Recalled Soy Possibly Linked to Dog Food


Dog Food Recall WarningOctober 7, 2011 – According to an October 4 bulletin posted by the FDA, the Thumb Oilseed Producer’s Cooperative of Ubly, Michigan is recalling some of its packaged soy flour and bulk soy meal because of contamination with Salmonella bacteria.

Unfortunately, the affected products are used in the manufacture of both human and animal foods.

The FDA bulletin cautions consumers…

“Salmonella [is] an organism which can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, frail or elderly people, and others with weakened immune systems. Salmonella can affect animals eating the product and there is risk to humans from handling contaminated products.”

What Should You Do?

As of this writing (October 7), there have been no pet food recalls actually announced.

This good news is most likely explained by the natural tendency for Salmonella bacteria as well as its associated toxins to be readily destroyed by the heat used to produce most dog foods.

However, since the recall notice specifically states the affected soy products are used to make both human and animal foods and because so many pet foods contain soy, we believe it’s important for dog and cat owners to monitor the developing situation closely.

In the meantime, check your dog food’s ingredient list for the words “soy flour” or “soy meal”. If you don’t see one of these two phrases, it’s highly unlikely you have any cause for concern.

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  • Rhonda N

    The 500 was the visit…blood work..fecal exam…medicine and perscription food. The tests showed negative for everything…including Giardia. My dogs hadn’t left the house other than to go to the fenced back yard to relieve themselves. No anti freeze, salt(we haven’t had any accumulating snowfall) etc. our routine hadn’t changed at all. We had been feeding our dogs Purina One Chicken and Rice…look above my original post…the same day another person had her dogs at the vet and had been feeding her dogs Purina One Lamb and Rice…Coincidence? Not sure…..I just know I won’t be feeding my dogs that food ever again…

  • Bob K

     Rhonda N – Did the vet also check for Giardia and Coccidia?  Anything else your dog could be getting into?  Snow Mold, Lake or River water, Anti freeze, road salt, licking paws?    What type of Purina are you feeding the dog?  Please read the detailed report for the Purina product in question.  What did you pay $500.00 for?  A  complete fecal test is under $50.00

  • Rhonda N

    Update on my dogs….I spent over 500$ today in vet bills to stop the diarrhea. The stool sample showed no parasite, so the vet attributed the diarrhea to some sort of toxin…the only thing we can pinpoint the illness to is the bag of food. Purina was contacted…and they offered to send me a coupon for another bag of food…how kind…ughhhhh. I have changed to grain free bb…but right now they are on a low fat vet prescribed food until the intestines and bowel aren’t irritated …..I am so thankful they are on medicine now to help them feel better…

  • Thann

    I had this happen in the past and spent a foturne on vet bills.  Luckily our dog made it.  Report to PURINA – they have had compliants!!!!

  • Pattyvaughn

    Report to the FDA.

  • InkedMarie

    I’m so sorry you have sick dogs, please save the food and send some to the FDA and to Purina as well. Keep us posted on your dogs

  • KDukes3

    We have three dogs, all large breed and we have been feeding them Purina
    One Large Breed Lamb and Rice.  We just opened a new bag last evening
    and this morning two of our dogs were puking violently (over 30 times in
    a four hour period).  We took them to the vet and the vet did blood
    tests as well as parvo tests.  The parvo tests were negative, but the
    blood test showed high white blood cell counts and liver inflammation. 
    The vet has been pumping our dogs full of fluids, as said the dog food
    must have been bad.  I haven’t had a chance to call Purina yet, but I
    will be immediately.

  • Pattyvaughn

    They haven’t had any complaints…this second.

  • Rhonda N.

    My dogs have been sick with horrible diarreah after I just opened a new bag of Purina One Chicken and Rice. They have been eating this for a year and had no prior problems, but I can’t help but think this bag is bad….nothing has changed with their routine etc….I called Purina and they said they haven’t had any complaints…..

  • Dena Gray

    my dogs have been on purina one lamb & rice for years and my recent purchase on january 12th, 2013 from my local target has made them violently ill. these bags were on sale, buy two bags, get a $5 gc. of course, i pounced on that, feeding two large dogs, but coincidence that this made them ill? hmm…

  • Dr. Mike appears to have written this article on or about 10/07/2011.

  • Jenrivan

    This warning was issued in 2011.

  • Jeanne

     my dogs have been sick, diarrhea, on Blue Stew and Blue dry for small animals…pink bag  I just ordered Flint River which has not one recall. I am sick as I read the complaints even some lost their pet, kidneys shut down.. proteins too high, 2 years ago, vitamin D in high doses… please Goggle it.  This is appalling the FDA does not step in! Close the places up for heaven sakes! We love our pets! I went from Flint River to Blue thinking it was better NOT. They go back to Flint river as soon as it gets here.

  • Srwatership880

    I bought the same brand a few weeks ago.  I have five dogs.  Two are now throwing up and one is beginning not to want to eat.  To the vet we go.  I am going back to Blue Buffalo.  Though it is more expensive never had any problem with it. 

  • Martiedrager

    My husband and I do feel Purina One Lamb and Rice made our dog severely ill the last 4 weeks.   He actually kind of snubbed this new bag of food, after always having this kind for quite a while.  He finally did eat it, and kept eating it for a while, until he got severe diarrhea.   We tried everything, including antibiotics for a bacteria.   He ended up at the vet’s hospital, and has been there for a week.  He had to have exploratory surgery, where they too 2 biopsies.   The vet thought sure it was Inflammatory Bowel Disease.   IT WASN’T!!!   It showed Salmonella.  He is ONE SICK DOG!!!  He is still at the clinic, and is starting to respond now to the high powered antibiotics he is on.   It will still be a while until his appetite returns.   We will probably be spending close to $3,000 on getting him well, but he’s worth it.  He is a 6 year old Jack Russell, and it sure wasn’t his fault he got a tainted bag of Purina One Lamb and Rice.  We feel terrible as parents, and will NEVER purchase Purina products again.  I have printed off some of the postings here to show my vet that we truly feel it is the dog food.

  • Toni

    Bought Purina One Lamb and Rice from Sam’s on May 17th, German Shepherd became ill throwing up.  Dogs reacted to the food funny when first given the food.  Guess they knew something was up with it.  German Shepherd went to vet today and has bad bacterial infection.  Beware!!!!

  • David L

    I realised after writng this that my other dog did not throw it up because he did not eat it.

  • David L

    I just bought a bag of Purina Lamb and Rice Formula. My dogs have been eating it for years. No problems until last night I brought the bag home fed them and they didn’t eat it. They looked at it like it was different. Like I changed the food on them. This was the exact same brand and flavor I they always eat. Well unfortunately I should have realised that was the dogs way of telling me that the food was bad. Today I fed them the same food and this time they ate it and my Pekingnese threw it up violently four times. I am bringing it back for a refund. Must be a bad batch.

  • Emilymaebeckett

    The purina one lamb and rice dog food made my dog extremely sick also. I figured it out because when I switch him to homemade food he got better. Luckily he will be fine now that I figured out the cause!

  • The same thing happened to me and i almost lost my cat. I caught it in time and he made a full recovery. I hope your dog is doing well.

  • Topheradam

    I purchased Purina One Beyond a week ago and had to take my Great Dane to the Vet for a Bacteria infection.   I think it has to do with the food.

  • daisy1999

    I would post over on the Purina One site as this is an older warning. 

  • James Hotl

    @fc67df22e57bcadfc2974c0089c1f92b:disqus I also purchased Purina One Land and Rice last week and my dog became ill.  He had severe diarrhea.

  • Angelellie_1

    All 3 of my dogs have gotten very sick with diahrea this last week from eating Purina One Lamb & Rice from a new bag I had just purchased. Now I have a vet bill & 3 pups who are afraid to eat for fear of becoming ill again.  I will never by Purina again!  Look at the ingredients people–who wants to feed their beloved pets the crap they put in this stuff!  If you don’t know what those ingredients are just google them.  I was very surprised when my vet explained what some of them are.  NASTY, NASTY, NASTY!!!!  So many people got very upset about eating “pink slime” but have we researched our pet’s food???  I now know and Purina is not on the shopping list.

  • Thanks for posting that Teeda. That’s an interesting wrinkle I hadn’t considered.

  • Teeda

    I have been making our own dog food for years. What bothers me is AAFCO is supposed to be setting a nutritional standard, and APHIS is supposed to monitor what meat stock comes into this country as frozen foods…the problem is that its not monitored and in reality its not divulged to the public.
    I recently did some online research to find that domestic animal food CAN include bovine brains and spines under Federal Regulation 21CFR589.2000, and use of “animals that died of causes other than ‘slaughter’” . China has a history of infected animals shipped in frozen meat form according to the APHIS report. Despite two sanctions already, the FDA is still concerned that frozen meat contaminated with salmonella may be imported into the U.S. Decomposition, pesticide residue, and contamination by filth are also ongoing issues monitored by the FDA in frozen meat. However, the AAFCO standard allows for these animals to be used by our animal food industries, so infected import meats not meeting human needs can be fed to our beloved pets and are bought by dog food giants. So recalled or not, I dont trust the kibbled food companies to choose to buy locally processed meat, over cheaper import meats.

  • ron

    just wanted to update the choice of foods we now switched to (wellness core original) kibble, rated 5stars. And a 4health beef and vegetable stew, also a great product 4.5 stars..for the post above…thanks Ron.

  • ron

    Iv’e tried using different kinds of kibble and wet food for my 2 year old german shepard, he had a problem with diarrhea,after speaking with my vet,they suggested a grain free kibble,with a wet topper.I switched from a name brand food( beniful) to a wellness kibble, and wellness wet, he immediately got better.but was really having a problem with the cost, iv’e since changed again i now feed him a wellness kibble, with a 4 health topper and he loves this!im happy that both of these food received great reviews. Stay away from meat,by products and read mikes reviews they are right on…

  • Lori S

    My 14 yr old Pit Bull and 9 yr old Boxer both started vomiting after eating food from a newly opened bag of Purina One Chicken and Rice. I have been feeding them Purina One for several years so it was not due to a change in their diet. I reported it to Purina and they offered me a coupon for a replacement bag. I declined the offer and returned the bag to the store for a refund.

  • Marilyn

    I woke up this morning with a very sick golden retriever. He had vomitted several times during the night. I had prchased Delmonte Kibbles and bits Home style this last time just for a change for him and our beagle. Susie the beagle had gotten sick soon after eating the food and Sammy the golden retriever has not felt good the past couple of days but was very sick last night. I looked at the ingredients, it has “soy bean meal” and “soy protein” as well as wheat flour. I called the customer service phone number on the bag, they stated there was no recall on the product. I also have a cat that nibbles in the dog food bowl and he’s not feeling well either. I’m not giving them anymore food from this bag and will shop by checking the ingrediets a little closer.

  • Here’s a newsflash… don’t use dog or cat foods made with soy! That is all. 🙂

  • Debi Hilley

    ANYTIME you change foods without going slow and adding it to their regular ration you can cause stomach upset Suzanne so while I sympathize with you it was less to do with the food than with how you substituted a new food for the dogs regular one. with some dogs even switching proteins from one type off Taste o the Wild can cause stomach problems. My cocker has to stay on exactly what he does well on because anything else and we are in trouble.

  • Krista

    Just wanted to comment that both my kitties have had diarrhea since I purchased this last bag of purina one beyond; I really didnt think too much of it and then saw this. three out of the first five ingredients are soy based. Switched over to wellness indoor. NOT playing these games with pet foods anymore.

  • Suzanne

    Dee, TAKE your Purina ONE back or call them! My dogs got sick eating it (it was an emergency purchase). What is all that nasty cardboard like stuff in there that they call meaty tender bites?? When I called Purina they told me those chunks are SOY!! Apparantely a new addition? Nothing more than a filler imho. I have several dogs and 4 of them got terrible diarrhea after eating the Purina ONE lamb and rice. Hope this info helps and please call the company! Best Wishes, Ziggy I don’t know if we are permitted to recommend feeds on this site, but if so, I would highly recommend looking into a ‘grain free’ food. Mine do fantastically on Diamond Naturals Lamb and Rice. Be sure it is the naturals.

  • Hi Renee… In my report I stated, “As of this writing (October 7), there have been no pet food recalls actually announced.” So, I have no list of affected dog foods to post.

  • Hi Everyone… Since Salmonella and its associated toxins are readily destroyed by the heat used in processing (cooking) most commercial pet foods, it seems highly unlikely (to me, at least) the current contamination problem would become a serious health issue.

    But since you never know how the FDA or the industry will deal with this developing situation, I’d still suggest pet owners stay alert for any possible recalls. I’ve updated my report to reflect this new information.

  • Dogs Rock

    But there is no list of the foods affected, correct? Just making sure I didn’t miss it!

  • Garrett

    Is dog kibble baked? Wouldn’t the heat from baking kill any bacteria?

  • Renee Miller

    No, but you could have a list of the dog food that is affected!!!
    Unreal this is exactly why I cook for my dogs.. and feed Raw diet!! everytime you turn around its another dog food that is contaminated!!!

  • dee morris

    I just purchased Purnia One Beyond and it has soybean meal in it. Is that bad for my Lahsa?


    Dee Morris

  • Hi Dee… There’s no further information posted by the FDA. So, unfortunately, you’ll need to contact Purina. For more information about the Purina dog food you mention, please see my review by that title on this website. Find it by using my Search by Brand link. Hope this helps.