Dog Food Calculator


The Dog Food Calculator below can help you estimate the proper serving size for your pet. It’s based upon a study published by a respected veterinary institute.1

To use the calculator, you’ll need to know your dog’s ideal weight. This is what you believe your pet should weigh.

You’ll also need to know the number of calories in the specific dog food you’re feeding him.

Dog Food Calculator
Step 1
Your dog's ideal weight

pounds   kilograms

Step 2
Your dog's activity level

Step 3
Your dog food's calories per serving

kcal / cup

The calculator’s formula2 uses a dog’s metabolic weight to suggest an approximate serving size.

Dog Food Calculator

The Dog Food Calculator was designed for adult dogs only… not for puppies. 

And it should never be used for pregnant or lactating females.

Small breeds are considered adults at about 9 to 12 months of age. And medium breeds at about 12 to 14 months.3

However, large and giant breeds shouldn’t be fed as adults until they reach around 1 to 2 years — depending upon the breed.4

Overweight Dogs

If you believe your dog might be overweight, be sure to choose the “Overweight” option for “Your dog’s activity level”.

Otherwise, the recommended serving size will likely be too high.

And for help, be sure to visit our Best Dog Foods for Weight Loss article.

Senior Dogs

Older dogs have significantly lower energy needs than younger ones. So, it’s easy for them to put on extra weight.

In general, small to medium dogs are considered seniors at about seven years of age.  However, larger breeds reach senior status much sooner — some as early as five.5

Converting From Calories
to Serving Size

Once you’ve entered your dog’s ideal weight and activity level, you’ll know the number of calories per day.

However, to convert calories into something you can use, you’ll need to enter the number of calories in your dog’s food.

The number of calories in a given amount of dog food is known as its metabolizable energy (ME, for short). It’s usually reported somewhere on a dog food package like this…

  • Calories per cup (kcal/cup)
  • Calories per kilogram (kcal/kilogram)

By the way, the calculator assumes you’re feeding your dog just once a day.

If you prefer to feed your dog twice a day, be sure to divide your result in half so that both meals add up to the full daily calories suggested.

The Bottom Line

Since every dog is unique, it’s impossible to predict the serving size that’s perfect for each pet.

So, start with the package’s feeding instructions — or the amount suggested by our calculator.

And be sure to weigh your dog every few weeks.

Then, simply adjust that suggested serving size up or down to reach and maintain your pet’s ideal weight.

Sure, it’s a little work. But in the end, it’s the only real life method you can scientifically rely on.

Final Word

This tool is intended for educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for professional veterinary advice.


  1. Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition (1999), Canine Life Stages and Lifestyles, The Waltham Course on Dog and Cat Nutrition, p. 14
  2. ME (kcal/day) = 110 (body weight in kilograms)0.75 to maintain a typical adult dog
  3. Iams, “How to Transition Your Puppy to Adult Food
  4. Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition (1999), Canine Life Stages and Lifestyles, The Waltham Course on Dog and Cat Nutrition, p. 4
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  1. Crazy4cats says:

    You could still put in your dogs ideal weight and then any number, such as, 400 calories per cup. Then it will tell you an approximate number calories per day your dog needs based on their activity level. You could just ignore the number of cups it recommends. It give you both calories and cups per day after you put in the required fields. Check out for homemade recipes.

  2. Try going to the “forums” section and look for Hound Dog Mom’s past posts.

  3. Then this calculator will probably be of no use to you. I’d try to find a nutritionist that can help you figure out the exact needs your dog has. Most online references seem to only base feeding off of a % of dog’s weight.

  4. Jana Cooney says:

    Well I making my own food so I’m not using kibbles anymore

  5. Usually it will be near the guaranteed analysis or the feeding guidelines.

  6. If you look at the bag of your dog food, you should be able to find the kcal/cup and kcal/kg. You need the kcal/cup off of the bag and that’s the number you use.

  7. Jana Cooney says:

    It is wanting me to put how many calories my dog needs each day to figure out how much to feed them BUT THAT is what I DO NOT know and need to know before I can use that Calculator , HELP

  8. Yup!

  9. Bobby dog says:

    Wow, he’s doing really well!! Still feeding the Simply Fit?

  10. Crazy4cats says:

    Yay! Max is doing much better than I! That’s good news.

  11. I recently started weighing out both Bentley and Max’s food on a gram scale and I’m glad I did. I realized I was overfeeding Bentley slightly, but over time that adds up. It has also helped Max go from 87lbs to 83 lbs on his diet!

  12. Cathy Koh says:

    Wow i suck at this… my math is horrible. Raw feeding is much easier

  13. “Maybe you were confused with butter”
    Nope *smh*

  14. Sure, could you ask your friend to stop baiting me? Thanks
    PS: I am not wrong, imo, you are wrong, lol

  15. Yeah, right. Condescending.

  16. Crazy4cats says:

    I don’t see why you would be banned. Honestly was trying to help you understand the poster’s question. Sorry!

  17. If I am banned, you and your group can be happy as you have driven away another valuable contributor to this forum.
    You are all bullies.

  18. Crazy4cats says:

    Yes, I believe we were all assuming she meant kibble, including you. You actually said “I stand by my 1 pound of dry kibble equals 2 cups.” Maybe you were confused with butter.
    I believe you were answering to the best of your ability. I don’t think you intentionally meant any harm to anyone. I’m not sure why you are still arguing when there are about six different posters on here that are all in agreement with the general rule of thumb for weight of kibble. It really is OK to be wrong now and then. Lord knows I have been. Can we please move on?

  19. Exact question/post

    Mavis Petrie • a day ago
    “Can you please tell me how many pounds or ounces are in one cup?”

    No mention of kibble, canned food, raw food, dry food, wet food or any type of food for that matter. Absolutely nothing about how many servings in a bag. We all speculated on what she meant by her question.

    We all answered the question to the best of our abilities.
    No follow up questions or response from the OP noted.

  20. They weren’t asking about it so they could weigh out each meal. I believe the original poster was trying to figure out how many 1 cup servings are in a bag that weighs X amount. Nowhere did they say they wanted to weigh the food and get that nitty gritty with servings.

  21. Exactly. But, if the serving size is 1 cup per day.
    Why would you weigh the kibble.

    A cup is a cup is a cup………
    I don’t believe the dog food kibble servings have anything to do with weight.

  22. Crazy4cats says:

    It sounds a lot cumbersome! I feel itchy just thinking about it.

  23. Ha Ha!! That’s part of why I find it a little bit of a chore. It’s a little cumbersome and I usually have hay all over my clothes afterwards!

    At least I only have to do it once for each batch I get in, no big deal. The big deal is when the pony puts on too much weight and I have to put her on a diet…no fun for either of us!

    I have a cup I use for Bobby’s kibble that I marked with each brand/recipe I feed. As long as the recipes don’t change I don’t have to weigh anything again unless it’s a new brand or recipe.

    He’s like the pony and me, he packs it on easily even with all his daily activity.

  24. Crazy4cats says:

    Will it fit on my tiny kitchen scale? Good luck with that! 😉

  25. How about coming over to weigh my horses’ feed and hay??

    I just got a new batch of hay in from a different supplier. Weighing feed is no big deal, but weighing hay, uggggg it’s a little messy.

    One flake of hay from this new batch weighs about 11.5 lbs. A flake from my last batch was about 7 lbs. My pony would get a HUGE hay belly if I fed her the same number of flakes as I did from the last batch! I really have to watch her weight. She’s a gal after my own heart with how fast she can put it on.

    Oh well, this load should take me into spring so I might not have to weigh any more hay if we have an early spring, fingers crossed!! 😉

  26. Crazy4cats says:

    Haha! I’ve had a lot of experience as I am an on and off again weight watcher member. Right now, I’m off, but should be on! :/

    The leaders recommend weighing food as opposed to measuring with cups. I can easily squish in an extra 30 grams of ice cream into a 1/2 cup. The label says it should weigh 108 grams, but mine weighs 138 grams when I’m done with it. LOL! That could add up over time when you are trying to lose.

    Thanks for the confirmation that we were on the right track!

  27. Crazy4cats says:

    The original poster asked how many ounces are in one cup. Ounces is a measurement of weight and we were simply answering his/her question. I found it to be an interesting question. Now, I know, it’s approximately 4 ounces depending on the food. I guess it could be helpful to determine how quickly your dogs will go through a bag of food. I think some people with smaller dogs may find it helpful to weigh the food as it is more accurate. I know for myself, I can jam a lot more ice cream in a measuring cup than the actual serving should be! Can’t cheat when weighing it!
    So, in conclusion, we were answering the poster’s question, approximately 4 ounces per cup or 4 cups in a pound. (16 oz in a pound).
    PS Peace out to you too!

  28. It took 4 cups of my small kibble to weigh 1 lb on my scale.

  29. Your article confirms my opinion.
    Thanks! If you feed the kibble by weight rather than by cup measurement, you will overfeed!
    That is how I understand it!
    Peace out…….
    (excerpt below, click on link for full article)

    What is an eight ounce measuring cup?
    An 8-ounce measuring cup is the type of measuring cup used in cooking and baking. This is the type of cup you should use to measure out your pet’s food.

    Why does the label say a cup only holds e.g., 4 ounces?
    There are fluid ounces that measure volume (16 ounces in a pint), and there are dry ounces that describe weight (16 ounces in a pound). A measuring cup measures volume, but not weight. It turns out that 8 fluid ounces of water weighs approximately 8 ounces. Pet food, however, is less dense than water. So 8 fluid ounces of food generally weighs approximately 4 ounces.

  30. I find your explanations too busy and laden with unnecessary details.
    Scooping dog food kibble out of a bag is not rocket science!
    PS: Why on earth would anyone weigh dog kibble? It’s measured by the cup for serving not by the weight.
    You are just confusing people.

  31. Hi Anon

    You said “I don’t need any help. Thanks.
    The 1 pound = 2 cups (approximate) has worked for me and my pets for many years.”

    I’m guessing it “works” for you because you don’t weigh your dogs food : )

    From Purina 1584 kcals/pound. If you are right and there are 2 cups of kibble in a pound of kibble that would mean dividing the 1584 kcal/pound in 2 will give you the kcals in each cup 1584 divided by 2 = 792 kcals.
    Purina reports 374 kcals/cup

    Or look at it this way 1584 kcals/lb divided by 374 kcals/cup = 4.23 cups in every pound. this is consistent with crazy4cats measurement

  32. Maybe it looks all complicated because it is in grams and kgs and kcals.decimals and long numbers. I see your point .

    You said “Like I said 1 pound (16 ounces) of dry kibble = 2 cups. (approximate)”

    If that were true than the number of calories /cup x 2 will equal the number of calories /pound.

    From Purina website Pro Plan large breed weight management calories/cup 374kcals/cup Multiplied by 2 = 748kcals.

    Purina reports kcals/pound as 1584

  33. I’m impressed with your measuring skills! From their website 374 kcals/cup and 3492 kcals/kg

    374/3.492 = 107 grams /28=3.82 ounces

  34. Well, I’m just going to write you off as a troll at this point. Facts are facts when it comes to weight. You were disproved above with crazy4cats picture. Your opinion is worthless when it is spewing false information.

  35. Actually, it doesn’t make any sense to the average pet owner.
    Too complicated and technical.

    Like I said 1 pound of dry kibble = 2 cups. (approximate)
    That’s what I find works.

  36. Like I said, your vet needs to go back to some basic schooling. I feel for anyone that uses that vet.

  37. I don’t need any help. Thanks.
    The 1 pound = 2 cups (approximate) has worked for me and my pets for many years.
    My vet who I trust agrees, that’s good enough for me. 🙂

  38. Hi anon,

    This is a copy of my reply to the original poster.

    Royal Canin Labrador 3492 kcals/kg, 276 kcal/cup
    3492 kcal/kg = 3.492 kcal/gram dividing through 276kcal/cup 3.492kcals/gram = 79 grams/cup of food. As there are 28 grams in an ounce one cup of RC Labrador is 2.8 ounces.

    Pro Plan Puppy small breed 4126kcals/kg and 461 kcals/cup 461/4.126 = 111.7 grams. = 4 ounces
    Evo small breed avg between two posted values 4121kcals/kg and 516 kcals/cup calculates out to 4.5 ounces

    Hope that helps.

  39. haleycookie says:

    I hate to break it to you, but your way is not always right. It’s almost maddening watching you argue back and forth about something you are clearly wrong about. I know you think everything you know is matter of fact true, but it isn’t. There’s no real point in anyone even arguing with you anymore because as soon as you are proven wrong to some degree you remove your comments on here. Just as you’ll do with these. I guess to save yourself the humiliation lateron. Extrememly close mind, self righteous people such as such as yourself are what’s wrong with this society today.

  40. Hi Anon
    Using the information you posted you can see the influence of the density of what you are measuring on the weight of a cup
    1 pound butter = 2 cups
    1 pound flour =4 cup
    1 pound sugar =2 cups
    1 pound caked flour = 4 3/4 cups

  41. Sounds like a scam. What a waste of kibble.

    How is that a fact? Do you have it on tape, the bag being opened and the measuring cup used. Lol
    Not buying it.

  42. Right, so I know for a fact that 25lbs of Merrick holds 100 cups. 44lbs of Canidae ALS holds about 176. I know this because in my store we have each of these foods broken down in to individual cups in baggies to demonstrate how much is in each bag.

  43. Hi Mavis,
    Great question ! There can be significant variation depending on kibble size and density.

    You can calculate this from the information provided by the manufacturer.

    Here are some examples:
    Royal Canin Labrador 3492 kcals/kg, 276 kcal/cup
    3492 kcal/kg = 3.492 kcal/gram dividing through 276kcal/cup 3.492kcals/gram = 79 grams/cup of food. As there are 28 grams in an ounce one cup of RC Labrador is 2.8 ounces.

    Pro Plan Puppy small breed 4126kcals/kg and 461 kcals/cup 461/4.126 = 111.7 grams. = 4 ounces
    Evo small breed avg between two posted values 4121kcals/kg and 516 kcals/cup calculates out to 4.5 ounces
    As you can see the number of ounces /cup varies considerably with the food hope this helps

  44. Not really. Anyone can google away and find a variety of opinions, not facts.

    You provided sites that support your opinion and I provided sites that support mine.

  45. It says on the dog food bag what the weight is, example 15 pounds.
    I don’t have the time or inclination to scoop out cup after cup, weigh, compare to scale weight etc.

    But after years of feeding kibble in measured amounts, you are able to determine how many cups are in the bag
    I don’t think it’s that complicated. 🙂

    Just my opinion.

  46. Measurements and weights are not opinions. They are supported by scientific facts. Clearly something you missed while getting your “degree”

  47. Yup, over 30 years so far.

    What don’t you get about opinion?

    It is neither false or true.

  48. Okay, choose to believe something that is false. That’s great, it’ll get you real far.

  49. Crazy4cats says:

    Btw, the answer is approximately 4 ounces, but would have to weight it yourself for the exact amount. Good luck!

  50. Crazy4cats says:

    Not talking about the difference between two measuring cups. The original poster asked how much one cup WEIGHED. Your answer is incorrect whether it be science or homeopathic based. This is not an opinion, it is a fact. I’m done now, we are not helping the poster whatsoever.

  51. I have a liquid measuring cup and I have stainless steel dry measuring cups, I have compared and have found the difference to be miniscule.
    I have never used a scale to weigh food, seems a little extreme to me.
    I don’t get that intense about these things.
    I stand by my 1 pound of dry kibble equals 2 cups.
    That is what I choose to believe based on my knowledge and experience.

  52. Crazy4cats says:

    Thank you, your link confirms what we are trying to explain. When using a liquid ingredient, use a liquid measuring cup. For a dry ingredient, use a scale.

  53. Crazy4cats says:

    I found this dog food calculator very helpful in determining a starting point on the amount to feed my dogs. They both weigh about the same amount, but I did end up feeding one less as he is a little less active and was getting chubby. I do carefully measure their food every day. If I were just to eyeball it, I’m sure I would over feed them!

  54. Crazy4cats says:

    Check this out! 1 lb equals approximately 4 cups of dog food on average. Again, when I get home, I am going to weigh a cup of kibble to find out for myself! I don’t even have a science degree!

  55. From what I understand the difference is miniscule.

  56. Good luck with that! excerpt below

    “If a recipe calls for four ounces of something, how do you know if they mean four ounces on the food scale, or in the measuring cup? What’s the difference between dry measuring cups and liquid measuring cups, why would you need different cups, wouldn’t they measure the same amount? This may sound stupid, but not to me. Thanks for your time.”
    I asked my friend Chef Jennifer Field, a graduate of Orlando Culinary Academy, who offered this response,
    “This is a very good question; many people don’t stop to consider that there is a difference at all between liquid and dry measures, so good for you! My general rule of thumb is if the recipe calls for 4 ounces of a liquid, use a liquid measuring cup. If the recipe calls for 4 ounces of a dry ingredient, use your scale”

    Now to your other individual questions:
    What’s the difference between dry measuring cups and liquid measuring cups?
    Dry measuring cups are meant to be filled right up to the top and then leveled off with a straight edge of some sort. Liquid measuring cups generally have a pour spout and are made to be filled to the gradations on the side of the cup (1/4 cup, 1/2 cup, 6 oz, etc.) rather than being filled right up to the top.

  57. Crazy4cats says:

    Yes, 1 cup = 8 fluid ounces, but not necessarily 8 kibble ounces. I’m going to have to bust out my kitchen scale and weigh a cup of kibble when I get home!

  58. Oh you do? So do I! which is how I know how to properly measure dog food.

  59. You have picked arguments with me before. So, I have to assume it is for prior things we do not agree upon.
    PS: I have a degree in science, I know all about measuring cups 🙂

  60. Correct measurements are not homeopathic views. They fall under the scientific category. Like I said, get a correct measuring cup and an accurate scale. You can see it for yourself.

  61. Join in for a pile on. Classy.

    I gave the poster an answer that I believed to be correct, only to be attacked by one of the homeopathic followers.
    Really, if I didn’t care for animals as much as I do I wouldn’t respond.
    See ya later.

  62. Seriously? Your vet told you that fluid ounces are the same as ounces by weight? They really need to retake basic science classes at that point. As a matter of fact, I’m here in more of a professional capacity than you are. Those of us who work in the pet industry know general rule is 4 cups per pound. It really isn’t that hard to figure out with a scale and fluid measuring cup in hand.

  63. haleycookie says:

    Are you here in a professional capacity? And since when is accurate measurements an opinion? Also when did this become a medical or diet related recommendation? The person was asking about the weight of kibble?

  64. Are you here in a professional capacity?
    I didn’t think so.
    Therefore, your opinion is no more valid than my opinion.
    I listen to the vet that examines my pets for medical advice and diet recommendations.
    Not internet blah, blah, blah.
    So much bad advice and misinformation on these forums,
    Sad, I feel sorry for the folks looking for answers that fall for it.

  65. Since you like to spam people with links:

    Excerpt from above:

    One 50-pound bag cost $23.88 at Wal-Mart (at the time this piece was written). That will give you approximately 200 cups of dry food, since a pound of dog food roughly translates to four cups.

    Or, you can bust out a scale and do the math yourself. Hell, I’ll even create a video showing the measurements and the weight on a scale for you!

  66. FLUID OUNCES ARE NOT BY WEIGHT, THEY ARE BY VOLUME. You are such a “science based information” person yet you don’t know the difference between weight and volume measurements? Seriously, email or call any dog food company. OR GOOGLE IT LIKE I SAID. You are patently wrong in this instance and giving out bad information to someone’s question is bad character

  67. I don’t do Facebook. I know I am right

    Measurement Equivalents

    1 cup = 8 fluid ounces
    1 cup = 16 tablespoons
    2 cups = 1 pint (16 fluid ounces)
    4 cups = 1 quart (32 fluid ounces)
    1/8 cup = 2 tablespoons
    1/4 cup = 4 tablespoons
    1/3 cup = 5 tablespoons + 1 teaspoon
    3 teaspoons = 1 tablespoon
    2 tablespoons(liquid) = 1 fluid ounce
    1 pound = 16 ounces
    1/2 pound = 8 ounces
    1/4 pound = 4 ounces
    Ingredient Equivalents

    1 pound butter or margarine = 2 cups
    1 stick butter or margarine = 1/2 cup
    1 stick butter or margarine = 8 tablespoons
    1 chocolate square = 1 ounce
    1 chocolate square = 3 tbs. cocoa + 1 tbs. of oil
    1 pound all purpose flour = 4 cups
    1 pound cake flour = 4 3/4 cups
    1 pound sugar, granulated = 2 cups
    1 pound brown sugar, packed = 2 1/4 cups
    1 pound sugar, powdered = 3 1/2 cups

  68. Definitely not wrong. As Crazy4Cats mentioned, ounces is weight. But there are also FLUID ounces which is volume, and that’s what a measuring cup is. Do a simple google search and you will find that your “general rule” is wrong. Also, since you love Zignature so much, they’ve answered this question many times on their facebook page for people. 4 cups=1 lb.

  69. The guy below is wrong. Of course there are slight variations. Depending on the density of the kibble.
    But the general rule is 1 pound of dry kibble equals 2 cups of food.
    PS: Why are you so focused on measurements and weights?
    Dogs have different metabolisms just like people.
    Just took my 9 pound dog in for a quick weigh in, she was down to 8.2 pounds a month ago, so I added an extra meal (she’s a senior) now weighs 9.6.
    Guess what? She eats a little more per day than my 21 pound dog!
    Trial and error, see what works for your dog, and go for the annual vet exams, weight checks.

  70. Crazy4cats says:

    Hi Mavis! You would have to actually weight the food in question for an accurate weight because there is some variation in kibble density as ZeekandT mentioned. Cups is a volume measurement while ounces are a weight measurement. Hope this helps!

  71. So 1 cup = about 1/4 pound. There is some variation because some kibble does tend to be slightly more dense than others, depending on brand. But most companies generally use the 4 cups per pound rule

  72. Actually, it’s 4 cups per pound.

  73. If you are talking about dry kibble.
    One pound of dry kibble = 2 cups (8 ounces each)
    That’s what I go by.

    Example 27 pound bag of dry kibble = 54 cups

  74. Mavis Petrie says:

    Can you please tell me how many pounds or ounces are in one cup?

  75. Crazy4cats says:

    My dogs get new bandanas when they go to the groomer for their quarterly clean up. They look so handsome! For about a week anyway. Lol!

  76. Bobby dog says:

    I used to dress my JRT up for Halloween, but when she was three or four she pretty much had enough of that! 🙁 She didn’t mind a bandana though; neither does Bobby.

    I did manage to get a pic of Bobby with the Easter Bunny dressed in a shirt collar and bow tie with cuffs and cufflinks that was pretty cute. But, he made it clear he wanted them off after he posed pretty for the camera.

  77. Cathy Cee says:

    1/4 cup twice a day may still be too much, I’d try cutting it back even more. Are you walking her every day?

  78. iClean Dogwash says:

    I love this article. This is very well written. You have truly enriched me with some excellent knowledge about Dog Food

  79. Ha! Nah I never dress them up. They hate it 😛 Max did get a new collar as a Christmas gift so that will have to do lol

  80. Have you picked out a new “after” outfit for a pic yet? Maybe a nice new bandana?

  81. Glad you like it! Volume measurements are inaccurate which can derail a weight loss program.

    Here is an article that reviewed accuracy of volume measurements

  82. I started doing what you told me and weighing Bentley and Max’s food in grams with a gram scale. I honestly love it and am pissed I didn’t do it before lol. It’s 10x easier to get the exact amount of food needed when weighing out the food that way. Btw we are on week 2 (Fat Burn) of Simply Fit. I weigh Max again next week when he goes back on Metabolic Maintenance. I’ll let yall know if hes lost at all!

  83. Hi Dogs are great,
    I understand your point. Determining energy requirements is somewhat of an inexact science. The equations to determine energy calculation do not meet every dogs needs Actually any one dog may vary by 50% in either direction. It is simply the nature of the beast.

    If the calculator tells you your dog needs 1851 kcals a day what that means is that your dog could need somewhere between 925 and 2775 kcals a day.

    I took this from The Ohio State Veterinary Website

    “Individual pet needs can vary by as much as 50% from calculated values
    however, so these are only starting points for estimating the amount of
    food to be provided daily. The amount is then adjusted up or down as
    needed to maintain a healthy body condition score.”

  84. haleycookie says:

    Senior dogs naturally gave a lower metabolism and need less. And every dog and dog breed is different. This scale doesn’t take that into account. For my dog this scale picked up the perfect amount for his age and activity level. So idk what happened with what you put in. The suggestions on his bag of food however tend to be way off at least by a cup.

  85. Dogs are great says:

    Also I have been feeding her that much since she was 2.

  86. Dogs are great says:

    Nope she is an active Dog. They claim :Your dog requires 1851 kcal / day
    Feed your dog 4.66 cups / day. I was using 350 per cup. I feed her around a 1000 calories a day with treats. Happy and healthy

  87. Crazy4cats says:

    Hmmm? When I put in 80 lbs for a dog with typical activity and 400 calories per cup, it suggests 4 cups. How many calories per cup did you enter?

  88. haleycookie says:

    How much did you put in the fields? When I selected senior dog 80 lbs and 400 kcal a cup which is average(ish) it says 3 cups. So maybe you did it wrong?

  89. Dogs are great says:

    These calculators are all BS. My Dog is 80 pounds and I feed her 3 cups of dry food per day not 6 and she is 9. She would be obese if I fed her what the advice from Dog food companies. They suggest I feed her 8 cans of wet food a day as

  90. InkedMarie says:

    2-3% of the dogs weight is what you feed. What exactly are you feeding?

  91. Hi Trish,
    Labradors do love their food, how many meals a day do you feed & when you say you make up his meat from a recipe do you add grounded vegatables, fruit, sardines, meaty bones to his diet? When my boy was put on a raw diet he too was always hungry, you could look at freeze or air dried raw & feed as a meal & see does it hold him better then the raw, 45kg sounds like a proper weight for a Labrador so he’s not under weight. My boy weights 18kg & I was told to fed him 2 cups of raw a day 1 cup raw for breakfast & 1 cup raw for dinner then just watch his weight if he looks like he’s lost weight then add another 1/2 a cup of raw a day but he kept being hungry after being feed a kibble diet they need time to adjust my Natropath told me, I ended up feeding 3 meals a day 1 cup raw for breakfast & 1 cup raw for dinner & 1/2 cup kibble for lunch to hold him over till dinner time…or I was feeding 1 cup kibble for breakfast & raw for dinner in Australia we feed raw & kibble together well everyone I speak too all feed raw diet & add some dry kibble some feed the supermarket grainfree kibble or some feed premium brands, we have a few Australian made premium kibbles & they tell us to add raw meat or raw meathy bones with their kibble….. I know you probably don’t want to feed a dry kibble but it does stop them being hungry, was he feed a kibble diet before the raw diet & has he been wormed?

  92. Trish Morton says:

    Hi – can you help me please? I have a Labrador who is 45 kilos. I make up his meat from a recipe I found on line but I can’t work out how much to give him each day. he is always hungry. How much fresh meat should a large reasonably active dog get?

  93. Don’t waste your breath, once folks fall down the homeopathic rabbit hole, they won’t believe you.
    If you are receptive to science based veterinary medicine, go here

  94. Hi samlucy-

    I’m not sure how your comment pertains to what I said to the OP. Perhaps you meant to post to someone else?

  95. Well that makes it all ok then! When your dog dies of salmonella, he was just “naturally selected”.

    An infected dog has a weakened immune system. If the salmonella doesn’t get them right off the bat, at the very least it is helping things along when the dog catches something else or is otherwise debilitated. A dog shedding salmonella is immunocompromised. Period paragraph. Even “raw” enthusiasts whom I personally know won’t feed raw chicken.

  96. Chickens “in your yard” are most likely also infected with salmonella. It is passed on from the hen when the egg is formed in her body.

  97. Dogs “in the wild” don’t live nearly as long as our pets. There’s a reason for that – and disease and illness are the larger part of it.

  98. Yes they will, if it is infected with Salmonella. Why do you think they recall dog food infected with salmonella? Yes dogs CAN eat all sorts of things we can’t – but that doesn’t mean its ok to KNOWINGLY feed them infected food!!!! And chicken in this country is certain to be infected due to the way it is processed.

  99. Unless the dog is TOO THIN she doesn’t need any extra dog food, whether or not she comes looking for it.

  100. Try selecting OVERWEIGHT. That comes up as 2.68 c per day. For my dog, it comes up 1.3c per day. If I fed that to my dog she WOULD starve – at 1.5 c per day she was losing 2 pounds per week, or FOUR TIMES the safe rate.

    Different dogs have different metabolisms. The calculator is NOT going to give anyone the exact amount of food their dog needs. At best its just another potential starting point from which you adjust up or down according to the dog’s actual condition. You might as well start with the suggestion on the back of the bag.

    The calculator is just plain wrong more often than not – doesn’t matter in which direction it is wrong, its wrong.

  101. A 70 lb Border Collie is clearly NOT starving. The dog is not being neglected. You owe the OP an apology – which doubtless you will withhold.

  102. ALL Purina foods are crap. Look for the better versions of Diamond or Costco Kirkland foods (which are made by Diamond).

    Purina recalls:

    2016 low nutrients
    2013 salmonella
    2012 low nutrients
    2011 twice salmonella both times

    Furthermore in 2014 AS A RESULT OF A LAWSUIT THAT THEY LOST, Purina agreed to set up a $6.5 MILLION dollar fund for the owners of pets who were sickened or killed after eating Waggin’ Train treats WHICH WERE MANUFACTURED IN CHINA. They did this without ever issuing a recall (though they did stop production altogether for awhile).

    In addition there have been repeated problems with Beneful and mycotoxins and/or propylene glycol content.

    Purina quality is in the toilet anyway, it’s right down there with Ol’ Roy.

  103. The bowl is slimy therefore the water is as well….You can let your dog drink from it however I will change their water numerous times a day and each time washing the bowl with soap and water and drying it before the new clean distilled water goes in it

  104. Dogs are not obligate carnivores like cats are – but they’re still not vegetarians. Your dog needs animal proteins. Rice has protein, but not all the different types of protein that either people OR dogs need to thrive. Stick with the kibble – just make sure its a good kibble. Mine gets Kirkland Mature (because she’s elderly). Pad it out with low cal veggies as others mention here. Don’t forget to count the calories from veggies into your dog’s total calories per day.

  105. Changing it ONCE per day is plenty – assuming there’s much left to “change”. And the bowl should be cleaned every single time you refill it. The water is fine. Its the BOWL that gets “slimy”.

  106. Crazy4cats says:

    Try using the “contact us” link at the bottom of the page. Maybe a moderator can help you out.

  107. I agree, where did the kcal/kg option go? That was really helpful, because I weigh my dog’s food as well. Can you put that option back on the caclulator?

  108. What are you feeding them?

  109. I think I remember that! Have you checked out Waltham’s website to see if there is a calculator on it that would work for you. I believe that is where this calculator is from.

  110. Tiffin Filion says:

    This calculator used to have an option that would let you enter kcal per kg and then tell you how much per kg to feed your dog. I had to get spreadsheets involved to figure it out, where before, the calculator would just figure it out for me.

  111. Does the feeding guide on the bag tell how much a cup weighs? You’re right, weighing food is much more accurate.

  112. Tiffin Filion says:

    They are small dogs so I get between 1 and 3/4c for one and between 1/2 and 1/3 for the other. Measuring by weight is much easier but the kg serving size is no longer part of the calc.

  113. How many cups per day?

  114. I think so

  115. InkedMarie says:

    Oh sorry I misunderstood.

  116. Tiffin Filion says:

    That’s the dog’s weight, that’s not what I’m talking about. It used to give you kcal/cup AND kcal/kg. It doesn’t give you kcal/kg anymore.

  117. InkedMarie says:

    I see the kilogram option

  118. Tiffin Filion says:

    What happened to the kcal/kg option? My dogs get odd amounts in cups and weighing is so much easier for me.

  119. Crazy4cats says:

    How many calories per cup is the food you are feeding?

  120. haleycookie says:

    The 88 cups is an error most likely. 88 kcal seems right.

  121. Carol Rozett O'Connell says:

    this is what it said Your dog requires 88 kcal / day
    Feed your dog 88.33 cups / day

  122. Crazy4cats says:

    Are you sure it isn’t 88 calories?

  123. Carol Rozett O'Connell says:

    My dog is 3 and a half pounds and over weight and this is telling me to feed my dog 88 pounds of food a day, I DONT THINK SHE COULD EAT THAT MUCH IN A YEAR

  124. Raul Barrios, Ing. says:

    A Kg has 9.6 cups, and a Pound has 4.3. cups (standar measuring cup), according to Kirkland pet food.

  125. To drop to the weight you think your dog should be

  126. Susan Schonfeld Stagliano says:

    I always figured an ounce per pound

  127. Doesn’t work. When I hit “calculate” nothing happens.

  128. Phoebe Unleashed says:

    On the food calculator, does the number it comes up with, the amount to maintain the weight you entered for your dog or is this the number of calories to lose weight?

  129. samlucy says:

    You need to change the water several times a day …Water gets slimy

  130. I adjust my seniors’ foods so that they maintain a good Body Condition Score. I guess you could say it’s trial and error. If they started loosing their “tuck” and “taper”, I would feed them less. If I see to many ribs, I would fed them more and keep some kind of food diary with calories noted. The link below is also in the article above.

  131. Micah Mae Mullins says:

    How would you adjust for a senior dog? Would you just play it by ear or trial error?

  132. Hi Evelyn,
    Make a list of everything he eats in a day and add up all the calories. Anything that crosses his lips need to be accounted for. Use 80 % of that total as your starting place for calorie count. After 2 weeks if hasn’t dropped any weight decrease again.

    Use a diet formulated for weight loss ask your vet for recommendations.

  133. EVELYN K says:

    I have a 9 yr. old yellow English Labrador.
    Weight: 109 Lbs.
    His snack are: 1/2 carrot in the morning; 1/4 of an apple @7:30pm
    Need help finding a diet food or how to calculate the calories. HELP!!

  134. I give my dog fresh water several times a day and wash it out every other day. Never heard of giving dogs fresh water after 4 days?

  135. Hi Rose-

    I have never had an issue with my dogs gaining weight by using the Dog Food Calculator tool. In fact I’ve had the exact opposite effect. It is important to know what your dogs ideal weight and acitivity level is (and be honest). You also must factor in treats and table scraps and decrease their food accordingly.

  136. Rose Batula says:

    Unfortunately you can’t go by the calculator because then your dog will be a roly poly. I started feeding my dog what the calculator recommended and his weight blew up to almost 16 lbs in a month’s time. I decreased it to 4oz then 3oz. Also account for the snacks in-between and adjust his food. He was on track, losing weight, then I started feeding him apples & carrots and I wasn’t figuring it in. Well, he started putting on weight again. Oh, I’m feeding my dog the Nature’s Domain turkey & pea stew and he loves it.

  137. ADD Mom says:

    You are to enter their IDEAL weight, not their actual weight. So if he should be 8 lbs, you enter 8 lbs. Then it will tell you how much he should be getting. However, if it is significantly less than what he is used to getting, you should cut back on the amount gradually so he he doesn’t feel so hungry at first.

  138. Thanks for the tip. The link has now been fixed. 🙂

  139. Shaye Nelson says:

    Hi, just an FYI that the link for “your dog’s ideal weight” now links to spammy pop up windows. Thought you’d want to know. 🙂

  140. Jeri Payton Thiede says:

    Add veggies to her dry kibble and maybe just a spoon of canned. Ours don’t get treats very often and they love apple pieces for dessert. We feed mainly green beans, a little broccoli and carrot slices. We buy frozen packages when on sale.

  141. Jeri Payton Thiede says:

    Our schnauzers LOVE their veggies and they get pieces of apple for dessert!

  142. Jeri Payton Thiede says:

    We have two schnauzers, spade female and unneutered male (with no bad male dog habits). She is a little overweight, so have cut back on the kibble. You might trying cutting the kibble and filling in with acceptable vegetables, like green beans. Our vets (and others) often suggest filling in with green beans while cutting the dry. Carrots are higher in calories, so should be limited. Careful with rice since they have found arsenic in some of it. Potatoes may not be best, either, except maybe smaller quantities. Ours love their veggies – green beans, broccoli, cauliflower and minimal carrots. We buy the cheapest frozen bags as canned can be higher and you have to watch for salt. We just put their portion of veggies in the fridge overnight so they get mostly thawed. Zap in the microwave until they are no longer cold. They also love pieces of apple for dessert. Hope that might help you! Also, they rarely get treats. Try to make them healthy if they do.

  143. Casizzle says:

    Rice, potatoes and carrots don’t have enough nutrition to sustain a dog. If you cook food for them at home be sure to do more research on how much protein and vitamins and minerals you need for them to be healthy.

  144. InkedMarie says:

    Put in your dogs weight, activity level and the calories per cup in the food you are feeding then click “calculate”

  145. Patricia Andresen says:

    I figured it was a good source of plant protein. Since I’m feeding her grain free kibble I wanted to stick with that, not because she has allergies, but she doesn’t always eat all her food so I want every meal to be nutrition packed.

  146. Lynn Childers says:

    I tried that and it didn’t work for mine either. Just yesterday my vet told me to try ‘Purina’ (yes, its one of the few dog foods never made in china…so it’s called Purina Smartblend Healthy Weight. I am currently using blue buffalo (which costs a lot) and he told me don’t waste $ on the fancy names. Said this is as good or better and if it has 8 or less gms of Crude Fat, it’s good for overweight. (blue buffalo is 8.5 gms of crude fat, but it’s $23 a bag and the company has NO coupons. So next bag will be this. I’ll try anything. He’s only 6 (in July coming up) and he is already too fat. He’s very lazy too. Maybe a little weightloss will light a fire under his furry white butt!

  147. Lynn Childers says:

    I did that for so long with my last two dogs. Didn’t try it with lentils. Sounds like something mine might like. I have to find something I can feed him that will help him lose weight. He’s just over 13lbs and he’s a maltipoo…and that is TOO fat. Lately he’s really struggling to jump on the couch 🙁

  148. Lynn Childers says:

    I cant figure out how to use that ‘dog food calculator’ I entered in my dog’s weight, 13.3 lbs (he is overweight, he is a maltese/poodle mix) and I was told to get a dog food that has less than 8gms of crude fat. I mix about 1/4 kibble with about a tablespoon of lean chicken breast and one large floret of broccoli. I don’t know if that’s enough, but I DO know that the calculator told me to feed my dog 2.5 CUPS OF IT A DAY! my dog would be HUGE in no time. He is very lazy and has low activity. His blood work is all good. Anyone out there know a trick to get him to lose weight by changing food?

  149. Pitlove says:

    Thank you! He came out looking nothing like his mom or dad lol. Was kinda weird.

  150. Patricia Andresen says:

    Adding homemade food to my dog’s diet.

    I like to add wet food to my dogs Victor dry kibble. She really likes the homemade mix ins that I make. According to the food packing she requires 3 cups of food a day. She’s about 50 pounds. I’ve been feeding her twice a day, so 1½ cups per meal. I’ve been adding​ 1 cup of dry kibble to ½ cup of my soft food plus a couple spoonfuls of coconut oil. Meaning she gets 2 cups dry kibble and 1 cup cooked wet food per day.

    My mix-in recipe is
    1 cup cooked lentils
    2 eggs scrambled in hot lentils
    2 cans of salmon
    1 10oz bag frozen peas & carrots

    This lasts about a week.
    It’s so much less expensive than store bought wet food (Fresh Pet Select) and she likes it.

    Even though my mix in recipe is full of healthy food, I’m just wondering if she’s missing out on any nutrients by getting less dry kibble each day.
    Any thoughts? Thanks

  151. Patricia Andresen says:

    Your pittie is beautiful! Looks like my pup’s mommy.

  152. Hello, I have transitioned my three dogs to a cooked homemade diet. I have a senior malte-poo (15), a yorkie (3) and a Papillion (2). I am feeding supplements, Dogzymes Organic Ultimate, photoflex and probiotic. They are drinking half the water they used to, I usually filled their two water bowls every other days now they are not empty after 4 days. I am reluctant to change their food again because they love their new diet, they are way more active (especially the senior) and seem more content and happy.

  153. home cooked diets for

  154. Pitlove says:

    What you can also do is offer something like green beans as a treat. It’s no calories and acts as a filler. Makes them feel full longer. Can add to her food to and decrease the food slightly.

    Yes increasing excersize always is beneficial. She needs to be burning off more calories than she is taking in.

  155. Natalie says:

    Ohhhh. She’s been going through some training and they reward her with treats. I didn’t think they added up so quickly. I think it’ll cut out the treats completely for now and then when she goes back to training make sure they keep it to a minimum. Also, you think increasing walk times and taking her out to play more often would help? Thank you.

  156. Hi I have a 7 year old Dalmatian and a 7 year old mini schnauzer both medium activity levels and both good weights 22kg and 9kg respectively. I am just changing their diets from a good quality, dry food (served with water) as I feel they need something more gentle, to a cooked rice, potatoes, carrots, etc. and want to know how many cups of this cooked rice would be suitable for each of them each day (they get fed twice a day). Many thanks

  157. Pitlove says:

    Hi Natalie-

    In order to help my Lab lose weight I had to completely cut out treats along with increasing excersize and putting him on a weight control diet.

    Is your dog getting a lot of treats everyday? Calories in treats add up quickly for small dogs.

  158. Natalie says:

    I have a Chiweenie (mix) who is 24.5 pounds. The vet said that her ideal weight should be around 18 pounds so she’s overweight. I have her on Beneful healthy weight but so far her weight has stayed about the same. She goes on walks at least twice a day (10-15 minutes each). She used to spend a lot of time outside running around but has recently gotten lazy, is there any other way to get her back to her healthy weight?

  159. InkedMarie says:

    Are you saying she weighs 30 pounds and is overweight or she is 30 pounds overweight?

    That is not a very good food. I recommend either Annamaet Lean or Wellness Core reduced fat. If you tell us how much she weighs, we can give you an approximate amount of food to feed.

    Whatever food you choose, practice “Tough Love”: put the food down for 15 min. Whatever she doesnt eat is picked up & she gets nothing else until the next meal.

    What veggies do you give her? Some are high carbs and wont help with losing weight.

  160. Yes, I can understand your hesitation not to do another surgery so close to the knee. It is kind of a catch 22 at this point, because in order for her to lose the weight she needs to be able to exercize, but if she exercizes too much the CCL will continue to tear.

    So you have had a surgical consult already then?

  161. disqus_SBl7sCuYS7 says:
  162. Notfromthisplanet says:

    Hello Pitlove, that is what I was thinking as well. According to a surgeon, 80% of the pitbulls will end up with this condition. I have seen it in so many other breeds as well. I am just so hesitating since she went through another surgery before (patela) and she suffered so much, as she needed to be confined and she was in a cast and in pain.

  163. Hi Notfromthisplant-

    Once there is damage done to the CCL (ACL is the human term) it does not reverse itself. It only continues to tear. It would be wise to consult a surgical specialist as she may need to have a TTA or similar procedure done to correct the damage.

  164. disqus_SBl7sCuYS7 says:

    Good luck, I hope she improves, If not, I would consider the surgery.

  165. Notfromthisplanet says:

    Thank you so much for all your advice and help. I really appreciate it. My sister is not a dog person, so she is very fanatic about dogs around, but I will see what I can do.

  166. disqus_SBl7sCuYS7 says:

    Get the steps, the heavy duty ones, for climbing on furniture.
    Take advantage of that pool, it doesn’t have to be heated, put a harness and one of those flex extension leashes on him.
    I am telling you 5-10 minutes 3 times a week will help her burn calories and the exercise will release endorphins, decrease pain and aid in weight loss.
    Check with your vet if you don’t believe me, give him a call and ask him to call you back when he has a minute.
    You are lucky. I have to sneak my dog over to the lake during good weather only. I throw a waterproof kong toy ( and he dives in to get it! His limp disappeared after a week or two.

  167. Notfromthisplanet says:

    My sister has a pool, but not sure if its heated. I don’t know how to swim. The vet recommended surgery, but is trying out two meds which are for pain and inflammation. She was doing better earlier this week, but once she jumped down from my bed, it went really down hill. She now can’t put weight on that leg at all.

  168. disqus_SBl7sCuYS7 says:

    Do you know anyone that has a heated pool? One minute of swimming is equivalent to 4 minutes of running. Aqua therapy, if you have pet health insurance and your vet prescribes it for weight loss or other medical conditions, it may be covered.
    If you did this 3 times a week for 10 minutes at a time, you would see improvement in her mood, plus gradual weight loss.
    In the meantime work with your vet regarding the acl rupture. Is he recommending surgery? Or, wait and see?

  169. Notfromthisplanet says:

    My dog is 30lbs overweight and now has developed acl rupture. She is a picky eater and doesn’t eat much. She is not active at all and sleeps all day. Since the leg problem, she is even less active. I don’t know how to help her lose weight. She is eating about 2 cups of food a day, on weight management formula by nutri source and mixed with vegetables that I cook for her. I am so desperate. If anyone has solutions, please email me at [email protected]. She is an adopted pitbull mix.

  170. RueJoeKing says:

    English Mastiff, close to 7 years old, acting as active as young puppy! According to my math she is being fed about 1,000 kcal/cup, 1 cup of dry Solid Gold WolfKing with hot water, 2 glucosamin and 2 fishoil in the morning and ½ cup of Solid Gold WolfKing with 1 can GreenCow Beef Tripe in the evening. She barely maintains her weight of 160pounds. The moment winter hits and activity levels drop ever so slightly, she will put on weight. The calculator suggests to feed her almost 3x as much as she is. Do I starve my dog?

  171. sharron says:

    i feed my 8 yr old yorkie/chihuahua, 11 lbs, 1/4 cup of dry 2 x/day with a 1/2 tbsp of wet in each meal – sometimes in the mornings she eats less

  172. disqus_SBl7sCuYS7 says:

    My 9 pound dog eats 1/4 cup kibble with a tablespoon of topper, and a splash of plain homemade chicken broth or water added twice a day. Maybe a 1/4 carrot once or twice a day for a snack.
    She has maintained this weight for .8 years.
    She recently had a senior workup, all labs within normal limits. Teeth look good (brushed daily)
    Sure she acts like she is hungry, but they learn to wait for meal time. If they can work you, they will.
    See if she likes carrots? Don’t be alarmed if you see carrot chunks in their feces, it’s undigested fiber. It doesn’t hurt them. However, too much may cause loose stools.

  173. Doris Zebrowski Grau says:

    I have a rescued chihuahua. She is 13 lbs. was 11 when I got her 2 years ago. She’s 8 years old maybe older. She’s a couch potatoe but I walk her every day weather permitting. She loves the walks. Doesn’t play with dog toys, not interested. The Vet said she should be 8 lbs. if I cut back to a 1/4 cup of food twice a day she cries for more food. I feed her Pro Plan Purina dry food and canned also. How much should I feed her any suggestions appreciated.

  174. Camilo Gamero Patarroyo says:

    Can you help me to find the Formular and the explanation of the relation between Fats and Protein, I forgot it, and i dont remember how to read or understand de result, wich is the best, the normal and the worst ratio.


  175. InkedMarie says:

    I cannot find the food via google search; please post the info

  176. Amber L Lambert says:

    Hi my husband and I have 3 pitbull mixes one adult female and two 7 month old pups and 1 full pitbull male. We feed them 2 to 3 cups of sport trail brand at night. They are all active dogs. Are they getting what they need?

  177. Your dog must be starving.
    Your dog is high energy.
    What your feeding her is neglectful.

  178. There is a lot of variability in total GI transit times. Things like meal size and composition, age and regarding dogs, breed all play a role. Gastric retention time is slower in dogs vs people and small intestine time is faster. There is a lot of variation in large intestinal track retention times.

    When healthy dogs were fed a meal containing Salmonella some shed it in the stool for many days afterward indicating colonization of the tract.

    Gi transit time didn’t prevent them from “getting” Salmonella they just didn’t become clinically ill.

  179. Food products move through dogs much faster than humans. Think about it this way, a human, who eats much more than dogs, has a bowel movement about once a day. A dog who eats much less, may have 3-4 bowel movements a day.

  180. Not the person you’re replying to but I’m guessing that he or she ended up at 1 1/2 cups/day through trial and error over time. I would trust their personal experience with their own dog more than an online calculator based on population averages. When I first got my dog I fed her based on the package recommendations and simply weighed her weekly to see if she was gaining, losing or maintaining.

  181. Thank you!

  182. Kcals and calories are the same thing. Kcal is more technically correct, but we are used to calories, so we end up using both.

  183. Ada Gonzalez says:

    What is the difference between calories for humans and kcal for dog food? I need to count calories to keep my shepherd/Carolina dog mix weight down. I sometimes feed her chicken with her dry food and need to make sure she’s sticking to her suggested calories of 1100 a day.

  184. The relative tract length is a bit shorter in dogs than humans but I see digestion between the two species as similar. Dogs are susceptible to food borne illness just as people are and so if the chicken is carrying pathogens they may get ill.

  185. Diane Buffington Fyke says:

    Dogs digestive tracts are shorter than humans and also have different ways of digesting. They will not get sick with raw chicken =)

  186. Hi Guest-

    How did you conclude she should only eat 1 1/2 cups/day? Even when I select “senior, neutered, or inactive” for a 70lb dog on a food with 350 kcals/cup, the calculator tells me she should be eating a little under 4 cups/day.

    Don’t forget, with lower calorie foods you will have to feed more to achieve the amount of calories needed per day by your dog.

  187. I feed my 10 y.o., 70-lb, spayed female, Border Collie/Cattle Dog cross dog a total of 1 1/2 c. of food a day. The food is Natural Balance Duck and Potato at 350 kcal/cup. According to your calculator, she should be getting over 4 c. per day. If I did that, she’d be very, very obese. There’s something wrong here.

  188. Crazy4cats says:

    Yes, it is a constant “experiment”, just like with humans! Right now it’s tough to exercise our dogs (and ourselves) due to darkness and nasty weather so I try to feed them a little less and buy foods that are lower in calories. Good luck with your experiment!

  189. Yeah OK, maybe I’ll start at around 800 + her teeth brushing reward biscuit etc then and see how she goes. This is going to be a long long long experiment!! Thanks 🙂

  190. Crazy4cats says:

    That is a good question. If you put in overweight activity level, you get 651 calories. Typical gets her 1,023 calories. I guess you should just keep an eye on her weight and adjust accordingly somewhere between the two amounts until she stabilizes at the weight she should be at. Sounds simple, right? LOL! Remember to compensate for any treats or snacks as well. Everything counts, darn it. Best wishes to you!

  191. Yeah that’s what I thought too. Just wanted to check I wasn’t putting her on a crash diet! Thanks

  192. You would input 43 lbs and choose overweight I believe.

  193. I’m a bit confused by the dog food calculator and I need help please someone!!! I’ve adopted a dog that is 50 lbs, and the vet says she should weigh about 43 lbs. So if I put 43 lbs in the ideal weight, then do I still select her as being overweight? Or am I supposed to put 50 lbs in and select she’s overweight….? The first option seems like it’s saying she’s overweight at 43 lbs, but the second option is not her ideal weight 😐

  194. Lukas Thompson says:

    I don’t do canned food except on occasions as something special. I’ve heard that it often doesn’t have the same vitamins as the bagged food. My male husky eats whatever he wants, I leave his food on the ground and keep it filled. He eats when he’s hungry and then occasionally gets snacks, etc. He maintains his own weight pretty well. If you were doing dry food, depending on the brand and calories etc, I would say at least 3 cups of food a day for a husky.

  195. Michelle Rae Miller says:

    It’s called natural selection.

  196. Michelle Rae Miller says:

    Thanks for that!

  197. Michelle Rae Miller says:

    Ahh, that’s the problem right there, you’re getting your chicken from a package. Raise a few in your yard and feed them to your dogs. They LOVE IT!!

  198. Eddie Dj-Polar Rose says:

    Yeah it’s pretty incredible how different the baseline recommendation and how much your specific pup will need! My Collie/Husky on Orijen is recommended on the bag to eat a little over 2 cups; on this site it recommends 2 2/3 cups, which I’ve tried only to have a super thin dog and had to slowly bring him up to comfortable level. Now my guy eats a whopping 3 1/3 a cups which for his Collie size is intense but his metabolism burns it off fast!

  199. I recently found Castor & Pollux Natural Ultramix Grain free Red Meat recipe w/raw bites. My beyond picky Schnoodle (Dani) absolutely Loves this dog food. I’ve tried so many different kinds of wet and dry foods trying to get her to eat her food everyday you have no idea. This is the only grain free recipe she has ever actually took a bite of much less ate. She has been eating it for a week or so and she still goes at it like she loves it. She does however eat the raw bites first every time. She does clean her plate eventually. it’s amazing. It has 38.00% crude protein. I’m impressed.

  200. Duane Reilly says:

    very interesting read that was, thanks.

  201. disqus_SBl7sCuYS7 says:

    Also: “Raw diets are another popular option on the market today. Studies have shown that 20-35% of raw poultry and 80% of raw food dog diets tested contained Salmonella. This poses a health risk for your pet, but also for humans. This is especially true for children or immunocompromised adults, whether exposed to the raw food directly, or the feces of the pet eating the raw food. Additionally, there is increased risk of other bacterial infections and parasitic diseases when feeding raw diets. And the bottom line is there is no reason to believe raw food is healthier than cooked food”.
    Excerpt from:

  202. disqus_SBl7sCuYS7 says:

    “On one level, this argument is an example of the Appeal to Nature Fallacy, which says that anything arbitrarily defined as “natural” must be benign or beneficial. In the case of diets for carnivores, this ignores the obvious facts that: carnivores in the wild don’t eat an optimal diet, they eat whatever they can catch or scavenge; malnutrition, parasites, broken teeth, and other harmful consequences of a “natural” diet are ubiquitous in wild carnivores; captive carnivores, protected from these and other hazards often live longer, healthier lives than their wild counterparts”.
    Excerpt from:

    I choose to believe science based veterinary medicine.

  203. Duane Reilly says:

    where is your source on this?

  204. disqus_SBl7sCuYS7 says:

    Dogs in the wild don’t live very long and often suffer from illness and disease.

  205. Duane Reilly says:

    what about salmonela? do you think dogs in the wild start a fire and cook their food?

  206. Great stuff about dog food for sure!

  207. Rosalie Jalbert says:

    I have a 5 year old Husky/Australian Shepherd mix who weighs 51 lbs. I feed her a can of Merrick Grain Free at 6 a.m. and another can at 6 p.m. plus 1/2 cup of Fromm’s grainfree after her dinner in her kibble ball. That is her treat for the day. I think I am not feeding her enough and don’t know what to do. She gets a few Merrick grainfree treats during the day which I cut in half because her vet says her weight is perfect. I think I am starving her as she comes looking for food about 1 p.m. She is not very active until evening as I work and she is in the house. Occasionally she spends the day at my mom’s who has a big yard and she runs around. Help?

  208. I certainly can’t argue that that is a possibility, but luck that good is bordering on miraculous, and while I do believe God loves me, I’m not sure that extends to protecting my dogs from the things I allow them to do. You see, I live on a farm. My dogs eat chicken poop daily. They eat raw chicken regularly. They eat and roll in, then groom themselves goat, sheep, cow, and horse poop. They find frogs and toads, alive or dead, and eat them. They eat raw turkey, raw quail, raw pheasant, green tripe, and a whole host of things that could be contaminated. They chew on the same raw bones that have been laying around for months. Maybe I have been lucky and by some chance my chickens are completely salmonella, and all the other bacteria that chickens are know to have, free. Maybe none of the frogs and toads around here have it either. Maybe the old bones laying around have never come in contact with any bacteria. Maybe that lamb shank I gave Micah that he hid instead of eating and decided to eat 24 hours later never got any bacteria on it. I do believe miracles happen, I just never thought God would waste them on something like that.

  209. You should probably research raw feeding for dogs. Knowing your source is a key component. I’ll stick to feeding raw thanks.

  210. Lizzy Brust says:

    That’s because you have been lucky

  211. Lizzy Brust says:

    Raw chicken should never be fed to anyone…..note the ‘water’ that’s listed on the package. This ‘water’ is full of feces and other microbes that can make your dog sick, very sick.

  212. Wow goes to show differences of breed type. I have 2 Siberian Huskies, they’re fed 2 cups of kibble per day along with a couple dog biscuits for treats. The above calculator says they need 3 1/2 cups per day. If I did that they would weigh in at a lot more then their 51 & 54 pounds. (plus they are active dogs not couch potatoes)

  213. I agree it is only an opinion, but it is based on some interesting parallels.

    In exposed areas a significant portion of the human population is culture positive for Salmonella, yet they are not ill. Same situation as we see in dogs.

    In people it is the young, the old and the immunosuppressed that are at highest risk. Same as we see in dogs.

    When human outbreaks are identified the number of cases can be relatively small and identified over many months. The number of people exposed must be significantly higher.

    So although the infection rate appears small in both species I still have a healthy respect for Salmonella

  214. InkedMarie says:

    Your opinion. I personally don’t worry about salmonella nor much of anything else.

  215. My dogs have never had a problem with salmonella, or any other food borne bacteria.

  216. Kcals are calories when you are talking about the energy we get from food, so still 60.

  217. After doing a lot of research I’m not so sure that dog handle Salmonella any differently than people do.

  218. InkedMarie says:

    LOL, Joseph, perhaps you should do some research on feeding a raw diet. Healthy dog guts can handle salmonella. Also, there have been many recalls involving salmonella in dry dog food.

  219. Forget about the calories, bologna is loaded with nitrates, salt, fat, all kinds of chemical garbage.
    Not good for any living thing to ingest.

  220. Joseph Bryan says:

    Ok so let’s say i want to feed my dog a piece of Bologna that has 60 calories in it, how many Kcal does that work out to??

  221. Joseph Bryan says:

    RAW CHICKEN?? Seriously? What about Salmonela??

  222. Why are you boiling it? Why not feed Raw? Raw food is better for dogs with a portion of bones for their teeth. You need to feed less. Give baby carrots for treats.

  223. bojangles says:

    Hi Drew,

    I’m so glad that you feed your dog a home made diet!

    When done properly there is no commercial food that can compare! Just make sure that it is balanced properly. A good book to read is:

    Dr. Becker’s Real Food for Healthy Dogs and Cats: Simple Homemade Food. 3rd edition.

    And a good place to put together some recipes that are guaranteed balanced, as long as you balance it with their supplements is:

    Good luck and keep up the good work 🙂

  224. Drew Eno says:

    Thank you so much!

  225. theBCnut says:

    Pick a good quality canned food and give him a portion of it for 10 minutes, then put it away until next time to feed. rinse, repeat. Boiled chicken is a horrible diet for a dog. It is completely unbalanced and can cause quite a number of health problems. If you are going to make homemade food for your dog, which I would normally recommend, please do a LOT of research into what a dog needs for a balanced diet.

  226. Marilyn Petrik says:

    My dog eats boiled chicken, what should I do, he is 3 lbs overweight, he is a chihuhua. I need help putting him on a diet, please help

  227. Crazy4cats says:

    Sure it would work, if you know how many calories per cup is in the homemade food. This has been a good tool for me, but I feed mostly commercially prepared food. Good luck to you!

  228. Drew Eno says:

    Does this work for homemade dog food? I need to portion it out for my dog!

  229. Kogaion Kogg says:

    the dog food calculator is very nice !!!….

    …however…you do not specify what exactly means typical/active/working123….what exactly does it mean ???….

    active/highly active…how is a retriever for example…compared with spinone…or irish setter…or spaniel…some are medium energy…some high…a kangal is low energy…but how does it guard sheeps…how much energy does it uses for that ?

    working….it means police dogs ?….with high training every day ???…or drogs detection…it means herding too ?…or just guarding dogs to sheeps….and how exactly is that guarding or herding sheep/cattle consumes energy…..

    I see active is below w1….and highly active is between w2-w3….

    this is the issue….dunno exactly what it means…

    …one dog must be exercised…so that means all dogs are active…only low energy or not exercised dogs (or in specific day lets say) can be typical ?…and if they are high energy…that means what…like they must be highly exercised ?…like malinois…


  230. The dog food calculator was designed for adult dogs only, not puppies.
    Check the label on the food you’re using. It should give recommendations for age/breed/weight.

  231. Winnie Mah says:

    Which options should I use for puppy? Do you have the formula?

  232. 4dogsandalittlelady says:

    Just checked them all, they seem to be working as intended. Can you explain what you mean?

  233. tinkerbell123 says:

    If it would work, right now it is not

  234. 4dogsandalittlelady says:

    This is the exact reason we put in the work to make the ideal weight calculator. It is a very close approximation to BF% and ideal weight at 20% BF

  235. 4dogsandalittlelady says:

    We just broke down Hill’s BFI to give a dog’s ideal weight, feel free to use it!

  236. Niccolo' Machiavelli says:

    Best diet for puppies is raw lean whole chicken including bones which contain bone marrow rich in folates, Vit B12 and iron. You can get backs, necks from butcher, make sure all is well chopped and minced using a cleaver. As a filler add organic brown rice (boiled and drained that you can prepare and fridge to last 3-4 days). Cooked bones have no nutritional value and can puncture the gut resulting in death. Also plain pasta is a good filler. For a dog that size and age feed it 200-300g of raw whole chicken, 50g (an abundant hand full of brown rice/pasta), morning and night, at younger ages feed the same 3 times a day. Gradually add your kibble of choice, I use Fromm Gold. You will notice smaller stool amount and hence less urine output. Also find a good multivitamin to throw in the bowl once a day. For training treats I use dry-frozen beef liver bites, and as nightly dessert (yes they love to wind down with a long lasting chewing dessert, a small bully stick with a blob of organic unsalted peanut butter, but use it to train for some new trick). Avoiding biscuits or starchy foods is the best choice as well as fats and grease which trigger pancreatitis.

  237. disqus_XBSLKiLqK1 says:

    Really the only way to know if you are feeding the right amount is your dog’s weight. Try doing an image search for “healthy dog weight”. You’ll see images demonstrating what healthy, underweight, and overweight dogs look like. You can also ask your vet how to check if your dog’s weight is healthy. If your dog is overweight, cut back a little or try a raw, home prepared, or canned food. I work at an independent pet supply store and we see a lot of overweight dogs that slim down on a diet lower in carbohydrates than dry food. If your dog is underweight, increase her food and try adding a high calorie food like a freeze-dried meat topper. Any high-end, independent pet supply store in your area will have them. Puppies have high protein needs, and your dog can easily convert any excess protein into energy.

  238. My senior GSD who has arthritis and other medical issues that make walking difficult lost about 15# and I only did two things:
    1) Substitute an equal amount of his regular food (not weight control) with pumpkin puree – so instead of him getting 2c of food 2x a day, he gets 1 2/3c food and 1/3c pumpkin 2x a day. Not only did it help him get (and keep) his weight down, it also prevents bowel issues which can happen when they aren’t able to walk around as much anymore – and he loves it!
    2) Change over to “micro” or “mini” size treats (training treats work well, too) – that way, I can still give him little rewards (or, at times, little bribes), but they’re only about 10kcal each. Although it was an adjustment for us people – it seemed strange to only give him this one little treat instead of one “regular” size treat – our pup didn’t mind the change at all!
    Check with your vet to see if either/both suggestions might work for your pup, too. Hope it works out. 🙂

  239. jennifer says:

    I have just recently adopted a 7 month old (just under 50 lbs) boxer/Great Dane puppy. She loves to eat but I don’t want to over feed or under feed her. It seems all the info online shows different amounts for her size and age. Right now I feed her about 3 times a day with an occasional treat. I give her about 1.5 cups of food at each feeding but sometimes she cries like she wants more. She has to have a special bowl that keeps her from eating too fast as her tummy gets upset when she gobbles it down! Any helpful advice is welcome 🙂

  240. Babslynne says:
  241. Babslynne says:

    It could be the dog chow itself that is making her fat because its full of corn and wheat and carbs. They give corn to pigs to fatten them up for slaughter. If you look at the rating for dog chow on this forum you will notice that its 52% carbs and 26% fat. Would you consider switching her to a better quality affordable dog food such as Pure Balance from Walmart, or 4Health at Tractor Supply, Nutrisource, or Victor? When you feed a better quality dog food then you don’t have to feed them as much which will also save you money. If you also add the green beans and carrots your dog will be so much healthier, full and satisfied.

  242. Leda Lyons says:

    I have a yellow lab and she weighs 118 pounds and needs to loose weight .I was feeding her 2 cups of Dog Chow Complete for breakfast and supper. My vet said she should get a cup in the morning and a cup for supper. Along with carrots and green beans. Is this enough food for a lab?

  243. Sandy's Mom says:

    My dog is an older Shitzu, she is not over weight but to me has always been a little lazy she can go outside anytime and I take her and walk her for hours but sometime she will not go potty so we end up in the vets office because of anal gland problems. Please give me an idea of what kind of high fiber dog food to feed her so she would go regularly. I’ve done the pumpkin, oatmeal, applesauce, you name it I’ve tried it. I make her dog food because she is so picky but ready to switch to a can dog food with lots of fiber and how much do I feed her. I want her last years to be comfortable and she is playful at times and times she doesn’t want to be messed with.

  244. Crazy4cats says:

    I second Sandy’s suggestion of having a blood panel done, specifically checking thyroid levels.
    Also, is it possible that someone else in the household is feeding some treats that you are not aware of?
    If you are just feeding one measurement type cup per day, I wouldn’t think your dog could get that overweight.
    I hope you figure it out. It sounds like he isn’t feeling very well. Good luck!

  245. Has he had thyroid labs done?

  246. InkedMarie says:

    Hi Michelle!
    If you’d like a weight loss food, look at Wellness Core reduced fat or Annamaet Lean. You may need to feed the amount of food for what he should weigh.

    Good luck!

  247. I have a husky who is 20 # overweight and we only feed him 1 cup of Iams healthy wt twice a day. He does not seem to be losing weight at all. He is even having trouble and getting sore just going for walks now. As he is getting older, we really need to get some wt off. Any suggestions?

  248. Thanks for your reply!

  249. The suggested amount is just that, a suggestion. All dogs are different with different metabolisms, so the suggested amount will be too much for some and too little for others. You have to evaluate your individual dog and decide if it is receiving too much, too little, or the right amount. For dogs that are overweight, the owner definitely needs to consider every source of calories, but for a trim healthy active dog, that might not be necessary. You are the best judge.

  250. Thank you for this calculator! I have a 11 month lab mix. She is small for a lab, only about 37 pounds. I feed her 2.25 cups, which is exactly what’s recommended on the calculator. However, we are still working on training, so she gets training treats throughout the day. I wondering if I should be feeding her just 2 cups due to the calories she gets in her treats.

  251. I honestly didn’t even think of it in that way. Wow. Thanks!

  252. If he is slowly gaining weight, I would leave it where it is. Gaining slowly gives his body time to make muscle instead of just storing the extra calories as fat.

  253. Thanks Samantha! I’m glad the link helped. My fosters are often about a 3 when I get them. I usually take the adults since they have less chance, but I always find them a family that loves them. 😉

    Just an FYI, cut back gradually on his portion or your boy will think you’re trying to starve him! LOL!

  254. That link was perfect, thank you so much! I’d say he was a 3 when I took him in and right now he’s about a 4. Once he gets to a 5 I think I’ll decrease his intake to 3 1/2 cups. It’s truly wonderful what you’re doing, fostering kill shelter dogs, not too many individuals are willing to take on that kind of responsibility. You’re awesome. 🙂

  255. Hi Samantha,

    I don’t know what your dogs current weight or the kcals/cup of food you’re feeding are, but if you can feel, not see his ribs, that’s generally a good guide that he is the correct weight, so you wouldn’t increase the food. I foster kill shelter dogs that usually come in way underweight and I have to feed them more than recommended for awhile until they slowly get to the correct healthy weight they should be at. When they get there, I usually decrease their portion to what they should be eating for their weight. I also take into consideration their activity level as well.

    You can plug in your dogs ideal weight along with the kcals/cup that would be listed on your food bag to get an idea of how much you should be feeding. I’m also including a link that shows the body condition score:

    I hope this helps! 🙂

  256. Samantha Ruiz says:

    I have a one year old Pit/Labrador that I rescued a few months ago. He was extremely thin, I’m not sure how much he was fed but since I’ve had him I’ve been feeding him 6 cups/day and he’s been filling out quite well. I’m not sure if I should up his food intake, he is quite active and is constantly jumping around the house like an oversized rabbit. Should I increase the amount of food that he’s currently eating?

  257. Yes, we had read that also in the many hours we spent researching. We had been feeding Fromms GOld LBP for several months – which has a lower calcium but higher protein than Precise… He is not over-exercised – a 1 mile walk every day and occasionally an off leash romp on a nearby ranch. I was feeding 9 cups of Fromms, and he was filling out but still could see ribs, always on the thin side as advised by regular vet…. he had neck pain after playing at the ranch one day last month. Therefore all the hysteria over the food – ER vet feared Wobblers but neurologist sees no symptoms (nor do we). No recurrence of pain or other symptoms. We cannot find a vet anywhere that can advise on the proper protein, calcium and Phos. It is horribly frustrating. Now we can see ribs and spine…. feeding 6 cups Precise as recommended, scared to feed more!

  258. Hi Susan-

    Precise is a great food however, your vet is wrong about the protein. Its been known for some time now in the field of canine nutrition that protein has no affect on the growth of large and giant breeds. Watching calorie intake and keeping them lean on top of feeding a food with restricted calcium is how you can help reduce the risk of DOD’s like the ones you mentioned.

    Make sure you are using the Purina Body Condition Score to determine that he is at an ideal body condition. As long as you can not see ribs or spine and can feel the ribs with a thin layer of fat covering them, he is fine. The increased calories with feeding 9 cups a day is the problem, not getting too much protein. You also shouldn’t be over-excersizing him so you need to factor that in as well when deciding how much to feed.

    Here is a great overview of large breed puppy nutrition written by a veterinary nutritionist:

    Here is a link to the Purina Body Condition Score:

    Hope this helps!

  259. I have an 9 month old Great Dane. Vet has recommended a 23-24% protein as evidently Danes can be adversely affected by too much protein (Wobblers or bone disorders). So I am feeding Precise Holistic Complete Large Giant Breed puppy food. Bag recommends 6 cups for his weight. But he is thin and vet says to feed more….. If I feed him 9 cups per day, is he getting too much protein? or is dog food calculated that way? I am soooo confused.

  260. I have a 4 year old 50 lb. Husky mix, high energy. I feed her 1 cup of Earthborn Coastal in the a.m. in her treat ball and 1 can of Merrick Grainfree at night. She hardly touches the kibble in the daytime . At night she scoffs down the Merrick and then eats her kibble. On the days that she goes to my mom’s, she acts hungry. Am I not feeding her enough?

  261. Babslynne says:

    I’m sorry my response was a little rough, I deleted it. I was just thinking about that poor dog being stuck in one of those little crate kennels most of the day and needing to go potty but getting shocked by that bark collar every time he tried to tell them he had to go potty! Dogs need to bark!

  262. Crazy4dogs says:

    Jennifer Stanfill,

    I’m not sure how old this lab is or how long you’ve had him, but your disqus history shows you’ve had problems between him and an older chi for about a year. Please consider rehoming him. There are many Lab rescue groups that could help you with this, whether they are in your area or not. I foster adult dogs from rural areas. This is not a happy life for you or the dogs. Please consider this alternative.

  263. Babslynne says:

    That is just cruel torture! Your family doesn’t deserve a dog if you have to treat it like that! That is the lazy way to try to teach a dog anything. It takes time, love and patience to train a dog properly. Please find the dog a new home.

  264. Crazy4dogs says:

    Maybe you should contact a foster based lab rescue in your area. 🙁

  265. Jennifer Stanfill says:

    I feel so bad for our lab, dad put no bark collar on him , locked up in kennel most of the day , the neighbors have like 6 dogs that bark all night . Wish could find him home in country

  266. Crazy4cats says:

    If I understand you correctly, you are saying that it would be nice if the company would state how many ounces are in a cup of food? Like BC was stating in an earlier post. Ounces is a liquid measurement not volume. A cup of kibble probably weighs closer to 4 ounces than 8. But, yes, it would be nice if they gave a little more information to help make more informed choices.

  267. lynne negri says:

    well hills sciene is not a good dog food check on something better and go from there my 85 lb Catahoula lab mix only eats 2 1/2 cups a day and he gets it divied in half twice a day and will refuse any more than that.. sorry it is a she and easts Taste of the Wild or whole earths farms all really good food. Whole eath farms is made by Merrick buy not nearly as pricey.

  268. lynne negri says:

    they want you to buy more food because tey are selling it. When she gets over the ut get her off that food it Is awful all full of corn and fillers

  269. lynne negri says:

    thank you, I know what you mean but where do some aswers in here come u saying 4 oz is a cu that is a half of cup. If due to the size of the kibble it would be nice if the companies put 4 oz equals a cup. They all want you to overfeed the dogs. My 85 Catahoula eats the same amount as the 40 lb beagle. I always off her more but he does not want it but the beagle would never turn down food.

  270. A cup is an 8 oz. liquid measure. Since kibble is dry and has so much air in and around it, a cup of kibble weighs closer to 4 oz. Ever kibble weighs differently though due to density, fat content, etc.

  271. Crazy4dogs says:

    Hi lynne,

    I’m not sure if you’re feeding Wellness Core, but if you are it’s roughly between 388-421 kcal/cup, so you would be feeding more. I don’t feed Whole Earth Farms, so I’m not sure what the kibble size comparison is. That’s the interesting thing about many of the lesser priced foods, they often are less kcals/cup, so, in reality, sometimes you are spending the same amount of money.

    The best thing you can do is get a graduated measuring cup. Then you know exactly how much you are feeding them. Good luck!

  272. lynne negri says:

    I don’t feed the high kcal/cups I tend stay around 345 kcals/cup. I thought a 8 oz cup is an 8 oz cup. My vet told me how much to feed them but this food just seems to disappear I thought the size of might be the problem. Maybe they are actually getting way more than a cup. If the kibble in my Wellness food lasts longer. I may have to start weighing the food. I want them to have enough but these are grin and filler free so I would not be a food that you have to feed them three times as much with all crap it it.

  273. Crazy4cats says:

    It is amazing how much difference there can be between brands and even formulas within the same brand. Regretfully, I never knew or even thought about that before I came to this website.

  274. Crazy4dogs says:

    Hi lynne negri,

    Yes, a couple of the foods I use do vary even within the brand, due to kibble size. You might also compare the kcal/cup as almost every dog food is different, often even within the same brand. The Whole Earth does vary, but only by a few calories. I rotate foods and some of the formulas vary from 348 kcals/cup to 509 kcals/cup. That’s quite a difference in how much I feed and it needs to be factored in as well.

  275. Crazy4cats says:

    Yes, I think that sounds correct. I’ve noticed a few pet food websites that I have visited will actually list how many cups of food in the bag in addition to the weight of the bag.

  276. lynne negri says:

    I changed dog food about a year ago to whole earth farms which is made by Merrick I use the meat pork recipe no chicken and they love it but I measure it out and it is a 25lb bag. My problem is that it seems to go much faster than the other brand I use. It it possible that different brands even when measured by the cup are using more per cup due to the size of the kibble. I use about 6 cups a day I have a few dogs and the bag lasts 14 days and am asking does that sound correct.

  277. I gave her 1/3 cup for the last few days and then measure what was left in her bowl the next morning I have to leave her food down all the time or she will have a sensure if she does not nibble here and there. Anyway she does is actually eating about a 1/4 cup and sometimes still has a tiny bit of kibble in her bowl the next morning. I do give her 1/8 of a teaspoon of cream of wheat each morning and evening to get her allergy med down her. This is the only way she will take it. I did weigh her this morning and she has lost .2 of a pound so we are going in the right direction. Thank you for your help it has been wonderful

  278. That’s rather irrelevant–no it’s not perfectly exact, but the kcal per cup figure given on a bag of kibble is specific to that food, and as close as you’re going to get when it comes to finding a gauge to measure it out. As we both noted after all, .3 is just under a third cup, not rocket science.

  279. Recheck your figures and make sure you don’t mean 0.3 cups, which makes a lot more sense. You can round that up to 1/3 cup and use a measuring cup to measure it. If it turns out that that is just a little bit too much then measure out your 1/3 cup and remove a few more pieces of kibble.

  280. Actually, with dog food, a cup isn’t a weight measure, since kibble has a LOT of air space in a cup. Each different kibble has a different weight per cup.

  281. I believe you meant 0.3 cups, that’s about what an average calorie food at 5 pounds and overweight would be. So a cup is 8 oz, thus 8 x 0.3 = 2.4 ounces. A quarter cup is 2 ounces, and a third cup is 2.67 ounces, so you could either measure with a heaping quarter cup, or just under a third cup per day (not per meal).

  282. I have a special needs dog that is almost 6 yrs old, she is very inactive as she does not go outside and run around she does play some in the house but not much, her back legs areally not real great (her hip joints are not fully developed) she is 6 1/2 lbs and should be 4 1/2 to 5 lbs. It says I should feed .03 cups per day for weight loss, but I do not understand how to measure that out hoping someone can help me. Thank you in advance

  283. Jason Wulff says:

    i think where you have gone wrong is that the package is giving you kcal per oz as in weighted ounce and not liquid ounce. Weighted ounce as in 12 oz per pound and liquid oz as in 8 ounce per cup. The calculator here is by measure not weight.

  284. She definitely sounds like she is active enough for working dog status as far as calories go.

  285. DinaKouveliotes says:

    Thank you! Yes, I heard that too. Thank you.

  286. Metabolism also affects how much food a dog needs and some GSDs have very fast metabolisms.

  287. If she is losing weight, then adjust her amount of (increase by 1/4 cup) food. Watch her weight for gain. If she is still losing increase again by 1/4 cup. Always keep your vet in consult with what you are doing. Continued weight loss after increasing food several times could be a sign of a different medical problem.

    Highly active would be a “working dog” police dog, military working dog, search and rescue, highly active and working most of the day.

  288. MyLabradorErro says:

    Is Orijen a good dog food ??

  289. Sandra Statner says:

    Your post caught my eye because I also have a 5 year old pug, weighing 17lbs (another runt). I currently feed her 1/4 cup dry food 2x a day. Her doc just put her on Royal Canin Urinary SO dry food because she had a bad UTI. The bag says to give double what I normally give her. Pugs have a tendency to get fat (all my previous pugs were overweight) and I want to keep her weight down to 16 – 17 lbs. I came here to this calculator and it came out to be about .7 lb (2x) a day (more than double what I give now). I will discuss with her vet.

  290. See this website that provides calories / cup for popular brands.

  291. Ok, that makes more sense then. I don’t have much experience with freeze dried food. I did, however, just buy some freeze dried tripe. Hoping it’s not as stinky as the frozen stuff.
    The feeding charts are only a guide line. Sounds like you are getting it figured out though. Best of luck with your pup!

  292. It’s worked out for my pugs to eat 2% of their body weight per day and they’ve been eating raw for a couple of years. It might be 1.5% during the summer for low activity and 2.5% during months they get exercise (Oct-April).

  293. Storm's Mom says:

    Are you sure you got 0.41 cups/day and not 0.41 kg/day (which would work out to 1.7 cups/day)? When I inputted the MEKcal/kg for the Chicken (1583 – the # in the line above kcal/oz on their website), I got 0.31kg/day for a 16lb dog, which works out to 1.3 cups/day…which sounds about right.

  294. If you’re saying that 147 kcals per ounce is accurate, then I’d agree with the DFA recommendation of .41 cups per day.

  295. Storm's Mom says:

    Which specific variety of NWN are you feeding? It sounds like you might be using the kcal/ounce total for your dog’s entire daily intake. The kcal/ounce amount you’re supposed to use doesn’t take into account any dog’s weight, it’s just the amount on the package, not multiplied by any amount.

  296. Zoe May Puglet says:

    Yes, you are correct. The kcal/oz of Northwest Naturals Frozen Nuggets is 48 kcal/oz. I should have stipulated that I was speaking of the kcal/oz of Northwest Naturals Freeze-Dried Nuggets which are 147 kcal/oz. If you read the labels for each you’ll see those numbers are accurate.

    Thanks for your input. 🙂

  297. Zoe May Puglet says:

    Thanks for replying so quickly. Yes, I did double the kcal per ounce and it is 147. I recalculated and once again got 0.41 oz (1/2 cup) per day. I then calculated using the Northwest Naturals feeding guidelines for “weight maintence/weight loss” for a 16 lb dog and got 26 nuggets per day, and when I crushed and packed the 26 nuggets into an 8 oz measuring cup I got exactly 1 cup/8 oz (Two servings of 1/2 cup/4 oz a day). That’s the calculation I expected based on past experiences with both Primal and Stella & Chewy’s, so as you can imagine the calculation I got from the Dog Food Advisor reeeally had me scratching my head!

    I just spoke to my vet (a highly respected DVM who feeds his dogs Northwest Naturals) and he confirmed that the Dog Food Advisor calculation I came up with was wrong and the Northwest Naturals calculation I got is correct. I don’t know why the Dog Food Advisor calculator came up with such a low number (4 oz a day would be perfect for my friend’s 8 lb Chihuahua but would starve my 16 lb Pug!). In any event I need to go with my past experience with other raw freeze-dried foods plus my vet’s expertise.

    Anywho…Thank you for your input. 🙂

  298. Crazy4cats says:

    Yeah, I think that DogFoodie is correct. Your calories per ounce is way too high if you are feeding their raw frozen nuggets. They only average about 50 calories per ounce.

    Here is a link to their website:

    I bought a small battery operated kitchen scale that is helpful when trying to determine how much to feed when the manufacturer uses weight as their measurement. I like NW Natural Nuggets. Good luck!

  299. I’m sure you’ve double checked, but that kcal per ounce sounds really high to me.

  300. Zoe May Puglet says:

    I’m sooo confused. I just started feeding my 5 year old Pug Northwest Naturals Nuggets. She’s currently 17 lb but her ideal weight is 16 lb (she’s a runt). So I input 16 lb for her weight and “Typical” activity level. According to NWN the “Caloric Content” is 147 kcal/oz. There is no information on kcal/cup anywhere on the bag. Therefore if I convert ounces to a cup (8 oz = 1 cup) I get 1176 kcal/cup. So my calculation is based on a 16 lb dog, typical activity level, and 1176 kcal/cup. But when I click on “Calculate” I’m told “Your dog requires 487 kcal/day; Feed your dog 0.41 cups/day.” That’s clearly not right, so what am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance for help.

  301. DinaKouveliotes says:

    What is the definition of active vs highly active for the dog food calculator?

  302. How’s her body condition, Wendy? What are the kcals on the food you’re feeding? It sounds like you’re feeling quite a bit. Your dog isn’t that much bigger than mine and she’s getting well more than twice what my dog gets.

    What you need to figure out is why she lost hair in the first place. Food intolerances, seasonal allergies, etc., can all contribute to hair loss. If she’s been cleared by the vet and has no medical issues; ie: thyroid, you might look at a more limited ingredient food with appropriate levels of protein and fat, that’s a bit lower in carbs. You might also consider adding an Omega 3 supplement in the form of salmon or krill, or even better feed tinned sardines two or theree times weekly.

  303. my dog is a shepherd/Russell Terrier mix, was told she was going to be a
    small dog…she now weighs 97 lbs at 1 year 2 months, and was told to feed
    her puppy food til she was 1 1/2 years old at 11 months old. She eats 5 1/2 cups a day, and will eat more if she gets the chance. I changed her to hill’s
    science adult and she lost her hair on her back end and legs. Switched back to Hill science puppy food and all hair came back. She is approaching that 1 1/2 mark and dont know which food to feed her to keep from loosing her hair again and if I only feed her the 4.38 cups / day as recommended she will be eating the other dogs food. I need help finding her a food she will like and will fill her up at her recommended amount, so she wont be a pig dog.

  304. Jessica Martin says:

    make sure you’re using the correct measurement in step three. Theres a good chance you’ve got it set to kcal/cup and put in the measurements in kcal/kg

  305. For toy breeds, yes. All others, no. But food wise, you dog’s intake may or may not be at an adult level.

  306. depends on mature size of the dog. large breeds aren’t fed as adults until a year. giant breeds are sometimes fed as puppies even up to 2 years of age.

  307. Tessia Mason says:

    Isn’t at 6 months when a dog is considered an adult?

  308. Even when you enter everything right, this calculator is based on adult weight. There is no setting for puppies.

  309. Storm's Mom says:

    What size dog is she? I do find that I feed a bit less than the calculator, generally…

  310. April French Leavitt says:

    I am feeding her an adult portion. Now it recommends to feed her 3 1/2 c a day which seems super high. She’s almost at target weight

  311. Storm's Mom says:

    No problem! If the kcal/cup listed on the bag is significantly different than 400kcal/cup (more than a 25 kcal/cup difference), input try that number above rather than using the 400kcal/cup as a guide.

  312. Tessia Mason says:

    Thank you!

  313. Storm's Mom says:

    I put 400 kcal/cup for a 32lbs active dog, and I got 2.33 cups/day.

  314. Tessia Mason says:

    This is what I had put

  315. Storm's Mom says:

    As mentioned in the post above, I’m guessing that you also put in the kcal/kg instead of kcal/cup, or
    forgot to click on the radio button to change to kcal/kg. The kcal/cup # should be somewhere between 350-500, while the kcal/kg number would be up over 3000.

    To answer your question, I would feed her the adult portion.

  316. Storm's Mom says:

    I’m gonna guess that you put in the kcal/kg instead of kcal/cup, or forgot to click on the radio button for kcal/kg. The kcal/cup # should be somewhere between 350-500.

  317. Tessia Mason says:

    I am confused. A little help please! My pitbul mix puppy just turned 6 months today and weighs 32 lbs and she is active. How much should I feed her? I used the dog food calculator but it doesn’t sound right. 0.27 cups once a day?

  318. April French Leavitt says:

    So this is recommending to feed 0.32 cup a day. She is almost an adult. Will be one in a couple of weeks. Should I double that because she’s a young adult or keep as is? I put she’s active

  319. LabsRawesome says:

    It depends on the calories per cup of food, and if the dog is active or not.

  320. Not my dog. It depends on activity level and the number of calories per cup. My 12 lb dog eats foods that have about 500 calories per cup and she get 1 cup and is very fit and trim.

  321. Daniel Knox says:

    1 cup is still to much for a 10lb dog!

  322. Daniel Knox says:

    don’t feed at the high end of recommended amounts unless your dog is very active!

  323. Daniel Knox says:

    cut her food by 25% and check her weight weekly it’s different for every dog….my dachshund was eating 1 cup a day and he was 20.2 lbs i had to cut him to 1/2 c….i cut him to 3/4 daily no weight loss….cut him to 1/2 c daily and he lost weight….weight loss only happens when they are in a negative caloric balance just like us humans….then you need to maintain proper feeding….i just started feeding him 2/3 c daily and will watch to see if he gains or his weight remains static.

  324. Dog Catered Dinners says:

    A further idea, as working in the field you, I can appreciate your time constraints (the fact you still care for your girl, truly shows your a good mum).. 🙂

    Back to the idea, if possible (and I have know idea what your area is like), see if a local health food cafe etc could prepare the meals, for both of you 🙂 pick up and feed.

    A good kj count per day for her, working on light activity is about 1240kj to 1280kj if that may help.

    Once she losses the weight you want her to, just adjust her food (increase it). The meal make up in my previous comment is about
    1391.19kj with beef and

    1117.45 with chicken.

    Enjoy and keep on doing a great job as mum and surgeon.


  325. Crazy4dogs says:

    I found this link for feeding puppies, but I’m not sure how reliable it is. The key to feeding a large breed dog (I’m assuming GR means Golden Retriever) is not to allow them to grow too fast too quickly to prevent bone and joint disorders. I’m also including a link to DFA’s info on large breed puppy food and there are some of the discussions on the forum side of this site on large breed specific puppy foods. Good luck with your pup! 🙂

  326. Hi Leia’s Mom,

    Here is a comprehensive article on weight loss.

    Caloric needs can vary greatly from any calculated value. My preference would be to determine how many total daily calories she is taking in now and then decrease by 20% and adjust as necessary for weight loss.

    You may need to move to a diet designed for weight loss to ensure all her nutrient needs are met during the weight loss phase. Feeding a food lower in fat than Acana WP will allow you to feed a greater volume which can be helpful with satiety.

  327. Hi

    Welcome to DFA, could you take a look at my back please 😉

    Have you considered feeding Leia a dehydrated or canned food diet? They are both much less processed and much more aligned with a dog’s natural diet than dry foods.

    They are plenty of people here who would be happy to provide you with some suggestions.

    You could also take a look at the 5 star canned and dehydrated foods that are reviewed right here on DFA.

    For a more in depth look into dog foods you could take a look at the Editors Choice section and see if joining would be of benefit to you.

    Good Luck!!!

  328. I think you get a great dog mom award too…

    Have you looked at Orijen or other higher protein foods. For a long time it was believed that protein caused weight gain but that is all changing. The Journal of Nutrition has two good papers on the topic. If interested, they are
    1. “High-Protein Low-Carbohydrate Diets Enhance Weight Loss in Dogs”
    2. “Weight Loss in Obese Dogs: Evaluation of a High-Protein, Low-Carbohydrate Diet”

    The protein amounts in these diets could be hard to achieve with kibble only but freeze dried or canned diets could be added to, or fed instead of, kibble.

    Edited to add — She is absolutely adorable!!!

  329. My 12 lb dog eats 1 cup of Acana, but she is very active, so maybe 1 cup will be a good amount for your dog. After you have fed it for a week or so, re-evaluate your pups weight. You may need to adjust the amount you feed a few times before you find the correct amount. I live in FL too and find that I have to adjust food amounts according to the time of year as well as our activity level.

  330. Leia's_mom says:

    Wow!!! This is AMAZING. I am really blown away. However, I am a full time neurosurgeon, and seldom have time to cook for myself, let alone pre-pare ALL this for Leia (not that I wouldn’t want to, trust me I would!).
    When I do have fresh cooked meals at home when she isn’t at the hospital with me, she gets it mixed in at home, but I don’t have time with the hours I work (sometimes 36 hour shifts) to make these meals!
    I wish I was as good of a dog mom! But I Acana is great because it can come to the hospital staff from where leis sleeps with me!

  331. Dog Catered Dinners says:

    Hi Leia’s Mom.. I run Dog Catered Dinners (Australia) (refer Facebook page) so probably not an option for you, however depending on how much work you want to put in, this may be a diet that works for Leia.

    Please note I am unsure if there are any allergies, so to ensure that this issues is addressed I would feed for 4-5 days the following (I will explain as I go)

    1st week -, Make up boiled SWEET POTATO (gold med (orange) and TURMERIC (good for skin and round health about teaspoon per kg)) looks the most appealing to our eyes) and PUMPKIN (I use butternut (I think you refer to it as butternut squash), you can cook both with the skin on just a quick clean. First day just give her a tablespoon keep the normal food as is (this just to test for allergies). If you notice no adverse reactions (she may have a little diarrhoea as this is a new food, however if she shows no other systems like lethargy, drinking excessive water, refusing to eat any food, vomiting. I would feel comfortable that it is just the new food. For the following 4-5 days reduce the normal dog food by about 30 grams and replace with the sweet potato and pumpkin mix (cooked is easier for a dog to absorb the nutrients from the food.)

    2nd week – Make a mix of BROCCOLI, CABBAGE, CARROT, CAULIFLOWER, CARROTS, GREEN BEANS, TURMERIC (good for skin and round health about teaspoon per kg). Do as the above (reduce by approx 30 grams), however if there is some sort of reaction, you may have to test each component to see what Leia is having a reaction to.The only difference is do not include the sweet potato and pumpkin and maintain the current dog food feed.

    3rd week – Make up beans, BORTOLIO BEANS, KIDNEY BEANS, YELLOW SPLIT PEAS, CHICKPEAS. The Kidney beans maybe the ones that dont agree, but they should not cause any harm. In the stools if you not the Kidney beans have not been digested, just exclude from mix. Do as above however, reduce the food of about 40g and replace with about 20grams for beans.

    4th week – cooked meat/poultry or really fresh raw (chicken breast or turkey, red meat or fish – later on you can mix it up, one week chicken/turkey, the next fish, then back to meat) (I like cooking my meat as it kills bacteria). Test (unless you already know she can handle it) as above, however this time you remove the remaining amount of food you would feed her of dog food.

    Example, if you give 100 grams of dog food in one meal, once you remove the 30g veggies, 30 grams sweet potato and pumpkin, 20g beans you are left with 20 grams. You would give her 20grams meat, if you give her 150 grams of dog food in one meal, then increase by about 10% on each for every 10 gram so it would be 45 gram for veggies, 45 grams for sweet potato and pumpkin mix and 30 grams of beans, with meat being 30 grams.

    This may change over time as Leia looses weight and you want to increase one and decrease the other, however this is the approximate ratio.

    5th Week – replace the dog food with the above, as a total meal (add green lips mussels and reduce the meat or replace the meat fully with them every so often, again massive health benefits for skin and processing of other foods).

    As the food is really healthy I would reduce her food to about 250 grams per day either 125 twice or 250 grams in one meal. If this seems to low and Leia is really hungry give her the below snacks. Try and not give to much pineapple and apple as they are high in sugar, but if you give a good mix then you should be okay.

    If you are concerned about reduced calcium in her diet, once she starts eating the whole dinners, grind up egg shell (as fine as possible and 3 or 4 days a week sprinkle this over her meals (1 or 2 meals).

    Snacks would be pineapple, apples (not the core as the seed have cyanide in them), blueberry/strawberry/blackberry/raspberry (blueberry is the best however), paw paw (papaya) , carrots, banana, fresh green beans, roasted chickpeas to name just a few.

    It will probably take about 1 month to notice a weight loss.

    You should also notice that her fur remain soft and lush and she will have more energy (sometime I regret this in my puppies but that is all part of being a parent).

    As with children, even if she turns her nose up at she will eat it especially if you serve it with a little bit of warmth. The above can be served cold in summer and heated in winter. Once you start noticing the weight lose and you want to mix the meals up even further, try giving her minced chicken frame as breakfast or as one meal a day (I feed twice and heaps of foods, lots of healthy treats). I have two large dogs and they are very healthy you can see them on my facebook page.

    The above takes effort, however the results are well worth it. Good luck and feel free to contact me if you have any question.


  332. Hmm, so this calc recommend 1.10 cups of food a day. Opinions anyone? My 32lb small one year old goldendoodle, Leia, who is overweight, she should only be 25-27 pounds can’t shed those extra pounds! I’ve recently switched her to Acana wild P because it’s what I’ve narrowed down to (and she loves it) I’m trying to up her walks but living down here on south miami it gets quite unbearably hot. I would think 1 cup of acana wild prairie a day would be too much for her if i want her to loose about 4-6 pounds? Ah! I am stressing out I just want Her to be lean and healthy 🙁

  333. Lawl Gamings says:

    Since this calculator doesn’t work for puppies, does anyone know one that I can use for my 3 month old GR?

  334. Whats their definition of active and very active lol. My dog runs 4 miles/day. Would that be very active or active?

  335. Andrea Marie Price says:

    If I used that calculation my dog would be fat as a tick..

  336. DogFoodie says:

    No worries. Glad you got it figured out. 🙂

  337. Opinion02122 says:

    I forgot the last entry and thought I had deleted my comment, sorry!

    Thought for the day:
    Lost yesterday, somewhere between sunrise and sunset, two golden hours, each set with sixty diamonds minutes. No reward is offered for they are gone forever.

  338. DogFoodie says:

    I just tried it and it’s working fine. Did you enter the information for each of the three steps and then hit the blue calculate button?

  339. Opinion02122 says:

    Calculator not working

  340. No problem Karen.

  341. Karen Mitchell says:

    Sorry Dori, that I mucked up. It was meant for someone else.. It’s turned up twice!

  342. DF. I can only think that she meant her post for someone else. I think she’s giving me reasons to rotate and telling me to eliminate kibble. Her post to me makes no sense so she must have not meant to reply to me? If you read her post again you’ll see what I mean. Thx

  343. DogFoodie says:

    Dori feeds a rotation of raw foods, Karen. That’s her choice.

  344. Karen I think you’ve misread my reply to a conversation I was having with losul. I do not feed anything processed whatsoever. No processed foods and no processed treats. I haven’t in over 4 years. I use organic fruits and vegetables as their treats. I don’t feed kibble, canned, or cooked foods. I do at times give them cooked veggies if I happened to have cooked any, sometimes I puree them and sometimes their fed raw. So I’m not sure I understand your reply to me.

  345. Karen Mitchell says:

    Why rotate? Omit kibble altogether. They don’t need it.

    How would it be if your human doctor told you to NEVER eat any fresh fruits, vegetables or minimally processed grains or meats, and only eat canned, boxed and other heavily processed foods?

  346. Karen Mitchell says:

    Eliminating kibble from their diet fixes everything. You will see a dramatic change by omitting them altogether.

    How would it be if your human doctor told you to NEVER eat any fresh fruits, vegetables or minimally processed grains or meats, and only eat canned, boxed and other heavily processed foods?

  347. just wanted to add this about about calculated metabolizable energy;

    “Because this Atwater calculation method uses averages, it will underestimate the ME content of foods that are highly digestible, and overestimate those than have less than average digestibility.”

  348. Jimmy Muchetti says:

    Calculator didn’t work but I got the idea..

  349. Crazy4dogs says:

    I love the days when the raw/cooked is already prepared & I just have to pull it out of the fridge! 😀

  350. Crazy4dogs says:

    I know, right? Thanks Dori! I’ll take a look! 🙂

  351. Crazy4cats says:

    Hahahaha! I just bought mine a few months ago at Target. It wasn’t that expensive. I get the buying everything for the pets problem though. I already spend more time on their meals, I think, than for us humans! :/

  352. Silly you. Everything’s for the dogs you know that. Check out amazon. They’re incredible cheap, digital. Mine came with the batteries that I haven’t had to change and it’s over a year since I bought it. I use it twice a day. Takes up absolutely no counter space. Handy little gadget. I used to wonder and think, kitchen scale???? What on earth would I want a kitchen scale for, I’m not weighing my food. Then came the foray into the world of raw feeding and realized…AHHHHH that’s why I need a kitchen scale.

    Edit: Here’s the one I have. They raised the price a bit but still well worth it.

  353. Crazy4dogs says:

    OK, now you guys are gonna make me want to go out and buy a scale! I already have a food dehydrator, a crock pot and a pressure cooker. And they’re mostly for the dogs! LOL!

  354. Crazy4cats says:

    I feed NW Naturals as “meal mixers” as well. I have a little battery operated kitchen scale that I use to weigh them. I think it’s actually pretty accurate!

  355. Crazy4dogs says:

    LOL! I just read this Dori! I’m slightly anal retentive. I do measure the cups of food and I have big dogs so I can eyeball the canned toppings. On the raw, I mostly buy the patties or cut the patties by measuring the roll and marking the portions. I love Northwest Naturals, but hate counting out the little nuggets since I’m in the 50ish range. 😉

  356. I feed commercial frozen raw in rotation as everyone at this point is sick of hearing about. I do weigh on their kitchen digital scale that I bought dirt cheap on Amazon each and every meal. It takes a couple of seconds twice a day. Anal retentive???? Yep! That’s me I guess. Commercial raw frozen foods that I feed in rotation are really high in protein and fats so I feel it’s in my three dogs best interest that I actually weight their bowls, do the tare, and add their food. Depending on which of my dogs I’m filling their bowl, I feel between 2.5 – 3 % of their body weight broken down into two feedings a day. Maybe it’s different with raw, it’s not too good to just eyeball raw foods especially for toy breeds but I also think for any breeds over the long haul.

  357. Crazy4dogs says:

    Yeah, on this front I’m just not that anal retentive, which is amazing since I am with so many things. I just don’t have a need to weigh.

  358. C4D, today’s digital kitchen scales are usually very accurate, mine is accurate within +/- 2 grams. That’s about +/- 1/14 ounce. Not accurate by any means to weigh milligrams , but plenty accurate enough to weigh a cup of dog food.

    Linda could ask Diamond how much a cup of their dog food weighs, but for the food I gave as an example, if they say it weighs anything different than slightly more or less than 93.6 grams or 3.3 ounces, then I would know that one or more of the 3 figures given cannot be true, the kcal/kg, the kcal/cup, or the weight given of one cup.

    I’ve actually seen a couple of dog foods post all 3 figures on their website, and there’s no way possible all 3 figures could be true.

  359. LOL! I’m not that anal retentive to suggest anyone actually count the number of cups in a bag, or to even weigh the food each time served. But it doesn’t hurt to weigh a cup the first time to check!!!

  360. Crazy4dogs says:

    Very nice Losul! Unfortunately, I’m not that ambitious. 🙂

  361. Crazy4cats says:

    Hey, smartie! I think you just got 8 more days out of that bag!

  362. Crazy4dogs says:

    Losul is right. Not all of the sites have this, but I do use Earthborn in my rotation and they have the actual weight of an 8 oz cup of each formula for their kibble. Kibble weight can even vary by formula. As an example, their formulas, per their website vary between 3.9 – 4.9 ounces per 8 ounce cup.
    To add to the mix, among the kibble brands I use the calories per cup can vary by as much as 125 kcals/cup.
    If you do want the actual weight per cup, you might contact Diamond to find out the weight unless you have a very accurate scale.

  363. you are so smart! Thank you.

  364. Hi Linda.

    I think your scale isn’t accurate. I always weigh the different kibbles/brands before I use them, and to check for the manu’s accuracy, per the cal/cup given. The kibbles I have used always weighed in between 3.3 and 4.4 ounces, (or approx 90 to 125 grams) depending on the brand, size of kibble, puffiness of that particular kibble, etc.

    With the figures given by the manu, in this case Natures Domain, and i used the turkey meal and sweet potato formula, I can come up with how much a cup of their food SHOULD weigh, and how many cups SHOULD be in the bag.

    3590 kcal/kg and 336 kcal per cup are the 2 figures given.

    Take the 35lb and convert to kilograms. 35lbs = 15.876 kg. Your 35lb bag should contain 56994 calories. (3590 cal/kg x 15.876 kg = 56994 calories in the bag)

    Take the total cal. in the bag and divide by 336. That will give you the number of cups that should be in the bag. 56,994 divided by 336 = 169 cups. Should be 169 cups of this food in a 35lb bag.

    To figure how much one cup of this food should weigh, using the figures given by the manu, we know that each 1 gram of this product should contain 3.59 calories (3590 divided by 1000). Take the 336 cal/cup and divide by 3.59. Each cup of this product should weigh only 93.6 grams or 3.3 ounces.

    The above should also explain why a calorie per volume measure (cal per cup) should only be used as a guideline for how much to feed of that particular product, nothing else really. It’s only the calories per weight that should be used to compare costs to feed, caloric density, etc.

  365. I just want to know how many cups of dry kibble dogfood are in a 35 pound sack of Kirkland’s Natures Domain. I know how many cups my dogs need and get to maintain an ideal weight..How long will a bag last if I feed 9 cups per day to 5 dogs? By my food scale, each cup (a volume measure) of kibble weighs 6 ounces. Was not a math major–so 6oz, x 9 cups= 54 oz per day; 35# bag = 560 oz….which is about 10 days worth…Do you think this is correct? At $30 a bag, That means I am spending $90 per month on kibble alone.

  366. Crazy4cats says:

    It just worked for me. Did you fill all three required fields, including calories per cup?

  367. The calculator is not displaying results. Please fix! Thanks!

  368. Barb Z says:

    I used the BalanceIT website for my male Bichon who had food allergies. I chose sweet potatoes and alaska salmon. The allergic reactions stopped immediately ( continuous ear infections, hot spots, and vomiting 3-5 times a week on average). I kept him on the homemade regime for the remainder of his life. What I stopped using was BalanceIT’s powdered vitamin/mineral supplement. First of all it was crazy expensive, but the real reason was that I called the company one day and asked if their “made in the USA” claim meant that all the raw ingredients were sourced from the US. The man kept repeating ” All our supplements are 100% made in the USA”. I finally told him I was going to make my question very clear: were any of the raw ingredients obtained from China? After a long pause, he replied “Yes”. I thanked him, and hung up. Threw out the remainder of the supplement, did some online research on canine multivitamins. Found a suitable one that I could actually buy locally and included one with his morning meal each day. He was a healthy and happy dog without the expensive supplement they suggest is essential.

  369. Crazy4dogs says:

    My dogs eat less than any calculator has come up with on any site.

  370. Vanessa Austin says:

    The calories in her food (chicken, beef, liver and fat) comes to approximately 210 calories per cup.

  371. LabsRawesome says:

    Hi Vanessa, I used your stats (10lb active dog and used 400 cal per cup since you didn’t post the calorie info, and 400 cals is about average) This is the info I received- Your dog requires 389 kcal / day
    Feed your dog 0.97 cups / day Nowhere near the 2 cups that you reported.

  372. Vanessa Austin says:

    This is far from accurate. I have a 10 lb active dog. This calculator said to feed her about 2 cups of food. I feed her raw and only about 2/3 cup of food a day….any more than that and she starts to get fat. 2 cups would make her a big fat barrel of a dog. People really can’t rely on a calculator like this to give a fair and accurate amount to feed their pet. Look at breed standards, aim to have your dog appear like that. If it is a mixed breed, talk to your vet and discuss how to get your dog to ideal weight. I see way too many overweight dogs nowadays because of quality and quantity of food fed to them.

  373. Crazy4cats says:

    She’s SOO cute! Good luck and thanks for posting the pic!

  374. My fur kids certainly eat better than me some days! My cat is on a raw homemade food and he’s a lean mean kitty machine. This is her during our last snow storm in March. She’s 53 pounds with a goal weight of 28. So far, she’s down 1/2 lb in one month. Her joints can’t handle long walks or short runs, so getting her to exercise has been tough. Joint supplements should hopefully kick in soon and help her out with that. I’ll have to circle back around with another photo once she sheds 10 lbs+. 🙂

  375. Crazy4cats says:

    That’s awesome. What a lucky dog! Sounds like she is eating better than my poor neglected human family! It would be great if you could post before and after pictures. Thanks for sharing the useful information.

  376. I recently adopted a chubby 6 1/2 yr old beagle – and boy, was she spoiled by her previous owner. Poor girl is twice the size she should be. I started her on a dry diet food (Instinct Healthy Weight) and have recently switched her over to a home made diet, she was hating the diet food and I didn’t like that she was protesting the bland kibble. I’ve paid a small fortune in supplements for her homemade diet, but I really cannot wait to see the results. Her vet eagerly anticipates her weigh in each month. Everyone is excited to see how well the new diet plan goes. is a phenomenal site that allows you to build home made recipes geared to your pets needs (and what you have available at home). She gets fresh boiled chicken, brown rice, frozen carrots and green beans, a bit of olive oil, and some fresh fruit on top. I buy Nutripro dog supplements that mix into a wonderful gravy that she gladly wolfs down. Her homemade food, with supplements, costs roughly $40/month. Way cheaper than the high grade bland diet kibble I had her on in the beginning ($60/bag!).

  377. theBCnut says:

    Just keep an eye on her body condition and adjust up or down as needed. It’s best to keep them on the thin side, especially while they are still growing.

  378. Crazy4dogs says:

    You might not like my answer but: Feed him less and excercise him more. Did you use the calculator above to see if you are feeding the correct calorie amount?

  379. I have a dog that is 5 years old small frame weighs 30lbs. How can I make him lose weight

  380. Hi we have a 7.5 week old puppy, breed is a mix of corgi, jack russel terrier, yellow lab, and another unkown breed.

    The vet estimates her adult weight will be approximately ~25-30 pounds. Currently she ways 4 lbs.

    We have Purina Pro Plan Focus Puppy Toy Breed food (521 kcal/cup).

    How much should we feed her, and how often?

    This calculator looks useful, but unfortunately does not appear to be for puppies.


  381. I have had people going extreme lengths to figure out dog nutrition, foods to give with the perfect macronutrient ration but get stumped by the simple question of how many times a day to feed a dog. Here is an article on my blog that simplifies this simple question

  382. Crazy4dogs says:

    You don’t have the kcals of your food listed. You have to look @ the kcal of your food both wet and dry and put those into the calculator to get a guideline of how much you should feed. All calculators are a guide, not exact. Also this calculator is for adult dogs, not puppies.

    The best guide for a puppy is to look at her and feel her body. You should be able to just feel her ribs but not see ribs or hip bones or feel his backbone easily.
    You list your dog as 67 kgs. That would equate to approximately 147 lbs. 6.7 kgs would be about a 14.5 lb dog. There is quite a bit of difference between feeding a smal vs giant breed puppy. Is your post missing a decimal point?

  383. keempersit90 . says:

    my dog is 6 months old…weighs 6 7 kgs…female..I divide a wet food can(150g) in 2 … mix each half 50 50 with dry food,and feed her twice a day.. plus some treats in between,… but she seems hungry …and she is super active … should I feed her more??

  384. Robin, I think that is common with dogs to always want a little more. My boxer is the same way after finishing his food he has to go see if any of the other dogs have left him anything. If she is at a healthy weight than you know she is getting enough to eat and is just wanting food not needing it.

  385. Robin Gerhardt says:

    I feed my 70 pound GSD female 3 cups twice a day and she eats like that is not enough, She looks at he other dogs bowl and waits for anything left. Its like she doesn’t get enough.What should I do?

  386. Dog_Obsessed says:

    What’s not working about it?

  387. Crazy4cats says:

    4 cups a day sounds like too much to me. I plugged your dogs weight in with typical activity using 409 calories per cup and the calculator came up with 3 cups per day. Is your dog very active or need to gain weight? Do you know how many calories the previous food you were feeding has?

  388. Princess is spoiled says:

    I fed my two year 59 lb Lab/mixed Fromm surf and turf grain free dry dog food. It has wild salmon,duck and chicken. Also, of course veggies and fruits. It has 409 kcal/cup. My vet told me to feed her 2 cups twice a day when before when I had her on another dog food she told me to feed her only two cups a day. And do not follow the dog food bag. The dog food bag for my dogs weight is only 2 1/8- 3 cups a day. I am about to take my dog food up there and have them look at it. I am feeling frustrated.

  389. myOWNcompass says:

    The calculator is not working.

  390. If his ribs are sticking out and he feels boney then I would say that you are underfeeding him. You should be able to feel his ribs by lightly pushing in on skin, muscle, fat over his ribs but in no way should they feel boney. You shouldn’t be able to feel in between each rib. If you know how your bigger dogs ribs should feel than you know how your small dogs ribs should feel. Looking straight down on him he should have somewhat of an hour glass figure and you should be able to feel his ribs exactly in the same manner that you feel your larger dogs ribs. Whatever food you’re feeding your dog you should look at the label or their web site to see what the recommended amount of food to feed. That’s only meant as a guideline. If you think he feels too thin than I would feed him a bit more at each meal time. Continue to do that until you get his ribs and body to feel as you know they should. In my opinion it’s impossible to calculate exactly how much each individual dog should eat per day divided into however many meals you feed. Each are individuals. Some are power houses of energy and others are real couch potatoes. Some owners are hikers and bikers with their dogs others just let them out in the yard for bathroom purposes. Also their metabolisms are going to be different. FYI the calculator on this site has always said that I should feed my dogs much less than I actually do and my girls are all at optimum weights according to their vets and myself. I don’t weigh my dogs, I do it by feeling their bodies. If they feel a little heavier I feed a little less or vice versa. I’m always tweaking their meals to keep them at optimum weights. A lot also has to do with what you’re feeding them also. Grain inclusive, grain free, dehydrated, freeze dried, commercial raw, home made. There are just too many variables for a food calculator to tell you how much to feed your individual dog. Anyway, that’s just my opinion. Forgot to mention that I have three toy dogs.

  391. Interesting. I have a question for those of you with more knowledge about small breed dogs. (I think I may be underfeeding my toy aussie?) The results for my 50lb dog was way too high while the results for my 13lb toy aussie are right on but I’m afraid that I might not be feeding him enough. Ive always had bigger dogs, I know how they should look and how their ribs should feel to tell if theyre at a good weight.(their vets have also confirmed theyre ideal weight) Ive only had my toy aussie for a couple months now (hes 8 months old) and his ribs feel like they stick out a lot more than my 50lb dog He just feels more bony overall than my bigger dog. he also shakes a lot when he is excited or nervous or cold and I dont understand why, my bigger dogs never shake! Can someone provide some insight? He has a vet appointment in two weeks but I dnt want to wait that long to find out.

  392. Wow, this was helpful. My highly active beagle pointer mix has a ravenous appetite and, according to your calculator, I’ve been under feeding her. She thanks you, too! I was following the feeding guidelines on the dogfood bag and she was just hungry all the time. Now her appetite is slowing down a bit (she’s actually taking the time to taste her food instead of swallowing it whole) and she just seems more content. Thank you!

  393. Hater & Molly's Mom says:

    I think like people dogs just have different metabolisms. You are doing something right if your vet said they are both at a good weight.

  394. Dog_Obsessed says:

    Some dogs have very different calorie needs from what you would expect or from each other. If they’re weights are both good and they are healthy, then just keep doing what you’re doing. 😀

  395. I was hoping to find a concrete answer to feeding amounts. Our 3 yr German Shepherd (57lbs) currently eats 1 C (409 kcal) per day, that is 1/3 of the amount (1230 kcal) by your calculator. Our vet says her weight is perfect; she has no health issues. She is an incredibly active dog. She gets 2 small treats/day (20 kcal ea).
    Our 13 yr German Shepherd (51 lbs) eats 5 C/day (2045 kcal/day) + 2 sm treats (20 kcal ea) her vet says her weight is perfect. She eats more than double the calculator recommends (calculator says 951 kcal/day). Her activity level is that of a senior dog in slow motion. How can there be such a difference in the amounts. Her only health issue is arthritis (takes metacam).

    How can there be such a difference?

  396. Very true, but within a brand, the canned food is almost always higher protein than the dry.
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  397. I think you have over generalized the difference between wet & dry food. To say wet automatically has more meat is in error. It really depends on the brand. Most low end wet dog food with “meaty” chunks & lots of fillers has way less meat than a high end dry food.

  398. Dog_Obsessed says:

    No matter how many Calories in your dog’s food, the amount of Calories are still the same. I didn’t realize it at first either, until I got bored and put in 10000000 kcals/cup and the Calorie needs were the same. 😀

    It’s weird that the food doesn’t say on the bag or website how many Calories it contains. What food is it?

  399. Dogs on dry food still have to get their teeth cleaned. Tartar on teeth is a function of the carbs in the diet and the mechanics of chewing. Kibble has a lot more carbs than canned and most dogs don’t actually chew their kibble. Also, when it is chewed, kibble explodes as soon as enough pressure is applied to it so while it may scrape the very tip of the teeth, it doesn’t get any where near the gum line, and that’s the part that actually needs cleaning. Yes, canned food costs more, but you are paying for more meat, which is more appropriate for dogs to eat.

  400. It can be difficult for cats to drink enough water, I know. Have you tried putting water over her dried food? Perhaps a salt free broth?

    Veterinary prescription food is formulated to be deficient in the minerals she has an over abundance of that forms the bladder problems, so in that way it is ‘crappy’. You want her body to use the ones in her system, instead of adding more. But that’s why is it prescription only. They’re made with only the simplest, bottom line ingredients so as not to add other problems.

  401. I think that wet food is mostly water, therefore you’re paying for that water
    making wet food quite a lot more expensive than dry food (per pound of
    nutrition). I also think dry food is a bit better for their teeth. But
    she’s your dog, do what you think best.

  402. I said in my first question that I was looking for the number of calories my dog needs.

    I said in my second comment That I already knew how many cups my dogs eat each day to maintain their weight. My dog food does not list how many calories it contains, nor can I find it on their website.

    But yes, finally, by inputting a random number I was able to get an answer, so thank you.

    Who would have thought that plugging in a random number would give me the info I needed? Forgive me for being stupid.

  403. Crazy4cats says:

    Glad to hear it! I like using calories as a guideline rather than the feeding guidelines on the bag since I rotate kibble and different brands have different ideas on how much a dog should eat.

  404. Jennifer Stanfill says:

    I figured it out

  405. Crazy4cats says:

    Well, using this calculator, a dog with a typical activity level would need about 1,145 calories per day. Most people split their dogs’ meals into two a day. This would just be a starting point. You also have to take in to account anything you may mix in to their food. Or any treats that are fed throughout the day would also need to be subtracted from these calories. Do you know how many calories per cup the food you are feeding has? They can vary quite a bit. I’ve seen from 330 to 530 calories per cup.

  406. richard j bonafede says:

    my 6 month old chocolate lab weighs in at 64 labs as of yesterday very active, both parents were around 60 lbs, feed him 2 cups of food a day plus a ton of water when thirsty how much bigger do you think he will get. Amesed

  407. Jennifer Stanfill says:

    @ Jules my chi loves instinct she will eat only half cup, have great flavors like duck , rabbit ( her fav)

  408. Jennifer Stanfill says:

    Have a 50 lb lab , how much should I feed him and how many times a day? Little overweight?

  409. Dog_Obsessed says:

    Your totally right, treats can make a huge difference in the amount of calories a dog is receiving. Treats should not make up more than 5-10% of a dog’s daily calories, but that can still be a big difference. This calculator is a bit on the high side for my dog as well, depending on the food. It is just a guideline though.

  410. UpChuck.Liberals says:

    Don’t forget TREATS COUNT as calories in. Getting the calories of treats is hard on a good day. As an FYI for my 10 year old Mini Schnauzers this calculator is off by almost 1/2 cup/day to the high side. All though one of them would love to be fed double the 1 cup/day he’s getting plus 2 small treats at bed time.

  411. Dog_Obsessed says:

    You have to enter the about of calories per cup in your dogs food. It should say on the bag. If you are just looking for the calories per day and not the amount to feed, then just enter a random number into the kcal/cup box.

  412. Ok, but when I enter the weight and the activity level and press calculate, nothing happens. I don’t want to know how many cups he needs., we’ve got that figured out already.

  413. The line immediately above the line that tells you the quantity of food, tells you the number of kcals your dog needs per day.

  414. This tell me how many cups of food my dogs need, but I’m looking for how many calories my dog needs, where can I find that info?

  415. katherine says:

    no do it as if she is 6 pounds and then see if she loses it to fast add a little more food then less and less untill she is at her wanted weight and keep feeding her that amound and i would say to give her a higher protein diet bc she is so active and that will help her lose weight too

  416. Wet food is not always the best option, due to the high fat. Go to a local pet store and purchase dry food, it is the better option. Good luck!

    PS, I also have a Chihuahua. 🙂

  417. Try calculating for overweight and also calculate for normal and the weight she is supposed to be. Compare those to how much you are currently feeding her and feed the one that is slightly less, but closest to the amount she has been eating. If she starts loosing weight at that amount, then stick to that for a while. Only use a lesser amount if she doesn’t loose weight or stops loosing before she is at her goal weight.

  418. I have an overweight chihuahua mix who is about 11lbs and the vet wants her at about 6lbs. She eats EVO wet food split into 2 meals.
    I’m not sure if I should calculate for overweight (which she is) because she is also fairly active. She goes on a 10-13km walk at least once per day with our german/husky puppy so to keep up she is basically jogging. So I don’t want to under feed her but I need her to loose weight. Should I continue to calculate at overweight?

  419. What about puppies?

  420. Pt Klawitter says:

    My beagle was very over weight due to his thyroid. He is on meds but still needs to lose weight. The vet cut his food back and told us to feed him green beans. The beans are very low calories and high in fiber to make him feel full.

  421. Cynthia says:

    Slowly weaning Tweek the fat chiuahua onto the Premium Edge Healthy Weight Reduction Formula, so far so good, I think she’s starting to notice the taste difference but so far it’s not bad enough to put her off her food. Still giving her green beans & zuccinni w/her meals, she loves that.

    Psycho the cat is doing MUCH better, has been switched from her crappy canned food to a grain free food by Merrick, she loves the Duck one. Yes I know it has carrageen in it but after everything she went through, it’s way better than the vet prescribed food. They don’t know what was wrong w/her she was vomiting constantly, had been put on canned food when she developed UTI’s after being on the Blue Buffalo Dry.

    hope everyone here is doing good!

  422. Thank you so much!

  423. Crazy4cats says:

    Check out and They have a lot of good info on cat nutrition. : )

  424. Cynthia says:

    Carrots have a lot of sugar in them & are starchy, a no no for a dog trying to lose weight. My other 2 dogs have done great on blue buffaloe’s wilderness but Tweek got fat on it, she’doing well so far on the Premium Edge. On an unrelated note, our cat became seriously ill last week nearly died. Cat food nutrition information is harder to come by than dog food information.

  425. Julia Sieben says:

    I have toy Pomeranians and one had a terrible tendency to be overweight. I found for my small pup, 1/4 cup of Taste of the Wild twice a day, and baby carrots as a treat. Carrots are one of the best treats for dogs since no fat, very low calories and tons of vitamins. Raw, baby carrots are wonderful for their teeth. At age 16 my pom has never lost a tooth. If your dog needs a softer treat, or you want to mix with your dry for a wet filler, cook and puree the carrots and add to the feed. I have had great success with this for 30 years. Also Taste of the Wild has no grains and is a high ranked feed without breaking the bank account. I avoid Blue Buffalo at all costs. My dogs love the lamb and the venison versions of the feed.

  426. Thank you, Dori. That means so much to me.

  427. Thank you so much. That is Sue. I lost her to cancer in 2012. I hadn’t changed the photo since. I now miss both her and Karma dearly. Thank you for your kind words, Betsy.

  428. Cynthia says:

    Hi Mamie, none of these dogs seem to like canned pumpkin, I’ve tried it several times, it was my vets first sugesstion, I buy a can now & then hoping they will like it, you just never know!

  429. Cynthia says:

    Hi Dori, I look for no salt added & buy it when I can but when I can’t find it I rinse them really well. I did not know that about tomatoes thank you, she doesn’t get a lot of them maybe 1/4 when I do give them to her, will becareful for sure thank you!

  430. Betsy Greer says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss, Britt. From what I can see in that tiny little picture of what I suspect is you and your pup, she knew she was well loved. Hang in there. One day this won’t hurt as much.

  431. Having gone through what you’re going through more times than I’d like to remember, I know you don’t think so right now, but you will get through this. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones.

  432. Thank you for your reply, Mamie. So sorry for the loss of your cat. Thank you for your kind words. Hugs back to you.

  433. Thank you for your sympathy. I’m so lost.

  434. Thank you very much. I am sorry for your loss as well. My heart hurts so much.

  435. theBCnut says:

    I’m so sorry to hear this. I lost one to kidney disease 3 years ago. It was a very hard way to lose one. Please take care of yourself.

  436. theBCnut says:
  437. Britt. So very sorry for your loss. We all know how heartbreaking it is to lose a dear friend and companion.

  438. So sorry to hear Britt. I know the loss of a pet is heartbreaking. I had a cat pass from kidney disease too, so I know too well how hard it can be. She is at peace now. hugs to you

  439. Be careful feeding too many tomatoes organic or otherwise. They are considered a high histamine food. I think someone makes a canned green bean without salt. Can’t remember who at the moment but I think I’ve seen in on the shelves at Publix or Krogers.

  440. Thank you for the information. Unfortunately, kidney disease and other ailments took my pup from me just yesterday. I am heartbroken. I will share your link with others. Thank you for taking the time to reply.

  441. Cynthia says:

    This is not entirely true. If you read the articles they break down the contents of the food & tell you if it’s enthusiastically recommended, highly recommend, etc,. Read the entire article & they explain questionable ingredients. I switched my over weight dog to the Premium Edge Healthy Weight 1 Weight Reduction because it was “Highly” recommended vs Iams Healthy Natural Weight Control because of the lousey ingredients they put in their food, Dog Food Advisor gave Iams a 2 star rating for the following reason: “Iams Healthy Naturals Weight Control is a grain-based dry dog food using a modest amount of chicken by-product meal as its main source of animal protein… thus earning the brand two stars.”

    You have to do your homework here.

  442. theBCnut says:

    Considering how processed it is, your dog is still getting all the sugar from it. A better way might be to add some veg that is not pureed, like green beans. Dogs have trouble digesting whole veg pieces, because they don’t produce cellulase to breakdown plant cell walls, but when the veg is cooked and pureed, the dog can use it. Of course, pumpkin has other things going for it besides just bulking up a meal.

  443. I was giving exactly what the calculator showed. So i guess i’m doing it right!

  444. Hilary’s complete and balanced is a great homecooked diet. Follow her recipes and use her supplements. I’ve been doing it for 5 years now!

  445. Canned pumpkin is also a good way to reduce calories while still acting as a ”filler”.

  446. Cynthia, i have a 5 pound chi, and i homecook for him. Originally it was because of allergies, but with all those recalls, i sure am glad i do! I do the Hilary’s Complete and Balanced recipes and supplements. The amount I’m giving him seems to be perfect according to the calculator, then again, the cookbook tells you exactly how much to feed and if you want you dog to lose weight, just feed a little less. You don’t want him to lose too fast either.

  447. theBCnut says:

    The calculator has to do with calories, not stars, however, for almost all of the foods star rating does correspond to calorie content, since higher star ratings mean higher meat protein and higher meat protein usually means higher fat.

  448. Rogue Elephant says:

    The dog food calculator for this site baffles me.
    Since a 5-star food should be much more nutritious than a 1-star.
    Whether dry or canned.
    And since I always mix dry and canned.
    2-star dry and 3-star canned v. 4-star dry and 2-star canned?
    Or 5 & 5 v. 1 & 1?

  449. Cynthia says:

    Tweek will not eat the royal canin & if you look at it, it doesn’t look tasty! I’ll be happy to get her to 10 lbs or even if as in your case 10.3 would be great. She LOVES zucchini so I buy lots of it & steam it for her, also buy her canned organic tomatoes by the case @costco, they don’t have any onions in them, she loves green beans, canned only so I drain the liquid & then rinse rinse rinse to get as much sodium off as possible

  450. good morning cynthia – lexee was around 6 lbs too, way back when, for the life of me i can’t get her lower than 10.3 lbs without starving her, if i cut back too much on the calories she is hungry. the royal canin she will eat for a while then she gets tired of it, so then i switch her over to orijen or acana, both senior formulas (the fat is lower). i sometimes mix about 2 tsp of medi-cal gastrointestinal low fat can – she really likes this can food – doesn’t like to many others – her vet told me she doesn’t need to be on a weight loss food, which is a good thing, she doesn’t like any of them, so orijen, acana and royal canin are the only 3 dry foods she likes and will eat, believe me she has been on many over the past 4 yrs.

  451. Hi sharon, sorry I don’t know how Imissed your posts here. Tweek weighed 6lbs when we got her, I figure 10 lbs is a good target to, aim for I don’t think she’ll ever get back to 6 lbs again, she was about a year old when we got her from the shelter. She didn’t like the royal canin, I’ve never had a pet who did.

  452. Thanks, lol she’s a brat, causes all of the trouble in the house. The shelter assessment said “not into play, wants to be a lap dog” oh she’ll sit in your lap but boy is she playful, just shy at first.

  453. Crazy4cats says:

    I try to feed my cats mostly canned food to try and avoid blockages. I feed mostly the budget friendly stuff and of course the cheaper the food, the more they love it. I try to feed some lower calorie dry to make sure the large males get enough to eat. So far so good! Good luck with your chubby pup. I’m sure she’s adorable!

  454. Thank you! I used to get super freaked out by the constant pet food recalls, Blue Buffalo has had it’s share of recalls, & the prescription foods get recalled you just stay ontop of them. Even feeding top quality food doesn’t guarantee your pet won’t develop a problem. Psycho the cat was on Blue Buffalo Grain Free & developed crystals in her urine & became blocked up. As you know, this is NOT cheap food! Both the emergency vet & my vet recommended friskies canned urinary formula or the Purnia Proplan Dry Kibble. She got blocked up on the Proplan so I put her on the Friskies canned urinary tract, easily purchased at petsmart & she’s been fine. At the same time we had a 15 year old deaf Persian in Renal Failure who was on prescription food & not enjoying it at all lol. So it was nice to not have 2 pets on prescription food. At first I felt bad giving Psycho “kitty crack food” but it just goes to show that sometimes those other brands are not always what they claim to be.

  455. Crazy4cats says:

    Excellent! I have used Premium Edge for my chubby cats on occasion. I think the guaranteed analysis and the ingredients look great. It is made by Diamond, however. Luckily, I live in an area that has not been affected much by their recalls and it has been two years since. Hopefully they have cleaned up their act. Just keep informed of recalls, just like you would for any food you are feeding. My cats didn’t love Premium Edge at first, but did eat it. It probably took them a while to get used to the lower fat level. It was much lower than the previous kibble I was feeding. Good luck to you!

  456. Cynthia says:

    Hi Crazy4Cats, thank you for your reply. I’ve tried the Core, unfortunalty no one here can keep it stocked & Tweek didn’t seem to care for it all that much. I’ve never seen Anament anywhere here. I did finally decide on Premium Edge Healthy Weight 1 Weight Reduction Formula. Found it on Amazon, bigger bag than I normally would buy for 1 dog on 1 food but they didn’t have a smaller bag, I can probably freeze it to keep it fresh, continue adding veggies, though this food is high protein low carbs she might not need them, will see how she does as I wean her onto it. Stepping up the exercise for sure, treats are minimal, 1/2 stick of a low fat pupperoni a day isn’t a lot, that’s all the other 2 get as well, & they only get them when the Pekignese DEMANDS them (yes we give into the special needs terriorist) everyone here is a rescue, even Psycho the cat!

  457. Crazy4cats says:

    Well, you are going to have to decrease calories either by feeding less or feeding a kibble that has less calories. I see Natures Variety has a weight management kibble now. Have you thought about trying that one? Also I’ve heard mention of Wellness Core and Anament having great low calorie foods. You can also try cutting out some of the extras which I know is hard when the other dogs are getting them. Sounds like the exercise is good. I wish you luck!

  458. Forgot to add she had blood panel done 2 years ago it was fine, we’ve been battling this that long. She always sems hungry, makes me feel bad for her but none of them are allowed anything other than their food, the other 2 do just fine on blue buffalo, she got fat on it!

  459. Hi thank you for your reply. She weighs 15 lbs, I would be happy to get her down to 10lbs at this point. She is a rescue, I think she has some Corgie in her. She can be quite active, loves walks which obviously we need to increase, she probably could do 2, 20 minute walks a day & still have energy to burn. She walks well on the treadmill, which is a bonus. We’ve noticed she’s having trouble jumping up onto the couch so it was a big reminder to get her slimmed down.

  460. Crazy4cats says:

    Have you done a blood panel to have her thyroid levels checked? Hypothyroidism is fairly common in older dogs. If there is no medical issue, then it is a situation where more calories need to be burned than consumed. It’s such a simple solution, but so hard to actually follow through on for both humans and pets alike!

  461. oops sent another reply to myself instead of you

  462. also how much should your chi weigh – my vet figured out that lexee should get 200-210 cals/day –

  463. hi cynthia – i too have a chihuahua 5 yrs – actually a chi/yorkie x – 4 yrs ago my vet at the time said that lexee was about 2 lbs overweight – well that nearly sent me over the edge – so since then until about a couple of months ago, i was all over the map with finding the right dog food that she would eat and also lose weight.
    she is very picky – recently 2 vets told me that her current weight is good and to maintain her at this weight – 10.5 lbs – this is the weight she has maintained for the past 4 yrs – currently she is eating royal canin moderate calorie dry, but that could change at any moment if she decides she doesn’t like it – she also gets 4 – 20 min walks/day

  464. Cynthia says:

    I have an over weight chiuahua mix she is 7, she’s been on every “diet” dog food & not losing weight.

    I feed her 1/4 cup twice a day supplemented w/squash or green beans or tomatoes, currently she is on nature’s valley instinct, turkey.

    As for treats she gets 1/2 of a pupperoni a day when the other dogs get a treat, they are on blue buffalo wilderness with red meat grain free. I see from reading here blue buffalo is not liked by dog food advisor, which surprises me.

    But anyway I need help w/the over weight dog. What should I put her on?

  465. We have a 17 year old cat that lost a lot of weight in the last year. We had blood tests done on her, and it came back that it’s a thyroid problem. She has been on Thyroid medication for about 1 1/2 weeks, and the difference in her weight and activity is very noticeable!
    Definitely worth having the testing done!

  466. Thank you, Jean. The vet recommended one human Centrum multi-vitamin per day. I have been giving her that dose in the morning each day. Do you have any thoughts on this vitamin or suggest others? Thanks so much, Jean. I appreciate your comment.

  467. I wouold note to be sure that the multi vitamin she is receiving is appropriate, as human vitamins contain what would be a serious overdose of a few minerals.

  468. That is pretty darn huge! My Pit adult is 50 lbs, and her lab/pit sister is about 40. You can look at his shape to see if he is overweight. his tummy should curve up at his rips so that he has a slim waist~! Id google a picture to see that shape. Also, just take him to the vet and im sure theyll have recommendations for you. If he is a picky eater (and really all dogs) once you find a healthy food choice for him that’s all he should be eating, no human snacks.

  469. theBCnut says:

    I agree with Betsy. At her age, you have to think about what would cause a loss in appetite, and unfortunately, kidney disease is the first thing that comes to mind and cancer and tooth issues are not far behind. Blood work is in order, for sure. If it is just an appetite problem, mixing in some canned food should help.

  470. Betsy Greer says:

    Hi Penny,

    I would be concerned about unexplained weight loss. Has your pup visited the vet for a check-up recently?

  471. Penny Sale says:

    I have a 14 year old jack russell terrior that is losing alot of weight. I’m concerned for her and am not sure if there is anything I can do to improve her appetite.

  472. Thanks, Akari. This scares me, as she’s just not how she’s been for so long. It seems like over the last year we’ve had to transition to a new normal. She’s my world. Thank you for the tips. I will continue to use them. I’m also going to get a couple different types of dog food today, too. I need to keep trying.
    Haha! Your green bean story made me laugh! Thanks for sharing.

  473. I don’t have any recommendations for you, sorry. For now, I would just keep mixing it up. Different low sodium broths, different canned foods, different kibbles. Buy smaller bags of dry, and get different brands and flavors of canned and broths, and keep her on her toes. Some one will come along that can give you some.

    I can’t believe she doesn’t like green beans! All my dogs have been suckers for them. Had green bean plants in the garden one year and had to watch the dogs really close when they started to put out beans because the dogs would take mouth fulls of the plants and walk off! Tore the plants right off the fence, those brats….

  474. Hello Akari,

    Thanks so much for the reply. Yes, I have tried all those things. They work for about a week, then she no longer wants the kibble or wet food. I have tried the freeze dried food and the same thing happened. The chicken and rice with a multi-vitamin is still acceptable to her. I agree with you; it is awfully unbalanced. I want to do my very best for her. Do you have any references/suggestions for homemade food? She is not a fan of carrots and green beans so far. I will try sweet potatoes and broccoli tomorrow. Thank you again for your time. I appreciate the support.

  475. Hi Antonio,

    Thank you for the reply. I understand and am trying to go with her new flow. Any suggestions as to ensuring she is getting the correct nutrition for a senior pup? I’m having a hard time finding consistent information regarding homemade food. Thanks again. I appreciate your time.

  476. Antonio Fisher says:

    Remember just like human foods some dog foods are more appealing to the dog than others. The dog might be burn out on the current diet.

  477. hi, I have a lab, boxer, pit mix and he is a very picky eater , he is 10 months old and weighs 66 pounds are we doing right

  478. Hi there. I have a 14-year-old Black Lab./Australian Cattle Dog/Shepherd mix. She struggles with Vestibular Syndrome and simply getting older. Her activity has slowed down, but she still enjoys 30 minute walks a few times a day. She is no longer interested in kibble, and that is okay. I am now feeding her chicken and brown rice. The vet recommends 3/4 rice to 1/4 chicken twice daily, but now that her appetitie has come back a bit, she still seems hungry. Any ideas on how much I can safely feed her given her disinterest in kibble? She has always been on the slender side; about 40 lbs. her entire life (I’ve had her since she was 1 1/2). Any suggestions/recommendations are appreciated. Thank you!

  479. Annette JoAnn says:

    Hi what you need to be looking at is the cal. Per cup.. You may need to switch foods. Fromm has many choices so I recommend going to your local natural food store and asking which is best.

  480. theBCnut says:

    You think you’re worn out. I just did battle with a HUGE spider, legs about 6 inches across! We have these giant spiders that are attracted to our bathroom. That IS NOT the time to have to deal with these things!!!!!

  481. Crazy4cats says:

    Oh, you just wore me out reading that. I’m going to go have a snack. LOL!

  482. theBCnut says:

    No, the difference is in what you are trying to accomplish and how. Humans are less likely to overeat if they eat small meals often and it keeps your metabolism reved up so you burn calories better. That will help you to not add even more weight, but it won’t help you to burn fat. To start your body burning fat for energy, you have to deplete the glycogen stored in your liver, which takes about 20 minutes of heavy exercise. Any exercise after that, and before eating again, should be burning fat, especially if you are keeping you heartrate up, but not exhausting yourself. But if you don’t exercise long enough and you replenish your glycogen stores by eating, you don’t burn the fat that is already deposited. Same thing with a dog that is not getting enough exercise. Dogs do move to burning fat easier and more naturally than people, but they still use glycogen before burning fat, so you want to take longer before replacing the glycogen..
    When humans diet, they often lose muscle mass instead of losing fat, so while they did lose weight, it didn’t really do them any good.

  483. Crazy4cats says:

    So, when humans are trying to lose weight, it is commonly suggested to eat more smaller meals through out the day. Is it different with dogs and cats?

  484. dchassett says:

    Hi LuannD. I’m not familiar with Fromm’s different formulas so my question is are you feeding your dog a grain free food. If not, you can try the Fromm’s grain free food. That should definitely help some. You don’t say how old your dog is but I have a 14 1/2 year old Maltese on a high protein, moderate fat, low carb diet. She’s not the most active of dogs but even with arthritis and degenerated discs mid spine she’s still having the time of her life, running, playing, etc. She also has tons more energy now than when she was on a grain inclusive food. When she was eating grain inclusive foods all she did was sleep most of the time and I just figured she was old. Not so, it was her diet. Seniors and puppies do not need special diets, that’s an old myth and a very current marketing ploy.

  485. theBCnut says:

    Since she is 4 lbs overweight, it is definitely too much for her. Feeding guidelines are only a guideline, not a law.
    Is there a reason that you feed 3 times a day? This makes it difficult for a dog to burn fat, so if there isn’t a reason for it, I would cut back to feeding twice a day.
    One way to increase activity when the weather is too nasty to spend time outside is to make her go after each piece of kibble. Call her to you and give her one, then throw or roll one across the floor. then start over.

  486. Thank you Cat Crazy, this gives me something to go by. No, she is getting no extras, even though it breaks my heart. The weather here is still a little too rough to get her out for a walk for too long a time, but once it breaks we will be getting good walkies. I will look into how many calories/cup, as I have to make a food run this week. 🙂

  487. Crazy4cats says:

    Well, when I put 11 lbs for an inactive dog in the calculator, it comes up with 300 calories per day. So, if you feed 3 times a day that would be 100 calories per feeding. How may calories are in a cup of food? Are you feeding any extras in addition to the food? Also, have you had her thyroid checked? Typically, if they are not losing weight, you need to either feed less, or exercise more. Or… there might be a thyroid issue. Good luck!

  488. I need a simple answer to a very simple question, but cannot find it anywhere, and now I am practically giving up. I have a senior, inactive female mini dachshund, who weighs 15 lbs. Her vet wants her down to 11 lbs. My doxie eats a food for senior/low activity (Fromm’s). She eats 3 x day and only dry food. I am feeing her according to the bag, but it seems like an awful lot of food. Right now, I am feeding her 1/8 cup or approx. 2 ounces per meal/6 ounces or 3/8 cup per day. Does this sound correct for a small dog to lose weight on? Someone out there knows the answer … please help!

  489. Lori Mironov Hauck says:

    My vet told me yesterday not to listen to the bag recommendations. Due to it my 13 yr old German shepherd has to lose weight. I am literally disgusted over it because I blame myself for over feeding because I was following the “guidelines” so do what you’re doing as it sound like it is working. My boxer is fit and eats the same amount because he is hyper and very active compared to the gs. So don’t let the bags fool you! P.S. I use a great Food Blue Buffalo Freedom., because it is grain free and the boxer breaks out in dog acne and it worked. I also put 1/4 jar of stage two chicken purée baby food mixed with water on their foods as gravy to boost the protein level to what it should be for weight loss. But for the boxer it is fine as his caloric level is high and he works it off. Best of luck to you! Lori Hauck

  490. the calorie calculator is basing its assumptions on prior studies, and this may need some tweaking. the best way to determine if your dog is over/underweight is to look at their body shape, and from your definition it appears your dog is perfectly normal. don’t take anything too literally.

  491. Gene Pierson says:

    Yes, good point she is spayed. My wife keeps telling me we need to feed her more but I keep saying we need to go by her look more than the guide and calculators online. Her ribs aren’t visible. (Now, when we got her from the shelter 1.5 yrs ago her ribs were visible. So I just keep referring to her condition when we first got her). And she has gained weight. My theory is if we have been under feeding her, then why would she have gained weight? (I think she has maxed out at 37 lbs.). Thanks for your response!

  492. Pattyvaughn says:

    Is she spayed? That slows a dogs metabolism. It’s pretty accurate for my dogs and I believe Hound Dog Mom says it is low for hers. This calculator is really only a starting place. There is no way to accurately guess how much any particular dog needs to eat other than by their own body condition. There are too many variables to consider.

  493. Gene Pierson says:

    Hi I’m a dog owner. My family and I own a healthy 37 lb wire haired terrier. The calculator says she need around 1,000 calories per day. But we have been feeding her 1.5 to 1.75 cups of Taste of the wild at 360 calories per cup. So that’s on sverage 600 calories per day! 400 less than what the calculator recommends. And this 2 yr old dog is ACTIVE. She gets 2 walks per day. Plays rough with me and the kids at least once per day. AND in warm weather she runs with me about 3 miles 2ce per week. She looks great by the way. Often people tell us how great her “figure” is – she really looks like a dog should look. I should post a pic. I guess my point is this calculator and many guides on the food bags (even Taste of the Wilds guide) are just wrong. They are way higher than what they need to be.

  494. James Herron says:

    This is a great calculator and I think it is pretty accurate. The problem is that people are lazy and don’t feed their dogs the right foods. They also don’t get outside enough to play with their pets. If your dog needs a diet you may want to check out:

    I’ve found that people who aren’t the best pet owners still really love their dogs but just need a push in the right direction!

  495. overfeeding significantly reduces expected life span, just like in humans, i’m very careful with our pooches intake. love this site and am always returning. btw just to share, Dr Sophie HE @ has a calorie calculator that takes into account the dog’s breed and age.

  496. Crazy4cats says:

    I’m sorry, I should have asked you what you are feeding and if you know how many calories are in a cup also. But when I plug in 18 lbs., for a senior dog it comes up with 435 calories, for an overweight dog it calculates 339 calories. So, most likely right around 400 calories per day. So, if you feed twice a day, 200 calories per meal. But, remember every dog is different and this is just a starting point. You may have to adjust depending on how your dog does. If you are feeding kibble or canned, the calories are often listed on the bag or can. Or can be found on the company website. Good luck!

  497. 17-18lb

  498. Crazy4cats says:

    How much should do you think he should weigh?

  499. How much and whats a good food for my 15 yr old inactive peek-a-poo??

  500. How much should i feed my 15 yr old peek-a-poo, hes not active anymore and is getting fat

  501. Crazy4cats says:

    I second Labs post. I just bought a 50 lb bag of the Victor joint health grain free for $74. Not bad for a 5 star food. I had to special order the 50 lb bag as the store doesn’t stock it. With large dogs, it’s nice to have a bag last more than a few weeks. I also top with Kirkland Cuts in Gravy or some raw nuggets. Good luck!

  502. LabsRawesome says:


    Anatolian life, I have been having great results with Victor. If you can get it locally, it’s pretty cheap. I pay $38.99 for 30lbs of the Grain Free Ultra Professional. If you don’t mind a little grain, the Active Dog & Puppy ALS is $34.99 for 40lbs. They receive 4 & 5 star ratings on DFA.Here’s Victor’s site, I like their Protein Source Card.

  503. Anatolian life says:

    What is the least expensive of the best foods does anyone know? 3 big dogs currently on Purina One Beyond which got 3 1/2 *. Would like to feed them better without killing my budget. 2 large dogs.

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  511. Pattyvaughn says:

    LOL, again!! We’ve all been there!!

  512. Pattyvaughn says:

    LOL!! I know. This was 30 years ago, so I can’t do anything for this guy now.

  513. lol

  514. We have two beagles, 9 & 10. One has been “diagnosed” as garbage gut! Yes, it does exist, he will eat himself literally to death. Also, get rid of that crap food, no grain, no corn will help with the scratching also. We can attest to that. Giving them fishoil pills (non mercury, burpless) will help as will a raw egg on their food.

  515. sorry that was meant for Jennifer above 😉

  516. We have two beagles, 9 & 10. One has been “diagnosed” as garbage gut! Yes, it does exist, he will eat himself literally to death. Also, get rid of that crap food, no grain, no corn will help with the scratching also. We can attest to that. Giving them fishoil pills (non mercury, burpless) will help as will a raw egg on their food.

  517. Lillian Mcleod says:

    does anybody know the fat contents in ceasers chicken/rice dog food ?

  518. Betsy Greer says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    Tell me what your dog weighs and I’ll see what I come up with.

  519. My dog needs three cups of food a day and is on a high protein diet because he is so active. No matter what I entered it told me I needed only 1 cup a day… he lost weight on just 2 cups let alone 1 cup would be starving him, haha

  520. Pattyvaughn says:

    It’s high for some dogs and low for others. It really can’t take into account every dog’s metabolism.

  521. this is definitely off.. it claims I need to feed 5 1/2 cups (tried and my dog got FAT) she really only needs 3 cups

  522. Sorry, Sweetpea318, your information is incorrect. Please be sure to check the Wiki reference for Waltham to confirm your claims.

    #1: The Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition still exists and is located in Leicestershire, England. It is not owned by Royal Canin but by Mars, Inc.

    #2. You said, “Pet food is actually calculated in kcal, not calories”. Unfortunately, your information is incorrect. In pet and human nutrition science, kcal is the same as calories,

    #3. You said, “My source is a veterinarian” To that I remind you the formula used to compute these figures and operate this calculator is based on research results published by a team of veterinarians in a peer-reviewed journal and is still current.

    #4. You said, “This website is based on someone’s opinion.” To that, please remember that whether we’re discussing movies, books, restaurants, art, or pet food, every review on every website is based upon someone’s opinion. For that is the nature of reviews.

    By the way, it’s obvious in your closing remarks that you have not read the many articles posted throughout this website that explain the AAFCO nutritional profiles. So, you may wish to visit my FAQ entitled “AAFCO Nutrient Profiles“.

  523. Sweetpea318 says:

    *to meet
    Want to know how your dog is for weight, look at their body condition score (there is a 5 point or a 9 point scale). And feed what the bag suggest for your dogs ideal body weight.

  524. Pattyvaughn says:

    The Wellness that she is thinking of trying is better than TOTW and isn’t made by Diamond.

  525. May I suggest, being that you seem to desire to want to feed your a dog a more natural & holistic dog food. I’m not a sales person or rep of any kind, but I have seen what these commercial dog foods can do to even the healthiest of dogs. Dogs are meat eaters as before we domesticated them, they ate like that of the wolf for example. All these food today are highly processed & have way to much chemicals and grains in them. Please try the brand of dog food called ” Taste of The Wild” it’s an amazing dog food & if you don’t have a natural dog food store in your area it can be found at Ace hardware, & online as well.. I feed my dog a mix of that & a lil slightly cooked ground beef. Raw foods are excellent for dogs, and they are superior to optimal health. They have small large intestines & thus don’t ecoli & samonelia sorry if I spelled that wrong. I think mixing the dry food I spoke of, with a lil beef rather raw or slightly cooked is the best, but many feed their dogs 100% raw. Which can be costly, though the benefits are high. Good Luck & I hope you give this food I recommended, a try. We have warm hearts for cold noses, Chris

  526. Pattyvaughn says:

    At her age, I would feed 3 times a day, but I would try 1/2 cup 3 times a day to start with. 40 lb dogs often eat around 2 cups a day, so 1 1/2 cups may still not be enough. Just watch her body condition.

  527. I’m not sure how big she is going to be. We have no background history on her. The vet said she might get to be around 35 pounds. Is there a good amount to start off with? I was thinking about switching her to Wellness Complete Health. Is 1/2 a cup twice a day a good starting point? Or should I feed her 1/4 a cup three times a day to start off?

  528. Pattyvaughn says:

    How much you feed depends on several factors, like your pups metabolism, how many calories are in the food you are feeding, and how big your pup will be when it’s grown.

  529. I have a 13 week old puppy that I found a little over a week ago. She eats very quickly, so I bought her a slow feeder bowl. I’m not exactly how much to feed her. She is at a good weight at 16 pounds. Any suggestions on the amount?

  530. Pattyvaughn says:

    I always fed my puppies about what I expected them to eat as an adult. My very active Border Collies eat close to 3 cups a day. I would expect your lab to have a slower metabolism and therefore not eat as much as it could. Some labs eat 6 cups a day. Just feed an amount that keeps muscle on the pup, but no fat. Growing puppies are better off on the thin side.

  531. oh ok, so maybe just try a 1/2 feeding tomorrow at noon? does 1 cup 3 times a day sound like a lot for an 11 pound puppy? that’s the same as my senior 110 lb lab eats lol ( he eats 1.5 cups 2x a day)

  532. Pattyvaughn says:

    I usually wait til a little older to cut out the mid day feeding, but that’s how I know when it’s time to cut it out. They stop wanting it. If she is part BC, it is normal for them to be quit thin while growing, and it’s just fine, healthy even to not carry any extra weight while the joints are forming.

  533. my puppy is only 11 weeks old and is a mix breed, maybe spaniel if some sort and border collie shes a rescue so I have no idea how big she will be full grown, right now shes about 11 lb. atm she’s up to 1 cup of dry food 3 times a day, she was at 2/3 cup but was starting to feel boney so I upped it 4 days ago, and she filled out nicely, but today she wasn’t interested in her mid day feeding.

  534. my dog is only 11 weeks old and she’s a mix breed, maybe spaniel and border collie, I’m not sure how much I should be feeding her, she started ar 1/2 cup 3 times a day then went up to 2/3 cup 3 times a day the 1 cup 3 times a day just recently because she was feeling bony , but today she wasn’t very interested in her mid day feeding.

  535. A six week old pup should still be with its mother til 8-10:weeks old. You can feed some dog food but should supplement with puppy formula.

  536. Pattyvaughn says:

    Hmm, I have 2 cats that are the same size as my JRT that eat the same amount as my JRT. However, I have 2 cats that are much bigger than my JRT that eat half as much as my JRT.

  537. Crazy4cats says:

    Lol 🙂

  538. I have a 6 pound yorkie and a 12 pound cat and they eat about the same amount of calories. I don’t think this calculator would really work for cats. Cats seem to need less food.

  539. lol, I have fluffed up quite a bit this past year. Kitty needs to get a bit more exercise. She gets to play with a cat nip filled wand and I’m going to the gym…I want the cat nip wand.

  540. Pattyvaughn says:

    Me too!!

  541. Crazy4cats says:

    I played with the numbers a little bit regarding calories for cats. In my opinion this calculator will not work for cats. It comes out way too high even when you put in inactive for the activity level. According to Lisa Pierson, DVM from catinfo dot org, the average cat should get between 150 to 250 calories depending on age and activity level. I know I need to cut back on my kittes calories as they are indoor only and getting a little “fluffy”. And on a side note, I’m going to cut back on my calories also this year. As I’m also getting “fluffy!

  542. Pattyvaughn says:

    The calculator assumes a certain rate of calorie burn for each activity level and a cat’s calorie burn would not necessarily match a dog’s calorie burn, but you could experiment with it and figure out what activity level you have to put in to give you the right figures.

  543. Could I use this same calculator to determine how much to feed a cat?

  544. Pattyvaughn says:

    It depends on the number of calories in the food and how big she should get. If she should get to be 65 lbs and your food has about 400 calories per cup then she should get about 4 cups.

  545. We have a 6 week old Coon Hound/ Boxer that weighs 6.4 pounds. how many cups of food should she be getting? She is active when she is awake but likes to take a lot of naps.

  546. Decatur Dawgs says:

    how about you calculate these nuts before and after i bang ur wife?? that way the “dogs” arent left out.. CRAP SITE WITH NO VIABLE INFO!!!!

  547. Decatur Dawgs says:


  548. Gage and Kaemon says:

    This is true, puppy gates never worked. Unfortunately my smaller guy has degenerative disc disease so he can’t even jump on the couch anymore. At least he thinks he can’t, I just say “1, 2, 3!” and he makes it ha

  549. Gage and Kaemon says:

    Yes! The best cuddlers too

  550. Pattyvaughn says:

    Incredible little dogs/survivers aren’t they.

  551. Pattyvaughn says:

    My beagle was a mountain climber, there was never somewhere high enough or too hard to get to.

  552. Gage and Kaemon says:

    Ha, yes mine have eaten numerous belts, wallets, shoes, wood trim, glass ornaments, panties, other unmentionables, cotton balls/swabs, socks… sigh. Needless to say I learned how to keep things high up and away.

  553. Gage and Kaemon says:

    My older beagle ate 2.5 loaves of super heavy multi grain bread one day, along with who knows what else when he learned how to open the fridge. I’m assuming he then drank a bunch of water, when I got home he looked like… a loaf of bread. So I had to give him a little hydrogen peroxide to throw it all up. He couldn’t sit down or barely move just cried. Then not that long after my little beagle learned to jump up on the kitchen counter and push the food off from the back (a flourless dark chocolate cake D:) They ate that whole thing, got diareah, ate that, then threw it up everywhere. Most awesome day ever. They are somehow both still alive

  554. Pattyvaughn says:

    You feed the number of grams that keeps the dog in good weight. It’s different for every dog and every dog food. Every dog has a different metabolism and activity level, so their energy needs are different. And every dog food has a different number of calories in it.

  555. Genilita Garban Gerona says:

    my is basset hound 18 kilos body weight how many kilos grams i feed dog food every day

  556. Jeannie Harris Jamieson says:

    I’ll try that. He thinks MOST food is a treat. So far, he hasn’t turned down anything. Every time I move, he looks up at me in hopes that I will give him a treat. Eternal optimist!

  557. I agree you should put him on a better food, but if he still acts like he’s starving you can try adding veggies to his meals. They are full of fiber and will fill him up without adding very many calories. Canned pumpkin, carrots, green beans, asparagus, broccoli, and celery are all good options. My dogs love veggies and see them as a treat 🙂

  558. Massimo Reyna says:

    thank you very much!! you always help me a lot!!

  559. Pattyvaughn says:

    Definitely not 8 ounces. One cup of water weighs 8 ounces, but when they say 1 cup for something dry, they mean volume. That’s about 1/4 liter, so I would try about 100 to 120 grams per cup and watch them closely to see if you need to increase it any. Don’t be surprised if you do need to adjust some. That’s fairly normal.

  560. Massimo Reyna says:

    thanks Pattyvaughn that´s true like i have differents dogs, and every bag say different information, for example to my schnuzer eats orijen 120grams 1 cup easy information in the web page but my labrador its eating victor dog food in the web page says 3 cups and every cups mean 8oz it a lot of food, that´s informtion its in the web page!! well thanks for you answer!! i will try with 120grams per cup i hope to feed well my labrador and my GSD!! thank u

  561. Pattyvaughn says:

    The weight of 1 cup of food varies from food to food. Some are denser than others and kibble size affects how much fits in a cup too.

  562. Massimo Reyna says:

    Hi everybody, some one could tell me, if 1 cup means 100 grams or 120 grams cos, every person has a different opinion and would like know for kee helphy my dogs, thanks!!

  563. Hi- I’ve had pets most of my life also and hadn’t really read an ingredient label until my previous dog got sick. Well, now you know. I know they make that Beneful packaging beautiful. Too bad the ingredients aren’t! Good luck with your new food. I wouldn’t make too drastic of a change too quick. Maybe just start with a 3 star food and transition slowly by gradually adding a little more of the new food daily. Good luck.

  564. InkedMarie says:

    About six yrs ago, we adopted an obese sheltie. She should have weighed 26 pounds but weighed 43.7. It was awful. She had health problems directly related to her weight.

    I wish I’d be as successful losing weight as I was getting it off her!

  565. InkedMarie says:

    What food are you trying?

  566. Jeannie Harris Jamieson says:

    LOL! He will also drink water to that point as well. He’s an adopted doggie which may have something to do with it. But I love beagles.

  567. Jeannie Harris Jamieson says:

    You are right about knowing when to say no. My smaller beagle is pickier and generally leaves a little food for later. The larger one is one I adopted several months ago. He is the one that has no brake on food. After finding this site today, I realize that I may have picked one of the worse foods to give them. Already taking care of that. Thank you for your ideas.

  568. Jeannie Harris Jamieson says:

    Thank you for your thoughts. I went to our local (ironically) Purina Country Store this afternoon. The salesperson was very knowledgeable and helped me to pick a new food to try. After talking with her, I realized that my dogs were suffering other symptoms that probably related to the food…..ear infections and scratching but no fleas, among some others. I’ve had dogs pretty much all my life, but haven’t had these issues until now.

  569. Pattyvaughn says:

    I babysit beagles all the time and have no trouble with them, but then again, I can tolerate a whole lot when I know they are going home soon.

  570. Crazy4cats says:

    You are right. No more beagles for you!

  571. Pattyvaughn says:

    He was something!

  572. Pattyvaughn says:

    It was almost 30 years ago. I can laugh about it now. He also ate 3 crates, 2 parakeets, the carpeting in my room, and a whole host of other things. He didn’t by any means limit himself to biscuits.

  573. Crazy4cats says:

    I’m laughing and cringing at the same time. YUCK!

  574. At the risk of repeating myself, oh wow! 🙂

  575. Pattyvaughn says:

    He never thought so. He didn’t even get loose stools from it and I think he would have happily done the same thing again the next day, if only I would have let him. See why I’m not a fan of beagles. That and I woke up one night to anal glands released in my hair and another night to him lifting his leg on my head. He never got to sleep loose again after that.

  576. Oh wow 🙁 Poor pup!! 🙁

  577. I think making a change would be a great idea. Your dogs probably are starving. The food you are feeding does not have much nutritional value. The first 3 ingredients are corn, by-products and gluten meal. Check out the suggested weight loss and low fat threads on this site. I’m glad you checked out this website to improve your dogs diet. I’ve learned a lot in the last year from the excellent reviews and research that has gone into the upkeep of this site. Good luck.

  578. No offense but I never understand when someone says their dog acts hungry/starving. I have three dogs, all of them and every dog but one before them would eat whatever I give them. It’s up to the owner to say no!

    Beneful is a horrible food. I’d look at Wellness Core reduced fat or Annamaet Lean

  579. Pattyvaughn says:

    My 24 lb. beagle ate almost 25 lbs of dog biscuits while I was at work one day. He ate until he vomitted then he went back to eat some more. He repeated this until I got home and found less than a pound left of the biscuits, vomit everywhere, and a beagle that looked like he had swallowed a watermelon. Some beagles do not have that mechanism that tells them they are full, so don’t let that tell you, in any way, how much you should feed him.

  580. Jeannie Harris Jamieson says:

    My beagles are ages 2 1/2 and 9. They are both (according to my vet) about 3 pounds overweight. The 9 year old always acts like he’s starving no matter how much he eats. Any suggestions on a good food? I’m currently using Beneful weight smart, but thinking that I may need to make a change….

  581. ranchdancer says:


  582. Its also pretty dated, but not bad over all 🙂

  583. Pattyvaughn says:

    No idea, it came right up that time. It has a few foods that no longer exist on it, but that was a great find.

  584. Hm, really? Works for me. Refresh the page, maybe?

  585. Pattyvaughn says:

    All I got was a blank page.

  586. In case you throw your bags away, heres an alphabetical list of dry dog foods, and their calories per cup.

  587. Pattyvaughn says:

    Did you put in how much your dog weighs, then select an activity level, then put in the number of calories, then hit reset?
    If you did that and it still didn’t work for you, you can post that info and we will enter it for you and let you know what it says.

  588. goldenbear49 says:

    it’s not working, no matter what iput in, it calculates 1 cup of food a day…help

  589. Bente L Stobbe Morris says:

    Fresh Pet:
    it is a fresh cooked food so not “raw” but a totally acceptable fresh food that does not have chemicals and sugar in it!! There is also a whole bunch of dehydrated options available now that you hydrate and feed, so they are soft.

  590. Betsy Greer says:

    Hi Ray,

    I was just doing some browsing online and thought of your Opie when I came across this product, MaxMeat from Only Natural Pet. This product also gets five stars on DFA.

  591. I forgot to answer you eating question. Opie can only eat soft-chewy type foods. For whatever reason he doesn’t like wet-canned food. If food is to wet or to hard he looks up at me as if he’s being punished and lays his head next to his dish.
    Sorry to go on and on but I’m determined to find him something good for him that he can and enjoys eating.
    Thank you again for such helpful advice!

  592. Thank you for your advice.

  593. Thank you

  594. InkedMarie says:

    Are you “guest” below with Opie?

  595. InkedMarie says:

    Oh my, what an adorable dog! Please try to find something else other than moist & meaty. You can do what Sandy said below, try a raw nugget or Sojo’s but you can also either add warm water to kibble to soften it or add canned & a little water to kibble for a stew like consistency.

  596. Betsy Greer says:

    Hi Ray,

    Lots of times when people share pictures they end up being the same size as the one you posted. Yours isn’t too large. It’s just fine. Your pup is a cutie!

  597. Pattyvaughn says:

    Your image is great. What a cutie!

  598. sorry for to large image. I’ve tried removing it, no luck yet. Having all sorts of site issues…will delete account and start fresh…my apologies!

  599. Can he eat a nugget? There are raw foods in “bites” and 1 oz nuggets. Should be easy to eat even with an underbite. Or get a large bite kibble and soak it.

  600. I’ve a 2 yr old, 14 lb Shichon that has an under bite. He “Opie” had to stop eating hard food and doesn’t like wet/canned food so I give him a soft dry. The food [moist-n-meaty] gets a very low rating but he likes it. He eats 3 small meals per day.
    I’m not happy with the low quality food but until I can find a better food for him, it’s better he eat a food he can chew rather than stop eating due to a sore mouth.
    He liked the dry I was giving him but as he grew so did his under bite, then came his eating problem. I’ve checked and the company that makes the hard food he use to eat does not make a soft morsel.

    My question is – Can someone please recommend a better soft-dry food for small breed?

  601. I have to say..this Calc. seems REALLY off lol.I have 2 dogs that eat kibble, I put then in this calc. and the amounts it gave me are so off base its laughable… it says Baby should get just under 2.5 cups per day and Gem should get 4.2 cups per day…..BOTH of them eat LESS THEN HALF of those amounts! they would be grotesquely obese on those absurd amounts of food!

  602. Mark MacDonald says:

    Thank you! 🙂

  603. InkedMarie says:

    Glad Sandy posted a link. It’s important your dog get a balanced diet. He’s adorable, btw

  604. Mark MacDonald says:

    Thank you so much!

  605. Here is a simple recipe that you must use a vitamin and fish oil. Suggested feeding amount is at the bottom. There’s a beef recipe too.

  606. Mark MacDonald says:

    I have a 9.3 lb Schnauzer (toy size) and I’m wanting to feed him home made dog food (chicken, green beans, brown rice). how much should I feed him?

  607. Pattyvaughn says:

    Beagle are a breed that will eat until they explode. I had one many years ago. I used to order dog biscuits in bulk because I had many big dogs in for training. I had just gotten a 25 lb box of jumbo biscuits and only fed 3 of them. while I was at work, the beagle got out of his crate and ate a hole in the box and had a feast. He ate so many of them that he started vomitting. Then he ate more, vomitted more, ate more, etc. When I got home there was vomit everywhere and a beagle that looked like he had swallowed a watermelon and about 6 biscuits left. Fortunately, he had no other ill effects, but the moral of the story is a beagle will alway eat.

  608. Hi we recently adopted a 3 yr old 20 lb beagle mix. I’ve been feeding him 1/3 can beef wet food & about 3/4 c Purina One dry 2 x per day. He is pretty active and his body size seems fine but he acts like he wants more to eat. Is this enough? He does get a few small treats also…

  609. InkedMarie says:

    If I do 24lbs for ideal weight, senior I get 1.05 cups a day, which is what I have been feeding.

    If I do 24lbs, typical, I get 1.28 cups

    if I do 24lbs, active, I get 1.45.

    I think 2/3 cups per meal should help. I hope. I don’t want to do 3/4 cup, I think she’ll just end up pooping that out.

  610. Pattyvaughn says:

    You can also try putting in the amount she should weigh, but I suspect that it will be so close to the amount you are feeding now that it would take 6 months for her to put the weight on.

  611. InkedMarie says:

    Gemma needs to gain weight, I put in 21 pounds, chose active even tho she is not but there’s no weigh gain to choose….says 1.32 cups a day for that. Hope it helps her gain a couple pounds

  612. Hound Dog Mom says:

    Puppies usually need 1 1/2 to 2 times the amount recommended for an adult dog of the same weight. I’d recommend starting with the feeding guide on the package, assessing you pup’s body condition frequently and adjusting portion size accordingly.

  613. All your data is for dogs. What about puppies? How much should a 10 lb olde English bulldogge who is 12 weeks old be getting a day?

  614. Pattyvaughn says:

    I feed one of them active and two of them highly active. I definitely don’t feed my senior like a senior.

  615. Betsy Greer says:

    I always use the “overweight” activity level for my two because both of them gain weight easily.

  616. Pattyvaughn says:

    Last year it was high for my dogs, but this year they are old enough to work and it is pretty dead on for them. It’s low for Hound Dog Mom’s dogs. Just goes to show that all dogs are different and it is just a guideline, nothing more.

  617. Calculator seems way high and my vet agrees. Both my dogs gained weight on premium food at 2/3 the suggestion of the calculator.

  618. What is their ideal weight suppose to be? How much were you feeding them when they were 7 lbs versus now? And what are you feeding them? One month might not be long enough to see much difference. My pug vet suggested only 2-5% of weight loss per month and at 2% that’s only 4.4 oz and at 5% that is 11 oz. You might try Amicus Senior/Weight Management food. It’s made for toy breeds so it is a really small kibble. You might also use their kibble allowance for treats. Also for all my smalls dogs, they’ve lost weight on foods with at least 30% protein and normal fat. I don’t give them diet food since there aren’t that many good ones around except for Core Reduced Fat, Amicus, Blue Buffalo Wilderness Weight Management, EVO Wt Mgmt, Acana Light and Fit, even Merrick Classic Senior (for all life stages) might fit the bill if you feed grain food. Here’s the list for low fat foods if that’s something you’re looking for:

  619. I adopted an overweight dog, we used Wellness Core reduced fat & it did the trick.

  620. Hi, I have two small mixed terrier type dogs both around 3yo, I got them from the Humane Society a year ago weighing 7lbs each. Now they both weigh 14lbs each, I have been trying to cut food and snacks for a month with no gain but no loss. We try to walk them twice a day but at least once. Any tips. jo

  621. Pattyvaughn says:

    Give the extra that you take away from the 2 yr old to the 1 yr old. Or encourage her to be more active.

  622. Yah im seeing that with my 2 year old she is fatter than my 1 year old but then my 1 year old is 100Xs more active than my 5 month old AND my 2 year old haha. Thanks for your comment Its so hard to find people that actually feed their dogs correctly. Might up my 1 year olds food a bit lol

  623. Pattyvaughn says:

    The amount you feed is very individual to the dog you are feeding. If their body condition is good then the amount is good. If they start to gain or lose too much then you need to adjust the amount. My 40 lb adults get 1 lb each and I think that is pretty much in line with the amount you are feeding. The rule of thumb is between 2 and 3% of adult body weight, some require more and some require less.

  624. I have 3 Dobermans and i am currently feeding them 2lbs of meat a day consisting of 80% meat and 20% bone and organ meat once a week. they range from 40-75lbs and 5 months to 2 years old. is this enough food? no one looks thin or anything i just want to make sure.

  625. rottielover says:

    garbage is right! switch foods! Wellness, Solid Gold, Merrick, Blue Buffalo, Acana, Orijen, Taste of the Wild… there are lots of other foods that have REAL food in it. You may save a few bucks now feeding that garbage but you’ll pay for it in vet bills later!

  626. Pattyvaughn says:

    How old is your dog? If he is young, you may have to wait for him to mature before he puts on the weight you want. You could try adding some coconut oil to his food or giving him a higher calorie food. Iams is a whole lot of carbs. He may need more protein and fats.

  627. My dog is a shih Tzu, poodle mix. I feed him 2 times daily. one boiled egg without shell and 3/4 cup of IAMS. For Diner he gets 3/4 cup chicken breast and 3/4 cup IAMS. He weighs 14 IL and walks at about 8 miles a day. I would like him to gain a little weight. His Vet said it is O.K. for him to gain 1-2 IL. How much I have to add to his food, if I should do it.

  628. Pattyvaughn says:

    For that you need to have an in depth conversation with your vet. It is very important that you feed enough and not to much while she is pregnant, and no one here can give you an accurate answer for that since we can’t put our hands on your dog. The best we can tell you is to pay strict attention to her body condition and be prepared to adjust her food all the time.

  629. ScottishTerrier123 says:

    My Scottish terrier is pregnant and now weighs 20 pounds idk if i am feeding her enough. she always seems hungry but i feel like i am feeding her more then enough. she gets walked everyday and leads a very active life. how much should be good enough?

  630. Pattyvaughn says:

    GDV is a complicated and little understood condition, likely needing multiple conditions to be met at the same time for a dog to get it.. It certainly is not as simple as eating too much, and it is a rare medical circumstance. And it would be EXTREMELY rare for a Shih Tzu to get it. Try reading before you correct someone, and maybe thinking too.

  631. You should check out Earthborn (GF line).

  632. Sorry. NOT TRUE. Dogs get bloat and torsion (a life threatening condition) gorging on large amounts of food. Especially kibble. That is REALLY irresponsible advice.

  633. Iams, Science Diet, Eukanuba all garbage.

  634. Pattyvaughn says:

    Just so you know, a lot of people are reporting that their dogs are getting diarrhea on BB lately.

  635. ExtraordinaryDogs says:

    Yes. I’m considering changing her to Blue Buffalo Wilderness. And she weighs 43 lbs.

  636. ExtraordinaryDogs says:

    Thank you!

  637. Pattyvaughn says:

    You should always go by your dogs body condition, anything else is just a guideline and should be adjusted for the individual dog. Some dogs have faster or slower metabolisms than others so they need more or less food than others. Thank your lucky stars that you have an feed efficient dog and keep feeding the amount that keeps her trim and active, not the amount that will sell more dog food.

  638. We need to know how many pounds your dog weighs. Are you feeding the Eukanuba Excel puppy chicken?

  639. ExtraordinaryDogs says:

    Hey, I have a year and a half to two year old pit mix. She is very active. I feel her Eukanuba Puppy Chicken and it says to feed her 2 cups a day. She is 43 lbs and this tells me to feed her 3.44 cups a day. How do I know which is accurate?

  640. Pattyvaughn says:

    Except for rare medical circumstances, feeding more than once a day is personal preference and nothing more. Dogs, just like wolves, have a stomach that was made for gorging and fasting and they do fine on that type of diet.

  641. she should be eating a puppy food. If she is not eating as she should, she may simply NOT like the food you are feeding her. Would find some samples and try different puppy foods to find the one best for her. Just because one dog loves a food, doesn’t mean another dog/puppy will. And, dog foods are harder to digest for puppys than puppy food.

  642. please feed more than once a day. It doesn’t need to be large amounts, just a few small meals will do wonders.

  643. Pattyvaughn says:

    How active is she?

    If she is just normally active, then she needs about 329 calories a day. How much of a can that would be would depend on how many calories were in the can.

    If she is highly active, it would be around 461 calories.

  644. I have a 1yrd old small Shi Tzu weighing 8lbs. How much wet food should she eat once a day? Thanks.

  645. Pattyvaughn says:

    Hi Hansjoerg
    What is your question?

  646. Hansjoerg Kaempf says:

    My 7 month old puppy gets 3 times a 100g-cup Cesar a day,
    She weights 30, 4 lbs and is very active.
    Please give me an answer.
    Hansjoerg Kaempf
    2947 Marshall Road
    Bonifay, Florida 32425
    Phone: 850-547-5207

  647. Thanks Cyndi 🙂
    I hope time take its course…

  648. Beautiful puppy! Is 1 cup, twice a day for a puppy enough food? That doesn’t sound like enough to me. But, I have been known to be wrong…

  649. My vet also told me that if a dog is neutered/spayed that makes a difference in how much you should feed them. Both of my dogs are, and so they need a bit less than what the bag says they should have at the MOST.

  650. I wouldn’t worry too much. Just about every boxer that I’ve seen is really skinny. Most of them are very high energy and people have told me they have trouble keeping weight on them. Keep doing what you’re doing and trying to get him to gain some, but don’t worry too much!

  651. I don’t have an update photo on the computer right now (all on my phone), but he has 4 ribs shown preety clear 🙁
    Though I don’t know if he was skinnier than all the other boxers I had when they were his age, because they are usually skinny till 18 months (my vet also said so), I’m just upset bacause he just now lost 3 kg so I want to get it back 🙂
    The satin balls sure sounds interesting, if he doesn’t fill in by 18 months I will defo consider it.

  652. InkedMarie says:

    I’m sorry, I didn’t realize she was so skinny. Can you share a picture with us? If you haven’t tried satin balls, google for the recipe.

  653. Thanks! I think my dog does pretty similar activity to your dogs crazy4cats, so I will put in the calculator his future adult weight (he just turn 1 year and hasn’t reach his adult weight yet- should take about 6 month or so) and look what active and typical say, and choose the middle.

    I wish I could be more calm about it like you inkedmarrie 🙂 … it just that my dog is SO skinny 🙁 … I know boxers “fill in” only at 18-24 months, but I really get stressed if he lose weight! Make me feel like a bad mom haha. Once he reach his adult weight I hope I would not mind that much 🙂

  654. Crazy4cats says:

    Well, they get walked about 2 miles everyday. They are in our back yard together most of the time, so they play off and on. They get bored with each other though. It’s more exciting if a human or a furry cousin comes over to play. lol! They both get about the same amount of exercise, but one is so much more bouncy and hyper than the other. So, I actually feed him more even though he weighs less. He just burns more energy than the other. Funny thing is that they are litter mates, but have different builds and different energy levels. You just have pick a starting point and go from there depending on the results. But, so far this calculator has worked well for me. Just remember to subtract calories for any toppers or treats that you give through out the day. Hope this helps. Good luck.

  655. InkedMarie says:

    It varies. I don’t get picky on amounts, I just feed food. If they gain, I back off. If they lose, I give more. It took me forever to figure out the calculator; Losul finally clued me in lol.

  656. Thank you both for the reply! How many hours of activity does your dog do every day (approximately)?

  657. Crazy4cats says:

    Hi boxermom-
    While I can’t tell you what the veterinary research institute considers active, I can tell you what my experience is. I couldn’t decide if one of my dogs was typical or active because he’s extremely high energy and bouncy playful, but he has a lot of down time when we are all at work. So, I computed both calorie levels for typical and active then just averaged the two. I have been feeding that calorie level for about 6 months and he’s been maintaining his weight nicely. He is a young large breed dog so I’m trying to keep him lean to keep his joints healthy. I hope this helps.

  658. InkedMarie says:

    I don’t know if the posters here know the answer to that. I have a brittany who is fairly active but can tend to get chunky so I chose “typical” and adjust from there.

  659. Someone? Please?

  660. Pattyvaughn says:

    For my pup I made a guess at what I expected his adult weight to be and used that as his weight and it gave me a good estimate.

  661. Betsy Greer says:

    Your puppy will fill out in due time. Trying to put weight on a dog is not ideal and can set him up for future health issues. How is his body condition? Can you easily feel his ribs, but not easily see them?

    The calculator is very easy to use once you’ve got it figured out. Enter your pups weight and click enter. Enter your pups active level and click enter. Then, enter the number of kcals per cup ~ you’ll find that information on your bag of food, then click enter – NOT reset. However, this calculator is for adult dogs and not puppies or pregnant or lactating females.

    You should carefully read the recommended feeding guidelines on your packaging and if you’re feeding an all life stages food rather than a puppy food, make sure you’re looking at the feeding guidelines for puppies as opposed to adult dogs.

    I know you said your pup is 12 weeks and active. How much does the pup weigh currently?

  662. Storm's Mom says:

    Hi, I put in 20lbs (guessing that’s about what your pup weighs?), “Highly Active”, and chose “calories/cup”. I got that the dog needs 916 calories a day. Most high-quality kibbles are around 400 calories per cup, so that would mean you would need to feed about 2.5 cups per day. You might want to increase the amount you feed her to 1 1/4 cups twice a day and see if that helps. Hope this helps!!

  663. Sheri Smith says:

    I have a 12 week old APBT puppy who is of a different blood line than my 2 yr old APBT adult female. My puppy is very lean and thinly built and has a hyper-active activity level. My adult female is a thick, solidly built 53 lbs. They match each other in activity levels. My adult eats 2 1/2 cups twice a day, and I’m feeding the puppy 1 cup of kibble twice a day, and she looks like she rarely ever eats. I would like to put a little more meat on her bones. This calculator didn’t work for me, so can anyone help me out?

  664. undrgrndgirl says:
  665. Jan_Mom2Cavs says:

    Ok… find out the calories of the food you’re feeding you can either look on the back of the dog food bag, go to the food’s website to see if they’re listed there or call the company and find out. Dr. Mike already provides quite a lot of info. for us, but sometimes we have to research more for things like calories, sodium content, etc. Hope this help.

  666. What is the purpose of this calculator?? I know how to divide already! What I need to is know how many calories are in the dog food that I use. Other sites list only mainstream junk foods, not grain-free organics.

  667. Hound Dog Mom says:

    To know exactly you’ll have to contact the company to find out how many calories there are in each cup. Divide how many calories your dog should have in a day by the calories per cup to find out how many cups to feed per day. I can tell you that in general there are 8 – 9 c. of kibble per kg. Be sure to factor in any treats he receives and adjust his food intake accordingly. You may find that you need to feed him more or less than what the calculator suggests as the calculator is just meant to be used as a guideline – also make sure you’re using the recommended calorie amounts for what he should weight not what he does weigh.

  668. My dog is a Siberian husky. 80 pounds trying to get to 60 (hopefully) or the most 65. He’s 6. Neutered. Was inactive but now getting a 1 hr fast walk a day. We changed his food from Beneful to Simply Nourish chicken & brown rice. Simply nourish has 3615 kcal/kg and they said I need to give him 1333 calories a day and 0.37kg a day. Can anyone tell me in human words how many cups I should give him. We are currently giving him 2 cups once per day. He was being fed beneful about 3 1/2 cups with half can of canned food. So I think the. Change is right, right? I put that he was “senior, neutered, inactive.”

  669. InkedMarie says:

    Bacteria & yeast. Gave me Motomax or something along that line, to use for a week. Need to make sure to keep it dry. It dawned on me earlier that ginger tends to clean his ear; need to discourage that.

  670. Pattyvaughn says:

    Let us know whay s/he says.

  671. Pattyvaughn says:

    Darwin’s may have a slightly higher moisture content than Hare Today, but if it does it would only be slight. You may have to feed just a titch more, so try 4 oz per meal.

  672. How many hours of activity are considered an active dog in this calculator?
    By activity I mean walking, playing, running…
    Thank you.

  673. Freeholdhound says:

    This estimates 3.86 cups/day. The calculator on Natures Logic website estimates 2.87 cups/day. That’s a rather large difference :/

  674. InkedMarie says:

    Ok, so 3-4 oz to start would be good

  675. My 24 lb-ers get 6 – 7 oz. per day.

  676. InkedMarie says:

    oh, btw, taking Boone to the vets this afternoon, to make sure he has no mites in that ear. It’s brown & gunky, not cleaning it, want the vet to see it as it is. Yuck. I’m thinking it’s got to be the moist spring/summer we’ve had/having

  677. InkedMarie says:

    yeah, that makes more sense than Boone, at 29lbs and typical, eating 1.36.

  678. InkedMarie says:

    I figured you’d answer Patty 🙂
    I’m in the middle of re-doing feeding instructions, as some things have changed (I tape it inside the door of a cupboard). Gemma is still on Hare, eats about 3.7 ounces per meal, give or take.

  679. Pattyvaughn says:

    My BCs are 40 lbs and active and get about 1.5 lbs per day.

  680. Pattyvaughn says:

    It would be too much for mine! Angel is 12 lb and active and she needs about 4 oz a day. I’m getting ready to try her on all raw too. Try Gemma on 8 oz per day and see if she maintains her weight.

  681. InkedMarie says:

    Just did Ginger, 32lb typical activity dog. It says, for Darwins, 1.46 a day. That would be 24 oz a day or 12oz per meal. That seems like alot too. Boone is 29lbs, typical, came up to 1.36 a day. Yikes.

  682. InkedMarie says:

    for anyone who’s reading this….I’m hoping to get Gemma on Darwins fairly soon. Was doing the food calculator here. She’s a 22 pound senior/inactive dog. Using Losul’s Darwins average, it says she should have 0.90 pounds a day. Losul says he thinks this calculator is on the high side….so, downgrade it a bit to about 3/4 of a pound a day. Unless my math is way off, that’s about 12 oz a day or 6oz per meal. Does that seem high to anyone else?

  683. Pattyvaughn says:

    Ah well. You had it doing things for you that I couldn’t get it to do for me. It just wasn’t what you wanted it to do. 🙂

  684. InkedMarie says:

    It took me long enough!

  685. Pattyvaughn says:

    No problem;-D

  686. Sorry, I meant to reply to her. thanks 😉

  687. Pattyvaughn says:

    Marie figured out how to use it, I never had an issue with it.

  688. Make sure to check your food and enter how many calories in a kcup in step 3. Then it will be correct.
    example 95 lb typical activity 353 in kcup (it is listed on your dogs food bag) =5.25 cups a day

  689. Pattyvaughn says:

    It is definitely lacking a couch potato selection, also a neurotic mess selection.

  690. Depends on what kind of small dogs you have! My pugs seem to eat way below the calculator amount! They eat 2/3 cup of kibble and that leaves room for treats. Pugs are lap dogs for the most part. The calculator doesn’t have a “lazy” selection.

  691. Shilo's mom says:

    Thanks for helping to take the guess work out of feeding a small dog. These are my first small dogs so it helped a lot.

  692. InkedMarie says:

    ignore, please, i think i figured it out

  693. InkedMarie says:

    I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. When I put in 22lbs and senior for activity level, it comes up to 506 calories and 1 cup. If I change the calories to 400, I get 1.27.

  694. Hi InkedMarie,

    Sorry… I just noticed your comment you posted about 10 days ago.

    Please notice that for each situation, the calculator is suggesting an increasing number of calories — as one would expect with increasing weight and activity..

    However, when you go to step 3, you get the same number of cups (which is obviously in error).

    When I entered your exact numbers and used 400 calories per cup for my “test” dog food, I got 1.27 cups per day for your 22 pound senior and 5.26 cups per day for your 95 pound active dog.

    Please be absolutely certain you are entering the correct number of calories per cup for your particular dog food.

    Otherwise, no calculator anywhere will convert the number of daily calories needed by your pet to the correct serving size.

    Hope this helps.

  695. InkedMarie says:

    This calculator never works for me.

  696. Betsy Greer says:

    To whom are you talking?

    If you’re concerned because you’re trying to use the calculator and it’s telling you one cup for an active 100 pound dog, you might not be putting in your information correctly.

  697. Terrible says:

    This is terrible you’re starving the poor dog. I cup for a 100 lbs dog who’s very active???

  698. Jack Lucas says:

    Thanks for the calculator, I re-posted on my FB – I just wrote an article on Human Foods and Nutrition for dogs and this fits right in. Give us a visit there or and check out our doggie information. We are still in the process of building her up. Just two months old now. – Jack

  699. InkedMarie says:

    Thank you!

  700. Pattyvaughn says:

    Are you plugging in the kcal per cup? Because it is telling you how many kcal your “95lb” dog needs per day. The only way to get that in one cup is to have a food with 2106 kcals per cup.

  701. Marie, once you’ve got the calories required from step 2, don’t enter that figure into step 3. You will need to enter the figure in step 3 from whatever particular dog food you are trying to figure, then hit reset, it will tell you the cups you will supposedly need for that particular dog food.

    Even if you have a commercial wet food such as canned food or Darwin’s that gives calories/can or calories/lb instead of calories/cup, you can still use this, just enter the calories/can or the calories/lb.The answer will show as “feed your dog x.xx cups per day”, but the answer can be interpreted as feed your dog x.xx cans per day or feed your dog x.xx pounds per day.

    For instance say if I’m trying to figure how much Darwin’s to feed. Darwins doesn’t show a calorie/cup figure, instead they show a calorie/lb figure.

    If I enter my dogs weight 33.5 lbs (step 1) and enter typical in step 2, the calculator will show 848 calories (this is what it calculates my dogs daily needs to be.) Step 3 – I enter Darwins calories/lb (about 560 on average) then hit reset, the answer will come up as “feed your dog 1.51 cups per day”. In reality it will mean “feed your dog 1.51 lbs per day,” because lbs. is the unit of measure I entered, instead of cups/day.

    I find this particular calculator to be on the high side. 848 calories/day is a bit more than my dog needs.

  702. InkedMarie says:

    I just now did it three times:

    22lbs/senior/506 calories a day=came up to 1 cup a day

    then i did:
    32lbs/typical/819 calories a day=came up to 1 cup a day

    then I also did:
    95lbs/active/2106 calories a day=came up to 1 cup a day also

    something tells me that a dog who is 95 lbs requires more than 1 cup a day.

    I was trying to do all three of mine but I get one cup for all. They are:

    22lbs senior
    31 lbs typical
    32 lbs active

    they come up with different calories but the same one cup a day to feed

  703. Pattyvaughn says:

    What calorie count are you putting in? I haven’t tried it today, but every other time I’ve used it, it has worked fine.

    Yep, it’s working for me.

  704. InkedMarie says:

    Regarding the calculator above…does it work for anyone? Any weight I put in, from 21 pounds to 95 pounds, says the dog should get one up daily

  705. Pattyvaughn says:

    My very active 11yr old 13lb JRT eats 2/3cup of Brothers plus treats.

  706. My 23-24 lb pugs eat 2/3 cup of kibble! And still get food treats. On Beneful they were eating 2 cups. The Beneful website suggests 1.6 to 2.5 cups a day!

  707. Look up Amicus. It’s for small dogs and it has a weight management formula. Also I always feed less than the recommended amount on the bag. On a better food, you usually don’t feed as much. I don’t know how much to feed a shih-zhu, but my housedogs eat 2/3 of quality kibble and they weigh 23-24 lbs. That still leaves room for treats (which I use food for treats). Foods like Vital Essentials, or dehyrdrated liver or other dehyrdrated/freeze foods that comes in a bite-size. And they only get those when they come back from going outside.

  708. InkedMarie says:

    If you want to change, you’re probably better to sit home and order online. There are many online places to order, most with free shipping.

  709. Pattyvaughn says:

    Protein is really good to have in a dog food, but if your dog isn’t used to having to produce what she needs to utilize the food, it can give loose stools for a bit. Try giving her a tablespoon of pure pumpkin with each meal for a few days. You can freeze the canned pumpkin in an ice cube tray to keep it from going bad before you use it. Maybe add a little plain yogurt with a live culture, to give her a source of probiotics.

  710. Lacy Robinson Epting says:

    We have a medium size mixed breed female puppy- Dalmatian/cocker spaniel. Right now, I feed her Victor puppy formula but her stools are SUPER loose, to the point of diarrhea. I think it’s all the protein, but I’m not sure. We’ve recently moved to a small town: there’s no stores other than WalMart, Dollar General, or a grocery store to buy dog food and its not economical for us to drive 30-45 minutes either way to the next largest town for food. What’s the best dry food from one of these stores??

  711. LabsRawesome says:

    YES you should change the dog’s food. With such a small dog better quality food wouldn’t really be all that much more money. What stores do you have nearby?

  712. Pattyvaughn says:

    I’ve never fed Beneful, but when I had my GSDs on Pedigree, I fed my 63# female 6 cups. She only needed a little over 3 on NutriSource. And my Golden mix of the same size needed only 2 cups of NutriSource. I wonder what they would get of what I’m feedind now.

  713. Hound Dog Mom says:

    When Gus was a puppy he ate Beneful. I had a huge roasting pan I filled daily for him – probably 8 – 10 C. a day and he was lean. Not a quality food.

  714. Pattyvaughn says:

    I can’t tell you how much to feed of Beneful, but of a good food you should only be feeding a Shih tzu about 2/3 cup. Beneful is not a good food.

  715. Victoria Notch says:

    I have a shih-zhu who looks VERY overweight. She is about 8 years old. She is a bit chubby, and I don’t know how much to feed her. I believe my parents have been overfeeding her. How much food do I use for my dog? We want her back to 10,11, maybe 12 lbs. We use PURINA beneful. Should I change the dog’s food? Please help.

  716. Nena Casey says:

    We have a fb group for diabetic pets, canine diabetes support and information. We can help with choosing a food and regulating the diabetes

  717. I tried Verus lamb, was grain heavy, my dogs did not like the flavor as the flavor is not strong. Small company, good people are behind this food, but they use a third party who makes their food, and based on my conversations with them, they did not know 100% how their own food was made. However, I believe the kibbles are decent, the one I tried did not have any probiotics or nothing fancy in them. It appeared to have though good safe ingredients.

  718. Barbara Jane Shedaker says:

    What do you think of VeRUS,Life Advantage?Its made in the USA and is GMO free??

  719. Michellemarie Burns says:

    I have a female kc. cav she is now diabetic. I am currently feeding her w/d hills prescription diet. Is there another dog food I can feed her instead? Its expensive. thxs

  720. InkedMarie says:

    I agree with Patty, I adopted a dog with no teeth. She also eats pre made raw & ground raw. If you use THK, you may want to add some canned, if your dog needs to gain weight

  721. Pattyvaughn says:

    Try the Honest Kitchen. It’s dehydrated, so you have to add water to reconstitute it, but it is excellent nutrition and with small dogs, it’s even affordable.

  722. Susan Turgeon says:

    I have two very small dogs (2.8 lbs and 4.5 lbs), The smallest has very few teeth due to being malnourished in his youth. What soft/can dog food would you recommend for an elderly dog with little to no teeth to chew. I need to get his weight up and keep up his nutrition. Please advise.

  723. Pattyvaughn says:

    I know what you mean. My 13 lbs JRT is 11 yrs old and still very active, but if she gets more than 2/3 of her current food, she will blow up like a balloon in no time.

  724. TX Tornado says:

    I have two small dogs (8lbs and 13lbs), both between 6 months and a year. They were both rescues, and both were pretty thin when they ended up in my care. I feed them 1/2 cup and 3/4 cup of mixed dry and moist food, respectively, and they’ve both put on a weight and are very healthy. I can’t imagine feeding my little Chihuahua a cup of food a day! She’d be a snausage!

  725. I would chose the Small Breed or the Puppy recipes because they have a little more protein in them (26% and 27% which would be 29% and 30% dry matter). Generally I don’t go below 30% for my personal dogs regarding kibble since they also eat a raw diet which is high in protein. You can add in raw or cooked meat, lightly scrambled egg or canned or raw fish regularly. Or even Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Boost sprinkled on top. It is a freeze dried raw that is in powder form so is very convenient to use if you don’t have time for fresh food. You can even do a mixture of Freedom plus Wilderness to get something in the middle. I will say that taking white potatoes out of my dogs’ diet has resulted in no ear infections or body yeast/odor. As for feeding suggestions, dogs can eat once a day or more and they don’t even have to eat everyday. That’s totally up to you and your schedule. But I would not feed more than twice a day because kibble takes a long time to digest and feeding more than twice a day would just back up the plumbing and their body would be using up valuable energy and resources to work on digestion all the time.

  726. Bismarck says:

    My miniature schnauzer weights 18 pounds. I thought that after nearly 6 years of Iams lamb and rice, and several ear infections, I would start him on Blue Buffalo- Freedom,grain free,chicken, adult. It recommends feeding 1 x a day, senior and 2x’s for a smaller dog. Is he getting enough protein at 24% Crude Protein? Should I add some raw chicken or beef from time to time? I would say that he is a typical canine regarding activity. with 2 walks and only adults in the home.

    I have done considerable research of Dog Food Advisor as well as talked to others who are knowledgeable regarding nutrition for canines.

    Thank you!

  727. LOL! I have, too. : )

    I should directed the last part of the post to Strey.

  728. Pattyvaughn says:

    Me? Absolutely! I had to spend an hour feeding in different numbers to see what I would get. I can be a little anal about things like that.

  729. That’s what I was thinking also, Patty. Once you start feeding the food, see how it affects your dog’s weight. If he gains or loses a bit, adjust the quantitiy of food you’re feeding accordingly. Also, remember to take into consideration treats, etc.; they count toward pup’s daily caloric intake.

    Have you played with the DFA calculator:

  730. Pattyvaughn says:

    I’m no good at figuring out what they consider what activity level. For my dogs, that would be a lazy day and yet I enter average activity in these things because my dogs are easy keepers. I would figure out about how many calories your dog is already getting and go from there. Or fill in active one time through and then do it again as highly active and see what you get. just remember, this is only a guideline.

  731. Hmmm, I’d probably call that “active.”

  732. Hm, not sure if i should say my dog is Active or Highly Active. She usually walks atleast 1 mile a day and wrestles and runs around with her friend Rusty for 30 mins. Plus random Fetch and chase games throught out the day.
    What do you guys think?

  733. Pattyvaughn says:

    You find where it says on the bag or you call the company and ask.

  734. Rachel Holmes says:

    How do u work out the calories in dog food I feed James wellbeloved adult??

  735. Hound Dog Mom says:

    Someone posted a link to a good raw feeding calculator in the raw food forum:

  736. Topdog417 says:

    You should make a raw food calculator

  737. Pattyvaughn says:

    I typed in 90 lbs, senior inactive neutered, and 500cal/cup and it still gave me 2.91 cups per day. Try rechecking the figures you plugged in and do it again.

  738. LawofRaw says:

    I forgot to mention that if you consider appeasing nature for your staffy (I love staffies), hence the best health in canine diet that you’d be able to muster, then you don’t need this dog food calculator. You simply feed it about 3% of its body weight, daily. So if he’s 40kg, then feed him about 1.2kg a day. This could amount to 3 or 4 chicken frames or 6 chicken backs, or 2 turkey frames, etc, depending on their size. Then whatever the offal weight and table scraps etc, to also take into the overall food weight consideration. So a kitchen scale will suffice for all this.

  739. LawofRaw says:

    You might need to appease nature and feed him raw meaty bones, carcasses, offal, occasional fruits and veggies, raw eggs, and blended table scraps.

    How does he seem to be starving? Is it because you can see ribs and he’s skeletal looking, or is it because he is is just always wanting to feed on something? There is a difference. If it’s the latter, don’t be too concerned as adult dogs are poor self regulators of how much they can eat. Even if they’re actually full, they will still usually eat and eat if you keep presenting it with food.

  740. Uh, i think this tool is wrong, it’s telling me to feed my 90lb American Staffordshire Terrier 1 cup of food a day… Ya, NO. He would die.. I feed him two cups of food in the morning and two cups at night and he seems to always be starving period. even if I give him wet food with it!

  741. Sergeant says:

    Not always the case, all dogs are different. My 80 lb very active pitbull mix eats maybe a cup of kibble and less than a can of alpo a day before he’s full and isn’t hungry anymore. So 1 cup for a 25 lb dog with more than 3 times less the calorie needs isn’t very crazy, neither for the 60 lb dog.

  742. Pattyvaughn says:

    The only thing I would add to HDMs reply is that Aussies have really thick coats so you need to take that into consideration when you are assessing her weight. You will need to feel her ribs and hip bones. You should be able to easily find them with your fingertips but they should not feel prominant.

  743. Hound Dog Mom says:

    No one can tell you how much food your dog needs. Dogs energy needs vary dependent on size, breed, age, activity level, stress level, environment, whether or not the dog is spayed or neutered, etc. etc. You just have to monitor the dog’s body condition. If the dog looks too thin, feed more. If the dog looks too fat, feed less. If the dog looks good, keep doing what you’re doing.

  744. My Aussie is 13 mos. I feed her 1 cup of dry dog food in the morning and 1 cup in the evening with treats in between. I have been told this is not enough and that I should feed to twice as much. My previous Aussie lived to be 14 1/2 and I feed her the same for which the vet would tell me when she was young that she was overweight and had me take it down to 3/4 cup twice a day, so not wanting to have this dog get over weight I have tried not to over feed her. Exactly in cup measurement should i be feeding her?

  745. No, one can would not be overfeedng.

  746. Hound Dog Mom says:

    ME just stands for metabolizable energy.

  747. So the calculator result is based on ME kcal’s? That would mean that if I gave her one can of food, she would be getting the total 844 kcal/kg, but only 304 kcal/can ME per can? So feeding her one can is not overfeeding?

    Since the food lists both kcal/kg and kcal/can ME, it got me confused on how much exactly I was to feed her based on the calculator. To be better understood the calculator should have the results in kcal/ME.

    Wow..sorry, but this is so confusing. 🙂

  748. It’s between 1 and 1/7 of a can to 1 and 1/8 of a can since 344 calories is 113% of one can. And the calculator is just a guide, it’s not presice for every dog. All my dogs would be fat according to the calculator.

  749. I’m still confused. My puggle is overweight (40#). We have her on Wellness Turkey Stew which has 844 kcal/kg and 304 kcal/can ME per can. Which measurement do I use
    in the calculator? I’ve used both but I’m still confused on the amount of food I’m to feed her. The results say 344 calories a day or .46 kg/day. How much in cups or cans is that?

    I want to reduce her calorie intake and cause her to slowly lose weight, I figured that I might compute how much a 30# dog weighs and feed her that until she get nearer to that weight, then reduce it again to a 20# dog; getting her closer to her normal weight. I hate to eliminate so many calories in the beginning, from a 40# dog to a 20# dog, that she is shocked and “starving”. I’d rather cut her caloric intake slowly.

    We have tried many, many different diets for her over the years, had her metabolism checked, her thyroid, everything. She is sneaky and will steal food from the cats, other dogs and neighbor dogs (bones, treats, etc.) We have to watch her constantly. We are hoping that using the precise measurements of this calculator we can finally get her weight under control. She has acl issues so she is unable to exercise much. Hopefully getting the weight down will help with that too. Any advise would be helpful.

  750. InkedMarie says:

    Thank you, Sandy!

  751. Hi Debra,

    As I mention in The Bottom Line above, “Since each dog has its own unique energy needs, it’s impossible to
    accurately predict the exact serving size that’s right for your pet.”

    When the calculator results are as far off as yours, I have found the user has not correctly entered the kilograms versus pounds – especially the calories per cup/or kilogram field.

    Setting these variables correctly is absolutely critical achieving accurate estimates. There’s no room for a mistake here.

    Are you certain you have entered all figures properly? You may wish to go back and repeat your steps.

  752. InkedMarie says:

    As long as its an all life stages food, thats all they need

  753. InkedMarie says:

    Dogs don’t even need puppy food (except maybe large breeds; I don’t have one & don’t know their requirements).

  754. InkedMarie says:

    Someone yesterday posted a link from MPC about the cost of raw per month….now I can’t find it. I don’t even know what thread it was on! Anyone have it?

  755. DebraMN51 says:

    He needs PUPPY food until he is 2 years old! Ask vet for amount …

  756. DebraMN51 says:

    It told me 1 cup per day for both my 25 lb 557 cal/day dog and my 60lb 1074 cal/day dog…crazy and WRONG (both are inactive seniors so no difference there) My 60lb girl would be a skeleton on 1 cup

  757. Pattyvaughn says:

    Last summer the calculator was high for my dogs, but over the winter it was too low for two of my dogs. All dogs are different.

  758. Hound Dog Mom says:

    If I fed my dogs based on this calculator they’d be emaciated. This calculator is meant as a guideline, all dogs are individuals.

  759. This is inaccurate. If I fed my dog based on this calculator he’d be obese.

  760. Pattyvaughn says:

    My 14 lbs very active JRT eats about 3/4 cups a day total, kibble , raw, and treats.

  761. Hound Dog Mom says:

    Grandma Lucy’s is another dehydrated food I’d recommend over Sojo’s in addition to monkey and Shawna’s recommendations. All the formulas in the Pureformance line are high protein as well as the the Pork and Bison varieties in the Artisan line. Another option instead of using the pre-made Sojo’s would be to buy their grain-free pre-mix and add fresh meat.

  762. Hound Dog Mom says:

    It’s pretty pricey. The grain-free varieties are $58.95 for 3 lbs. and $91.95 for 6 lbs.

  763. monkey says:

    I don’t know the prices difference but the new Dr Harveys Oracle grain free formulas may be something to try. Higher protein and low fat.

  764. Although Sojos is good in that it is made from real food and minimally processed, it is way to LOW in protein at only 22 and 23%. This is not conducive to weight loss.

    There are a couple great research articles out identifying protein as the superior nutrient for canine weight loss. The Journal of Nutrition —

    “This study evaluated the benefits of high-protein, low-carbohydrate diets as well as CLA addition on reducing body weight in dogs. Changing the macronutrient profile of a canine weight-loss diet from a high-carbohydrate level to one primarily based on protein can promote greater weight loss without further reductions in caloric intake. This weight loss is driven primarily from an increased loss of fat mass while maintaining lean muscle mass.”

    I was able to take 15 pounds off an 29 pound OBESE Papillon using high protein kibbles topped with high protein canned and raw. I was not able to exercise her either as vet thought it could cause a heart attack at first and later when she was capable it was the middle of winter.

    The Honest Kitchen Love (31%) and Zeal (36%) are also minimally processed and although not technically high in protein are higher than Sojo. Adding canned sardines, eggs (whites are low fat if you want to watch fat) and canned foods can be added to increase the protein amounts of a moderate to higher protein food like THK Love and Zeal.

  765. Weight appearances are deceiving. Our Lab is small, and I would assume 30 pounds.. But weighing in at the vet, she is 60.. Totally not what I expected, and she has almost no fat on her whatsoever.

  766. Question. I have a 4 1/2 year old Mini Shih Tzu. He is NOT very active at all.. I admit, I had no idea for a long time about recommended food, and he is now 16 pounds. His Ideal weight should be around 7-9 pounds. I have over the last 2 months reduced his food down to 3/4 cup per day. Also have switched to natural, grain free, filler and by product free raw diet. (Sojos) He has not lost a single pound in all this time. Should I start worrying about taking him to the vet for testing? (Thank goodness I work at one!)

  767. Sorry.. I agree. When is it ever right to use an someone to make money for you? Especially when there are already SO MANY!!!!

  768. Pattyvaughn says:

    You have a very unusual dog. I worked as a vet tech for many years and it was very rare to see a dog with clean teeth, most dogs are kibble fed, but the ones that had clean teeth were the ones that chewed bones or other such help to keep their teeth clean. Kibble definitely didn’t do it for a vast majority of the dogs we saw.

  769. buttchops says:

    Not true. I adopted a dachshund from the pound and her eye teeth had a lot of tartar. She’s been eating only kibble and most of the tartar is gone now, after 4 months.

  770. The dog pictured appears to be a good weight.
    When you say “all raw meat” do you mean you feed meat only? If so, the diet is very incomplete and could cause some really serious issues in time. Dogs need calcium to offset the phosphorus in meats, magnesium, vitamin E etc which are not provided in an all meat diet. If you simply meant he’s on an all raw diet then disregard :)..

  771. ya i would estimate that dog weighs 150lbs

  772. I was wondering the same thing, Jack. I had even pulled up some kg to lb conversion charts in the event that was the issue.

  773. lol 300lbs, r u sure about that? the biggest males weigh 200lbs and he looks to be average.

  774. babypupeatme says:

    my dog eats all raw meat and he is 2 and weighs 300lbs and he is a great dane. I have been using exactly what and how much calories to give him.

  775. (That label is for the puppy food, btw.) (I realize the dog food calculator is not meant for puppies.)

  776. I agree with Storm’s Mom’s post from about 2 mos. ago. . Label’s can be confusing. Maybe you misread or input the wrong no. I feed BB Wilderness. On the label it says “Calorie Content (ME Calculated, as fed):3,629 Kcals/kg, 438 Kcals/cup.

  777. Ok guys, thank you very much!
    Crazy 4cats, yes, it is completly frustrating, and if my dog and i will have to go through the giardia staff again i think ill go after the vet! Everything clean and desinfected and dog still sick. i hope its the last time.
    Losul, my pup was not checked for heartworms, because he is 6 months, and heartworms need more time to grow and be dangerous if treated and expelled. Thats what vet told me and i checked online.
    My puppy has been on Acana 8 days and i think he is gettting fat!! Ribs can hardly be felt. Before he was on the skinny side. So over 4 cups is too much for him. And its strange, because now, besides daily walks we go for a bike rides/running, so he should burn more calories? or he is getting older and doesnt grow this fast and doesnt need this much calories anymore.
    So im staying with prescribed meds.

  778. Crazy4cats says:

    Yes, I agree. Stick with the combined treatment. I was a little frustrated when we were going thru it because the vets at our clinic were in disagreement over which treatment was best. We used both so not sure which one was best. Just hope it’s gone for good. I personally think the metronidazole helped with the diarrhea and the panacur killed the parasites. I feel for you. Good luck!

  779. Now that he’s already on the metronadizole, I would just continue the combined treatment as prescribed. If he has more problems in the future I would just use the panacur by itself in the treat, wait, treat, protocol..

    It’s believed that flagyl is only maybe 40% effective against giardia. Panacur is supposed to have much better efficacy and much safer too.

    Because Panacur’s label use is for deworming, (once a day for 3 days) you must make sure your dog does not have heartworms.

  780. Hi Crazy4cats, thank you for the info, it looks like healthypets ships to canada, im going to order panacur today!
    Did you find metronidazole was a help? I was considering to stop metranidazole and go only with panacur, and now im confused… should my lab still take metronidazole and panacur and then panacur only?

  781. crazy4cats says:

    We also battled with giardia with our two pups. It was very frustrating to get rid of. I think they kept giving it back and forth. We went through three or four treaments before it was gone. But just to let you know, losul is absolutely correct. You can get panacur so much cheaper OTC. The vet charged about three times the amount that charges. In addition, I finally learned to get a prescription for the metronidazole as well. I took the prescriptions to either Fred Meyer (Kroger in some parts) or Costco. The savings were unbelievable. After the giardia was gone, the vet recommended using pre/probiotics, digestive enzymes, and DGL with plantain and marshmall root for at least 6 months to get their guts back in order. They are doing much better now. Still loose stools sometimes, but I think mostly from eating things they shouldnt. They are lab mixes and will eat anything they find 24/7. I’m always worried. I don’t want to go through that again.

  782. Im just trying to buy panacur in canada, my vet says metronidazole and panacur just once will be fine, no need to repeat the treatment after 2 weeks… In canada its not an otc drug and out vets are hmm stubborn.

  783. 5 to 7 days on, then 10 to 14 days off, then another round. Giardia cycles from active stage to cyst.

    I hesitate to say this for fear of folks self-medicating, but Panacur is available relatively cheaply OTC.

    But you must make sure that there is no active heartworm infestation. Also certain collie type breeds could have reactions to Panacur (genetic defect)

  784. O.K. good

    You are doing the Panacur, it’s an off label use, but usually much more effective and safer than flagyl. Yes the treatment protocol for panacur is correct.

  785. Hi Losul. When he was 4 months old he was on metronidazole 250(flagyl) , 2 a day x 1 1/4 pill for 2 weeks. didnt help. now he is on metronidazole 2 x 1 1/2 for 2 weeks plus he is on panacur suspension 13 ml once a day for 5 days. I hope it will finallz help, but I read somewhere, after i started him on pills, that the best is panacur for 7 days, 2 weeks off, and then panacur for 7 days again.

  786. Hi Heidi,

    What medication is he being given for giardia?

  787. Heidi, thank you for answering. I can feel his ribs and i cannot see them. Vet says he looks perfect, not too fat not to thin, so i would like to keep it this way. He is getti g naturvet probiotics and enzymes since started medications for giardia and skin infection caused by his previous food. Canine caviar he was fed was grain free, chicken puppy dinner, bags states it was over 636 cal per cup. Im not sure if it was chicken what caused his stool and skin problems or yeast culture, thats why i put himon acana fish grain free. I just feel 4 1/2 cup might be too much and this may cause even more loose stools. Once a day i give him organic canned pumpkin, so etimes it helps, sometimes it doesnt. He does his businnes about 3 to 4 times a day. For me it seems too much. We have one more week on medication, soi hope giardia finally will be gone (its second time when he is taking medications to fight giardia) as well his skin problems, and he is getting antibiotics for that too. And after it Im going to give him some natural prevention, havent decided what, yet.

  788. At 6months old, he is already reached 75% of his adult size. 7lbs per month gain is fine. He is a medium/large breed and his breed is prone to hip/joint and arthritis issues. Also, his bones will not be fully hardened until about 1.5yrs. Do NOT put too much weight on him this young. Basic rule of thumb for healthy weight is this “Can NOT see ribs or spine, but can feel them.” If you can count his ribs by looking, he is too skinny. If you can’t feel them, he is too fat. You have gone from a high grain food (Canine Caviar) to a Zero grain food (Acana). Grain free foods are more nutrition dense. (ie.- 1/2 cup Acana= 3/4-1 cup of Canine Caviar). 4 to 4 1/2 cups per day for an active puppy should be plenty on Acana. As for the giardia, ask the vet if he should have a probiotic to help put the good bateria back into his system that the giardia and medication are killing off. This will improve his digrestion and stools.

  789. Hello! I need help please. I have a 6 months old lab, he’s 57 pounds, and seems to be perfect weight for him right now. I’ve just change his food from canine caviar (due to intollerance) to Acana Pacifica. Its all life stage food, so how much should I feed him? How many calories should he get per day? I cannot say by looking at his stools, they are loose, because for the second month now he is fighting giardia. So, should I feed him 25% more then adult, and if yes, so what adult? adult at his current weight or adult at his future weight? Thank you! Great for the site! I’ve learnt so much!!

  790. Pattyvaughn says:

    2-4% of her body weight is a good starting point.

  791. how much should i feed my 30 pound cocker spaniel who is on a raw diet

  792. Hi Mike,

    I totally agree with what you are saying. Clean crowns do not correlate with peridontal health. And I would never say that dry food contributes to perio health though I did find it interesting that a difference in submandibular lymph node measurement were found.

    There is a cat study that looked at natural diet (feral cats) vs commercial fed and the amount of calculus was higher in the commercial fed but the degree of perio was the same between the two groups. And there is a study in dogs as well that came to to same conclusion. Honestly I haven’t read them for a while but I’m pretty sure those were the conclusions.

    But this study made me question if I could continue to say that dry foods do not contribute in any way to cleaner crowns.

    However, I wouldn’t ever advise someone to feed kibble for this reason. Food form and chewing materials aside I still think brushing is best to get all surfaces of the tooth. Which is why I brush! It is more of an interesting factoid.

  793. Alexandra says:

    Thanks for the input, Dr. Mike. For my boys they have their best oral health with the addition of raw bones into their diet, then with brushing alone. When fed all kibble they always had a build up. I wish I had the before picture of my 4 year olds teeth before RMB. :-). The difference is HUGE.

  794. Alexandra says:

    Thanks for the tips Aimee, I will try this and see how it goes 🙂

  795. With all due respect to those involved in this discussion, I also found the study interesting… but more in what the study did not do. Based upon clinically diagnostic standards for the presence or absence of periodontal disease, this study is (admittedly, by the authors) flawed.

    Periodontal disease cannot be diagnosed with any degree of accuracy without measuring (with a periodontal probe) the distance between the visible free-gingival margin and the depth of the gingival sulcus (pocket) down to the completely invisible gingival attachment — and, of course, routine clinical radiographs.

    Sure, heavy plaque and calculus (tartar) can be visible. However, not in the crucial gingival 20% or the all-important subgingival area of the clinical crown of the tooth.

    The conclusions of this study stretch the truth to a significant degree. The report itself freely admits its own crucial shortcoming when it concludes:

    “It is acknowledged that periodontal examination in the present study was not in depth and not complete. The examining veterinarians evaluated the most severely affected teeth in non-anesthetized patients by visual examination. Plaque index, gingival index, and malodor are difficult to evaluate without anesthesia, appropriate instruments, and adequately trained personnel.”

    These factors must all be taken into account before any reliable scientific conclusions regarding the connection between periodontal disease and a kibble-based diet can be accurately drawn from this article — no matter how many animals or veterinarians are involved.

    The potentially overrated dental advantage of a synthetic factory-made food pellet must always be weighed against the benefits of feeding your pet a more natural raw, wet or fresh canine diet.

  796. Yup! That’s why I changed..they stopped trying to eat the brush and suck the paste off. It did take a while to get them used to it. At first I got them used to just the sound by pairing with food. Then I touched the handle to their shoulder so they got used to vibration and gradually moved to the mouth.

  797. Glad you found it interesting!

  798. Alexandra says:

    I may have to try a spin brush. ;-). Mine chew their brushes as the love to eat the tooth paste. They get RMB a few times a week. I brush their teeth 2-3 times. I wish a had a before shot of my four year old Bookers teeth before I introduced the bones.

  799. Alexandra says:

    Great article Aimee. I also thought that kibble supplied no dental benefits.

  800. HDM,

    I changed to a spin brush because I never felt I was getting the right angle and circular motion accomplished with a regular brush. Brook would try and maneuver so that she could suck the flavor paste off the brush! She doesn’t do this with the spin brush and now I just focus on getting the angle right vs angle and motion.

    It did take a while to desensitize her to the vibration and she still makes a face when I do her incisors!

  801. Pattyvaughn says:

    I use bones and all of mine accept me scaling them. Micah’s teeth stay spotless, so I only scale his to keep him used to it. Gideon only gets a small spot on a single tooth on each side that I tend to about every 6 months. And Angel gets a thin line along her gums on 3 teeth on one side, also about every 6 months. Before feeding raw, Angel needed a thorough cleaning every 6 months and her littermate died from bad teeth, so I keep a close eye on her.

  802. Hound Dog Mom says:

    A spin brush? That’s a neat idea. I use a regular people toothbrush for mine. I’ve tried all the different “dog” toothbrushes and didn’t like any of them. With the finger brushes I don’t feel like I’m actually getting a thorough brush, I find that the “c” shaped toothbrushes that are supposed to brush all sides of the tooth are almost impossible to keep on the teeth while brushing and with the duel-head brushes I find the large head to be too wide (sometimes it’d make the dogs’ gums bleed) and the small head to be too small the get the whole tooth. A human toothbrush with a compact head has worked best for me. I try to brush their teeth at least 5 times a week – that with the their raw meaty bones keeps their teeth spotless.

  803. I agree… I wouldn’t recommend a dry diet as a panacea for dental health… far from it! On the other hand I can no longer say it has no benefit at all after reading that article.

    Chewing items including raw bones help significantly with clean crowns but have not shown to significantly decease periodontal problems.

    I use a spin brush on my three : )

  804. Hound Dog Mom says:

    That’s an interesting article. It’s possible it could result in a small benefit for some dogs, but I know it didn’t for my dog when he ate kibble. He inhaled it and there was absolutely no chewing going on. Regardless of dental benefits dry food may or may not have, would prefer to feed canned over dry and just brush my dog’s teeth. I wouldn’t be willing to reduce the quality of my dog’s diet for minor dental benefits that may or may not result. I’m still sure RMB’s are much more effective than kibbles at teeth cleaning, making raw diets the best method of feeding to support dental health.

  805. Hi HDM,

    I used to think the same as you but now have had to rethink that idea based on the data collected from nearly 40,000 dogs and cats and presented in this paper whose conclusions were:”These results indicate that feeding a dry food diet has a positive influence on oral health, decreasing the occurrence of mandibular lymphadenopathy, dental deposits, and
    periodontal disease in cats and dogs.”

    You can read the full study here

  806. Pattyvaughn says:

    It may take more by weight, but not by volume. And they get enough water with the canned to help with digestion, that is healthier for the dog. It’s not cheap though.

  807. Pattyvaughn says:

    Ask any dentist, starches add to tarter build up. Kibble is high in starch. It also breaks when a dog starts to bite down on it, so it does not scrape the tooth up to the gum line. A nice raw bone will do that, though.

  808. Dry foods can actually cause chronic dehydration which can, over time, stress the kidneys. The dog in my avatar was born with kidney disease. She has been on high moisture raw her whole life and will be 7 years old the end of June 2013.

    I have actually found, with my 8 dogs, that when I feed raw or canned I feed less quantity of food then kibble because the raw and canned are more species appropriate (higher protein and fat). Mine are all toy breeds though so things may be very different with larger breeds.

    A lot of folks here on the site feed kibble but “top” it with canned or raw. Canned sardines and raw or lightly cooked eggs are examples of other good foods to use as toppers.

  809. There are lots of commercial raw products that are complete and balanced. No need to add anything to them.

    Dr. Mike has a great article here on DFA explaining why kibble actually doesn’t clean teeth. Some feel, due to the high carb content, that kibble can actually creates more dental issues.

  810. Hound Dog Mom says:

    Hi Michelle –

    Dry foods do not help with tartar control, that’s a myth. Kibble doesn’t reach the gumline when chewed and if you actually watch a dog eat you’ll see most don’t really chew kibble. The idea of kibble cleaning a dogs teeth would be the same as a person thinking if they ate only crunchy foods their teeth would stay clean. Raw diets, on the other hand, can help keep a dog’s teeth clean if raw meaty bones comprise a large portion of the diet. RMBs, unlike kibble, actually reach the gumline and force a dog to chew. But, ultimately, the only sure way to ensure good dental health is to brush your dog’s teeth regularly.

  811. Canned food is still 80% water. It will take more of it to fill them up. If you have a big dog that could equal up to 3 big cans a day.

  812. Untrue. If you feed them only a raw diet you must supplement vitamins and minerals that they dont get from your homemade raw.They add everything they need in the dry foods. Raw is fine but not as there only way of nutrients. Not to mention dry food helps with the tarter control.

  813. Please Do Not feed your dog Dry or Canned Food!!! It is not Good for them!!! Raw Feeding is the best way to go! HaretodayGoneTomorrow is Great for first timers feeding raw! It will do you some good … Less visits to the vet, less baths! it’s very natural for them!

  814. alexlovespets says:

    Hi Aimee,
    Thanks for your feedback! Unfortunately I never calculated how much they were eating as I fed them as much as they wanted (which now I see was a horrible thing to do!). I will be weighing them every two weeks and I will adjust their calorie intake based on how much they are losing.

  815. alexlovespets says:

    Thank you Pattyvaughn! Yes that makes sense as she is the one with the arthritis so it is critical for her to drop the weight at a faster rate. Thanks so much and I will continue to feed her the 650 calories that the vet recommended.

  816. m.ward1993 says:

    Eukanuba is indeed low quality (the naturally wild formulas are not terrible though). I would shoot for at least a three or four star food, as rated on this site, to be feeding him one of “the best”. Five star foods are usually rated so because of their high protein and grain free properties. Four stars include grain sometimes, and/or are mid protein. The better three star foods are usually only rated lower for the lower protein, not because the ingredients are bad.

  817. Pattyvaughn says:

    Not uncommon!! GFETE

  818. Crazy4cats says:

    Thank you. That helps.

  819. Crazy4cats says:

    Woo hoo! Thanks everyone. That sounds about right.

  820. 111-120 cups in 30 lb bags of Nutrisource GF. About 100 cups in 25 lb Brothers.

  821. i think it counts for a lot! Dang husband led you astray…

  822. Pattyvaughn says:

    19.? cups of Brothers in a 5 lbs bag.

  823. Pattyvaughn says:

    Nope, I used the wrong conversion after asking twice for verification. 1kg=2.2lbs not 2.2kg=1lbs Oh well 🙁

  824. Pattyvaughn says:

    I wondered about that. I tried to ask my son who is a whiz at remembering conversions, but he couldn’t hear me so my husband answered. I even had him recheck because I thought it sounded backward. kg are bigger than lbs. Not the other way around. I remembered the 2.2 part, if that counts for anything.

    Thanks Aimee!!

  825. OOPS That should have been multiplied by 1kg/2.2lbs…. so there are 204 cal/6 oz of food by weight : )

  826. Just for reference. 120 cups in a 30 lb. bag of Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream (4 cups per lb.) 109 cups in a 24 lb. bag of BB Wilderness Salmon (4.54 cups per lb.)

  827. Crazy4cats says:

    That sounds way too high for a 6 oz can. But, thanks for trying. I feel better now that I couldn’t quite figure it out either. I think that maybe it is the 165 calories that you came up with since the entire can was 1200 kcal/kg. I don’t think it needs to be multiplied by 6. Is 2.2 the number to use to convert kg to ounces. This obsession with cat and dog food I have now from this site is making me crazy! It was much more simple before I read labels. LOL!

  828. Pattyvaughn says:

    I took the 1200kcal/kg and multiplied by 2.2kg/lbs and got 2640kcal/lbs. Then I divided by 16 to get 165kcal/oz and finally multiplied by 6 to get 990kcal/6oz. I hope that’s right, but I won’t swear to it.

  829. Crazy4cats says:

    I kind of figured that would be the case, but hoping there was an average somewhere available. What about the canned food calories. Any idea how to convert the calories on the canned food? Thanks.

  830. Pattyvaughn says:

    Kibble size and density affects the number of cups per pound a lot.

  831. The numbers you are seeking will vary by brand, variety, flavor, kibble size and density. Go to the manufacturer’s web site. Click on the Contact Us link. This will send a message to a Customer Service representative. Be specific as to the variety and flavor as each may be different. It can take several days to a week to receive a response. You can also get the manufacturer’s telephone number from their web site and give them a call during business hours.

  832. Crazy4cats says:

    Hi All-
    I was wondering if any of you calorie counting mathematicians could tell me how many calories are in a six ounce can of food that says it has 1200 kcal kg. also wondering if anyone knows approx how many cups of food are in a 30 lb bag of dog food. Thanks, Deanna

  833. Pattyvaughn says:

    Your vet may be giving you a figure for her to drop weight faster, not a figure for what you want her to weigh. I’ve seen them do this when there are weight related health problems that they think may resolve with reduced weight, or if they believe weight related health problems are imminent.

  834. Hi Alexlovespets,

    There is a wide dog to dog variation in determining the amount of calories to feed. The amount of calories a dog needs may vary 50% in either direction from a calculated value.

    Are you able to calculate how many calories /day each dog was eating? That may give you the best information as to how many calories to feed for weight loss. I’ve seen it commonly recommended to decrease calories by 15-20% for weight loss.

    Weigh your dogs frequently with a goal to lose at the rate your vet recommends, typically 1-2% a week. Adjust the amount of calories you feed based on the weight changes in your dog.
    Good Luck

  835. Alexlovespets says:

    Hi everyone, I have 2 overweight dogs (one weighs 90 and her ideal would be 80, the other is 77 and her ideal is 60lbs). The vet told me to feed the 90lbs one 1000 calories daily and the other 650 calories. According to the calculator here, the 90 lbs one is about right with 1037 calories daily but the 77lbs one tells me I should feed her 830. I’m not sure what to do and I don’t want to underfeed her. She gets a 15-20 min. walk daily as she has arthritis. She seems to be fine with the 650 calories but again I don’t want to underfeed her. I’d appreciate any comments and thanks in advance!

  836. Hound Dog Mom says:

    That’s a neat idea, I like that!

  837. Hi HDM,

    I came across this method to help owners understand what they are feeling for when they feel their pet’s ribs to access body score. I liked it for its simplicity and thought I’d share!

    Too Thin: Make a fist and then feel across your knuckles with the other hand.

    Too Heavy: Open your hand and turn it palm up and feel for your knuckle through the fleshy base of your finger.

    Just Right: Turn your hand palm down and feel your knuckles.

  838. Hound Dog Mom says:

    Hi Erika –

    You need to assess their body condition regularly. If they don’t have a defined waist when viewed from above and their ribs can’t be easily felt, they’re overweight. If they have a slight defined waist when viewed from above, slight abdominal tuck when viewed from the side and their ribs can be easily felt but not seen, they are a healthy weight. If they have a very defined waist and abdominal tuck and you can see their ribs and/or hipbones, they are underweight. If they’re overweight – decrease the amount you’re feeding. If they’re healthy, keep doing what you’re doing. If they’re underweight, feed them more. No one can really tell you how much you should feed your dog because calorie requirements vary greatly from dog to dog based on numerous factors – activity level, size, conditions the dog is kept in, stress level, whether or not the dog is spayed or neutered, etc.

    This chart may help you determine if your dogs are healthy weight:

  839. I have two 6 to 7 lb dogs and don’t know if I’m feeding them enough or to much, and I only feed them in the morning. So can you tell me if I’m feeding them right? Thanks

  840. Hound Dog Mom says:

    Hi PJ –

    If the calories aren’t listed on the bag contact the company and they’ll tell you. If she’s acting hungry but eating the appropriate amount of calories try adding in a little plain canned pumpkin – the fiber will help make her feel full and add some bulk without adding a significant amount of calories.

  841. Hello,
    I have a female Chihuahua who keeps gaining weight. Every article I read they say cut the calories. Problem is with the dry dog food they don’t tell you the calories. I just found out I may have been feeding her too little food and that is why she is always hungry. It has all been a guess. Help!

  842. Storm's Mom says:

    I’ll echo what Pattyvaughn said, and also suggest you find yourself a trainer to help you get that dog properly socialized!! Dogs like other dogs by nature, they are pack animals!!! They also NEED to walk, it’s an instinctual need they have. That yours doesn’t “like” dogs and doesn’t go for walks is a result of HUMAN interaction/intervention/screw up, either by yourself or a previous owner, as the case may be. Do yourself and your dog a favour and hire a trainer who can help you help your dog live its life to the fullest!

  843. Pattyvaughn says:

    Hi Carol
    Being overweight is certainly a food problem. I’m sure you agree that if you stopped feeding him, he would lose weight, so instead of stopping his food altogether, just cut back on the amount some. If you weigh out his food, it’s easy to do. If he’s eating 400kg of food, start feeding him 350kg and see how it goes. If you were wondering how much is 1/5 of 400kg, it 80kg.

  844. hello alf i have a staff he is over weight not throu food but excercise i dont walk him as he dont like other dogs so im scared to take him out his weight is 23 kg i have got to give him worm tab with a fith of his food but dont know what a fithi is i give him about 400kg

  845. Hound Dog Mom says:

    In my experience, how much food a dog needs varies greatly from dog to dog and oftentimes the amounts one dog needs versus the amounts another need just don’t seem to make a whole lot of sense. For example, my 110 lb. unaltered male and my 68 lb. spayed female both maintain their proper weight on 2,500 kcal. per day. I always tell people not to be too concerned about the feeding chart on the side of the food bag or any formulas – they’re just starting points. Each dog is an individual and needs to be fed whatever amount of food keeps them at their optimal body condition – whether that’s 2 cups or 10 cups.

  846. Ok. That’s good to hear. I currently have an active 78 lb. male golden who is 5 years old and I’ve been feeding him 2 cups a day of 370 kcal/cup food. I was worried that I was underfeeding him since my female (67.5 lbs) also eats the same amount. However, we found out that it was a perfect balance of maintaining the fat off their ribs, tummies tucked, and trim waists. Just like you, we started him off at a high amount of food, at about 4 cups a day, but his ribs started to pack on some fat.

  847. Melissaandcrew says:

    Sorry 123smith-but not everyone wants a mix breed or a poorly bred purebred. If someone choose to go to a reputable breeder, that it is their right. To say all breeders are money hungry and don’t care about shelter pets is ridiculous.

  848. an “experienced breeder” is by no means an expert, just money hungry and doesn’t care about the shelter pets getting euthanized every day (10,000 actually are put down EVERY SINGLE DAY). Better to contact a veterinary nutritionist.

  849. Hound Dog Mom says:

    About 11 1/2

  850. Baileyworld03 says:

    How many tablespoons of dry dog food in a 5/7 of a cup?

  851. Hound Dog Mom says:

    Hi sarahbear –

    Unfortunately most (not all, but most) vets don’t know a whole lot about nutrition. They tend to treat symptoms by prescribing low-grade prescription foods. There is no reason a healthy dog needs to be on a prescription weight loss food. A healthy dog needing to lose weight should eat the same food that any other dog should eat – a high quality food that’s high in protein, moderate in fat and low in carbohydrates. The difference is, a dog that needs to lose weight just needs smaller portions. Fat, per se, has no effect on weight loss. Weight loss is based on calorie consumption. If a dog is eating more calories than they are burning they will gain weight and if a dog is eating less calories than they are burning they will lose weight, regardless of the fat content of the food. For example, say my body utilizes 2,000 calories per day – if I eat 1,500 calories per day of doughnuts and candy bars I will lose weight, however if I eat 2,500 calories per day of grilled chicken and vegetables I will gain weight (I’m not advocating eating junk food to lose weight – just making a point). If I were you I would pick out a high quality 4 or 5 star food to feed your dog. Determine how many calories your dog will need to eat to lose weight, how many calories are in a cup of the food you choose, and feed her the appropriate amount of calories for weight loss. There’s no need to sacrifice good nutrition just because she needs to lose weight.

  852. sarahbear says:

    This was really helpful, I also consulted my vet about my dog being overweight. She’s a 9 year old shepard mix needing to lose 12 pounds. I have her on a low calorie food prescribed by her vet, but she won’t eat 4 cups of food a day, she never has. It makes me worry she isn’t getting enough nutrition. After my own research I am really skeptical of the science diet r/d prescription food. The first ingredient is corn!! For 70 dollars for a 27 pound bag what a money making scam. Makes me wonder how trustworthy my vet is….

  853. Carter's Mom says:

    I definitely did something wrong I did not read the label properly and used the cal per Kg number. Thanks for the response I thought wow I am way over feeding my dog.

  854. Hound Dog Mom says:

    Carter’s Mom –

    You definitely did something wrong – there’s no way a 70 lb. dog, even one that needs to lose 5 lbs, should be eating 1/2 C. of food per day. Since he needs to be 65 lbs. you would put 65 lbs. into the calculator for his weight and select his activity level. If I put in 65 lbs. and select “typical” for activity level and put in 336 kcal. per cup (the amount in Nature’s Domain) the calculator tells me he should be eating 4.15 C. per day. If you need to bulk up his food add a couple spoonfuls of plain canned pumpkin – the fiber will help make him feel full.

  855. Carter's Mom says:

    I just used the calculator for my large male Aussie, vet would like him to be at 65lbs, he is currently at 70 lbs. According to the calculator I should be feeding him 1/2 cup per day and if I split that in two 1/4 cup in morn and 1/4 cup in evening he might think that I forgot to feed him. I currently buy the Nature’s Domain Salmon meal and sweet potato (a 4 star food on the list). I guess my question is, if I reduce the kibble to that quantity is there a way to bulk up his meal without adding much calories. I like this food because it is grain free and he does not have loose bm on it. It took me a few switches to find one that worked for us.

  856. I just did the calculator, and it says I should feed the amount I pretty much already do. I guess exersise and junk food are also a contributer. I love the dog food advisor 🙂

  857.   That’s way too much!!   For the age and not being very active  max should be 1/2 cup morning and 1/2 cup in the evening.

  858. Storm's Mom says:

    The calculator told me that your 80 pound golden would get 1 cup per day.. if there were 1629-1850 calories worth of food in that cup. Most foods are in the 350-500 kcal/cup range.. so, that would mean you’d be feeding somewhere around 4 cups per day. Obviously, you inputed something wrong in the boxes above.

  859. I just calculated the dog food portion and it said 1 cup per day for my 80 pound golden. Something is wrong here

  860. Gorgous Huskies! I have one myself! Beautiful inside and out! 🙂

  861. Pattyvaughn says:

    A very wise view on feeding your dog.  Keep up the good work!  May you enjoy many more years with your buddy.

  862. Jake's Mom says:

    I have a 10 year old Golden who is at the top of the standard size range for the breed. We’ve had him from a puppy. He has weighed, as an adult, between 75 and 90 lbs. I have successfully maintained him at around 78 – 82 for the last few years…critical for his back leg arthritis. (Our vet likes to see him at 76 – 78.) But, it takes some work. First, I read all the ingredients in the food and make sure the first ingredient is beef or poultry and that it is high in protein, low in things I cannot pronounce. Next, I use a senior formula…less calories per cup. Then, I switched to grain free. Switched treats to carrots and green beans or grain free biscuits. I weigh him every few weeks (lucky that my vet is around the corner so I can stop in). I vary the amount I give him depending on how he’s doing…not by a lot, but the difference between a cup and a quarter and a cup can make a big difference over a month or two. So I measure with a cup measure not a scoop. We walk him approximately 15 – 20 miles a week. He is in great shape, happy, sociable, and eager to run, chase balls, retrive sticks and jump in the lake, even in January in the Adirondacks. Yet, he only gets two cups of food a day. That is one cup in the morning and one in the evening, but he does get some treats as well.

    I have been lucky in that he has never had a bad reaction to any brand, and has no allergies. He has been on 4 brands of kibble over his lifetime.

    So, the long answer to how much to feed your dog is to watch your dog and feed it accordingly. If i were to feed my dog anywhere close to the suggested amounts on the dog food packaging, he would be severly obese – and that is true for all packaging whether kibble, wet, fresh, raw etc. I’ve read many, many of them.

    I have had to force myself to come to terms with the fact that he doesn’t need more than 2 cups of food a day, a (very) little more during very high active periods. It seems like a small amount for his size but this works.

  863. InkedMarie says:

    Some people think dogs look cute when they’re fat. They have no idea what harm they’re doing to the dogs health.

  864. Pattyvaughn says:

    Men, I hate how they always get the good metabolism, and us women get what’s left over.  It’s not fair.

  865.  hahahaha! That is hilarious! And so true! I’m sure she’d look much more trim sopping wet.

  866. Thanks! She isn’t at ideal, but we are working on it. Here is a picture of her and her brother. He is a skinny boy, and is finally starting to fill out a bit. He is about 3 or 4 inches taller and longer than her, and weighs 5lbs less than she does. He eats almost twice as much, and gets just as much exercise. It’s crazy how their metabolism’s differ so greatly!

  867. Got this today in my email…

  868. I’ve been fostering for 4 years (in april) and still don’t know the answer to that.

    Some of it is lack of knowledge.  They only know to feed a dog the “old way”.  Same food, one brand suggested by their vet, forever.

    Others fall for the pretty packaging and don’t know how to read labels and interpret the ingredients.  That used to be me.

    Others have no idea how big the pet food industry is and how they can be manipulated into certain dog foods that seem great but are not.

    Some don’t know there are other options of feeding.  That used to be me too.

    Some don’t care as much about their pet’s nutrition and health and let them get so bad they give them up due to health problems!  Go figure!

    Some don’t have the money to feed quality foods for better health.

    My latest foster is here to lose weight (oh really??) so he can have a dental and possibly soft palate surgery.  He was too fat for it.  He was 35.5 lbs and is now 28.5 but “looks” alot better.  Weight doesn’t mean much around my house as I seem to grow muscular pugs! I was able to cinch in his harness about 3 inches and he  now has quite a good tapered waist from above.  He used to look like a sheep.

  869.  I agree Patty, they look very athletic!

  870. She looks great! My black one has thick thighs!  My other male 8 yrs is a bit larger framed and is harder to maintain his weight.  Also pugs are supposed to be “cobby” but there’s a fine line sometimes between “cobby” and “obese” with these pugs!  They come in so many shapes and sizes.  The picture with the tiny girl and my large male is quite a site, both adult pugs!

  871. Pattyvaughn says:

    I can see a waist line.  With heavy coated breeds it’s harder to tell body condition.  You have to feel with your fingertips.  When you run your fingers through her coat over her ribs, you should be able to tell there are ribs under there, but they should not stick out.  In real athletic dogs, the last three ribs are usually real easy to find.

  872. She just got back from a run, and dug in her water bowl, that’s why her feet are wet. 🙂

  873. It’s a little difficult to see her Body Condition with her thick coat, but you get the idea. Thanks Sandy!

  874. Pattyvaughn says:

    Why do people do that?  Your pugs look so athletic and healthy.  Why doesn’t everyone want that for their dog?

  875. My 2 small pugs that weigh 24-25 are both in better shape than the one that looks like a sheep from overhead. She was actually a little shorter than my guys and also weighs 25 lbs!  And another one that looks like a pig with terrible body condition! He was 38 lbs.

  876.  JNoone – There is a calculator at the top of this page.  A 7 year old dog is not all that old.  Perhaps the two of you should go for a daily 2 mile walk for starters.  You can read the dog food bag label.  Make sure you measure the food.  What type of dog food are you feeding your loved one?  What about treats?

  877. Pattyvaughn says:

    What food is she eating?  How many kcal/cup?  What should she weigh?  Is she chubby or thin? 

  878. My dog is 7.4 years old & weighs appx 75 pounds.  She is not very active anymore.  I feed her 3 cups dry food, twice daily; every 12 hours.  Exactly how much food should she be fed?  
    Thank you

  879. Hi Howard,

    I was looking though the new forum area of the website for information for you. I found a couple of links that you might find useful. Shawna is a wealth of information and she offers some great advice here:

    Here’s some additional links you might find useful on the same general topic:;

    I’d really suggest registering to post on the forum area of this site. There are a lot of great folks here with a lot more knowledge than me who also love to help whenever possible. You’ll be able to post your question there as well and get lots of personalized answers. I love to help where I can, but your situation definitely is a bit more complex, and therefore out of my league.

    I know you mentioned you were using NSAIDs, have you ever considered turmeric as an alternative? One of my two is a seven month old Golden and when he was having what, thankfully, were determined to be growing pains recently I consulted with a TCVM, who did a chiropractic adjustment and suggested turmeric for the imflammation – the difference was unbelievable.

    For that matter, would you consider consulting with a TCVM? If you click on this link:; go about half way down on the left side of the page, you can put in your location and find a TCVM, who does nutrition consulting, chiropractic, etc. I’m definitely sold on alternative medicine now.

  880. Hound Dog Mom says:

    It’s not necessary to feed her a diet or low fat food. Just feed a high quality 4 or 5 star food and feed her the amount recommended for what she SHOULD way (90 lbs.) not what she does weigh. If she’s still not losing adjust the portion size further. If you can afford it, dehydrated, canned and raw foods tend to be less calorie-dense (due to all the moisture) and thus more satisfying for weight loss because the dog can eat a larger volume of food for the same amount of calories compared to the volume of kibble they’d be able to eat. I know it must be hard with the arthritis, but I’d also recommend trying
    to get her to exercise.
    Swimming and slow leashed walking are nice easy low
    impact activities for dogs with arthritis, most times when they actually
    get exercising they feel better.

    Did your vet have you try anything else before going to steroids and nsaids?

  881. Hi Betsy Greer…and thanks for the quick reply…She weighs roughly 120+ lbs right now and vet wanted me to feed her hill’s science diet (for senior dogs, ) but i’m not truly happy with the ingredients listed ….really would like something a bit more tuned for her to lose weight. I also have her on adequan for canins (inject her 2x’s a month) and on some nsaids for the inflammation and pain.

    Dakota’s Ideal weight is probably around 90-100 lbs ( she has the Huge boned malamute being predominant in her. The % is roughly 75% mal…and her dad was HUGE…about 170 lbs or so.

  882. Hi Howard Hesson,

    So sorry to hear abut your dog. S/he must really be hurting.

    How much does your dog weigh currently and what is your desired weight for him? What food are you currently feeding? Have you tried reducing the portion of your current diet? Are you currently adding any supplements to your pup’s food?

    All that aside, a food that seems to be frequently recommended by various posters here, specifically for weight loss, is Wellness Core Reduced Fat Formula.

  883. new here and need some guidance. My malamute/sib husky mix (11 yrs old) diagnosed with severe arthritis of the spine, need to cut her weight..and feed high fibre/protein and low fat…any such food out there anyone can reccomend?

  884. You need to be feeding him closer to 3-4 cups a day… 3/8 a cup is NOT ENOUGH 

  885. what?- sorry to sound shocked but my JRT is 7 kg and is a perfect weight! I think you may be a bit confused!

  886. Melissaandcrew says:

    Nope- you are converting correctly-a kilogram is 2.2 lbs. 20-30kg would make him between 44 and 66 lbs-surely a range that would be appropriate for a lab depending on its structure.

  887. Pattyvaughn says:

    That doesn’t sound like nearly enough food for a lab.  What issues is he having other than being ridiculously thin.  Someone help me out here, isn’t 3kg about 6.25lbs? or am I converting in the wrong direction?  Maybe you mean 20-30kg?

  888. Pattyvaughn says:

    Try ordering Brothers Complete samples.  None of the foods you mentioned are all that good and some of them are down right terrible.  You little one may need higher quality ingredients than any of those brands offer.  I hope you’re being careful to balance his homemade food because a diet of just chicken and rice is not healthy at all.  Someone else might have an idea about what canned foods would be good to try for your little one, that might be easier on his digestive tract than dry.

  889. Im giving my maltese of 2 years old, homemade rice with ground beef because i tried ALL dry food and he threw up all of them. He hasnt thrown up at all for the last year with this food but i dont have time to keep cooking. I want to go back to dry food for a second try. I tried blue buffalo and it was the best one out of the other “ordinary” dry food. He lost a lot of weight with this one…. Any suggestion for dogs with sensitive stomach?

    Dry food that didnt work for him: all science diet, pedegree, iams,purina with vegetables, blue buffalo

  890. i am giving him royal canin 2 times a day 3/8 cup  for his better health……..
    what ever pls tell me how to improve his health………

  891. my black lab is only 2 1/2 years old….and his weight is about 2 to 3 kg…..what to do??????

  892. trying to get a calorie intake for my dog,he is eating frozen beef medallions.he wieighs 10# is active how many per day should I give him ja wilson

  893. Cerealkelr says:

    It really does depend on the canned dog food, and what your pet needs.  Some animals refuse to drink enough water, so the vets at my hospital recommend mixing canned with the dry simply FOR the water content.  Other dogs benefit from just a dry.  As long as your dog is getting the vitamins and nutrients he/she needs along with the correct calories in a day I don’t think it matters all that much.  Labels can be very helpful in determining this information, and if you have questions don’t ever hesitate to e mail the manufacturer 🙂

  894. Cerealkelr says: Check it out.  Almost every dog food is on there in easy ??calorie/cup (no kcal crud)

  895. wheatenmom says:

    I have to admit now I am confused? Has canned food improved? Years ago, I was advised not to feed canned because it was 80% water, I will admit that was in the 70’s. I am now a grandmother of 10 and my boyz are my children and I really strive to keep them on a really great food especially with the kidney issue with the wheatens.

  896. Jaclynjerzak says:

    Some dogs (depending on the breed/ mix of breeds) are seasonal shedders….this is also typical in fall and spring.

  897. Stilettosandshades says:

    nevermind.  i was filling out the calculator wrong.  i wasn’t putting the calorie info from the dog food into the calculator.  Duh.

  898. Stilettosandshades says:

    Okay, either I’m an idiot or this calculator is NOT working.  My black lab/chow mix weighs 75 lbs and is active.  Calories per day is 1764.  When I click on the calories/cup option, it says “Feed your dog 1.00 cups per day” then says when I click on the calories/kg it says “feed your dog 1.00 kg per day”  Am I missing something here?  One kilogram is roughly a little over 2 pounds.  Which seems a bit much, but not only that, how can 2 pounds of dry dog food fit into one cup?  I HAVE to be reading this wrong.  Help?

  899. Pattyvaughn says:

    You’re feeding him a good food so that’s probably not the issue. However, depending on what he was fed before, he may go through a major coat change just because the food is such an improvement over what he was eating. You might want to add probiotics and fish oil to his food but I think between normal fall shedding and you doing such a good job picking a better food, that the shedding is normal and will slow way down soon. Give him a little more time to normalize and to see how he’s doing on that food and then re-evaluate.

  900. We adopted a hound mix (seems like jack russel and perhaps Sheppard) 3 months ago and now he is 6 1/2 months. He is 35 lbs. A month or so ago he started shedding and he is shedding a lot. We brush twice a day, a bathing rubber brush, Furminator and then regular brush but shedding continues. We are feeding him 2 cups a day of Horizon Legacy chicken dry food. He was not shedding like this when we adopted him. Could this be due to the food? What can we do to stop the shedding, we are getting tired and even thinking of giving him back. Help..

  901. how many grams is in a cup?

  902. Melissaandcrew says:

    It is 4114 calories PER KILOGRAM-which is 2.2 pounds-That would make it roughly 513 calories per CUP.

  903. Melissaandcrew says:


    It most certainly is not 4114 calorie PER CUP.

  904. Jocowriter says:

    Nutrisource small breed/puppy is 4114 calories/cup.

  905. would my dog (female spayed pit bull) be active or typical? She goes for a 45 min walk every day and she has at least one or more play sessions. We have a fenced in yard that she goes in sometimes but if I leave her out there she does nothing but sit at the gate. When I look at the “typical” dog, they are either house dogs or “outside” dogs, either way most dont go for walks, ect. Remember that most of us on this site are not “typical” dog owners.

  906. What activity level is my dog (beagle, 15in, 9 yrs) if I usually take him on 4 to 6 miles of slow jog at his pace(10:50)? He is nowhere as fast as he used to be. He used to run 2 and a half miles catching up to my dad on the scooter! I also want to get my dad to feed him raw, but I’m worried partly because my dog might not eat it, and also that my dad is going to cook all the animal foods in the house and eat it for himself. For now, my dog just gets the greasy leftovers.
    He’s already developed a terrible greenish-yellow calcified patch on one of his molars(I think that’s what they’re called for humans). I don’t think he’ll be able to handle any bones either. Also, do supplements count as part of the daily nutrition? We started feeding a joint health (glucosamine, Omega 3,6, etc.) tablet just a while ago. This is so frustrating, I always find it hard to see him as overweight and old…

  907. I wouldn’t expect it to, as long as the daily amount isn’t changing. : )

  908. The daily amount will be the same just the serving amount will change and because she’s still a growing puppy I didn’t know if that will effect her, that’s why I’m asking.

  909. SanDnMila-

    I ‘m a little confused. Normally when you go from 3 to 2 feedings, you are simply reducing the number and amounts of food. Why would you need to transition for that ? If you are simply cutting then number of feedings, but leaving the amounts the same, no transition is needed either : ) You need to transition when changing foods. If you are increasing the over all daily amount given, then yes, add slowly.6mths, you typi

  910. Beginning next week I’m thinking of switching Mila from feeding her 3 times a day to 2 times a day, since she’s at 6 months old now. Should this be a slow transition and start her off by giving her less than the recommended amount for a week or two?

  911. Bmadera2011 says:

    Thank you so much! Raw IS expensive but for now I’ll change is kibble and add some raw and see how that goes. Again thanks!

  912. Hound Dog Mom says:

    Hi Bmadera2011:

    There is no “best” food. It depends a lot on your individual dog, your budget, what’s available to you, and how much time you have to prepare your dog’s meal each day. Eukanuba is a fairly low quality food however, read the review.

    This is a video by Dr. Karen Becker on how to choose a good dog food:

    This is a list of best ways to feed by Dr. Goldstein:

    What you’ll see is according to Dr. Becker and Dr. Goldstein raw is the best way to feed (I agree). It is time consuming and expensive though so for this reason it’s not practical for most people. I feed my three homemade raw. The next best is cooked homemade, then high quality canned, then dehydrated, then kibble. So dry dog food is the least species-appropriate.

    If you go with a kibble any of the 4 or 5 star foods on this site would be a good place to start. Grain-free high protein (>30% is best). Everyone will have their own opinion but my three favorite kibbles are Orijen, Nature’s Variety Instinct, and the Great Life. Try topping kibble with fresh raw, fresh cooked, high quality canned, or dehydrated to make it more species appropriate. Hope that helps!

  913. Bmadera2011 says:

    Hello all, I have a pure bred red nose pittbull. He’s only a year old and me and my fiancé just got him. His previous owner gave us a bag of his usual food which is large breed ukanuba. I want to be able to feed him the best of the best! He’s very active and seems to be a very healthy weight, beautiful gums and teeth, great muscle tone, and a beautiful coat. I was wondering if his current food is suitable if not what’s the best thing I can feed this ball of energy!

  914. Hi Christie ~~ kibble cleans teeth is just a myth.  Most of the tartar on teeth is at the gum line.  Kibble (most unless specifically made for tartar control) break apart before reaching the gum line.  Additionally, the carbs in kibble are food for the bacteria that cause tartar.

    Mike has a great article on here regarding the kibble cleans teeth myth.

    For those that can afford it, I think canned food is always the better choice over kibble.  It is more species appropriate in that many (if not most) are lower in carbohydrates and has more moisture content.  Dr. Karen Becker DVM has a great video on dog foods 13 best to worst foods.  Canned is higher on the list then kibbles

    Dr. Martin Goldstein DVM also has a best to worst list.  Again, canned is above kibble.

  915. I would honestly suggest a dry food for your dogs as it is better for their teeth and more economical to feed. I have not had any issues changing flavors in the same brand, but I really do feel the dry diet has less change of stomach upset.

  916. I figured it out, my dog food listed kcals/cup, not cals…I knew it couldn’t be right! It is 400  

  917. Lunabear-

    there is no dry food out there that is 4000 cals per cup. What food is it that says this amount? If it were truly that amount(its NOT) a half cup would be correct. However at 75lbs, 400 cals and active dog would in fact need 4.41 cups of food. : )

  918. Hound Dog Mom says:

    lunabear –

    I hope you mean 400 kcal. per cup and not 4,000 kcal lol. I wouldn’t look too much into it, I’ve found that my dogs have always eaten much more than the recommendations on the bag or what feeding calculators tell me to feed. For example, according to this calculator an active adult dog the weight of my female should be eating 1,639 kcal. per day – she eats 2,500 kcal. per day. All dogs have their individual metabolisms and metabolism can also vary by breed, then you need to factor in age, activity level, and even whether or not the dog is spayed or neutered as these things can all play a role in calorie requirements. As long as your dog isn’t overweight just keep doing what you’re doing.

  919. I don’t know if I’m using this calculator right but I think it’s way off. My dog is the perfect weight for her age and breed and she eats eats 4-5cups of kibble per day. She is 75lbs and her food says its about 4000 calries/cup. I thought I was reading the bag wrongbut that’s what it says…the callator says she should oly get 1/2 cup per day, I’m really confused 

  920. Dee ~~ meat and organs should make up anywhere from 65 to 85 percent of the diet (depending on whether you include bone or not).  Fruit should be about 5% and veggies no more then 20%.  Grains are not recommended by most.  IF you want to add grains in you MUST use a recipe.  Grains have anti-nutrients which prevent the absorption of some minerals.  So, extra minerals need to be consumed to make up for what is lost to the anti-nutrients. 

    Example — extra zinc may be added to a kibbled diet higher in grains to offset what is lost to the anti-nutrients.  The same consideration has to be made for home prepared meals.

  921. Hound Dog Mom says:

    Dee –

    Like sandy said you should definitely check out a recipe book (if you haven’t already) as you should be sure your dog’s meals are balanced. If you’re adding high calorie add-ins like rice (not recommended) or eggs you should adjust your dog’s meat intake accordingly. My dogs eat a homemade raw diet, this is an example of what I’d feed one of my hounds in a day:

    Chicken Leg Quarter
    2 Chicken Feet
    8 oz. Chicken Hearts & Gizzards
    2 oz. Chicken Livers
    1 Egg
    1/4 C. Cottage Cheese
    1/4 C. Steamed Pureed Veggies
    1/2 tbs. Reduced Vitamin A Cod Liver Oil
    100 i.u. Vitamin E
    1/2 tsp. Kelp
    1/2 tsp. Alfalfa
    1 tbs. Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar
    500 mg. Ester C
    Probiotic Supplement

    *Note my hounds are large/highly active and eat more than the average dog.

  922. I’d recommend a recipe book.  This is the one I use, but there are others.  This one gives raw and cooked recipes and recipes with or without bones and gives reccomendations on veggies, fruit, fish, eggs, etc…

  923.  Wow that could end up being a lot of meat to cook a day! What about the non meat items, like egg and/or rice?

  924. Hound Dog Mom says:

    Most dogs generally need 2% of their body weight in meat per day.

  925. What about if you cook your own food and feed; what are the guides for portion size then? Ie: boiled chicken and brown rice, ground beef, etc.

  926. I sell pumpkin by Fruitables and Nummy Tum Tum, and it seems to work well. Perhaps plain pumpkin would have worked, and been much cheaper, but the bottom line is it’s working. And that’s what matters more than anything.

  927. Hound Dog Mom says:

    I love that stuff. I use it to make konsicles for my dogs – I layer the Fruitables with grain-free kibble in their kongs and freeze it for their after dinner dessert.

  928. Hound Dog Mom says:

    My mom has been using Whole Earth Farms in her feeding rotation for a year or two now and has only had good things to say about it.

  929. This stuff worked great for us:  Believe it or not, I could not find canned pumpkin in any store in my area.

  930. I use Whole Earth Farms and both of mine really like it!  : )

  931. Diana Morganstern says:

    Calll or email the company up and they will send you the information you need according to the ideal weight your doggie should be.

  932. Diana Morganstern says:

    Hi Peggy,
    First of all, you are feeding your chi one of the worst foods on the market. i have a chi and i will tell you what is the best for him/her. Nature’s Way Natural Instinct, Heathy Extensions (wonderful for small dogs & oh! so healthful. Orijen, Fromm and last Taste of the Wild. It says on the dog food how much to feed according to your dog’s ideal weight. i also feed Bambi Natural Instinct Raw foods – Fantastic!!!  I hope this helps but PLEASE REMOVE CEASARS FOOD FROM HER DIET UNLESS YOU WANT A VERY SICK PUPPY.

  933. I was recently searching for a dog behavior specialist in my area to work with me and my pups (whose constant “fighting” is concerning me) and found one in particular that had a pool at her training facility that she uses for therapy and to exercise dogs.  Something like that might be a great idea for your two ~ easy on the joints and would ease them back into a higher activity level.

  934.  Thank you for your reply.  I haven’t given it to my dog.  I am have returned it.  After I started to have doubts about it I thought it was best to listen to my heart and not give it to her.  I too am puzzled by where the carbs are coming from. 

  935. Pattyvaughn says:

    As long as you’re not seeing any specific problems other than that they are over weight and have stopped losing weight, it is fine to leave them or the reduced amount or even better, reduce it a little more. Dog food manufacturers are in the business of selling dog food, the more, the better. Their feeding recommendations are usually high, and sometimes very high. Your dogs have a very slow metabolism and do not burn as many calories as another dog might. If you are worried about them not getting enough vitamins and minerals at the lower feeding rate then find a good dog multivitamin to give them. Good luck, I know it’s hard to get weight off some dogs. Anything you can do to increase their activity level, even in the house, will help.

  936. Christen says:

    I have two slightly overweight large breed dogs who are very inactive due to our current living situation. I have been feeding them based on the overweight recommendation for awhile now and they lost some weight but both seem to have stabilized at a weight that is still larger than optimal.  Does anyone know if it is unhealthy for our dogs to continue feeding them at the overweight recommendation for an extended period of time?  The inactive recommendation is a lot more food and I don’t want to starve them but don’t want them to gain any more weight.  Any suggestions would be appreciated!

  937. Hound Dog Mom says:

    Hi Laura,

    I’ve checked it out before. It’s not technically a raw food, it’s pasteurized. I wouldn’t feed it as it’s rather low in protein and contains menadione. It’s also puzzling to me that the ingredients list says the food contains no carbohydrate containing ingredients(it’s only meat, vitamins, and minerals) yet the food is 48% carbohydrates. If the ingredients are indeed only chicken, chicken heart, chicken bone and vitamins and minerals…where are all those carbs coming from?

  938. Has anyone heard of Countrypet Naturals?  It is a Raw food an I was wondering if it was any good? 

  939. Nice little tool to help to have an idea on how much your dog need.

  940. melissa says:


    I think its conditioning. When my dogs ate the same old thing day in and day out, the slightest changes would cause their stomachs to go off-for several days. Now, they rarely have a reaction to foods being switched.

  941. BryanV21 says:

    Unfortunately it’s not a “yes” or “no” answer, as all dogs react differently. Honestly, I’m not sure if some dogs are conditioned to handle changes in food better than others, or if they’re born that way. But I’ve heard of plenty of owners that switch constantly without any issues, while others may need to switch gradually over a couple weeks while dealing with some diarrhea and/or upset stomach.

    I can say that it’s not a bad thing to switch. I encourage it actually, as there isn’t one food that’s has everything a dog needs. Rotating foods allows you to give your dog the “best of both worlds”. Just don’t be discouraged if your dog doesn’t take to rotating foods well right off the bat. 

    And a few tips when dealing with upset stomach… try adding a spoonful of pumpkin (pure, NOT pie filling), sweet potato, or plain yogurt. I’m a bit leery of using drugs on pets, especially those made for human usage.

  942. Omni_DIYer says:

    I’m new here–and while I’ve had dogs for four years, I now realize I went about feeding them ALL wrong.  My question: When I move my two overweight dogs to canned food, can I change flavors from meal to meal within a brand without causing stomach upset?  For example, can I give Merrick’s Cowboy Cookout for breakfast and then feed Merrick’s Turducken for dinner? Thanks for the help–my nine-year-old Lab/Shepherd mix often gets a “gurgly stomach” that requires Pepcide AC before he’ll eat again.  I don’t want to make any more mistakes in trying to fix the old ones.

  943. Hound Dog Mom says:

    Hi A_g0nzalez, what are your questions about a homecooked diet?

  944. A_g0nzalez says:

    I’m having trouble with the homecooked diet can you help//?

  945. You can substitute around 20% of the canned food with just meat/fish from your frig/freezer which is less costly than canned dog food.

  946. I would recommend having your vet examine for these circumstances or any other circumstances your vet seems might probably be resulting in the excess weight. If your dog gets a fresh expenses of health you really should put him on a demanding eating plan of high-protein, low-carb food.

  947. I feed my Boston Terriers either Fresh Pet refrigerated tubes of dog food or Sojo dehydrated dog food. Both are great products and have helped my dogs become less gassy and keep their weight in an ideal range. The sojo is great because you just add water and it’s all natural. The fresh Pet is all natural as well and has a variety of available kinds. I also sometimes make their food. I can honestly say I will never go back to the other dog foods on the market. I feel my dogs are at their healthiest now!!

  948. Hound Dog Mom says:


    Merrick’s Whole Earth Farms canned food is available for $18.00 for a 12 pk. at It’s rated 5 stars and grain-free. The senior formula has the same amount of protein as Wellness Core weight management (36%) and only slightly more fat (18% versus 16% in Wellness Core weight management).

  949. Bimbyga says:

    i have a diabetic dog who is currently on 4 cans of wellness core weight management a day – which is really expensive, does anyone of another canned dog food that is low in fat, high in protein and low in carbs that is comparable to what he is already eating?

  950. Hound Dog Mom says:

    Hi Cheryl,

    Are you wondering how much to feed? Generally adult dogs eat between 2% and 3% of their body weight depending on age/breed/activity level.

    I make homemade raw food for my dogs. Do you add calcium? When feeding a cooked diet since bone cannot be fed calcium needs to be supplied at a rate of between 800 and 1,000 mg. per pound of meat used. Also, I’m not sure what type of baby food you add but check for onion, many varieties contain onion powder and it’s toxic to dogs. You may want to consider dropping the rice too, dogs don’t digest grains very well and grains are not species appropriate for dogs.