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Hey, it’s Mike.

Happy Wednesday.

Today, I’d like to share a curious story with you about venomous cobras.

Now, I know this subject seems totally unrelated to dog food.

But stick with me. I promise to connect the dots in just a moment.

And when I do…

You’ll see why a common method you may already be using to avoid buying risky dog food may actually backfire on you.

And increase the risk of bringing you the tragic results you’re trying to

Here’s the story..

Back when the British Empire ruled India, the city of Delhi was infested with deadly cobras.

Keep in mind, just one bite from a cobra can kill a full-grown man in just 30 minutes.

So, to enlist the public’s help to eliminate these lethal snakes, the Indian government began offering a cash bounty for each cobra skin brought in.

Thus, the cobra farming industry was born.

So business-minded people quickly learned to breed the dangerous snakes just to profit from the cash paid for their skins.

But the scheme backfired.

The plan that was created to get rid of the cobras actually produced MORE of them.

Finally, when government officials realized their fatal mistake, they ended the bounty program.

Which meant the cobras suddenly became worthless. And the breeders had no choice but to release the slithering snakes into the wild.

Which led to a massive increase in the number of venomous cobras roaming the city.

The exact opposite effect expected by the original program.

Here’s why this story matters.

You see, many pet parents mistakenly believe they can lower their pet’s risk of consuming dangerous dog food…

By only buying brands that have never been recalled.

Which can give you a false sense of security.

You see…

Just like the cobra bounty program which had unwanted results..

A “zero recalls” policy may also have unexpected consequences.

That’s because…

Many companies do not test their foods for disease-causing bacteria, deadly aflatoxin and many other contaminants.

So, when you avoid brands that have never been recalled…

You may also be favoring brands that are not being tested.

After all, dog foods that are not tested would have zero recalls, too.


Dog food recalls are random events and impossible to predict.

So don’t let buying brands that have never had a recall give you a false sense of security.

And increase your risk of having the disastrous results you’re trying to avoid.


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Well, that’s it for today.

Until next week, my team and I will continue to monitor the market for any recalls and FDA warnings that crop up.

And I’ll shoot you a quick email if anything critical happens.

In the service of dogs.

Mike Sagman, Editor
The Dog Food Advisor
Saving Good Dogs From Bad Dog Food

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