An Open Letter to Members and Guests

Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

Like so many of our readers, I’ve truly enjoyed the growth of the forums and blog features on the Dog Food Advisor website. Many people and their pets have benefited from the knowledge shared here in these pages.

Mike SagmanThe articles, forum comments and reviews have helped thousands of pet lovers make better choices for their dogs every week.

And to make sure that as many people as possible continue to benefit from the site, I’d like to share a few suggestions that will help make the forums more productive and polite for everyone.

Pet owners in need of dog food advice learn more when those who reply to their posts are friendly, welcoming, supportive, helpful, and funny.

Discourteous language and dismissive rudeness might offend some visitors — and may even cause others to leave or avoid visiting The Dog Food Advisor site altogether.

This type of communication doesn’t improve the conversation here. And in the worst case, it might drive away those whose pets would genuinely benefit from the advice and experience of other dog owners.

There is certainly a place here for reasonable debate. Yet there can never be any justification for bullying.

In short, please keep your comments polite, avoid personal attacks and make constructive suggestions a habit.

Thanks to everyone for making The Dog Food Advisor the busiest and best place on the internet for dog food reviews and advice. I couldn’t have done it without you!


Mike Sagman, Editor
The Dog Food Advisor

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