Blue Dog Food


Blue Dog Food is an alternative name for a group of pet foods sold by the Blue Buffalo Company… located in Wilton, Connecticut.

The Dog Food Advisor’s unbiased ratings and reviews of actual Blue Dog Food products can be found here…

The Blue Buffalo Company tells the story of Blue… the dog behind its product design philosophy here…

When Blue had his last bout with cancer, we did some research and found out that cancer is the number one cause of death for both dogs and cats. We also found out that this is not just a “living longer” phenomenon, it’s showing up in younger dogs and cats as well. And while there’s a lot of research going on relative to the causes, prevention and treatment of cancer, many veterinarians are beginning to link the increases in environmental toxins with the growing incidence of this disease.

We hadn’t thought much about toxins in the past, but when we looked into it a little further we found that they are virtually everywhere. Almost all of the household surface and rug cleaners have warnings on their labels; lawn and garden fertilizers and pesticides are toxic (just look at all of those little yellow signs) and the list goes on. This doesn’t even include air pollution and the decline in water quality (which is why bottled water has become a multibillion-dollar business). All of these things have a big impact on dogs and cats because of their size and proximity to the toxins themselves.

Once we had this information we decided to make a food that would include ingredients to nourish our companions along with ones that had been scientifically shown to provide an extra level of protection against environmental toxins.

Read the Dog Food Advisor’s independent review of Blue Dog Food Life Protection Formula and get the product’s easy-to-understand star rating.

  • Jenn Serjeant

    That is not true. BB is still owned by the same company but they have decided to market to an international market. Get your facts straight before lying to other consumers,

  • disqus_SBl7sCuYS7

    Back then, dogs were lucky if they lived to be 5 years old.
    An Irish Wolfhound would last about a week on it’s own in the woods today. Just my opinion.

  • Jb Parrothead


  • Jb Parrothead

    How did these large breed dogs eat in the wild? Did they find a table or shelf to eat off of?

  • Jb Parrothead

    Had been using the Blue Buffalo brand of dog food for 3 dogs and two cats for about 4 years. Suddenly in December 2015, one of my cats stopped eating it, started vomiting blood. Refused to eat even the canned version. Many Veterinarian bills later, no diagnosis, after rapid weight loss, continuous vomiting and sudden blindness, had to have the cat put down. Continued to feed Blue to the other animals then this year around March-April 2016, the other cat began losing weight, was refusing to eat Blue, the cat’s fur began falling out profusely. Changed to a cheaper and different brand of food, the cat began eating again and has gained its weight and fur back. The other dogs developed skin issues, itchy rashes, shedding profusely then began refusing to eat Blue. Had to switch to a different brand. My neighbor’s began complaining that their two dogs were refusing to eat Blue, their dogs began losing weight, so they switched to Purina. Their dogs’ appetites came back and they gained their weight back. Another friend’s dog began losing its fur in huge patches, developed skin rashes and started refusing Blue Buffalo. My friend changed to a different brand of food and the dog is improving. All of these incidences with all these animals being fed Blue Buffalo began at the same time. I called the company to inquire about this and was assured no changes to the ingredients or ingredient sources had been made. I tend to think that was a lie. For my pets’ safety and well being we stopped all Blue products and the animals are healing.

  • Bounty B. Wolf

    Best food for your dog? Raw, non-commercially processed. Usually follow the 80% muscle, 10% organ and 10% bone formula. There are web sites where you can buy humanly euthanized prey for your dog, cat or other predator that you call family. You can sometimes find great deals on chicken or odd cuts of beef and some organs are not as expensive as others. Prep takes a little time and cleanup is as usual if you were cooking those items. wipe counter down, mist with a handy spray bottle of a 10% bleach & water solution then wipe again with clean paper towels + washing of your hands and the pet food bowls after your pet has finished. My dog has never been healthier. Her teeth are returning to a very white color, she has lost some fat but gained some muscle too and she is older (10+ years old). I believe the switch will extend her life beyond what kibble could of ever done. If you want to feed wild game, Make sure it has been frozen solid for at least a week to kill any potential parasites. Then thaw completely to room temp before giving to your pet. There are free feeding amount charts (usually found online) to guide you in the proper amount (weight) to feed your dog/cat. Full conversion to raw fed takes about a month to fully transition over so you may experience a hickup or two but have no fear, your pets body will eventually relearn how to process the food. Avoid kibble and all grain based foods. Your predators are not designed to process grain like a cow. sheep, goat or deer is.

  • Karen Wassman

    My dog has been on blue for about 3-4 30 lb bags. I just bought a new bag and she has had diarrhea since I opened the bag. Could it be a bug or the food?

  • jte

    This company workers are pathetic and unprofessional, i submitted a resume for a job open in my area on a SUNDAY, that SAME day received a call (THEY SEEM PRETTY DESPERATE) a lady tells me she is sending out and email that I must respond to to confirm a phone interview the following day, and if i did not respond and confirm the email she told me i would not receive a call. When i asked her what email address it was sent to she could not even tell me. SO after seeing how they call me back within 20 minutes of submitting a resume online on a sunday and how the lady could not even inform me of what email it was sent to, I decided not to confirm the phone interview for the next day. WELL when the next day comes, sure enough i received AN UNWANTED UN-COnfirmed call which i was told i would only receive once i responded to the conformation email. SO i decided not to answer the call hoping that this would be the end of the story, WRONG, the following day, DAY 3, i received yet ANOTHER CALL although i did not confirm ANYTHING. SO i decided to PRESS THE IGNORE BUTTON on this one, LITERALLY 3 mins later i received and email from the same person claim that and i quote

    “Dear JON,
    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to consider you for employment. We have reviewed your background and qualifications and find that we do not have an appropriate position for you at this time. We appreciate your interest in Blue Buffalo Co. Sales & Demo and wish you success in your job search.


    The Blue Buffalo Recruiting Team”


  • Crazy4cats

    Hi Janna-
    Some dogs definitely need a transitional period. Especially if they have been on the same food for a long time without a lot of variety. If possible, buy a small bag of the previous food and start out by adding only about 20% of the new food at a time until the poop firms up then add a little more. Adding a little pure pumpkin during this time could be helpful also. I like using Fruitables canned digestive supplement which contains pumpkin and apple pomace with a few other ingredients to help with transition. Good luck and remember that variety is healthy. Try to continue rotating foods and it will become easier once the tummy gets healthier.

  • janna banana

    I switched to Blue Buffalo without transitioning with the old food. Now dog has diarrhea. Should I switch food now or just add pumpkin? I switched to turkey and potatoe, no grains.

  • Rob from Pittsburgh

    My dog was a German Shorthair Pointer. Tried Eukanuba and Science diet when she was a pup and she got dry skin and hair fell out. Tried Purina PRO PLAN and never switched for all of her 15 years. Never had problems and was recommended by NAVHDA, and other bird hunters for highly active dogs. Bought the lamb and rice mix

  • Frooma

    We tried Blue and dog had really bad gas and diarrhea with it. Then we tried Science Diet and she itched so bad. I have heard bad things about Blue and Science Diet. Our Vet really pushes Science Diet which upsets me because it’s really not that great. Now we have her on Nature’s Variety Chicken Kibble with freeze dried bits. It’s more natural and she is doing so much better on it! Make sure the first ingredient in any dog food is meat.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    I don’t trust the company at all. For me, Blue is in the same league as Diamond and Evanger’s.

  • Melissaandcrew


  • Hound Dog Mom

    Looks like Blue is now trying to break into the shelter sector. We just got a bunch of Blue Buffalo adoptions kits at my shelter. As much as I hate to say it, I’d honestly rather see dogs eating Science Diet.

  • smith diana

    Mixed blue buffalo with my dogs homade food. Did this gradually. On the 5th day one of the dogs had a bad case of diarrhea. Bringing the bag back to the store

  • Pattyvaughn

    So far pretty much every single thing that people say causes bloat has a study saying it doesn’t. There are no simple answers for bloat and there very likely have to be multiple things contributing at one time for bloat to actually occur. We may never know what causes bloat And in dogs fed kibble, we may never be able to prevent it from happening.

  • Melissaandcrew

    Actually that is open to debate. Some studies have refuted that recc and now say not to feed elevated. Bloat has multiple suspected causes.

  • Mai Engle

    If you’re a TRULY Concerned group about dogs; you would know that feeding a Giant Breed dog, like an Irish Wolfhound, from the Floor Can Cause Bloat: A Life Threatening Condition. Feeding a dog; Especially of that size; should be done From a Dish At A Raised Height. Showing him eating from the Floor will do Nothing to Help people Prevent Bloat. They may believe it’s fine to feed that size dog from the floor. (Also Exercising Right After a meal may cause Bloat.) Fix!

  • Cindy

    They are not at all comparable. I’d highly recommend Timberwolf over Blue Buffalo, for safety reasons and superior ingredient formulas. I think the newest formulas from Timberwolf are outstanding.

    Also, all of the Wilderness flavors by Blue are chicken based, not leaving much choice for dogs with allergies or just for the sake of variety in diet. And the Blue Basics limited ones are really low protein & nutrients. Many Blue varieties are very low calorie & fat, unless the Wilderness line.

  • PamParsons

    how does it compare to Timberwolf

  • Deanne

    Can you recommend a Blue dog food that would be good for both a Border/Lab (55 lbs) and a 1 year old (Jack Russell/Catahoula/Mini Aussie/Border mix). I’d like to get them on the same food but know they both have different needs I’m sure.

  • I’m very sorry for your troubles. I lost two Cairn Terriers to cancer within 6 months of each other (ages 13 and 10); we took the ten year old for chemo. I had made my own dog food for ten years, from human ingredients, so I don’t know that dog food is to blame in particular.

  • vicki Johnson

    i use the light adult dogfood

  • Jondubb35

    Blue dog food along with all other commercial kibble is terrible for your dog. The sooner dog owners wake up and get their dogs on a raw diet the better off they will be. No more cancer, diabetes or other “human diseases”. Dogs didnt die from or contract these diseases prior to the advent of dry kibble in the mid 20th century. These animals ate raw meat and bones. Do your furry friends a favor and research raw diets. Once you realize that this is only diet your dog should be on, you will be forever grateful that you made the switch. Don’t listen to vets or paranoid people telling you it’s bad. Do your own research and really look at the facts and I promise your dogs will be happier and healthier.

  • Pattyvaughn

    Is it an old grease or corn chip smell? Which one are you using?

  • vicki Johnson

    my dog has never smelled but since using this food she smells? why?

  • Pattyvaughn

    Well that explains a lot.

  • Lizzybx

    I too tried to post on the consumer affairs Site,and was told that they rejected my post because it didn’t fittheir guidelines – guess what- I wanted share that my dog has been eating BB for several years,and is happy,healthy and energetic- so we were happy with BB and are having no issues. RED FLAG if a Site only wants to post horror stories!

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Just found this on Truth About Pet Food:

    The complaints are not isolated to forums and consumer affairs, the FDA is starting to receive complaints about Blue Buffalo – and also Nutro and Beneful. I can only hope the FDA will launch an investigation, identify the problem and issue a recall for all three foods. For everyone having issues with Blue Buffalo, Nutro or Beneful products please complain to the FDA.

  • who is the main actress in the commercial? (the one that is the first one shown) She looks like she is the actress that was on Passions

  • Well I fed my 11 year old jack russel blue and she ended up with a bladder stone the size of a lemon, she died and my vet attributed it to the blue dog food. It was the only thing I’d changed also my vet called them and asked for thier research because of how many people have been switching, they couldn’t provide any because there isn’t any. My vet advised me to stay away from Blue and I’m in complete agreement. They never liked the food to begin with it was a struggle just to get them to eat it. The stone developed over a year and that’s when I had started the food. I felt like I was doing the right thing but I never noticed any positive changes like excitement level or anything and they wouldn’t eat those little brown pieces in it.

  • Captain Gabriel Morales

    I have two labs one is 13 and the other is 8 years old. Both are currently dying from cancer and are both terminal. We have been paying out the wazoo to treat our beloved pets, when one loves them as much as we love our children it’s hard to just say (oh 1/4 humans die of cancer and the odds of our beloved dogs is greater, I was told by our vet.but in my 40 years of owning dogs I’ve never had one die from cancer but now two diagnosed within 2 months of each other. I’ve called the FDA and and talked to one of the endocrinologists that did the research on Blue Buffalo. But like everyone else they say its bad luck or they were bound to get cancer eventually, well if you ask me no they were not especially 2 different dogs from different blood lines but both were fed the same food because the owners were told it was as good if not better than Eukanuba. Which is what they were on previously and never got sick or went to vet. one time other then for regular check ups. Sorry spelling may be off just trying to let other know about this before they loose there loved ones Gabriel Morlaes Corpus Christi Texas 78418 (361-720-3474)

  • sisu

    Smith – consumeraffairs. com is a complaint site. Therefore, complaints is what you will see. It is not a site where satisfiied customers give unbiased reviews. Rather it is Blue Buffalo or another brand if a person reads carefully is it often clear that problems were the fault of the owner, such as no transition from a previous food to the new, overfeeding, giving a dog who has only had table food full bowls of kibble, feeding from a bag that has been open for 3 months and stored in a garage or shed during the heat of summer, having a dog that has had frequent urination and consumed large quantities of water before the new food but “suddenly” has kidney failure after being fed the new food . . .  

    I am not a defender of the dog food industry. I do believe in being fair and not misleading people. The only prefect food is the one you prepare at home.

  • Smith

    please google consumer affairs blue buffalo before purchasing this food

  • Susan Novello

    I went to a pet store right before Thanksgiving and
    purchased my first can of Blue Dog food. It was the Turkey Feast.  I served this to my rescue dog, which had
    never been in the house never mind served a thanksgiving dinner (doggy Style).
    He adored this. I will be purchasing more blue food for him. Thank you for
    making him a happy rescue.

  • March

    I’ve just started seeing Blue commercials here (Toronto). Does this mean that they’ve been bought up by deep pockets, so that the quality goes down?

  • Woofie_02

    I just started my 10 year old Papillion on Blue Senior 2 weeks ago.

    I don’t know if its just coincidence or what.  But she’s more alert, happy, energetic, and spunky.

  • Hey Meagan… Recently added BB Family Favorites to my list but it could be a while before I get to this line. Looks interesting. Thanks for the reminder.

  • Meagan

    Hey Mike just wondering if you have Blue Family Favorite Recipes canned dog food on you to do list?