and grain inclusive. The grain inclusive will most likely cost less. 

  • Speileen68

    I believe Natures Domain at Costco is also a diamond product. I live in Oregon and just as a preventative took back natures domain and taste of the wild.

  • LabsRawesome

     Sorry about you and your dogs illness but, that’s no reason to call people stupid & crazy. 🙁

  • Cher_2_32

    If anyone in this forum is stupid enough to ever buy diamond again than you are crazy….this is not there first recall in fact i believe that this is there third…..I became infected with salmonella and my dog became very ill from feeding chicken soup for the pet lovers soul….i was not made aware of the recall and found out months later by my neighbor…..4 days of severe illness and 4 hours in the er……vet bills for my corgi….Diamond has yet to contact me by there insurance department even though i have called them several times…i have not heard from diamond in months despite the fact that i called them several times since hearing of the recall to report my illness and my dogs symptoms….this is not a pet food company that i would ever feed my pet who is a part of my family and my third child…just sayin…

  • Pattyvaughn

    It’s only a matter of time before you’ll be sorry, if you trust this company again. IMHO

  • Dianeonnet

    is it safe now to buy diamond dog foods (kirkland brand, specifically)? i’ve been trying to search for a good, economically priced option – switching off eukanuba. is the recall issue still prominent? if i buy bags that don’t fall into the expiration date categories, is that okay? 

    however i’m feeling like it’s better to be safe than sorry.

  • Dianewiegman

    I had an issue with Diamond food almost 3 months ago. My primary issue was that the food smelled rancid immediately after opening. After emailing the Company reps, I was assured by a veterinarian representing the company that the food was safe and that the odor was due to the food being so fresh. Really?

  • Cheryl

    Not sure where Diamond is getting there numbers about sicknesses, I am one of the people that were infected and hospitalized. It has been a huge impact on my family. I missed 4 days of work and 4 hours in the ER. Diamond has been rude to me each time I have called and have yet to have anyone from their insurance side contact me. Thank God my kids did not get sick. My dog only suffered from diarrhea. I WILL NEVER FEED MY PET ANYTHING FROM DIAMOND AGAIN. This is not there first recall. Same on you once shame on ME twice. Diamond if your listening “YOU SUCK”

  • LabsRawesome

     Hi Luciensmom, Lucien is a really cool name btw. Sorry to hear that your dog is having issues. Be careful how much of the better/more nutrient dense foods you are feeding, because the dog doesn’t need as much, and can become overweight easily. You must  have me mixed up with someone else though because my dogs aren’t picky, they have cast iron stomachs. lol. Yes, the Whole dog Journal is informative. Thanks, yes they love the new food. Hope your dogs knee heals up soon. 🙂

  • Luciensmom

    I’ve never even heard of Dad’s (after reading the label on, I can see why I haven’t) This is a great website, and I just discovered it, thank GOODNESS! YES, I TOTALLY AGREE DAD’S IS PURE CRAP, and probably almost as dangerous to feed over the lifetime of a dog as to get salmonella. As YOU are obviously well informed on dog food ingredients and quality, and obviously know dogs and corn do not do well together at all, I am so glad to see people are rapidly becoming much more aware of what they feed their dogs. (And this ingredient label is one of the worst I have seen in a long while.) Having said that, I would hope that you didn’t honestly mean that statement about salmonella, which we both know can be fatal, and please find an alternate dog food that is not currently under recall or suspicion, if you were feeding one of the Diamond products. I’m sure you love your dog, please don’t put him at risk by “taking your chances with salmonella”. I do hope you were joking. Sorry. I just read your 2nd post explaining what you had been feeding your dog, and his pickiness issues. My dog (mostly black Samoyd, with Beagle, Greyhound, and a trace of Bullmastiff!) is also very picky. Thank-God, although I HATE feeding it to him, as it is mostly chemicals and fiber (prescription Hill’s Science Reducing Diet)-his weight is a MAJOR issue and impediment right now after two ACL surgeries on the same knee in Feb 11 and Feb 12. He has been on activity restriction (except for 3 good months) since Nov 2010, and continues to gain weight, so I don’t really have a choice until the vet OKs him to start hydrotherapy at Oregon State University (we ARE SHOOTING FOR THE 1ST WEEK OF jUNE), but even then his walking program will be a very slow reintroduction to walks. I do not expect him to be able to be off leash and play even if all goes well until September or October. However, before all this, IF WEIGHT IS NOT A PROBLEM, he really liked EVo’s Red Meat Variety (but it put weight on him). I have also read the label on the Pure Vita Salmon and Duck Variety, and it looks like a good food. At the moment, I just got up, and don’t know where they are manufactured, but they are not on the list. I also have had good luck with all Merrick Foods. It is a family owned business in Texas, and they make everything (whole line of dry, canned, and treats) right there at their own plant. I see where you found something else called Nature’s Domain. I hope he likes it. I personally haven’t heard of it. If you are interested, and haven’t maybe heard of it, I subscribe to the (newsletter/magazine with no advertising allowed), called “The Whole Dog Journal”, and I have a reference library of every issue since sometime in 1998. They are awesome, and every year, they critique based on a number of factors, and issue their top 10 list of both dry and canned dog foods. (separately, in separate issues.) They are a great, informative dog newsletter, and very reasonable in price once you have been with them, you get great discounts on renewals. I can’t count the many times I know I have seen an article expressly on the current problem I am facing, and go directly to my library of back issues and start looking. Worth their weight in gold. Good Luck with the new food! Some other possible ideas are California Natural,Prairie,(though hard to find), Evangers, and if at all interested in a dehydrated mix, I have researched and read good reviews on Honest Kitchen, who makes several varieties……

  • Kelly/Feathers&Furry Friends

    Take it back to the store where you bought it. Preferably with receipt, but if you don’t have it Diamond says they will give you a store credit  for a new bag of food. If you happen to have your receipt  you are  supposed to be able to get your money back. In case your store claims not to know what to do, there is a paper to fill out and UPC symbols to send with it. But we’ve just been giving the money back and dealing with it ourself.

  • Kelly

    Since when does Diamond own or make Iams? It’s not recalled. As a store owner I would know. The only bad bags of food I’ve gotten in have been Natural Balance. All,I repeat all of our Diamond foods are good. Diamond is our main food. Chicken Soup, Taste of Wild,and all regular Diamond products, can included. I myself feed Taste & chicken. You people out there who are jumping to feed something else, look at the whole list, it’s not just Diamond, and at least they are honest about it.

  • LabsRawesome

     I had food poisoning from a can of Tuna. SO GROSS.

  • LabsRawesome

     Hey daisy1999, You’re welcome. Yeah I was thinking the same thing, I could grab a couple cans, until I could go to Costco for my regular cans. It is nice to see a good option at the grocery store.  🙂

  • daisy1999

    I wanted to tell you thanks for the heads up on the new brand Variety.  It wasn’t at my Target yet when I was there last night but I have a Walmart near, too.  I tend to run into a “pickle” sometimes when I’m sick and am stuck going to a 24 hr store to get something temporary and what they end up with usually-not good.  So, nice to see what does look like a decent option should I need it.  There are actually ones everyone can have!  The biscuits on the site looked decent, also, except I have one with a wheat allergy.

  • melissa


    I would have to agree with you on that. Crappy food is better than infectious food in my book : )

  • daisy1999

    I will have to say though after having food poisoning twice now and being pretty sure the dogs had the salmonella-If I were to have the Chinese food and Subway sub in front of me and a bag of the recalled dog + a bag of Dad’s.  And, I was told everything but the Dad’s was most likely contaminated with salmonella-The dog’s and I would all be eating Dad’s-lol!

  • daisy1999

    What about my “back up ideas”-:)

  • daisy1999

    Thanks MIKE! Lol!  I had checked before and while it told you how to dispose of it, it didn’t reference wild animals so I was afraid to point her there.  I had sent some other people that were just asking in general about disposal.  So much for my “bright” ideas!  I was typing as you were 😉

  • daisy1999

    The CDC doesn’t address that, and well quite honestly I didn’t think about it when I disposed of mine.  Can you return it to the store-see how they will dispose of it.  I guess even if you bag it well its going to the landfill-I think that might be what your concern is.  So, might sound dumb, but trying to come up with something here.  If you live somewhere where its possible-burn it(we have a burn ban so wouldnt work).  How about a secure container and bury it.  Is it possible that you could put it in a secure container that your garbage company would take.  I’m not trying to sound weird, I just have no idea and trying to think outside the box.  If you have some type of wildlife control organization maybe they could help-or even your SPCA.

  • Hi Modrell211,

    Just in case you can’t return the recalled product for credit, you’ll want to dispose of it safely.

    According to the Centers for Disease Control:

    Any product that is on the recall list should be disposed of in a safe manner. If you have a recalled pet product in your household, do not feed it to your pet or other animals. Any recalled product should be thrown away to prevent Salmonella infections in humans, pets, or other animals. This product should be disposed of in a closed plastic bag and placed in a sealed trash can to prevent people or animals, including wild animals, from eating it. If you touch the product, wash your hands as directed in the handwashing instructions.

    Hope this helps.

  • LabsRawesome

     Hi Modrell211, I took my bag back to Costco’s for a store credit. And they disposed of it. I picked up a bag of Nature’s Domain, with my credit, and a couple more bucks. Don’t throw it out, take it back and get a replacement food.

  • Modrell211

    I have two bags that are under suspicion, I want to know what to do with them?  I have concerns about wild life, or feral critters.  Second time I’ve inquired about this, once elsewhere and no ones answered….

  • LabsRawesome

     I would rather take my chances with salmonella, than feed Dad’s! Pure crap!

  • Joeboxer

    glad i buy Dads

  • melissa


    there are plenty of affordable safe dog foods out there that do not give dogs loose stool. However, it all depends on what you consider to be affordable and your own dogs unique makeup.

  • melissa


    Just go to any tractor supply and ask them. It is their brand-distributed by them, produced by Diamond-

  • Sandra

    Why can’t the dog food companies make a safe affordable pet food product that won’t kill our pets or cause them to have loose stools? And I am fed up with our goverment letting these big companies buy products from china knowing it is hurting our pets, children and everyone! What good does it do to have a gov. inspect these companies if they’re just going to try and cover up what they find and only report to the public after several sicknesses and deaths! And if it were not for the internet and people reporting to each other on web sights like this we may never have heard about the bad products and just assumed our pets and family just got sick or died from natural causes!  Sad!!!   

  • Modrell211

    How do you dispose of suspected tainted dog and cat food so it doesn’t cause illness to feral, wild, homeless or lost critters.  I think the faculty that caused this should pay to have it all shipped to a third party for safe disposal!!

  • Sunny

    If it says made by Diamond -Meta, Missouri…does that mean it produced and packaged there? Trying to be sure food in no way came from the Gaston plant. The ambiguity of things is disturbing.

  • Hi Bosco,

    Wellness is listed on my summary page.If you click the Wellness link, you’ll be taken to see the details.

    Hope this helps.

  • Bosco

    Why is Wellness not on Diamond’s recall list? See link:

  • Peony

    I’m confused. According to the labels, Tractor supply DISTRIBUTES it.  It doesn’t say anything about it being their brand.  Please show me where you got your info.  I want to make sure I’m contacting the correct people about this recall.  The production codes on tow and 4health don’t match the ones on diamonds website.

  • Rlis84

    you shouldnt dispose of it bring it back to where you bought the food and get a refund!  I used taste of the wild too, now that i know they are with diamond i switched to fromm four star they have a grain free which is quite pricey around 65 dollars a 26lb bag online but at you can get free shipping and $10 off!  or if your dogs dont have allergies like mine i use the fromm four star regular not grain free and my dogs love it!  The grains in the food are barley, brown rice, oatmeal, not any bad grains!  The regular 4 star fromm comes in a 30lb bag and is 52.99 online 55.00 at the pet store but there are always coupons online!  Ive researched just about every dog food and decided on fromm!  they have there own wharehouse, all ingredients in fromm are usda certified and fresh, there warehouse is farmers market with fresh fruits, veggies delivered from organic pesticide free farms along with meats and fish all delivered daily!  I have 2 german shepherds, a pit bull and american bulldog that all love it, i use the chicken, pork and applesauce, salmon, duck, and once every few months i give them the grain free fromm four star surf and turf there best food.  they dont get diahrea from switching and they love every flavor, switching it up keeps them from being picky!  

  • Elduderino70

    Stop buying Diamond products. There are so many better choices out there, and this is not the first time Diamond has been involved in major safety recalls. If I had any Diamond products in the house at all I would get rid of it ASAP. These recalls often expand to other products within the first few weeks. It’s not worth the risk!

  • River_banks

    My girlfriend became very ill a couple of weeks ago and about a week later my dog was going through bouts of diarrahea and vomiting. Why does it take so long to get these recall notices out?  And why does my feed store only post a note saying the “manufacturing plant was having production problems” with no obvious info that the product they sold me contained samonella.

  • ChrisOU812

    (That snippy comment from me was directed at the “guest” telling dawnfire that there was no way her husband got sick from dogfood, incidentally. I’m a little on edge; just found out this morning that Chicken Soup and TOTW were included, and I was feeding a mix of those to my dog, who’s been giving us a fit re. dry dog food for a couple of months now. It took forever to find something he’d finally consent to eat that had decent ingredients, so it feels like we’re back at square 1 now.)

    Also: I can’t find the original comment, but in the far-right column there’s a “Vitaminv73” who wrote “I bought the food on Amazon… dang!”  So did I. The batch number will reveal if it’s a problem. And I opened my order history, printed out the order, circled my name/mailing address and that portion of the order containing the TOTW and its price, and printed out the refund form. It’s going in the mail with the UPC and batch numbers. So it shouldn’t be impossible to get a refund if you bought from Amazon, if that’s the concern.

  • ChrisOU812

    Did you even bother to read the article you’re posting comments on???

  • Lindakarpf

    All of my dogs became very sick with diarrhea in early April- all at the same time. Our oldest couldn’t handle it & had to be put down; the same day our 16 yr old spent the day at the vets on IV fluids. After 10 daysbof antibiotics & fresh boiled chicken & rice they recovered, although our 16 yrnold still isn’t ‘right’. I also feed the cats Taste of the Wild dry…2 weeks ago I became violently I’ll & had to go to the ER- vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration. Thought it was a coincidence? Not now!! Btw – I am extremely fastidious about hand washing & cleanliness!!

  • Regina Lane

    I need to know if this includes Diamond High performance

  • Guest

    I feed my dog PureVita Grain Free Salmon so I am relieved, however I also live in California so this doesn’t effect me at all.   Prayers for all of the doggies and humans out there, hopefully Diamond will remedy this situation in an urgent manner so this doesn’t happen again!

  • Guest

    I’m sorry dawnfire that your hubby got sick but to place blame on a dog food company is laughable.  It’s purely coincidental and your expectation that the dog food company “reply” is a stretch at best.

  • Thank you for reporting this responsibly.  It’s tough enough to track a large recall without wading through hysteria, slander and fear mongering.  Well done!

  • Terri

    I guess that’s it for all diamond made made foods. I have a search and rescue dog.  I was using Taste of the wild. Diamond needs to CLEAN up it’s act.  I’ll make my own, at least I know it will be safe.


  • Redsibesx3
    Read through this, it explains your options.

  • Redsibesx3

     I fully agree Melissa!

  • melissa


    Diamond does NOT own 4Health-Tractor supply does. Diamond contracts to make it.

    Companies who have Diamond manufacturer their foods have the power to walk away and find a new manufacturer, and yet they don’t. That tells me alot about those companies.

  • Mbaird802

    1st time my dogs’ bag of chow (Chicken Soup) is on the recall list !! Have used this for years.  This last bag of chow has an odd odor; now I know why.  Will never buy anything manufactured by Diamond Foods; they’ve turned every high-quality dog food they’ve bought out into garbage, starting with Iams in 1996 and now Chicken Soup and Taste of the Wild and, the most recent buyout of a new formerly high-quality chow, Tractor Supply’s 4Health.  FOR SHAME Diamond Foods — they should be shut down.  Does anyone know how many recalls it has to take to close a plant for public safety?

  • basset17

    i have fed my dogs this for 8 years and im done my bag is involved in the recall I wouldnt say that my dog got sick but i noticed he had pretty bad diahreaa when i started feeding him this bag even though that has gone away and they were still on the same bag until this morning I still just had a bad feeling about that food Im done with chicking soup and anything manufactured by diamond ANy suggestions for a replacment food ?  8 yr basset and 5 yr shep mix?

  • gaffagirl

    That’s it… is going in the garbage!

  • Debbie

    We have a large bag of the Taste of the Wild food with the recalled production code.  What is the best way to dispose of this?

  • Maxsilver1

    Huh. I am really starting to wonder about Diamond foods. How many recalls in the last few years? Is it just me or do they seem to have a lot more than other manufacturers? Our 3 girls do well on the Chicken Soup version of Diamonds foods and are more than 1/2 way through the current bag. But I am starting to wonder if I should change their food to another brand, one that does not cost an arm and a leg and has not had the history of recalls.

  • melissa

    The fact that any cat food was involved makes me wonder why other cat food brands have not been recalled that were made at that plant.

  • melissa


    LOl.. I take sites like that with a grain of salt/ It does keep current and up to date on recalls and for that I am thankful.

  • Marie

    They can’t make their business customers stop selling it, they can only advise them to stop because it’s a voluntary recall.

    And if I wanted to read hateful, biased vitriol aimed at an entire industry, then I’d click on that link.

  • melissa


    according to Diamond’s website, production has in fact resumed at Gaston.

  • Swansonites

    The timeline back to October 2011 makes alot of sense. The cat food we are feeding appears to have been produced in the SC plant and that was approximately the time they started to walk away from their food of many years.

  • Prefer to remain private

    For those of you who are just now joining us, this article explains that the SC plant has been closed since April 8.  They pulled the product from the distributors, but are still selling it on a retail level.  

  • daisy1999

    I know what you mean about the kennel cough.  I have thought about it.  They did get vaccinated in July before boarding, but I know there’s other considerations there.  I only took the worse one in.  On xray, heart looks enlarged, but xrays arent’ very reliable for heart.  No CHF.  Did labs.  Will have them in AM and go from there.  Echocardiogram will prob. have to be done.  And, then I guess based on what we find in her we will look at the other.  Who knows???  I will be interested to hear what he has to say in the AM about the recall, since we had just talked about how it was not on the list.  Hope I can just get to the bottom of this and fix everyone up.

  • daisy1999

    Well, I switched to one bag to save some $ while I waited for my regular to come in.  Wasn’t very cost effective-lol. 

  • Waterwings

    here’s the Natural Balance info on their website:

  • Marie

    It does? Damn. And I wanted to switch to 4Health for awhile to save a few bucks. :-/ Guess I’ll need to wait it out.

  • melissa

    Please note-the kirkland recall INCLUDES CAT FOOD>

  • melissa

     What is even funnier, is that the above was pointed out to me by their customer service the other day-and I told her that I did not care if they did their own testing or not, and quite frankly if the Pres and CEO sat down and ate a bowl of food produced by Diamond to convince me it was safe, it was still a “no go” for me. She laughed and was very pleasant, but still-interesting that they are going with the recall…

  • Waterwings

    I just got the same email Erich did…

  • Erich

    Just got an email from Natural Balance, and this includes product from most states. Same thing – no positive tests.



    Dear Club NB Members:


    Natural Balance has just
    been notified by Diamond Pet Foods, one of our co-manufacturers, that
    certain Natural Balance dry food formulas produced in their Gaston, SC
    facility should be voluntarily recalled.


    Although there have been
    no animal illnesses reported and none of our Natural Balance products
    included in the recall have tested positive for Salmonella, we have
    voluntarily initiated this recall as a precautionary measure.


    Recalled products may have been distributed in the following states:


    Alabama, Arkansas,
    Colorado, Connecticut, DC, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois,
    Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine,
    Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, North
    Dakota, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma,
    Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee,
    Texas, Virginia, Vermont, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Wyoming and Canada.


    States that are NOT affected include:


    Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Washington.


  • Jcon101
  • Prefer to remain private

    dawnfire, please read the 4 or 5 diamond links (i’ve started to loose track of how many there are) on this site and take the time to go through the posts.  you will understand how NOT ALONE you are.  we are all over the country and it started ages ago.  please file with the FDA as listed above.  call your state dept of ag and ask for the food to be tested.  this person is also collecting data that will be avail to us sooner than waiting on the govt.

  • daisy1999

    Well, thank god I at least I finally got some answers, I think.  Just spoke with the manager at Tractor Supply.  He was the one I had originally spoken to after my 4Health incident.  He said they were to pull all 4Health.  That it wasn’t one particular “variety” involved, but any that said sell by March 2013.  I asked him if I had bought mine in Feb. would it make sense that that bag would have been affected and he said yes.  On the Diamond page, that takes you to the actual recalled brands it states the foods affected were made between Dec 9 2011-Apr. 12 2012.  For anyone having problems, he did say to keep all your receipts.  I haven’t but he said he would be able to find it in the system, which I hadn’t thought of.

  • Marie

    Where? I don’t see it on the recall site.

  • Healthydogs

    Natural Balance just announced theirs. Sorry.

  • Marie

    That could be. It might also be due to the fact that Diamond doesn’t make all of NB’s lines, or that those lines are made in another state.

  • Erich

    Yes Marie, this clearly appears to be a plant problem.

    Natural Balance’s website lists their testing protocol in great detail. Perhaps they do a better job at testing and that is why they are not recalling product, they are confident it is safe.

  • Prefer to remain private

    interesting that the costco kirkland brands are on a different URL.  their PR is unreal.

  • Marie

    I’m thinking they’re just pulling brands made in their SC plant- and if that’s true, then the contamination originated only at that location.

  • Erich

    The CDC report lists a single of the 14 Salmonella cases from 2011 – though a second could be the end of December 2011 or January 2012, it is hard to tell from the CDC graph. And only 4 of the 14 cases involved a person who could link it to a Diamond food.

    The recall today clearly states no further positive results have been found, Diamond is simply pulling other brands. So why are not all the brands being pulled? Do the brands not want the taint of a recall, or are they confident they are safe?

  • Jeff Willis

    Ask your local pet store to carry Earthborn Holistic Grain Free. I do at my store in Pennsylvania and its the closest food line to Taste of the Wild but they haven’t had any recalls. Great family owned American company who makes their own foods. Support independent retailers just as this company does. Go to and register. They send my customers a $3 off coupon to try it right away!

  • dawnfire

    I e-mailed the company to let them know that my husband had a bad case of food poisoning in the same time frame our dogs started to refuse to eat their diamond natural pet food, our oldest dog refused to eat for almost a week before getting better on her own. My husband missed a day of work hugging the toilet and running 103 degree fever. Their response? NONE. I sent them the info because I was concerned since AZ is not on the recall list and yet we had this problem. People be careful.

  • Prefer to remain private

    recall greatly expanded among brands.  on a friday evening… thanks diamond.  showing your class once again.

  • Jcon101

    Thank you melissa, the bag I have here is one of those affected according to the product code. Dogs are on antibiotics, plain rice & flora. Blood work is ok, doesn’t suggest that it is systemic.

  • Marie

    Since the company did not find it themselves, and it’s clearly in their best business interest to do so, I’m wondering if there is an issue further down the distribution chain. Would all food coming from the same plant have similar storage environments? I’m just guessing wildly here….

  • melissa

     Looks like 4health as well!!! Every one check the recall list!

  • Jcon101

    Looks like the recall is still expanding – TOTW recalled.

    Here is the link:

  • melissa


    Wishing you and your pup the best. Let us know please how you made out!

  • melissa


    Just because you are the only one that feeds the dog means squat. One of the people affected with the salmonella was an infant, under 1 yr of age.

  • melissa

    Here is what concerns me-

    It would appear that it was the state of Michigan that found the salmonella, on April 3rd or so. Diamond did not issue an immediate recall from what I can tell(First notice around the 12th or 13th of April?)  This was from food  COLLECTED in mid March by the state of Michigan. From Mike’s article, it further appears that the first human illness was dated back in October. While the link may not have been made right away, I find it inexcusable that the company did not find it themselves, but rather a state agency. So much for 151 quality checks. Wonder now if the new “tag line” will be “151 greatly improved quality checks”

  • Jcon101

    Bbigdoggs-the variety fed was Pacific Stream. I am in NC, not that far from the plant actually. Always purchase the food from the same local independent retailer.

  • LabsRawesome

     TOTW canned is manufactured for Diamond by American Nutrition.

  • K9clipsgrm

    Is there a way to find out where TOTW wet varieties are processed?

  • As long as it doesn’t have any effect on my dog. I am the only one that feeds her, so I have no problem washing my hands after putting the food in her bowl.
    What is TOTW? I feed her only the light, which has no chicken or soy in it. That is not on their list of recalled food.

  • Prefer to remain private

    Check the product code.  X =SC, M=MO, C=CA.  Read the 3 Diamond recall posts and SC plant closure on this site to gather more info and you will understand the scale of the problem among the 10 brands they manufacture. (see wikipedia for brands) Check the facebook ToTW fan page and read consumer complaints on their wall.  Pet food recalls are no longer handled the same way after 2007.

  • Marie

    Geeze…what did Diamond do, dump medical waste and rotting chickens into the kibble dough?!

  • Prefer to remain private

    Welcome to the party Jcon101.  We’ve all been here for a few weeks.  Everyone with a sick animal(s), please file a report ASAP with the FDA as instructed above.  Also the State Department of Agriculture- ask them to test the food. Government agencies are slow as we all know, so please also go to http://www.truthaboutpetfood.c…  and file a report with Susan.  She will have feedback for us before the govt agencies.

  • K9clipsgrm

    How do you know if your bag was made st the SC plant?
    I feed 4Health performance to my 4 dogs. I am not feeding them any more of this food till I know where it came from. I live in Ohio.

  • Catera Dobermans

     Which TOTW are you using??

  • Bbigdoggs

    Which variety of TOTW? And where are you, regionally speaking?

  • Jcon101

    Here is a direct link to the CDC announcement. Under the heading of “Investigation” it lists the first report as October 2011.  It also seems that this is not a frequently seen strain.

    We are off to the vet in a few minutes, vomiting with bloody,runny stool. It started after opening a new bag of TOTW.