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Worrisome Levels of Arsenic Discovered in US Rice Supply

Mike Sagman


Mike Sagman
Mike Sagman

Mike Sagman


Dr Mike Sagman is the creator of the Dog Food Advisor. He founded the website in 2008, after his unquestioning trust in commercial dog food led to the tragic death of his dog Penny.

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Updated: September 27, 2023

This ABC News video details the discovery by Consumer Reports of arsenic in the US rice supply.

Since Consumer Reports1 has recommended “babies eat no more than one serving of infant rice cereal per day”, we feel compelled to suggest animal caretakers remain cautious, too.

Until the US FDA establishes safe upper levels for arsenic content, pet owners may wish to limit the total amount of rice fed in a dog’s daily diet.

To learn more, please visit our recent article, “Arsenic in Rice May Also Affect Dog Food“.


1: Consumer Reports, November 2012

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