Blue Buffalo Dog Food Recall of March 2017


March 2, 2017 — Blue Buffalo has issued a voluntary market withdrawal of 17 varieties of its Blue Divine Delights and Blue Wilderness Trail Trays due to quality issues with the foil seals on the top of the cups.

No other Blue Buffalo products (including any variety of Divine Delights not listed below) are impacted by this issue.

The company is not aware of any dogs becoming ill from these products.

What’s Recalled?

The following products are affected by the recall:

  • BLUE Divine Delights Filet Mignon Flavor in Gravy
    3.5 oz cup
  • BLUE Divine Delights New York Strip Flavor in Gravy
    3.5 oz cup
  • BLUE Divine Delights Prime Rib Flavor in Gravy
    3.5 oz cup
  • BLUE Divine Delights Rotisserie Chicken Flavor in Gravy
    3.5 oz cup
  • BLUE Divine Delights Pate Filet Mignon Flavor
    3.5 oz cup
  • BLUE Divine Delights Pate Porterhouse Flavor
    3.5 oz cup
  • BLUE Divine Delights Pate Grilled Chicken Flavor
    3.5 oz cup
  • BLUE Divine Delights Pate Top Sirloin Flavor
    3.5 oz cup
  • BLUE Divine Delights Pate Angus Beef Flavor
    3.5 oz cup
  • BLUE Divine Delights Pate Roasted Turkey Flavor
    3.5 oz cup
  • BLUE Divine Delights Pate with Bacon, Egg and Cheese
    3.5 oz cup
  • BLUE Divine Delights Pate Sausage, Egg and Cheese Flavor
    3.5 oz cup
  • BLUE Divine Delights Pate Steak and Egg Flavor
    3.5 oz cup
  • BLUE Wilderness Trail Trays Duck Grill
    3.5 oz cup
  • BLUE Wilderness Trail Trays Beef Grill
    3.5 oz cup
  • BLUE Wilderness Trail Trays Chicken Grill
    3.5 oz cup
  • BLUE Wilderness Trail Trays Turkey Grill
    3.5 oz cup

What to Do?

Blue Buffalo has asked consumers to stop feeding the affected product to pets and bring any remaining cups affected by the withdrawal to their place of purchase for a full refund.

Consumers with questions about this market withdrawal are invited to contact Blue Buffalo at 877-870-7363.

U.S. citizens can report complaints about FDA-regulated pet food products by calling the consumer complaint coordinator in your area.

Or go to

Canadians can report any health or safety incidents related to the use of this product by filling out the Consumer Product Incident Report Form.

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  • haleycookie

    Probably just call their customer service. Should have a number on the back of the bag. Or an email you can email picture of the lot number, date and, red priece you found so they can make record of it and see if anyone earl has found these pieces.

  • Debbie Huston

    We feed our 9 year old Newfie blue buffalo adult, we have been feeding her this for several years.Well I opened a new bag this morning and there was a hard piece of red plastic the size of a dime sitting on top of the food. Anyone know who I can contact in regards to this? My dog would have broke a tooth or worse!

  • DAWN

    Jo Ann’s James is 100% correct in EVERY thing she said! Her comments aren’t nasty!! Rather.. Informative! You’re being the nasty one lol

  • DAWN

    BB Has LOTS of Recalls! Every year! This yr alone… 2017.. There’s been a.. Lot.. I stay.. Safe.. Instead of being sorry & NO Longer Feed ANY of BB foods.

  • P RC

    Same here Jason

  • P RC

    Karin glad to hear that. I trust my 5 year old Lhasa apso life to this food. At 7 months old he had pancreatitis and I almost lost him. I have used blue basics turkey and potato recipe and he has done well on it. In fact I have aBig Pom, another Lhasa and a dachshund and they all get the same food. I do trust this brand and see they will recall if needed

  • anon101

    Not good. You did the right thing to get rid of the food, maybe you can return the unopened cans.
    Bones, even if finely ground (raw or cooked) can cause GI obstruction and distress. Not worth the risk.
    The homeopathic crowd will tell you a different story.
    I prefer science based veterinary medicine.
    For a quality food consider Zignature.

  • haleycookie

    Most high quality dog and cat food have ground up bone in it as companies tend to not put anything to waste and bones can be a good source of calcium. When they are in canned food they are safe to eat because of the processing canned food goes through. If they are large enough to choke on then you can worry if not I wouldn’t worry much. there are a lot of brands I feed that have bones in them.

  • wei

    I just bought Blue Buffalo Chicken Dinner Senior Canned Dog Food, 12.5-oz, I opened the first can and manually fed that to my senior shih tzu and I can feel bones fragments in the food . I am not sure if that is normal in dog food? I stopped using the can food after the first fed.. the rest of the 11 cans will go to waste as I am not risking it.
    Anyone has any idea about the bone fragments in the food?

  • moreen

    It was more than just PACKAGING!!!

  • moreen

    The fact that it is just listed as a WITHDRAWAL is a down right lie!! I fed it to my dog and I was literally poisoning my dog!! CBC results showed his ALT ALKP and GGT levels were astronomically high!!!y dog nearly died!!! Filed a claim with Blue Buffalo and sent in Vet notes, proof of purchase, CBC results, ultrasound results, and vet bills which was over $2,000! They denied the claim and said high liver enzymes could mean a number of things. My vet said specifically, and wrote in the notes, that from his experience this reaction is due to toxicity! My dog didn’t eat anything else but the poison Blue Buffalo puts in a can and calls dog food!!!!

  • moreen

    WITHDRAWAL because they knew they better take the poison off the shelves before it killed more dogs!!!

  • moreen

    Well Jo Anne James….hate to break it to you but Blue Buffalo is not as loyal to consumers as you think. The fact that it is just listed as a WITHDRAWAL is a down right lie!! I fed it to my dog and I was literally poisoning my dog!! CBC results showed his ALT ALKP and GGT levels were astronomically high!!!y dog nearly died!!! Filed a claim with Blue Buffalo and sent in Vet notes, proof of purchase, CBC results, ultrasound results, and vet bills which was over $2,000! They denied the claim and said high liver enzymes could mean a number of things. My vet said specifically, and wrote in the notes, that from his experience this reaction is due to toxicity! My dog didn’t eat anything else but the poison Blue Buffalo puts in a can and calls dog food!!!!

  • Jason Nagy

    It’s not tainted. There was an issue with the sealant used to fuse the foil with the container that’s it. I’ve personally observed these products and they are fine. But out of an abundance of caution Blue voluntarily recalled the line when some weren’t up to par. It’s not a food quality issue but a packaging one. They haven’t been on the shelves for weeks.

  • Jason Nagy

    That can is perfect fine to use.

  • Jason Nagy

    Exactly! It’s just a packaging/seal issue

  • Jason Nagy

    Karin is correct. Even though there is complete nutrition in the kibble itself, Blue also adds vitamins and minerals to enhance the food. It’s merely an added benefit so if the count is off by their standards they will pull it voluntarily for quality reasons, not necessarily because the product itself lacks nutritional value or has gone bad. Voluntary recalls are much more common than most realize. Blue is very up front about their recalls because the health of your fur babies are important to them as much as they are to you.

  • disqus_CHE3u6itJF

    I contacted the FDA about 3 months ago regarding the Blue Wilderness chicken. I was feeding it to 2 of our dogs. There was nothing dramatic happening other than a hat sour stomachs with no particular reason. first, I was really surprised on how indifferent the corporate office responded to my inquiry and potential complaint. However, when I contacted the FDAthey were extremely interested. Based upon this recall, I can understand why and I would expect there’s probably more recalls coming

  • Teresa Sapphire Horner

    Is basic blu the same has this dog food? Thank you

  • Killian Walsh

    This is a voluntary recall, many companies throw away perfectly good food across America, landfill. They dodn’t state what is with the foil, it could mean somewhere some container wasn’t put on right, who knows,

  • Charmed79

    Not on the blue basics

  • Kathryn Townsend

    This company has had the MOST recalls on it in the last 3 years. Even my vet says not to feed it to my sis because it happens so frequently.

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  • Deborah Chapman

    I am in shock right now I am trying to understand why and how I never ever heard of you. I have been searching and trying to figure out how can I learn the proper balance meals, nutrition for my Yorkie Buttercup, I am on social media I never ever heard anyone talk about you. Are you on Facebook or Instagram? I have had my yorkies for 8 years I am very and always concerned about pet food. How long have you been around? Forgive me for all the question I am just in shock that a company like this exist. They have a company in Canada that deliver homemade dog food but I live in NY. I rather learn how to make my dog her own food. She is now on a prescription diet and lost weight the only downside is it have a lot of fiber which make her poop 3 times a day.

  • Susan Angelsky DiFabio

    Oh, did they say the dogs were eating the foil seals? I must have missed that. I thought it said there was damage to the foil seals, and that no dogs had become ill because of it. The recall was to prevent any issues. Thanks Bunny for clearing things up!!!

  • Hi Deborah. Try It is lost cost pet nutrition software that will help you to create complete and balanced meals for your dog.

  • Voluntary market withdrawal and Voluntary recall are the same things.

    In fact, there is no other type of recall. It is always voluntary.

  • Bunny

    First off, Lori didnt state the actual cause/reason as to why her dog was ill.
    A little FYI; yes eating the foil seal CAN make a dog sick!

  • AngryPatriot5

    Merrick has their own TX rendering plant. Dead, euthanized animals and all kinds of non-food, terrible things are included in “food” made at rendering plants. There’s lots of YouTube vidoes that show what happens and even show you the bags and barrels of pet carcasses waiting to be processed. Shelters and vet hospitals give them for free; saves them the cost of cremation or disposal. I’d never buy anything from a company with their own rendering plant. We’ve been feeding organic raw human foods for 2 generations now with amazing results.

  • Deborah Chapman

    Thank you I know I really will do my research like everything else. I truly want to make her food right now she is on a prescription diet and she lost weight. She have luxiating Patella and was lame she is a Yorkie and she is walking, running, climbing the steps I did research. I purchase a very good joint supplement and I massage her 3-4 times a day. I made her rest for a month. She is doing wonderful. I will research I must make sure she gets all her nutrients.

  • Susan Angelsky DiFabio

    Well, this was for the foil seal, not the food itself, so I doubt it’s what made your little one sick Lori! I am glad you found a solution to her illness. Emergency is expensive and super scary.

  • Charmed79

    We started last year feeding our Chihuahua Blue Basics, and have not looked back, he was always throwing up, or having diarrhea, he was on Purina pro plan. After the switch, it stopped, he was much more perky and alert, more energy. It’s not cheap food by any means, but we are happy with it.

  • Lori Benning

    I was feeding my mini schnauzer this product last Summer the dry and can food…..she was in Emergency 3 times, No one could figure it out….$500 each time plus plus, she wasn’t drink water and then started to stumble around and went down….oh my God….. I took off the food and started to cook chicken and veg and a little rice. I have not looked back and she is great now. Dog food will kill your dog…..

  • Crazy4cats

    Yes, but the new packaging apparently is NOT sealing correctly which could cause moldy tainted food. I’m glad they are doing the correct thing and WITHDRAWING the food to prevent a lot of sick pets.

  • Storm’s Mom

    Not sure I’d describe “vitamin content off” as “minor”… I mean, it *could* be a minor thing, but it could also be a MAJOR thing, depending on what’s off and by how much (not to mention why it’s off).

  • chief

    I missed that one i buy my food once a month (cans) so i stock up i missed that one.i have that email recall for dog food they never sent a email .Tends to make me wonder wats going on thanks for the info

  • Mike

    They had another recall a couple weeks ago on some canned food

  • Mike

    BB still packages their food… refers to it as a recall. Whether it’s a recall or a withdrawal their is still the same outcome…which is don’t feed your dog this tainted product. BB should of tested the new packaging on the product before selling it to trusting consumers. You must be a BB rep. because you’ve left a dozen comments on this thread…

  • chief

    Wow i was shocked to see a recall of any sort on blue buffalo .My babies love this food im thankful it wasnt what my fur babies eat.Im also thsnkful this isnt something that happens with blue unlike some other dog foods.However it happens nobody is perfect.Ive been feeding my babies blue for as long as ive had them over 5 yrs and this is the 1st recall ive seen .

  • Karin Kaye

    Having been an employee of blue buffalo, I can tell you that quality is their number one priority. When any question of quality, whether it’s packaging, as in this withdrawl, or even something as minor as vitamin content off, they withdrawal the food from the shelves.
    They truly do care about their customers and their pets.

  • Karin Kaye

    Call the 800# and they will answer your questions

  • Cooper Murphey

    Since I already have it?

  • Cooper Murphey

    So the Blue Wilderness Salmon Stew Canned Dog Food Is My Understanding Is OK To Use?

  • Kim Gonzales

    I’m also new to posting but I feel like a lot of you. Companies do not take this big of a loss either monetarily or a loss to their credibility just because their changing packaging. There is a reason that could or is potentially harmful. to our fur babies. Jo Anne James if you don’t work for BB you should. I’ve never seen someone as passionate over dog food.

  • Earl Akers

    Jo Anne James, a RECALL is when a product is removed from the market or a correction is made to the product because it is either defective or potentially harmful. That being said, I realize that BB is not aware of any dogs becoming ill because of the DEFECTIVE FOIL SEAL on the NEW PACKAGING, however they are asking the consumer return it for a refund and any of the affected product on the shelf has been removed. This fits the definition. Stop being a troll and spouting your same spiel to each person who posts. We’ve seen what you had to say.

  • Jo Anne James

    oliveoil, I have used this product 12-14 years.
    Had TWO doxies one lived to be 15 years old the other lived 17.5 years of age. I attribute their longevity to the food I fed them.
    I switched to BB when they were about two-three years of age.
    I currently have TWO doxies adopted 3 years ago, they too are on BB.
    Therefore I know about BB from being a consumer.
    The point I was trying to make based on the article it’s NOT a recall. It’s a WITHDRAWAL DUE TO NEW PACKAGING nothing more.
    Also, since the BB 800# is provided. For further questions I’d call before making assumptions or spreading mistruths. As it appeared here, that’s all.

  • Linda Newton

    whatever the reason for recall I am not spreading false truths.It was recalleed for whatever as it was for something else a few weeks ago and that’s 2times too many for whatever packaging or food problems that’s all.It was recalled doesn’t matter for what period.I have used this food for 7 years and I said I will move on

  • oliveoil

    Jo Ann James, you may possibly have the most ( don’t get it and I never will) clients of any dog food supplier. I’ve read your replies to the same question over and over again and they still can’t comprehend what you are saying. Good luck!

  • Linda Newton

    I put various kinds of the small soft food because we were traveling to Florida before I only would mix the dry with the large cans well he ate them all he’s fine so that’s okay but I know a few weeks ago why I tried the weight management Blue Buffalo grain-free and that was recalled in the cans not in the try I believe

  • disqus_vACIMB2fln

    i’m new to posting/replying, but 1st i find it interesting..J.James keeps popping up defending the company that it’s just the packaging (makes me think she works for them) and 2ndly, does everyone Not know that we humans are not getting the amount of salt that our bodies need?? try researching, Dr.David Brownstein’s book: Iodine: why you need it, why you can’t live without it; i know we are talking dogs here..but if humans are being killed off and not told the truth from our own doctors…what do you think the rest of the animal chain and vets know/not know. just as we research here, we need to research for our little ones. so if mr. Wagman’s choice is not according to the protocol, yet his pet is doing super well…. ?? maybe we all need to reconsider. i, myself have done countless hours studying for myself on iodine due to thyroid issues and take Lugol’s Iodine which has not only made me feel Fantastic after leveling myself up the ladder to get on a good dose, but it has given me clearer thinking, no more brain-fog and i have tons of energy and my own doctor has allowed me to go off my thyroid medication for 3 months. i have read many many articles and people’s comments and a lot say they have added Lugol’s to their dog’s water dish (small amount) and it has cleared up a Lot of issues the dog seemed to have had. not saying this is a cure-all….just saying we have been told a Lie over 20 years ago regarding salt intake and we are all suffering from it. Thyroid is not the only organ that craves iodine…all our organs do. i have learned sooo much from studying this. it’s Crazy! good! and i feel on top of the world in my 60’s. so..that’s all. guess it comes down to research read and try different brands according to your income…or homecook and learn how to add supplements.

  • Gary Wagman

    The Fresh Pet product that had mold issues was a different product that I use and was determined to have been caused by improper refrigeration during transportation. Unrelated to the manufacturer who produces in Pennsylvania where most ingredients are bought locally to ensure freshness. They use sea salt but we have not seen any problem due to the high moisture content in Fresh Pet which negates the salt issue. Thanks for your comment.

  • chacha711

    PETS, BUYERS BEWARE…. This is another example of a BIG Large Corp Company wanting to advance their BIZ/Bottom-Line at the expense of our Pets and Pocketbook!i This is BB 3-4 PRODUCT RECALLS over the last 12-18 mos, the others past recent recalls were on mildew/mold in their Salmon/Fish Dry Kibble, etc, NOT GOOD!!! They BB took their eye off the ball to promote growing their BIZ/BOTTOM LINE PROFITS with HUGE Mecia Mktg n Advertising Budgets/Blitzs, New Items/Distribution Slotting/shelf space Fees/allowances to Chains Retailers n Big Madison Avenue TV Ads to BRAINWASH CONSUMERS to SELL more BB products!!!

    Do your research/do diligence with sites like Dog Food Advisor, Books from Dr Karen Becker, DMV author For Healthy Foods for Dogs n Cats, Pets with very good info, homemade healthy recipes, etc. Don’t listen to rumors, friends, n or most Store clerks (many paid off/brainwashed by mfg reps,to push own agendas/food, private/stores label, etc) who have little or no idea, formal training on healthy Pet Food/Nutrition, etc!

    After switching our 2yr old GSPointer dog(same high energy active Sporting breed that won Westminister Best Of Show last year, this year GShepard won) as forced to switch off breeders Puppy Kibble Premium used Innova/MM MARS (Candy, like other Big Corp now in Profitable Dog Food Biz ie NESTLES, Procter & Gamble, etc) Innova was disc by Mfg MARS due to loss of mkt share/distribution, after a few bad-press recalls, etc, so we tried Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Dry kibble For Large Dogs (big 28# Orange foil bag) after almost 2 bags/months he was still having some irreg loose olive greenish stool, had him VET checked n fecal tested NEG so narrowed it down to Blue Buffalo food perhaps with too many ingredients, mixed meal/meats, tocopherols, grains, etc that didn’t agree with him, thus switched to a way better choice premium-super premium dry food by a small or medium Family-owned Canadian company named
    Champion Pet Food Co who has excellent knowledgeable Customer Service n on staff VET/Food Nutrionist for any of your Q&As via em or800# live tele! Upon request they will send out free trial samples of a variety of their dry kibbleACANA Lamb n Apples (mauve colorbag 28#) n or Grasslands/Green color Bag w/ mix of Lamb, Duck, Wild Fish, Fruits n Veges, n or their High Protein RED MEATS for active Sporting Type Dogs in Red Bag (Red only mfg n sold from Canada now) Their other top line Super-Premium costs 15-20% more is dry Kibble also mfg ORJIEN food line both lines exceed min hi protein, Vitamins, Minaea, are STEAM COOKED in own Juices, NO WATER or Fillers, PRESERVATIVES Color Additives, not OvenBaked or Fried like most other companies dry foods N USE FRESH never Frozen WHOLE MEATS, WILD FISH, NO MEAL MIX! Ie. 60-70% MEATS w/30-40% FRUITS n VEGEs! This privately family owned company only Mfg DRY KIBBLE FOOD n to maintain their high quality/standards etc hasNO PLANS To MFG or Co-Pack Pet Food for any other brand or company, they recently opened a brand new statehood the art Mfg plant in Kentucky USA (besides their Canada HQ plant) to help meet the growing demand of their 2 Dry Kibble lines, ACANA & ORJIEN, no canned, wet foils pkg, fake junk foods, etc

    We like to rotate the ACANA varieties every 2-3 large 28# Bags every 2-3 mos within the ACANA family line, with no problems, n get the best price deals from either Amazon, JET,man or online/free 4-5 days home deliveries usually with 2 bags or more purchase, also found here that one of the good rated wet-can foods we use as a 2-3 spoon Topper/mix 1 x day with his ANCANA Dry,mis the COSTCO/Kirklands Brand : Natures domain Turkey n Peas Stew cans/case price nets to on,y .85 ea.can vs $1.50 to $3.00 big corp branded can foods! I also mix a 1-2 spoons of whole canned Libby’s or PL big 30oz can Pumpkin (not Pie Mix) on sale 2-3xyear/holidays $2 cantopper mix into his dry food instead of wet can food as a healthy fiber, can also mix n freeze it into a medium -large frozen Popsicle/burrito like mix wary kibble or alone for outside yard summer cool frozen treat /meal! ENJOY!!!

  • Anonymous

    Cooking can be done but make sure you do your research before diving in, as supplementation is a bit more important than it is with raw (food). If you have a freezer, cook large batches and portion. I had a dog that wouldn’t eat raw and he did so good on cooked foods. It was a pain at first (cooking vs. feeding raw) but it became second nature, and I was able to make large batches. Best wishes.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve known dogs who do well on Fresh Pet. However, the sodium content IS a bit high for my comfort level (especially having nursed a dog through end stage CHF in which restricting salt was important.) If your dogs are happy and doing well, Gary, I’d say keep at it. The only issue I remember is that there were instances of mold being found in some of the food, so (like everything else), check first! Best wishes.

  • Tina Dooley


  • Jo Anne James


  • Jo Anne James

    Please call 800# for clear facts before giving mistruths.

  • Jo Anne James

    Angelique Ben
    BB article is a WITHDRAWAL DUE TO NEW not a recall.
    I urge to call BB 800# for correct facts.

  • Deborah Chapman

    The carelessness that is going on with the food, this is the second recelll in two months. I am really considering cooking my dog her food. I don’t feed my dog Blue because when I did try the dry kibble it gave her such terrible diarrhea..I pray nobody dog get sick or die. I just don’t trust these dog food none of them…

  • Jo Anne James

    Mike…..BB product isn’t the issue.
    Please refer to article any questions BB provide an 800# for any questions.

  • Jo Anne James

    Isabel……per the article BB is NOT a recall.
    It’s a WITHDRAWAL DUE TO NEW PACKAGING nothing more. The article only pertains to NEW packaging.

  • Jo Anne James

    No…..Only NEW packaging is the issue please refer to article.
    The article is a WITHDRAWAL not a recall only pertains to NEW packaging.

  • Cooper Murphey

    Is Blue Wilderness canned food affected…in particular…the Blue Wilderness Salmon Stew Canned Dog Food?

  • Isabel White

    I swear I’ve had the worst luck with Pug food. This is the 2nd recall in the past month for Blue Buffalo. Is anyone else getting a little irritated by this? Or is it just me?
    I’m glad they tell us so we can return it, but the workers at the store now see me and say “Oh no! What’s being recalled now?” Just a “TAD” embarrassing…

  • Mike

    2nd Blue Buffalo recall in the past month :-/ makes me wonder about the dry kibble…

  • Judy Urwin

    I found it suspicious that my dog loved Merrick food and then all of a sudden wouldn’t touch it. I will never buy Merrick again.

  • Gary Wagman

    Salts levels at a minimum and within the recommended levels suggested by veterinary nutritionalusts.

  • Gary Wagman

    Still the best food I have ever given to my 3 dogs. Have you tried it? I prefer the “Vital Pure” that looks like a large liverwurst log. You cut it open and you see carrots, blueberries, spinach. It’s expensive, human grade chicken or beef all USDA, kale, cranberries, sweet potatoes, & blended with probiotics. My dog was losing hair from a top brand, and since switching, complete hair grown back. Never contains any artificial or chemical preservatives. Not only that, my one finicky dog devours it. He always only ate dry kibble when he was starving.

  • Joyce Duprey

    They report that the new packaging didn’t seal properly causing a potential for contamination . That’s why they recalled these ones

  • Joyce Duprey

    They report the packaging didn’t seal properly causing a potential for contamination. That’s why they recalled these ones.

  • Charlene Campbell

    How do you know Merrick changed the ingredients? I use Merrick and would like to know more, please. I read labels, but this upsets me to hear.

  • Angelique Bennett

    Standing by my statement I’ve run a retail operation for 33 years companies don’t recall for package changes.

  • Angelique Bennett

    Companies don’t recall because they are changing packaging they continue to ship,out until gonecand then ship the new product I run a retail

  • Angelique Bennett

    Fresh pet foods are not organic and only about 97% of the ingredients are sourced in America and Canada. And they contain salt very misleading and definitely not organic

  • Jo Anne James

    Amy according to the article BB is changing it’s packaging. Has nothing to do with the product it self.

  • Jo Anne James

    Linda was it the NEWLY packaged?

  • Gary Wagman

    I switched to Fresh Pet I buy in Pet Smart! Organic and fantastic food. Humans can even eat it. My dogs have never been healthier! I’ve done tremendous research on Fresh Pet after buying what I thought was the best foods. And I see so many recalls on these top brands. Fresh Pet is refrigerated and my dogs love it!

  • Jo Anne James

    Not in the recall.
    The reason for the recall is NEW packaging. See article above.

  • Jo Anne James

    Most stores don’t have the product on the shelf

  • Marcy Blankenship

    I am going to switch to Instinct, which my dogs seem to like better than Blue Buffalo, anyway. Something is happening with BB, they are having way too many recalls lately.

  • Mo Bittner

    Merrick lost my business after lying about the ingredients not being changed after Purina bought the company. They have being changed. I have no trust in that company anymore and it is a shame as it was a descent one when they started.

  • amy kaufman

    Yes… Purina bought merrick in 2015, but merrick is still a separate entity producing their own product at their own facility in texas. I feel they’re safe. This a sealing issue for BB..probably a machine issue. .at least it’s not because of a chemical issue!!

  • Michelle Neidhardt

    Purina owns Merrick

  • Clearly Red

    Going to Merrick…

  • Lisa Grim

    Nutro Max grain free

  • Lisa Grim

    Yes Nutro Max is grain free and delicious my dog loves it and very good for him

  • Hummingbird

    What about the Blue Buffalo Divine Delights Beef Entree and Chicken Entree, each one 3 ozs., these aren’t listed on the recall (yet) but are they safe? Concerned.

  • Linda Newton

    I fed my dog some of those last week with his wet food it seems like Blue Buffalo was having a lot of recalls may be time to switch there are many grain-free varieties of dry I can try

  • Archous

    ANOTHER recall already?!