Hartz Recalls Contaminated Dog Treats


January 25, 2013 — The Hartz Mountain Corporation of Secaucus, New Jersey, has announced it is voluntarily withdrawing its Hartz Chicken Chews and Hartz Oinkies Pig Skin Twists wrapped with Chicken for dogs in the United States because they contain trace amounts of antibiotic residue.
Hartz Oinkies Dog Treats

Hartz is taking this action after recent testing found trace amounts of illegal antibiotic residue in samples of the affected dog treats.

These antibiotics are approved for use in poultry in China and other countries but not in the U.S.

What’s Being Recalled?

All Hartz® Chicken Chews™ Soft and Tenders:

  • 3.5 oz package
  • 8 oz package
  • 16 oz package
  • 24 oz package
  • 20 oz package

All Hartz® Chicken Chews™ Soft and Tender Bite Sized:

  • 5.7 oz package
  • 16 oz package
  • 16 oz package

All Hartz® Oinkies® Pig Skin Twists wrapped with Chicken

  • 20 pack Pig Skin Twist Sticks
  • 7 pack Mini Pig Skin Twists wrapped with Chicken
  • 15 pack Mini Pig Skin Twists wrapped with Chicken
  • 5 pack Pig Skin Twists wrapped with Chicken

No other Hartz products are affected by the withdrawal.

What to Do?

If you have these products contact Hartz Consumer Affairs at 800-275-1414.

You can report complaints about FDA-regulated pet food products by calling the consumer complaint coordinator in your area.

Or go to http://www.fda.gov/petfoodcomplaints.

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  • Darlene Hatcher

    Thank you !!

  • Darlene Hatcher

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  • Darlene Hatcher

    Why can’t we just fend for ourselves ? Stay out of other Countries businesses. U.S. is getting in to too much crap. Sometime we won’t get out. Almost there now !! Our FREE COUNTRY is so full of immigrants, terrorists & actually, what don’t we have here. Have been to war with all of them at one time.Our men fight for this & die..Beginning to wonder why anymore.It’s a free Country alright..For illegal everybody from all over the world.Except for us. We have homeless Vets living on Streets & illegals living in Condos !! Feed overseas & let Americans starve.Homeless Families. Time to start worrying about The United States Of America !!Let the other Countries fight their own battles.Are our troops wasting time ? Have we really ever won ? I know we sure have lost alot of our Warriors. Then you wind up a few yrs. later sitting in a bar & right next to you is the enemy you had just fought..In OUR COUNTRY..Who want to take God out of Pledge of Allegience. They don’t like it. THEN GO HOME Trying to get rid of our God so they can have theirs. Just give it to them & get it over with cause that’s what is happening slowly but surely.Taking over & no one sees it ? Head for the hills & run for your life !!!!

  • DogFoodie

    Trust your instinct, Darlene. My guess is you aren’t convinced they’re safe I’d you’re asking that question. Personally, I wouldn’t trust them. The recall may have been resolved, but the sourcing likely hasn’t changed.

  • Darlene Hatcher

    It is now 11 2515…Hope everything is o.k. with pig twists now I just bought some today…I got oinkies pig skin twsts, real smoked. are they safe as of today..??



  • Cecilia Ley

    I agree whole-heartedly with that comment. Don’t buy from China, or anywhere but USA.

  • Dori

    Why on earth would you believe that Hartz has any integrity as far as our companion animals are concerned. Through the years they have been the subject of many objectionable subjects. If your dog became ill from one of their products, why on earth would you feed it to them again? Please listen and pay attention to your dog. If something doesn’t agree with your dog please don’t feed it again. They don’t realize it’s not good for them, only you do.

  • Brian

    We recently purchased Hartz Oinkers Pig Skin Twists from Target in Port Huron, MI (Original, not chicken wrapped), and gave one to our Old English Sheepdog as he loves to chew. After 2 hours past eating it he was very sick throwing up a great deal. We were not sure what caused this as he had always enjoyed other brands of pig skin chews with no ill effects, and the Hartz Oinker (Original) previously with no ill effects.

    Several days later as he seemed well again, we gave him another which he chewed with enthusiasm. Within 15 minutes, he threw up again. We will not be giving them to him anymore even though we have 2 1/2 packs of 10 left.

    We purchased these because we relied on the integrity of Hartz to ensure the safety of what they sourced, and the integrity of Target to ensure the safety of what they sold.

    Evidently this was a mistake on our part.

    Have you had reports of other pet owners with similar problems with the Hartz Oinkers Pig Skin chews (Original…not the recalled Chicken wrapped)?

    Please let me know.



  • Helookalikaman79

    Its all that crap they do to our foods so they can make more… like I heard they are trying to make corn digestable, they alter it, it harms us….

  • April Showers

    agreed. But you mean , god HELP the USA

  • April Showers

    Dont be snide, linda. Apparantly you didnt get that she was emphasizing that animals are skinned ALIVE there. I have seen footage of asian fur farms using this practice. This kind of cruelty is unacceptable when there is no sane reason for it. It IS torturing the animals. Yes early peoples back then used animal fur for clothing because they had no other recources for warm clothes. But there is a big difference between that and torturing animals for their fur to use as fashion. Same for the asian regions that eat dogs and believe that the meat tastes best when the animals are stressed to the limit, so they slaughter them in horrible ways. For This too, you can not help but question these people’s twisted ways.

  • Linda Hauf Pickett

    I just checked the package… MADE IN CHINA… Into the trash they go!

  • Dominique A. Balsoma

    I agree Hound Dog Mom, I am very picky and always aware of the treats that I buy for Lacey. The only Hartz product I will buy is the cat litter and I just tried it last month.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    For chews, I would recommend purchasing pig ears, dried tracheas or bully sticks that aren’t of Chinese origin and that haven’t undergone irradiation. If memory served me, I believe these treats are made in China. Best Bully Sticks and Only Natural Pet both have a great selection of quality chews (not irradiated or from China) and any of the Merrick chews are great. Also – if you’re not opposed to raw – raw bones meat GREAT chews. Very safe and very healthy. If your dog isn’t too “extreme” of a chewer, beef knuckle bones or marrow bones are durable (the only reason I would avoid giving them to very extreme chewers is the fact that they are so hard they could potentially break a tooth). For the heavy chewers, softer RMBs such as pork necks, turkey necks, chicken frames, etc. make great chews (although they don’t last as long). Remember – all bone have to be raw (cooked bones are dangerous!).

  • Linda Z

    imagine that. skinning animals for their fur??? LOL what do you think early settlers did. ??

  • Linda Z

    mine does too! so much better than rawhide

  • pamela

    Hi would you mind sharing your recipe for your home cooked dog food? I’m in the process of researching how to make it myself, but haven’t found a lot on it. I have recently rescued two puppies from the local shelter and one has a lot of digestive issues. The vet suggested several high end brands but they aren’t any better for her sensitive digestive tract. Any info would be helpful. THANK YOU!!

  • Pattyvaughn

    I won’t even use any Hartz products, not their flea control, not their shampoo, nothing, and I especially won’t feed their treats

  • Christopher Brock

    You are right. We are doomed. Our government is too big and the corporations have too much control over the politicians. America has already hit its pinnacle. We were the best during and after World War 2. Its all about the money the big wigs can make and not enough about what is best for the people. What a shame. God bless the U.S.A.

  • Christopher Brock

    My dog has gotten sick just two days after feeding him Hartz oinlkies pigskin rolls. I bought them from walmart. They are not even on the recall list. It took Hartz since 2007 before they voluntarily recalled the others. Thousands of dogs died since then. Buy American and boycott both China and Walmart.

  • Pattyvaughn

    I think when most vets tell you not to feed table scraps, they are thinking of the fatty trimmings that humans shouldn’t eat or greasy gravy or pan drippings. Those things aren’t good for your dog. They might think you are creating a picky eater Most vets can’t conceive of the idea that people are capable of feeding a well rounded balanced diet, and they have been duped into believing what the dog food companies tell them. It is sad really.

  • Betsy Greer

    You need to reread what Dulcie wrote and the post to which she’s responding.

    Dulcie is saying that fresh, healthy people food is best for dogs. I think that’s what you’re saying as well.

  • the3stooges

    Doesn’t make sense…..listen to your vet and he’ll tell you not to feed people food…..food that is fresh, healthy, full of vitamins and minerals and is fit for humans to eat, but is not good for your dog?…..instead, feed commercial food that is full of dead, dying, diseased animals that is NOT fit for humans to eat…..food we’d throw in the garbage because its not safe for us to eat, but that’s what your vet wants you to feed your dog?…..where’s the logic in that?

  • Chez

    My dogs love these things and have never gotten sick from them. None the less I am worried about their health. Any suggestions on an alternative?

  • Woody Thomas

    How do ya like that cheap china junk now…how do I get a refund on this junk that has made my dog sick? Do I take it back to Walmart…what ever happened to the made in the USA stickers? Oh well better take my glasses everywhere I guess. My own fault for trusting, right? Time to make our own food and treats.

  • Ellen Childers

    I agree stop getting stuff from China and this will stop. They do not have as tough of FDA laws as we do.

  • V

    China is going to be the death of us all!!! Whether it’s Swine flu, Sars, H1N1, all originating from China, or the countless amount of merchandise, and food products that are cleverly disguised with ‘imported for’ labels without the country destination, sooner or later, they will take over the world! Bad enough they have already taken our jobs, and now our health, and that of our pets!! It is a government conspiracy (most countries) that there are too many people in this world and they need to get rid of the majority. We didn’t see the levels of disease, cancer, and other health issues 50 years ago as we do today. Unless the country comes together as a force to STOP buying ANYTHING from China, we are all doomed!

  • I don’t think Hartz has good quality control , plus they use cheap garbage ingreds in everything. my dog treats are cut up carrots and apples

  • thanks for the tip on the bar code numbers! no more CHINA!

  • OMG !!! I just bought some of the OINKIES tonite at Walmart!!! THats it ….no more products off of the store shelf!!!! and definitely NOTHING from Chine ,where they continue to torture animals by the millions–skin them alive for their fur!!!! I saw a segment on 60 minutes and I nearly fainted!!!! the Chinese arent in favor of human rights, let alone animal rights!!!!!! Boycott anything made in China!!!! ANYTHING!!!!

  • Pattyvaughn

    I think American made would cost more, so people would buy what is cheapest and the American companies would go out of business or buy Chinese. Oh wait, that’s what already happened.

  • E. Ferguson

    The problem with buying American made products is you can’t find what you want or need. I feel that if America would meet the supply and demand then Walmart, Petco , Pet smart and other retailers would stock it. What do you think?

  • megilles

    In case anyone
    is interested in Bar code numbers; here are a few

    690-691-692 = Made in China

    00-09 =Made in USA & Canada

    30 to 37 =Made in France

    40 to 44 =Made in Germany

    471 =Made in Taiwan

    49 =Made in Japan

    50 =Made in UK

    After our dog got sick we read a report on dog food. We decided to make our own dog food. So we did a lot of research to learn how to make healthy dog food. It is cheaper, easy and fast we cook enough to last two weeks and freeze it.

    Also; companies do not have to disclose or list where they buy or what is in an ingredient that they buy. For example if they list meat meal they do not have to list what is in the meal or how it
    is made or who they bought it from.

  • JMoose76

    P&G purchased Natura, and all of their brands: Innova, EVO, California Natural, HealthWise, Mother Nature, and Karma. PS-the word you were looking for was “unacceptable”.

  • JMoose76

    BTW: Beneful is a horrible food. You’d be better off just letting your dog(s) eat from a dumpster. Read the ingredient list. The first ingredient is corn, for crying out loud. The protein is chicken by-product meal. I could go on…

  • misty

    I’m so pissed we bought our new puppy the pigs ears and now we have to pay for a vet visit cause he is so sick….. If this is the reason there’s gonna be a problem and never again will i buy Hartz products period…. Not happy :/

  • J cogavin

    Afraid to buy treats for my dog now!!!!!!!!!

  • these are NOT made in China they are made in St.thomas ONTARIO. Canada. this gave my dog pancreatitis. I never buy things from China.!!! please save our pets!~!!

  • I wouldn’t feed any animal, pet or otherwise, anything with the Hartz name on it.  Pet owners have been complaining that a variety of their products have been causing seizures for years.

  • I wouldn’t give any animal anything with the Hartz name on it.  Their inferior and sometimes malicious products have been giving pets seizures for  years but they will deny it no matter how many animal owners swear it.

  • Becca

    I try to cook my dogs a lot of veggies. I use fresh Celery, Carrots and green beans. They love it! THey love Beneful food but it has ben called off the market. I’d just love to know how the heck would residue from antibioitc get mixed in the dog treats. This is so far beyound be I just cannot understand it at all. Humans get sick on foods as stuff had been added that should not be in there. I think it is high time that we bring everything back to AMERICA! I would love to know what is going on here it seems as our government does not care at all. Oh well I had better get off my soap box right now. I am so darn mad!

  • Pattyvaughn

    Not that I’m aware of.

  • Ivory_tower_nj2000

    On my dog site i keep updating my recall list once I have confirmed a recall, and I have had a few members ask why I did not add greenies. Have Greenies been recalled and I just missed the announcement?

  • Skylerspeople

    oh crap, our dogs love oinkes, one of the little one started having seizures recently. Related hmmm

  • Burgiss

    We bake a sweet potato, and roll a little into a ball to give as a warm treat. Safe, inexpensive and the Westie loves it! We’re not buying anymore commercial treats, period!

  • Good that they are being recalled, too bad they were out there in the first place.

  • Pattyvaughn

    Trimethiprim Sulfate is one I’ve heard.

  • Susan

    Profit over People and Pets. Is’nt that whats really going on!

  • A. Dogster member

     You’ve got the right idea but your wording is confused.  Made and manufactured are the same thing.  So they are made/manufactured in China but DISTRIBUTED in the US.

  • I’ve never seen a Blue Buffalo commercial but I will say that the only dog food my Beagle gets is Blue Buffalo Wilderness (duck).  He does great with it.

  • Chris

    Anyone know exactly which antibiotic was found in these treats?

  • Oftentimes people aren’t aware of what a healthy dog food is. They see “dog food” and go for it, without researching what goes into making a dog food “good”.

    And like so many other things, people go for what they see in commercials, which is why Blue Buffalo is so popular. What’s ironic is that BB Wilderness is a fine food, but their commercials only push their Life Protection formulas… which I don’t recommend at all.

  • This is completely right. People go for the dog food brand which makes their dog healthier. They will never go for something that is not good for their dogs.

  • Doglady7007

    Right on

  • Doglady7007

    Again MADE IN USA can be deceiving as the ingredients may come from China and put together her in the USA

  • Doglady7007

    Made in America can be decieving if the ingredients ued in the product that is made in USA are imported from China

  • Doglady7007

    Made and Manufactured are the same thing. Where the ingredients come from is listerd as Ingredients from

  • Doglady7007

    It is so important to know that a product that says manufactured in USA can have ingredients from China or other Asian countries. The package needs to say Ingredients are USA and Made in USA

  • Afghanhd

    EXCELLENT! FINALLY…..somebody who sounds like me! Just because it is manufactured in the USA means nothing. If what the product is made from is contaminated from another country then it isn’t worth the package it comes in.

  • Pattyvaughn

    Just because a US flag is on it doesn’t make it safe.  That is one of the things that they have done to try and fool people. 

    Dogs can handle a completely carnivorous diet.  It is a myth that they can’t handle much protein.  They have no need for carbs though.

  • jbdean

    Made is where the ingredients come from and where the product is put together. Manufactured is where that product is put together (like cut or shaped) and packaged. So not only are the ingredients questionable but then the “food” is shipped back to the USA for packaging. That’s not a 46 minute drive. There is simply nothing better than made right here is USA. BUT be sure that they don’t import ingredients from China (or other Asian countries, for that matter). If in doubt … call the company and ask. 🙂

  • jbdean

     And don’t fry the food, poaching or steaming is best if cooking it. My daughter used to have a dog that would steal carrots.  LOL She loved them and other sweets like melon and berries. And fish is very good for them (just watch the bones). The thing to remember is dogs should not get too much protein. Their bodies can’t handle too much … even though we KNOW they love it in *all* forms. 😉

  • jbdean

    I don’t know about PetCo but if Pet Smart did that, they could move their store into a garage sized space. I have only found a handful of pet food and/or treats there that are NOT from China. One that my little Chiweenie LOVES is Salmon Jerky by Carolina Prime in Murphy, NC I always look for the American flag and “Made in America.” I care what my pets eat as much (maybe more) as what I eat.

  • jbdean

    That’s why I read the labels on pet food as well as human food. I want NOTHING from China. For all we know. “chicken” could be dog or cat meat!

  • M Estefan

    I am not surprised. Hartz products are inferior. Their kitten milk replacer almost killed my bottle baby and cost me $1000 at the vet. Fortunately, he survived but I will NEVER buy ANY Hartz product ever again.

  • Stone8pin

    I have already written to both PetSmart and Petco regarding these products and received letters from each that they value my thoughts and recommend the many fine alternative products that they carry that are made in the USA.

  • aimee

    Yes it would be neat to know if there are differences along breed lines. That is thing about research  it just raises more questions to be answered: ) 

  • Pattyvaughn

    I’d really be interested to know how the differences lay along breed lines considering what we know or don’t know about some breed’s origins.  And also as far as certain health issues, like does my starch intolerant dog have a lower number of AMY2B copies than a dog that appears to be fine on a high starch diet, because he does tolerate more starch now that I’m giving him digestive enzymes and all symptoms of IBS/IBD are gone, so far.

  • PetGuardian

    Think all pet owners should write Pet Smart and PetCo, begging them to remove
    all Made in China food and toy products from their shelves. It would be a
    START, as surely many more items they carry are made in China, but these two are
    the most critical to our animals. The obvious solution is that stores MUST LEARN
    that we won’t buy these products and they will rot on their shelves. Key is: we
    DON’T buy them! Once the big box stores make changes, all pet suppliers will
    have to follow.

  • aimee

     It was interesting to see how much variation there was in the number of AMY2B copies among the various dogs tested.

     I’ve always thought the “early dog” diet (consisting of scavenging human dump sights) coupled with the selection pressure that we have added would result in the dog being different from the wolf. It was interesting to read this new research which confirms that.

  • Eenkriek

    Grain intolerance is actually a pretty good reason to make your own dog food, and I’ve seen a lot of this, too. I agree that not all dogs (or people for that matter) are alike and what works for one may not be ideal for another. It would be interesting to know if their is a difference between breeds. I wouldn’t recommend a predominantly carb diet for dogs OR people. We’ve been feeding our dogs our own food for several years, after a bout of salmonella from a Purina food nearly killed one of them. We did quite a bit of research first and consulted our vet. As we live on a farm and have an abundance of fresh milk and eggs (not quite organic, but all natural) the protein part of things is easier for us than most people. But they also eat rice, pasta, vegetables and a lot of other things that we are having for dinner, or that we think they need. They have done very well on this diet, and as another poster mentioned, they are much more excited about their meals. So far, no signs of grain intolerance, no allergic reactions, and in fact not even a case of fleas. Our dogs are (1) Pit/dobie, (2) Plott mix and (3) Treeing Walker Hound- your usual rescue collection. I’m just mentioning this in case anyone else is interested in breeds, as they relate to carb digestion. It would surprise me if there was not some correlation.

  • InkedMarie

    Diane, can you post the exact recipe for the ones with yogurt?

  • Pattyvaughn

    Sorry Aimee,

    My brain was actually telling me ten times as much(mental rounding), but I was looking at what I was responding to and out came twice, his/her numbers, good argument for proof reading before posting.

    I have Border Collies and they believe the breed as a whole was fed primarily oatmeal as a food source as it was being developed.  I’ll not argue surviving versus thriving, they grew, worked hard, and bred.  I’ve fed heavy grain foods over the years.  I have one now that doesn’t tolerate a lot of carb, maybe he’s a throwback.  He starts having signs of intolerance and IBS, my vet said he’s a candidate for fullblown IBD.  He shows no signs of any broblems at all, now that he is on a high protein diet.  My other 2 that I always thought were just fine are much healthier now that they are on the same diet.  My conclusion, dogs do better on a higher protein diet, some dogs can’t handle a high carb diet at all.  I don’t even know what amount of starch would constitute “rich in starch, relative to the carnivorous diet of wolves.”  Personally, I think that the 30% that is in most high protein foods is plenty rich enough.

  • Dulciesdogbowl

    Right…if you are talking pizza and fried foods.  People food is fresh food.  What is wrong with fresh ingredients for your dog?  Much better than what commercial dog food supplies.  Of course your dog needs a balanced diet. If someone decides to home cook for their dog….do your research. (make sure to add calcium)  Your dog will be healthier and happier.  My dogs still go wild with joy at feeding time.


  • aimee

     Hi Pattyvaughn,

    Glad I wasn’t the only one to wade through the original article : ) Where in the article did you see it reported that dogs made twice as much amylase as wolves?? I interpreted it to be much higher.

    I read it as the dog has on average 7 times more copies of the AMY2B gene  and when evaluated for gene expression had 28 times higher gene expression which I think means 28 times more amylase in the pancreas of the dog vs the wolf.

    The serum levels of amylase in the dog were reported as nearly 5 times higher in dogs than wolves.

    I thought it was due to the much higher amylase activity in the dog that the authors concluded the “adaptations that allowed the early ancestors of modern dogs to thrive on a diet rich in starch, relative to the carnivorous diet of wolves”

  • Hi Sharon Kaye,

    Here’s the petition that’s been available on DFA for some time now, if you’d like to sign it:  http://dogfoodadvisor.org/chinese-jerky-treats/ 

  • Chrissy Mitchell

    My dog is 6 years old my cat is 5 years old and last year when my dog got Sick and would not eat or Drink for 5 Days I said
    to my hubby that’s it Our Pet Food & Treats will only be from & made in the USA and wow after spending a Lot of Time  to find Good & Safe pet food  It was almost 4 weeks that both Pets got a softer Coat and a Shine for the 1st Time.  Thanks to Dog Food Advisor  I read a lot and found PetFlow.com and can very easy find the made in USA items Food/Treats. I read a lot of lables went to websites now We feel great about what they eat Cause up till about 8 years ago it was not Hard to get a shine on pets coats & Thoses Deer Antlers Are Lasting a lot longer   so thanks all keep leting others know around you and what they can do by being smarter about feeding our Little Ones

  • Sharon Kaye

    Let’s get together people and get a petition going on banning pet (dog) food & treats from China!! Anyone have any ideas? I/m in.

  • Kaandrajack

     do you have a recipe you’d like to share?

  • crislsoul

    thanks !

  • Momapbt

    costco has a brand of canned dog food called Kirkland signature super premium dog food (chicken with veges and other flavors)when i found out petsmart recalled the turkey jerky treats because of them being made in china and they were contaminated with antibiotics and other problems, i called up kirkland(because they didnt label country of origin which all food products are supposed to list.I called kirkland 8007742678(labeled on can) spoke to a service rep. and he told me the supplement in that dog food (vitamin c) was made in china. considering that chinese eat dogs, and even have a dog meat eating festival i doubt they care what they put in our food or our dogs food. so if you love your pet, dont buy chinese products ,and if you love your family, i wouldnt buy any chinese product since they dont have an FDA.

  • Just. Feed. Raw.

  • Pattyvaughn

    Some dogs must not be as evolved as others because grain intolerances are really common and the cure is to feed these dogs like carnivores.  I read the study.  By the way, producing twice as much amylase as wolves is still not that much that people should think that a predominately carb diet is the way to go for a dog.

    I definitely agree that people shouldn’t just wing it when making homemade cat food, but they shouldn’t just wing it when making homemade dog food either.  Dogs need a balanced diet too.  It takes a little research, but not over much. It’s easy to do, and your dog will be much healthier.

  • Eenkriek

    Ah, thanks for that. And giving them the shells never occurred to me. Dogs can actually digest carbs pretty well. They acquired the enzymes for that sometime after we domesticated them- they produce twice as many as wolves. This just means that they *can* use them to break down carbs into glucose, not that they have to do this way. You are right- they don’t really have to have them, it’s just an economical way to give them energy if you are making food at home. Yes, you can make cat food at home if you keep it carnivorous, but it is a little trickier and I don’t think your average person should just be winging it. I suspect that the truly diligent will find plenty of recipes on-line. My cat breeder friends are pretty proficient at this- and yes, it’s raw.

  • Pattyvaughn

    According to my dictionary, they are the same thing.  However, I don’t know if there is a legal def. that says the company that causes something to be made is a manufacturer.

  • Pattyvaughn

    Egg white has avidin in it which binds biotin.  Egg yolk has plenty of biotin in it to make up for the avidin in egg white.  So as long as you feed the whole egg, raw egg is fine for dogs.  Or you can lightly cook the egg white if you want to, to deactivate the avidin.  Dogs should be given the shell too.  Dogs don’t need carbs, so if you have a carb sensitve dog, just skip them.  And you can make cat food at home, but it does take special stuff, your cooked dinner might not cut it.

  • Eenkriek

    Human food is fine for dogs. Just make sure that you are including a protein source, a carbohydrate and a vegetable. Avoid very spicy and fatty foods and eliminate onions, grapes and chocolate (toxic). Dogs are omnivores and will thrive on ingredients you can actually recognize and that meet human standards for food quality, without the dyes and preservatives. You’ll also see improvement in the coats of dogs that are allergic to common pet food ingredients. Cats, on the other hand, are obligate carnivores and can’t live on this kind of diet, so don’t try that at home. By the way, we have a very good vet and he is in agreement with this approach. His only caveat: feed cooked eggs, rather than raw ones. Something to do with B-vitamins that I haven’t looked up, yet, but is a result of recent research.

  • Blinc50

    what is the difference between made and manufactured?

  • Pattyvaughn

    If your dog doesn’t get sick within about 3 days, then you dodged the bullet.

  • A. Dogster member

    Video on how to make very easy jerky treats in the oven:

  • A. Dogster member

     You can also make them in the oven, it’s very simple, here’s a link to a short video showing you how to:

  • Pattyvaughn

    All products, but they are not foolproof.  And it’s 690-695.  Go down a few posts to the Snopes link.

  • Maudette000

    does the word China mean anything???  Never and I mean never trust what is made there.  Time people start reading every package and if the raw hide bones have no packaging, ASK where they are coming from!

  • Pattyvaughn

    If you just randomly give your dog people food with out any thought to balancing his diet, you are right.  But homemade dog food out of human grade ingredients is the best.  And “good” vets will sell you Science Diet and Purina, which ought to be proof enough that they don’t have much of an education on nutrition.

  • A. Dogster member

    OK, I thought it was obvious, but evidently not.  Asking about jerky treats not made in China was NOT an invitation to every on-line expert’s lecture on dog food, and whether or not I want to KILL my dog.  I have no intention of giving my dog food I know to be bad,  I was not lamenting no more Waggin Train treats, but simply stating that my dog sure DID love them, and would like to find an alternative that was healthy for her.  However, at the time I had no idea how easy it is to make my own, which I found out on my own while you all were lecturing me, and which is what I will soon be doing.  

  • guest

     I think these are Manufactured in the USA, but made in China.  Where
    they are made is essential.  Like Milo’s Kitchen Chicken Meatballs. 
    They are made in China but manufactured in the U.S., under Del Monte. 
    Be ware, any treats made in China are making dogs ill.  Read your

  • Marian_francesco

     I think these are Manufactured in the USA, but made in China.  Where they are made is essential.  Like Milo’s Kitchen Chicken Meatballs.  They are made in China but manufactured in the U.S., under Del Monte.  Be ware, any treats made in China are making dogs ill.  Read your labels!

  • dave


  • Warcat3x3

    I called the number on the milkbone box and the lady assured me that milkbone is made in the US.  That’s the only reason I’m buying them…..did she lie to me  ?!? A program on  ‘Marketplace’  said there is quality control on pet food made in the US…….unlike Canada (where I’m from)….So it’s USA all the way for me!!

  • trevi

    what do we do if dog already ate them? I am going to buy a dehydrater right now!

  • donna

    Are these codes for all products or just dog food. This is good to know. Thankk you.

  • Pattyvaughn

    This is not a foolproof method of identifying products from China.  If the ingredients are bought by a company in another country, then the code will reflect the country of the company instead of the country of origin.

  • Debbie

    Better than your dog being dead!  Make your own treats!

  • Redrnr99

    I’ve stopped buying any of these treats for awhile, I definitely check EVERYTHING to make sure it isn’t made in China!!!

  • Luke6_39

     Both of those brands Waggin’ Train and Canyon Creek have been the cause of kidney failure in dogs.  “Animal Parents Against Pet Treats Made In China” on fb are composed of members who lost their dogs from eating them.  One member gave her GSD 2 chicken jerky treats and one of the Admins only gave ONE.  Both dogs died from eating them.  You will ONLY be safe making your own treats for your dogs because the corporations who sell this stuff will not tell the truth and they know that we tell on them to save the pets.

  • Sheltieluvr2

    Yes, first three digits of 690, 691, 692 identify products from China. First two digits from 00 to 09 indicate USA and Canada.


  • Bob K

     Dave’s Hounds – Canada, Germany, France, Japan, England, Finland, Switzerland to name a few.  Remember Mad Cow?  Salmonella?  Please use “Google” it can be your friend.

  • Bob K

     Dear A. Dogster member – Made in the USA does not mean all the ingredients are from the USA.   3000 people died in the US last year due to bad food.  The US food supply is no guarantee of a safe product.  Please use “Google” to find both human and pet food recalls.

  • Blue Buffalo Wilderness and Kona’s Chips are both US sourced and produced.  

    Or you can make your own.  All you need is a dehydrator (you can get them for as little as $30).  

    Cook the chicken in the over, slice and put in the dehydrator for 8 – 12 hours.  Lots of recipes online but if you Google “Kol’s Notes”, I’m pretty sure you’ll find a recipe there.

  • Many dog treats will state, distributed by such and such, but will not tell who made the treat or where it came from.  Many treats are made in China but will not say that, just distributed By. Look at the bar code on the package and the first three number.  690  991  692 are from China. I contacted Euckanuba and ask them if any of their ingrediats come from China for their dog food.  They said a limited amount.  What that limited amount is they didn’t say.

  • A. Dogster member

    Dear D.F.A., 

    Do you think you could start putting a “Made in ____” some place prominent in your food (and treat if applicable) reviews?  Because it does seem the large majority of problems are made elsewhere.

  • A. Dogster member

     There are NO laws against false advertisement, haven’t been for ages.  If there were, politicians could not do what they do.

  • Diane

    I make homemade dog treats and find it to be inexpensive compared to buying treats in the stores. I have a German Shepherd Dog and she can, if allowed, consume a lot of treats. I’m very picky about treats I get her and only buy from better pet suppliers and organic suppliers which equals to more $$$.  I have found a site on You tube “Gone to the Snow Dogs” a few months back that shows how to make dog treats at home. I love the owners and their 3 beautiful and always attentive Huskies.  Chicken jerky is so easy to make at home verses buying US made Dogwells brand @ about $16.00 per lb.  I go to Costco and buy frozen chicken tenders for about $14.00 for a 6 lb bag.  I slow cook them and get jerky that my dog goes crazy for.   It 100% chicken and that is all. She loves these treats I make with Greek yogurt, honey, peanut butter, and mashed bananas.  You mix ingredients in a blender and pour into ice trays and freeze cubes.  So easy, nutritious and cost effective. You can also find recipes online. Try it and you’ll know exactly what you pat is eating.

  • Doug Jedlicka


  • A. Dogster member

    Are there ANY chicken or duck jerky treats now that are are safe?  My pooch was in love with waggin train and canyon creek.  She’s just heartbroken that they’re gone.

  • Jerry Lynn

    Other than baking treats for my dogs —I was looking for a “already made, with a shelf life (non-refridgerated) treat and came up with pork rinds.  Some have salt, but there are several brands that the ingredients listed are pork skin, deep fried.  That’s it.  No preservatives, not anything else.

  • Ellen

    Things “made in the US” are unidentifiable because there are ingredients could come from any place.  Let’s face it, we have to trust a company’s fear of lawsuits to get information about recalls.  For those who say don’t shop at Sam’s Club or Walmart, that’s great for those who can afford to.  So many people here live in poverty that they either shop there or feed their families from the dollar menu at unhealthy fast food places.  

  • Shellydix

    The safest thing to do for your dog is to feed them what you eat. There is nothing wrong with feeding dogs “people food”.
    Make sure that what you are eating isn’t something that is processed out of a package as well. Healthy fruits, veg. and meat protein as well as a good all around supplement is healthy for your dog. For what pet food companies are charging for dog food these days you might as well try this. You may find it to be cheaper! 

  • Sally

    Snopes.com addresses barcode myths/truths in:  http://www.snopes.com/politics/business/barcodes.asp

  • Shops71

    trade with China is done strictly on cost based manufacturing. BIG BOX stores, who put the little man out of business…force companies to search for cheaper solutions to remain viable….The cheaper solution..a chinese product..This HAS nothing to do with GOVERNMENT…you are your OWN government when it comes to putting food in your children ( both human & four legged) in their mouths..
    YOU want to get back to trust..stay out of the Walmarts & Sams….sadly the statement ” dog eat dog eat ” world..has never been more true

  • I am going to start making my dog homemade treats, then I will know what is in them, and not some crap from China!

  • Shops71

    didn’t finish that..sorry..then the smaller companies wouldn’t cut corners and we could trust the food items we purchase locally…

  • Shops71

    if we also stay out of WAL mart..then there will NOT be the cut throat small business loses, and companies wouldn’t be forced to cut corners to compete..then the items made in the USA & CANADA ( don’t forget the FDA regs in the Country to the North,  are just if not more strict )..

  • Dave’s Hounds

     Bob compared to what other countries? i disagree – we have a better system then most other countries. It has many problems and there is a problem with the entire food chain – but the US has better protections in place then most.

  • Jbminer

    I have started making my own dog treats. It seems 5hat most of what I considered American companies are buyinf their raw materials from China. Pitiful!

  • Chris

    Why are dog food companies still allowed to buy their products from China? There are recalls constantly from foods made in China, yet no one in our government seems to want to do anything about it. I’m not even going to mention the jobs lost in the USA.

  • Bob K

      Patti 13 – You are clueless,  “Google” food recalls in the US or “Pet Food” recalls in the US.  The US has a terrible food safety record too for both humans and Pets.

  • Sllok

    Is this true about the barcodes? If so, what a great piece of information to get out there to as many dog people as possible!

  • Tracyanddennishowie

    from what it is saying to me that yes they are made here in the us, but they ship to china and other places where it is legal for that product to be used.

  • Bob K

     Shan – There is nothing special about US food safety.  300o people diec in the US due to bad food. Imagine how many more were sick and never died.  If you believe the US has some magic of food safety then “Google” Food recalls in the US.

  • Bob K

      Sheltieluvr2 – Companies often source product and ingredients from multiple vendors.  Tracking sources of origin is unrealistic and darn expensive. The food humans eat do not list  ingredient sources.  There is nothing special about food safety in the US.  3000 people died last year in the US due to food borne illnesses.  Just “Google” food recalls in the US. 

  • Judy

    WHAT will it take to convince people to STOP buying from China????  They don’t care about people no less our pets….BUY USA or at least a country that has the same standards as the USA.  I will buy from Australia or the UK but my preference is the US.

  • Umd489

    Isn’t that illegal…if they say made in the USA and it is not,  that is against the law and the company can be sued for false advertising or something……


    Again theses companies have no standard just like in China.

  • Sheltieluvr2

    So sorry to hear about the los of your Lab. Thank you so much for this information.

  • Sheltieluvr2

    So sad to hear these stories and I hope your dog is okay.

  • Jrlvr1

    watch Sunsweet products for us also.  The fruit is coming in from China.  they are putting our country out of business in more ways than we can count.  My dog loves fruit so now I have to watch that also. 

  • Sheltieluvr2

    Amen! Long after a recall on chicken jerky strips two stores in my area, Petco and Raley’s still had them on the shelves.

  • Jrlvr1

    when they stop making money on us they will stop.  something else will come up just as bad so stay alert

  • Sheltieluvr2

    It should be required for companies to state country of origin for all ingredients. When the package just says “Distributed by…” that is also a clue that it’s not made in the USA. For example, Milk Bones’ is labeled as from DelMonte company but only “distributed” by that company.

  • Shan

    When is the government going to make it illegal to import chicken products made in China?  And even before that, when are the US stores going to stop putting these products on the shelf….what a mercenary disgrace!!!!!!!!!

  • Twodogsnotime

    Are these treats made in China.  I have been avoiding all dog food /treat products made in China.  Only USA for me.  But I am not certain about the origin of this treat.

  • Patti 13

    Made in America ONLY!!!!!

  • Ejoannie

    My Golden Retriever had to go to the Animal Emergency Hospital after eating Wagon Wheel rolls with chicken inside.  They were made in China and sold at Sams.

  • Mpblackdog

    Hopefully people will become educated to look at the packaging before buying their pets treats or food. Each time I’m in Walmart and I see a customer with dog treats in hand I try to convince them not to buy these products, but to hop over to Target where they do sell some MADE IN USA products. Hopefully the American companies will wake up after losing money from all these recalls, but they have probably made enough before hand so as not to care. Thank you Dog Food Advisor for caring for us and our pets!

  • Ron

    It may help people to show who and where products of concern are being manufactured.

  • Jrlvr1

    Not only do you need to read the ingredients on your pet food you need to see who manufactures it.  Procter and Gamble are in the dog food business because they can make money not be there to make sure your pets are in good hands.  They own Iams,  and have recently acquired my favorite  all the Innova products.  I will not buy these products.  Just remember they can add (from their food lines) to the pet food what they cant use for humans.  This is unexceptable.  Read all the labels especially when they import stuff from China for us.  Im still disgusted with them(Procter&Gamble) for buying my Toms of Maine toothpaste(lol).  Just be careful since if they add stuff rejected for us what is it they are putting in the dog and cat foods.  Hartz Mountain is one of the biggest importers of Chinese products and look whats happening.  All the recalls. 

  • Braskey1947

    You have to be so careful with this Chinese crap they keep forcing down our throats. We believe but can’t prove that we lost our 12 y.o. Yellow Lab from the chicken junk we bought from Sam’s Club (made in China), so now we always look at the Bar Codes on the product. Even though some products like Old Roy say they’re made in AK, check the Bar Code because they’re NOT. If the first Digit is a “0”, it’s made in the USA, if the first digit is “6”, it’s made in China. 

  • Kathy Parker

    Thank you for the fine work you do. I really count on your pet food alerts to keep me informed as to the status of available foods and snacks for my pets.

  • Mumbleypeg


  • Mumbleypeg

    When will American companies that sell food, health care or beauty supply products – for humans OR animals – STOP BUYING OVERSEAS? Greedy, wasteful & dangerous companies in this country LOSE OUR BUSINESS. Bring manufacturing back to the USA or shut your doors already. Goodbye, Hartz. This is not your first offense.

  • Donnabbking123

    stoppppppppp getting stuff from china and your dogs will be much better off!! and we will be too!!