Purina Beneful and Pro Plan Dog Food Recall


March 10, 2016 — Nestle Purina has announced it is voluntarily recalling select lots of its Beneful and Purina Pro Plan wet dog foods because they may not contain the recommended level of vitamins and minerals.

Purina discovered through its own testing that the affected dog foods did not contain the recommended level of vitamins and minerals and voluntarily recalled the product.

What’s Being Recalled?

The recall includes select lots of wet dog food 10-oz. tubs under the Beneful Prepared Meals, Beneful Chopped Blends and Pro Plan Savory Meals brands.

No other Purina products or sizes are affected.

Purina Beneful and Pro Plan Dog Food Recall

Lot Information

A complete list of included products by “Best Before” date and production code ranges are listed below:

Purina Beneful and Pro Plan Dog Food Recall Lot Info

What to Do?

Purina is conducting this voluntary recall as a precaution for those dogs who may have eaten the affected product as their only meal for more than several weeks.

If you have questions about your pet’s health, the company suggests that you contact your veterinarian.

Although most of the recalled product contains all of the vitamins and minerals your dog needs, Purina recommends that you discard any of the affected product you may have.

For more information or to request a refund, please call the company at 800-877-7919.

U.S. citizens can report complaints about FDA-regulated pet food products by calling the consumer complaint coordinator in your area.

Or go to http://www.fda.gov/petfoodcomplaints.

Canadians can report any health or safety incidents related to the use of this product by filling out the Consumer Product Incident Report Form.

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  • Ralph Borriello

    People stay away from grocery Brand Dog foods… I studied dog and cat nutrition in Colorado..Take time and read the back of the bags ingredients..The first 5 ingredients will be the main ingredients in the kibble…Stay away from corn, they don’t digest it and will cause allergies itching scratching..Stay away from chicken by-products.. the by-product includes heads beaks feet feathers intestines…Stay away from rendered meat… These may include farm animals that have died from disease or old age and have been left out in the field for days, dog food companies are allowed to include this in there cheap brand foods… Try to buy grain free dog food.. I like the brand Nutro, you get the best value out of this Brand… Your dog will eat less stay satisfied longer and you’ll see less in the backyard…

  • Ralph Borriello

    I agree.. I studied dog and cat nutrition in Colorado.. grocery brand dog food will kill your dog

  • paulam68

    I have a Pomeranian and she was vomiting then my Chihuahua that never gets sick started vomiting on beneful .. something is not right about that food sure wish they would figure it out.

  • Ricky Ricardo

    If you feed your dog ANY “brand name” “food” – you are POISONING him/her! Do people not know how to read ingredients? Corn, soy, canola and cottonseed is all toxic GMO (along with the tons of chemicals they spray on them) – not to mention all the other garbage ingredients!

  • Jackpot

    I almost lost my dog to beniful healthy weight. Both my girlson were eating it for years then I opened a new bag. Within in moments one of the dogs started throwing up so bad that she couldn’t hold water down. I was very close to loosing her with ivs and medication and plenty of blood work they said it was a pancreatic attacknow next day my other dog got sick so I pulled her off beniful and fed her the medical food it is now been 2 weeks and I am just seeing my dogs come back to normal…this food is poison and needs to come off the shelf space. I have been in contact with Purina and time will tell what they do because they claim their food is fine. With doing hrs upon hours or research I have found that this has some terrible ingredients in it including an ingredient that anti freeze is made from. I have been poisoning my dogs with this stuff for years and now they have been switched to a healthy food and are much better.

  • Cindy

    I have a 14 year old Scottie and a 6 year old Flat coated retriever. They have been eating Beniful dry dog food forever it seems. Then 2 weeks ago they both began getting sick. So I started cooking food for them. 2 days ago I tried Beniful again and they once again got really sick. So now I am cooking again for my kids. My kids have had dirreha and vomiting. Plus my Scottie now has a problem with his bladder peeing all the time. I’ m not happy and don’t want to loose my kids because of dog food!! Now I am going to try Purenia One Smart Blend True Instinct with real Turkey and Venison. I hope this food will be better.

  • Middle-aged-White-Man

    My prayers are with you and your family. The loss of one’s dog or cat, is as much of a trauma as that of loosing any other Family member. They are not just pets, they give the unconditional love & comfort you need when it seems as though the whole world is falling in around you. God bless in your time of need. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7f884a4c07069a5e3112af57b5e077dc6123a60c222b70deaaf7627b49daf9b8.jpg

  • BuckTard


  • Jeannie Leonard Chapman

    It’s true all of it and they have known for a long time and have did nothing but kill our dogs.

  • Jeannie Leonard Chapman

    We are going through the same thing our 14 year old pitbull is so sick he can’t even walk he got sick last week and I run out of the beneful and was feeding him pedigree and he got better then got the beneful again yesterday still not putting it together that the food was doing it I thought he got something in the yard that made him sick but it’s the damn dogfood beneful what the hell do we do?

  • BuckTard

    Yes it was the dry food.

  • Theresa Bowling-Stayton

    Was it dry?

  • Theresa Bowling-Stayton

    My pug likes the tubs from Beneful. I haven’t had any problems. I do mix in some Holistic dry food (not beneful dry)

  • Pitlove

    Hi Brittney-

    I’ve never heard this. I’ve been using Pro Plan for over a year for 2 large dogs and a cat. All my animals are doing excellent.

  • Brittney Meow

    I had to put my Service Animal down last year because of internal bleeding. She’d been eating Pro Plan dry for about a year. I just read an article about Purina dry food causing internal bleeding to dogs. I can’t afford another service animal and am not functioning well without her. Can anyone tell me if this is true ?

  • Cheryl

    Ive been feeding my dog Pedigree dry food for 9 years. Recently, I went to get more dogfood and they were slap out of Pedigree. So I bought a small bag of Beneful dry ti hold us until the following weeks geicery shopping trip. She ate it ok and I was able to get her normal food the folliwing week. She has been in good health, but after 1 week on the Beneful, she cannot hold her pee, and she has developed a horrible body odor. I cant even describe how bad the stench is. I bathed her this morning, and already this evening, the stench is back. Shes otherwise fine as far as I can tell, but were going to have her checked at the vets Monday morning.

  • Cindy

    I just put my dog down and I fed him nothing but Purina Benefit!!!!! He swelled up like a balloon!!!! I think it was their dry dog food!!!

  • Amateria

    Most of the time it’s simply random people trying to win though, unless you have thousands to spend on good lawyers and even some back up money for whatever else your claims will usually be dismissed.

    Money can be a great thing for stuff like business class flights instead of economy :p and to be able to buy whatever you want without worrying, but it’s also the root of a lot of evil.

  • Pitlove

    Hi Shelly-

    Beneful no longer contains propylene glycol.

  • Pitlove

    Blue Buffalo has plenty of money to win if that was the case.

  • Amateria

    I hadn’t realised they won, nothing new really standing up against people with that much money, you’d have to be damned lucky to get anything done.

  • Shelly Conrad Ray
  • Shelly Conrad Ray

    I’m so sorry.

  • Shelly Conrad Ray

    Up until this post starting with most recent I’m reading that it’s low nutritionally, when I’ve read that the law suit on the internet said it contained propylene glycol.

  • Shelly Conrad Ray

    Nature’s Variety dry was rated a good one that we have used.

  • Shelly Conrad Ray

    Ya, the grapes and the dried grapes (raisins) are not to be given to dogs.

  • Shelly Conrad Ray

    I’m so sorry.

  • Surisun

    Most vets do give you a written estimate but this was a mobile vet and her assistant was talking much and confusing the situation…
    I walked away for a minuet to get something and they dewormed him also set him up for an IV.
    I did find another vet. I have rescued for many years and have been through many things with animals. Have never run into a loving caring vet that I could trust. One of the vets I used for spaying a feral cat I have said to me “put that horrible cat back where you found it or have it euthanized you will never tame it” she was so wrong! I still have her and she happy and thriving. I have not been as lucky as you have been. When ever I take my animals to the vet I just pray that I make the right choice and I am not even religious lol.

  • Angela Hirt

    Wow In the 30 years of taking my animals to the vet, they have NEVER done ANYTHING unless I approved it. I always have the same experience at the vets office,(and I’m not talking the same vet or even in the same state) they examine your pet, and then write up a treatment plan with the cost, then YOU decide what you want done. If a vet treated my cat without permission I would have said I’m not paying for it, and I would definitely find another vet to go to!!

  • Cecil Memmers
  • Cecil Memmers
  • Cecil Memmers

    As if Purina will care. Nestle bought them out and their quality went WAY down. There is a class action lawsuit on Beneful.

  • aimee

    I don’t know which medication was dispensed but if the product was intentionally dispensed vs a handling error I wouldn’t consider it “experimenting” if the product’s use is well established in the field. As I said few drugs are approved for use in animals.

    For example hypothyroidism has been treated in dogs for years with replacement thyroid hormone but until very recently none of the products used were approved for dogs.

    I do think that your vet should have informed you that the product being dispensed was labeled for dogs and an explanation given as to why it was being prescribed for your cat.

    By the way if the drug in question was Cerenia note that the drug is approved for use is cats when given by injection but the company didn’t seek feline labeling for the pill form.

    If you have so little trust for your veterinarian to think that the label over the statement was to fool you into giving it to him I’d suggest you find a vet whom you can trust.

  • Surisun

    Hi Aimee
    Thanks for your comment and suggestion. My cat is 24 years old… I really do not care why she put a label over it to fool me into giving it to him. I only care about my cat. My angel is doing very well since I took him off royal canine kidney diet and stop listening to the 3 heartless vets I have taken him to. One vet was insisting on vaccinating him. The other de wormed him while he was sick… Did not ask me. He did not need to be de wormed.
    Calling people out when they are wrong can be a good thing since there is so much bad information on the net but seriously… You asked if it was intentional? She dispensed it gave it to me and even called to asked if I had given it to him. Experimenting with my frail cat!
    No I have nothing to discuss with her.

  • aimee

    Hi Surisun,

    I can understand your alarm at a medication labeled dog only being dispensed to your cat. Many medications used in our companion animals are not labeled for them.

    I’d encourage you to ask your vet about the medication dispensed. If this script was intentional than ideally your vet hospital should have given you a head’s up that the drug was being dispensed “off label”

    The one med that comes to mind that is widely used in cats that states for use in dogs only is Cerenia.

  • Surisun

    Sorry to all who have lost their companion animals. I know the pain. Have lost many throught the years. Keep in mind it’s not only the food we feed them. Its all the other poisons.
    Flea and tick, vaccinations, heart worm, heartless vets etc. I give my animals a variety of food. Never use the same brand every day and make some food also.
    My vet just gave my 24 year old cat with bad kidneys a dog medication.
    She covered it with a label. The manufacturers insert said dogs only not approved for use in cats. Don’t worry I read it first did not give it to him.

  • Ant con

    Don’t stick to just one brand, mix it up. Wet&dry, game, fresh fish ect..

  • Ellie Kalantzaki

    Hello ^^
    I fed my dog ACANA puppy and junior for small breeds <10kg and it caused him to have diarrhea. AT first, he liked it but then he refused to eat it and would eat it only when really hungry or with an appetite. My vet told me it's not a good brand for where I live (Mediterranean Sea coast) because of the climate and suggested me other brands like ProPlan amongst others.Another person who's studied such topics told me it could be the protein that caused all the problems and the unlimited shedding.
    In the end, I switched him to raw DOCA meals (produced in my country) which he loved and a couple months later on BARF code (also from my country). He's still eating raw and it's the only food he's been on that still eats it willingly and likes after months. He also stopped hid diarrhea and his shedding calmed down a bit.
    If your dog is very energetic, I would recommend Acana in a heartbeat. And if you have more money to spend, get Orijen. It's the same company, just the protein is higher in Orijen.

  • Babslynne

    The ingredients don’t lie, there are hardly any good ingredients in this dog food. There are some 4&5 star rated affordable dog foods, such as Pure Balance @ Walmart, 4Health @ Tractor Supply, Kirkland Signature @ Costco, each around $1 a can or around $1 a pound for the dry food, also Victor and Nutrisource. Dogs do get a little sick if you don’t transition them slowly from one food to another by mixing the new food into the old food a little bit at a time over the course of a week or two, and when switching from a poor quality food to a better quality food which usually has more protein. Years ago cheap dog food was not as bad as it is now, over the years the dog food companies have found new ways to cut corners and add cheap fillers and low quality ingredients to make a profit. I hope you will consider trying one of the dog foods I mentioned by slowly transitioning him to it. Adding a Tbs of plain canned pumpkin or a little plain yogurt or a probiotic will also help settle their tummy during the transition, and its worth all the trouble if it means a longer and healthier life.

  • Bunnylove67

    Well lucky you! Wonder how much better your dogs would feel if they were fed quality food. They’re obviously not getting what they need from this crap food that has no nutritional value. It’s like feeding a kid hotdogs everyday for their entire life and thinking it’s good for them because they haven’t been sick, you aren’t your dog and you don’t live in your dogs body so you dont know exactly how your dog feels, the only thing you can be certain of, is that it hasn’t killed them and the lack of nutrients and garbage it contains has been tolerated by your poor dogs for 14+ years.
    You should at least feed your dogs good quality food in their elder years, I’m sure they would really appreciate it after eating the same food for 14+ years.

  • Charlene Ferrell

    We fed our dog this food. We were almost through one bag. TJ was a boxer. He was 5 years old. He was healthy. He vomited several times. Urinated uncontrollably. Lost his appetite. Had two seizures and died. He had no previous health issues. I would caution anyone who loves their pet.

  • Crazy4dogs

    Hi Alfred,

    I don’t use this food, but I believe there is a class action suit against Beneful. If your dog is having seizures when fed this food, please stop and choose a better, more natural food. There are many foods in the 3-4 star range that you could switch to. Pro Pac Ultimates, Pure Balance, 4Health are some of the suggested ones that have a good reputation and cost no more to feed. Good luck with your dog. I hope this site can help you:


  • Alfred

    My 7 year old chihuahua had a seizure on his birthday, the vet did some tests and explained it was probably something he was eating. Grapes, raisins, table food. We haven’t given him table food, he just eats his dry purina beneful food. I read bad reviews on it and took him off of that food. Now he’s back on it for a week and a few minutes ago he just had another seizure, this food is bad, has anyone in the past ever placed a law suit?

  • Pitlove

    Hi Denise-

    I think there may be some confusion here. I do not work for Purina in any way shape or form.

    I apologize for your dogs illness, however I can not help you as I have no affliation with Purina. However, just to let you know, if your dog has been eating the Beneful tubbed food for an extended period of time, then yes the low levels of vitamins can cause nutrient deficiencies that may be causing your dog to be sick.

    Have you explained to your vet what you were feeding and what it was recalled for? Also you may want to contact Purina directly and explain your dogs symptoms.

  • Denise Gerardi

    Seriously…not enough vitamins. Give me a break! My dog has been violently ill and the vet hasn’t been able to help. Her diet was only beneful and I had eight containers of your recalled product in my house. Unfortunately,we can’t prove it was your food. By the looks of these complaints someone should be held responsible. Not enough vitamins?! I’m too smart to believe that. And your company is too stupid to think of a more intelligent excuse for a recall.

  • Marinoella

    Everybody is entitled to their opinions so if yu dont like someone’s comments just dont respond back. Be respectful,n act like an adult! We all have issues with our loved pets n it is sad when we lose our pets. Stop with the negativity .

  • Bunnylove67

    I agree!

  • BuckTard

    I can tell you Beniful killed my dog 10 years ago. Even the vet told me that he had been hearing talk about it but they werent in the position to prove it. It was all coincidence and other vets talking to each other. Sad to see they arte still killing dogs and making them sick.

  • BuckTard

    I will NEVER feed another dog of mine Beniful. About 10 years ago I had a 12 yr old Collie that just got sickat one point and the vets could nt find anything. I dropped an entire incom tax refund on that girl and borrowed to the hilt to run any test we could think of. I had to put her down and the vet asked me what I fed her. I told him Beniful from day 1 and he told me that there were a lot of cases of pet owners dogs just dying that were on beniful. Nothing they could prove mind you but vets are in a unique position to put things together. Never again.

  • Gwen Thomas

    I have a Jack Russell, spent last week in the hospital. feeding dry Beneful Incredibites. He became violently ill in the middle of the night.Throwing up, he made it to the door, laying on the rug with severe stomach pains, his body in spasms. His bowels started moving, Then became dark and bloody liquid. would not eat, took to the Vet, HE said he had HGE. But didnt know what caused it. A lot of people I am hearing from, had the same thing happen to their dogs after Beneful dry dog food. Some died, and some recovered. Had I not taken mine to the Vet, he was put on IV meds, antibiotic and fluids, he would have died. stayed 5 days in the hospital. Symptoms: Severe Vomiting, Lethargy, Bloody Diarrhea, Stomach Spasms, No Appetite,

  • Joy

    Thank you for that info. Then to the vet she goes!

  • Pitlove

    Hi Joy-

    This food was recalled due to low levels of vitamins, not because it was contaminated. If your dog is still experiencing these symptoms you will want to get her in to see her vet. Black tarry stool is usually very serious and it may have nothing to do with the food.

  • Joy

    I noticed my Daisy had black tarry stools a couple of weeks ago off and on. She was refusing to eat the wet Beneful dog food I would mix in with her dry. I’ve been adding this for years and usually she wouldn’t eat the dry food without. So I decided to look for recalled food and found this. I’m so hurt because I’ve been feeding her poison and can only conclude that this is the source. She smells something off with the food and I kept serving it to her. Horrible!!!

  • Cannoli

    but they have done AAFCO testing that makes the food safe and nutritious to eat! ha

  • LabsRawesome

    I assume you are talking about Beneful dry?
    People need to read ingredient lists and not
    just watch Purina’s commercials, and believe
    their bull crap.

  • skeptical spectacle

    Beneful killed our Jack Russell after three weeks, found dead in vomit, urine, feces..The larger dog recovered, she had lethargy. Jack began urinating anywhere, bloated after eating, lost energy. Thought it was her she and mind, until suddenly. Found beneful complaints, stopped feeding our oldest immediately and tossed that dry Crap out! Never, EVER Purina.

  • Jamie Schwartz

    Just because you feed it doesn’t mean it’s good. Look up the ingredients. It’s a terrible food… Many dogs have died from it. Just because yours hasn’t doesn’t mean that it’s a good food to feed or that it’s healthy. This food shouldn’t even be sold. There are ingredients in it that are banned for human consumption – food good reason.

  • Jamie Schwartz

    Please take them off Beneful, it’s a terrible food with terrible ingredients. It literally poisons pets. Propylene glycol is something that should ever be in a dog’s food. Look at the ingredient list on this site, they break down what ingredients are. There is literally nothing nutritious in the food. Yes your dogs have lived a long life on it, that does not mean they are healthy. Their bodies have to be suffering because of it.

  • sharron

    you go girl!!!!!!!

  • Emily S

    Lisa L.- Really wow! You want to act like you know everything about dogs because you train them! That’s ridiculous! You couldn’t in anyway tell someone what is Good for their dog without ever seeing the dog. Every dog reacts differently to different foods. I have tried to feed one of my dogs what you call good food for years! Every time he ends up gassy and diarrhea And yes every time I slowly introduce the food. I always have to switch back to the crap food! At this time I am trying to introduce a new food Again! My vet said he probably does better on crap food because the other food is too rich for him so I now have to put him on a low protein high fiber diet. So with you not ever seeing the dog you couldn’t possibly say what is good for them. Keep opinions like that to yourself I guarantee The owner is more familiar with the dogs needs then you are over the web!

  • Pitlove

    Hi Amy-

    I don’t know what your regular dog food was, but these ratings are based only on the ingredient list and GA, which does not always reflect the nutritional adequecy of the food, nor how your dog does on it. That is why when thinking from a nutrition standpoint it is difficult to choose a food based on these ratings and the comments on the reviews. It can be a jumping off point, but not much more until you feed the food you are considering.

    These ratings are not an indicator that Ronnie’s dog is unhealthy eating his dog food of choice and they are not an indicator that your dog is healthier because you switched off a lower rated food.

  • Amy Luongo

    Have you read the reviews?
    What about the kid that eats nothing but soda and candy but is still alive at 14? I was horrified to see my regular dog food rating but I changed her food and she is happier. If she suddenly drops dead at least I know I it wasn’t the food I was feeding her!

  • sharron

    never been worried about her comments about me – she’s a very narrow minded fanatic – i think the whole thing was a hoot

  • theBCnut

    I read some of her posts elsewhere, and she thinks God, Heaven, and Hell are fairy tales, so you don’t need to worry anymore.

  • sharron

    of course not, me and the rest of us that feed wet food are all going to hell. I look for lightening bolts every time i open a can of food for Lexee

  • theBCnut

    And, of course, none of the rest of us are.

  • Babslynne

    There are also some affordable 4 & 5 star dog foods you could rotate along with the beneful tubs in order to ensure adequate nutrition, such as Pure Balance at Walmart for $1 a can, or 4Health at Tractor Supply that’s also $1 a can. You could also add healthy toppers like pumpkin, or carrots.

  • sharron

    i read other comments made by this woman on other issues not just about dogs and i think she is one that likes or feels she needs to yell her opinions at you – she’s one that wants to be heard – can’t imagine what it would be like to talk to her face to face

  • theBCnut

    Of course, you’re right.

  • mahoraner niall

    I never said they haven’t.

  • LabsRawesome

    Are you sure? I thought if someone typed in all caps
    they had to be completely right about everything. lol

  • Greg

    Your a dummy

  • sharron

    hi – yes i agree – i have no idea what her point was, if there was one – it was just a lot of babble – it was like she was drunk

  • Pitlove

    Thankfully comments like those speak more to the character of the person making them, than to the person they are directed at.