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    Due you know in Australia & other countries around the world we had NO problems with Grain Free dog foods, its seem to just be USA?? & the amount of cases were low/
    Have you read the latest whats was put out by FDA about DCM?? they do not have enough proof & G/F kibbles have gone back to using legumes again..

    ROTATE your dry dog foods that your dogs do well on & if you want the best for your dogs look at feeding Air Dried & Freeze Dried Raw instead of Kibble, kibble is over processed cooked & cooked high temps with no real nutrients….or add fresh healthy ingredients to your dogs dry kibble.

    also with Edie start walking him daily exercise, take away some of his kibble 1/4 cup & replace with beans veggies so weight drops, you don’t want an over weight senior, also put him on a good Krill Oil or Antinol for his his joints, brain, heart, skin, coat eyes, kidney health..

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    Hi Ryan,
    I feed Patch – “Canidae Pure Senior” its has 10.80%max- fat, high protein-30% & low/med carbs around 30%carbs, also the lower the fat% & lower the protein% kibbles are higher the carbs, same with HIGH fiber diets can also cause Acid reflux, too much Omega oils, NSAID, steriod medications, joint, Arthritis, skin supplements, can also cause acid reflux…

    Look at Canidae Pure Weight Management kibble its 9%-fat, has same or very similar ingredients to the Canidae Pure Senior kibble & the fiber is 5% alot of Weight Management kibbles are low fat but high in fiber.

    I try & stick with around 10-13%max- Fat, 30%-Protein & 30%-Carbs, fiber-5% & under & the kibble has to have Potato or Sweet Potato or both.
    People don’t realise the dog also needs low/med carbs & try & avoid fermentable grains as they ferment in the gut causing acid reflux – wheat, barley, oats and rye, most vet diets contain these grains Patches acid reflux seems to get worse when eating grain Gastrointestinal vet diets .
    What I’ve found over the years, dogs who suffer with Acid reflux seem to do better on a Grain Free Potato diets, when the dog is having a acid reflux attack- I boil Sweet potato in small pieces & I freeze – take out 1 piece sweet potato, put on plate in Microwave to thaw then I mash the sweet potato give to dog, the potato settles dog or human esophagus, throat & stomach…
    For Lunch I buy Tin- Yellow Fin Tuna, Tuna is the lowest in fat & low in omega oils, Sardines & Salmon are too strong for Patch, he mouth licks, I add boiled mashed White & Sweet Potato also add the white of a boiled egg sometimes, the yellow egg yoke is high in fat.
    For his Arthritis he’s 12yrs old now, I’ve been doing Physiotherapy twice a day as he cant take NSAID drugs, his vet said Physio will extend his life as alot of dogs get Put To Sleep cause they become so stiff & cant walk in the end, he takes Panadol Children Chewable 3+years 120mg when in pain, 10mg per kg..
    I do the Sausage Roll Massage as your massaging & rolling dog skin you’ll feel dogs skin flinching stop & hold the twitching roll/skin for 5-10sec it will be a bit uncomfortable at first so offer the dog treats or his kibble after 1 week its not as painful & Patch rolls have stop twitching.

    Have you joined F/B group called “Acid Reflux in Dogs” I cant believe how many poor dogs are suffering with Acid Reflux.

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    Hi my rescue boy suffers with IBD, vet said he was eating a POOR diet old owners probably kept feeding him a poor quality pet food that had ingredients he was sensitive too for the first 4yrs of his life before I rescued him.

    If you can afford to see a Animal Nutritionist to make him a balance raw diet or cooked diet this will be the best….
    Dogs Digestive Tract is short made to digest a raw diet.
    Follow Dr Judy Morgan she has her Yin & Yang book, she has easy to make balanced recipes online. There’s a few people you can follow so your new pup has a healthy start to his life & your right kibble isn’t the best, kibble is processed & cooked at very high temps, all nutrients are killed & then they have to add synthetic vitamins that are from China & have killed thousands of dogs big recalls over the years. Hills just had a big recall too much Vitamin D in their pet foods.
    If you want to feed 1 of the big 4 pet food companies then look at Royal Canin. You can also contact Royal Canin & speak with 1 of their Nutritionist they will help you work out whats best to feed your growing pup.

    I have found a Grain Free potato diets have been best for my boy when he has diarrhea/sloppy poos etc when I first rescued him. The Potato firms up poos, soothes stomach, easy to digest & let his stomach & bowel heal.

    If you are feeding a Dry kibble look for a limited ingredient kibble to start with, less is best, less to react too, get your puppy stable for 3-4 months, no sloppy poos, also put him on a good dog Probiotic unless the dog food “Wellness” has Probiotics in them .

    “Wellness” – been making pet food over 100yrs-

    “Cana4” – does not use any Synthetic vitamin mixes, is made in Canada-

    “Instinct Original Grain-Free Dry” –

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    Stop feeding the Stella & Chewy raw..
    Find a free range human grade raw company or make your own raw diet with human grade raw meats/green veggies.
    Sounds like the raw meat might be high in Toxins, Heavy Metals & Contaminates. Toxins can cause elevated ALT levels??
    This was happening with my boy 2yrs ago when he ate a certain USA kibble he kept having elevated ALT levels..Then this USA pet food company was all over the internet being sued for their kibble being very HIGH IN TOXINS.
    As soon as I changed his diet to a different brand his elevated ALT levels went back to normal.
    My dogs Nutritionist who formulated my dog raw diet said to only use human grade meats I eat, she would NOT let me feed any of these Pre-made raw pet foods.
    It’s worth a try changing diet & see what happens, also your dog needs to be on a large breed puppy diet till 2yrs old so his growing bones don’t grow too quickly & cause joint problems later on, if you have the money find a Nutritionist to balance him a raw diet made from Human grade ingredients + blended green veggies so diet is not too high in calcium and phosphorus & hopefully toxin free…


    Hi my boy the same he does well on Royal Canine vet diets BUT if its a grain kibble he suffers with food sensitivities & gets yeasty smelly itchy skin. Hes doing well on Royal Canin- Sensitivity Control Duck & Tapioca vet diet but I dont think you get this in USA we get our R/C from France-Europe

    Look at The Royal Canin Duck & Potato or the other novel proteins R/C has in wet can /dry food .
    My boy did excellent on “Wellness Simple Turkey & Potato” kibble but we stop getting the Wellness Simple in Australia last yr.
    Potato is excellent when dogs suffer with IBD potato soothes stomach easy to digest & firms poos, potato is also a low allergen this is why Potato is used in vet diets, its worth a try.
    Wellness Simple has matching Wet can foods but they’re higher in fat then the matching kibbles, when they’ve been converted to dry matter fat% they’re over 30%+ fat it all depends on the Moisture %, under 78%-Moisture the fat will be lower min fat, over 78% Moisture the fat will be higher max fat%..
    Wet can, raw, dog rolls, air dried/freezed dried Raw etc Guaranteed Analysis hasn’t been converted to Dry Matter like kibble.

    Also BATHS are a must as you wash of allergens from dogs skin & paws, bath in a medicated shampoo relieves itchy red skin.. I also use baby wipes & wipe my boy down after going outside & get some “Sudocrem”its an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial healingcream apply just as dog is going to sleep for the night so red itchy skin paws can start to heal apply Sudocrem before going outside, the Sudocrem acts as a barrier & protects skin & paws.
    The only place you can get Sudocrem in USA is Walmart online, once you get into a routine the itchy skin/paws gets better & under control.


    Hi Sienna,
    How is the Budosenide going is it helping?? How’s is her Arthritis has that been checked???

    I was at the vets on Tuesday 8am for Blood test + talk with vet about Patch he’s gone down hill again, I was 100% Patch had all the symptom of Cushing syndrome, he’s drinking & drinking water, weeing, has pain – shaking, flinching when I touch him, he’s been following me 24/7, he wont let me out of his sight, crying whinging, up & down all night, he cant settle at night, so I went vet got full Blood test done & they came back all good 🙁
    BUT 1 thing vet found was Patch has Arthritis front left paw, she said dogs use their front paws the most & they end up with Arthritis, I knew about his back top of his left leg some type of bone is growing out & he’s on monthly Cartrophen Vet Injections to help with his Arthritis, Cartrophen was doing wonders not interfering with his stomach & bowel no side effects, but now its not helping like it did 2 yrs ago, so now vet wanted to try Provicox 1/4 of a tablet to start with for his Arthritis, Provicox can interfere with stomach bowel & cause GI problems, she said she has had great results with dogs like Patch who suffer with IBD & cant take certain Arthritis medications, Wednesday day he seemed OK after having his 1/4 Provicox tablet but Thursday night I was up 1/2 the night Patches stomach was rumbling, grumbling, normally I make dry dark toast this helps stop his rumbling bowel noises but he wouldn’t eat the toast just wanted grass, he has his sore throat from bad acid reflux again & I think the Provicox has made Acid reflux worse as he’s been swallowing suckling, so I gave him dry Salada lite biscuit broken up in pieces, he likes Salada lite biscuits they have salt on them, they stopped the gasses rumbling thru his bowel & we went to sleep finally.. I ant believe his Arthritis is causing all his symptoms drinking water, weeing, whinging etc the vet said that would be his IBD probably stomach pain. 🙁

    Sometimes I just wish it would all end but vet wont put him to sleep yet, she said he’s not ready & covers up his ears, & says don’t listen to your mum Patch he has heaps of life left, lol but he has more bad days then good day with his Arthritis pain, He just turned 12yrs old 20th November…
    I’ve been giving him CBD Oil 3 drops on a piece of Salada dry biscuit before bed at night, this has helped & he sleeps thru the night but it didnt help him last night.
    I hope the Budosenide is helping, my vet wouldn’t let me try Budosenide on Patch years ago she said there wasn’t enough good research done yet but that was 5-6 yrs ago. H

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    Hi Amy,
    get both dogs into a strict routines, their training to be inside dogs will be easier + dogs love a routine, keeps them more relaxed cause they know whats happening next & will get to know toilet break times, walk times, etc.
    My boy suffers IBD my vet said get Patch into a poo/walk routine this really helped him in the beginning.

    To keep Zelda calm get some proper CBD Oil, it will keep her calm & relaxed, helps with pain, inflammation & healing.
    When you have a spare 20mins watch Anglea Ardolino video below, she’s a Pet Cannabis expert, at 8-13mins is the most improtant part of video to watch – how to buy proper CBD oil.. how CBD companies lie, false labeling etc

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    Hi Isabella,
    there might be too much organ meats in the pre made raw your buying read ingredients, also too much bone, my boy cant have too much organ meats- liver, heart, kidney, or bone causes diarrhea with him or the fat is probably toooo HIGH in the raw you’re feeding …
    The fat in raw diet, cooked meal & wet can foods & dog rolls hasn’t been converted to dry matter like a kibble has, so when you see say-5%min fat, I times the fat % by X 4 = 20%min-25%max fat you’ll get an ruff idea what the fat is, also it depends on the moisture %, if the moisture is 78% max & under the max fat will less, if the moisture is 79% or more then the max fat will be higher.
    Or contact the Pet Food Company & ask them which raw formula has the lowest amount of fat you’d be looking for 3% 4% max fat to get around 10-16% fat, ask can you have the fat converted into dry matter.

    Best to make your own premade raw diet my vet said cause most pre-made raw is high in fat, when you make your own raw you control ingredients, organ meats, & fat unless you find a local small business who makes pre-made raw with fresh human grade free range meats.

    Turkey & Pork is really good lean white proteins when the fat is removed & buy green fresh vegetables – parsley, broccoli, celery, small spinach leaves, apple, peel de seed cut up apple & put veggies thru a blender, blend into a pulp & put veggies/fruit mix into ice cube trays – 1 spoon & cover ice cube trays, then freeze & take out night before put in fridge or use as needed, add 1-2 veggie/fruit mix spoons to 1 cup meat also buy tin Salmon drain the salmon & put in container & store in fridge, add 2 spoons salmon per meal to help balance diet & add Omega 3 to dogs diet.
    Or look for Freeze Dried Raw or Air Dried Raw- Ziwi Peak has their Venison formula for Skin & bowel problems & has the lowest fat% but fat is still too high for my boy, in Australia we have Prime SKD rolls – Kangaroo & Pumkin, Wild Boar & Pumkin, Salmon & Tapioca, Duck & Sweet Potato, Crocodile & Tapioca, Kangaroo & Potato, Turkey & Flaxseed rolls, these rolls are really good for dogs who suffer with food sensitivies then you start an food elimination diet what you need to do.
    I dont know if there’s same type of rolls you have in US??
    So you’ll know what ingredients your dog is sensitive too?? as food sensitivities cause farts, sloppy poos, wind pains, yeasty ears, yeasty skin, rubbing bum on ground, anal problems, vomiting itchy skin,.
    Food sensitivities can take 20mins for dog to react after eating a food, up to 6 weeks to react??
    Id start a food elimination diet now Winter is coming best time as environment allergens are at their lowest so less chance confusing results.

    “Sudocrem” is excellent its an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, healing cream for skin problems, Eczema, Dermatitis, itchy dry red skin, Sudocrem acts as a barrier & protects skin from Allergens normally dogs who get Hot spot suffer with Environment allergies & yeasty ears, skin paws can be from environment allergies & food boy suffers with both..
    Weekly Cool Baths in a medicated shampoo are the best you can do to wash & cool skin, if dog is really itchy then bath twice a week in medicated shampoo, I use Malaseb medicated shampoo, it kills the yeast & bacteria on skin, days you do not bath buy baby wipes that have aloe extract leaf & vitamin E, wipe the dog down after being outside wipe off allergens, before bed wipe dog down & apply the Sudocrem to stop any itchy skin & heal red itchy skin even ears I use cotton tip & lightly apply Sudocrem & before going outside apply Sudocrem it acts as a barrier to protect skin from allergens.

    I like “Canidae Pure Fresh Pork -16% fat or Canidae Pure Fresh Duck & Sweet Potato 16-17% fat or Canidae Pure Fresh Salmon & Sweet Potato has highest fat% 18-20% fat a lot of dogs doing really well on Canidae Pure formula’s I buy the Canidae Pure Senior for my old boy.

    You can also try “Gastro Elm” alot of people say its really good firm up sloppy poos acid reflux etc its Slippery Elm powder, Dandelion Root Powder and Marshmallow Root Powder.

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    Hi Andree,
    What does your vet say about 8 to 9 bouts of diarrhea a day- Grade 7.
    You need to work out does she do better on a lower fiber diet -2% under fiber or a higher fiber food -7%+ fiber,
    What is the fiber % what she is eating now? Is it Royal Canin Hypoallergenic vet diet?? is it a low fiber diet-1% fiber??
    Also if she is a Large Breed puppy then she needs a large breed puppy kibble so her bones don’t grow to quickly causing Osteoarthritis & joint problems.
    Tell vet the vet diet he/she prescribed is NOT helping your dog, you can also call/email Hills, Royal Canin they have Vet Nutritionist who can advise on what is the best vet diet for double intestine recession and introplacation of the intestine?
    A vet nutritionist will probably know a bit more about diet then your vet knows about nutrition.

    My boy suffers IBD I found grain free – Potato kibbles work best for Patch- NO Lentils, Lentils can cause intestinal stress.
    Wellness Core L/B Wellness Complete Health Large Breed kibbles
    Canidae All Life Stages, Large Breed Turkey Meal & Brown Rice kibble.

    Maybe a raw diet would be best if she cant handle Fiber, or those dog rolls sold in pet fridge section.
    You never put up your F/B group name.

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    Hi Joshua,
    when a dog suffers with food sensitivities its the protein in the meat or plant matter the dog reacts too, fats don’t have any proteins in fat, so look for foods that use Canola oil, Sunflower oil, Chicken fat, Flaxseed, Hemp Oil, Coconut Oil & Vitamin E,
    High Omega 3 in diet helps dogs skin, too much Omega 6 & not enough Omega 3 can cause skin problems, Omega 3 % should be 1/2 the Omega 6%.
    Baths are best, bath your dog twice a week to wash off any allergens off skin, paws, head etc also use a shampoo that’s an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial shampoo kills the yeast & bacteria on smelly yeasty dog, also use baby wipes the days dog hasn’t had a bath, Cool baths relieve dogs itchy red skin…

    Sudocrem sold Walmart online only is very good, protects & stops itchy red skin, paws , Sudocrem protects dogs skin & paws from allergens, it’s an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, healing cream that stops yeast & bacteria.

    Fish oils aren’t good when added to dry kibbles or pet foods as they go rancid very quickly, that’s why pet food companies started adding Fish Meal to replace the fish oil.

    Look for a limited ingredient freeze dried food or a Kibble like Canidae Pure Wild Boar is good so is Canidae Pure Sky Duck & Sweet Potato kibble.


    I’m not being rude or meaning to be rude to you, American always take us Australians the wrong way, Americans are very sensitive where Australian aren’t.
    Re read your post honestly, You even write
    “I’m kind of scared for you right now. DO NOT start using Ashwagandha until after the vet exam.”

    When people are desperate they will try anything thinking they’re helping their sick dog which can lead to more pain, then emergency vet or if pet owner doesn’t have the funds NO emergency vet a very painful death.

    This dog is sick & has pain which has been left untreated, probably way too long with no proper medications, sounds like the vet was an idiot & he didn’t know what was wrong with the dog so he got rid of his problem & recommended a animal behaviorist, when the dog probably should of seen another vet & not wasted more of Sienna’s money, Sienna (dog owner) has probably been going around circles for years now, I’ve been there with Patch until a lady straight out told me to change my vet, your dog is sick & is in pain, Patch saw 4 vets before I found a good vet who knew straight away its his stomach, Patches poos were firm, except when he ate foods he was sensitive too, my good vet explained to me, IBD starts at the mouth & can be anywhere all the way to the bum, a dog doesn’t have to have diarrhea, this is when the vet should have known its probably the dogs stomach, sent dog owner to see an specialist for a Endoscope & a couple of Biopsies of the stomach, the dog owner would of had answers, & proper meds would have been prescribed.

    Peppermint oil is Toxic to dogs when taken orally.
    Peppermint oil should only be used in a diffuser and in low amounts. It can be toxic if ingested.

    Ashwagandha causes vomiting & diarrhea.

    Turmeric – Over-supplementing your dog with turmeric can cause upset stomach, or increase risks for those with kidney problems.

    Wondrouspups you’re probably have healthy pups, pups who haven’t suffered with stomach problems, as soon as I read your post I thought where’s Anon, what happened to Anon she would of been posting all side effects to your holistic supplements or reporting your post to DFA….
    The dog needs a good vet who’s dealt with IBD in dogs
    Sorry if I’ve upset you but its upsetting reading post where the dog isn’t well & has learn’t to live with its pain..


    @ Wonderuspups,
    A Colonoscopy is different to an Endoscope Stomach you just need a empty stomach, not empty bowel the camera can only go down esophagus & maybe small bowel only if the sphincter flap is open to enter small bowel for dogs.
    Patch has IBD not IBS..
    When Patch is having Endoscope + Biopsies, he eats his Dinner night before then no more food after 8pm, no water after 12am, next day he goes to vet 10am, his Endoscope app is at 11am, blood is taken for anesthetic check.
    then I get a call from his vet nurse who’s looking after him after his procedure to tell me Patch has woken up come around 3pm to pick him up then he’s back home eating small meal 3-4pm & running around, there’s no pain with Endoscope/Biopsies, he stayed on his Acid Blocker meds weren’t stopped same with me.
    I have Endoscope every 5 yrs, no food after 12am I’m at hospital 8am next day, back home 11am same day & I have to take my meds before I leave home that morning, when I was younger I was told to stop my ant acid medication 2 weeks before Endoscope & my god the pain I had bad acid reflux, when my scope/biopsies was finished & I woke up the Gastro Dr told me to take my ant acid medication as soon as I get home, cause my esophagus & stomach is red & inflamed..

    Turmeric is hot spice, I cant take it & I’d never give to Patch as it would upset his stomach. Same as Apple Cider Vinegar makes acid reflux worse if dog or person is making too much Hydrochloric acid in their stomach, coconut oil can cause bad acid reflux as well its a hard fat, not a soluble fat.
    You have to be very careful with animals as they cant talk & tell owner they’re in more pain after having natural herbs etc.. The only supplement I’ll use is Slippery Elm powder cause I’ve tried it & CBD oil, I always try things first..

    @ Sienna.
    I’d be trying medications before trying any holistic supplements, Turmeric can cause stomach upset, if your dog has Ulcer Turmeric will make pain worse.
    Patch was eating Earthborn Holistic Ocean Fusion & the fish made his acid worse he cant eat any fish kibbles they’re higher in Omega Oils, also dogs who suffer with Pancreatitis have problems with oily fish + fish oils, they can cause a Pancreas flare, if you follow Dr Judy Morgan her old dog he’s since passed away, he kept having Pancreatic flare every month so Judy stopped everything in his diet & did Elimination Food diet & re introduced everything slowly & it was the Fish Oil causing his flares… look at Turkey & Potato kibbles, Pork & Potato kibbles
    Here’s Canidae Pure Wild Boar but the fat is 15-16%???

    Patch does really well on the Canidae Pure Senior it has the lowest fat- 10.80%max are you 100% sure she cant have Chicken you’ve don’t a proper elimination diet?

    There’s also 4Health Special Care Sensitive Stomach, there’s NO meat + kcals are low

    4Health has Lamb & Rice Kcals are 328Kcals per cup easy to digest ingredients fat -12%min.

    Sometimes we have to put aside our strong beliefs & do whats best for the dog, I’m feeding Patch Eukanuba Senior kibble Eukanuba made in Australia, ingredients are slightly different to USA Eukanuba, it has Corn & Wheat & Patch isn’t wanting his grass he normally wants after Dinner, I’m going back to what Patch was first put on when I rescued him 2012 + I know Eukanuba makes low residue kibbles easy to digest ingredients.

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    Hi Michelle,
    Yes Patch has tried most of the Vet Diets we get in Australia, most caused diarrhea (Hills),
    Hills & Purina didn’t help made his skin itch & smell yeasty
    Why vet diets work help skin problems as the are VERY high in Omega 3 whats needed for dogs skin.
    Royal Canin seem to work best, R/C Sensitivity Control-Tapioca & Duck fat is 9% kibble
    R/C Gastrointestinal Low Fat, Low fiber, fat is 7% but Patch smells a bit yeasty & still rolls on carpet but stops sloppy poos.

    Have a look at “Wellness Simple”- Turkey & Potato it’s really good its for Skin Problems & the Potato is good for IBD symptoms & stomach problems firms up poos, we cant get it no more in Australia 🙁
    The Omega 3% should be 1/2 the Omega 6%, Wellness Simple formula’s are balanced properly, give one of the G/F formula’s a go I prefer Turkey as its a cleaner meat & its white there’s also Salmon & Potato.

    Wellness Core Large Breed Adult even thought Patch is a medium breed dog he still eats the Large Breed kibbles as they are good for Intestinal stress they’re made to prevent bloat in large breed dogs & the Kcals are lower under 340Kcals per cup, so kibble is easier to digest.
    Canidae Pure Wild Boar Sweet Potato
    Canidae Pure Sky Duck & Sweet Potato
    Canidae Pure Healthy Weight would be really good fat is lower & its for weight gain,
    Canidae & Wellness have a return if not satisfied money back.

    Also Baths are best to wash off allergens. Bath twice a week when dog has really itchy paws & itchy skin in a medicated Shampoo – Malaseb medicated shampoo works best on Patches also relieves his itchy paws & itchy skin, then bath weekly thru hot months & keep a Diary you will start to see a Pattern as the season pass yr after yr with Seasonal Environment Allergies your dog will be better thru Winter months & bad thru Spring & Summer months.

    Get some “Sudocrem” its an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial healing cream, I’ve been using it on Patch for 8yrs now, the Sudocrem protects dogs skin & paws from allergens, apply before bed, first get baby wipes & wipe dog down, wipe paws, body, head, stomach around mouth & chin if red & after dog eats also wipe dog down after being outside the days you haven’t bathed, then apply the Sudocrem its stops itchy skin, itchy red paws, I use cotton buds in between dogs toes & apply the Sudocrem not too much cream as it can become messy, if paws are red, by morning dogs paws aren’t red no more.. then start over again apply Sudcrem before going outside if paws are BAD get shoes booties when outside but let Paws breath when dog is sleeping & inside.
    also get some local honey with 5km form your place give dog & yourself 1/2 teaspoon each twice a day Patch LOVES his honey we had the best Summer last yr since starting his local raw honey, the local bees eat the pollen from trees flowers etc in your area so when you give your dog some honey your slowly desensitizing him from certain allergens in your area.
    Everything I’ve written I’ve learnt over 8yrs with Patch he’s nilly 12 yrs old now, a lot of vet visits, research, trial & error.
    A lot of people think their dog has Food sensitivities but if its Spring or Summer chances are dog is suffering from Environment Allergies, so best to do elimination diets in the cooler months when allergens are low.


    Hi Sienna,
    May I ask what kibble did you try, what is the fiber % & what is the Kcals per cup, did you give any Slippery Elm Powder or Gastro Elm made into a slurry given 20mins before eating?
    When she wants to keep eating , to me this is when Patch has his pain, he follows me into the kitchen, into lounge room, after he has eaten, I have to tell him Patch you have just eaten -Go away now, go to sleep or we go on a walk if its around 9.30am or 5pm, I have him in a strict routine it helped with his anxieties as he knew whats happening next & know the exact time he has his meals, the cat has to be in bed & quiet by 8.30pm or he starts stressing & shaking.
    Sometimes I massage his stomach & bowel area while he’s sitting near me waiting while on the computer & sometimes he has wind/gas he farts. He’ll eat the same food & be fine in the morning but at night he’s whinging, he’s pacing, crying, talking, I keep the grass he likes in bowl of water in kitchen for about 5 days,I get tea towel & I dry a few pieces grass & I ask him do you want grassy, he often says yes & takes the grass blade side of his mouth, so he can chew the grass the grass settles whatever is wrong then he often goes to sleep, but since starting Eukanuba Senior he’s stop wanting his grass, so ingredients in the Eukanuba must be OK & aren’t making him feel sick. Our Eukanuba is made Australia now not US so our ingredients are a bit different but it still has corn.
    If you’re in America vets don’t do Endoscope & Biopsies they send you to a specialist who cost a lot of money apparently- $2000-$3000, Australia $700-$900 Vets in Australia NZ & UK study longer to become vets, Patches vet is from America she had to do extra studying when she came to Australia to be a vet here.
    Biopsies Patch has 2 biopsies 1 on stomach wall & 1 small bowel if the flap is open only cost $60 each biopsies, its the Endoscope that cost the money, this is why some people just ask their vet can they please try the triple therapy medications diet change & see if dog gets better, most vets say OK as nothing else has worked, the Metronidazole does help, has she ever been on medications? low dose Prednisone? this takes away pain makes them sleep. Royal Canin Gastrointestinal Low Fat, low fiber a low residue diet & it can take 1-2 weeks to see a change the meds are needed.


    Hi Amy,
    Have you tried something stronger then Pepcid?? Pepcid didnt help my boy, it did nothing, join the “Acid Reflux in dogs” on Face Book
    alot of dog owners swear by Gastro Elm.. Its slippery Elm powder Musmallow Root & other powders to help dogs digestive tract
    I use Pantoprazole-20mg every morning now as the Omeprazole didnt seem to work for Patch, it didnt help my GERDS either, 2018 January Patches Vet did another Endoscope + Biopsies vet needs the Biopsy results so vet can treat dog properly, when camera went down Patches esophagus he saw how red & inflamed his esophagus was from the acids washing back up esophagus & down his wind pipe was also red & inflamed no wonder she was crying & whinging, he’s a real talker
    Does your dog cough?? if yes they cough so the acid stays out of wind pipe before it goes into lungs, I never knew Patch was this bad he did hold& not show me how much pain he really was in, I just thought he’s whinging again, as they age their lower esophageal sphincter flap in between stomach & esophagus doesn’t close properly same in humans as we age we don’t make as much Hydrochloric acid in our stomach & this is when we & dogs get their bad acid reflux the Pantoprazole has stop Patch vomiting he hasn’t vomited since 2018.. Also diet change & feeding 5 smaller meals a day.
    Have you tried CBD oil this was prescribed for Patch start with just 3 drops CBD oil on a piece of dry biscuit, I tried the CBD oil aswell so I knew what Patch was feeling & I’m glad I did cause the prescriber recommend I start with 5 drops then every 2nd day increase 1 ml till its working, 3 drops works just fine on a 40lb -18kg 11 yr old dog. He sleeps thru the night peacefully.


    When a dog is suffering with pain & stress they can bite. nip, a few times Patches vet was pushing & prodding his stomach/pancreas area & he growled at her he’s never growled at anyone but this told her where he was sore she calls it his IBD Pain, she said she suffers with IBD so its good she understands what Patch is going thru
    I started to know if Patch was lifting up his front paw, I use to think he wanted to shake hands but no he wants to have stomach area rub, I wait & see was it just 1 day his stomach was sore or more then 1 day & I’d rotate & change his kibble.
    a low dose of Metronidazole helps with the pain & kills the Helicobacter, some dogs are kept on a low dose of Metronidazole. Also vet wanted to put him on Prednisone something I didn’t want him on, finally 2017 we tried a very low dose 5mg twice a day, the Pred took away his abdomen pain & he slept really good but he got diarrhea & vomited the first day I tried it, even when we went down to 5mg a day poos were very sloppy, vet said give him the Prednisone 2 days & then stop then as soon as he gets his pain give him low dose prednisone for 2 -3 days again then stop, this did stop his pain, but I learnt once his diet agree with him & Kcals were low he was good no pain.
    Royal Canine Intestinal Low Fat low residue kibble vet diet is good, its low fat & low fiber, he doesn’t have any pain when he’s eating R/C Gastro-intestinal kibble, but he starts swallowing mouth suckling some days, so I add 1/2 the R/C gastro with 1/2 another kibble.
    When I first rescued Patch my vet called the Animal Behaviourist into our room to teach me how to teach Patch the words “LEAVE IT” I was even told to muzzle him when he went outside & on walks so he couldn’t eat any foods or cat poo when I wasn’t watching it caused IBD flares -pain..
    I’d deal with her pain (Meds) then her Behaviour will get better..

    With Low fat kibbles just watch the fiber stay 5% & under & Kcals are low, under 350Kcals per cup, the higher the Kcals more dense are ingredients so harder to digest, stomach & pancreas works harder.

    Large Breed Kibbles are best as they are formulated to not cause bloat in large breed dogs, Patch is a medium breed, he does good on Large Breed & Senior kibbles, Wellness Core Large Breed, Canidae Pure Senior G/F are really good. Diamond Naturals Senior & the Large Breed Adult looks good especially the Senior,
    Protein is higher-25% Fat is low-11%, Fiber-3% & Kcals are low-318Kcals per cup


    I forgot Boiled White Potato helps firm poo, soothes stomach & bowel, Sweet Potato has more fiber Patch need less fiber that’s why I mix 1/2 white & 1/2 Sweet potato.
    Change your vet, get all your dogs records & find a good vet who deals in IBD.
    Start a kibble -“Wellness Simple Turkey & Potato kibble- not Wellness Simple wet cans as they’re too high in fat, fat in wet can, raw, dog rolls, freeze dried,air dried dog/cat foods hasn’t been converted to dry matter, so say 5%min fat is around 20%min-25%max fat when converted to dry mater fat, Times – X – the fat by 4 you will get a ruff idea what the fat% is??
    You need the Triple Therapy medications, the Metronidazole is an anti-inflammatory & kills bad bacteria in stomach..

    I just read a part of your last post your vet blaming Behavior – are you in USA??
    Slippery Elm Powder & Mashmallow root made into a slurry will help firm poos, stop acid reflux, soothe stomach & help firm poo, given 20mins before meals,
    Get 1/2 a teaspoon Slippery Elm Powder put in cup boil the jug slowly add the boiling water in cup & quickly stir & stir till you make a slurry, not too think or really thin, pull up 5mls in a syringe put the syringe side of mouth towards the back teeth, alot of dogs do REALLY well on Gastro Elm here’s the link, helps with sloppy/diarrhea & Acid reflux, Soothes stomach & esophagus start the Potato Kibble, Wellness Simple Turkey & Potato..
    Also look for the Pepto Bismol give 5ml in syringe 20mins before meals 2 times a day or try the Slipperly elm powder?Gastro Elm till you find a vet who can write script for the triple therapy meds, Im trying to write everything as I think of it, your poor girl, your vet is an idiot.. I know what poor Patch goes thru & I’ve been thru…some vets are just idiots, don’t talk with other vets when they have a hard case…their pride is too big.


    Hi Sienna,
    Your girl sounds just like my Patch, who I rescued November- 2012. He was weeing blood when I got him & Ultra Scan showed Urinary Crystals he was put on Royal Canine S/O Urinary Wet & dry kibble for 6 weeks to dissolve the crystals & he was desexed, I adopted him cause I didnt see any health problems probably cause he was on the R/C Vet Diet as soon as the vet said his crystals have dissolved feed him what he was eating before this is when my nightmare begun & he was always STARVING HUNGRY eating cat poo… I kept thinking Pancreatitis, but all times we checked his Pancreas its good, he cries whinges after he eats, wet food is the worst if comes back up cause it digests quicker & cause his lower sphincter flap isn’t closing properly the food comes up his esophagus & throat causing acid reflux, a Acid Blocker- Pantoprazole-20mg given in morning really helps Patch even stopped his vomiting finally in 2018 Patches stories are thru DFA Forum section how I nilly put him to sleep 2018 he was 10yrs old but we have really good vets in Australia who wouldn’t put Patch to sleep till they worked out what was happening now.
    Vet changed his PPI to 20mg-Pantoprozole it works heaps better then Omeprazole , I take Pantoprazole for my GERDS & asked my vet can we please change his PPI as they all work different till you find the right one for yourself & dogs would be the same + my gastro specialist told me Pantoprazole is best when Lower Esophageal Flap isnt closing properly.

    Have you done Endoscope & Biopsies yet? you need the Biopsies so vet can diagnose properly. Or ask vet can you please try the triple therapy meds for Helicobacter all dogs have Helicobacter BUT when a dogs immune system is compromised the Helicobacter takes over the dog stomach also Patch suffers with Environment Allergies in Summer causing his immune system to crash by Autunm cause its been working overtime fighting his allergies this causing bad acid reflux as well, Patch does best on an easy to digest kibble.
    Canidae Pure Senior, Wellness Core Large breed adult but they changed their recipe & added Lentils Patch cant eat Lentils he gets Diarrhea, he does really well on Potato & Sweet Potato kibbles.
    Patch suffers with IBD, LES =Lower Esophageal Sphincter Flap doesn’t close properly in between his stomach & esophagus causing BAD Acid reflux, 1 yr after I rescued Patch I was told my boy has IBD I didnt believe vet so I asked can we do Endoscope & Biopsies, the Biopsies came back IBD, Helicobacter Pylori he was put on Triple therapy medications for 21 days, Metronidazole & Amoxicillin given every 12 hours with a meal & a PPI -Pantoprazole or Omeprazole-20mg given in the morning before breakfast, a gluten free, low fat diet is best, no high fiber diets, 8 yrs on he still has Pain stomach area, doesn’t eat poo no more as soon as we fixed his Helicobacter & kept him on a PPI the poo eating all stopped , your girl has Pain in stomach & food relieves her stomach pain, the Helicobacter lives in their stomach walls, food stops the pain BUT 20-30mins later they’re starving again how I know is I suffered with Helicobacter when I was younger, get her on the Metronidazole, Amoxicillin & a PPI will help her you’ll see results 5-7 days..then when medications are finished after 21 days continue with teh PPI or you’ll have to do the triple therapy meds over & over again I did research & Drs found when humans stayed on their PPI medication their Helicobacter didnt have the right environment in the stomach.
    There’s a few of Patches post thru DFA Forum back 2015-2018..
    I havent had time yet to read your posts, I have to feed Patch now its 7pm he’s waiting, he eats 5 smaller kibble meals a day 7am,-1/2 a cup kibble, 9am-1/2 cup kibble, 12pm he either gets 1/3 cup kibble or 1/2 boiled Sweet potato, 1/2 boiled white potato with his lean Pork rissoles but he prefers his kibble some days, 5pm 1/2 cup kibble, 7pm-1/3 cup kibble 9am a dry piece of Milk Arrowroot Biscuit then at 10pm he gets 1/2 his Quick Eze Rapid Chew ant acid lollie every single night they have also found Pepto Bismol kills off the Helicobacter
    Hes doing well on his Eukanuba Senior kibble we have just started 3-4 weeks ago, I have to rotate his kibbles as soon as he starts showing he has his stomach pain I change his kibble.. also the Kcals in the kibble need to be under 360Kcals per cup or he gets his pain right side..
    are you on Face Book??
    join “Acid reflux in Dogs”
    I’m on there you can msg me on f/b if you want…You’ll see Patches photo hes a English Staffy & my name is Susan B

    in reply to: Dog Allergies Must Read #158316 Report Abuse

    Hi Maria,
    these test -Fur, Salvia & Blood test give false positives, my vet said they’re a waste of money, the only why to test for food sensitivities is to do a home food elimination trial, Feed 1 meat protein & 1 carb for 6 weeks & see doesn’t dog react or use the Hypoallergenic Vet Diet & Environment allergies is see a Dermatologist & have the Intradermal skin test done that humans have done for skin allergies..
    Keep a diary & you’ll find your dog is probably suffering Seasonal Environment allergies, he’ll be fine thru Winter months then when Spring Summer come along he’s itchy scratching red paws, Baths are the best thing for allergies, wash off allergens & use baby wipes the days he doesn’t have a bath, also diet feed a diet high in Omega 3, strengthen immune system & find a local honey supplier within 3km of your home, the bees eat the pollens, give 1/2 a teaspoon twice a day, local honey build dogs immune to local allergens in his area.

    in reply to: CBD/hemp calming treats? #157328 Report Abuse

    Yes I use the Vitalitae Calm biscuits, (Australia)
    I give 1/2 a Vitaitae biscuit around 11am & CBD Oil 3 drops some nights for my boy lower back pain, also adding Hemp seeds to diet is really good as well, but you still need to have a very strict routine, dogs love routine they feel safe as they know what’s going to happen next…no new things to bring on anxieties also work out what brings on dog triggers…
    Here’s the Calming treats ingredients, read the ingredients to get an idea what ingredients are needed to reduce stress, anxieties, joint pain etc….
    Hemp Seed Oil, Hemp Seed Protein, Ginger, Chamomile, Flaxseed Meal, calcium Carbonate, Vitamins & Minerals (incl. Vitamin B Complex), L-Tryptophan

    Ask vet about “Cartrophen Vet Injections” for arthritis pain, Cartrophen Vet finds the dogs pain, it’s all natural so no side affects, the injection is given under the dogs thick skin back of dogs neck area. First Patch had 4 weekly injections for 1 month that lasted 1 yr, now Patch is having monthly Cartrophen Vet Injections now its Winter…Pain can also cause dog to shake, stress, be uncomfortable.

    in reply to: I need Help for my dog #151916 Report Abuse

    have you asked vet about “Cartrophen vet” weekly injection given for 1 month, Cartrophen vet is all natural, injection is given under thick section of dogs skin near neck & it finds the dogs pain.
    My boy suffers with IBD he cant take steroids, high omega oils, medications etc they cause diarrhea, acid reflux stomach ulcers so vet said NO to any meds, Patch is 11yrs old after his 2nd Cartrophen injection Patch was running around like a young pup, I have to tell him to slow down & stop jumping up your going to hurt your back, I couldn’t believe the results.
    Cartrophen vet caused no side effects, I’m feeding Royal Canine Intestinal Low fat vet diet at the moment with Canidae Pure Senior kibble, I feed 1/2 & 1/2 mixed together, in Australia our R/C comes from Europe, France they use dried meats, no meat meals & ingredients seem to be heaps better then the American R/C.
    I also feed Tin Salmon with boiled Sweet potato for lunch & his vet diet= Canidae is high omega 3 oils, he also eats Canidae Pure Senior, Wellness Core Senior or the Wellness Core Large breed its high in Glucosamine & Chondroitin, start adding Glucosamine & Chondroitin with diet it helps rebuild joints. If you’re going to give a fish oil buy Krill Oil Capsules instead, Krill Oil Capsules are better then Fish or Salmon oil, I also buy Freeze Dried Green Lipped Mussels & give 1-2 Mussels a day as a treat, Patch seems to handle foods that are high in Omega oils but not the supplements, just be careful as Supplements & Meds (NSAID) can cause acid reflux, diarrhea, stomach problems..

    in reply to: Urinary Crystals #151915 Report Abuse

    My boy was put on Royal Canine Urinary S/O wet can & dry Kibble, Dry kibble for Breakfast & Wet Can food for Dinner , the vet said he has to just eat the R/C/ S/O for 6 weeks, no treats nothing else, then come back & have another Xray to see if crystals had dissolved, they had, then vet said put him back on a normal diet.

    in reply to: Gulping Disorder in Dogs #147988 Report Abuse

    Hi Genevieve,

    Oh poor Ollie, video was hard to watch,
    I called this the Gulps.
    yes this is BAD acid reflux coming up into the throat/mouth, please give either liquid Mylanta or Slippery Elm – 4mls so it soothes Ollies esophagus & pushes the acid down, or I give a dry biscuit “Jatz” wafer biscuit.
    I wonder if Ollie has LES??
    Have you done Endoscope & Biopsies??
    My Patch suffers with IBD – Helicobacter, LES, Environment Allergies, Food Sensitivities.

    Same as you we tried most things…
    Vet Diets – didn’t help cause of the high Omega Oils, Beet Pulp & Pre-biotics Patches acid reflux seem to get worse.
    Carafate made him feel sick, he’d gulped grass after taken Carafate.
    Zantac, – taken 18months it worked then it didn’t work like it wasn’t strong enough.
    Slippery Elm Slurry 4ml works & helps soothe the esophagus & settle stomach..
    Buy Slippery Elm powder, put 1/2 a teaspoon in a cup, boil jug & slowly add boiling water & quickly stir till you have a slurry, not too thick or too thin so you can pull up 4ml into a syringe, make sure its not hot when you give to Ollie, it cools quickly.
    Omeprazole-20ml for 1 yr the Omeprazole helped then it didn’t some days.
    Patch went down hill November 2017 after we moved, I nilly put him to sleep but before I put him to sleep I woke up 1 morning & thought i’ll do another Endoscope & Biopsies to see if he has stomach cancer?? His other vet quickly admitted him for the next day 10am, he had gingivitis back molars from the acid coming up esophagus into his mouth he eats kibble 🙁 wet foods makes his LES worse, he gulps up wet digest food, wwhere dry kibble stays down better & when it digest it moves onto his small bowel instead of being burped back up, he doesn’t have Megaesophagus.
    His Endoscope showed he had red inflamed esophagus & red wind pipe this is what made him really ill & not his happy go lucky self, when I heard his vet say he has red inflamed throat & wind pipe, it broke my heart, he was suffering like this & Staffys are bad for telling you they are in pain, they hold a lot of pain my vet said 🙁
    I thought the Omeprazole was reducing his Hydrochloric acid?? his Helicobacter had come back mildly not bad like it was 6 yrs before when I had rescued him, the vet said the Omeprazole must of kept it at bay, then the vet said he thinks his Lower Esophageal Sphincter Flap in between his stomach & esophagus isn’t closing properly & the acid is washing back up into mouth causing Gulps, red esophagus etc
    I suffer with GORDS, LES & Barrets Esophagus & I take Pantoprazole twice a day, my Gastro Specialist said Pantoprazole seem to work best for people who suffer with LES & GORDS so I told Patches vet Simon can we PLEASE try Pantoprazole instead of the Omeprazole, Patch has 2 vets his easy going lady vet who has a more Holistic approach & then Patch has Simon who does Patches Endoscopes, Biopsies & removes Patches lumps, he’s very very good vet educated all over the world but he agrues with you & says all PPI – acid blockers are ALL the same BUT they’re NOT I agreed back lol we argued for 1 hour, Omeprazole didn’t agree with me, neither did Parriot & Pantoprazole worked straight away so all PPI must work in different ways, even my Gastro specialist said people all react different with PPI – acid blockers but Simon said its just a way the big drug companies make more money.. Oh well I have proven him wrong cause
    my Patch started to get better & hasn’t vomited in 20 months since taking Pantoprazole, he started on 20mg taken in morning, morning is best to take a PPI my Gastro special told me, a PPI doesn’t have to be before breakfast but it is better, so as soon as Patch wakes up around 6.30am I give his 20mg-Pantoprazole with a syringe with water so the tablet goes down his esophagus then he eats 10-15mins later.
    End of Summer every March cause of Patches Allergies all thru Spring & Summer Patches Immune System is over worked & then it crashes & he has a IBD Flare EVERY March (I live Australia) causing bad acid reflux again so I had to increase his Pantoprazole last Summer so now he has 20mg-Pantoprazole every 12 hours

    He’s a new dog, no more vomiting, no waking up early hours of morning wanting to gulp grass, no more Helicobacter..
    I feed 5 smaller meals, Kibble 7am-1/2 a cup kibble, 9am-1/2 a cup kibble, 5pm-1/2 a cup & 7pm-1/3 a cup kibble & at 12pm lunch he gets wet food but not much 1/3 of a can at the moment he loves his Royal Canine Intestinal Low Fat wet can food but I get Paper towel & soak up all the oils when I get out the loaf from the can, as omega oils can cause acid reflux & Dr Judy Morgans old dog who has just passed age 18 yrs old kept having Pancreatitis Flare & it was the fish oils she was adding to his diet..

    You will find Vets cant diagnose & wont be able to really help when it comes to the Stomach problems, my vet tells me Susan you know there’s no tests or blood test to know what’s happening with Patches stomach unless you have Endoscope & Biopsies, Biopsies will give us answers to what’s wrong with stomach/small bowel, this is probably way no vets have any answer & have to guess what’s happening with Ollie 🙁
    Have you ever done the Triple Therapy meds?
    Metronidazole, Amoxicillin every 12 hours with a meal & a PPI once a day in morning taken for 3 weeks.
    Keep diet low in fiber, low in carbs, low/med fat & med protein & feed small meals & ask vet about LES a lot of aging dogs suffer with LES but we think Patch had LES when I rescued him age 4yrs old..


    Hi Suraj,
    a pocket size Bully is small dog, is he active?? I would be feeding him a small breed PUPPY formula.
    I have an English Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Staffy) he has a body of a bully all muscle & he’s only 30cm high..

    Normally small breeds are more active then large breed dogs & small breeds use up more energy..
    Large Breed adult formulas are normally lower in fat & lower fiber for a large breed bowel as they are more prone to Bloat then a small breed is, my boy has IBD & I feed Patch Large Breed formulas they seem to help with his IBD
    I rotate his kibbles & he eats “Wellness Core large Breed Adult” kibble, its lower in fat, DHA, Glucosamine & Chondroitin is higher for large breed joints & bones…
    also start adding 10% fresh ingredients to his diet or use a training treats & make sure you socialize your new pup.. also Goats milk is very healthy & good for keeping their stomach healthy

    in reply to: hydrolyzed dog food #147714 Report Abuse

    Hi Eileen,
    If your dog has problems digesting food then I’d stay with the Freeze Dried raw as raw meat digest easier then Kibbles, Kibbles sits in a dogs stomach. My boy has IBD & he was vomiting back up the Royal Canine HP Kibble 8 hours later when he was 1st diagnosed with IBD, then he was put on a raw diet & he digested the raw easier no vomiting up undigested raw. 🙂
    Feed him the Stella & Chewy freeze dried food, he’s very smart & knows what agrees with him & what is best for him, listen to your dog.
    Vet diets are only temporary – NOT LONG TERM, so once your dog Stomach/Bowel has healed my vet told me to start introducing new ingredients to Patches diet.
    Then once he’s stable on the Stella & Chewy Turkey formula start looking at another Stella & Chewy meat protein, try the Rabbit it has similar ingredients in same place as the Turkey formula also the Rabbit will have lower fat, also the Venison looks good & lower in fat as well. Sometimes high fat can cause diarrhea??

    Start adding a new protein to his diet, read ingredients as some of the Stella & Chewy Freeze Dried formulas have a few organ meats in the 1st – 5 ingredients, organ meats can cause diarrhea when there’s too much, it all depends on your dog if he can handle organ meats, so don’t give up if you have a set back, you’re on the right track feeding freeze dried raw, Freeze Dried Raw is heaps better then any processed kibbles/wet can food.

    You know he can handle & eat Turkey so if you have to get a kibble get a limited ingredient Turkey formula,
    “Wellness” has pretty good dog foods & my boy does really well on Wellness Core, Wellness Simple formula’s with his IBD…
    This is what I feed Patch when he has a bad IBD flare, you’ll see my Patch in the middle photo, the kibble bag is bigger then him lol
    Wellness Simple Turkey & Potato has the Matching wet can foods as well

    in reply to: French Bulldog puppy food help – loose stool #147696 Report Abuse

    Hi Cannoli,
    your dog mustn’t have true Environment Allergies & suffers food sensitivities instead, you must of eliminated the ingredients he was sensitive tooo if corn diet is working for him….
    If he had true Environment allergies Vet Diets or a Pro Plan diets wont help get rid of Environment Allergies.. Baths are best wash off the allergens off skin/paws.
    Get some “Sudocrem” Anti-Bacterial, Anti Fungal Healing cream, it will protect his paws from grass/allergens lighty apply before bed so paws heal thru the night…
    Sudocrem is sold online Walmart & is always sold out, that’s if you live US

    in reply to: GreenMin for Detox? #147691 Report Abuse

    Have you join Dr Peter Dobias F/B group, someone on his site might answer your question, I live Australia & cant get Dr Peter Dobias supplements, his new puppy “Pax” looks VERY healthy…

    in reply to: Add Calcium to Diet #145249 Report Abuse

    Hi Whiskey D,

    Please make appointment with a Holistic Vet or I contacted a Animal Nutritionist, DO NOT ADD calcium you need someone who will balance diet for your pup.
    Your dog is probably getting enough calcium if he’s eating bone in diet??

    “Excess Calcium Isn’t Good for Dogs. … Because of this, some owners feel their dog or puppy – particularly if he is a large breed – should be given extra calcium. But too much calcium can have the opposite effect: excess calcium can slow bone and cartilage development, even stunt growth.”

    Rodney Habib is studying & doing his degree, his large breed white dog “Sammy” is nilly 18yrs old, all 3 of his dogs are all feed balance raw diets… Rodney has more brains then the negative people on DFA who always post negative post about him & other people all the time..

    Do your research, join Raw feeding groups – “The Possible Canine” Catherine Lane, Dr Judy Morgan- Pup Loaf, Lew Olson – “K-9 Natural” group – Dr Laurie Coger f/b page..
    Steve Brown is really good to follow, he recommends adding { 1-2 Mussels, 1 tablespoon Salmon & a pinch of Kelp} daily to balance a dogs diet…… Tin Salmon has bones, drain water, mash bones thru the salmon & put in air tight container put in fridge look for the lowest salt/sodium % on can..

    Dr Karen Becker has a few good books with balanced raw recipes – msg her on her F/B page, she was releasing a new book last year.

    Feed healthy whole foods, veggies, fruit, “Sardines” are VERY healthy & help balance a dogs diet, also “Mussels” very healthy both foods have natural calcium, vitamins/minerals, chicken frames are nice soft bone, chicken drumsticks, turkey legs, turkey necks… look for Wholesalers who sell to the supermarkets & Butcher shops that’s what we do in Australia we buy from the wholesalers….its fresh then you freeze in sections…


    Hi Carla,
    Gee he should still be with his mum until 10-12 weeks old, take him back to his mum, if you can not afford to see vets, medications, expensive dog food – raw is best or a balanced cooked diet, I’d give him back before you get attached to him…
    Does dog have high Temp?? take to vet it could be Parvo.. I’d give him back to person you get him from…

    in reply to: Frantic lapping/gulping/licking/whining #143470 Report Abuse

    Hi Ashley,
    sounds like he had bad acid reflux, what he had eaten for breakfast was still in stomach not digested properly & it would of smelt awful so imagine the taste when he brought it up, you should of let him eat some grass not much about 1 mins worth or gave 1 piece of very brown dry toast. .. or give ant acid med Zantac/Pepcid, or 5ml liquid Mylanta would of relieved discomfort straight away…
    Why Magnus wanted to eat & eat was to take away the acid taste in his throat & the bad taste after vomiting acid & undigested food that came up his esophagus, bad acid reflux can cause stomach ulcers, burn throat/esophagus & wind pipe when bad..
    Next time this happens do you have liquid Mylanta, get small bottle keep in the fridge give him 5mls in a 20ml syringe this helps straight away, then after 20-30mins give him a few plain dry biscuits, or white breed made into toast cut in pieces, or buy Slippery Elm Powder make into a slurry..
    Put 1/2 a teaspoon slippery Elm powder in a cup, boil the jug, then slowly add boiling water & stir quickly till you make a slurry, don’t make it too thick cause you need to pull up into a syringe.. you make it thin but not too thin or thick, you don’t make a paste…
    Give Slippery Elm Slurry when dog has nausea, has just vomited to line his esophagus & stomach, when he’s mouth licking, swallowing, has upset stomach or diarrhea..

    With kibble you don’t want Protein % too low under 25% as the carb % goes up when protein & fat is low low.. High carbs can cause acid reflux as well.. I feed 25% + Protein, 13% max -Fat & Fiber-5% max, Carbs -30% & under.

    Have a look at “Wellness Core Large Breed Adult” Patch does really well on Wellness Core L/B & Canidae Pure Wild formula’s for his Acid reflux…
    Wellness have their “Wellness Simple” formula’s, Patch did well on the Simple Turkey & Potato kibble, I have found Patch does best on Potato Grain Free diets for his acid reflux you just have to work out what agrees best with your dog
    Also be careful with Omega Oils, Fish Oil, Salmon, Oil, Coconut Oil, Linseed Oil these oils can cause acid reflux, same with high fiber diets, some of the low fat weight management kibbles are high in fiber low in fat.. make sure you check the fiber stay under 6%
    also High Kcals kibbles are very dense & harder to digest, so stay under 370Kcals per cup

    also feed 3-4 smaller meals a day, so his stomach isn’t empty too long
    I feed 7am, 12pm, 5pm & a very small meal 7-8pm-1/4 a cup kibble..

    Here’s the Wellness range, its often on special this is when I buy it, when I have my 25% off voucher.

    Here’s the” Acid Reflux in dogs” F/B group, Acid Reflux is very common in dogs, my vet said she see at least 1-2 cases a week, owners don’t know what wrong or happening with their dog.


    I’ve read people who feed Grain free kibble, raw, wet, cook have done the DCM tests, their dog results came back good but these results aren’t being reported, some vets are just reporting the bad results.

    FDA wants people who have feed grain free, raw, cooked etc & had the tests for DCM done & their dogs test have come back “GOOD” to make sure these results are being reported as well…

    “Additionally, any reports of illness thought to be connected to food products are voluntary. We rely on pet owners and veterinarians to provide reports of illness, as well as clinical evidence to help document the case. Unlike in human health, there is no centralized reporting system comparable to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which utilizes reports through medical professionals, consumers, and state, local and tribal health agencies.”

    in reply to: FDA DCM notice #142611 Report Abuse

    Hi Sandy,
    Here’s Dog Food Adviser 20 Best Dry Dog Foods list, he emailed to all DFA people who have subscribe to get mail, I got this last week after FDA release the 16 brands that “MIGHT” be associated with DCM..

    Have a look at “Canidae Pure Formula’s” the Pure formula’s have limited ingredients & DFA has the Canidae Pure Sea on his best 20 foods list…… I rotate & feed Pure Meadow Senior & Pure Wild Pork when on special, Canidae has jumped in price in Australia..

    in reply to: food too expensived #142488 Report Abuse

    can you afford to make his meals?
    I’d look for cook diet for enlarge Liver online as he needs very low proteins, low fat & No toxins & kibbles are high in toxins, heavy metals & contaminates..

    Can you buy the Hills vet diet wet can food & buy lean chicken, lean turkey or eggs, veggies Sweet potatoes, cottage cheese & mix 1/2 & 1/2 he’s probably better off on the cooked food instead of the pet food..

    Join Lew Olsons “K-9 Nutrition” group & post a post asking for a cooked diet for enlarged Liver someone will post information

    Here’s 1 of Lew Olson recipes for liver disease its pretty simple & easy there’s 2 meals

    Here’s Best Dog Foods list for Liver ask vet

    It’s vital to avoid liver and organ meats. Some other meats with high levels of copper include lamb, duck, pork, and salmon. However, there are also protein sources that are low in copper such as chicken, turkey, beef, eggs, whitefish, and cheese

    Is there any Canine Liver Disease f/b groups? try & find a f/b group & join, people in these groups will be a wealth of information.

    in reply to: Best food for digestion #142487 Report Abuse

    Is Nature’s Variety raw?? When raw diet is too high in bone this can cause constipation..
    My boy has IBD mainly stomach & he does really well on Wellness Core, Wellness Simple Turkey & Potato, Canidae Pure Meadow Senior & Canidae Pure Wild kibbles…
    Actually dogs need less fiber or no fiber, Patches vet told me, a dogs digestive tract is short made to digest a raw meat diet..

    If your looking for a kibble look at “Canidae Pure Meadow Senior” & “Wellness Core Senior” kibbles they both are high meat protein, low in carbs & the Canidae Pure Meadow formula is lower in fat 10.8% max & is very high in Omega oils for ageing joints & bones..

    in reply to: Dog eating cat food #141463 Report Abuse

    Hi Paula,

    Yes dogs can eat cat foods but Cats cant eat dogs food.. (No Taurine)
    Cause cats are very fussy eaters, cats foods have better quality ingredients then the dog foods have.
    Cat foods are higher in protein so just be careful with the fat isn’t too high for your dog??

    in reply to: oat groats?? #140155 Report Abuse

    Hi Joanne,
    Don’t apologize, Anon started by posting

    “BTW: Are you sure you were speaking to a nutritionist? ”

    Anon101 always has to start she cant help herself…Why post that comment?
    Has to be nasty.

    Go on “Rodney Habib F/B page look for
    “13 Worst Pet Foods of the Year” watch video.

    I hope your not still feeding Purina, Purina made number 7 worst pet foods & Hills made number 1 worst pet foods.

    These bigger the pet food companies, have more problems with their pet foods, there’s too many different brands & formula’s being made, heaps of cross contamination.. too many bosses, no one knows what the other hand is doing, also no one cares.. “It’s just dog food”
    Ring & ask where does their meat come from, where does their ingredients (corn, oats, rice, barley, bran) come from, is it being sprayed?? they wont know, the ladies on the phones wouldn’t have a clue.

    When Purina Pro Plan Bright Mind kibble was blind tested this year for toxins (another video on Rodney’s f/b page) Purina Pro Plan Bright Mind kibble came back high in Glyphosate (Round Up)… & this formula is for aging dogs..

    Look for smaller pet food companies, who have a nutritionist on board who formulates their formula’s, who doesn’t use vitamin Pre Mixes from china (also on Rodney F/B page when Hills pet foods high in Vitamin D started)
    With these smaller pet food companies the owner knows where the meat comes from, the owner is there daily making the kibble, the owner is there when people are complaining their dog is sick or dying, the owner hears the phone calls if there’s any, he starts stressing cause its his livelihood that suffers, the Pet Food quality is heaps better with smaller pet food companies, well that’s how it is in Australia, smaller batches are made & there’s better quality control, the only times we’ve had sick & dying dogs was bigger pet food companies, 2017-2018- Mars & Nestles -Advance Dermcare,
    2019- Hills Pet Foods..
    Baxter -2017-2018 Baxter a generic brand, we don’t know who was making Baxters, they bring out their lawyers,
    we think it was a bigger pet food company – Mars and Nestles again..

    Where were the Owners when Hills bought vitamins from China, where were the owners/shareholders when Advance bought toxic Tuna & Moldy Corn, everything was all hushed up, owners were paid off, Advance reformulated, got rid of their corn ingredients, where were owners when pet owners rung up crying my dog is sick with ME, my dog has just died from ME, my dog isn’t the same dog? These big Pet Food companies they don’t care.

    Go with your gut, its always right.. feed more cooked or raw diet (whatever agrees best with your dogs).. & less, less kibble.
    A tin/can of Salmon has heaps more nutrition & is healthier then a tin of pet food or a cup of kibble…
    & yes Oat Groats sit & ferment in the dogs stomach, a big no no to feed dogs who have stomach/bowel problems..

    in reply to: Hydrolyzed Diet #136686 Report Abuse

    Hi Denis,

    Look into feeding Freeze Dried raw..

    “Buckley Liberty” formula’s came 1st, 2nd 3rd & 4th when 299 best selling dog foods were tested for Heavy Metals, Contaminates & Toxins, these dog foods are tested every 3-4 months & Buckley has stayed on top..

    Also look at “Stella & Chewy”

    Start rotating between a few good brands, never just feed the same brand of dog food, this is when the dog can start to react to an ingredient.

    in reply to: GSD with food allergies #136685 Report Abuse

    Hi Denis,

    Sound like your GSD had a Furunculosis on his bum, my boy has IBD, Seasonal Skin Allergies (Summer/Autumn) & he has food sensitivities, food allergies are rare & the dog normally will suffer with IBD when he/she suffers with food allergies..
    Anal furunculosis is a chronic, progressive inflammatory disease of dogs that results in ulceration and inflammation in the area surrounding the anus.

    Here’s link – “What is Idiopathic Furunculosis (German Shepherds)?”

    If your dog is eating the Hills Z/d vet diet, after 1 month if he is doing firm poos, no farts, no skin problems & he is doing really well this is when you start a food elimination diet & try too work out what ingredients your dog is sensitive too?? that’s if it is food related?? its Spring in America it could be environment allergies or his immune system is crashing from Allergies or vaccinations?? it takes a while doing food elimination diets, 1 month to trial 1 new ingredient at a time to his Hypoallergenic vet diet, it can take 20mins up to 6 weeks for the dog to react, with itchy skin, ears, red around mouth, paws, gas/wind/farts, vomiting, itchy yeasty ears, skin, anal gland problems take a bit longer 4-7days when dog is reacting to an ingredient..
    I found Patch reacted within 20mins of eating raw or cooked chicken, when he eats grains & carrots he took up to 5 days to react with sloppy yellow poo, farts & yeasty smelly skin & ears…
    Results are 100% correct with food elimination trial. Blood, Fur& Salvia testing can give false positives results, they’re a waste of money also it’s best to do food elimination diet in the cooler months when allergen are lower, its hard in Spring & Summer as your dog might be itchy cause of a plant, tree, grass, flowers, pollens in yard or next door & you think its what he’s eating & its not, keep a diary you will start to see a pattern with Seasonal Environment Allergies, also baths weekly, baths are best to wash off any allergens on skin, paws head etc ….
    I wipe Patch down with baby wipes days I don’t bath him, read the ingredients in the baby wipes & get the baby wipes that have Aloe leaf abstract in them, also Patch was getting furunculosis on bum & paws, when his immune system was down, when I first rescued him, so now after he poos I always wipe his bum with baby wipes & I wipe down his paws when he walks on wet grass or freshly cut grass he gets red paws..

    Get some “Sudocrem” its an anti-fungal, anti bacterial healing cream, for Dermatitis, Eczema, Nappy Rash, Pressure Sores, if you live US look on Amazon & I’ve read Walmart has started to sell Sudocrem, its an excellent cream… it heals sores, cuts, red paws, thinning of fur on head, excellent for itchy bum, when they scoot (bum surf)
    Make sure his immune system is healthy & its best to see a Dermatologist as they specialize in skin..

    Look at “Adored Breast” Healthy Gut & Love Bugs (Pre & Pro Biotics) made by Julie Anne Lee

    Please watch these videos below when you have the time, Julie explains what might be happening with your dog.

    Here’s Julie Anne Lee – Allergies, Skin Disease, or Autoimmune – PT 1

    Here’s Julie Anne Lee – Allergies, Skin Disease, or Autoimmune – PT 2

    in reply to: Is raw meat only ok to feed? #136643 Report Abuse

    Hi Mary,
    Dogs diet should be balanced, it doesn’t have to be perfectly balanced, start buying tin/can Salmon, tin/can Sardines in Spring water look for the brands with the lowest Sodium/salt %, in the tin Salmon you’ll see bones leave them they just crush up mix thru, start adding 2 spoons of the salmon per meal, veggies & fruit must be peeled, de seed, cut up the veggies/fruit then put thru a blender & blend till they’re nilly a pulp, then I was adding 1 spoon of the veggie/fruit mix to ice cube trays then cover with cling wrap & freeze. Add 2 spoons/cubs per meal, just thaw the veggies/fruit ice cube take out night before put in fridge for next day, buy Omega 3,6,9 oil add 2 squirts per meal for their Omega fatty acids.

    Join a few raw feeding face Book groups, what country do you live? in Australia we have Supplements called
    “Natural Animal Solutions (NAS) Digestavite Plus Powder” Omega 3,6,9, oil, I was adding 1 teaspoon NAS Digestavite powder + Omega oil only need 1 add to 1 of Patches daily meals to balance his diet cause he cant eat bone or organ meat causes diarrhea.. He has IBD..
    Your dogs especially the older dog needs Omega 3 in diet, Glucosamine & Chondroitin for joints & bones..

    Follow Dr Judy Morgan DVM on her face book page

    Judy has very easy to make balanced raw & cooked diets,
    Here’s a few videos just scroll down, her pup loaf is easy to make.. Judy sell supplements look up top “Shop”
    Judy has a new book called “Ying & Yang” Nutrition for dogs.


    Hi Mabels mom,
    I don’t understand, does she eat at all?? or just eats 1 meal a day?

    Dogs are very smart & know when to stop eating if unwell etc
    In Australia we are told to fast our dogs 1 day a week, Sunday is fast day..
    Fasting creates and maintains a strong immune system is an important part of good health. Toxins like vaccines, wormers, drugs and processed foods all present a challenge to the immune system, making our dogs more susceptible to disease and parasites.
    The dog’s digestive system does much more than simply digest food. Approximately 80% of your dog’s immunity is found in his gut.
    The dog’s intestinal tract has the ability to identify and destroy alien substances such as bacteria, viruses, parasites and chemical toxins.
    It also has a built-in memory to recall the specific type of ******* next time it presents a threat.

    in reply to: What food is the best for seizures? #135667 Report Abuse

    Hi Chandler,

    Are you using these flea/tick chews??
    The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning on September 20, 2018 about the isoxazoline flea and tick products fluralaner for dogs and cats (Bravecto®), afoxalaner for dogs (Nexgard®), and saroloner for dogs (Simparica®).

    Here’s Judys Morgan video – Seizures and Rabies Vaccine? grab a cuppa & sit back & watch..

    Has your vet done blood tests & checked her Liver, if Liver enzymes are very high you need to detox your dog.??
    My Patches Liver Enzymes were high when he was eating TOTW Sierra Mountain Lamb kibble-2017 then few years later 2019 TOTW was tested & was very high in Lead??

    “Judy Morgan DVM” Face book page her “Video’s”

    Have you looked into home cooking?? stop feeding pet foods as they are high toxins, heavy metals & contaminates
    Here’s Dr Judy Morgan cooking on CBS New York Video making an easy recipe in a crock pot or oven, then her 2nd video
    Judy is using cooling foods to cool the dog body down what your dog might need, scroll down Pup loaf, Bone Broth, Golden Paste..
    Get her book Ying & Yang..


    Hi Jaimie,

    I was just about to post a post to give her a 21 day course of Metronidazole, Patch a 40lb dog would take low dose -200mg Metronidazole tablets twice a day for 5-7 days then on day 8 the last 2 weeks I’d give him 1 x 200mg Metronidazole tablet with his dinner, my vet writes Patch 5-6 repeat scripts of Metronidazole & when I start to see Patches poos becoming sloppy for a few day & his poos are going yellow, I quickly take script of Metronidazole to chemist & start him on Metronidazole straight away..

    I think she might have food sensitivities & this puts her gut flora out of balance making too much bad bacteria & not enough good bacteria…

    Unless vet does Endoscope & takes 2 x Biopsies 1 x Stomach & 1 x Small Bowel your really not going to know what’s wrong?? Biopsies give vet answers.
    all the other test are a waste of money as biopsies are needed in the end, I noticed with Patch when he’d eat certain dry foods they would cause an in balance in his gut flora…

    “Dysbiosis” Leaky Gut typically occurs when the bacteria in gastrointestinal (GI) tract — which includes your stomach and intestines — become unbalanced. Dysbiosis syndrome is a disturbance in the small intestines, leading to damage of the intestinal lining and microvilli.

    Patch hasn’t needed his Metronidazole over 1 & 1/2 yr now since he’s been eating “Wellness Core Large Breed” “Wellness Simple Turkey & Potato LID” & “Wellness Complete Health Grain Free Chicken kibble” I don’t know if its the Wellness kibble being more cleaner less toxins & heavy metals that’s helped stopped his sloppy poos/diarrhea, or he’s finally eating a kibble that doesn’t have any allergens that are irritating his stomach & bowel, Wellness uses Probiotics & Prebiotics in their dry kibbles maybe Probiotics have made his gut healthy…he does 2-3 firm poos a day, I walk Patch after he eats, walking helps move on his poo & he isn’t holding his poo, he’s a bugger wont poo in his yard only his morning 7am poo he will do in his yard.

    Touch wood Patch hasn’t had Diarrhea since March 2018 when he started eating Wellness Core Large breed adult kibble.

    Keep a diary, write down what she is eating, every time you change her food write down new food, does it have grains or grain free, does the kibble have Probiotics, how high is the fiber %, then over the months & years you will start to see a pattern, does she suffer with “Food Sensitivities”?, is the kibble too high in fiber ingredients or probiotics & causing an in balance in her gut??

    I just goggle Blue Buffalo (Life Protection Formula, Adult Large Breed, Chicken) gee there’s a lot of ingredients too many & peas?? Pea fiber, Pea protein, Pea starch, Barley,??
    Patch can eat peas in a dry kibble but when the pet food has Pea fiber, Pea protein, Pea starch this is when he starts getting his sloppy yellow poos…. too much fiber also when he eats barley his poos start going yellow & sloppy then diarrhea…

    The next food you introduce make sure it has limited ingredients

    * Wellness Simple Turkey & Potato

    * Wellness Core Large Breed Adult

    * Canidae Pure Wild Boar

    * Natural Balance –
    N/B Potato & Duck – low fiber -3%, no peas,

    *N/B Lamb & Rice large breed – no peas, fiber 4%,

    N/B Sweet Potato & Fish – no peas, fiber 5%

    Stay away from kibbles that have too many ingredients, you’ll never know what ingredients she might be sensitive too?? stay away from Pea fiber, Pea protein, Pea starch, if the kibble has peas that’s OK but not the extra pea (fiber).

    in reply to: Help with dog food aggression but not his food #135371 Report Abuse

    Hi Matt,
    Good thing you’ve done taken on a rescue dog, just remember a dogs behaviour is human taught…. 🙁
    He has run free & has been the boss for 8yrs, now there’s all these new rules, he’ll get use to it, the lady let him be the boss & do what he wanted, Patch was sorta the same when I rescued him but he had IBD & would eat everything, your dog needs to be re trained & you “can’ teach an older dog new tricks, but some breeds are very stubborn…
    My Patch was 4 when I rescued him within 2 weeks he pretty much picked up on all the house rules I used food for training but I didn’t know he had IBD in the beginning so lots of diarrhea…
    My vet asked the Animal Behaviourist vet to pop in & see us when we learnt he has IBD, we lived in communal unit/villas & Patch would go down stars to go toilet & on his way he sniff out the neighbour cats poo, on our morning walks he would eat everything, he was a walking vacuum cleaner, we lived in town near beach, after Friday & Saturday nights there would be pizza, chinese, vomit, everything on the streets from the night before, I had to wait till streets were cleaned & hosed down before going on our morning walks…
    The Animal Behaviourist taught me “Leave It” she said put food/treat on floor in between your toes/feet show him but don’t let him get it & say “Leave it” then when he leaves the food under your foot alone reward him with a better treat from “your” hand… here’s link

    Always praise him when he does do something good…Tell him “YOUR A GOOOOOD BOY” & pat him reward all good behaviour..
    The rescue vet told me to go to Puppy School even though he was 4 yrs old, Puppy School is good it teaches the human what to do & NOT do, or do research online there’s a few good f/b groups that are run by Animal behaviourist, if I find the group I’ll post it, cause your dog loves food he’ll be very easy to train, carry some kibble/treats in your pocket so when he goes to eat something on floor say “Leave It” “Leave It” sit then he gets reward for leaving food on floor, he can ONLY have food/treats kibble you give him…

    When visitors come Patch is VERY friendly & gets over excited & when people talk in high pitch squeaky voice this makes Patch more excited & he starts to jump up to kiss their face & head butts their head & nose, he loved our gas lady one day she bend down the same time he was jumping up to kiss her & he head butted her nose, it started bleeding, cause he gets sooooo excited I put away his STRONG rubber toys in kitchen cupboard & as soon as someone comes to front door he cries & whinges at the front door then as soon ashe sees me he runs into kitchen & sits in front of the kitchen cupboard for 1 of his rubber toys, I think he has a rubber fetish he loves the strong smelling rubber toys, I just order another rubber toy you can put kibble in the rubber slots & wet food in middle so while visitors are over he’s busy in the back loungeroom chewing on his rubber toy & he’s leaving my visitors alone, no sloppy kisses & no more head butts..

    While everyone is eating dinner you could also put his dinner dry kibble meal in one of those interactive game toys & he’s eating as well on his own mat in a corner away from the dinner table
    Chewy has treat toys under $20….
    the dog works to get their food out & he’s slowly eating, don’t get a puzzle toy that looks too easy, Patch learnt if he pushes the whole game with his big nose the kibble falls out of the turning ball while the ball is in the maize but it still keeps him busy trying to get his food, he just works out how to get his kibble quicker….
    I think the new rubber egg shape toy I’ve just order is a good treat toy it looks like it will hold the kibble pieces.
    I can put his kibble in side rubber slots & add some boiled sweet potato in middle….

    It’s good to give your dog healthy fresh foods, tin salmon, sardines, mussels, meaty bones, egg, Vegetables – sweet potato, broccoli, cooked carrot, frozen beans are good to help lose weight & keep a dog feeling full longer etc. Fruit- apple pieces NO seeds, blueberries, watermelon, & remember to reduce his kibble amount & feed partly boiled vegetables & feed 3 meals a day instead of 2 larger meals a day, he’ll feel fuller longer & might break his circle looking for food, or feed his 2 meals a day & make up a treat toy with veggies, fruit, some yogurt & freeze, then give around lunch time or for his breakfast or his dinner give healthy treat toy when its a boring time for him he can lick & lick the toy that’s full of healthy low calories ingredients… stick to feeding him the same times every day so he gets into a routine…
    also find a few other brands he likes & eats so you can rotate between kibbles & freeze dried foods so he isn’t getting bored eating the same dry kibble 24/7 then he’s looking for something else to eat also rotating kibbles/freeze dried foods is good just in case the brand he’s eating is high in toxins, heavy metals, lead & contaminates….
    Pet Shops all have money back guarantee for palatability..

    Have you tried “Buckley Liberty” freeze dried, Buckley Liberty uses clean meats & has done very well when tested every 3months for high toxins, heavy metals & contaminates it has come 1st over 1 year now…


    in reply to: chronic vomiting and esophagus issues #134345 Report Abuse

    Hi Rose,
    I have a Staffy who suffers with IBD, Helicobacter, bad acid reflux, vomiting nausea, have you asked vet to do Endoscope + Biopsies to see if she has Helicobacter or Ulcers??
    Vet needs the biopsies results then he’ll have answers or ask vet can he prescribe you the Triple Therapy meds that kills Helicobacter its – Metronidazole, Amoxicillin taken every 12 hours with a meal & 20mg- Omeprazole (Prilosec) taken in morning once a day or I give Patch Pantoprazole-20mg now, Dog takes the Triple Therapy meds for 21 days & when the Metronidazole & Amoxicillin is finished you continue giving the PPI – Omeprazole or Pantoprazole 20mg…
    research shows the Helicobacter cant live in the stomach when taking a PPI…

    after 1 year Patch on 20mg-Omeprazole Patch started gulping grass, vomiting, feeling sick he got really bad the Omeprazole wasn’t helping him anymore so we did another Endoscope + Biopsies & Patches Wind Pipe & Esophagus was red & inflammed & his back teeth had Gingivitis from the acid coming up his esophagus, then I asked the vet can we change his PPI (Omeprazole) to Pantoprazole what I take for my GORDS when I tried the Omeprazole it didn’t help me either, when we did another Endoscope + Biopsies in January 2018 vet said Patches Lower Esophageal Sphincter (LES) flap isn’t closing properly & the acid is washing back up his esophagus & the Pantoprazole seems to work best for LES….

    I wouldn’t be feeding the vet diets they made Patches Acid reflux worse as they are high in, carbs, Omega oils this can make the acid reflux worse + the high carbs & grains are no good for acid reflux…
    Look at “Wellness Simple” Turkey & Potato kibble or a Limited ingredient single protein kibble that has potato or sweet potato & not high in carbs-30% fat-13% max, fiber-5% & under, & feed 4-5 smaller meals a day 7am, 9am, 12pm, 5pm & 7.30pm & if you can feed some cooked meals say for Lunch lean white meat -Turkey breast + 1/2 boil sweet potato pieces & freeze the sweet potato pieces, they freeze & thaw really well, then I thaw 1 pieces & mash on a plate & warm 7sec in Micro wave when Patch seems unwell the Sweet Potato soothes the esophagus & stomach….

    Go Health food store & buy “Slippery Elm Powder,” add 1/2 a teaspoon to a cup, boil the jug & slowly add boiling water & quickly stir & make a slurry paste thick but thin enough so you can pull up into a 20ml syringe pull up 4ml of the slippery elm paste/slurry& put syringe in side mouth towards dog back teeth & push she will swallow it, give 20mins before meals or after she has vomited up all the acid the slippery Elm will line & protect her esophagus & wind pipe + stomach..
    I give Patch those Quick Eze Rapid Chews Forest flavour, I cut 1 in 1/2 & wrap the other 1/2 up for next time & Patch chews & chews the Quick Eze, years ago I was giving him Liqiud Mylanta 4mls in syringe keep the Mylanta in the fridge so it soothes the throat, esophagus & stomach.. I’m wondering when she coughing is she naturally coughing up the acid from wind pipe this is what Patch was doing..
    Maybe find a better vet that will help, my vet said they get in at least 4-5 dogs in a week who are suffering from bad acid reflux, vomiting etc, a diet change to home cook would be best or like I do I feed 3 meals a potato or sweet potato kibble & the other 2 meals cooked lean meal with boiled sweet potato & a lean white meat, just till she is stable then start looking into balancing her diet, my vet said they can go 2 months without balancing the diet…

    She definitely needs an acid blocker & some Metronidazole, the Metronidazole will kill the helicobacter, its sound like Helicobacter, need a gluten free diet, no sugar carbs as the Helicobacter thrives on sugar..


    Hi Jane,
    I rescued a English Staffy 6yrs ago who suffers with IBD, Patch was gulping his dry food, at first I was told add warm water & soften Patches kibble, but once kibbles are soft YOU MUST drain all the water out, so your left with the soft kibble, I was cuffing my hand in the bowl around the wet kibbles & pushing out excess water so there was no water & the kibbles weren’t really wet, but when Patch ate the wet kibble he started getting bad acid reflux + swallowing & swallowing about 20mins after he ate the wet kibble, then his new vet said stop soaking his kibble in water, feed 3-4 smaller meals thru the day instead of feeding him 2 large meals of kibble.. he eats between 2 or 3 cups kibble a day depending on the brand, instead of giving him 1 cup kibble at 7am, I give 1/2 a cup 7am & the other 1/2 the cup at 9am I put his bowl on a small stool, level with the dog mouth, when he’s standing, his mouth needs to be inline with stomach when eating, you can buy those raised stainless steel bowls & they go into a wooden thing or there’s stainless legs holding the bowl.. or buy those slow feeding bowls & I put his bowl on his little kids potty plastic stool….
    I feed his wet food in a slow feeder bowl & his kibble goes in his stainless steel raised bowl, I noticed he was gulping heaps of air when the kibble was in those slow feeding bowls, he was licking & licking up the kibbles, then he couldn’t get the kibble, then after eating he was burping very loud burps, so no more slow feeder bowls for his kibble meal, I like small kibbles they are easier to digest if he doesn’t chew them….
    I feed Patch 7am-1/2 a cup kibble, 9am -1/2 a cup, 12pm – 1/3 cup wet meal, 5pm – 1/2 a heap cup kibble & 7.30pm-1/4 a cup kibble, at lunch he eats either Freeze Dried Raw I add a little bit of water so the freeze dried comes to life & reconstitutes or Sweet potato & tin Salmon, he gets something healthy for lunch…
    I try & reduce the amount of kibble I feed & replace with healthy foods, tin Salmon, Egg, Green Veggies, Sweet Potato, Blueberries, Mussels, Yogurt, Almonds as Kibble isn’t the healthiest thing to fed our pets..

    Follow “Rodney Habib” on face Book, he’s always testing something, you’ll be surprise what he found when they did blind testing on Purina Pro Plan Healthy Minds, it tested positive to Glyphosate (Round Up)

    After soaking his kibble I noticed some kibbles went soft within 20mins then there were kibbles (Vet Diets, Science Diet, Royal Canine, Purina) that would take hours to go soft, Patch never did well on these harder kibbles that took forever to go soft in warm water, so I started looking for kibbles that digested quickly & move thru stomach small bowel quicker instead of sitting in his stomach causing pain, he’d whinge & cry after eating, something was wrong…
    when I did my kibble test the small kibbles went soft quickest within 20mins were – , Canidae, Wellness, Eagle Pack, Earthborn Holistic, Pro Pac Ultimates these brand kibble soften very quickly…

    Get a cup of warm water drop 2 kibbles in cup of water, a good kibble will float to the top of the water not sink, a good easy to digest kibble goes soft within 20-30mins, also feed large breed kibbles, they are made for large breed dogs bowel to prevent bloat, Large breed kibbles are lower in Kcals so they’re not a dense kibble, dense kibbles are harder to digest more work on stomach & pancreas, Patch does best when the kibble is under 360Kcals per cup also the fat isn’t as high in large breed kibbles, the man at Pet Shop told me to feed Patch a large Breed kibble it will help with his IBD, so last year I tried Wellness Core Large Breed Adult kibble & it helped Patch with his IBD, I think the low Kcals -330per cup, lower fat-13%max & the potato in the Wellness Core L/B Adult helped with his IBD also Potato firms up poos..
    I nilly put him to sleep last year he went down hill after Summer, everything he ate he was reacting too.

    I’ll try & find a link I have, its a study that was done on small breed dogs bowel & a large breed dog bowel… it explains how small breeds don’t seem to suffer from bowel problems like large breed dogs do..


    Hi Jamie,
    My boy suffers with IBD, I feed kibbles that have Potato & Sweet Potato works best for him, as soon as he eats Hills, Purina or Royal Canine we end up at the vets needing a course of Metronidazole, he doesn’t do well on grains..
    Your best off doing an elimination diet to work out if she has food sensitivities??…
    Get a kibble that has just 1 meat protein & 1-2 carbs like “Wellness Simple Turkey & Potato” kibble then once your dog is stable & doing really well start adding 1 new ingredient over a 4-6 week period & see do the poos get sloppy & keep a diary.. Does she mouth lick & swallow, gulp (Acid Reflux) when she vomits is it yellow??
    I’m wondering does she have the Helicobacter?? It’s a bad bacteria that lives in the stomach walls, does she act like she is starving all the time?? this is 1 of the symptoms you have when you suffer with Helicobacter + vomiting & acid reflux this is what Patch suffers with, Best to do Endoscope + Biopsies if it vomiting continues..
    or ask vet can prescribe the Triple Therapy meds to kill the Helicobacter, meds are – Metronidazole, Amoxicillin & Omeprazole taken for 21 days given every 12 hours with a meal the 20mg x Omeprazole is just given of a morning once a day…

    When Patch was eating a kibble that was Lamb or Fish he was vomiting, so I don’t know were these kibbles higher in contaminates, heavy metals & toxins?? cause since he’s been eating Wellness, Canidae the vomiting has all stopped now he does take an Acid blocker called “Pantoprazole” 20mg of a morning now Vets normally prescribe 20mg- Omeprazole.. when they have acid reflux – gulping, mouth licking, swallowing, grinding teeth, vomiting early hours of the morning yellow acid vomits..
    also are you feeding 4 smaller meals a day, don’t feed 2 large meals a day, its too much work on the pancreas & stomach.
    I feed at 7am-1 cup, 12pm-1/3 a cup, 5pm-1cup & 7.30pm-1/4 a cup some lunch days Patch doesn’t eat kibble he eats cooked meal boiled sweet potato, no rice as rice ferments in the gut or freeze dried “Frontier Pets” has human grade ingredients.

    These foods Patch does really well on

    Wellness Core Large Breed Adult Chicken & Turkey
    Wellness Simple Turkey & Potato
    Wellness Complete Health Grain Free Chicken
    Canidae Pure Wild Boar
    Canidae Pure Meadow Senior Chicken & Turkey
    Nutragold Turkey & Sweet Potato

    I rotate his Grain Free kibbles as soon as the kibble bag is running out, I buy another brand that has Sweet Potato or Potato lean white meats are best to stay away from fish as main protein as fish is higher in toxins & contaminates.
    Then I rotate old kibble & mix in the new brand kibble over 1 week, then do the same as the new kibble starts ending make sure you have enough kibble for 10days to introduce a kibble she was doing well on or another brand you want to try.. best to have at least 3 different brands you know she does OK on..
    My boy starts to react if he eats the same dry kibble month after month also rotating foods strengthen their gut & immune system, you should start her on a good probiotic so her gut gets healthy… Wellness & Canidae have the Probiotics sprayed on the kibbles to strengthen gut.

    A really good product called “Adored Breast Healthy Gut”
    If you want to try something natural Adored Beast is getting great reviews from people who have a dogs suffering with IBD & IBD..
    Have a look at “Adored Beast Gut Soothe” & “Adored Beast Love Bugs”

    “Adored Breast Healthy Gut”

    Julie Anne Lee – “Adored Beast Love Bugs” – Probiotics & Prebiotics

    Have you joined the “Dogs with Inflammatory Bowel Disorder IBD” on facebook
    it’s a really good group when you need help…

    Also after she vomits or 20mins before she eats have you tried Slippery Elm powder made into a Slurry it soothes the esophagus, stomach & bowel..

    I use the Slippery Elm Powder made into a slurry, go to health food store buy slippery elm powder not the capsules. Health food store sell the Slippery Elm powder..
    add 1/2 a teaspoon into a cup, boil the jug & slowly add the boiling water & stir quickly till you get a thin paste/slurry you pull up into a syringe 4ml & give 20mins before a meal.. I cover the cup with foil put in fridge & take out when needed again, it turns into a jelly then boil the jug & slowly add boiling water & stir till you have a slurry again & use then I throw out & make a new batch the next day..
    Slippery Elm powder soothe the esophagus, stomach & bowel, good for nausea, acid reflux, rumbling grumbling gasses going thru the bowel – loud noises.. also helps firm poos..


    Hi Pamela,
    I have a dog with IBD & have tried natural & went thru a Holistic Vet & Animal Naturopath with Patch…
    Have you joined the “Dogs with Inflammatory Bowel Disorder IBD” on facebook?
    I use the Slippery Elm Powder made into a slurry, go to health food store buy slippery elm powder not the capsules. Some Health food store have Slippery Elm & Marshmallow Root together
    add 1/2 a teaspoon into a cup, boil the jug & slowly add the boiling water & stir quickly till you get a thin paste/slurry you pull up into a syringe 4ml & give 20mins before a meal.. I cover the cup with foil put in fridge & take out when needed again, it turns into a jelly then boil the jug & slowly add boiling water & stir till you have a slurry again & use then I throw out & make a new batch the next day..
    Slippery Elm powder sooth the esophagus, stomach & bowel, good for nausea, acid reflux, rumbling grumbling gasses going thru the bowel -loud noises.. also helps firm poos..
    Also sweet Potato is excellent I boil sweet potato cut into small pieces & I freeze them, then take out in morning to thaw, I mash 1 piece of sweet potato & I mash on a plate put in microwave for 8 secs to warm & I give to Patch when he’s whinging or has his bad acid reflux or I give as a treat.

    Do you follow “Rodney Habib” on face book, he’s really good to follow & put you on the natural tract instead of feeding vet diets, he’s always testing dog food, treats etc..
    What I did with Patch vet said to stayed on a vet diet for 9-12months so everything can rest & heal then when Patch was doing really well vet said now start introducing fresh healthy foods & introduce a better diet feed a grain free diet as grains made Patch reacts & have a flare..
    also strengthen the gut, a healthy gut strengthens the dogs immune system.

    If you want to try something natural that’s getting great reviews from people who have a dog suffering with IBD look at “Adored Beast Gut Soothe”
    “Adored Breast Healthy Gut”

    Julie Anne Lee – “Adored Beast Love Bugs” – Probiotics & Prebiotics

    in reply to: questions , questions please #133707 Report Abuse

    Hi Patrica,
    Wellness is a really good brand, I feed the Wellness Core Large Breed Adult cause it has lower fat & lower Kcals then the Wellness Core Small Breed…
    I also Feed Wellness Complete Health Grain Free, Canidae Pure Wild, Canidae Pure Meadow Senior is really good aswell… also Wellness has been around nilly 100yrs so they’d know what they’re doing.

    These brands are the only brands Patch doesn’t react too with his IBD when he stays on these brands longer then 3 months, maybe they use better quality ingredients + he’s eating the proper ingredients listed on ingredient list, when I feed other brands he starts to react after 2months?? 🙁
    If you scroll down you can click on “Contact Us” you can talk with Dog Food Advisor – Mike Sagman
    address your post to him & ask him why was the Stella & Chewy freeze dry Review changed??
    it mighten have anything to do with DCM??

    in reply to: Cat vaccines!! #132668 Report Abuse

    Hi Thein,

    I don’t over vaccinate my pets, they are vaccinated first 2 yrs of their life then I do not vaccinate them no more….
    Humans do not keep getting vaccinated every 1 or 3 yrs so why are our pets over vaccinated??
    I’ve had a few outside cats over the years & they’ve lived till 14-15yrs old, we lived in the suburbs at the time, they weren’t vaccinated, what killed my boy was kidney failure & the girl cat had an accident when she was about 7yr old & she either poked her eye with a tree branch or was shot with a BB gun the vet at the time said do I want to remove her eye, then he said when the eye heals she still might have some sight in that eye, so I left her left eye, the eye healed then as she aged her eye turned to jelly then when she was 15yrs old she started walking in circle so we rushed her to vet & she was put to sleep.. both cats were very healthy cats.
    I have a 2 yr old cat now she’ll be 3 in April, she was desexed & vaccinated thru the RSPCA when I bought her, she hasn’t been vaccinated again or had any need to see a vet she is brought back inside at night & sleeps indoors then goes back out in the morning after breakfast, then she comes back inside thru the day as soon as she hears Patch getting food she knocks on the door to come back inside, she opens cupboards, opens food packets, opens the linen cupboard, pulls out all the linen to make a bed, she has beds everywhere but prefers to make a mess, drinks her water with her front paw, she acts like a dog not a cat, doesn’t jump fences, she is the weirdest cat I’ve ever owned Patch picked her when we went to the RSPCA looking for a new cat after my boy cat died..

    Dr John Robb is really good, he said vaccinations last for 7yrs or more..
    are you on F/B follow Dr John Robb – “Protect the Pets”


    Hi Yelena,

    Sounds like you have your answer your dog has “PLE”..
    Have you tried a Vet diet, steroids & antibiotics for PLE & see is there was any improvements ??

    1 year is a LONG time to have diarrhea everyday, your dog will end up with thickening of the bowel, skinny & malnutrition, he needs weekly B-12 injections & electrolytes put in syringe & given thru the day…. Electrolyte replace potassium, phosphorus, bicarbonate, chloride, sodium and calcium.
    You need to see a vet who knows about IBD?? the vet who wanted to do biopsies seem to know what he was talking about.
    You need to find out what is wrong with your boy, your going around in circle….

    Join face book group called
    “Dogs with Inflammatory Bowel Disorder (IBD)”

    I would be doing biopsies, the quicker you do biopsies you will have answers.

    Salvia/fur & blood test for Food Sensitivities/allergies are a waste of money they give false positives results..
    Ultra Scan, X rays are also a waste of money at this stage, they will not tell vet what’s wrong, you need biopsies so vet knows 100% what he is dealing with so he can treat dog……

    I did Endoscope thru mouth or you can do Colonscope other end, vet took 2 biopsies, 3 days later I had answers finally..
    Endoscope is quick easy no pain, dog is back home 5 hours later eating food, running around playing…..

    Was your dog tested for EPI?
    Join this face book group
    If your dog is tested & has EPI then post a post in the EPI Dog group & ask how can you buy Dianes enzymes but its sounds like you have tried Enzymes
    also a lot of EPI dogs take “Tylan Powder” – 1/8th teaspoon put into empty capsule given with meal 2 of the daily meals….. EPI needs low fiber, a diet with potato is best…no grains, grains, rice ferment in stomach & small bowel no good for EPI…

    I don’t think a raw diet well help, changing diet would of helped by now…
    a Vet Diet + meds would be best to get your dog stable & doing formed poos again..


    Highly Digestible – IBD
    Home-Prepared – Fat intolerance, Food allergy, Food intolerance, IBD, Lymphangiectasia Severe PLE – Modified Fiber – Vet Diet
    Colitis – Fiber-responsive, intestinal disease, IBD of large intestine
    EPI – Very low fiber diet, digestive enzymes

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