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    Marty keep in mind that diet should also be based on caloric needs. I have an eight yr. old 145 lb.
    Anatolian Shep. who at this point in his life thinks rolling over is a lotta effort as compared to a 11
    month old rare breed Tornjak that likes to run anywhere from a mile or two once or twice a day.
    I feed the lazy old big guy a lot differently than my baby girl. Oh, oh yeah….the old guy eats alot less
    than she does and I vary their diets brand wise alot. Ie : tonite he’s getting fed Horizon Pulsar with
    Assorted fresh veggies and she’s getting fed human grade canned sardines, vitamin supplements fresh
    veggies and venison tripe. Maybe tomorrow we’ll do Wellness Grain Free mixed with some Orijen and
    Jasmine Rice. They’re stools are consistently the way they should be and both of them are in great health. Like people they need dietary diversity and with so much great stuff out there to choose from
    along with free delivery, you can’t do wrong

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    Check a brand out made by Horizon Pet Foods called Pulsar. They are a Canadian company
    and sell in the USA . Pulsar is available as either a chicken based kibble or fish based kibble.
    The pricing is less than Wellness and/or Orijen so this may be a solution. Check it out
    and best of luck.

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    Thanks for your kind response to our ButchieBoy. Dogs and dog people are the best.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)