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Is Glycerin Bad for Dogs?

Glycerin is a common ingredient and one that gets a bad rap, leading many pet parents to start typing “Is glycerin in dog treats bad for dogs?” or even “Can

Subscriber Q&A with Veterinarian Dr Lindsay Cassibry

A few weeks ago, we asked our email subscribers to submit food- and diet-related questions to Lindsay Cassibry, MPH, DVM, the in-house vet at five-star rated Ollie dog food and an expert on

The Importance of Moisture in Dog Food

Pop quiz: name something we all need to survive, dogs and humans alike. If water was one of your answers, you can congratulate yourself with an ice-cold glass of the

Survey Finds Pet Parents Unaware of Dog Obesity

A recent survey has revealed that only 17% of U.S. pet parents believe their dog is overweight despite more than half of dogs in America being overweight or obese — and

Building Your Pet’s Medicine Cabinet: A Veterinary Surgeon’s Guide

Have you noticed that it’s become harder to get to a vet? The surge in people getting pets, unsurprisingly, hasn’t been matched by an increase in the number of veterinarians.

Glyphosate in Dog Food: The Facts

When you eat food, you’re not simply eating the standard components of, say, a carrot or an oyster — you’re also ingesting chemicals that have been added to that food. E.g.

How Food Can Help An Anxious Dog

If you’re the parent of an anxious dog, you may have tried all kinds of behavior therapy, training, or even used a pet psychologist to help your scared and confused

How to Stop Resource Guarding in Dogs

Asserting ownership over food is the kind of thing you might see a toddler doing when you give them a packet of sweets and ask them to share. In dogs, this

Study Shows Hemp-related CBD is Safe for Dogs

The results show that a daily dose has no long-term adverse effects in healthy dogs CBD products are increasingly common for dogs, especially for those with anxieties or suffering pain,

Should I Feed My Dog Insect-Based Pet Food?

Your pup no doubt sits up and takes notice whenever a fly buzzes by or a cricket launches itself through the grass. Some will try to catch the bug in

What Do I Do If My Dog Eats Something Toxic?

Many dogs like to eat anything and everything they find. Depending on your dog, a walk can involve constant monitoring of what’s been dropped on the sidewalk — much of which

Arsenic in Pet Food – Should You Be Worried? 

When you hear the word ‘arsenic’ you might think of some poor soul being bumped off in an Agatha Christie novel. However, this tool of melodramatic murder is commonly found

Is Peanut Butter Good for Dogs?

Peanut butter is a delicious, healthy snack enjoyed by millions of people across the world. It’s nutritious, packed full of vitamins and healthy fats, and contains plenty of carbohydrates to

How to Tell if Your Dog is Overweight

While we love having things in common with our dogs, such as our fondness for cuddling or walks on the beach, it can become a problem when our health issues

Why do Dogs Eat Grass?

If you are a dog parent, it’s highly likely you’ll have asked yourself the question “Why does my dog eat grass?” Most pet parents have seen their dogs eat grass,

Understanding and Improving Your Dog’s Digestive System

Our digestive systems have a lot to say about our overall health, and recently, gut health has become a hot topic in human well-being. It’s not just about physical health

How your Dog’s Diet Impacts their Anal Glands

Dogs dragging bottoms along the ground and sniffing other dogs’ behinds may seem peculiar traits to pet parents (although our dogs might think the same about some of our characteristics),

Joint Pain in Dogs – Signs, Causes & Prevention

Joint pain in dogs is one of the most common concerns for pet parents. Whether they’re entering their golden years, carrying a bit of extra weight, or dealing with the

The Truth About Salmonella and Dog Food

If you’re signed up to our dog food recall alerts you may have noticed several being triggered by the discovery of Salmonella in batches of dog food. Salmonella is a

Mystery Dog Illness: What is It and What Should I Do?

The mystery illness that has affected dogs across the country recently, has spread to at least 14 states. The respiratory condition, which is yet to be identified, can be fatal.

How to Choose a Dog CBD Brand and Product

Millions of pet parents are introducing CBD pet health supplements into their dog’s routine. And, as with dog food, choosing the right brand and product is essential for safe and

How to Give a Dog a Pill

Getting your dog to take a pill or sit still for a syringe can be one heck of a battle. Most dogs will happily eat scraps from the garbage or

Save Money with an Online Pet Pharmacy

Dogs’ welfare is our number one priority. Primarily, that’s through reviewing and rating dog food, alerting dog parents to recalls, and providing feeding tips and nutritional advice. But that isn’t

What Is Canine Hip Dysplasia?

Canine hip dysplasia is a crippling condition that can affect dogs of any size — especially those of larger breeds. The following video by Dr. Anthony Cambridge tells how to

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