Diamond Dog Food Recall – Many Pets Remain at Risk for Salmonella


July 15, 2012 — Apparently, many pet owners are still unaware of the ongoing Diamond dog food recall event that began in early April. So, their dogs remain at risk for exposure to Salmonella bacteria.

For proof of the ongoing nature of this problem, the following video was just posted on July 9 by Cleveland, OH ABC affiliate, WEWS.

Although most of the affected products have already been removed from retail stores, some pet owners may still be unaware they are holding contaminated dog food in their homes.

For this reason, since this dog food recall affects so many popular brands produced by Diamond Pet Foods, it’s important that you share the news of this event with your friends who own dogs.

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  • MiMi

    We had our Pug on Diamond Dog Food (2014 – 2016) because our Vet said from the recall Diamond has assured customers that their product is fine now and they feel their product has passed all inspections. 2016 our Pug went into the Emergency Vet with Bladder stones and over $5,000 later we saved our Pug who is now on Science Diet. Both the ER Vet and our family vet attributed his condition directly to the dog food. I told my husband it was stupid to use and food that had a recall but of course he didn’t listen 🙁

  • DogFoodie

    This article is dated July 15, 2012. There’s not currently a recall.

  • Phil Miller

    this was posted 4 years ago is there still a problem now 2016

  • sharon

    Mine died in 2001, from liver failure, Morons

  • Pitlove

    Hi SJC000- If you look carefully you will find that some of the words at the top of this page are a link. They will bring you to the 2012 Diamond recall. This is not new it’s the old recall from 2012.

  • SJC000

    This page is being shared online right now. And since there are no actual dates on this page. Someone should update this page so that it is clear, if they are still speaking about the 2012 outbreak, or something new…

    Okay… Went to Youtube and date of posted news report above is in July of 2012.

  • H L

    from what it said (they of course used robotic, technical terms,) they said they would inform the company, and continue to monitor for any more cases. :

  • H L

    the taste of the wild tested positive. My dogs were off of it too long to be tested.

  • Dori

    They may have, and probably were, having issues with some of their brands but in their infinite wisdom chose not to alert the public and recall the foods. They chose to continue to rake in the money instead.

  • Dori

    Well, at least you got to the bottom of the problem. I hope you’ve gone back to a raw diet.

  • losul

    Do you mean that your dogs were found to be sick from salmonella or that the Taste of the wild was tested positive for salmonella?

  • Crazy4cats

    Yuck! Was there any action taken?

  • Crazy4cats

    There are no recalls listed for Diamond in 2014. The last one I’m aware of was actually for cat food in 2013. Here is the link: http://www.fda.gov/Safety/Recalls/ucm343084.htm
    It was for possibility of low thiamine levels. I haven’t heard of any since then.
    Before that it was April/May 2012 for dog food according to this site.

  • losul

    I’m not aware of any Diamond recalls in 2014. Can you provide more info?

  • H L


  • Crazy4cats

    Have you received the results from the test yet?

  • H L

    nope, it was the food. The FDA won’t issue a recall though until there are multiple cases filed.

  • dcdawn

    very few vet have much nutritional training unless they seek it out…Just look at what they sell in their offices…crap…

  • dcdawn

    Maybe the treats you mentioned???

  • Aldo Flores

    My dog just almost died from eating one serving of taste of the wild. She had to go to the Er on Friday and she came home late Sunday. Horrible experience! I need to find some way to test food.

  • LabsRawesome

    Which product are you feeding?

  • Madelyn Goodner

    Hi thanks I realized that. Continued to look & found articles from April 2015 & the Diamond food posted by consumer affIrs

  • LabsRawesome

    Hi Madelyn, this recall info for Diamond is from 3 years ago, April 2012. What food are you feeding? If you would like to receive recall alerts by e mail you can sign up here. http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/dog-food-recall-alerts/

  • Madelyn Goodner

    All my dogs have had diarrhea off and on for the last 6mo. My lab got really sick a month ago. My little Australian Shepherd got sick to the tune of $400.00 and her stool is being cultured for salmonella. We kept asking our store if there had been any recalls on the food. They said no!

  • Crazy4dogs

    You might be confusing your vaccines. Leptospirosis is not required for boarding. Bordatella is often required for boarding although there are some kennels that will board without required vaccines. My friend that raises the champion bullmastiffs also runs a boarding/day care facility.

  • Crazy4dogs

    So you would not listen to veterinary research? BTW, my friend’s bullmastiffs live to over 12 years on a raw diet. Quite an accomplishment.

  • Crazy4dogs

    I know the immune system problem! 🙁 I have an 8 year old foster Min Pin here. She has been doing well, but not placed for a long time. Right before Christmas she came down with a spot on her right shoulder that looked suspiciously like ring worm only we haven’t had ring worm in a foster here in over 2 years. I treated her with an antifungal for about a week. No difference and bumps appeared under her skin on her back legs. I took her to the vet and she thought allergies. It was possible since she had started scratching prior to the breakout. She was on fish @ the time. I pulled her from the fish and went to beef. The vet did a skin scrape and found bacteria so we went on a mild antibiotic & continued the antifungal. The vet suggested a steriod shot but I said no as I had just gotten her bad ALT numbers down with Sam-e and milk thistle. The dog’s skin got better, but a serious thinning effect in a larger area progressed. I began a zymox regimen. There was no difference. After another week, I went back and this time saw my regular vet. We did another scraping. She had demodex! My vet said she didn’t see demodex in older dogs unless there was some serious immune compromize. She often saw them in Chemo patients. We did another blood panel and fortunately her liver enzymes were now down to normal and all the blood work was absolutely in the normal range. We are currently trying to boost her immune system with additional probiotics and some echinacea. We are not currently doing the dips or oral medications, but are treating her with a natural neem oil shampoo. Anyone who has thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • Crazy4dogs

    That’s the horrible thing about Parvo. Once it’s inside your home, it’s a really major task to get your house cleaned of it. I know many rescuers that don’t take foster puppies after they’ve had Parvo in the house.

  • theBCnut

    The truth is your post violated commenting policy. You may not fully type out all the potty mouth you put in your posts, but it is still there. How very adult of you.

    If my vet was OK with my dog having diarrhea for 3 months, I would fire him/her after about 2 weeks, maybe sooner. It is not OK to let an animal have diarrhea for 3 months. It can do permanent or long lasting harm to the intestines and can also cause nutritional problems during that time and for a long time after. There are proper protocols for treating diarrhea and the first thing you do is remove all food. Then you switch to a bland diet. Then you slowly start adding the normal food back in. At this stage, the dog may have gotten diarrhea again, but it certainly would not have had it for 3 months.

  • DogFoodie

    Sam’s breeder required us to take off our shoes right inside the front door and we had to wash our hands before handling the pups. She was passionate about protecting the health of the pups.

  • theBCnut

    I’ve seen the exact same thing and in shelters I can understand it, but if the dog has been vaccinated appropriately and then gets parvo, the dog has problems with it’s immune system and no amount of vaccinating is going to help that. Pitties and Rotties are extremely common in this situation and both are know to have immune problems. Parvo is considered endemic in our soil, so these breeds should never even touch the ground here until all of their shots are completely finished and they may still come down with it. You can track it in on your shoes too, so nothing is safe is you are purposely breeding dogs with terrible immune systems.

  • Crazy4dogs

    I have a very good friend who owned, showed & bred champion bull mastiffs for over 20 years (she had Rottweiler prior to that). She fed raw, as did her friend, who raised, showed & bred champion English Mastiffs.

  • Kathleen Crouse-Bradley

    I have Mastiffs, I listen to Mastiff breeders with 30+ years of exp.Not someone that has never owned, bred or raised any..

  • Kathleen Crouse-Bradley

    I’ve lost a dog to Parvo, I’ll take my chances with that as I have learned first hand, not from someone elses exp. Leptospirosis is a diff story, there are ones I give and ones I don’t. Unfortunately none of my dogs can go to day care or be boarded without them….

  • Kathleen Crouse-Bradley

    Other people were judging say they would never let their dog have diarrhea for months, the poster stated the dog was under vet supervision and they were eliminating one thing at a time. And yet they kept passive aggressively attacking the original poster, who was following the advice of a licensed veterinarian. That was what I meant, they apparently never read past the 3 months of poops… But they all got mad and had my post removed, very adult of them.. Nobody but nobody likes to hear the truth…

  • Crazy4dogs

    The shelters and rescues are the most typical area for Parvo outbreaks, not in the general population.

    The problem is people don’t take the time to understand where the facts are coming from and jump on whatever they hear.

    I see the FB lists of the rescue I foster for as well as several others. Many of these are VERY rural areas in the depressed areas of the South. The adult dogs are emaciated, often filled with worms of every type including heartworm. They also have mange, etc, etc, etc. This often holds true for the pregnant females. Many of the puppies are left out in the woods or by the side of the road. The puppies are in such bad condition to begin with that Parvo pups seem to come in on every transport. This often tends to put many of the rescues into a “Vaccine for everything” frenzy.

  • LabsRawesome

    Exactly. I agree one thousand percent!!!!

  • LabsRawesome

    I think it is Kathleen that is having problems comprehending what she is reading. The only ignorant comment was posted by her.

  • Crazy4dogs

    I must be reading this thread wrong. How were the posts advising to pull the dogs off of a food that was giving them diarrhea and to report it to the FDA ignorant? Your whole post & comments seems inappropriate.

  • theBCnut

    FYI, there are approximately 2 large breed puppy foods that are actually appropriate for large breed puppies. Never is a very long time. Dog food companies do, every once in a great while, learn from the latest research and update their formulas.

  • theBCnut

    Those were either totally unvaccinated dogs or dogs with immune suppression, and no amount of vaccines is going to beat a fried immune system, but over vaccinating can fry the immune system. Getting educated is the responsible thing to do. Making decisions based on being educated, rather than fear or blindly believing everything you are told, is the responsible thing to do. So please, think, act, and post responsibly. BTW, being a vet does not magically impart thinking ability, some regular people have it too. If you have it, you can do research and educate yourself on any number of topics.

  • DogFoodie

    Actually, what you missed was that the poster said she was looking for a food with no corn for a large breed puppy; she didn’t mention large breed puppy food per se.

  • Crazy4dogs

    If you’re commenting on Large Breed Puppy food, where are you getting your facts from? I don’t think the experts agree with you.

    Karen Becker/Mercola:


    dvm360, a veterinary magazine:


  • Thank you Kathleen. I quit feeding large breed food because of things I read here and there. Would you happen to have any urls to this info so I can share it with people?

  • DogFoodie

    You’re welcome to your opinion, as I am to mine. If you choose to abuse vaccines for your pets, that’s your responsibility.

    Telling someone to do their due diligence is thinking, acting and posting responsibly.

  • DogFoodie

    A large breed formula, with an appropriate level of Calcium, is perfectly acceptable Kathleen.

    What exactly is in a LBP food that you feel contributes to skeletal disorders?

  • Crazy4dogs

    Kathleen Crouse-Bradley I think that should be said of your post. DogFoodie was posting regarding the overuse of YEARLY vaccines. My own vet stopped doing yearly vaccines per AMVA guidelines more than a decade ago. However, I personally know many people whose vets still give yearly vaccines when the protocal has in fact changed.

    I foster for a local rescue that pulls from very Rural shelters. Many rescue puppies do in fact get Parvo due to owner neglect and pups being left in a shelter with exposure to all kinds of disease.

    Nothing in the post was mentioned about no vaccinations in the post you commented on so you might want to actually read the post before you comment.

  • Kathleen Crouse-Bradley

    FYI, I know this is a long time ago, but large breed puppies should NEVER be fed large breed food, it makes their joints grow faster than the rest of their body and can cause Osteochondritis Dissecans as well as knuckling over….

  • Kathleen Crouse-Bradley

    That’s fabulous advice, NOT……. We just had a severe Parvo outbreak here in the midwest, hundreds of puppies in rescue died, who knows how many in homes did too. Please think, act and post responsibly. Unless you are a licensed Vet!

  • Kathleen Crouse-Bradley

    It is apparent that none of these people actually read your post before posting their ignorant comments. You did exactly what ANY vet would have recommended…. You did the right thing…. SMH, ev1 is an effing dog expert on the internet…

  • H L

    That I will do! It has also been reported to the FDA, and I am awaiting for the vet to submit a report as well.

  • Dori

    Please let us know the results of the testing on the food. Thank you.

  • H L

    Yes they were tested for parasites and nothing. Per the vet, we were ruling out whatever was the issue. First it was raw feedings, it began with chicken, then went down the line until those were taken away completely. The issues continued, so we kept pulling all treats, until again, there was nothing. Things seemed better, and then BOOM, it came back AGAIN…. so we yanked them on the only thing that was left, the FOOD. We have since switched and turned it in for testing.

  • H L

    We are 🙂 We also gave some to the vet to send for testing 🙂

  • H L

    It wasn’t constant… it was here, then gone, then here, then gone. We also feed raw, and had treats, so throughout, I was ruling out one by one.

  • H L

    Well, it was trial and error. They always had diarrhea, but then seemingly got better, and then a week later, diarrhea again. we also feed 50 % raw; so I initially thought it was that. So we yanked them off of all raw feedings. Then I thought perhaps it was any/all treats; so they were yanked off of that…. But the diarrhea came back AGAIN; and the only thing they had left to rule out was the food. I am now feeding earthborn holistic primitive natural. The food is now being sent for testing via my my vet, since they continued to get sick.

  • Dori

    How on earth could you allow your dogs to have diarrhea for three months before changing their food? I’m perplexed!

  • theBCnut

    Please contact the FDA. People are complaining a lot lately about foods made by Diamond and if people don’t report it to the FDA, it won’t be investigated.

  • LabsRawesome

    I’m not sure why you would let diarrhea go on for 3 months. Have you had a vet check for internal parasites?

  • Hater & Molly’s Mom

    I would never have kept my dogs on food that caused three months of diarrhea. What are you feeding now? Diamond has a horrible track record!

  • H L

    incorrect; they own several brands, and had recalls right around the time you posted this….

  • H L

    Diamond actually owns quite few different brands; and they had recalls on a few of them in 2014.

  • H L

    Just pulled my dogs off of taste of the Wild; After 4 years of loyal feeding; I have seen nothing but three months of straight diarrhea… so we are DONE with anything Diamond makes!!!!

  • theBCnut

    Please report to the FDA and have your vet do likewise. Save the food and original bag, in case it is wanted for testing.

  • I have been feeding my dog the Nature’s way turkey formula from Costco for probably 2 years now. This last bag led my dog to the vet. Oddly it didnt effect him until the end of the bag but it took 2 trips to the vet to figure out it was the food. Every night around midnight he’d get violently sick. Spend about a half hour shaking and throwing up to the point where blood was in the bile. Finally I took him off the food and just had him eat boiled chicken and rice… that night… nothing. He was fine. I researched and found on consumeraffairs.com tons of reviews of people having the same pet issues some even worse. I don’t know what they did to their food but I knew their reasonable price “natural” dog food was too good to be true.

  • LabsRawesome

    I like your comment one million times!!!!!

  • DogFoodie

    Start researching those vaccines next and there won’t be any more yearly vaccines for you either!

  • Dawna

    I wish I was a fly on the wall in their company to see what is going on. The food coming in could be tainted or its not getting processed properly.

    The Diamond Co has changed a lot through the years. Back in the 80’s it was an excellent dog food. However, right around that time there was a break up in the company. I believe 1/2 owner left with the original recipe and the other half got the company. There’s been a problem ever since. I quit using it mamy years ago.

    I started researching the possibility of feeding raw food. Believe me when I say it’s the best decision I ever made. I encourage anyone to research it themselves. The end result,; healthy dogs, skin, teeth and coats. Only trip to the vet is yearly vaccines.

  • emily

    A close family friend just had to put her dog down from this dogfood. She recently switched. All 5 dogs got sick. Vet said switch back to rule out dogfood, since that was the only KNOWN change. 4 dogs got better. One had severe kidney damage.

  • Gina Splawn L’Ecuyer

    I lost my 14-year old Standard Poodle, the love of my life, to a Diamond recall in September of 2005 … and yet Diamond has had numerous recalls since then. I would never feed a Diamond food to my pets again. I now feed Fromm’s and Earthborn Holistic — no recalls on either — ever!

  • NormanF

    Downgrade to Diamond High Energy food. The new formula just makes dogs sick! Dogs don’t adjust well to a radical change in diet and they should be fed as bland food as possible. I don’t know what Diamond was thinking when they changed their formula but my German Shepherd did not take well to it.

  • littlelady

    I have fed diamond large breed adult and large breed adult lamb and rice to my dogs for over 4 years now. I have never had a problem with it. They have not had a recall since 2012 according to this site. So many large dog food companies have recalls and some more than once. Truthfully there is never a safe choice in dog food or human food because there is always a chance for recall on everything you buy. Things happen! You just have to be vigilant and keep up to date on your news.

  • tlynne

    my dogs have been eating this brand for 3 yrs now since they’ve enhanced with super foods n probiotics they have been constantly sick one throws up n one has the craps. food store told me to keep them on it forfew more weeks as husky stomachs don’t adjust easy to new stuff but two months later they are still sick just not as often..I’ve cut back on what I feed then n changed there treats thinking It was the treats but so far no luck they can’t have lamb products or they get sick…what should my next step be..is there a better food ?

  • Crazy4cats

    Actually, most dogs do very well on Diamond foods as long as there is not a recall. That’s the hard part of it. Most, if not all of the recalls have come out of their South Carolina plant. But, they are a very large company that manufactures many different brands of foods. I think that alone makes them more likely to have a recall. However, it has been two years now. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that they have changed. For example, I work for Costco, and right now in our NW region, there are 23,751 bags of Kirkland chicken and rice available between 62 warehouses. That’s not even counting the lamb and rice or the various varieties of the Nature’s Domain. BTW, without a doubt, all of these bags will sell. I haven’t gone back to using it yet, but the temptation is arising! I’m actually afraid to try much of anything else considering my dog’s belly issues. Anyway, between all of their different brands, there are millions of dogs eating this stuff without any issue. Let’s hope it stays that way!

  • Stacy N Mike

    they havnt had a recall since 2012

  • Thank you very much.

  • Thank you. Still looking for a replacement dog food for large breed puppies with no corn.

  • dchassett

    Hi Jon. Just checked something out for you that might be helpful. Click on Forums above (red header bar), then click on Canine Nutrition and then read down that first page and you’ll come to a section :Large Breed Puppy Food Question. I think you’ll get some ideas there because that question would have been answered by posters with large breed dogs. Good Luck. I hope any of this helps.
    OH! Good. I see Betsy just gave you a link to it.

  • Betsy Greer

    Hi Jon N Misti Hightshoe,

    What breed of dog do you have and how old is s/he? Large breed puppies have special nutrition requirements, in particular they need controlled levels of Calcium.

    If your pup has reached at least 80% of his adult size, the need for controlled Calcium isn’t as great. If he’s still in growth phase, you’re best off choosing a food from this list compiled by Hound Dog Mom: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BwApI_dhlbnFTXhUdi1KazFzSUk/edit?pli=1

    Also, visit this thread in the forum area for additional information about large / giant breed pups: http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/forums/topic/large-and-giant-breed-puppy-nutrition/

  • dchassett

    Premium Edge is, indeed, a Diamond Product. I’m pretty sure some Premium Edge cat formulas were recalled early in 2013 but I don’t think it involved their dog line. It’s just another example why so many of us stay away from any foods produced by Diamond. So many recalls you’re never quite comfortable, always expecting the next one. As far as a recommendation for a decent large dog formula I’m going to have to turn it over to those posters that have large dogs. Mine are all small dogs and I know that large breed puppies need different requirements nutritionally than a small breed dog does.

  • Returning it. I can’t believe places carry it. I signed up for recalls. Do they also make Premium Edge? I have been feeding that large breed puppy food.

  • Thank you for such a quick reply. Would you have any recommendations for a large breed puppy food close to Diamonds price range?

  • dchassett

    Yes! This is truly a brand you should not feed your dogs, ever. You should return it to the store and exchange it for another brand. Diamond has many many recalls and is a very questionable company. Dogs are constantly sick, vomiting, diarrhea and all sorts of problems. If you look on this site on the upper left hand side there is a link to Dog Food Recalls. You can check out what foods have been recalled in the last number of years. Also sign up for the free dog food recall alerts. Seriously, Diamond foods are simply the worst. They also produce foods with other names on them so if you go to the recall section, print it out and take it with you to the store so that you can pick a better alternative for your dogs and not one that has been recalled. Good Luck.

  • I just bought the Diamond large breed puppy food because a friend of mine raves about it. Now I have a friend telling me it is one of the worst brands because they always have recalls and lawsuits. Should I feed this to my dogs? Is this truly a brand that I should not buy? Who is buying this brand and why, considering all of the bad press and sick dogs?

  • Sean Hicks

    I was just making sure

  • Sean Hicks

    No I was just making sure

  • dchassett

    Are you having problems with Diamond food? I don’t think there’s been a recall in a while but that doesn’t mean there won’t be another. As C4C said, sign up to have recall alerts sent to your email. It’s really a good thing to do. I’ve done that with a few different sites.

  • Crazy4cats

    I haven’t heard of one. Have you signed up for recall alerts on the top right hand side of this site? If not, it’s a great tool in my opinion.

  • Sean Hicks

    Has there been a recent recall on Diamond

  • Pattyvaughn

    I’ve known several shih tzus that were prone to bladder infections and then started getting crystals in their urine, so keep an eye on her for a few days just in case.

  • kim

    I switched my schitzu from Blue to TOTW. Her water intake has increased immensely. She is acting sickly, not like herself. Switched back to Blue this evening. Good by TOTW

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Monika –

    I believe the recall list is no longer available on Diamond’s site because it was so long ago. Your best best would be to contact Diamond directly, you can find a phone number on their website. You may also want to consider switching brands, if you check the comment I posed below to pitbull ambassador you’ll see I’ve posed some other brands that are comparable in quality and price to Diamond Naturals.

  • Monika

    THANK YOU for writing this my dog is seriously ill from Diamond Lite Lamb Meal & Rice formula…. where can I find the recall list to see if this is on it and WHY was this not pulled off the shelves????  I am just heart broken as to what my pet has to go through because of this…..

  • Hound Dog Mom

    pitbull ambassador –

    The recall was awhile ago and the affected products should no longer be on shelves. However, with Diamond’s history of recalls and quality issues you may want to consider switching to another brand.

    Some other foods that are similar in quality and price to Diamond Naturals are:

    Whole Earth Farms
    Hi-Tek Rations
    Eagle Pack
    Pro Pac
    Fromm Classic
    Nutri Source
    Nature’s Recipe
    Simply Natural

  • pitbull ambassador

    i feed diamond naturals chicken and rice, im in the dfw texas area, should i be concerned?

  • Sheryllb

    They didn’t mention Sold Gold

  • Tina M.

     Unfortunately this is not true.  Our dog got sick (twice) on a bag from the Missouri Plant that is not on the  recalled list yet.   We found the following information and reported our bag to the FDA.


  • Diamond has two factory’s only one is affected shop at a responsible pet store that checks the batches and knows where they get there food from and you will be fine.

  • HI Terrence,

    As I mentioned before, most amino acid supplements are actually synthesized. That doesn’t automatically make them bad.

    And many times they’re added to help achieve a particular benefit.

    For example, methionine is added to a dog food not only to increase the supply of the nutrient itself but also to acidify the animal’s urine. This is reportedly done to prevent unsightly discoloration of grass and shrubbery.

    Methionine is also used to help prevent the formation of struvite crystals in the urine. But unfortunately, it can also increase the potential for oxalate-type kidney and bladder stones, too.

    Hope this helps.

  • Terence

    Hi Mike

    I noticed that some pet foods are listed with Lysine and Methionine (both are amino acids).  Does it mean that they are synthetic?  If they are derived from the ingredients within the food, then there should be many more amino acids to be listed. 

  • doggonefedup

    Now I have to wonder how much better dog foods would be if the peas and potato were replaced with fermented and/or sprouted rice…..;0)

  • Shawna

    LOL….  I know what you mean…that is where the proper processing comes in though…  Our ancestors didn’t eat grains in the same manner we did.  They processed them (sprouting etc) to release the bad and increase the good.

    Dr. Weston Price did a TON of research (by visiting tribes all around the world) and is, imo, one of the leading experts on ancestral diets.  He has passed but his data lives on via his foundation..

    Here’s some great info called “Be Kind to Your Grains and Your Grains Will Be Kind to You”
    [Link removed by Moderator due to malware]

    Dr. Royal Lee (from the same era as Dr. Price and also deceased) is another excellent source of dietary information.. 

  • doggonefedup

    Okay, thank you, that is good to know. I wasn’t aware of the diabetes part.  Here’s the part that makes my brain hurt. The bran is where the phytic acid is but it is also the source of zinc which is needed in the diet but is consumed by the phytic acid. But the zinc in the bran is still a healthy part of the diet….its kinda got me going in circles.

  • Shawna

    Morning doggonefedup ~~ you are correct—there is less phytates in refined white rice.  Phytic acid is primarily in the bran and the bran is removed in processing.  However, the bran is also where most of the nutrients and the fiber is.  Polished rice is basically pure starch.  Because the fiber is gone to prevent rapid uptake, white rice has a more detrimental affect on blood glucose.

    The below quote is in regard to people but demonstrates the higher blood glucose thinking.

    “A study team at the Harvard School of Public Health recently found that eating five servings per week of white rice increased the risk of diabetes.”  http://www.fitday.com/fitness-articles/nutrition/healthy-eating/the-difference-between-brown-rice-and-white-rice.html

  • DebAnn

    I totally changed food to Pet Guard.  A little pricey, but it has never been recalled and is made by one company. 

  • Lynn

    Thanks for all the information on home cooking.  I appreciate the advice 🙂

  • doggonefedup

    I have to ask. Phytic acid in rice, I am under the impression that it is brown rice that contains high or higher levels of phytic acid. And white or polished rice only contains a small portion of phytic acid that is further reduced with cooking to the point that it actually has less phytic acid than even coconuts. And if so that would make cooked white rice a good choice for controlling or helping to control blood glucose levels. Would you know if that was correct or not?

  • Joy

    I’ve always fed my dogs what I eat, and no problems, but I don’t have a kennel or large group of dogs to feed…currently have one small 9 lb dog that I show in obedience and she does well on basically what I eat….with a small amt of Orijin kibble and a multi vit tablet.

  • Shawna

    Unfortunatley chicken and rice with a supplement would be very very nutrient deficient..  Chicken is high in omega 6 fatty acids but deficient in saturated fats.  Dogs need both for optimal health.  Red meats would need to be fed too.  Rice has phytic acid in it.  Phytic acid binds with minerals like zinc and calcium and if over consumed will create a zinc and other mineral deficiency.  EXTRA minerals would need to be supplemented when feeding grains routinely.  Rice is also high in omega 6 making it even more important to include a source of omega 3.

    ALA omega 3 from flax seeds are not converted well to DHA omega 3 in adult dogs.  DHA is needed for proper eye, heart and brain health.  A animal based supplement (like fish oil) or food (like sardines) would need to be included for adequate DHA.

    It is IMPERATIVE that a source of calcium be added to balance the phosphorus in the chicken and rice.  A calcium deficiency will cause a whole host of symptoms/illnesses.  Calcium, in the blood, seeks out pathogens and surrounds the pathogen until the white blood cells can show up to neutralize the pathogen.  A calcium deficiency will affect the immune system…  The body compensates for this by causing the muscles to heat up (aka a fever) which causes calcium to leach from the bones (to supply the calcium needed in the blood).

    If there is not enough magnesium in the diet, pup can develop seizures (simply from the lack of magnesium). 

    That’s only a few examples..  Like Meeshholly, I think it is VERY important to follow a recipe (that includes multiple proteins — like Dr. Karen Beckers), use a commercial balanced product or do TONS of research on what foods provide what nutrients and incorporate that knowledge into a balanced meal plan… 🙂

    An easy way to do it is to use meats you supply — turkey, chicken, beef etc with a premix like the one on designed and sold by Steve Brown on his website See Spot Live Longer.  You can add veggies to this diet to reduce costs (the premix is very inexpensive but the meat can be pricey) but you would NOT want to add any form of grain or it will throw off the balance.  You would also want to include sardines (packed in water) a few times per week for the animal based Omega 3s.

  • LabsRawesome

     Oops, that should read “pallet” not palate. lol.

  • LabsRawesome

     All of the recalled product was removed and replaced months ago. This reminder was posted for people that might have bought several large bags or a palate of the food before the recall, and may still be using up the old bags & maybe never even heard that there was a recall like 3 months ago.

  • Mike

    My research has indicated that dogs are not as likely to be affected by salmonella as people are.  Dogs intestines are short, compared to humans, and their stomachs are very acidic where not much survives.  Think of what dogs eat in the outdoors, dead animals, their own and other animals’ feces, bones they may have buried days or months ago, parts of lunches construction worked thew away the day before or longer and who knows what else.  I’m more concerned about what my dogs may find to eat along the road or in the park when I take them for the walks they love to go on.

  • 2and A Half Dogs

    Some of the brands that were recalled are back on the shelf. Is it okay to purchase it now? I know it’s not the same batch but is there a risk of the new stuff as well?

  • Meeshholly


    I currently feed my dog 50% kibble & 50% homemade. I spent probably 20 hrs figuring out her homemade menu (she doesn’t have any issues/problems) I followed the NRC guidelines for vitamins and mineral requirements & I still need to supplement daily with calcium – weekly with Vit B and a few others monthly. I personally don’t think it should be something that’s done willy nilly. If not prepared properly, it could cause issues down the road for your doggie.

  • Thanks Mike for the update, I’ll facebook the link to get the word out as most people on my page or from parts of the country that would be affected by the recall.

    If your going to feed your dog homecooked I would suggest doing a TON of research first.  Homecooked takes the same amount of education as feeding raw.  You really need to know what your doing and not just slap a few ingredients together and call it good.  You need to know the science behind what your feeding and why.  Most of all you need to make sure that your dog is getting enough calcium.  Hope that helps.

    Better to feed a canned or kibble diet than a bad homecooked/raw diet.  All companies are subject to a recall, but Diamond is in a league of their own just because of their business practices aren’t the greatest. 

  • Patty

    I make a mixture that consist of mackerel, cooked dry beans, cooked frozen peas and carrots. I will alternate the mixture with whole grain and brown rice or oatmeal. Mix it together and I put the mixture in freezer bags using as needed. I add human grade brewers yeast to individual feedings along with giving my dogs Caltrate, magnesium and potassium and flax seed oil 1000mg. There are many recipes out there. I also feed my dogs Blue Buffalo Chicken and rice kibble, the food is holistic. 

  • Lynn

    Thank you for the reminder.  I am currently feeding my dogs the Acana dog food but since my one dog was diagnosed with Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis in February and with recalls again, I am considering feeding chicken & rice with a supplement.  I know some people that just feed their dogs what they eat and their dogs are thriving and live very long lives.  Does anyone know if dogs would get enough nutrients by just feeding chicken & rice with a supplement?