Blue Dog Food

Blue Dog Food is an alternative name for a group of pet foods sold by the Blue Buffalo Company… located in Wilton, Connecticut.

The Dog Food Advisor’s unbiased ratings and reviews of actual Blue Dog Food products can be found here…

The Blue Buffalo Company tells the story of Blue… the dog behind its product design philosophy here…

When Blue had his last bout with cancer, we did some research and found out that cancer is the number one cause of death for both dogs and cats. We also found out that this is not just a “living longer” phenomenon, it’s showing up in younger dogs and cats as well. And while there’s a lot of research going on relative to the causes, prevention and treatment of cancer, many veterinarians are beginning to link the increases in environmental toxins with the growing incidence of this disease.

We hadn’t thought much about toxins in the past, but when we looked into it a little further we found that they are virtually everywhere. Almost all of the household surface and rug cleaners have warnings on their labels; lawn and garden fertilizers and pesticides are toxic (just look at all of those little yellow signs) and the list goes on. This doesn’t even include air pollution and the decline in water quality (which is why bottled water has become a multibillion-dollar business). All of these things have a big impact on dogs and cats because of their size and proximity to the toxins themselves.

Once we had this information we decided to make a food that would include ingredients to nourish our companions along with ones that had been scientifically shown to provide an extra level of protection against environmental toxins.

Read the Dog Food Advisor’s independent review of Blue Dog Food Life Protection Formula and get the product’s easy-to-understand star rating.

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