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When I get it at a store it was about 3 or 4 bucks a lb retail markup. When I buy with my co-op it’s at a bulk discount rate 1.60-1.95 per lb. I’ll have to see if it saved me anything this time around with splitting the delivery fee with the group to Texas. I bought 3 cases.

5lb rolls (40lb case): Retail Price 500lb 1500lb
Green Tripe (GT5) $1.85/lb ($9.25/roll) $1.70/lb $1.60/lb
Tripe/Trachea (TT5)$2.00/lb ($10.00/roll) $1.80/lb $1.70/lb
Xkaliber (XT5) $2.15/lb ($10.75/roll) $1.95/lb $1.85/lb
*Green Tripe Puppy (PT5)$2.35/lb ($11.75/roll) $2.15/lb $2.05/lb

2lb rolls (40lb case):
Green Tripe (GT2) $2.00/lb ($4.00/roll) $1.80/lb $1.70/lb
Tripe/Trachea (TT2) $2.15/lb ($4.30/roll) $1.95/lb $1.85/lb
Xkaliber (XT2) $2.30/lb ($4.60/roll) $2.10/lb $1.95/lb
Tripe/Organ Meat (TOMB)$2.00/lb ($4.00/roll) $1.80/lb $1.80/lb