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  • Tamara B

    As a Dog Trainer . . . I recommend my clients ALWAYS closely check the ingredients and manufacturer information on ALL dog products because they are NOT regulated by the FDA like human products–this having been said . . . the ingredients listed on Diamond Natural Senior dog food and Kirkland Mature dog food are very similar but not exactly the same and listed in a different order, which everyone knows what the order of ingredients means on all products.
    Therefore–I DID “check for myself” and need more information!
    I cannot get a straight answer on the above comparison and a couple of other questions I have when comparing both dog foods. . . .
    Most pet owners that go to the trouble of participating in these type forums read labels but are asking for more detailed information . . .
    People should ALWAYS read ingredients and manufacturing information on ALL dog products because they are not regulated by the FDA! . . . everyone should closely monitor ALL things they give their pets due to this fact!!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)