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RaNelle S

I realize this is an older discussion, but wanted to let Susan know that her comments have been extremely helpful! Thank you so much! I have learned more from reading your responses than from my primary vet and Specialist (internal medicine). In the Specialist’s defense, she has seen my pup only one time and records she received seem to be a little lacking (ie: she only received his most recent weight).
And for reference (and possibly advice?), my pup is a 10 year old, field-breed male yellow lab. Around May, 2019, he started with bouts of daily diarrhea or sloppy poos, with intermittent mucus. I wanna say, occasionally grainy. And possibly more yellow in color…seems like he was producing lots of different colors , textures, etc. Poop was foul smelling (I was thinking, of course, he’s sick), he strained on an almost daily basis, and seemed to hurt internally as he was not as cheerful and seemed slow to lay down. First day he vomited a few times, but only that day. He loves to eat and only one day did his appetite change (he did not eat, but he also did not greet m when I got home from work nor did he wag his tail).
He did not have any internal parasites and all labs came back normal (vet did some in-house and sent them out). Vet checked for all kinds of things, some with which I was unfamiliar. He was current on vaccinations and my other dog was not having same issue. Primary vet concluded IBD. We did several things (and not in this order): changed foods from Pro-plan Sport 26/16 to Hill’s Prescription Diet, low-fat I/D, added daily probiotic (Proviable), treated him for worms, gave him a round of antibiotics, he ate a week of cooked chicken and white rice only, and eventually his normal bowel movements returned. He lost a little weight chicken & rice since I had no idea how much to feed him! Vet looked into cost of a colonoscopy, which is not inexpensive, and since his normal returned, we did not do. The frequent stomach grumbling and gas continued though.
Well, low and behold, the loose stool with mucus, grainy texture, foul smell, et all returned again this May (2020)! Parasite check is negative, he is current on vaccinations, and other dog is not having any issues. So, he saw the Specialist last week (primary vet had no new options). Ultrasound indicated no cancer so she concluded IBD and has suggested a limited ingredient diet with a novel protein, at least a 30 day round of Metronidazole 500mg, and change probiotic to Visbiome. I am trying to decide on which LID to use that is within my budget and the brand has little to no issues (low quality ingredients, recalls, lawsuits, etc.). My niece, a dog trainer, his breeder and owner of his parents, is cautioning me to avoid foods with sweet potatoes or peas if they are a top three ingredients.
I have learned from another dog food advisor member that Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency or EPI, is a possibility. He did starting eating his own poop all of a sudden! This started before his initial bout of the chronic diarrhea . Wish I could say exactly when though. I am hoping that his primary vet wrote this in his chart. Unfortunately I failed to mention this to the Specialist. I will follow up with primary vet when she opens on Monday to get timeframe and discuss if he has been tested for EPI.
I am excited about the prospect of getting to the bottom of this and am grateful to have found this forum! And I so appreciate your knowledge and willingness to share, Susan! Thank you!!